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B&B's Kim Matula Weighs-In On Hope For The Future With … Wyatt!

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, while many were suspecting that Wyatt was the responsible party for blowing up Hope and Liam’s relationship (by making sure that a video made by Liam for his beloved Steffy got into Hope’s hands), it actually turned out to be mamma Quinn who did the deed!  Now with their engagement broken off, and Hope and Liam’s relationship on the fritz, this is the perfect opportunity for Wyatt to sweep Hope off her feet!  Will she take a chance on love with the other Spencer brother?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up earlier this week with Kim Matula (Hope) at the CBS Daytime After Dark benefit for Stand Up To Cancer to get her thoughts on exactly where Hope’s head is at! Here’s is what the oh-so-funny and beautiful Kim shared with us!

I talked to all your men recently …  Scott Clifton (Liam) and Dain Brooks (Wyatt).  (Laughs)  They said, they think you like this story where now Hope is torn between two guys!  So, do you like the story?

KIM:  She does!  I do!  (Laughs)  There you have it right in the face! (Laughs)  I am so not bored at all.   I did the fighting for the man for like three years!  This is totally new for me, and a challenge.

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This week on B&B, there was a big manipulation pulled by none other than Wyatt’s mom, Quinn (Rena Sofer)!  Didn’t she screw Hope’s relationship up royally with Liam with that little video that Liam made for Steffy?

KIM:   Look, Hope said from the beginning to Liam, “I don’t care who the hell sent me the video.  The point is you made the video, and that is wrong!”  The video is like a tribute/ love video between Liam and Steffy.  And Liam made that for Steffy right before he was about to marry Hope!  And, Hope is like, “Are you kidding me?”  Hope got all pissed.  I think she saw this as an out, saying to herself, “I am super intrigued by this Wyatt guy, so I am going to take it!”   So, thank God!  She is doing something good for herself, finally.  (Laughs)

So, how is Darin Brooks to work now that you have had the opportunity to play scenes with him for several months?

KIM:  Oh, my gosh.  Darin fits into our silly little cast so phenomenally.  It’s amazing.  He is one of us.  He was one of us in the audition room.  He is perfect.

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Scott Clifton said he wants Liam now to be completely down in the dumps and devastated that he lost the girl … for once! Would you also like to see Liam hit rock bottom?

KIM: Yeah, new is always good, and that hasn’t happen yet, so why not?  Maybe, Hope can nurse him back to health? (Laughs)

So what do you think B&B fans, ready for Hope to find true love with Wyatt? Do you think Liam is out of the picture for now?  Would you like to see Liam hit rock bottom?   Share your thoughts below!

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Liam will always be intrigued with Steffy so in that sense, if Hope doesn’t want to share Liam, she needs to walk. However, I really don’t see Wyatt as a fit for her either. She needs a new man altogether and no more Spenser men.

I totally disagree! Steffy is gone and let it stay that way please!

This is about Hope and I think Liam is truly in love with Hope, has been and will always be so I like the fact that both brothers are going after her. Good job writers for allowing both men to pursue her. May the best man win!

Sorry. Liam is truly in love with Steffy. He has never denied this. Liam didn’t leave Steffy for Hope. Steffy left and Liam turned to Hope. Hope is realizing this truth.


hope and liam belong together and would be but they can never catch a break. everyone seems to all ways get in the way to break them up because they don’t want them together. hope and liam are adults and can make up there minds. im not giving up on hope and liam, they deserve a chance to be married and happy they are soul mates and are the cpl that makes the show worth watching

Jokes, y’all seem to forget…… Steffy was in love with Bill bumped her head in the bathtub & suddenly fell in love with Liam. Steffy left Liam cuz she failed him as a wife & took a childish chance, killed they’re baby. Now has to suffer with the fact she will NEVER have kids as a result. This is Hope’s glory now having two men in love with her, although I believe she is Wyatt’s 1st love. I can not wait til this unfolds, before Steffy comes back and attempts to go after Wyatt……

Yes please keep steffy away, we don’t need her in the picture.

Liam will win in the end, cause Hope really loves him and he really loves her. They will get their chance, just not now. Please writers, don’t make this out for another few years. Let Hope and Liam be married and finally happy…

I am still routing for Liam and Hope forever!!!

I must agree with Devineone, Steffy and Liam make a much better couple than Liam and Hope…Liam and hope just don’t have what it takes…and besides Liam is in love with Steffy…and always will be! I think though Wyatt and Hope would make a great couple

Nikkie…I agreed with you about Liam and Steffy and also with Devineone!

i know that is a JOKE!!!! liams true love is steffy not hope thats his rebound girl!!!!!!! hope is much better with wyatt, he makes her a more likeable character shes not the boring annoying whiney girl when shes with liam.. face it people steffy is a million times better than hope sorry just the charaters i mean!! i like both ladies but steffy is my girl..

I strongly disagree. Steffy is so much better than Hope. Hope is so boring that I wait until the show has recorded to watch so I can fast forward through her scenes.

Steffy had her hooks into Liam and the only reason he didnt take her back when she came back to let him know that she could have children was a matter of the the timing, right before his marriage was scheduled with Hope. Steffy obviously loves him enough to leave him so that he could have a family speaks volumes. Steffy will be back. Regardless of what Liam or Hope say, Steffy will always be a threat to their relationship, if they have one.


Agree, Stwffy is the girl!

I do want to see Liam down in the dumps, but I also want to see Steffy be the one to nurse him back to health as usual. I am sorry, Hope could be a nice girl if the writers wanted her to be, but she is not and she and Liam have no chemistry together they are very boring, and I don’t think they ever will, so I do want to see Liam and Steffy back together. Hope and Wyatt do make a better couple together.

