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All My Children & One Life to Live To Now Air Two Episodes Each Per Week! Letter From Prospect Park To Fans Addresses Changes!



After the first few weeks of the re-launch of beloved soaps All My Children and One Life to Live online by Prospect Park, chiefs Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank have decided in the best interest of the survival of both shows in their new format to make an adjustment to the weekly viewing schedule.

The change is to help ensure the beloved soap community, the soaps themselves, production, and all facets of delivering the content to the viewers is working in symmetry, and more importantly so viewers can keep up with the faster pace of the storytelling of the soaps in this format.  That means there will now be two new episodes per week of All My Children and two new episodes per week of One Life to Live.

Starting next Monday May 20th, All My Children will be uploaded on Monday and Wednesday, and new episodes of One Life To Live on Tuesday and Thursday.  Friday will continue to be day for the  MORE show.  One of the reasons related for the decision is to make it easier for online viewers to catch up when four new episodes of both soaps proved difficult for many online viewers, many of whom have already fallen behind, according to data culled from Prospect Park.   To accommodate,  Prospect Park will keep all aired episodes of AMC and OLTL on the free Hulu platform for now, instead of migrating the older ones on Hulu Plus, with only the 10 most recent segments were originally scheduled to be available for free.

In addition, according to, “With the new schedule, OLTL and AMC will now produce about 110 episodes a year instead of the planned 168, which is expected to give writers more time to catch up and also provide more time for editing and post-production. AMC is finishing a five-week shooting cycle today. It will be followed by a four-week scheule for OLTL, after which the two shows will go on an 8-episode break and resume production in August.”

Here now is the official letter from Prospect Park’s Jeff and Rich.   Please read it in it’s entirety for all the reasoning behind the change, and to answer all your questions!

LETTER TO FANS FROM JEFF KWATINETZ AND RICH FRANK: ” For close to two years we have been working passionately to bring first run premium content to an online platform with the creation of brand-new versions of the two iconic series, All My Children and One Life To Live. There was no precedent for this effort- we had no history-no barometer for how our fans would respond. We always knew there would quickly be new insights into how audiences would respond to our shows and this new platform, and that our ability to adapt quickly to audience needs would ultimately determine the long-term success of the shows and our mission. This is a new medium, a new time and we have always planned to make changes quickly by listening to you, our fans and customers.

Today it is clear these shows have resonated, as many millions of views have been logged since our April 29th debut, a mere two and a half weeks ago. We’ve consistently been in the top ten shows viewed on Hulu and viewers and critics alike have told us how impressed they are with the quality of both programs. The past two weeks have been invaluable in terms of learning about how you watch and when you watch our shows on this new platform. We have gained enormous insight through our actual viewing data and our research. And our research has revealed the following:

  • · In the past these shows had their vast majority of views within the first 24 hours. Instead, our shows are primarily consumed on different days then when they originally air. Primarily, fans have been binge viewing or watching on demand, and as a result, we feel we have been expecting our audience to dedicate what has turned out to be an excessive amount of time to viewing these shows. (As an example, for the substantial audience only watching on the weekends, we are currently asking them to watch five hours of programming to keep pace with our release schedule).
  • ·On ABC the shows shared a large percentage of their viewers with each other. Yet, the majority of our viewers are watching one show or the other, not both, and they aren’t viewing the shows when they did before. Part of the reason for choosing between the shows may be that the largest viewing takes place either between 12PM and 1PM (when people generally can only fit one episode during lunch time) or between 5PM and 7PM (when the vast majority of competing shows are a half hour long). We are finding that asking most people to regularly watch more than a half hour per day online seems to be too much.
  • ·During their ABC runs, viewers watched only 2-3 episodes on average a week and picked up with whichever day’s episode it was. Our viewers seem to primarily start with the first episode and then continue forward episode by episode. Like with primetime serialized dramas as opposed to the traditional slower pacing of daytime, people feel lost if they miss an episode. People are starting from the beginning; the shows are designed for complete viewing from episode one. Yet starting from the beginning with the amount of episodes we are releasing is asking too much for viewers who need to catch up.

The clear conclusion is that while somewhat mixed, these viewing patterns resemble more closely the typical patterns of online viewing rather than how one would watch traditional television. This leads us to believe we are posting too many episodes and making it far too challenging for viewers to keep up. When it comes to online viewing, most of us are just trying to find time to watch series comprised of 13 to 22 episodes a season-so asking viewers to assign time for over 100 episodes per show is a daunting task.

Therefore, we have chosen to revise our scheduling model beginning this Monday, May 20th by introducing two new episodes from OLTL and AMC each week- new episodes of AMC will now run on Mondays and Wednesdays, and fresh episodes of OLTL will post Tuesdays and Thursdays. MORE, our behind the scenes series, will run as a single show on Fridays. This allows us to introduce a new episode of quality television every Monday through Friday and gives the audience a chance to catch up as we continue to build awareness and excitement around these new shows. Because Hulu agrees with our findings, for the meantime they will keep all of our episodes on for free to give viewers the opportunity to find us and catch up.

We know our most dedicated viewers will be upset as they would probably prefer more shows to less (we personally wish there were more episodes of our favorite shows; we would love 50 episodes a year of Homeland, Mad Men or The Simpsons). We apologize to these viewers and ask them to please understand we are trying to ensure our shows succeed and not meet the fate they experienced previously. We need to devise a model that works for all viewers and follows how they want, and are actually watching, online. When it comes to online, as with all new technology, it’s adapt or fail. We feel fortunate to be an online company and to have such an opportunity to adapt. Of course, we will continue to evaluate all the data that comes in and will be vigilant about revising our strategy as needed.

