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B&B's John McCook Chats On Eric & Quinn's Shocker Of A Romance!

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As far as bedroom romps go, no one was more surprised than daytime soap audiences themselves when it was revealed that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Forrester patriarch, Eric Forrester (John McCook), had been hitting the sheets with the duplicitous Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer)!  And the story didn’t end there, folks!  In fact, it’s become one of the most red-hot storylines for this fall.

That is great news for long-running B&B cast member, John McCook. This stalwart is finally back on-screen with a story all his own in an unlikely pairing with the bedazzling Rena Sofer, who has made Quinn one of the most fascinating characters on the soaps in a longtime.  No one quite knows what Quinn’s next move will actually be!

On last Friday’s episode of the CBS sudser, Eric actually proposed marriage to Quinn, which didn’t sit well with Eric’s late wife, Stephanie, as illustrated by her picture falling off the Forrester living room mantle as soon as Quinn agreed to his wife.  But is there a major swerve coming?  Is Quinn for real?  Does she truly love Eric?

Recently, On-Air On-Soaps caught up with John McCook at the Television Academy’s Daytime Peer Group soiree’ as it celebrates primetime Emmy season this week and next.  John was in attendance with his lovely wife, Laurette, and he shared with us: just how he found out about Eric’s new lady love, if Eric will end up being completely duped down the line, and much more.  Here’s our chat with one of our all-time favorite gents below!

This romance for Eric with Quinn has been so wonderful to see and has been quite the shocker!  Does the story get crazier, or is he as he seems … madly in love with her?  


JOHN:  Eric is so in love with her, and she is with him, too.  That is what Rena and I are playing.  And whatever is happening on the outside is what “they” are doing – this is everybody on the outside being against it, and being so married to Quinn’s past, and being so afraid for Eric.  They are scared for his well-being.  Eric is angry about that, and he is saying to his family, “Step back, and let me be myself.”

What the fans are concerned about for Eric is; that they don’t want him to wind up looking like a doofus, or being duped by Quinn!  I kept thinking, “I hope John went to the powers-that-be, and said, ‘I hope in the end you are not going to end up making Eric look like an idiot!’”

JOHN:  I very much had that conversation with our writers. I said, “If Quinn starts to manipulate, I want him to see it.  I don’t want Eric to be in the dark about this, and I want him to say, ‘Quinn, come here and sit down. What are you doing? We talked about this.’”  I want him to have it right out on the table, and I want Eric to help her with her tendencies.  She is going to want to do things like that.  She has already been talking to Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) and you can see her wheels turning.  She will want to split hairs and Eric will say, “I spent 30 years splitting hairs with the woman above the mantle (Stephanie) with her picture up there about the difference between influence and manipulation, and there is no difference depending on what the bottom line is.”

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In his lifetime, Eric has chosen some doozies for the women in his life, and they all seem to be powerful, controlling, and manipulative.  There was Stephanie, Sheila, and now Quinn.  What’s that all about? (Laughs)

JOHN:  I think he likes a strong woman who is focused, and who knows what she wants, and he likes that.  And yes, he does like his women a little off-center.  But the powerful thing about Quinn is that she wants to change, and she wants to have a man like Eric, and the only way she can is to actually change and be a better person.  Is she manipulating Eric, though?  Isn’t that the story?

On Friday’s episode of B&B, fans of the series saw a marriage proposal!  Do you believe they both want to truly tie-the-knot?

JOHN:  Anything that happens between the two of them now is mutual, including both wanting to be married.

How did you find out that you initially were going to be romantically paired with Rena? What went down?


JOHN:  I was walking down the hall and I bumped into our producer, Ed Scott, who says, “Big story for you!”  And I go, “Yeah right, thanks Ed.”  He goes, “No, it’s really cool”   Then I went back up to him and said, “OK, well what is it?”  All he says is, “Quinn”.    I go, “WHAT???”  He says, “Don’t tell anybody, but Eric is going to be discovered in her bed, and it’s going to be a thing.”   I went, “Oh, my God!”   Four or five days later, I see Rena and she goes, “John!”  I go, “I know!”  She then says, “This is so cool.  This would impact the whole show.”   I said, “I agree, this would be a chemical change for the whole show.”  Rena added, “It can’t just be a story for six months.”  I said, “It won’t be.  They are not going to put us together only to tear us apart, just like that.”   And it is … it’s a whole big deal!