Unless Hope goes back to Liamm, and Wyatt meets Steffy and they both pull a real number on Liamm and Hope!!! And then Steffy and Wyatt really fall in love. THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!! Liamm would be heartbroken and he would deserve it!

Good riddance Liam no offense, your personality is so soft, let Wyatt show you how to step up. Wyatt then should attract the attention of Caroline ( remember she was drulling over man with good abs) ”Roommate Movie” he has the power, looks and mystique.

I think Hope should Marry Liam…do not care for Wyiatt or his mother at so. will be very disappointed..

I agree I cant’ stand Wyatt or his horrid mother. She should be kicked off the show she is nothing but trouble. Im sick of watching the same ol thing over and over. The show needs a new direction without the back stabbing.

i think liam and hope should get marry writer dont’ let steffy and quinn mess this wedding up for liam and hope we the fan of hope want liam and hope to have a chance to get marry and be happy please dont’ take this from hope and liam they are for ever.

Steffy is so manipulative. I can’t imagine why Liam would be attracted to someone that tricked him into marriage. Quinn and Wyatt are the same– manipulative. I don’t miss Steffy at all.

I honestly feel that no one wants 2 give hope and liam the chance 2 be realy happy and married and have children!stop the plots against hope and useing steffy and bil 2 do it!its getting very old and poorly!steffy and wayet. Should get married and leave hope and liam 4 onc and 4 all!thanks

Kay, It appears that Hope and Liam have had many opportunities but they have been unsuccessful. Liam fell in love with Steffie and left Hope to mourn for a long time. There should be no goign back from that. As far as manipulation goes, theres more than enough of that going on and couples seem to survive it. Look at Carolyn and Rick. She totally manipulated him and they seem happily married. That was crappy how she worked her way back into his bed and life. Liam and Hope will always have soft places in each others hearts but it is time for Hope and Liam to move on. JMO

I think Wyatt is good for her and Liam needs to move onthats what i think.

Lawrence, I havent watched B&B for very long but from what I have seen Hope should have abandoned feelings for Liam long ago and should never look back. In Wyatt she has a man who is devoted to her and there would be no interference from another woman other than his crazy mother. Now his mother is a woman scorned and she would do anything to see her son happy. I suppose this is to make up for him not having a father. Who knows but Quinn is the glaring eyed mother and if anyone messes with her baby, they will feel her wrath. Sorry for the Rant. Long story short. Hope and Wyatt belong together. Liam is too stoic. Hope is young but not a child and should have an exciting life such as what Wyatt brings into it.

Two brothers on the same woman? Too incestuous for me. She is supposedto be such a catch and this is the best she can do? A handsome cheater or an ugly can’t act criminal sister please.

This whole show is incestuous. Look at the relationships and marriages. Why shoudl this be any different. Wyatt and Liam didnt know they were related when Wyat fell for Hope. I am a new watcher and cannot believe how many of these people have shared relationships with their siblings. Its called Bold and thats accurate but I fail to see the Beautiful. JMO

I think Hope made a mistake in blaming Wyatt for his mothers involvement: after all Dollar Bill did more underhanded unscrupulous maneuvers to break up Hope and Liam and Hope did not break up with Liam over that !!! Liam is wishy washy and loves 2 women: Steffy and Hope. Where Wyatt on the other hand loves only Hope. I used to get so annoyed with Liam and his wishy washy choices: first with Amber, then with Steffy and Hope and then his father. Wyatt and Hope have chemistry, Liam and Hope: not too much. If Steffy comes back: real problems then. I wouldn’t want that in my future.

I love HOTT (Hope n Wyatt) they have a breathless chemistry that Liam n Hope never shared (even though Lope are cute together), but there is something about the way Wyatt looks at’s awesome to watch and we fans are so happy that Hope has someone who is in love with her ONLY! so over the dreaded triangle..steffy is gone..and that SL should be put in the past..Liam needs to be aloneeeee for a while..really, ALONE..

The best thing is that they have so many cool internet names to choose from…HOTT, HOWY, WYPE….

I completely and totally agree with you (Joyce)

No Hope doesn’t need to comfort Liam, let Brooke do that. Hope needs to move on with her life even if it doesn’t work out with Wyatt. I think it will if the writers allow it, but then again, that would get boring after a while. However, please do not let Brooke seduce Wyatt!!! He is one of the few men she hasn’t slept with , yet.

I do not think Brooke wants Wyatt. I know Hope loves Liam, and he loves her. Love must prevail, even in the SOAPS!

agree hope and liam love each other and belong together

With all due respect, I don’t believe Brooke was brought into this except by you.

This is about Hope and two brothers pursuing her so let her enjoy the ride. Hope has become the front and center of the show and doing a terrific job.

Liam will always want Hope so whoever wants to come into his life, will have to be faced with it.

I think that Liamo and Hope should be together. I like the wholesome way they look in each other’s face!!! I think Liam will not have that exciting life forever w/Stef. She is way over the top, not in a good way for Liam. She should move on to find her a really older good looking guy deserving of the sex symbol she is.

liam and hope deserve a chance at marriage with no one enterfearing in their lives. liam truely loves hope and wants to be with her as well as hope does liam. writers let them catch a break. i dont see you all doing this to anyone else. so why all ways hope and liam. im not giving up on them TEAM HOPE AND LIAM FOREVER

The best way to insulate Hope from the reality of life is to put her in a test tube and lock her up with Liam in a sterile vacuum. Other wise as long as they still live on earth, life will always throw things at them ( just like the rest of us humble mortals). So to claim that Steffy is always the one keeping them apart is being in denial. Liam married Steffy twice and seemed very happy. Why some pple are holding the Motorbike accident over her head still defeats me. Even Hope could have gone to the gym and slipped by accident and lost the baby. Accidents are a part of life. Hope and Liam are like Ridge and Taylor, they will never stay together even if they got married, because just like Ridge loved Brooke, Liam will always love Steffy, always!!

