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Bradford Anderson Decides To Go On Recurring Status At General Hospital!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Fan favorite and Daytime Emmy nominee again this year for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series category, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) of General Hospital, had made the decision not to sign a new contract with the ABC soap.  Anderson will instead being on recurring status with the series!

Anderson tweeted to his fans upon them learning the news of his new status with GH: ” Hey friends, I am still at GH and will continue to be.. Recurring isn’t a bad word:) keep watching, great stuff is coming!”

And as GHers know, with the baby drama coming down the pike between Maxie and he, and trouble with Ellie, there is plenty of story ahead.  As with many actors in the soap biz, some opt to go recurring to also help free them up for other opportunities that may arise while continuing their regular role on a soap! 

So what do you think of Bradford’s decision?  Weigh-in!

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Honey ya gotta do what ya gotta do !!

They cut him?

They did not cut him. If you read carefully, he says it was his decision to go on recurring status. He is not leaving the show. Recurring only means he’ll be able to accept other jobs while working on GH. A contract is restrictive to doing that.

I really like Spinelli TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

GH is in free fall. Makes sense to me. I was a very vocal supporter of Cartini coming on board and I believe they did some good, but they seem creatively bankrupt and the show seems like it has absolutely no idea what direction to go in. It’s a mess. I don’t blame him one bit.

I agree with you. I’m not happy with the current direction. Bradford is probably making a smart decision leaving his options open.

is it safe to say…
that, Spinelli doesn’t have to rely per say on stories… and actors…
he’s an act un to himself?

he’s that way IMO.

who doesn’t know that quirky intellect… who does romance… i adore him with BOTH Maxie and Ellie… and you can clearly see… he has both. LOL….

Kudos to Spinelli.

I am happy for Bradford… but will miss him!!! He is a fave and I was so hoping he and Maxie would get back together again! I know he will find other great opportunities! Best of luck Bradford!!! Come back often!!!

He’s not leaving the show. If you read carefully, he is only going on recurring status, which means he can take other jobs while still working on GH. He’s not going anywhere.

Thanks Joel… I know… when I said I would miss him… it was because he would be on less time.

I’m a fan so the positive aspect of this change is that it was Bradford’s decision and not something that was done to him (well, unless/until we hear otherwise later on). Besides, with the way the show spreads out the screentime for most of its characters that aren’t named Sabrina, we’ll probably still see him about as often as we already have been in recent months.

Not too happy about it. Seems like we had the best of both worlds; the veterans coming back whilst keeping the now-familiar faces.

With everyone leaving the whole canvas/sense of community changes.

Sigh. Nothing in life is forever…

Well this news sucks. Was so hoping Maxie & Spinelli would reunite but how’s that going to happen on a recurring basis? I hope this was his decision and not TPTB.

Well Emily Wilson (Ellie) has always been on recurring status, and also for that matter are Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Lynn Herring (Lucy), and Kin Shriner (Scott), who have been on as much if not more than some “contract” people lately (How many episodes has Finola Hughes (Anna) been in recently?].
Things go in cycles… I’m not worried. Unless of course somebody else throws a contract in his direction. Something I don’t see happening to be honest.

Thanks, that gives Maxie & Spinelli fans hope! 🙂

The way the show rotates characters, it felt like they are all on recurring status.

The way the show rotates characters and storylines, it felt like the entire cast is all on recurring status.

It really does. You hit the nail on the head, there. NuMorgan seems to be destined for half-naked daily play, and Roger Howarth will be on often, but otherwise everyone else , especially Anna and Maxie seem to have really long breaks in between shows.

GH is good right now, but it feels like im watching two different soaps: one week youll see Luke Laura and Scotty maybe then the following week its all about Sabrina Patrick and Britt! RC is the best writer in daytime but more of these stories need to connect and some characters, especially Felicia need to stop disappearing for weeks or i tend to loose interest in those characters and their stories…what little they do have!

Why is everyone freaking out over this? He is still with the show, he is just not on contract. And no offense, but it’s not as if he is their best actor. I’m surprised the character of Spinelli has lasted as long as he has.

I think with Steve gone, and Scott gone, and Brandon gone, Bradford is looking at all his options, including his band Port Chuck, which has a difficult time touring when any of them are attachef to a soap. This will give him much more freedom to choose, good for him!