We want to be clear that this will in no way impact our feverish pace of production – we will be filming new episodes through mid-June, continue editing throughout July and until we go back into production in August. It’s a frenetic schedule but all of us are up for the challenge and excited to continue to deliver great shows.

As a new venture we felt obligated to address the needs of our viewers head on and to make adjustments that we think will work for our viewers. And as always, we thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz”

So AMC and OLTL fans, what do you think of the change going from four episodes to two? Will it help in making sure everyone is caught up with all the action? What do you think of the note from Jeff and Rich? Weigh-in on your thoughts!


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Only two episodes a week? This sucks!! If both shows have consistently been in the top ten, why the need to change anything?

I know.. this BLOWS! Better than nothing.. I’d rather keep it the way it was and get 110 shows than 168.. WTF!? If people can’t keep up.. they get left behind! I WANT MY STORIES!!!

And really,,,who cant keep up with an hour a day for both shows, WHEN its on WHENEVER you want to see it? Sounds like just an excuse to me. IF they are in the top ten of HULU…then they shouldnt be faltering , as in NO viewership, so why cut them back at all. We older viewers are still here every day or so no matter what. I hope this keeps them going, I guess its better to have two a piece than none at all. But I can do without the wrap up show on Fri. I’d like to see another episode on that day

OH NO! this isn’t right?

is it down to big bucks? cost of production?

yes, i admit i was wondering…when i’d catch up… and i am… but… when free time is… i can watch all 4 in one sitting.


the continuity and expectation of knowing OUR SOAPS ARE ON 4-5 days a week.. is what we know.

when the writing is good… AND IT IS… we make time.

out of the gate… they’ve delivered…

and if i’m jumping the gun…. i don’t like this at all.

what are the numbers/fans like?

i’d pay 7.99 a month to watch everyday.



i don’t get it …. this will lose fans.

Does everyone REALLY think these shows are good…..I think the acting is terrible and I really don’t get it??? Most are the same actors….I feel like everything is so OVERACTED and whoever is in charge of casting I also don’t get. AJ is awful on amc I have watched these soaps for over 30 years and I am a REAL fan …….please someone make them better. PLEASE!!

Thank God somebody said it! I think the actor who plays AJ is good in his own way but he should not have been cast as AJ Chandler!

AJ is soooo gay. I’m not bashing. I’m gay too – but she’s (sorry he’s) so gay. Who believes for a second that he’s into Little Miss Eye-roller: Miranda. Palease…

oltl is excellent acting all around.


Knowing a bit about the biz, this is a very bad sign. I’m not sure I buy the explanation as they aired 5 hours a week on the network. The pace is faster, but I have no trouble keeping up. I am concerned now that this will only be 1 year deal. That’s only how long the current contracts are for. I agree there are bad elements, there are things I don’t like too, but it’s better than no show at all. It would be nice if ABC just admitted they made a huge mistake. They could have half hour shows and can Katie. We don’t need another bad talk show. PP could still produce it as they can do it cheaper.

I agree. It doesn’t sound very promising. It took a long time to get going and it’s only been on a while and now this! ABC will never admit how stupid they were! They rather keep airing garbage.

PP is NOT going to produce anything for ABC given they are suing them. What color is the sky in your little world? lmao

I have been watching AMC & OLTL for 40 years and I never had a problem with the 1 hr format on TV so I definitely can make time for 1 hour a day for the two soaps 4 days a week. I am grateful they are back and could also do without the Friday episode

Same here, but now with just 2 episodes of each a week , 2 hrs in total to watch, I would watch them all at once at the end of the week rather than turn on the computer for a 25 minute show each day. This is what they said everyone was doing and feel they are falling behind so they cut down the episodes. The hype going online was anytime viewing and it was our choice when we watched. Feels like we are being penalized if we watch weekly because TPTB feel we are falling behind so they cut down the episodes. Now they are already replacing the writers after only 4 weeks on line. Seems to me that they are covering up the real reasons for the episode cut back and blaming fans who don’t watch daily when most of us have watched 5 one hr episodes a week for 20, 30 or 40 years with the invention of VHS and now Tivo and DVR .

suncity29880, that’s crazy….i do not really care for the new version of AMC…… many actors/actresses…. no follow thru with previous story line……..please back the old characters & continue where they left off……………thks

I was used to watching an hour of AMC every day. I taped in the earlier days and dvr’d it every day and I watched when I got home from work to relax. Now the show is 1/2 hour 4 days a week, and although I enjoy the More show, I miss that day of story. Not it will only be two days of story. My feeling is why bother. I would like it to be an everyday thing even if I have to catch up sometimes. This decision does not make me happy. Ellen

Ellen, you sum up my feelings nicely. Going from being able to watch and keep up with 5 hours a week down to 1 hour a week is disappointing. Plus with the 1/2 format there is much less story to keep up with…

I can see where there may be folks who are just hearing about these soaps being produced again. But really, the first 3 weeks equal 6 hours of viewing. Viewing which can be accessed any time you want!

This feels like something else is going on. Perhaps the ad money just isn’t what they had anticipated. I’m afraid that 1 hour per week is really going to have a negative impact on viewer retention…

I have been enjoying the reboots of AMC and OLTL. I still cannot believe the shows have returned! While disappointed at two entries per week instead of four, I understand this brave new world of television viewing means some changes and tweaks. Everyone keep watching and supporting AMC and OLTL, please!

BIG THANK YOU, Michael, for staying on top of the develoments here and sharing so much detail. I rely on you for such, and appreciate your efforts and hard work.

I agree completely! I’ll take AMC in any format, any length, any days, any time!!!! I’ve watched it since it began, so having it available to me again, is wonderful! I’ve missed all my AMC friends and am very happy to have them in my life again. It would be nice to see longer episodes and more per week but I can and am living with this new change! Thank you!!!