Liam&hope are awful together he belongs with steffy.Hope&Wyatt are hot together wake up liam and hope plz come back steffy!

no i do not want hope and wyatt together .liam and hope makes a good couple yes he messed up with the video but yu have realized that him ans steffy was married and had a chide that died and she wanted something to remember her and liam but he truly love hope and only hope and no he shouldn’t be ponished over something that he really didn’t want to hurt hope . hope if yu read this please give liam another chance he didn;t mean to hurt yu.


Yes, Liam needs to hit rock bottom in order for his character to grow. I would think maybe even a NEW woman would be the answer for now but, he has to see what he’s done to Hope all these years. They were a great couple and could be again one day.

good comment Liam and Hope were a good couple and could be again but Liam does need to grow and truly see what he’s done to Hope all these years and why she can’t just excuse this time making that video


Luv Wyatt and Hope. I also Luv Liam with Steffy. I hope Hope gets her happiness with Wyatt. And I hope Liam goes and finds his Steffy.

I agree. The time has come for Liam to sashay away and see if he can function alone for awhile. He has waffled back & forth between these two women long enough. TPTB should’ve let him stay happily married to Steffy. Loss of a baby is devastating; I know because it happened to me more than once. But there could’ve been a very touching story about infertility and IVF. But as always, other characters are ruined or used to prop up Logans. Perhaps Wyatt will give Hope to be in an adult relationship for once. KM and DB has wonderful chemistry; more so than SC, who is smoking hot with JMW. Please Brad, let LOPE go!

Hope and Wyatt have the same chemistry that I saw and loved with Liam and Steffy. I’m excited to see where Hope and Wyatt go with their relationship. My fingers are crossed that Steffy comes home.

The video was an expression of Liam’s love for Steffy. There was so much love put into it. Hope got it the minute she saw it.

Tired of Liam & Hope & Steffy! Wyatt & Hope have more chemistry as do Liam &Steffy

I love Michael’s interviews. Thank you!

I never want to see Liam with Steffy as the writers hopefully, closed that chapter with the motorcyle accident and losing the baby, etc. We don’t have that door reopened ever. However, I do think Liam has history with Hope and they were meant to be with each other. The video as an accident and Liam made a mistake. Of course, he will always care for Steffy, but not in the same way as his love for Hope.

I hope that Hope realizes this and goes back to Liam straight into his arms after having some fun with Wyatt! Like she said, maybe she nurses him back. Love that part!


Brad Bell dusted off the scripts of Ridge/Brooke/Nick and the mom Jackie/played by the gorgeous Lesley Anne Down nothing more nothing less!

B&B success since day one has been built on a good triangle– the first one being Ridge/Brooke/Caroline and has snowballed from there. I have lost count the number of triangles that have been on this show– but it works– just read all the posts on this topic– fans for Hope and Liam, fans for Liam and Steffy, fans for Hope and Wyatt– just like the famous Ridge/Brooke/ Taylor triangle. And each group will watch everyday waiting for their side of the triangle to prevail. Brad knows this and it has kept B&B going for years. I love a good triangle as the next gal, but it seems to be the major theme on B&B and I’m not going to get suck into another– except to say Hope should be with Wyatt– LOL and that’s Brad laughing all the way to the bank– recycled scripts in hand —

I always thought Liam and Steffy worked better. I look forward to seeing Hope with Wyatt.

Noooooo!!! I love Liam and Hope together, forever, should be no other way!

Hope needs to give Liam another chance Wyatt is to arrogant and sneaky like his mom Hope will find out what Quinn hasdone and know Wyatt is as bad as his mother


Oh poor Hope, always being victimized by others. And now, just when she thought she could marry Liam at last, in comes “evil Wyatt,” and he uses his wicked gaze to hypnotize her into taking her ring off and sticking it into her Jeans pocket!! If only people could leave the poor girl alone and quit kissing her or making her enjoy all the flattery and the kissing and making out. It is just so unfair!!!!

I truly agree with you. When Hope finds out that Quinn snooped in Lliam’s iPad and forwarded the email to Hope, she will be furious and feel betrayed. That will be the end of Quinn’s and Wyatt’s partnership with Forrester Creations. Wyatt doesn’t have chance with Hope!!

Oh, Boo Hoo Hoo. So??? And, spare me already!!!!! Hope is nothing but a BORING-ASS WIMP!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!

Liam & Steffy baby loss story was so sad and I want to see them heal with each other. Hope & Wyatt are better suited. Liam is not in love with Hope and Hope deserves better. It’s time for Hope to move on with another guy and it’s time for Liam to be a man and go find Steffy.

Hope looks different when she’s with Wyatt. It’s like she comes to life.
Darin Brooks and Kim Matula have natural chemistry. You don’t have and find chemistry like this very often. Once in a life time. Supercouple in the making! Team HOTT!

Liam and Hope were such a great couple, but his involvement with steffy did so much damage to the character of Liam, that he NEEDS to lose Hope, for awhile anyway. He needs to realize how toxic Steffy was to his life and how much he hurt Hope. I like Hope and Wyatt. KM has fantastic chemistry with anyone they pair her with, and she is doing a fabulous job with this story line, she is really shining!

I sincerely hope the writers FINALLY give Liam some definitive dialogue. His vague, ambiguous way of talking about Hope and Steffy is annoying. It’s time for him to fight for Hope and be clear that Steffy doesn’t matter to him and was a mistake he regrets.

Until he does, he just isn’t very rootable.

