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Are Tristan Rogers, Eden Riegel, Darius McCrary & Sean Patrick Flanery on their way out at Y&R?

Photo Credit: PR Photo

Photo Credit: PR Photo

Looks like The Young and the Restless is doing some house cleaning! As many read last night Tristan Rogers announced in a sort of cryptic message via his Twitter account that his character of Colin would be leaving Genoa City.  And now in addition to that, CBS Soaps in Depth is reporting that a source shared with the publication late last week that not only has Rogers been let-go, but so has Eden Riegel (Heather), Darius McCrary, (Malcolm) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Sam).


According to SID, a Y&R representative stated that they do not comment on casting rumors.

But, if this story holds true, how do you feel about these people being pink-slipped off the series?  Do you feel like these are the ones that should go? Or, do you think some other characters should have been given their walking-papers? Let us know!

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Not surprised, thanks for the tweet

The one and only VICTOR should GO… sometimes when he talks he thinks hes an indian chief, then he whimpers like a fool….no longer is he the GREAT Victor I call him a clown…….

TR should def be staying on as Colin. No Comment on the rest.

Why is TR fired? Has anyone from the show explained why?

Colin has been popular alone and with Jill so why would he be fired?

I love Y&R but it seems they’re making a lot of boneheaded moves lately. Getting rid of Tristan Rogers? Do they not know how popular he is? And I really loved seeing him and Genie together again! And I like Sean Patrick too…he was a refreshing change of pace with the men on this show, and of course, his departure only means that Nick is back in the game with Sharon again, right? UGH! Hope not.

TR as Colin is Fab…He’s a great addition…You mean that awful Geneieve get to stay? Noooooo…I hope if Colin does leave then he come back..I didn’t know him as his other character on GH but he was fantastic on Y&R. He kept it interesting. And love, love Jill and Colin..I hope this is some mistake with TR/Colin…

I may done with Y&R. I appreciate the creative and business teams’ need to address viewer trends and economics to survive, but the use of stars/characters for quick in-an-out storytelling upsets me as a viewer and fan. I know storytelling in not static, yet I want to become engaged with characters and histories and see as time passes how those experiences inform new stories and interactions. This aspect of daytime drama is lost with stunt casting and story arcs. Y&R and B&B seems to follow this pattern. We have a story arc but when it ends, clean house some and start anew… often altering legacy characters and bringing in new stars for the next go-around. The joy of daytime drama for me is a sense of stability. I am not getting that right now.

I may be done with Y & R also. First Nikki leaves the canvas for 6 months and now this. The power people are sure make some bonehead moves.

Personally, I think this is great news. Colin was never a very well defined character and his romance with Jill is painfully boring. I love Eden Riegel, but there was no reason to recast Heather and she never clicked in the role. Nu-Malcolm has been a disaster from day one. He has no chemistry with any of his on-screen family!

With soaps in crisis these days, showrunners can’t afford to have an ego. If something’s obviously not working, own up to it and fix it. Y&R has been incredibly uneven for several years now and it’s time to make some hard, difficult choices to ensure the future of the show – not just for the fans, but for everyone that earns a Y&R paycheck.

I totally agree, Alan! Darius McCrary and Edel Riegel were major casting misfires. So often, soaps will sign big names and then create poorly conceived roles for them, as was/is the case of Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis.

While it’s great to see some favorites on the screen, unless they bother to create a role of substance for them, it isn’t worth the trouble. This happened in the 1970s when AMC cast Robin Strasser as Dr. Christina Karras, when AW cast Lee Patterson as Dr. Kevin Cook, and when GH brought on Jensen Buchanan as Melissa… the list goes on.

Personally I am fine with these 4 going. IMO the whole writing team needs to be fired also. This show is a disaster and has been for quite a while now. With these 4 gone maybe they can now afford to bring back MelodyThomas Scott not Yvonne Zima??? Apparently Maria Arena Bell does not have internet access to see how unhappy viewers are with the show. Maybe Sony/CBS want to get out of the Soap Biz like ABC. If that is the case then MAB and team are doing a great job of this happening with thousands of viewers flocking awayn from the show in droves every week…#SAD

It’s a shame that Tristan Rogers has been so badly used. His character is pretty much unredeemable – as is Adam’s. Too bad they don’t see that he should be gone as well – at least for a good long while.

