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ATWT Recap – Jan 4 – Jan 8th

ATWT recap jan 4

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A ranger finds Carly, Jack and Craig in the cabin. He can only take back two people back.  Jack goes with him while Carly opts to stay and care for Craig. Craig miserable with his cold and on top of it he must wear an old tracksuit. Craig won’t give up on Carly. Janet wakes up in Dusty’s room, mortified that they’ve made love. Dusty tries to convince her that she has nothing to be ashamed of. Janet leaves the elevator downstairs only to run smack into Jack who’s thrilled she stuck around – he thinks – for their date. Janet tries to play the part of willing wife, but when she eyes Dusty lurking in the corner she asks Jack if they can return to the farm instead of celebrating New Years at the Lakeview. At the farm Jack tries to put the moves on Janet but she flips on him and berates him for everything he put her through. She asks him to leave and go back to Milltown and Carly. Jack does. Janet collapses. Dusty goes to Metro to vent and runs into Teri who’s at a loss with what to do with all the food she made for people who never showed up for their reservations due to the blackout. Dusty suggest they donate it to shelters and they do. Teri returns to the farm and tells Janet she has feelings for Dusty. Teri asks Janet if there’s anything going on between Dusty and Janet and Janet denies, but does say she thinks her marriage is over. Later, Jack turns up at Carly’s door, afraid his marriage may be over. Dusty encourages Janet not to feel too bad about their having made love.  It was a human impulse.  Janet concedes that it was good, but she has trouble with the morality of it.  They do agree that they’re adults and can still work together.  Janet’s priest stops by and she tells him she feels bad, and the priest says repentance is a hopeful sign.  She later tells Jack that she’s spoken to her priest about an annulment.  Sage wants to go to Michigan for the Miss Snowflake America pageant, but really to get Jack and Carly together, as she thinks they belong.  Parker backs her on this, convincing Carly it’s what Sage really wants.  At EOD, it’s agreed that they’ll go.  Jack and Carly talk about where they are, how the timing’s so often off for them.  He shakes off the rust and remembers how to shoot, practicing on bottles.  Carly welcomes him back.  Liberty discovers she’s been admitted to F.I.T., with the provision that she turn in sketches of her ideas. Craig overhears Liberty lamenting her misfortune, since she’s never sketched before. He suggests to Janet that he take her to Carly, who can assist her. Janet begrudgingly agrees.  Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage leave for Michigan so Sage can enter the Miss Snowflake America Pageant. They immediately make enemies with a mother and daughter named Bridget and Hayden, who are determined to win at any cost. Liberty and Craig arrive and Carly manages to get rid of Craig by telling him she’s only in Michigan to seduce Jack. Craig tells Jack this. Jack goes to find Carly, and finds her sneaking into Bridget and Hayden’s room. Carly suspects they stole the CD with Sage’s recital piece on it. When they hear Bridget and Hayden returning they hide in the closet. Meanwhile, Liberty’s found Parker and discovered that the only reason the kids brought Carly and Jack to Michigan was to set them up. Liberty’s upset with Parker for trying to take Jack away from her mother before they’ve resolved their differences or decided to separate themselves. Parker apologizes and they go for a walk.  Janet realizes she can no longer live at the farm, with the family of the man she may no longer want to be married to. Dusty helps her move to the Lakeview, but then convinces her to give her marriage one last shot.

Henry cheers Katie up by sending her to Al’s where he knows she’ll run into Simon, who he’s recently employed there. Simon’s thinking of moving to Oakdale permanently. Katie’s concerned he’s staying for her, but Simon insists Oakdale simply feels like home to him. Henry sits for Jacob and they bond. Simon and Katie return to Henry and Jacob and they all enjoy a Twilight Zone marathon.  Henry helps Katie record a screen test for Kim of a new show about single moms. Simon takes her on a date, but has to shift his reservation from Metro to Al’s when he realizes he’s too poor to take Katie out properly.