What did your wife Laurette have to say when she found out you would be making out with, and in story, with none other than … Rena Sofer?

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JOHN:  My wife Laurette and I watch B&B every day, and I don’t tell her a lot of things, so I was not going to tell her about Rena and I in this story.  Now, we have a landline in the house and it has an answering machine attached to it.  So one day, I am in the living room and the phone and machine are on Laurette’s desk.  It rings and it clicks on and the voice says, “John, it’s Rena.  I am so excited that we are going to be working together.  This love story is going to blow everybody out of the water! ” And Laurette comes in and overheard and goes, “Oh, my God!”  And I went, “damn” because I wanted to tell her, but it was cool.  Laurette loves it. You know we have been longtime partners in this life.  Eric has been sitting on the couch at the Forrester office for the last three years reading Women’s Wear Daily! (Laughs)  That is happening while everyone else in his family is running the business, and he comes into these Forrester family platitudes and things, and it’s fine.  And for years, we have been saying, “One day, you will be the old man on the show, and you will be calling in and being like the late, great MacDonald Carey (Tom Horton, DAYS).”   I would say, “I know, I can’t wait.  It’s going to be fine.”  Then all of a sudden, all of this comes out of nowhere.  It doesn’t matter who came up with it whether it’s Brad Bell (executive producer and head write, B&B) or someone on his writing team.  Brad is good at that – mixing it all up story wise with one seed.  This has been an exciting story for me to play thus far.

So, what do you think of the Eric and Quinn pairing on B&B?  Do you think Quinn is playing Eric?  What did you think of the marriage proposal on Friday’s episode?  Do you love the fact that John McCook is back in front-burner story? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section. But first, watch Eric’s proposal to Quinn below!

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How about a plot with Quinn believing the mansion is haunted by Stephanie’s ghost and one night she sees Stephanie’s apparition roam the upper floor halls…its a plot to drive Quinn mad and away from Erik..Pam and her boyfriend are behind it all…Pam even dressed like her late sister and pretending to be Stephanie’s ghost…sure would be a nice change from the same old love triangles!

I’m with you. They need to get rid both of them all together. I think it’s sick.


It’s all in the writing. Unexpected, wild swings and shifts can be made to work if the writing is there to support it. The actor was within the bounds of fair play to say, here’s the line you have to acknowledge and respect for this to work.

It sure sounds like a vigorous game changer. Good for them for not being timid. Timidity is very much in favor with the final shows. Along with the Maya storyline this show affirms it’s not shy about taking a risk and making stories shake the joint.

Erric will come out of his haze I hope another woman from the past comes and swoops in and leaves Quinn out in the cold, hopefully Quinn does not kill Eric, but she tries out of jealously if that marriage was in place but that cannot happen unless all hell breaks out and Erick is hiding so lets see who the woman is

Great story line to add Eric and Quinn as a couple!! Have a grand wedding with all the cast returning would bring up B&B ratings!! PLEASE DO NOT LET THE FORRESTER FAMILY TAKEOVER FORRESTER!!!! Very tired of the LOVE TRIANGLE with Steffy, Liam & Wyatt..thank goodness Ivy has returned, should also bring back Hope!! STEFFY NEEDS TO LOSE EVERYTHING & ALL THE MEN SHE’S STRINGING ON, SHE NEEDS TO PAY FOR HER COUSINS MURDER!!!! As for Bill & Brooke, BROOKE NEEDS TO STOP SLEEPING WITH EVERY MAN ON THE SHOW, Bill is NOT the right man!!


Preach!! I hate Steffy and Brooke!

