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Andy Cohen Takes RHOBH's Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards To Task For Calling Their Gay Friends, "My Gays!"



Watch What Happens Live host, Andy Cohen, who was also the brain-trust behind Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise took to task last night on his talk show two members of the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Lisa Rinna (Ex-Billie, DAYS) and Kyle Richards (who also has made guest appearances on DAYS).

If you watched this season of RHOBH, there have been several awkward moments where Rinna and Richards have called their gay friends, “My gays”.

Cohen illustrated this point in a compilation of clips which had Richards referencing, “Everyone in town has four or five gays.”  And Rinna saying in a confessional, “I let my gays down.”  And that was just for starters!

The host then launched into his “teachable moment” directed towards Rinna and Richards where he said, “Even though some of your friends might be gay, which is great, they are not yours, you do not own them. We are not cattle, we are not purses. And the next time you think of saying, ‘my gays,’ replace with ‘my blacks’ and see how that turns out.”

Lance Bass, who happened to be a guest on WWHL, also took Richards to task for over clips that have aired this season which showed a gay party she threw.  Bass related, “It was like if they had leashes on them, basically they’re just prancing around ‘their gays.'”

Watch the clip package after the jump! Then weigh-in … do you find it offensive of how Rinna and Richards spoke of their gay friends?  Comment below!

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I think this was obviously taken way out of context, people these days are SO quick to get offended, calm down people!! Geez!!! When you’re referring to “my gays”, I am sure she meant her really close friends that are gay. EVERYONE says that and it’s not used to be offensive at all!!!! Good grief!!!!

thank you richard.

ego push : Andy Cohen…. calm YOUrself

dang he’s handsome… I will not watch his “shows”

I did catch a top chef ep… and he was a guest quick fire judge…. and… he is goodlooking….

but that’s irrelevant : “my gays” ARE an endearment… acknowledgement… and supportive …. it meant something positive

yikes! take a chill pill OUT

how dare he diss my Lisa Rinna

I think Lisa was referring to her gay friends. Maybe Andy is one of them. If Lisa’s gay friends don’t like to be referred to in that way, they should speak up. I think it’s being used as a term of endearment.

Term of endearment? In what world does that make any sense? If your friends are straight, do you refer to them as “my straight” friends? So, why refer to those friends who happen to be gay, “my gay friends?” Do you give ‘your gay friends’ a different sort of friendship, or consideration? Bah Humbug.

the Real Housewives women are attention whores lol.
But- that’s how they make their money, lots of it, that is good..
I have never watched an entire show it makes my eyes ache and my mind tilt while watching their brains idle ..

They have fans, people watch them.. so guess they are charming to some..

andy cohen is so cute!

Yes he is and I had a one night stand with Andy. He was great in bed and very charming. Now I am engaged to my wonderful boyfriend, who is a actor. Getting married this summer.

I had a one night stand with your wonderful boyfriend and he was not good in bed. Good luck this summer. :/

Why would you kiss and tell? How old are you? Uh oh…..are you guys pulling our collective legs?….if so, cute, really cute!

Give us the juicy details Donny. Im jealous. I want to sleep with Andy Cohen too. Yum yum.

I find both Andy Cohen and Lance Bass offensive. They do not speak for me as a gay man. I think Lisa Rinna did nothing wrong at all. Her use of the term “my gays” was meant as a term of affection for the gay people she knows. She was completely innocent in saying that. She didn’t even know the terminology “tops and bottoms” so I know she didn’t slight any one. Andy Cohen and Lance Bass both believe they speak for the entire gay community with their hurt feelings and lessons on enlightenment. I have seen Mr Bass out in public and he is rude, unfriendly and condescending to any one not in his circles. I find him irritating and plastic as a person. Andy Cohen has no right to speak on how the women he hired to represent “housewives” should speak. He is just as phony as Lance Bass. I think Andy Cohen can be witty and charming but he has ZERO credibility to speak on the language these women use. No one has ever used the term my “blacks”. And they never would. The term “my gays” does not reflect any bad intentions or feelings. Kathy Griffin has used that terminology or similar when referencing the gay community and no one has an issue with that. I suggest that both Andy and Lance work on being polite in public and stop trying to act like they are educators on political correctness. They fail miserably and I am offended that they would call out anyone’s alleged “ignorance” when they are quite ignorant themselves.

PREACH!!!! I wish this had a “love” button I could click!!!!