With Spinelli being one of the few reasons I still make an attempt to watch GH it is a little saddening, but not unexpected. Cartini seems to want Roger, Michael, and Kristen front and center leaving little time for any GH stars not connected to their characters. Plus once Maxi’s baby mess comes out he would of most likely been pushed further into the background anyway.


for the romance…

Spinelli was right in their..

Jason – Sam, gone.
Patrick – Robin, gone.
Spinelli – Maxie and/or Ellie. hit and miss now….

so… even Dante/ nuLULU are on the skids… almost.

GH is MIA in couples.

it would appear it’s now up to….. Liz/AJ/Nicholas.

$10 says Steve Burton told his boys in Port Chuck to leave because he probably didn’t get along with Carlitini.

Anybody else notice the diminishing screen time of Burton before he left?

Carlivati admits himself he doesn’t like writing for the mob as much as the previous regime (thank goodness). Maurice Benard said in a recent SOD interview that he’s okay with it because he got rid of the part of his ego that would’ve been mad a long time ago. Steve Burton apparently still has it. I doubt he would’ve “moved the family to Tennessee” if he was still front and center on GH.
Personally I’m not missing him or Jason.

Actually from what I read he had wanted to move for a while now…as for Maurice, I think his ego is alive and kicking. He recently said in an interview with Michael…if I remember correctly…that although he’s glad other stories are opening up on the show he felt they cut the mob too much.

Yes Erik you are right about SB and unfortunately we have him front & center on Y&R!

He decided to not sign his contract and to be recurring..
Please people learn to read and comprehend..

take your time read slowly and understand/comprehend what you are reading, then all the false rumors of Brandon Bradford being let go, will end..
Most rumors are started by people who can not read with comprehension .

I am shocked Spinelli lasted as long as he has on GH also. I won’t argue that Anderson is an immense talent. He probably has the most challenging scripted dialogue of any character on the show, but he barrels through it like a champ. He can sing, dance, do “noir” style scenes, humor, pathos, and romance. But the character by its nature is a little isolated.

It’s questionable to me that Anderson would make this choice when he finally is roped into a major storyline with Maxie’s pregnancy and its implications for him, Ellie, Dante, Lulu, Britt, Patrick, Sabrina. But honestly I wish him well. Hopefully he can balance more time with his band, his family, other jobs, and pop in as story warrants on GH.

Recurring can be a very good thing..
Many are recurring and there is no huge difference from a full contracted actor..
Recurring get great stories and yet have the freedom to do other projects.
We will hardly notice, that Brandon is recurring..

RC will use him in stories as usual, Spin is just the type of character that is used..

Brandon Bradford /Spin, given much thought to come to his decision to be recurring for the many reasons he has that is best for his life..
He is still with GH, and that is happy news.

ohh my gorsh big mistake lol
I meant ”’ Bradford Anderson ”

Also, recurring means they only have to pay them for the episodes they are in- and if the character is in a hot storyline that can get expensive, so in general, recurring actors get less screen time– ptb rather have actors who are in hot stories, which means in lots of episodes, to be on contract –to save money– like TB on Y&R who plays Lauren, she was recurring for years, then she gets a hot storyline and they put her contract.

He’s a waste of space and totally untalented! I can’t believe he was nominated for an award!!! Unwatchable anyway

Love the Spinelli character….now if Michael Easton would go on occuring status so he can do OLTL as John McBain, my soap world would be perfect!

wow I can not believe how many are jumping ship im glad for him but GH is really in free fall. The return of the OLTL 3 is ridiculous.I want my soap back .I want talented actors back on the show

“between Maxie and HIM”, not “he”. HIM HIM HIM.

I think Spinelli is really good. Please don’t leave GH. Also would like to see Robin come back and be with Partick and Emily


Love Bradford. Fellow newenglander did well for himself so talented. I wish him well in all his future endeavors and am hoping recurring is only a temporary thing. Will miss spinelli full time

as long as he’s not leaving compltely, I’m fine with it. Isn’t he a new dad? and he’s part of a band? He’ll still be our Spin, but this way he can be all the other things he wants to try out at the same time too.

Just hope this isn’t his way of going to Y & R !!! lol

If he is happy, then that’s ok, although I’ve grown to love his character Spinelli! I just hope he makes frequent appearances on the show! Good luck and God bless you in all that you do! Kathy in Kansas City

please let spenelli on because he brings fun on the show it won’t be the same the soap are so mist up but good luck to you my friend hope you’ll come back one day

That is just so wrong! Spinelli and Maxie are GH’s supercouple. Bradford Anderson is the best actor on GH. We need more of him and them. Very lame.