I agree Liam should hit rock bottom alone and miserable that’s the only way he will ever open his eyes and see how he’s hurt Hope all these years with his waffling between Steffy/Hope he needs to finally understand that what he’s done is wrong. As for Steffy she needs to stay in Paris if Liam is ever going to be redeemed otherwise we’ll be watching him continue his waffling ways it’s time for Liam to grow up and be a man without having everyone telling him what to feel. I’m on the fence right now as to how I feel about Hott if this relationship had developed without outside interference I might feel different but until everyone stays out of this and Liam’s relationship I’m not going to cheer for it.

Best thing was getting rid of the tired Steffy. And bring in Wyatt. If I had to watch Steffy and her bizarre strange hatred to Logans I would have tuned out. She forgets what a tramp her own mother is, and apparently is not up to speed with the fact that her daddy loved Brooke, who was very good to her as a child. The insecure and strange hatred for a family she was part of, and her stalking if men, was so over done.

It’s awesome that they saw how ruined Liam is now. Him being so stupid as to fall for Steffys tricks actually destroyed him. I’m thrilled that Wyatt is in, loving the lovely beautiful Hope. It’s time Liam suffer having screwed it up again.

Hope and Wyatt all the way! Liam is SO ruined with the back and forth for 2-3 years, he is irredeemable.

Hope and Wyatt have awesome chemistry, sick of seeing everyone ruin it for Hope, it’s about time she had some happiness.Looking forward to the shows now.
I’m over Liam, he will never change the waffler. He needs to be by himself or be with the new Ali. He needs to find out how much he hurt Hope over and over,see what it’s like now he is in her position.

I enjoy your interviews very much thank you

Enough is enough.

Wyatt & Hope, the real super couple could entertain me for life.

Off the chart chemistry and charisma.

The Lope chemistry has faded too much to be resurrected.

DB & RS are great addition to B&B! Great job Mr. Bell! Hope & Wyatt have great chemistry as Hope & Liam! I’m glad that both brothers love & pursue Hope! Why not, she’s gorgeous, smart, has her own line. What’s there not to love? Now, it’s up to Hope to choose whoever makes her happy! Go Hope!

Thank you Mr. Fairman for a great intervie!


Yes TEAM HOTT, all the way. :LOPE had their turn for three years so equal opportunity for HOTT. B&B has a real diamond (no pun intended) in the rough with Darin Brooks so don’t screw it up.

If Liam and Hope don’t get back together and get married I’m going to quit watching, because I think they are soul mates. As for Wyatt he is a jerk and even good enough for hope. I just want Liam and Hope to be happy for change and for people to leave them alone, enough already.

Oh common, the half sister story was enough why do this now with the half brothers. Liam and Hope belong together, not Hope and Wyatt. Give me a break, we have been waiting for Hope and Liam to get back together now for far too long. Don’t let this happen….
Very disapointed fan, Wyatt is no match to Liam and Hope at all…

Hope and Wyatt all the way They are HOTT! He could teach her how to have some fun and they could totally become a supercouple. I want them together. She needs to forget about Liam and focus on Wyatt!

I don’t mind if Liam gets a little taste of his own medicine but I am Liam and Hope all the way. If not, I will probably stop watching show because I’m tired of the same old storylines.

Yes I would like to see liam hit rock bottom. He deserves some misery after all the misery he has caused.
Hope needs to start fresh with someone who has nothing to do with Steffy. And that person is Wyatt.

OH, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!! Hope is so wholesome, Puritan-like and EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!!!! And, don’t even get me started on that moronic tool-head Liam. B and B’s head honchos need to bring back Steffy. At least Steffy has a KICK-ASS attitude!!!!! Hope is nothing but a boring-ass wimp. And, if Jacqueline MacInnes Wood isn’t available (or whatever), I will VERY GLADLY accept another actress in the role of Steffy…if it is done CORRECTLY. An idea: I think that Wyatt and Steffy should hook up together. HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!! That would TRULY ROCK!!!!! BOTH Liam and Hope work my nerves too damn much!!!!! And, for once and for all, PLEASE bring back Amber!!!!! N-O-W!!!!! Peace.

I am definitely Team Steffy.

There is nothing on ALL of television more boring that Hope and Liam….the same dialog over and over and over again…the same story line over and over and over again. I can ff thru their scenes and never miss a thing.

There is a tiny bit of hope that Wyatt can make Hope a little less annoyingly boring.

Liam is such of a needy wimp.. he will go with whoever will have him. He does love hope but is infacuated with Steffy. As long as he has someone he is happy. Hope needs to go on with her life.. but she is going to be like her mom by keeping it all in the family.

Oh,I would so love to see Wyatt kick Liam in the chops. Liam’s such an ego-nut. Two woman can’t make up his mind of which one he wants. So typical of those Spencer men. Quinn raised a sweet, caring young man. Hope, if you mess it up with Wyatt you should take yourself to the Old Maid’s Home!

Maybe if Hope and Wyatt are together and Liam and Steffy are together, then maybe the two step sisters will get along much better without wanting the same man, and this will end their feud with one another.

This show died the day that she walked into the living room 12 years older than she should be. Hope has ruined B&B, what once was a great show is now an endless cycle of Hope Logan love triangles. The best thing that could happen to this show is for Hope to be gone.

Brett…YES YES YES…THANK YOU!!!!! YOU SAID IT PERFECTLY!!!!! The character of Hope Logan has done nothing but WORK MY NERVES TO NO END ever since Day 1 (aka her first appearance on-screen). Hope has CLEARLY run her soap course…LOL!!!!! B and B needs to give Hope the old soap-opera-ax…NOW!!!!!

Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. I used to look forward to watching B&B more than any other show and now it feels like a chor to watch. General Hospital on the other hand is amazing!

I think having Hope say let’s step back and take time to think about what we want our futures to be and then dating both men would be great! Eric should date two also! Have some other interesting story lines going also so viewers don’t get bored! A mystery regarding the diamond may be good!