“…She was completely innocent in saying that. ”


queen for a day …. fill your dance card complete

I do not watch these plastic shows….very glad I do not, as my point has just been proven. What positive aspect could any of these programs encourage? The above bombastic statement made shows how shallow, stupid, unimaginative and self-centered these women are.
Why would one separate a gay friend from a straight friend? Is it not the bond of friendship, regardless of one’s sexual preference, that counts? Why categorize their gay friends as “my gays”? Disgusting….shame on you, Lisa.

Exactly. My friends are my friends, not my gay friends, my black friends, my Jewish friends, my Indian friends, JUST MY FRIENDS.

Hi, clh,
I am a straight woman…married with two small children. Two of my very, very best friends, since grammar school, are gay. I love them so much, I would do anything for these guys; and, they for me. I have never referred to them as “my gays” or “my gay friends”. They are my friends, period.

CeeCee–thank you.
I know Kathy Griffith referred to her gay fans as “my gays” but she is a comedienne and it was not meant to be taken seriously. She was being self depreciating.
I think the possessive singular use of “my” is offensive no matter what follows it! My fans? My staff? My peeps? It all irks the hell out of me.
Lisa Rinna is an actress and has appeared in many television dramas. She is not famous for being famous. I have no idea who this Kyle person is but both women ought to think twice before applying this label onto their friends with the use of “my” proceeding it.
It may not be offensive but it’s certainly obnoxious and all my straights agree with me.

A lot of “your” straight soap friends agree with you too, Harry. Ahem. 😉

I love you, Harry.

RIGHT ON, Andy! Sick and tired of people who think they’ve adopted us like an unwanted pet, sick and tired of the gay men who go along with it like a poodle with a fancy new collar. Interested to see what Kathy Griffin will say since she’s the first I remember who called her friends “my gays.”

Mfarris, great minds and all that.
I just responded before I saw your post. Yes, Kathy does use this unfortunate phrasing, however, I always understood her to be incorporating such talk into her self depreciating routine. No one should be attempting to emulate Griffith unless they are as comically gifted as she is.
In any case, people need to stop it.

Is Andy going to go after Kathy Griffin? She’s always talking about her gays.

A big to-do about nothing. We should all get over being offended by words as labels. There are more important things to get excited about!! (Said by someone who could be called a “hurtful” label/category/word, and has been many, many times. Big Whoop!)

Um, sensitive much? People say My Homies, or My Peeps all the time. Its a term of endearment. Not slave like ownership!!

Homies and peeps are other words for friends. Gay is not. Using your “just a term of endearment” would mean it’s ok to refer to your overweight friends as “my fatties, your homely friends as “my uglies” your disabled friends as “my retards”.

It’s easy to say get over it when it doesn’t slight you. I wonder if she refers to her non gay friends as “my straights”? Would that be a term of endearment?

If you are actually serious right now, I am going to apply your logic. Okay? Follow along with me, okay? Most fat people do not walk around saying “”I’m fat”” Nor have I ever heard of a Fat Pride Parade. And I have never heard a mentally challenged person refer to themselves as a retard, nor heard of a Retard Pride Parade. Still with me?? On the.other hand, most, if not all gay people call themselves GAY. They throw Gay Pride Parades. So, if they use the word Gay and Pride in the same sentence, how the hell is it an insult? Would you rather she have said “My faggots”,or my queers?? She was quite obviously and affectionately using the phrase. So if it is now a hate crime to call gays gay, then what would they like to be called???

By the way, I am straight, and I have no objections whatsoever to being called straight. Why would I?? Your post is bizarre, and offensive, and not very well thought out. So….are you saying that calling a gay person gay is as offensive as calling a mentally challenged person a retard??????? I suggest you go back to the drawing board and figure out what you’re trying to say, because as written, it makes no sense.


You’re offensive to comment on what was in no way the issue or part of my statement. I said absolutely nothing about calling someone gay, but referring to them as MY gays.

If you had bothered to read the point of the first post you would know it is NOT about someone being called gay. It was being called MY gays as if they own them, like my dogs, my jewelry, my house.

Would you seriously introduce your friends or talk about your friends as this? “My blacks, my gays, my jews, my straights, are going with me”

The insult is not being referred to as Gay but as being referred to as MY gays. R.I.F (reading is fundamental!)

And gays dont let anyone prance them around unless they want to prance.

Kathy Griffin popularized this usage of “my gays” on her BRAVO show when ANDY COHEN was head of development. He never had any problem with it then. How does he expect Lisa and Kim to know that it’s “offensive” when they literally learned the term from one of Andy’s own shows. This is just to stir up controversy, most likely.