I think it’s about time for Pam to go off her mess again and torture Quinn like she did Donna

One thing that can be said about B&B is that the show isn’t afraid to take risks, and really throw curve ball twists into its stories! The Maya/Myron reveal from last year, Aly’s death, the Adam/Eve story between Liam and Quinn, and now the “Queric” romance have all been very “bold” – pardon the pun – stories that no one saw coming. And I think it’s great to pair up Eric with Quinn. He’s always had a thing for bad girls, and Eric needed a romance, stat. I also think it’s a great way to keep Quinn front-and-center, as Rena Sofer should always be, because she’s fantastic.

LOVE Rena and sure hope she and Eric elope and REALLY send Ridge and Steffy around the bend!!!

Is Deacon still around?

I suspect he will come out from under his rock and blackmail Quinn if she marries Eric.

I think the thing between Eric and Quinn is real and have to say, I like the story line. I like seeing Eric be less in the background and giving thought to his own life instead of his family’s. I think all the kids are spoiled and I like seeing him stand his ground. I hope it continues.

As for Steffy, good grief! She’s as manipulative as she accuses Quinn of being. And those two guys panting after her–I’m embarrassed for them both, as well as tired of seeing it. I believe she will leave Wyatt no matter what happens with Quinn.

I hope if Deacon comes around for a payoff from the woman who pushed him off a cliff that she doesn’t turn nasty again. But I would prefer it over her being all sugary sweet and paying him off or worse, trying to off him again. It’s not that I would not want to see her on trial for her life; it’s that I don’t want to see the bratty Forrester clan all gloating.

Although I think it is great that JM has something to do and is back front and center– I don’t find the whole Quinn and Eric pairing all that original– to me BB will simply dust off all his Sheila’s scripts and viola– if he had kept the Liam and Quinn romance going that would have been something different — to see Liam in love with someone his brother couldn’t fall in love with too– well I guess Wyatt could fall in love with his mother, but the ick factor would be too much even for half incest ridden B&B—but this is just the same old, same old– yes it was unexpected because one minute Quinn was madly in love with Liam and then she is in bed with Eric– but it wasn’t unexpected in a good way, just the WTH way, and I never like it when couples hook up for the first time off camera– we never got to see the initial attraction or the build up– to be told about after the fact– is a bit showing me a recipe for a great dish after it is eaten and I wasn’t there to enjoy it. Sigh

I’ve been very critical of Brad Bell in the past because IMO, he’s not nearly as good a HW as people say. However, this story turn is different and very welcome. I wish he hadn’t spent 6+ months of the year having Quinn be All About Liam (which was a very, very bad storyline that did no one any favors), and I also wish he hadn’t written Quinn to be quite so evil and manipulative in the past because I’d have an easier time seeing her as truly changed by Eric’s love. Still, it’s a smart story decision, and it definitely affects the rest of the cast. I hope Eric and Quinn get married and stay together for a little while, long enough for us to see this odd couple host Thanksgiving and Christmas, at least. If Mr. Bell writes this correctly, it could be alot of fun.

I love Eric & Quinn together. I want to see them rule & put all the nay sayers in their place!!

I do too! The family really needs a strong matriarch a nd someone who can carry the family forward who is fearless, strong and a bit of a loose cannon just like Stephanie was during the years she reigned! Stephanie was cruel and crazy at times, too.

I love them too! FINALLY the writers did something unexpected!

I am looking forward to Ridge & Steffy’s heads exploding! Eric has got to shoot them down and foil their attempts to remove him from the company.

I want Ridge and Steffy fired for their treasonous ways! LOL

i luv thier romance ,kudo’s to the writers, producers for this one!

I am enjoying the happiness with Eric and Quinn, want to see more of them. Tired of Steffy, Wyatt, Liam triangle. Hope needs to come back for Liam, Ivy for Wyatt and let Steffy have Deacon.

I love them together. I want them to get married quickly without telling anyone and I want Eric to give Quinn 10% of Forester stock. Then when Steffy and Ridge try to boot her and him out, SHE will be the one to stop them. Please don’t let Ridge’s plan work. I think Quinn really loves him and he her. Their good together.

