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B&B’s Matthew Atkinson Weighs-In on Thomas Getting a Clue About Hope’s Romantic Interest In Him

Photo: Gilles Toucas/CBS

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope (Annika Noelle) is finding it more difficult to contain her emotions and her feelings when it comes to Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

Previously, and for quite a longtime for that matter, Thomas was obsessed with Hope which led to some pretty troubling and terrible circumstances.


Now, with Hope and Thomas collaborating on the ‘Hope for the Future’ designer clothing line again, it has drawn them closer. Through it, the tables have turned.  Hope is the one who seems to be lusting after Thomas, and trying to keep herself from crossing the line because she is married to Liam (Scott Clifton).

On Friday’s episode, while being confronted over the situation by her mother, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang),  Hope blurts out that it is ‘she’ that has feelings. After she says that key line, Thomas is about to walk in, but stops himself at the just office door and eavesdrops on Brooke and Hope’s conversation.

At that point, Hope is saying that Thomas is manipulative and that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. After she concludes her conversation with her mother, Brooke exits, but Thomas enter’s where a fraught Hope tries to explain away all the bad things he overheard her say about him.

In latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstand now, Matthew Atkinson weighed-in on if Thomas is getting clued in to what is going on with Hope. Matthew previewed that after all is said and done, Thomas might be on to Hope.

Atkinson shared: “I think if the situation came about where Hope actually told Thomas she was interested, that she could entertain those kind of thoughts, he would be interested. He has loved this girl for years and is obviously attracted to her, but Hope has to be forward enough to open up to Thomas. ”

The B&B star added, “But I will say this: There are some events that are coming up, and Thomas loves a good adventure.”

Check out a key scene from Friday’s B&B, between Hope and Thomas below.

Then let us know, are you rooting for Thomas and Hope to have a streamy affair? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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I like the actor I’m tired of him being thrown under the bus it is tiresome . Personally I think he and Annika have tons of chemistry but we know that this shoot is going to be all about mean old Thomas / now we are getting ready for another dose of Ridge and Brooke when we do please keep them together so the other characters can have a life KA and SK oodles of chemistry . I get so frustrated trying to enjoy this show . The same tiresome lines over and over . Please if Brooke and Ridge were so destiny /yawn why did he just not ask her did you call and report Thomas duh. Yes Brad Bell has no respect for his audience .

I agree 100% . To tell you the truth I hated Taylor’s friendship with Brooke because we all know Brooke eventually she’s going to stab Taylor in the back for Ridge and if Ridge respected either woman he’d look elsewhere for romance

Tired of Brooke, Ridge and the same OLD storyline. Love Thomas and Hope, now that’s the chemistry that I watch B & B for !!!!

Same! I love Thomas and Hope! I think with Thomas having changed this could open up a whole new storyline and possibilities! Exciting possibilities!

just when you start to enjoy this show the plot recycling comes back first of all hope and thomas never!!!! such a bad idea and don’t get me started on taylor krista allen plays her like a love sick school girl from 90210 first she tries a bartender on brooke now deacon honestly do you want us to like these characters and new rj is a snore also li should be with bill outside of sheila who you want to get away with everything the show needs to get it’s footing back and thomas and hope is a huge way to get viewers to tune out

You are so right! Brad Bell writes a story to death! I.knew that Taylor was not sincere in her friendship with Brooke. She wants to find a way to keep her “buddy’ from Ridge. This show can be so tiresome!

Lew S,
I think while Ridge was away, Taylor meant well with her “feelings” for Brooke but now that he’s back so are her feelings for him. That whole scene with Deacon was utterly stupid, acting like a silly teenager setting up two of her friends, certainly not like a Psychologist.

No more like A backstabbing Manipulate witch.

I think they need to put Sheila back in the mix so everybody can get their brains back Thomas and hope really Brook and Deacon no way Taylor using all the other men so that she can keep Ridge no way everybody’s gonna see what a manipulate huzzy who lied to her friend and is using her. Brook is smart she’ll figure it out. And the look out Taylor.