Personally, I do think it is inappropriate to refer to people this way – almost as if they are pets or possessions BUT Andy Cohen is the last person who should be calling them out. Also I think it is meant in good fun. I don’t watch the show so I don’t know Kim but I guarantee you Lisa Rinna doesn’t have a discriminatory bone in her body – she’s too much of an open book (and a sweetheart).

If Andy really had a “problem” with this he wouldn’t have let the word get on the air in the first place (he produces the show). He could have edited it out if he found it truly bothersome. But then he wouldn’t have been able to ambush these ladies on live TV. Keep it classy, Andy.

Nick, Kyle and Lisa are not even remotely funny and do not understand how to be self depreciating.
I think almost everything is funny and it takes a lot for me to offended.
I do not find it offensive that these mediocre little known personalities refer to gay men as “my gays.” I do, however, find it annoying and rather presumptuous.
What I do find offensive, is when anyone, famous or not, funny or not, who uses the word “retard” to insult anyone. Kathy Griffith and other comics do this and it offends me greatly. No one chooses their sexual orientation, their race or their intellectual/mental capability. Any jokes predicated on the aforementioned are cheap, insensitive and yes, stupid.

im gay n im fine with lisa rinna and her quote.
ironic that andy would find something offensive on any of his shows considering pretty much the whole show in general is offensive!!! more offensive than anything is the amount of brutal plastic surgery most of these actresses get unnnecesarily! just seeing them on screen looking swollen and filled up is offensive, thanks anyways andy! go save the rainforest…

I think Lisa and Kyle would be horrified if they knew they hurt anyone like that, goodness grief, he should of know better too, not everyone can be “knowledgeable” about whats right or wrong with any group, we are all humans and not perfect, and he’s often offensive on his show with straight people so he’s nothing but a hypocrite. as for lance bass well, fake comes to mind evertime i see him.

why do we care?

isn’t this still america where we have freedom of expression (which includes speech).

not just non offensive free speech, but free speech…

I’m offended by the way christians, republicans and white men are bashed, but everyone has the right to say what they want.

if we go down this road of you can’t say anything offensive, then the tv screens would be blank, there would be no music (ever try to decipher those lyrics), books would have white pages and everyday speech between human beings would cease to exist.

come on people – get a grip (or is that offensive to arm-wrestlers?),

lighten up (or is that offensive to non-light skinned people?),

show some common sense (sorry stupid people).

“Free Speech” is relative. In this day and age, in this democracy, one needs to be aware and wary of what passes our lips. Free Speech or not, words hurt….it is also a moral issue.

Amen!!!! Great post!!!!

I meant good post to mgb!

Wonder how they’d react if Andy referred to them as “my bitches?”. But, really, its silly. People are so self absorbed they become personally offended by anything.

Oh my gosh a voice of reason!

Another good reason to watch neither show.

Yeah, I’m so over Andy Cohen and the Housewives—they’ve run their course. Next!

Was Kyle and Lisa intent on being malicious? I doubt it, so why is he publicly shaming them? He could of easily email them directly, gone it over with without having to embarrass two women who clearly support the gay community more so then not.. He’s offensive to right out to his own guess by treating his attractive male guess like pieces of meat, not everyone want to be hit on by you Andy!!

Here’s the thing–they wear “my gays” like an accessory, like a Fendi bag.
No, it’s not horrible but it’s friggen annoying. Good for Andy for calling them out. He was right to do so.
Language matters.

Cher and many other celebs with a gay following have been using that term for years, it seems kind of strange to make an issue about it now. Well I’m sure the “READING” he gave the ladies will resonate since they’re in it for the money.

I have to admit wondering why they were referencing their gay friends the same way they would their pets. As in “My gays”….” My dogs”. So I have to agree with Andy on this one. I don’t even know why sexual preference need to be included at all. Just say “I’m throwing a mixer for some of my single friends”.

Ok let me get this straight we have beheadings people being burned in cages people dying of cancer and aids etc!! And this guy is worried about being politically correct! Loser!!!!

As a gay man myself—Stop the Presses!—I’m not offended at all by what these Housewives said. It was meant as a term of endearment, for certain. Similarly, straight and gay guys will refer to each other as “my man” or “my brother” all the time. The “my” doesn’t imply ownership. It’s simply a way of making a personal, altruistic connection.

I think Mr. Cohen and Mr. Bass are a bit full of themselves. There is no need to criticize these ladies for saying “my gays” as if these women are homophobic or unenlightened. The fact that they have gay friends negates all that. Give them a break!

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