Also hoping Eric And Quinn together best bloated Ridge et all! Eric with Quinn should do an end run and shock them all…and Steffy needs to grow up and get over herself. Liam was really done with her and I hope Aussie girl gets Liam back for good this time.

I think it’s a wonderful twist in the story telling…but I wanted Jaime Lyn Bauer to be hired to play opposite of John McCook, maybe Brad Bell will hire her later to come into the scene to mess things up for John and Quinn…

I don’t think that will happen. B&B isn’t the show it once was. It might not survive.

Jaime Lyn Bauer has been on DOOL lately, but they were good together years ago on Y&R weren’t they?

4ever Days, I think B&B is the only soap on the air that really hasn’t changed since it’s inception…Violet V Lemm, I knew that JLB was over at Days but it was only for a short time and I think her talent is wasted at Days and I think it would be so neat to have her on B&B opposite of John McCook and Yes, they were good together years ago on Y&R…

I think this is really a good storyline to have, he is a great strong man, she is/was a witch, it is blowing the families minds. I really love them together. Wonderful story for Rena, she is a wonderful actor, and has been having some bad lady image for her character. KEEP THEM TOGETHER…. 🙂

It would be interesting to see Eric and Quinn host the holidays. didn’t care for the Liam Adam and Eve story either. But I am enjoying Eric and Quinn together. If she is as changed as she said she is, I don’t think she would be pushing Ivy at Liam. Maybe pushing is not the right word. A little nudge. I just get annoyed with the way the family is treating Eric like an incompetent old man. They are all a bunch of money hungry ingrates who without Eric would be jobless. And the way they talk to Quinn like she is trash. Between Brooke, Steffie, and Ridge, they are the last three people to be judging anybody. Erci hit the mark when he told Steffie he was using Quinn as an excuse to figure out the Liam/Wyatt situation. She is hiding out at her brothers apartment for that very reason. I still say she should have gone after Bill. It would be interesting to see her and hef ex stepmother fighting over the same man. But that would free up Brooke and Ridge, and since I have neve considered this actor Ridge, I hope that never happens. Even though I thought Ronn Moss was a mediocre actor, I loved the chemistry he had with Katherine Kelly Lang. If they paired Brooke and Ridge now, it would never compare to the Ronn Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang chemistry. The only thing I am regretting now, is that I have a feeling we are in for yet another round of musical beds between Wyatt, Steffie, Liam, and Ivy and I am really not in the mood. I was really enjoying Maya’s family and the relationship between Zende and Nicole. I would rather see them then the mess that I know we are in for. Only time will tell

soapqueenforever…EXACTLY!!!!! Brooke, Ridge and Steffy are FAR FROM SAINTLY!!!!! Also, those Forrester pinheads DO N-O-T CARE about Eric…or his happiness!!!!! They only care about themselves, $$$ and their so-called positions at Forrester Creations!!!!! Oh…and BTW, as an example (or whatever), I would much rather watch the father/daughter dynamic going on between Julius and Sasha. Now, to me, THAT IS SOAP CONFLICT…unlike that Liam/Steffy/Wyatt nonsense…which is BEYOND TIRESOME!!!!! Bottom Line Here: A-L-L of those DYSFUNCTION-JUNCTION Forresters need to SERIOUSLY STFU!!!!!!!!!! Y-e-p.

Have a good one.

I also love the fighting between Sasha and her dad. I have never seen the who is playing Sasha’s dad before, but he kills everh scene he’s. The one thing I have a hard time figuring out, is that they always bring on new characters, give them an opening storyline for a few months, and they are back to the Liam/Steffie merry go round. All that wonderful talent wasted. I only remember seeing one scene focused around Maya, Rick and the baby. They made such wonderful strides with the transgender storyline, only to push it aside to focus on the wastefulness that is the Liam/Steffie nonsense. I wonder if the writers know about or read any of these posts. If they do they aren’t listening.