NO NO NO….let Ellie go on her own. What about when Maxie comes back? Nobody is better than Spinnelli……Bradford has made the character so charming. Offer him more money so he will stay. There is not another character like him. Let him and Maxie get back together at least b4 he goes….please please???

This sucks.

Please don’t let Bradford leave. He makes the show more exciing

I am very disappointed that Bradford Anderson is leaving GH. The show will NOT be the same without him. I’m also angry at Spinelli for leaving. What are his plans? I hope he will be happy with his decision – but I’m NOT!!!!! I used to love how Spinelli loved Maxie. It was how Rhett Butler used to love Scarlett O’hara.
Sad that the storyline is over!!!

NOOOOO! I love Spinelli, especially with his new role as Daddy! This is sad. I wish Brad the best, however, and much happiness. Who knows–maybe we’ll see him on the BIG screen one of these days. We’ll miss you SOOOO much, Brad!

I hate to hear that Bradford is going on reocurring. He’s my favorite character on G.H. I wish him well with any other projects he may be doing. Hopefully, he will return very often because without him and Jason, who was also a favorite character of mine, G.H. is not the same. I think many of us wish that Robin did not come back. Please give her a makeover, she desperately needs it.

I want to wish Bradford Anderson the very best of luck on his new pilot. I will miss him on general hospital and do hope he comes back to general hospital soon. Lisa Weiner

I hate this what a sad day for GH viewers,

I’m crying watching the goodbyes! I love Spinelli you are already greatly missed!!

Good Luck in whatever you do Bradford. It will be so nice when you do come back, you make GH. I have only watched it since GL went off the air & you’ve been one of the reasons that has kept me watching. Good Luck & hope to see you soon.

Things will not be the same without Bradford. his character was amazing and I will miss seeing him on a daily basis. He is an amazing actor. Best wishes Bradford, come back soon!

Things will not be the same without Bradford. his character was amazing and I will miss seeing him on a daily basis. He is an amazing actor. Best wishes Bradford, come back soon Spinelli!

I remember when this annoying little twit first came on the show and just how he got under my skin I will never know. He wormed his way into my heart with loyalty, love, compassion and joy. I always look forward to seeing him.

Plain and simple… I think it sucks.

It isn’t any wonder why some of the cast is leaving General Hospital. The story lines are , I don’t know what to say about them. I feel that they should fire the writers. The story line are dragged out to much. I started watching B & B and Y & R lately and I can see why these two soaps are on top. They do not drag out story lines, but let them develop in a reasonable amount of time. GH and DOOL should learn from them.

First they kill Jason off (maybe missing only) Miss you Steve Burton. Now Spenilli is leaving. Will miss seeing you Spenilli on every episode of GH. Will miss you Bradford. Good luck in your next chapter in your life.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who Will Turn Out to Be Adam’s Father?

For weeks, General Hospital has been playing up the anxiousness, anxiety, pressures of a college student named Adam as played by Joshua Benard (the son of Maurice Benard) on the ABC daytime drama series.

Adam and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) have become friends, and along the way she seems to be attempting to put together the pieces of what is going on with this young man. In story, what we have learned as it seems that he is receiving unbelievable pressure from his mom and dad, to ensure he has the best grades in order to become a doctor.

On Wednesday’s episode, after receiving a 97 on his test in a do-over, he called his father.  We don’t hear the voice on the other line, only Adam’s.  Apparently, the father was not happy that Adam has to do a make up test, even though he received a high score.

Photo: JBenardIG

So, where is this all leading? Is Adam suffering from bipolar disorder or mental illness? Is he talking to anyone on the phone? Or, is he the son of a current character on the canvas, or a new or incoming villain?

Much speculation has been made that Adam might turn out to be the bio-son of Mr, Brennan (Charles Mesure), presumed to be the nefarious ‘Pikeman’. However, Adam had said that his parents were both doctors. Others are assuming he could turn out to be another child of Sonny Corinthos, but Sonny doesn’t know it, and he was raised by some over-achieving well-to-do parents.

Looks like next week, Josslyn and Trina (Tabyana Ali) may be on the case to try to figure out what is really going on with the guy.

So the questions become … do you think this will turn out to be just a random story featuring Joshua Benard? Do you think Adam till be tied-in more to the Port Charles canvas?  Is Joss spending too much time with Adam and and not enough time with Dex (Evan Hofer)?