People “binge view” (one of the excuses for shortening) because the episodes are so short nowadays… if people are only going to get 2 new shows a week (adding up to less than an hour with commercials) they are going to lose interest. How can you base a decision when they have been back on barely two weeks and in the spring when most people start to watch less TV anyway. The season itself causes people to “binge view” most of their shows anyway because of the nicer weather…

Very good points!

I agree. I was watching every day but for only 2 shows I might as well bing watch too! Then when everyone is binge watching they can just cut to one hour long show on Saturday!

Have you been on some of the other soap sites? You will see their are A LOT of ppl that just think just because it is online That the soaps are on HULU indefinitely and MOST watch it for FREE, Then they are all over the boards trying to figuring out what is going on because they waited to long….I understand the Viewers are the key to the success of these shows HOWEVER I think they should not limit our shows, INSTEAD DO A LOT OF ADVERTISING to let the fans know how to watch and that if they watch it for free they CAN NOT BINGE VIEW more or less….Sorry for the ones that watch everyday this is not fair but It is still better than none I guess!

Anyone who believes that “binge-viewing” is the reason for the cut-backs is a bit naive. The reason is money pure and simple and if PP were up front about that, it would show they respect the fans instead of handing them a convoluted and clearly untrue line about the reason being online viewership habits. I only hope that they were upfront with the cast and crew and didn’t screw with their compensation/contracts by backpedaling.

Yes, it is better than nothing at all!

this does not sound good……………….

Its not that hard to catch up on the episodes, don’t want them to be reduced.

This is a terrible idea!! We want our soaps every day. What difference does it make who binge watches as they can still watch them when they want. When they were on tv most recorded them during the week and then watched them on the weekend anyway. Why punish those of us that prefer 4 new episodes and watching them daily, just because there are some that prefer to watch them all at once? And even if I decide to binge watch, who’s to say I don’t prefer to binge watch 2.5 hours of soaps anyway?

I subscribed to Hulu just so I can watch OLTL. If they reduce it, it won’t be worth the money,

And that is what Screwed AMC and OLTL because those are NOT counted! They need the viewers and they need them during the week!!!

I was paying 7.99 a month to watch and it hardly held my interest as it is so i watched as often as i could but now im going to drop them for good and cancel my subscription..glad GH is still on abc

I too only got hulu+ for the shows. I already dont like paying $8 a month to watch a 30 min show WITH commercials! I mean if im paying money, why am I forced to watch ads? I can do that for free on already cancelled my sub. I also dont care or watch the”more” stuff. Maybe with them only being twice a week, the writers can do. More research into the history. Like when Miranda said her daddy was a test tube? We all know different, & they mentioned the “center” which is what they called the Miranda center. If daddy came from donor why would there be a center named after her? & whats up with Matthew calling Bo Bo instead of dad? So many other inconsistencies to name…

Soapnet even has a “marathon ” of GH on the weekend just proving that some watch all the episodes at once of the shows still on network tv ( 5 hrs a week). This can not be the real reason for the cutback of episodes.

Personally I think this sucks, I want a new episode of each every day

ME TOO.. 30 minutes of both is just enuff for me. It’s not like I’m going to stop watching, but we’ll see how this goes.

I watch it every day, so I’m a bit disappointed. But to be honest, 2 days is better than no days!



This is disappointing on one hand, but a part of me wants to be understandable. I can understand how they would conclude that people aren’t watching 4 episodes in a span of 4 days, but I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing if people “binge” on the weekends to catch up on the episodes they missed. They’re still watching and invested and it will reflect in PP’s/Hulu’s/ITunes’ numbers.

I also don’t think it will mean faster storytelling in a positive sense; if anything it will feel either slower or all out rushed.

I want to know how it will impact how Canadians watch though. Right now, FX Canada airs AMC and OLTL right after one another at 12:00PM/12:30PM and 5:00PM/5:30PM, with marathons on Saturday and Sunday. Does that mean now only one episode will air at 12:00PM and 5:00PM?

I have to disagree Jules, when you can watch them anytime during the day it airs there is no reason for Binge viewing on the weekends!

Well it depends on people’s schedules. Some people have day shifts, some have nights, some have 2 full-time jobs, some go out to do errands etc. Some people just might enjoy watching them all at once over the weekend to relax and unwind as opposed to spending their hectic weekday time committing multiple periods over blocks of days. Everyone’s different.

I know for me, being in Canada and only able to watch it on FX Canada, I can’t watch it “anytime” like Americans can, I can only watch them weekdays 12:00PM/12:30PM and 5:00PM/5:30PM and then marathons in the afternoon and again in the evening on weekends. Because I work during the weekday, I can’t watch it in the noon hour…so I miss it then. I only get home at about 5:45PM, so I miss all of AMC and can catch the last bits of OLTL. The only chance I can watch IS on a binge during the weekend during one of their marathons.

I don’t disbelieve PP when they say people binge watching. I think that’s pretty possible, if not entirely true. Maybe not everyone, like yourself, but I don’t think you can make a blanket statement like the one you made. Some people need to, and some people want to.

I dislike the change! I enjoyed viewing OLTL 4 times a week. Two times a week isn’t enough. I wish that they would reconsider this move and keep it on 4 times a week.

This is absurd

Totally agree, and it makes me LESS inclined to watch, not MORE. What is the point of being a regular loyal viewer for the equivalent of 46 minutes (minus commercials) of story time each week. Absurd is correct!

I completely agree! I was a loyal viewer of both shows from the beginning. I was thrilled that PP was able to bring them back. I’m liking the 30 minute format…reminds me of the early days of both soaps and there is a lot of story packed into 30 minutes. The mix of new and old characters is good and the language is, like it or not, a sign of the times.