I love Eric and Quinn together, supporting each other against the
Children, fighting all the problems children can make. I really hope this story continues
For a while,and Quinn becomes head woman of Eric house.
I so laughed at the humor Quinn. Saying to Eric no you know how many calories lemon bars
Have and Eric forgoing them. Also Steffi picture over the mantle falling down. Keeping track of how many times it can fall without breaking. Keep the humor going

I am SO loving the Quinn/Eric story! Please keep it going! They’re so cute together. I just don’t get these folks that are so turned off by this quirky love story. Much better than the others wo just keep swapping partners back and forth. Steffy needs a big dose of tranquilizer. I’m so tired of her histrionics and Liam’s begging and Wyatts total obliviousness to everything Steffy. Hope Eric and Quinn become the new IT couple in B&B!!

I think the show will be very exciting with the new Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester and the rest of the family be damned!

I love it!! So happy. B&B has had an horrible spring and summer. Finally a story that is surprising and not repetitive. I just want Ridge, whiny Steffy and the rest to be put at their places. GO Queric!!

I hope that Quinn, and Eric do come to pass, cause no one should be able to tell anyone who they can and cannot love, so even if just for shock value. Eric deserves to be happy, and if Quinn feels the same way he does, I say good riddence. Someone needs to calm Quinn down, and if that’s eric, so be it. Ridge, and stiffy have too much free time on their hands, and need to get their own love lives in order. passion

The second I read “John was in attendance with his lovely wife, Laurette…” I was hoping there’d be a pic of her. Thanks for including one, Michael!

Great interview! John McCook gave a very direct, honest interview. Love how interested he is in the show (not merely going through the motions), love that he and his wife watch the show together (so many soaps actors say they don’t watch and have no ice what’s going on with the other storylines) and I love how I could visualize walking down the hall…thinking it’s going to be the same-old, same-old and finding out I’m getting a whole new front and center story! Always loved the beautiful Rene from her Lou’s GH days. Sounds like Quinn, contrary to what the others think, really loves Eric. If it turns out that she tries to manipulate him, McCook seemed to have requested that they don’t play the older man being taken for a fool by the power/money crazed younger woman. I agree. Let’s see where it goes…

Sigh. Idea, not ice. Lois, not Lou

I would like to see Brook and Ridge get back together, so Katie have Bill back, and I want ivy have Liam, I don’t like Hope she just like her mom , send steffy back to wherever she was can’t stand stand her, matter fact get new people so they have enough men and women so they won’t have to go back and forth to the same people.

Love them together. Queen Quinn and her antics make the show. These two have great chemistry. I would love to see people actually change their mind about Quinn and her be a real matriarch. She would be mothering everyone, and meddle like Queen Stephanie did. Quinn would be more non judgmental though. I am liking Quinns transformation. She should keep evolving. They showed a new side to her that explains her behavior. All the abuse from her tramp Mom.

Come on B&B, John McCook. Get Real. The idea of a situation happening to a family in real life, that a psycho in real life kidnapped this person’ finance and held him up in a cabin while she had someone else manipulate the grieving jilted fiance like Wyatt did,and was in their face 24/7 not giving them any space to breathe,to sort out their feelings over these Fake text’s Pushing the jilted finance into a shotgun wedding by playing on her pain and vulnerability.After the finance’s life is so ruined, they then find out that the psycho has now set their sights on their grandfather.THERE IS NO WAY in real life the family would tolerate this,SO PLEASE Stop making Steffy out to look like a brat,when she is Far from it. Stop making Eric out to look like a lovesick fool that no matter what this woman has done, he chose her over his Entire family. The fact that Eric made a comment that she is the best thing that ever happened to him, shows he’s having memory issues.Quinn is the best thing over Stephanie,his children,his grandchildren ??? If he had of said she is the best thing SINCE Stephanie died is ALITTLE more tolerable to hear. Please don’t make the mistake that this is a pleasing story,because more fans are against it,then for itOnes who are for it are practically saying they would accept this situation in their family and I hardly think so. I cannot wait and that is going to be our only satisfaction to bother watching this BS,is the fact when Ridge takes back the CEO from Eric and bans Quack from the building and HOPEFULLY has him declared incompetent for confusing comments here and there and puts a Freeze on all of Eric’s bank accounts. See what Quack thinks about that then. She’s already pulling stunts,by bringing IVY back to keep Liam from Steffy. Eric needs to have a visit from Deacon who is about the only one left that can press charges against Quack for trying to kill him. He had to of gotten medical treatment after falling off the cliff, He could be the one to send her to jail,IF B&B would stop writing Deacon as a dumb wimp. Give Deacon a better role.maybe hook him up with Brooke,after Brooke gets the shares for Ridge,have her and Bill realize the grass is not always greener,and she gets invloved with Deacon. They never really had a chance of being together in the past and I know at one point Hope wanted to see that happen.