Noah tells Lily and Luke that his stay with them will be short lived, as he’s seeking out treatment with a Doctor in California who’s been known to return sight to a remarkable number of patients. Noah’s reluctant to reciprocate Luke’s romantic feelings too. When Luke tells Noah he finished his film for him and it won first prize at the student film festival, Noah’s not appreciative and instead interprets Luke’s behavior as controlling.

Meg acts calm and as though she’s been cured by the medication and therapy at Deerbrook. Holden and Molly are thrilled but skeptical. They decide they will go to Kentucky to see if there was any merit to Meg’s claims that Damian lied about knowing Holden wasn’t dead. Molly goes to buy some new clothes from Fashions and runs into Lucinda, who warns Molly to stay away from Holden, since she believes he and Lily are still destined to be together. Molly tells Lucinda that Lily and Holden are over. Meanwhile, Holden goes to find Emma at the hospital, to tell her he’s leaving town for a few days. Instead he runs into Lily, who hasn’t been feeling well all day. A nurse tells Lily her pregnancy results will be in soon. Holden’s shocked she may be pregnant with Damian’s baby.  Lily is at the hospital for a pregnancy test.  Damian finds out and is excited by the prospect.  The test comes back negative but he wants them to have another child, and to take her away from Oakdale.  Lily’s reluctant to do either. Holden goes to Yo’s after hearing about Lily’s pregnancy test. There he kisses Molly, then holds back, then brings her back to his hotel room to make love.  Emily is suspicious of Barbara’s and Mick’s relationship, his bringing her flowers and being her doctor and all.  Emily also wants to be motherly to Eliza, which Paul is quick to discourage.  Paul visits Meg at Deerbrook and sees the progress she’s making, and all the pills she’s not taking.  Meg threatens to kill Damian when she gets out.

Alison and Casey get close, but still decide to hold off until after the wedding.  Alison is working with Dr. Kantor today, a sexist doctor.  He berates Alison with Mick nearby, unseen.  When Ali goes Mick threatens Dr. Kantor and he later makes good with Alison and wants Mick to stay away from him.  Alison goes to visit Mick at the bell tower.  Alison asks Mick to tell her his story, about the nosebleeds, the way he feels.  He explains that he sometimes feels like two people.  Alison must then go to the hospital, but wants Mick to call her.  Emily, going through some paperwork, finds a church circular with phone numbers on it, Paul’s, hers, Alison’s.  She heads over there and finds Mick.  Emily asks why Mick’s so into Paul.  Mick says it’s because Paul’s important.  Emily is worried and Mick uses his penlight to knock her out.  Mick brings her back to Fairwinds where Paul finds her and brings her to the hospital.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Friends, Loved Ones and Colleagues Gather to Mourn the Loss of Epiphany

There is a connection between the audience, the actors, and the characters they play in the soap opera genre that is so unique, that no other form of entertainment has it.  What we have seen play out leading to the highly-anticipated tribute episode for the late Sonya Eddy (Epiphany, GH) is the perfect example.

Here on this site, when we posted items and previews on this upcoming episode, fans were ready to also mourn the loss of the character and the actress they loved. Many of the GH cast already shared that being on the set the day of the taping of this tribute to Sonya was cathartic, real and raw as they were also honoring and mourning their beloved co-star.

Photo: ABC

If you watched yesterday’s episode of GH, you could see the utmost care that was taken by the GH writing team, who wrote a beautiful script and send-off.  We are sure, many of you reached for the hankies throughout, and well you should, it was extraordinarily touching.

When we start, Port Charles residents are already dressed and heading to Epiphany’s memorial service, headed up by Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) at the GH chapel. Elizabeth is uptight, yet on the verge of breaking down over the loss of her dearest friend and champion. Liz tells Finn (Michael Easton) that she believes Epiphany was disappointed with her in the end for the whole Esme and Nikolas mess that she was a part of.  She so wishes she could have made it right with her before she died. It is Liz’s hope that this memorial is the perfect way to make it up to her mentor and friend.

One of the key questions that everyone wanted answers to was finding out just how did the writers decide to kill-off Epiphany. We learned much of the back-story from special guest, Yvette Nicole Brown, who was excellent as the woman Epiphany saved before her untimely death. Making this even more emotional was the fact that in real-life, Yvette was one of Sonya Eddy’s closest friends.