Here’s the thing. There are a million and one things playing against Liam and Hope. Wyatt and Quinn come into the picture. Wyatt falls in love with Hope and is trying to win her away from Liam. Quinn so wants her son to be happy that she goes way over board and she meddles in a relationship that she had no right to stick her nose in. I really don’t like her. Liam has history with Steffy that can’t just magically erase itself and Hope needs to grow up and understand that. Liam probably shouldn’t have made the video for Steffy, but I have to agree with him. I honestly didn’t see it as such a big deal. I believe Liam is completely in love and committed to Hope but should try to put himself in her shoes a bit. Hope and Wyatt do have chemistry and she admitted that she has feelings for him bohut she’s in love with Liam. Hope needs to stop making Liam feel guilty about his past with steffy. It happened and it can’t be changed she needs to deal with them. Liam is completely right. Hope has no right to make him walk around on eggshells the rest of his life for mistakes he’s made when she’s just waiting for any chance she can get to get an out of their marriage so she can go running to Wyatt. But there’s two things that have pissed me off the most with this entire situation. 1.) WYATT HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO TAKE HOPES ENGAGEMENT RING OFF HER FINGER. IT WAS NOT HIS PLACE TO DO SO AND HE WAS WAY OUT OF LINE. HE’S NOT LIAM SO HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TAKEN IT OFF. 2.) HOPE IS UNBELIEVABLE. HOW COULD SHE LET ANOTHER MAN TAKE OFF HER RING. SHE TOLD LIAM SHE TOOK IT OFF. WELL THAT WAS A COMPLETE LIE. IF SHE SO FELT RHAT HER RELATIONSHIP WITH LIAM WAS OVER, SHE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN OFF TJE RING HERSELF OR LIAM SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT OFF FOR HER. THAT WAS COMPLETE AND UTTER DISRESPECT TO HER RELSTIONSHIP WITH LIAM. THAT WAS EVEN WORSE THAN THE WHOLE “LIAM STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR STEFFY AND KEEPS HURTING HOPE” NONSENSE. Regardless of if Liam and Hope are to some a ‘boring couple’, or Liam is not good for Hope, or Hope and Wyatt are such a ‘HOTT’ couple. The fact of the matter is, Hope should not have let a man who is not her fiancée, who is not the man who put the ring on her finger, take the ring off. I hope Liam and Hope will work it out but if not, even if hope does get with Wyatt, I really don’t think that relationship will last long.

Don’t forget that Liam had 3 years to fix the issues with Hope way before the Fullers arrived. He instead took the three years to waffle back and force between Steffy and Hope and now that Steffy’s gone and Wyatt wants her he’s so committed.

Steffy and Bill meddled in Hope and Liam’s relationship, yet Liam married Steffy twice and feels that she can do no wrong when she has. The problem with Liam is he is not in tuned with hope to understand her and what she needs. He does things that will hurt Hope and put himself in situations where he can be easily manipulated to create pain for Hope. Steffy asks for one last kiss and he’s now in bed with her, He’s about to marry Hope, but before he waks down the isle he’s spent the whole day of the wedding with Steffy on her motorcycle and shows up late with red hair and tatoo neck. Now what fool does that the day of his wedding. The red die couldn’t come out. Is Hope to walk down the isle with THAT. He has disrespected her so many times for 3 years to the point where she can’t handle any small issues regarding Steffy. She’s had it and Liam would know this is he was putting her first, not torn between two women. That’s the issue, he can’t see what his actions are causing Hope and how bad it is because he still loves Steffy and always will. She has now become so holy, and innocent since Steffy gave him up so that he can be happy. He didn’t even find out if Steffy sent the email and in a second of Hope thinking it and with him not even really knowing, defends Steffy. It just seems like his connection is stronger with Steffy and just wants to marry her so badly because Wyatt is around and Steffy isn’t. When she comes back, it’s more careless behaviors for Hope to see to initiate another breakup since he never wants to hurt anyone.

Wyatt has been focusing on Hope to the point where he’s reading her better than Liam. He has been able to understand her emotions and can tell at this point what he wants even if she says nothing. He watched her with the rings on her figure and her eyes and knew that she wanted it off but just couldn’t bring herself to do it. So, he did it for her and if she had issue with it she wouldn’t have kissed him like that right after he removed her ring. Wyatt has put himself so deep into Hope that he will push her to do things she’s afraid to do. She’s probably not use to a guy like Wyatt and is some what afraid even though she wants him.

With these types of shows the writer always finds a way to break up good couples. I’ll hopefully enjoy them for whatever time they have together.

Liam can’t be with Hope any more. He has a hard time understanding her even when she explains why, he can’t hear her. He trivializes her feelings which further adds to the pain from the actual problem. Wyatt hears every word she says and is able to approach her in a way that feeds her the attention and understanding she lacks from Liam. That’s why Liam is losing Hope.

Okay, so I’m getting really annoyed with these waffling fools. Now it looks like Hope will be playing the old waffling game her and Liam are so good at on Wyatt. I’m sick of their indecision and immaturity. She has Wyatt every single episode selling her a sales pitch on how great he is for her, yet she gives him nothing. Yes, she kissed all over him a couple of days ago, but now she seems stand offish and not sure if she want him or Liam. When will they make this character grow up and be mature enough to be with a real man like Wyatt. If they can’t make her mature and less child like then let Hope and Liam waffle around together until they both die from constant heart breaks off the show. The two of them together is gross. They can then get her back on her anxiety pills on which she mixes with alcohol and drowns in the bath tub. Then Liam can die in his car rushing to the hospital and bangs into a tree. Nothing personal, but these characters suck together.