Eric and Donna were great fun to watch. Let the actors have fun and let Eric and Quinn go for it.

I don’t know what to say about most of these storylines but yuck. The same people who love Eric/Quinn, have no problem with Brill, or Phyllis and Billy on Y&R. All three of these couples make me want to change the channel. In real life and even on soaps characters have been killed for less in a crime of passion. Cheating with your brother’s wife or f#$king your sister’s husband before they are divorced is sad, selfish, mean and ridiculous, so I don’t see how anyone could act like it’s a cute romance when people are getting hurt and whole families ruined. With Eric/Quinn I don’t get how Eric can’t see how dangerous Quinn is. Who cares if someone who pushed your damn niece off a bridge or kidnapped and raped your ex grandson-in-law says they’ve changed, with no proof, no psychological help? At this point if Eric is that stupid and using the brain between his legs, well he deserves whatever he gets. These shows need couples worth rooting for, and to utilize characters already there. B&B desperately needs to use Deacon as a leading man because this would break up a lot of that boring Liam/Steffy/Wyatt/Ivy mess. Sean Kanan is a great actor and the way they barely use him and Maya by the way, is criminal. Show the WHOLE cast, and let characters grow. They even robbed us of that with Quinn. I’d like to think she changed, but she hasn’t, still up to her old, stale tricks and Ivy is being so dumb I hope she is plotting against Quinn, because in what universe does she have to beg her family to get back into the family business? I love this show, but several characters deserve more respect. Donna is desperately needed on the canvas, Thorne, Felicia, Taylor, something to change up the energy. If I watch the show and predict what they say on a daily basis and know for a fact I can do better than they aren’t doing their jobs very well.

I think that deacon should come on the scene and tell Eric she tried to kill him at the wedding and stop it and another woman comes into Erics life to make quinn jealous to bring back the scarey manipulating person she is and keep her story line going
I am 68 and have been watching since day 1 now watch from italy 6 months behind but watch on computer thank you

Gold-digger mom and son.with my unbridled consumerism, I want the scoop on that engagement ring…real?…Price It was a WOW moment when I saw it! A 8 carat diamond could be 12 mil. Eric, have you seen a doctor? Does she have something on you…Ridge quotes, HAHA

Happy to see a story line involving Eric. I have been watching B&B on and off for 25 years and it is wonderful to see John McCook back. I am tired of the children and all the manipulations. They need to grow up and move on with their lives instead of conspiring with each other against their father and grandfather. Eric deserves to be happy and if Quinn makes him happy, so be it. I hope it is for a long time.

I LOVE Eric & Quinn together & Married .How Great to have a Love Story and Not a Triangle like Liam & Steffy & Wyatt & Brooke & Katie &Bill Finally a love Story of forgiveness & Love & Loyalty ..I Love tha Quinn wants to change for Eric and that He Believes that she will I can only Hope the Writers keep them together and prove everyone wrong that LOVE does change You and You can find Love & Be in LOVE no matter what age you are …GO ERIC & Quinn

get rid of Quinn. eric does not want her

I agree with you. Get rid of quinn and her pathetic son who thinks his mom deserves all of these chances. Quinn tried to kill Deacon when she pushed him off the cliff! And, what is wrong with Eric loving a woman that could have killed his niece when she pushed Ivy (on purpose) off the bridge in France. She is a nut and has been so hateful and now we are supposed to feel warm and fuzzy about this potential killer? She is pure evil. Fans deserve better that his crap called writing! I don’t watch when she is on. I was waiting for months for her to pay and that never happened!!!!! I am ready for new stories..