I’ve been watching AMC and OLTL in the GH time slot…a smack to ABC from me. I’ve rewatched episodes just like I did when the soaps were on ABC and recorded them.

I don’t think the cutback is due to the type of viewership. I think PP doesn’t have enough funds…been there, done that with them. Whatever the reason, it stinks and has dented my reboot enthusiasm. I know, two episodes should be better than none, but I want what was promised. And, yeah, I may not make the effort to watch now. At this point, I put PP in the same trash heap with ABC daytime.

Then you were never a fan to begin with and YOU sound like a spoiled Brat….I WANT WHAT I WAS PROMISED!!! OMG REALLY????

Joliefan why are you questioning someones fan loyalty? They have a right to have expectations of a company to put out what was promised…just like you and others may have boycotted ABC; likewise others can boycott PP if they so desire and I agree with those on here when they say this sucks and it sort of take some of the enthusiasm of the reboot away.

Wow so we getting just two shows each week with both shows. I don’t count Friday show since it just a recap of what happen during the week which I think get rid of that.

This has nothing to do with allowing people to catch up the shows, Im guessing long times fans have realized these are not the soaps that they loved. Whats the point of just 2 shows a week? PP took John, Todd, & Star off GH for this? If they were only going to o 2 shows a week, they should never have brought them back.

No cigar – there’s no such business theory for millions wanting a product and it can’t be sold

I agree. Who is behind the dispute that the characters of Todd, John and Starr shouldn’t show up on GH? PP said it was ABC’s fault, now I think its a PP problem. How can you decide that the plan isn’t working by cutting back on the show’s production to two times a week? Internet viewership isn’t like having the Nielsen ratings. You can’t judge that this isn’t going well just because people don’t comment on the shows or however you measure how well it is doing on Hulu, etc. Sheesh. Just when I was getting used to 4 times a week at 25 min. a piece they pull the rug right from under us. Not too happy with PP.

I think you’re probably right, Kate. It’s their own fault for degrading these shows! Obviously, they missed the part where fans loved, adored and treasured them…
🙁 Makes me sad.

wow – not the same as they were on regular TV – that’s a great point.

guess adding in all those “crappy” adjectives, and “sign language” and all that young adult binge drinking and that new character they’ve added in by the name of “Shelter” didn’t work!

make the shows more like they were before – a quicker pace on stories is fine… use GH as a model.

they need to fix things, not screw them up!

I’d nearly swear that Frons wrote that letter for them! ha!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t go back into production in August. The money is obviously not there for these shows to be profitable. Hopefully they’ll end them right and not jerk us around anymore.

There’s no reason to believe it has anything to do with something other than profit margins – we’re fans and we don’t have access to the factors of this equation to solve it with far fetched conclusions

As sad as it may be, a hiatus for that long might be too much to overcome. They say all the right things in the press release but those of us who are smart enough understand that in business the only thing that matters is money. If it isn’t profitable it won’t work. Producing a new show 4 days a week is just not going to fly. It’s amazing to me that they even got this far but sustainability is a different beast entirely. They should have just done one, 1 hour a week episodes instead.

Do what you want, I’ll continue to watch both shows, but the MORE show has to go.

I like the MORE show for the behind the scenes and intervews, but with that host it reminds me of the Jersey Shores Afterhours show which is weird. And I can’t get past her horrible hairstyle. Other then that she is a good host.
I have had zero trouble keeping up with 1/2 hour of each show a day since I used to watch double that. Just sad that its getting cut in half now. Loyal since 1981!!

you are gonna lose me… guess it is just GH now… you can’t manage four episodes a week? it is like the actors work part time.. and you wonder why the three OLTL stayed at AMC… you are just like a bank… fast ouor of the gate and then 3 weeks in you start laying off people…. You are not fixing or changing the medium,,, you are ruining the medium… You seem to miss the part of Serial drama… that soap are 5 days a week. you come back with four days…with your lame recap fashion show which is truly a joke…. i guess all you got out of this …is that you can curse… you are gonna lose us all in the end….!!! i feel bad for the actors….

If you can’t pay the bills, Edward what do you suggest they do? You do realize that people don’t work for free, right? These shows cost a fortune and not being on broadcast tv means their ability to make money from ad revenue is significantly reduced.


I think you have hit the mark– I suspect this is about money, not viewers viewing habits. You need deep pockets to produce a five shows, for 52 weeks a year, like most daytime soaps on television did. I hope this venture lasts because the fans of these two shows have had enough disappointment– but it doesn’t look too good if they are already scaling back production this early in the game.

Edward, do tell me then. How do shows make money?

Anyway, cutting production is about money and nothing else. This nonsense about viewers not being able to catch up is ridiculous.

they should drop the Friday recap. no one likes it. that would save a little bit…

Completely agree, Edward! If they didn’t spend so much money on the money pit Shelter, legal fees to sue ABC, on two …maybe three characters that are going off after three weeks…Nero..nevo?…the bimbo from Jersey shore, another no name singer I think someone said she looked like kesha (with a $ for an s) whaa were these musicians part of JEff’s music talent agency?…and focused on writing good stories without the strobe light and liquor, maybe they wouldn’t need to cut back. This is about money, but producers blame game the viewers like ABC did. Prospect Park is just another egotistical big wig production co. without the big wig pockets. Jeff makes poor business decisions.

I feel for the actors and crew. The writers….eh…fire them all.

I’m not happy but I’ll still watch!

I don’t know for sure what this change means. It kinda scares me. Makes me think that maybe the production costs have proved to be too high and TOLN needs to cut back. .???
It’s gonna take some getting used to only having my OLTL on tues. and thurs. I just got used to having it back on the air and watching Every day. Only Time will tell I guess.

I think not enough people came back. If the numbers aren’t there to sell ads, it’s over. Not neccesarilly TOLN’s fault. It’s an experiment.