They could take Cane, Lily, Sophia, Emmy Winning Jeff Branson, Chloe, Victoria, Nick, Phyllis and that son of hers who needs a bath with them and I wouldn’t mind a bit. And both Kay and Victor should be lost in the Artic until the writers learn to do something with them that isn’t utterly repellent.

But, as Mitch says, it’s the writing team that needs to go. The show is wildly uneven, the characters, at least the front burners, have no consistency, and the stories – and couples are endlessly recycled. ANOTHER Nick/Phyllis/Sharon tianagle??? Really? Sometimes it seems that the show is being written by a bot these days, and not a very good one.

Y&R has the chance to pick up viewers right now, with AMC leaving the air. But they can only do that IF they write and/or create characters that have substance, that aren’t simply plot points. And a favorite from one show doesn’t automtically translate into loyal viewership unless the viewers can invest in those characters.

See Eden Reigel for what I mean by that, as well as Tristan Rogers and Genie Francis as well.

i hope tristan comes back to gh, and let genie join him, they play classic characters on gh on ynr they r just not that interesting.

Not a fan of TR on Y&R. He’s an incredible talent but is better suited (IMHO) to the rogue-ish character he played on GH. I’m hoping this means that he’ll go home to GH, now that there’s a new HW there, and really mix it up with TG in a way that befits BOTH characters.

I never like to hear about people losing their jobs, but Y&R has needed a good housecleaning for a LONG time, and I guess these actors know the nature of the business. I love Eden Riegel, but she never quite fit the role of Heather. As soon as she was cast the writers dramatically changed the direction of this character, which didn’t work in Riegel’s favour… at all. It was worse when MAB et al. tried to pair her with Jeff Branson (who gels with the cast really well, IMO) in an attempt to make the character more likeable (or so that was the suspicion); this completely backfired and made viewers hate Heather more. Sam is really of no significance at this point, and I’m quite surprised SPF was given a contract to appear on the show. I’m not sure why he was kept on after Sharon was discovered in New Mexico. As for the Atkinsons, I’ve always thought they’ve just been dead weight on the canvas. Genie Francis hasn’t received a pink-slip yet, but if Y&R keeps house-cleaning, she should go as well. Francis completely over-acts and hasn’t really gelled with the cast. Darius McCrary was a casting disaster from the start, and there really wasn’t a need to recast this once-pivotal character. While Tristan Rogers was a nice addition, Colin has served his purpose and I can understand the cast cut here. If the show cuts Sofia and this Hunter Forlani day-player character, DOES NOT bring Yvonne Zima back, and starts focusing on long-time fan favourites like Melody Thomas Scott, Jess Walton, Christian LeBlanc, etc… you know, characters that really comprise the fabric of this show, then Y&R is on its way to something better than it is now (HOPEFULLY!)

I’m going to have to agree with Alan above. He hit the nail on the head. Remember, they also got rid of Sean Patrick Flannery, another useless character. Now, that was 4 characters that were on my list of 15 or 16 to get rid of that actually are now leaving Y&R. So, I’m glad these 4 are on their way out.

They need to really start thinking before adding new characters: If you dont have enough time for the vets we want to see, why keep hiring??

I thought Flannery was the perfect choice to be Tucker’s son, because of the striking resemblance, and how different their personalities were written. I could see great possibilities for that storyline… but now they’ve incredibly chosen the least likely character, so Katherine can have another toy.

I hate to see him leave and TR. I was really enjoying Colin and Jill. She deserves a little happiness in her life.

I hope Debbie Morgan will be worth all this upheaval.

If this is happening great and I think Genie Francis will be gone to I think she will probably be the one that they use to have killed Diane. Now take the character of Sophia to. Sam’s character never caught on with me which was unfortunate I felt Sharon could have used a new love interest.

Glad that horrible Malcolm recast is FINALLY gone! What the hell was MAB and Paul Raunch smoking when they said he and Cybil Shepard’s daughter blew them away in auditions!?!?! It’s obvious they just hire names and are blind to the mess for years (Malcolm, Mackenzie, Heather, etc.), it’s like what Bradley Bell did with B&B for so many years (at least he’s calmed down on that and focuses on the rich cast he has, which Y&R must do!)
Y&R is sinking fast with bad ratings and bad demos. And with Days bringing it’s A game in a few weeks will not help them at all. They need a new behind the scenes crew (exec producer and writers)

Riegel denying rumour.

edenriegel Eden Riegel
The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I hope. #spumors

Sean isn’t really essential to the show…there’s no reason for him to stay.