B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang Weighs-In On Hope’s New Attitude: “Brooke is Starting to be Like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s Taking After Me!’ ”

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been not pleased with her daughter Hope’s (Annika Noelle) choice in bedfellows! After all, Brooke and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) have a long history of disdain for each other (although there was that time they took psychedelic berries together and pranced around with not much clothes on).

Hope had divorced Liam (Scott Clifton) and has been getting much closer to Thomas, feeling he is the only man who ‘gets her’ and ‘sees her’ for who she really is.  On recent episodes of B&B, Hope has no problem giving into her desires for Thomas, now that she is no longer Hope Spencer.

Soap Opera Digest spoke with series iconic star, Katherine Kelly Lang to get her take on what she thinks of Hope’s attitude adjustment and recent behavior.

Photo: JPI

Lang expressed: “She seems to have changed a bit. She’s not the sweet little Hope that she once was and Brooke is starting to be like, ‘Uh-oh! She’s taking after me!’’

Brooke is not happy that Thomas has apparently won over Hope, when she is wary of the guy. Katherine added, “Thomas was stalking her (Hope) and he did all that crazy stuff with the baby. He just hasn’t been good for her, you know, especially when he was totally obsessed with her. So, Brooke doesn’t believe that that’s completely gone, that there’s still got to be some of that in Thomas somewhere and she’s worried about her daughter. So, of course, she would kind of say, ‘This is not good. This is just not a good situation. With all the men in the sea, why, why do you (pick Thomas)?”

Photo: JPI

However, many might see that as the pot calling the kettle black given how Brooke has often given into her desires with the men in her life and made some pretty bad choices herself!

So, is Hope turning into a ‘mini-Brooke’? Should Brooke continue to warn Hope of Thomas’ past, or should she just mind her own business at this point? Share your comments via the comment section.

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THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAYS WITH THE FAMILY (Monday, December 18, 8:00 PM, ET/PT). Parents and their young children compete for some of the most desired gifts Santa has in his sleigh. Decorated in their holiday best, families work as a team to win prizes to make their holidays oh so bright!

THE PRICE IS RIGHT AT NIGHT: HOLIDAY HEROES (Tuesday, December 19, 8:00 PM, ET/PT) salutes the military to thank America’s brave heroes for keeping us safe all year round. Active-duty military members in uniform compete for luxury items, including trips to remarkable destinations, $50,000 in cash, and cars!

Of note: Paramount+ Premium subscribers will have access to stream live via the live feed of their local CBS affiliate on the service as well as on demand. Essential-tier subscribers will have access to on-demand the day after the episode airs.

Lots of The Price is Right holiday cheer and pet adoptions coming your way. Will you be watching? Comment below. But first, check out a clip from one of the primetime episodes.

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96th Annual Academy Awards to Start an Hour Earlier, While Jimmy Kimmel Shares, “I Always Dreamed of Hosting the Oscars Exactly Four Times”

In a move to keep viewers not up past their bedtimes, the 2024 Oscars telecast will now begin one hour earlier than usual.  According to news from the Academy on Thursday, the ceremonies will begin at 7 pm ET/4PM PT on March 1o, 2024.

That is an hour shift when the broadcast usually begins at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.  The official pre-show will also begin earlier, at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The 96th Academy Awards will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles with nominations being announced on January 23rd.

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A few weeks ago on November 15th, Jimmy Kimmel was officially named the host of the Oscars for the fourth time. The hosting gig marks the second year in a row for Kimmel. The comedian also hosted in 2017 and 2018.

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney will also one again, co-write and executive produce, the telecast.  In a statement on presiding over movies biggest night of the year, Kimmel joked, “I always dreamed of hosting the Oscars exactly four times.”

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ABC also plans on airing a special episode of their hit comedy Abbott Elementary, immediately following what should be a three-and-a-half hour telecast of the Oscars.

So, what do you think about the time shift with the Oscars starting an hour earlier? Happy about it? Won’t be settled in at that early time slot to sit and watch the show? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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