The woman reveals to Liz and Finn that her car crashed into an electrical pole. Epiphany happened to be driving by and ran out to save her life.  She did so successfully, but when the woman asked for an update on Epiphany, she learned that she collapsed at the scene from smoke inhalation, but as Elizabeth put together, Epiphany had a heart attack, because she had a pre-existing heart condition.

Photo: ABV

Elsewhere, Anna (Finola Hughes) is mourning Epiphany and cannot attend the memorial because she is currently tucked away at the safe house. However, she gets a surprise visitor! Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) has come back to Port Charles to attend the memorial and gives her grandmother the biggest of hugs.  Emma is attending in place of her parents, Patrick and Robin, who couldn’t get away from their doctor duties to fly back to town in time.

Next, we learn Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) is the executor of Epiphany’s will.  She seeks out the former head nurse’s mortal enemy, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), with some written instructions to be handled following the memorial service.

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, several returns helped round out Epiphany’s history including: Marc Anthony Samuel as Nurse Felix, and Drew Cheetwood as her ex-boyfriend, Milo. In fact, Drew was very heart-tugging in scenes with Maurice Benard (Sonny).

Photo: ABC

Marshall (Robert Gossett) is blaming himself for Epiphany’s death telling Portia (Brooke Kerr) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) that if he hadn’t pushed her to go after her dreams as a doctor, maybe her life would have been saved.  Portia tells him that’s nonsense, he actually helped Epiphany achieve her goal.

Photo: ABC

When it’s time for the memorial, it starts with Elizabeth, and one by one people get up and speak on Epiphany including: Deanna (Dionni Michelle Collins), Portia, Sonny, Carly (Laura Wright) and others. Throughout, we get flashbacks of how the she impacted their lives.  At the end of the service, Diane gets up and tells everyone Epiphany has asked that everyone go to the roof following the memorial.  Once on the GH rooftop, Diane reads a letter from Epiphany that she wants no more tears and to be celebrated.  Cue the fireworks, that were set off and lit by none other than Liesl! Epiphany’s voice is heard singing her signature Nurses Ball song, “You’re Not Alone” as everyone takes a moment to reflect and honor her, including Anna alone at the safe house watching the fireworks in the sky.

Photo: ABC

At the end of the episode, Elizabeth, who has returned to the GH chapel, receives a phone call from Monica (and we hear Leslie Charleson’s voice).  Monica tells her she received a glowing letter of recommendation from Epiphany a few days ago and reads it aloud to her. Liz learns that Pif has suggested to the GH hospital board that despite the mistakes she had made, that Liz become the head nurse at the hospital.  Monica tells her she plans on taking this to the board. Elizabeth is overcome in a beautifully-played moment by Becky Herbst.

Photo: ABC

The conclusion came too soon for us as we knew we had to say goodbye to our friend, Sonya, who was so memorable as the beloved Epiphany. A series of flashbacks, reminding us why we fell in love with the tough-as-nails GH nurse in the first place, began to play. Later, we see that Epiphany has joined the GH wall of remembrance for those revered doctors and nurses we have lost.

This was definitely a labor of love for the production, the writers, the crew, and the cast and it showed in the final product.  All we can say is … we have always loved Epiphany, and GH will never be the same without the presence of Sonya Eddy.

Now, share your thoughts on the Sonya Eddy tribute episode in the comment section below.  

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THE BACHELOR Season Finale: Zach Gets Engaged & In True Origin Franchise Fashion Leaves Another Heartbroken

On last night’s season finale of The Bachelor, it looks like the reality-dating series went back to its roots. The producers found a lead who would revert the show back to its original form.

Zach Shallcross broke a woman’s heart by making her the runner-up in love, and made her show up dressed to the nines to a potential engagement ceremony only to let her down at the most vulnerable moment.