I agree an experiment but the rest is at best far fetched speculation – they knew they needed to grab new viewers and they might have them – but as they move forward they realize thers a better raio of bang for buck that involves attaining even more viewership – I rally don’t understand all these opinions that assume we understand the factors – I taught algebra and have had accounting classes and while that might not make me an expert I am exposed to the idea of assuming all the factors is not a way to go

I think this new idea stinks!! I only watch All My Children as I started watching this show while I was on my lunch from work. This is what my wife watched and I got hooked. These shows have already gone from an hour to a half hour. Now that I don’t work any longer, I look forward to watching a new episode of All My Children everyday. Now, I will no longer have that. I’m enjoying the new show and am glad it’s back but this stinks!!!

U still can.. on monday, just watch one episode of AMC.. then watch the next one on tuesday.. same thing for Wednes-Thurs. On tuesday, watch the first OLTL, and the second one wednesday, then do the same thing Thurs-Friday..then you’ll have at least one episode of soaps each day.

Nevermind. I thought they were doing two shows a day.. if anything, this is going to turn off the DIE-HARD fans. I was watching every day, now I’ll just wait til the weekend.

Betrayed by ABC, being lied to by Prospect Park.. fans lose.

If they want to reduce it to two episodes per week, they should make them longer atleast to a 45 minute runtime without ads.

Without ads? Are you nuts? Why is it that you folks think these things are free?

I watch these episodes on iTunes. So how is it that I want it for free. I’m talking about the Hulu watchers, extending the runtime to 45 minutes of show with the ads.

how about 45 minutes of show, and 15 minutes of ads. And Hulu always asks me if the ad showing is relavant to me and then continues to play when I say no… I’d like to pick the kinds of ads I’m interested in

and how about Chad & Kristen shoot the behind the scenes video and talk to people like normal… no more of that host , no more fashion shows… that should save them money and Chad & Kristen are funny!

^ This

@JackReed – Not everyone watches on Itunes. Some os us are in Canada and watch on TV. Some watch on Hulu or Hulu Plus.

What they should really consider doing is having the actors themselves do commercial spots for their sponsors. That would get people to watch.

Think it’s a mistake. They have already cut down the shows by at least 12 minutes per episode since when they aired on ABC. With only two episodes per week, I am not sure that fans will stay committed.

I already missed having a real Friday episode. A lot of the Friday show is advertising.

One of the reasons fans love their soaps is because they are on consistently each day. Twice a week just doesn’t cut it.

I agree , I miss having 5 episodes a week, but I will still watch all that are on. They promoted this format so we could watch anytime , all episodes at once or daily , if we fall behind we catch up as we can. I have watched 5 1hour episodes per week of each soap for over 30 years, watching some times on the day they air, sometimes all on the weekend thanks to these great inventions called Tivo and DVR ,my choice. Now they are going to take half the episodes away because fans are watching when they have time? ABSURD !!!! Fans ARE WATCHING regardless of day or times !! This has to be some other issue after only 3 weeks to cut the episodes down. Prospect Park needs to be honest with all the fans that supported them and give us the real reason for them cutting episodes after all the talk about being able to watch any time, anywhere now online.

I am disappointed, but we need to keep watching or the shows will end altogether. I do understand the justification as I was primarily watching OLTL as opposed to AMC. Let’s support our shows!

If they have to do this to keep them going, so be it !! I love AMC & OLTL & as I said on another post, it is better to have 2 shows a week then none at ALL !! 🙂

After waiting and waiting to watch OLTL again..we get this? After only 2 weeks of viewing…let’s cut it to 2 episodes er WEEK…WTF…the WHOLE purpose of bringing them online was so viewers could watch when it was convenient to THEM…..this totally sucks!!

As much as this reasoning makes sense, and I even agree with it, it seems like it doesn’t bode well, and it seems they should have done a little more research (2 years evidently wasn’t enough). I truly hope this new format works so we can keep our shows any way we can get them. I’m really enjoying All My Children. For One Life to Live to work for me, they need to get out of Shelter. (I’m an older viewer; I think their after a younger demographic.) I’ll be more likely to watch OLTL now that AMC is only twice a week, so obviously their reasoning is working! Wishing all the best to all involved.
Let’s support our shows!

I fear this is the beginning of the end.

I think you’re right. First the lawsuit and co-head writer out. Now this. Doesn’t bode well. It is a shame because AMC is good. They should have kept the OLTLers on GH and premiered AMC online. That way, revenue from the OLTLers would be coming in and no need for an expensive lawsuit. I know OLTL fans will disagree but anyone watching objectively can see that AMC is the better show. The writing on OL has been bad from the beginning. AMC has been strong from day one.

I am a OLTL fan, and I agree with you Ava. I have looked objectively at both shows and AMC is clearly the stronger of the two.

I watch both, but hate all the club scenes and what club would let in kids that are underage? And the kids are all drinking and Dani continues to drink after almost dying? I hate the club, they should take that out or have very little of it and they ruined Matthew. He would never be that way and never want to spend time with his kid. I love Bo and Nora. The writing isn’t too great on OLTL but I am happy to see the characters I love again!

Whatever they need to do to keep them on. I know I’m way behind. Less is more. I’m loving what I’ve watched so far, so PP, do what you need to. Rather something than nothing.

One thing for PP, it’s all new, and that’s time consuming as well. We’re learning a lot of new characters and all new stories. We have to pay attention now. It just can’t be on the in the background or skip a day or two and be able to catch-up. It’s also dense, which is good. But, the way it used to be is I’d watch OLTL at 9:00 on SoapNet (I’m a full-time Controller at an ad agency), I’d just have it on, read FB and absorb the information while I ate or cleaned.