I never liked Darius as Malcolm.

As for Eden,I didn’t like her as Heather when she first came on Y&R,but she has grown on me – I’d like to see her stay.

Tristan don’t care one way or another.

Also there are strong indications that Genie Francis will not return to the show either.

Tristan was one of the very few bright spots on this dismal show. When are they going to figure out that Maria Bell is the show’s problem, after the cancelation notice?

what a nice news to hear that finally this horrible malcolm-recast is leaving the show. Shemar Moore was the top of the game, how could they ever think that he could be replaced…and Sam, Colin and Heather are all such a worthless characters that it s good to make some room for the legacy characters and for Debbi Morgan and maybe finally for VICTORIA ROWELL??

Hate to say this but 2 of them were miscasts – Heather and Malcolm. Collin should have been short term to begin with. There was never really any intention of extending Cane’s fraudulent family. And Sam was a non-starter to begin with. He was only there to help Sharon with her recovery and realization that Adam is a dirtbag. Well La-Dee-Da.

My only concern is that letting this actors go won’t stop the history re-writes or help with any of the current or future storylines. It was truly wasted time.

now lets get gina tognoni on as heather pronto

Good idea!

It’s about time, Y&R needs to clean house!!!

Totallyl agree with concensus that all four can easily leave story without major set backs. Also agree that Genie can go with them – plastic is great description for her character and she is no replacement for Nicki!!!

Bring back Melody Scott Thomas and give our strong characters real story lines that they can sink their teeth in to. Pull back some of the fringe characters like Mac and JT and build stories around them again.

YES!!!! Firing Eden Riegel is now the best casting decision Y&R has made this year, bumping Maura West’s firing to number two. And firing the awful Eddie Winslow as that dud of a Malcolm recast is a step in the right direction.

Sam is boring and unnecessary. Tristan Rogers is a good actor, but Colin is scum and Jill deserves a better love interest. GH, bring back Robert (and hopefully Laura, too)!

Y&R, don’t bother bringing Heather back unless Vail Bloom’s in the role.

Wish Colin was staying, but the rest….NOT SO MUCH!

I am not surprised by this news and fully expect to hear that Francis will be leaving the show by December (and, yes, I have heard that she was taking a break from it for something else. I”m not talking about that). All of these actors are fine. However, they have either been seriously miscast in these roles or the writing for them was subpar. It doesn’t bother me that they are leaving.

What does bother me is that the producers and the writers don’t seem to have any overall plan for the show. In the past couple of years, they have hired this recognized actors for long contracts, bungle the opportunity with bad casting decisions or failing to develop the characters, and then can the actors. It has happened over and over again. Where exactly is this show going? This is not the approach that will attract viewers.

Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if the producer knows what she is doing. She appears to repeatedly make huge mistakes like this over and over again. Moreover, besides the character of Adam, I cannot think of any character that she has introduced that has been fleshed out and that I can relate to. Tucker would be fine if the writers had spent some time focusing on his relationship with Kay. I have spent longer making microwave pop corn that they did on that situation.

There are a TON of things that the writers could have done using the history of the show that would be interesting. They haven’t pursued any of that. Instead, we suffer through garbage like “Jill Fenmore”, “Devon Chancellor”, and the millionth reincarnation of Sheila but not using Kimberlin Brown (I’m fully expecting to see Sheila’s favorite poodle to appear after having plastic surgery to look like Lauren’s great dane!).

I’ve watched this show since the first day. The last few years have felt more like a chore or an obligation rather than something that I enjoy. Honestly, I am not really wondering if the show will improve. The question these days for me is which will come first: I’ll finally give up on the show and quit watching it or CBS will give up on it and cancel it. The way things are going, one of them will happen in the next year or so!!!

The rumor and it is going everwhere is GF is headed back to GH!! And bringing a truck load of kleenex for Lucky and snarky pills for Lulu!

The Writers on Y/R need to go pronto,along with the folowing if true.
Daisy please leave that loon in jail for good.Cane has been ruined take him with Lilly out of GC.Colin and his crazy ex-wife,Malcolm goodbye to you as well.Sharon needs to go with Sam her character has run it’s course.Adam has to go and that new girl from American Idol Diana DeGarmo I think get rid of her quickly.