Wyatt is too good for her and needs someone who is mature. I’m sick and tired of seeing Wyatt pouring his heart out and get bits and pieces of scraps from Hope. I swear if Hope runs back to Liam, I’m done with this show. Darin Brooks should be doing movies now, not soaps because he’s had his run on Day of Our Lives and won an Emmy for it. Now they have him in competition with Scott or Liam who’s trying to get better scripts to out shine Darin Brooks. Yesterday I noticed how they down played Darin Brooks script to make Liam outshine him. As if Darin Brooks wouldn’t be able to do the same thing and better. Darin Brooks script was not believable and not the reaction a strong man would have in the situation. Why didn’t the writer allow Darin to intervene when Liam was yelling in Hopes face. After all a character like Wyatt would protect his woman and not allow anyone to order her around and yell in her face making her cry. They had Wyatt standing up for Hope when talking to Brooke, but mostly mute when another man was yelling at her in her face, and ordering her around.? I feel that the script for Wyatt was down played. As the saying goes “you got to cut the grass to see the snakes.”

Now, Hope had Wyatt remove her engagement ring for her. Why didn’t she remove it herself ? Well since Wyatt takes everything in and tries to read her every emotion she feels, he saw her moving the ring around with her head down, and then looked at him as if she needed help or wanted to remove it herself but it’s so hard. She knows by now that Wyatt will step in when she gives him the signal or a certain look.

This hot and cold crap is not suited for the kind of relationship Wyatt wants with her. She should probable be with a guy just coming out of the teenage stage, not a grown man. Wyatt being himself will probably try to push her into marrying him since he’s not into the waffling game and already knows what he wants. He probably figured out by now that she also is a bit of a waffler that needs to be pushed and convinced to do what’s best for her. That may or may not create problems for the two.

She’s known for dating other guys, but only sleeping with Liam. It will be difficult for her to move out of unfamiliar territory. Something always happens to eventually cause her to have only experienced Liam. No wonder Liam was freaking out and calling her his precious woman only for him, yet he’s boning Steffy. The virgin he’s been doing for 3 years only had him and he’s afraid that Wyatt being Wyatt has too many tricks up his sleeves and will rock Hope’s world so that any hold he has on her will be ruined. Wyatt may have to push her out of the arms of Liam, because without Wyatt Hope will continue to stay with Liam and keep getting hurt. She knows this, but needs Wyatt to help her through the transition and reminding her constantly that she can get what she needs and more with him. Hope is very insecure and prudish after all the issues in her past, having a mother who’s a known whore. She will need a man that’s really patient and loving to reverse the damage. Get out of her shell and stop being so afraid. Wyatt loves her, understands her and seems like he’ll take care of her. Hopefully she’ll do the same for him as he probable has some issues we don’t know about yet.

Pam…I like the way you think!!!!! Liam has ALWAYS been a lovesick and jerk-filled MORON and Hope has ALWAYS been an overly-moral and bland-as-hell WIMP!!!!! Pam…I swear…in real-life as we know it, I have friends who have 10-year-old kids that act more mature than Liam and less whiny than Hope. I’m serious here. Pam, I think that the B&B’s writers (or whoever) need to end this truly inane Liam/Hope/Wyatt love triangle (oh, yawn) and find Wyatt a brand-new love interest. I think that a Wyatt/Maya pairing would DEFINITELY be a step in the right direction. BOTH Liam and (ESPECIALLY!!!!!) Hope work my nerves too damn much!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

Pam, take care. XOXOXOXOXO

LMAO. Jaybird you are so right. I was hoping that Hope would grow up a little with Wyatt. But I really wonder if she can handle a real man like Wyatt down the line. I was seeing Wyatt being able to heal all her insecurities brought on by Liam and Steffy, but I think she’ll be waffling between the two brothers like Brooke. This week Bill told Brooke that Hope is her mothers daughter, and Broke laughed. Hint, hint!

She thinks everyone has to be perfect to be in her world and life is not like that. The only reason why I think LOPE should end things is they had 3 years to fix it and Liam can’t understand Hope. He may get a clue later, after the damage has been done. Wyatt I’m sure will make some mistake and she’ll act like a spoiled little brat and go running back to Liam. If she hurts Wyatt, Quinn will deal with her.

Wyatt is not going to tell her everything until she’s madly in love with him and he sees that she won’t freak out and run off. That will cause problems. He has to handle her with kid gloves right now because she’s hurting now. His relationship with his mother is really open and Hope has not made Wyatt feel comfortable enough to tell her everything yet. She has him in limbo. If the writers wants LOPE together then so be it, because I’m starting to feel like Wyatt deserves to be happy too and not played with.

I like the Maya and Wyatt swirl thing, but I just don’t like that deer in head lights thing she always does with her eyes. She has that look even in love scenes. I don’t know how she ever survived prison. She seems really shy during her love scenes. A character like Wyatt will come with challenges and I don’t see her fighting for him. She needs to try with Carter. He’s a good man that loves her. All the Forrester and Spencer men are complicated in some way and she’s so sweet that she’ll just get her heart broken. In order to be with these men you have to put up with a lot of crap or use sex to keep them around.

Wyatt is suppose to be a bit of a bad boy on the show, yet they’re pairing him up with the biggest prude on the show. Is that realistic. Hope needs to toughen up and grow up or spent another year in Steffy’s shadow and crying that she feels second best.

Manipulative characters like Wyatt always have two sides and, need a sweet person in their life as their conscience. Hope could be that for Wyatt, once who he really is is revealed, but she needs to be more realistic in her relationships. If Wyatt is able to make her his only one and truly love her without any doubts, it might make her stay with with him through it all. Kind of like a Nicky and Victor relationship on Y&R. He’s ruthless with others but a prince charming with his woman.

