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Brooke Anne Smith Takes Over the Role of General Hospital’s Molly Lansing-Davis

Photo: IMDb

There is yet a new face portraying the character of Molly Lansing-Davis, if you caught today’s July 19th episode of General Hospital.  Actress Brooke Anne Smith is now taking over the role from her predecessor, Holiday Mia Kriegel.

Kriegel had been temporarily replacing Haley Pullos since May of 2023 following the car accident that has seen Pullos embroiled in legal troubles stemming from her DUI felony arrest.

Pullos has been charged with one felony count of DUI causing injury, plus one felony count of driving with a .08 BAC or higher, and one misdemeanor count of hit-and-run. She has pleaded, “Not guilty.”

While there is no word, if, or when, Haley will return to her signature role as Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter, Molly is now involved in a front burner storyline where the character is unable to carry a baby to term.  Molly and TJ (Tajh Bellow) are trying to cope with it as their relationship struggles. Meanwhile Molly’s sister, Kristina (Kate Mansi) is offering to be the surrogate.

Smith has starred in Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home.  She had also appeared on 7th Heaven, Judging Amy, CSI and many others TV and motion pictures roles.

Let us know what you think about the second Molly switch on GH in the comment section below.

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another dud

I agree.

I think this one looks a little like the original Molly except maybe fair color

Not at all.

Not to be rude. But as much as bologna looks like steak

Don’t like her at all

Glad I have a DVR don’t like her or the new Christeen


Also miss last Kristina!

I agree bring back the original two

I 2nd that!

So very true

Me either

Me either

Yep, there are several I would eliminate or replace & those are def on the list. I’m hoping Sonny meted justice on Ava, she makes me sick to my stomach.

Ava doesn’t bother me. Now Sam and Elizabeth do!

Doesn’t fit the part at all. We need the original Molly back. Everyone makes mistakes in life.

What Haley did was a choice. She drove drunk, wrong way and hit a car head on at 60mph. Man is lucky he lived and is suing her. She should be fired. Brooke Anne did a great job! New Krissy is doing a great job too.

Disagree. She went to rehab. Everyone makes mistakes she should not be fired! I’m not a fan of cancel culture. If it would happen again ok then but she shouldn’t lose her job after a personal mistake.

It wasn’t her 1st time. She’s supposed to be a role model.

I agree. Isn’t a one time offense

I agree. Let her have a leave of absence, recover, re group and give her another chance. That would be devastating to kill a person because of a really bad decision though!

yes people make mistakes

Cancel culture? She did not make a mistake. She drive drunk, hit a car, left that scene only to drive the wrong way on the freeway, striking a car and seriously injuring the driver. She was too busy worrying about her 400.00 dollar blouse to worry about the mayhem. Was verbally ubusive to the first responders.

I totally agree, everyone just give these two actors a chance!!

I agree with u they are doing a great job

I agree 100% she could have killed someone. Those choices have serious consequences and I hope she’s faced with the full extent of the law.

No new Molly is terrible hate her voice. New Kristen ok

Kate was original Abby on DAYS!

I agree that both the latest Molly and new Kristina are doing a great job!

Also she hit 2 cars first was hit and run my wife was killed by hit and run drunk in 2000

So sorry to hear about your wife. My condolences. As for Haley; she came off like an entitled brat way before this (onscreen and off by the looks of her social media accounts). I have no desire to see her back on GH; wasn’t thrilled she was back even before the crash.

I cannot agree with you more! No one should get behind the wheel when they are intoxicated without consequences. Serious consequences.

That wasn’t a mistake, it was a choice, and a bad one. Ask her victim about that!

I agree. I loved Haley as Molly, and hope she can heal well body and soul from her issues. But I would have a hard time watching her knowing how she recklessly endangered the lives of others. That man could have been killed, and so could Haley. Drunk driving to me is one of the worst things anyone can ever do. Would people forgive her if she were playing Russian Roulette on a busy street and shot someone? She has serious, deep-seated problems that need intensive time and effort to overcome. I wish her well, but the consequences must match the crime. If the victim had been a son or husband or brother of the people blithely minimizing what happened, I’m sure they would be horrified. That being said, not sure about the new actress either … She does seem a bit too old. Time will tell!