I hate saying this, but as much as I like both Eden Riegel, and Darius McCrary, I ‘m afraid that they’re just not covering thre roles of Heather and Malcolm respectively as well as I had hoped. You can breathe new life into Heather by bringing back Vail Bloom, now she knew how to work that role! Another person you may need to cut loose is Daniel Goddard, his Cane character has become nothing more than a pariah ever since that stunt he pulled on Lily, and he deserves better than this. I’m excited that Debbi Morgan is coming over soon, and whatever her new role will be , I hope that it’s worthy of her and her incredible talent. My one wish remains is that they can somehow bring Victoria Rowell back! Now that’s what Y&R needs right now!

Eden I could see. Heather loses every case, and her father Paul (Doug Davidson) in never used anymore. How about keep Tristan, and Sean, get rid of the characters of Gloria, Jeffrey, Ester, Eden, just to name a few.

Tristan and Sean were breathing some new life into the show. It’s can’t be all Victor all the time.

I agree that 2 characters should have been gone a long time ago & stayed gone, Heather & Malcolm. I like Sam if they gave him better parts, he is a good match for Sharon. I mean how many times can Sharon & Nick get back together? really, same with Niki & Victor, get rid of them too they have put in their time…they came make appearances once in a while but enough of those 2 & Adam….2nd thought get rid of the whole Newman clan, except Victoria. They cleaned house but there are still a few dust bunnies laying around the set they need to vacuum up :).

Colin & his crazy ex wife can split now, as much as I like him. Gloria & her hubby needs to go now. I love this show but I mist admit sometimes the repeats in the story lines gets reallllllly old…..get some new writers, dont change what works, Lily & Cane, Ashley, Jack,m you get the point…

Everyone Please Join Our Crusade to Boycott the Talk – Julie ” The Hater” Chen made a Big Mistake and has Shown what a Big Hater she really is by letting Leah & Holly go and not letting the Fans know “WHY”!! See what were all about on Leah & Holly Live on Facebook!! Lets show Les Moonves (The Evil Troll) & His Lying Backstabbing Wife Julie Chenbot that were not Happy with what they did to these Great Women!! Karma Julie Karma!!

The guy that played Colin was extremly dirty. The lady that played Heather did not really bring much, but I like Darius (Malcomb Winters) character. The guy that played Sam was also refreshing. Nice is good and there are very few. One thing that I appreciate about the Young and Restless is that there are older characters included. Ms. Morgan is one of the best actresses in the business. Thank you for bringing another black. The baby that Neil and Sofia have is a cute bundle of Joy. The lady that plays Mrs. Chancelor is one of the best. Thank you for giving her a stable and nice husband. The Pattie character WHY?

What ever happened to the Friday cliffhangers that left us with bated breath waiting ever so impatiently for Monday? I was a diehard fan for many years. I would love to see the writers kick it up a couple of notches. I would love to see more believability take place. Unlike most viewers , I love Adam’s character because he keeps everyone on their toes. The actor is superb in his role. You never know what he will do next. I want to see more excitement and fresh storylines. I am tired of copycat storylines. I want the writers to get creative. Do some kidnappings, rapes, Identity theft. Base the stories on everyday life. I have had enough of everyone sleeping with eachother’s sister and brother. And inlaw. Give me a break. As soon as you bring in a new man you find a way to discredit his ability to hold his own. Step up your game. Please make Sharon a stronger person and please stop making her out to be a sex fiend.

I think the writers and the casting crew know what they are doing, I am glad that Victoria and Sam did not become and item as Victor tried to do, Father doesn’t always knows best right??

If it were the real world, I think Sam and Sharon together would be perfect. She needs a stable, sensible man in her life. However in Soap land, it probably is too boring. Love Sean Patrick Flanery though. Too bad they didn’t cast him in a meatier role.

I came back to Y&R because of Tristan and stayed because of Sean. They brought such new, sexy men to the soap. A much needed freshness. So I am leaving too. Can’t stand the old stories that keep being recylced, i.e. Sharon keeps choosing Adam over her children. And the sleazy guy killed Diane. Get over it. The writers are stale just when they had such excellent actors they throw them away. Shame on the producers.

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