Because it was a slower pace with stories that took months to unfold, if I missed anything at some point there’d be a flashback or something. I’d rarely do more to look back than that. Now, I do rewind b/c listening is essential.

Two a week, prob better to get the old momentum back, and to pick up the office headphone viewer.

If you guys need viewer input or a focus group person or something, ask the webmaster for my email address. I’d love to help out. and MF, if the site could pass this on, that would be very cool. Thanks.

I agree, Robert. On ABC you could watch a whole week’s worth but it would be the same day in Llanview. The new format is very fast paced and if you miss one day it’s not as easy to catch up, especially with summer starting. The actors have already commented that the fast pace doesn’t lend itself to flashbacks or repeating dialog from one day to the next. If you have ever watched a weeks worth of network soaps in one sitting, you realize how often they repeat themselves. I also think this will give PP time to regroup and make adjustments based on fan feedback. With only 2 episodes a week, what is already in the can will last longer and they may do some re-editing.

Then maybe the writing should change, but I just don’t think there are intelligent, strong enough writers to figure out how to find a balance.

Well none of us is going to like it. But it must have to do with costs. I really hope this online thing works in the long run. But this sure makes me wonder. If only twice a week it would be better as one hour each. But I don’t buy that this is due to people not being able to catch up. I am so thankful to these two thus for all they have done though. This does worry me a lot though.

I think not enough people came back. If the numbers aren’t there to sell ads, it’s over. Not neccesarilly TOLN’s fault. It’s an experiment; there was no comittment. Turn the guns back to Disney. At least these guys tried and are trying to save it.

OR we could watch “The Revolution”……

According to the EPs, to break even they had to avg. 500K people per episode, I think they’ve been doing that.. but still makes you wonder how things are going if they are doing this. Hopefully enuff of the fans will speak up and tell them they don’t like it, then they’ll change it back.

I work so soaps r hard to keep up with so I’m happy about this but I know not everyone feels this way – our shows r so exciting now that even if I didn’t work I’d want time to digest before being hit with another slam dunk – 2 a week is good tho cuz get a little spread but still getting weekday feel – at end of day I hope fans remember that pp has same goal as us – if they can get more bang for buck they gotta do it – oltl fans screamed so loud because the show ran on string thin budget and still knocked out of park – pp got it and said yes millions want this product so lets find a way to sell it – and hey believed amc could too with the right team – no even if it became a prime time once a week show – we need to remember the ground were breaking – hold onto your hat and let pp take the wheel – don’t forget what we fought for – we believed our shows were sellable and we were willing to look at new ways to sell it – this is just part of the journey – and actually we need those viewers who won’t be able to catch up with so many episodes – I love my show but its hard for me – I’m on vacation this week so I had time to write this

I agree. Still grateful they are on at all. Let’s remember that the prime time soaps aired for only 1 hour per week….aka. Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest. This may allow more time for people to watch both soaps. I had intended to watch both shows but was only finding time for my fav….OLTL. As disappointed as I am that they only gave it 3 weeks….maybe with the new schedule I will have time to also watch AMC. Still….with both shows being in the top 10 on Hulu the last three weeks….it does boggle the mind that they are already scaling back. Scary. Don’t want to lose our soaps again.

Thank you Char –

I still say… bottom line… for the love of my 30 years watching soaps…

The actors, production, even writing… etc…. is employed.

you must agree… reading this site is another soap opera.

Love it…. thank you MF.

Big mistake !! Either put the show out there or stop it!! Hated the 4 days instead of 5. That “More” thing is like the Chew and all the junk they have on daytime TV now. You have a good line up with OLTL and AMC. Love the new shows, keep changing and they will lose all the viewers like myself. 2 days a week suck!!!!!!!!!!

This is one step forward 10 steps backward in my opinion. The storylines will be endless dragged out to only 2 shows a week. Sigh!

Are they crazy cutting both All My Children and One Life To Live from 4 days a week to 2 days a week as most fans of both shows would like to see more episodes then what is currently being shown now.Why reduce the number of episodes per week from 4 down to 2 episodes when both shows are in the top 10 shows on Hulu as far as people watching the shows.

Im a little worried 2 days is better than none at all,i watch both everyday but I hope they continue.and this isnt the begining of the end.

This is the first step in the final nail in the coffin. TOLN are realizing what ABC knew for a long time. These shows cost way too much and do not bring in the revenue they once did. With it being online, the revenue is only reduced even more. An 8 week hiatus during the summer? That spells doom to me.

are the actors just having a break and we will continue to see the shows they already made?

Paula, they film for about 4 or 5 week intervals between AMC and OLTL. AMC just finished 5 weeks of taping and OLTL will start on Monday for 4 weeks. Then they will both be off for the summer and AMC will start taping in August. This is based on what I’ve read so it may not be totally accurate. My original post was made while I was rather disappointed and not thinking clearly. I understand the decision to scale back I just don’t like it.

They are going to release 2 episodes per week instead of 4. We won’t miss anything we’ll just have to wait longer to see it.


After reading the reasoning in the letter, instead of skimming it.. it looks like the soaps are just moving into the 21st century. We are use to a TV schedule, but an online schedule is different.. it’s not a piece at a time, it’s chunks at a time.

When I got into ‘Breaking Bad’.. it was last fall when they had 4 seasons in the can, where I would watch 2 or 3 episodes at a time on netflix.. and then come back a few days later and watch some more when I had time.

Their reasoning is sound, it’s hard to break out of old habits tho. We can still watch as little or as much as we want, it’s just not going to be together. Didn’t they say they were releasing two episodes of the same show a day? If that’s the case, watch one.. save the next one for tomorrow.. you only get AMC on monday and OLTL on Fridays, but Tues-Thursday you get both.