The new Molly just doesn’t cut it,sorry gir

Don’t judge her she is good

I want the original Molly and Christina back

She needs to learn from her mistakes . Plus know that she’s not better than anyone else . The emt said in interview she was cussing them for touch her clothes. Which they were looking for injuries. But put her back on the show. Great actress

No we don’t; I couldn’t stand Haley Pullos well before her irresponsible, dangerous, drunk driving which almost killed someone. She needs to be in rehab in jail…That wasn’t a “mistake” nor was her concern for her $400 shirt which she was more concerned about then her near death accident and the person she put in the ICU. She knew she was drunk and she made a choice to drive.

I agree with Lynn – and it has nothing to do with the so-called “canceled culture”, that others have eluded to in other comments. Drinking and driving is not a mistake, especially when a life is threatened!


I don’t care for this actress. She’s not Molly. She over acts way to hammy. They need to rethink there decision. Get a dark headed girl at least. Someone that might resemble Molly. Or just bring back the other actress. She couldn’t act either but at least you look like Molly.


I agree with what you are saying, but the thing I really don’t like on her are her eyes. For some reason they look like they are crossed. Bugs me

This is not an issue about her hair color; the issue is her age. The actress is going on 40 which is why most are criticizing the casting of her as a 25-year-old.

She looks similar enough (except she has the pretty face of a young mother who has a teen or 20 year-old, in a lifetime movie, lol. It’s not the face of a 25-year-old). Actors don’t need to look like the previous actor: Jordan, Trina, Carly, TJ…none of them look like the actors before them. But they should be in the same age range.

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

I don’t think yall have got it wright yet on Molly are Chris neither can play the parts the proper way plus comes close to their looks

She’s 39 years old, and we’re supposed to believe she’s the youngest of the “Davis girls”??

I didn’t think the previous replacement was all that great either, but at least she appeared to be the right age for the part.

If they are planning a permanent replacement – which I would hate to see, but sadly might be necessary, depending on the outcome of Haley’s legal problems – they’re going to have to find someone who fits the character.

I read she wants to come back to GH . PRAYING FOR HER

Face it reality check, the whole show has just gone too far downhill overall, and if the strikes continue for a while and all they can do is use reruns for a while, yikes, forget for most part about getting bulk of audience to return later, really ashame.

The strike doesn’t effect soaps as they are under a different contract. The show has gone downhill to be sure (I stopped watching a few years ago after having been a fan since 1980) but the strike won’t be a factor.

Last edited 2 months ago by RTriston

There’s no reruns. The show has replacement writers while the regular writers are out on strike. The new writers have already started; the shows that began Tuesday were written by them and will continue to be until the strike ends.

Don’t like her at all!

Luckily the writers and actors strike won’t affect the soaps; the actors are under a different contract and soap writers are non union.

You are correct on the actors strike not having an impact, however, most (but not all) soap writers are unionized. Material from the “fi-core” non union writers is now showing up on screen.

Much older than Molly!! Sorry she doesnt fit.

Too old

To be honest Nancy Lee Grahn IS 67. BUT…they should not have hired an actress 4 years older than Kate Mansi. That i agree with. But age wise Alexis could have had all three. Kelly Monaco is pushing 50 (47) so they may recast age wise again. I’m over this show. Haven’t been a regular viewer since the Carlivati era. I did like sparkle pony and all the newer characters and the writing was sooo much better.

It’s not a question of whether she’s young enough to pass as Alexis’ daughter, which of course she is. It’s whether she’s young enough to appear several years younger than Kristina, and the same age as her “domestic partner”, TJ.

She fails on both of these counts, and is actually older than TJ’s mother, Jordan.

As far as Kelly Monaco’s age vs Nancy Grahn’s age, that’s actually perfect, because Alexis was 16 when Sam was born, according to the retconned back story that was written at the time we learned Sam was her daughter.

Why did they replace Holiday or why wasn’t she able to continue?

I’m sorry, folks, but I’ve been more than patient with recent recasts, allowing time for adjustments, etc. But this is the last straw. This actress looks way older even than Kristina, will look like T. J.’s mother in their scenes, is shrill and way toooo much in general. I actually had to lower the volume to survive the scene with Sam. I half-expected Sam’s neighbors to report a noise complaint. I’m not happy. But I’m getting used to ignoring ALL the “Davis” women, so at least they’re making that very easy.

I agree100^!!!

She’s literally OLDER than TJ’s mother.

I’m not kidding.