Pam…YOU TRULY ROCK!!!!! I think that you’re right…Maya needs to give it a try and all with Carter. Plus…Carter is a REALLY COOL DUDE who truly loves Maya. And, most of all…Carter seems to be DRAMA-FREE AND BAGGAGE-FREE…which is more than I can say for those Forrester men and those Spencer men. Yep. Also, BOTH Liam and Hope each remind of 2 of the certain kinds of soap opera characters that I TRULY HATE. Liam reminds of a lovesick and immature rebel wannabe who stupidly and foolishly strings women along half the time and takes FOREVER in making up his mind about things. NO THANK YOU!!!!! As for Hope, Hope reminds me of an overly prissy-like Little-Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes type who expects EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING in the world to be super-perfect 24/7 because she thinks she is…which she AIN’T!!!!! BLECH BLECH BLECH BLECH BLECH!!!!! One final thing for now: I think that Quinn (aka Wyatt’s mom) TRULY ROCKS!!!!! HELL TO THE YEAH!!!!!

Pam, have a good one. Peace.

P.S. – Before I forget (or whatever), somewhere in my posting, I meant to put the word me in-between the words remind and of. MY BAD!!!!!

Please let Hope and Liam be together for good now, and no more complications! They belong together. Team Hope and Liam!

You know what would be even better Steffy and Wyatt as a major power couple, Wyatt already can match the power Steffy brings to the table, because the way he stood up to Bill and the way he had this dark manipulative vibe to him syncs well with Steffy but now his character has been diminished since being paired up as the 3rd wheel in a new triangle

hope need start fresh some one new like wyatt

I like it!!! HOTTT!!!!!

team steffy and liam



They are not a great match. I liked them together as well, but I have realized that they don’t work. Liam has repeatedly hurt Hope and Steffy and he thinks nothing of it. He doesn’t mind having the attention be on him due to the two women being in-love-with him. Now that the spot light is not on him anymore, Liam is jealous and disliking how Wyatt makes Hope feel. He (Liam), is aware of how Hope feels about him, so he just plays on her emotions. She loves him, so he is always telling her to loves her, but then he makes some really bad choices (hint: the video for Steffy). This is only beginning.

Will quit watching if Hope crawls back to the waffler, Liam. LOPE are really boring to watch and have nothing to talk about but Steffy and, their miserable past lives with each other. Or complain about it being everyone else fault they’re not married yet. It’s a disgrace that after 3 years Liam and Hope have been trying to get married. It’s not meant to be.

Wyatt has become a part of Hope’s success for her line, and has more in common that way. Wyatt is helping her succeed and coming out of the shadows, and Liam is taking away from her achievements with his whole Steffy roller coaster crap.

Hope can’t focus properly on her career being with Liam. She needs to get away from the crap and be with someone who is supportive and doesn’t think only about himself.

Wyatt has her back on every level. He loves her and gives her everything she needs emotionally to quit worrying about another woman, and he’s helping her with her line and making her line come out of the shadows with his new ideas and efforts. To top it off, he gets her without them saying a word.

The writers need to just make her grow up and be more realistic in her relationship with Wyatt, because no one is perfect. If he can give her everything she lacks with Liam, she need not sweat the minor things.

I agree with you Pam!! I totally feel like you do. Liam is becoming such a spoiled brat. He thinks that what he has done to Hope is “no big deal”. I hope that they allow Hope to realize that she does not have to settle for a man that makes her feel insecure about whether he will leave her for another woman. I have watched Liam hurt Hope over and over again for several years now and I hurt for her. I want her to put a stop to this madness and walk away and head towards Wyatt. He will give her anything she needs and also make her feel safe. I agree with another poster that they need to let Wyatt and Hope date and go on some romantic excursions. Why should Liam get all of the opportunities to show her a great time? Wyatt wants to do the same, Hope should let him take her out as well. This will also allow her to see how he makes her feel at work and at play.

Lorena christensen, that’s the thing I don’t get with Liam. He’s known Hope for years and still has no regard to how insecure, threatened and inferior she feels over Steffy. Her insecurity is to the point that if any man that wants to be with her has to walk on egg shells. She’s her own worst enemy and doesn’t have the ability to think critically or logically. She’s emotionally unstable and can’t truly love a man because she doesn’t love herself. All those years Liam cheated on her and humiliated her, yet she is willing to marry him. Wyatt tapped into her insecurity issues, threats her with kid gloves and is doing and saying anything he can to give her self confidence and self worth. In tern she uses him to punish Liam instead of embracing is love. Lorena christensen, remember the time that Hope said she would give Wyatt a chance. I don’t think she ever really did. She never wanted to do anything romantic with him. Every outing was work related, yet Liam had the chance to set up romantic excursions with her. The one time Wyatt tried to set up something romantic with her, she didn’t seem that interested and even wore the same work clothes she had on all day at work to meet him. Most woman would shower and change into something nice. Not Hope, she came to the romantic dinner date and turned it into sh@t, leaving Wyatt in tears with a painful knot in his throat. Do you really think Hope is good enough to be with a guy like Wyatt. I’m not too sure lorena christensen. When I’ve watched her interactions with the two guys, I knew already she’d pick Liam. She’s with Wyatt now in Hawaii, but is this just another way to punish Liam? How many times is she going to break Wyatt’s heart before he turns into a bad guy. There just so much a person can take. If they do finally decide to put HOTT together, Hope will have to change drastically into a better human being. It takes more than just not sleeping around like her mother to be a good and thoughtful person. I believe that when Wyatt gets more wealth she’ll seriously consider him for marriage. The Logan women only marry men with power and money. Wyatt hasn’t tapped into the Spenser fortune yet to be a real contender for Hopes affections.

Sorry for the typos, turn and her insecurity is to the point that every man that wants to be with her has to walk on egg shells.

Hey, here’s an idea…I wish that the B&B writers (or whoever) would write the character of Hope OUT OF THE SHOW…FOR GOOD!!!!! Hope is so annoying, bland, boring, Puritan-like, wholesome…NO…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! In real life, I don’t know anyone who acts like that (and that includes me). NO THANK YOU!!!!! Bottom Line here: B&B needs to write out the character of Hope…NOW!!!!!