Perhaps it’s too much control for us to handle, but with patience and restraint, we can string out the week however we like, except on mondays.. when there’s only AMC.

Are they still 30 minutes.. or are they an hour everyday? Because it’s still just 30 minutes.. that’s BULLSH!T!!! Sure I’d rather have something than nothing, but if people can’t keep up..that’s too bad!

My understanding is that they will release AMC on Monday and Wens. and OLTL on Tues. and Thurs. The only solution is to watch both soaps. ….one 1/2 hour a day. Maybe it’s their way of getting people to watch both shows. I was only managing to catch OLTL everyday and missed many AMC episodes. Now I will probably watch whatever is on each day with my morning coffee.I’m not happy but it’s better than no shows at all.

These shows are not long for the world and if I worked for them I would be concerned about the checks clearing. I will be shocked if production resumes at all, they apparently ran out of cash.

What happened to “Watch Any Time, Any Where?” This makes NO sense! What did Prospect Park think was going to happen when they launched the original schedule? I watch both shows daily, I haven’t fallen behind. When the shows were on ABC they were an hour long, I watched daily, I didn’t fall behind. I haven’t heard of anyone complaining about that particular issue with the online reboot. I am having a hard time believing their justification for the scheduling revision. I will continue to watch per the new schedule, what choice do I have, but I have an eerie feeling that we will be hearing about the demise of AMC and OLTL yet again! 🙁

Yeah….wasn’t that their whole campaign??? Watch Anytime!!! Now they are upset that people are “binge” watching? Makes no sense : ( Hope you are wrong!!

I think this is a good idea. I have been having a hard time finding the time to watch AMC and OLTL when the new shows were first posted. I think that having fewer shows during the week will help retain the current audience and build a large audience base. It seems like a proactive approach to keep the soaps going.

This is not good…we was supposed to have 30min… turned i to 24min… we get one big wow scene and thats it… tben we are finished for the. Day… to drop to 2days a week no it wont work…ppl will lose intrest fast… i feel so sorry for the actors before .myself because they were so excited to be ba k on… you know honesty is the best policy!….. if you do t have the money just be upfront… so no i am not happy

I’ll take whatever I can get, but it doesn’t make sense. I watched OLTL for 5 hours every week on ABC. Now I’m watching 2 hours a week on HULU. One hour per week is not enough!

I’m wondering if they are trying to save episodes until September, when Prospect Park gets the rights to sell the shows to U.S. TV and cable networks.

Dennis, that’s an interesting point – I wonder if that’s true. I don’t buy the reasons they are giving us in their “press release” version of what’s going on. I wonder how the actors feel about it?

I’m very upset about this but at least they’re not being cancelled again

For now!!

This does not bode well at all. How are they going to gain momentum by cutting back? I think people are going to lose interest – if they haven’t already. I think the soap model just can’t work online. I would prefer them to do a cable model – 13 episodes every 6 months or so. I don’t think this everyday thing (160+ episodes a year is going to work financially). Have a quality 13 episode season. I bet that way you get more actors to commit.

I mentioned this earlier on Twitter; great post.

What a joke 2 days a week. sorry but this does not look good. I’m fed up just cancel them all together. i won’t watch anymore. I’m sticking to gh and days of our lives.

I soooooooo agree jeff

I’ll take ways to lose viewers for $1000, Alex.

Switching to the 2 epi per week format is only going to make watching more cumbersome, which is what they claim to be trying to circumvent. Now, instead of remembering to watch your fav soap online (which hasn’t been a challenge for me btw) the viewers now also get to stop and wonder, “Oh, is it Tuesday? No, wait. It’s Wednesday. Nevermind.” I mean… wtf? Either these people are really dumb or their excuse is total BS. I’m not buying it.

…and this comes AFTER they force General Hospital to let go of John McBain, Todd Manning & Starr Manning. Nice move, Prospect Park. I’m sure all the OLTL actors who once had the potential to crossover are loving them right about now. They are effectively isolated on the sinking ship that apparently is OLTL. Now I’m just pissed.

This is absolutely ludicrous!!!! I thought this was “anytime” Not 2 days a week!!!!!! PP is making millions off their lawsuite against ABC and u mean to tell me we have to see the shows twice a week???? It was better off cancelled!!!!! I am sorry but its true!!!!!!!

No wonder why some of the actors wont return!!!!!!!

I get that this news is upsetting to everyone, myself included. But to the people saying “that’s it, I’m done with this now”…..why the tantrum?????? What does that solve? So it’s only 2 days a week — still watch them. If people continue to watch good things have a chance of happening.

But if you stop watching altogether there is NO chance. We fought too hard to get these shows back to just stop watching because we don’t like the format. That’s childish, imo. Keep up the support and let’s see what happens!!

Michelle, I think perhaps this is a way for them to express their feelings…sort of like a support group. Trust me, many those who say they will not watch are only venting, they will continue to watch…there were times when I said I was boycotting a soap only to watch the next week when something exciting was about to happen…lol

All My Children

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Give Their ‘Talk Show Host’ Daytime Emmy Acceptance Speeches on ‘Live’

During last Friday’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, All My Children alums, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, were named as the Outstanding Daytime Series Talk Show hosts for Live with Kelly and Mark.

Those who watched the Emmy broadcast on CBS or streaming on Paramount+ knew that the couple was a no-show when their names were called. On Monday’s episode of ‘Live’, Kelly and Mark addressed their absence and each delivered acceptance speeches.

Consuelos also pointed out that this is his wife’s sixth Daytime Emmy talk show host victory, making her just one shy of tying Oprah Winfrey in the category who has 7.  Throughout her Emmy wins, Ripa has shared the honor with her different co-hosts, but this makes the first Emmy win for Consuelos as co-host.