In addition, Joshua just turned 19-years-old this week on December 5th.  Shout out to another year around the sun.

Share your theories on Adam. what you think is going on with him, and who could be his father, via the comment section. Now below, check out the scenes between Adam and Joss from Wednesday’s GH.

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Kimberly McCullough Shares Remembrance of the Late TV Legend Norman Lear on the Set of ‘One Day At a Time’

Television legend, Norman Lear passed away on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. The comedy genius who created, wrote and produced some of the greatest sitcoms of all time died of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Lear’s body of work included: All in the Family, One Day at a Time, Maude, The Jeffersons and Good Times, Sanford & Son, plus the soapy, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been working as a director in the television industry for years now and upon learning the news of Lear’s passing, shared a very touching moment via her Instagram that stayed with her through her directorial career. McCullough had been a director on the reboot of One Day at a Time that featured EGOT winner, Rita Moreno.

Photo: JPI

McCullough expressed: “My hat goes off to your, sir Norman. What a wonderful life you lived. In my very first directing job, only 6 weeks after having a baby, I was feeling fragile and not quite ready to get back to work. On the set of One Day At A Time, you squeezed my chin and said ‘Look at you! A baby directing our show.’ It wasn’t condescending at all. In fact you seemed thrilled by how far we’d come in the industry, giving young women a seat at the table. I replied, ‘I’m not a baby. I just had a baby.”‘

McCullough added: “You gave me nod of approval saying, ‘Even better. You let me know if you need anything.’ That meant the world to me. Thank you for your service of the television industry, of our country and being a stand up human. #ripnormanlear”

In a previous post pictured with Norman Lear, Kimberly shared: “Thank you changing the world with your storytelling. Honored to say I’ve been able to work with you. One time I heard you say “but where is the HEART of the story?” I have a feeling you’ve asked that question a lot…”

The Lear family also put out this statement on the death of the iconic TV genius: “Thank you for the moving outpouring of love and support in honor of our wonderful husband, father, and grandfather,” the Lear family said in a statement. “Norman lived a life of creativity, tenacity, and empathy. He deeply loved our country and spent a lifetime helping to preserve its founding ideals of justice and equality for all. Knowing and loving him has been the greatest of gifts. We ask for your understanding as we mourn privately in celebration of this remarkable human being.”

Tonight, across all network television, an in memoriam card will air at 8PM ET/PT to pay tribute to Lear and acknowledging his influence in the medium.

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s touching tribute to Norman Lear and the passing of the TV legend via the comment section below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kimberly McCullough (@kimmeabreak)

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: What are Your First Impressions of Charles Mesure as ‘Mr. Brennan’?

There’s a new villain in town and things are about to get turned upside down for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) as General Hospital circles back around to the looming mysterious ‘Pikeman’ story and who was the target of the shooting at the Metro Court that put Curtis in a wheelchair.

Last Friday, and into yesterday’s Tuesday, December 5th episode of the ABC daytime drama series, viewers were introduced to “Mr. Brennan” who has to turn out to be the dastardly “Pikeman.”

If his portrayer looks familiar, actor Charles Mesure has appeared in numerous television series and film roles including: Once Upon a Time, CastleThe MentalistDesperate HousewivesBones and more. Mesure is also British-born, but moved to Australia when he was younger, accounting for the fabulous accent “Mr Brennan” has on GH.


In story on GH, as Sonny was telling “Mr. Brennan’s” minion, Hume that he would no longer run Pikeman’s shipments through his territory, the guy showed up at Kelly’s Diner with an ominous message for Carly (Laura Wright), although she doesn’t know it.

On Tuesday, in his room at the Metro Court, Brennan is upset that Sonny won’t work with him and tells Hume he plans to stay in Port Charles to make sure the shipments to Canada are ready to go. We also learn that apparently the head of the WSB has taken a leave of absence. Brennan reveals that being the director has its benefits. He then says he got rid of Frisco and he can work remotely and now things are falling into place.

Hume asks Brennan who the intended target is in all of this, and he says both Sonny and Anna. “Brennan’s” goal is to force Sonny’s hand to continue the shipments and more. Meanwhile, Curtis on the case as to who is behind his shooting and more.

So, what has been your impressions thus far of GH’s newest baddie as played by Charles Mesure? Let us know in the comment section below.

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