I’ve tuned out because of the Hope and Thomas storyline.

Me too, I just check every day and watch nothing to do with them or Steffy spoon feeding poor Finn,God, with a wife and mother like he’s got, I’d run away from home. The brothers Grimm are just as bad with Wyatt trying g to council his pitiful brother Liam. This show just gets worse and worse!


Connie… I’ve tuned out as well. Not interested in Hope turning into a “bad girl” like her mom, or Liam constantly complaining, Brooke and Taylor “breaking up”, never liked Steffy, and Sheila still in the background. Too bad no one is ever happy, at least for a while

Hope is not turning into a bad girl because she is attracted to Thomas, that’s life, whining husband, accusatory towards his wife, Liam is tiresome with his deceitful self, he has a sorted past as well. It’s high time Hope takes on an adventure of discovery. Let this romance happen between Hope and Thomas, he’s always adored Hope.

I like the chemistry between Hope and Thomas

Tired of the boring Hope an d Liam story line

You are missing the hottest chemistry that B & B has had in years !!!

Patty Jones is sooo right! I just started watching The Bold and the Beautiful a few months ago and I can honestly say it’s Hope and Thomas that have me transfixed

Thank you. It’s just Sick. I Really hope they don’t put Thomas and Hope together. They need to cancel the show like All My Children.

Yes l like Thomas and Hope together! Let’s have the steamy affair. Hope and Liam are a snooze fest. Steffy and Finn are a snooze fest. Ridge and Brooke or Taylor are a snooze fest. Katie and Carter are a snooze fest. So let’s have Hope and Thomas and either Taylor with Deacon or Bill.

Hope and Thomas yes..liam and nobody a very weak character..Brooke and Ridge or Deacon either one will do I’m leaning towards deacon until sheila gets out ..again ..more old sheila drama coming up

I sure hope they don’t agree with you I don’t think affairs are very good be in a show or real life and I hope that Manipulating Taylor wind up alone. She shows a bad influence on what friends are supposed to be

I don’t think Brooke will allow any happiness or joy in a marriage between Hope and Thomas. She seems to have an undercurrent dislike towards Thomas. Even if they are just friends. She is always ready to accuse Thomas of something. So, I don’t see this as a happy union.

Yes I have manifested hope and Thomas to be together and happy family I love them as a couple just like Ciara and Ben In days of our lives.

What about the family she has with liam doesn’t that count don’t those kids matter shame on you

Noooooooo Way. Not Thomas. This is disgusting. Disgusting .
He is the one that actually killed Justin’s niece. He was chasing her on the road, he didn’t call for help for her. He just left her there. HE Kept LIAM and HOPE daughter from them and would have for the rest of their lives if he wasn’t busted. He was planning to drug Hope to rape her. THIS IS SICK.

I’m so tired of the Brooke Ridge Taylor triangle! Yes I want to see Thomas and Hope get together, some hot chemistry there. Thomas is hot Liam is not. I’m tired of his constant talks about “Has Thomas changed?” It’s old.

I would like to see Thomas have a life that doesn’t involve any Logans (Hope). He needs to get his son back that way he will have no involvement with Hope nor Liam. I’m sick of Liam also. And please, please, let Taylor have a romance that doesn’t involve a Forrester. Eric doesn’t seem to care for Taylor. He favors Brooke every step of the way. If he likes her that much, he should marry her again. After all, according to Brooke, no woman is good enough for Eric either. She put her nose in his last marriage every chance she got.
This storyline of Brooke and Ridge, Taylor and Ridge, Thomas and Hope and Liam is getting old and boring.
Need Taylor to follow Steffy’s lead and really choose herself and walk away from the drama and triangle. She will find a new love in the most unexpected place. Please don’t let it be Deacon either. She doesn’t need Brooke’s leftovers. Taylor has a lot more going for her than Brooke and it is time for her to capitalize on it.

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