Kelly and Mark revealed on Emmy night they were actually in London visiting their daughter, Lola and had made the travel plans long ago before this year’s Emmys came around.

When it was time for her to make her speech to the audience and the cameras at home, Kelly shared: “I just want to say, first and foremost, thank you, Mark, for being an incredible, incredible partner. You make it look easy and it is not easy and the ease at which you do this job inspires me and all of us every single day. ” Ripa also went on to thank the producers, EP Michael Gelman, everyone at the show behind the scenes, and the loyal audience at home for watching every single day.

Mark expressed: I would have said, my dad always told me to marry somebody who’s better than you and try to work with people who are way better than you as well. So, I’ve done both those things. So ,thank you. Thank you for holding me up. I appreciate it.”

Watch Kelly and Mark celebrate their Daytime Emmy victory on ‘Live’ below.

Now let us know, happy that Kelly and Mark took home the gold, for their first Emmy season together as co-hosts? Comment below.

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All My Children

Chrishell Stause, Sam Asghari and Gabby Windey Among Reality Star Cast for ‘Traitors’ Season 3

The upcoming third season cast of Peacock’s Traitors, hosted by Alan Cummings, has been revealed and it includes a plethora of reality stars, including former All My Children, Days of our Lives, and The Young and the Restless star, Chrishell Stause.

Most recently, Stause has been a mainstay of the hit reality-real estate series, Selling Sunset. In addition, Chrishell is also heading down under come July to tape a guest star run on long-running soap Neighbours.

The synopsis for Traitors reads: Alan Cummings “plays host to 21 larger-than-life personalities who come together to compete in a series of missions with the objective of earning a cash prize of up to $250,000. The catch? Hidden amongst the Faithful contestants are the Traitors, whose goal is to eliminate the Faithful and claim the prize for themselves. Under the cover of darkness, the Traitors ‘murder’ contestants one by one, but if the Faithful can banish all the Traitors before the end of the game, they’ll split the incredible prize.”

Photo: Netflix

The new season will be set in a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands. The cast includes: Britney Spears’ ex-husband Sam Asghari (who also appeared in The Bay), Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, Bob the Drag Queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race; Dorinda Medley, Robyn Dixon, Dolores Catania and Chanel Ayan from the “Real Housewives” franchise, Ciara Miller from Summer House; Zac Efron’s brother Dylan; former ‘Bachelorette’ Gabby Windey, as well as Wells Adams from “Bachelor Nation.” In addition look for Britney Haynes and Danielle Reyes from Big Brother; plus Survivor stars: Carolyn Wiger, Jeremy Collins, Rob Mariano and Tony Vlachos.

Photo: JPI

Traitors is produced by Studio Lambert with Stephen Lambert, Mike Cotton, Sam Rees-Jones, Rosie Franks, Jack Burgess and Tim Harcourt serving as executive producers. No word yet on the release date for season 3.

Check out the cast reveal for season 3 below. Then let us know what you think about the names in the show and if you will be checking out Chrishell and company when it finally streams on Peacock via the comment section.


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All My Children

Chrishell Stause to Guest Star on Amazon Freevee’s ‘Neighbours’ in New Soap Role

Look. who’s returning to the soaps but this time down under? Chrishell Stause, who before the reality-series Selling Sunset found notoriety on daytime dramas, is set to play a new guest role on the iconic Australian soap, Neighbours.

Stause will play a new character, Yasmine Shields, who is said to be,”a glamorous and successful businesswoman in pursuit of an exciting new opportunity.” Chrishell will make her way to Australia and start filming in July.

Neighbours releases new episodes Monday-Thursday, at 7 a.m. BST, on Amazon Freevee in the UK and the U.S.  Stause is joining the show at the right time as it just received its first Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Photo: NBC

In a statement, the former All My Children, Days of our Lives and The Young and the Restless star, expressed, “I am honored and excited to join such a beloved and iconic show.  Coming from the world of soaps in the U.S., it’s back to my first love in the entertainment industry. They pitched me an idea for a character, and I was immediately excited to figure out a way to make it happen. Ramsay Street here I come!”

Neighbours Executive Producer Jason Herbison said on the casting news, “We are thrilled to welcome Chrishell to the cast of Neighbours. We created a character especially for her and we can’t wait for her to bring the storyline alive. Expect intrigue and surprises – and many implications for the residents of Ramsay Street.”

Photo: CStauseIG

As fans know, Stause married her partner, Australian musician G Flip back in 2022, so now she has additional roots on the continent.

Previously on the soaps, Chrishell played the role of Amanda Dillon on All My Children (2005-2011), Bethany Bryant on The Young and Restless (2016) and Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives (2013-2015; and make returns in: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023).

Since leaving the American daytime soaps, Chrishell has received an MTV TV & Movie Award ‘Best Reality Star’ and a People’s Choice nomination for ‘Favorite Reality Star’ for her appearance in Selling Sunset. In 2023 she was recognized by Variety as one of the ‘40 Most Powerful Women in Reality TV’ and by Us Weekly as one of the ‘Top 10 Reality Stars of the Year.’

In February 2022, she released her debut memoir, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work. Chrishell is committed to philanthropic endeavors and is a vocal advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The continuation of the long-running series, Neighbours, is about the lives, loves, and challenges of the residents on Ramsay Street in Erinsborough, Australia, a fictional suburb of Melbourne—picked up two years after the finale in 2022, which was watched by millions of adoring fans.

As well as on Amazon Freevee in the U.S and UK as mentioned above, Neighbours streams on Prime Video in Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Australia’s Network 10 will retain first-run rights in Australia for the new chapter of the series. Previous seasons of Neighbours, as well as over 100 iconic episodes, are currently available to stream on Amazon Freevee.

So, what do you think about Chrishell Stause returning to the soaps with a role on Neighbours? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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