Photo: ABC

It appears on the surface that the show needed to ensure they had a ‘Bachelor’ that wouldn’t do the right thing, by sending a woman home before the final ceremony, if he knew he didn’t want to be with her in the end.  In Shallcross, they found their man, but it came at a price, because many in ‘Bachelor Nation’ found Zach to be one of the most unlikeable bachelors in the history of the franchise.

In fact, Zach was the very first ‘Bachelor’ since 2017 to choose between two women in the finale and to leave the After the Final Rose post-show with the woman he is ‘engaged’ too.

The woman who deserves props here is Gabi.  She knew in her gut (leading into the engagement ceremony) that she was not the one Zach would ultimately choose, yet she begrudgingly, showed up anyway – this is a TV show she had a contract to be on, after all.   For Gabi, was the one who had sex with Zach during ‘Fantasy Week” initially, and then Zach had to tell Kaity, not Ariel tho, that they had sex together breaking his ‘code’ that he set for ‘sex week’ – in that, he was going to swear off sex with all three women. Apparently, he wound up having sex with two – Gabi and Kaity.

When it came down to Zach’s speech to Gabi, you could hear ‘Bachelor Nation’s’ heart drop when he lowered the boom on Gabi.  Best part, when Gabi stepped into mud getting out of the limo to meet Zach only to be rejected by him and tells the producers, “When Kaity arrives, don’t do that to her.” It’s as if Gabi knew what was ahead of her in a very self-aware moment.

Later, while Zach began is meandering during his rejection speech of her, Gabi announces, “Can you stop? I knew it was coming. What I don’t know is why you didn’t tell me when you knew.” Us either!

Photo: ABC

During the After the Final Rose episode, an intense and emotional Gabi was struggling after watching herself being dumped. When seeing Zack for the first time since the season ended, Gabi tells him, “I wish you would have just sent me home and saved me all the pain that just went on and on. I thought it was love. I thought it was more than a TV show. I get it, sex sells, but now I’ve become a narrative; it’s really painful.” Heartbreaking.

Photo: ABC

However, let’s not forget to talk about Kaity, who was the odds-on favorite for weeks to win Zach’s heart, and she did.  In the end, Zach professed his love for her over and over at their engagement ceremony, handed her the final rose which she accepted, and the duo walked away unscathed, for now.

Later, Kaity appeared with Zach for the first time in public during the After the Final Rose episode and Zach revealed his plans to move to Austin, so they could live together.  Will they last? Stay tuned.

So, what did you think about the season finale of The Bachelor? Were you rooting for Gabi or Kaity to receive the final rose from Zach? Comment below.

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown: Rey Mysterio Pushed to the Limits ‘Clocks’ His Son Dominik & Their Wrestlemania Match is Set

When the WWE tells storylines involving family of a wrestler, it succeeds the most in true soap opera form, and in front of a live crowd.  This one set up a major Wrestlemania match months in the making.

Last night on Friday Night Smackdown, soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio, was in a match against LA Knight. Coming to ringside was none other than Rey’s turned-heel son, and member of the Judgement Day, Dominik Mysterio.

When Dominik got the opportunity, he tripped up his dad from outside the ring ropes and LA Knight secured the victory.  Already having enough of Dominik’s antics, Rey heads up towards the entrance ramp, but once again Dominik goes on to bait his dad, about what a loser father he is, and how all the years he was growing up, Rey was MIA and wrestling around the world.

For weeks, the younger Mysterio has been daring his father to punch him, but Rey swore he would never touch his son, no matter how bad things got.  However, that all changed last night when Dominik involved Rey’s wife and his daughter who were at ringside.


Dominik got in his mother’s face for staying married to a loser like Rey, and after trashing his mother, that was the final straw for Rey.  He headed back to the ring area and punched his son!  After the crowd went nuts with approval, Rey turned to Dominik and told him he will see him at Wrestlemania and the match between father vs. son has been made.

Following the events, Rey took to his Instagram and shared:  “Every man has his limits…Don’t forget, she’s not only your mother, but my wife.”

Watch went down below as Dominik provoked Rey which leads to next week’s Wrestlemania 39 match in Los Angeles.

What do you think of the storyline of Rey vs. Dominik, father vs. son? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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