P.S. – Somewhere, in one of my earlier postings, I meant to put the word me in-between the words reminds and of. Once again…MY BAD!!!!!


Hope and Wyatt need to show Liam what true love is loyalty commitment and respect.
Liam is more suited for Steffy their personalitys match better than Liam and Hope together. Steffy gives in to Liams wims. Hope and Wyatt could set the bar as to what all the other couples want family and careers.

I HOPE Hope and Wyatt get together. He is adorable the way he is so smitten with her. I’d not take ANOTHER chance with Liam if I were Hope. Know this, Steffy tells Liam to jump and he wants to know how high, and all the way from Paris??? God help their relationship if Hope were to try YET AGAIN and Steffy comes back to town! Liam screwed up big time! Hope needs someone who loves just her! I do think though that Wyatt’s mom is a sneaky, conniving you know what, but I’m glad Hope saw the video. She needed to.

hope just needs to tell liam , i know on some level i am gonna love you forever BUT im not willing to stay and see steffy taking u away from me again, so im making the choice to end this and give wyatt a chance because from practilly day one he has said straight up i ONLY want u , so its ur loss liam youve had too many chances

Breaking News

CBS Orders Michele Van Jean Soap Opera ‘The Gates’ to Series; Set to Debut January 2025

Great news! Soap fans are getting the first new daytime drama in 25 years with the news today that CBS has moved Michele Van Jean’s The Gates to a series order.

In addition, the show is set to bow in January 0f 2025, which means that it appears that the new soap will replace The Talk, which was just canceled and will end after its upcoming 15th season in December of 2024.  No specific time period, or exact premiere date has been set as of yet.

In the premise of the The Gates it follows lives of a wealthy Black family who live in a luxurious gated community.

Photo: CBS

The Gates has Val Jean as its writer, showrunner and one of its executive producers. Soap fans know Val Jean’s work best for her work on the writing teams of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.  Taking to X, Michele shared: “It’s go time” citing the news on the show coming to CBS in 2025 via Deadline.

Sheila Ducksworth, Leon Russell, Derrick Johnson and Kimberly Doebereiner will serve as executive producers on The Gates production team. The soap has been in development through a the joint venture between CBS Studios and the NAACP, which was established to help elevate a diverse range of voices and increase the visibility of Black artists.

The series will be produced by the CBS Studios/NAACP venture in partnership with P&G Studios, which is a division of Procter & Gamble, who used to be very big in the soap opera game.

Are you excited to know that we are truly getting the first new soap opera in over two and a half decades added to a network TV line-up? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Adam J. Harrington Weighs-in On John and Carly, and How it’s ‘Starting to Get Very Complicated”

On recent episodes of General Hospital, Carly (Laura Wright) came to John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) rescue as he was beaten down in an assault. Carly put on her “nurses cap,” sort of speak, and got John to his hotel room and watched over to him, to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness.

GH fans also got their first glimpse of what may be a new romance for Carly, if she and John continue to bond.  If John and Carly were to have a relationship, it would certainly have a ripple effect with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Adam J. Harrington shared his view on the scenes and what might be next between the two. Speaking to Soap Opera Digest, Harrington shared, “I thought it was written in a way where there’s an understanding and a respect between them both. I don’t think there was any moment where she was not aware that he’s an FBI agent, and there was no moment that he wasn’t aware of her history and relationship to other people in the town. I really liked it. I was really looking forward to shooting it with Laura and we had a really nice time shooting it.”

Photo: ABC

When Carly and John part ways, it seems there were some romantic sparks, as Harrington puts it, “Isn’t that interesting that sometimes with people, the one moment they actually show how they feel is when they know there’s an escape hatch. They know they’re about to walk away. So, it’s almost safe in that moment to do it. I thought that was really special about how (the writers) handled John and Carly. Even the music in that scene was beautifully done.”

Where is this all heading? Conflict! Internally and professionally, and as Adam explains, “Who Carly was to John on paper as just a tool to be used as bait is starting to get very complicated.”

What would you think of a John and Carly pairing? Would you prefer him with Anna, or neither of them? Let us know via the comment section and take our poll below.

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‘Tamron Hall’ Renewed for its Sixth Season

While news last week of CBS daytime’s The Talk being canceled after its upcoming shortened 15th season, another talk show is continuing to live another day.

Now comes word that Tamron Hall has been picked up for its sixth season. The talk show currently ranks third out of nine other one-hour syndicated talk shows.  It has now become the second-longest running talk show produced by Disney. The renewal comes from ABC Owned Television Stations and leading broadcast groups including Hearst, Scripps, Nexstar, Tegna, Gray and AMG.

In addition, the show has showed a significant growth in its digital presence and audience engagement, with a 25% increase in followers season over season and a 148% increase in content engagement.

Photo: JPI

In a statement, host Tamron Hall shared, “From the start, I saw the show as a chance to build a community. Now, here we are, preparing for Season 6. Wow!”

“Thank you to my team and my beloved Tam Fam,” Hall added, “for nurturing my dream and growing this community. We are a daily destination to talk, laugh, learn and be inspired together. From the biggest celebrities in the world to the most incredible people in their own neighborhood, they all come here to talk, and I am grateful.”


ABC News President Kim Godwin expressed on the pick-up “Tamron and team are a singular force in daytime because the show gets to the core of humanity through meaningful connection and thoughtful conversations whether covering the most-talked-about issues of the day or interviewing the newsmakers shaping our world. We and the Tam Fam can rejoice because Tamron Hall is back for another must-watch season of fun and fearlessness.”

Tamron Hall has also won two Daytime Emmys during its run thus far.

So, glad to see ‘Tamron Hall’ will have its sixth season? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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