Yes I don’t like the whole thing I fast forward

I think Holiday was perfect casting… she did a great job and had the same demeanor as Haley.. also their voices were very similar. Why was the character recast yet again. Also “Molly” would have never worn the clothing ( the low cut top) that they put on Haley’s newest replacement… the character is more “business like” unless they are trying to take the character in another direction, just sayin’

I loved Holiday and I agree; I thought she was perfect and was totally surprised they replaced her. But I don’t agree about the voice. Haley Pullos has the most annoying voice after Fran Drescher’s Nanny, lol. At least Fran’s was played for laughs. That nasal whine of Haley’s drove me nuts. As for low cut, I DO think Molly would dress like that; she’d been changing and had become a poser (sort of like Haley, which is why I could no longer stand “Molly.”)

I hope we find out why they didn’t keep Holiday. To top if off this actress is playing a 20-something and she’s almost 40.

Maybe Sam and nuMolly can have a cleavage contest; or at least share their tops, lol. Kristina’s the only holdout for the low cut top.

Last edited 2 months ago by Rebecca1

I totally agree! This one is way too old and Molly e\would never wear those clothes. She evn looks older than Sam.
Holiday was a much better recast.

Agree with everything you said here.

That’s exactly what I said. She looks and sounds a lot like Molly. I don’t know why they didn’t keep her.

I agree.. the outfit was wrong… not.Molly who would never dress like that.

She talks tooooo fast.

Do not care for this one at all.

She’s awful and so is the other one.

Oh, she’s just AWFUL. She steps into her first scene yelling/overacting and continues yelling/overacting through the entire episode. She is just AWFUL. P.S. I don’t know who made her wear the top that she did with her chest exposed, but SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Maybe you should join the costume department after you work on the Handmaid’s Tale.

The blond hair Molly is a thumbs down. Too aggressive nothing like the original. Put the first replacement back

I agree 100%!!!

These new girls are not cutting it for me!

I hope she does a better job than the previous one. Plus I find the new Kristina very annoying.

I agree! I like the original ladies for both roles. They should always have similar understudy on standby.

Loved the previous one! She was gorgeous, sophisticated and looked the part of a young lawyer. I thought she and the actor playing TJ looked great together. The only thing I think they should have done was have her wear flats in scenes with Sam and/or Kristina.

Thank you!!!!

Hate this new Molly, even worst then first replacement, want original Molly back

If only! Hopefully the original will return in the nesr future..

I hope so

I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!

I agree the first molly replacement worked better. Please put her back if you can’t get the original back.

Totally agree. Horrible “overacting”.
Too old for the part. And that storyline is awful. Ugh all around

Same age as Maxie

Don’t like any of the Molly’s really. I think they should have kept Holiday, until they found someone more suitable.

first replacement was better, do not care for this one and she looks too much like Esme

She could easily pass for Esme’s older sister… but let’s not go there, because neither psycho Heather or dead Ryan need any more children.

I think she looks more like her mother’s age not her sisters age.
Poor casting.

I like this molly on today’s episode better as the full in. I hope the original molly returns she doesn’t sound or act so whiny or angry her character is more together than how she has been portrayed she is more levelheaded many women face this issue with endronesios and it is usually not as severe as this. It is a subject not talked about enough! However I like Molly’s strong independent character I would like to see her stop lashing out out and put her mind on work like she always does.dont make her a drama queen

Keep on looking for a new Molly. How long are they going to drag out the Nina and Gladys story

It’s gone too far with Gladys

I agree

She is awful!

The temp was a better fit; this new girl has no resemblance to the Molly character

I like the new Molly that came today


Surely u jest!! Her body frame is different, bears zero resemblance in any form to Molly. She overacts & screams & yells like a bloody banshee. Poor TJ for having to act alongside her….he must be exhausted & crying out for ear plugs at the end of the day!!

Do not like this new Molly at all. She doesn’t even act like the regular Molly. Also her shirt was too low cut. The regular Molly would of never worn that. Hope our regular Molly comes back. Too many changes on GH.


Holiday has my vote

She is terrible. I hope Pullos comes back to the show

So do I. Miss her.

Oh my gosh, she was awful. The last one just needed some tweaking! I really hope this was a wake up call to the original and ABC allows her back if she truly straightens up & gets her act together!

ABC, please go back to #2 for now, she was WAY better!!

She’s going on 40 and kind of looks it, even though she’s “Molly’s” height & has a cute face. I thought Holiday Mia was great, and she’s in her 20s as “Molly” is supposed to be. Do you know the reason, Michael, why they didn’t keep Holiday and why they think an almost-40-year-old is the right casting for a 20-something?

I don’t think she is right for ghe part.. looks to tall and that voice

What a shit show.. Yikes.

Don’t like either Molly or Kristina recast. Why change something that isn’t broken?

I don’t like Molly, Christina or even Sam. I really wish the cast would be trimmed down. It’s becoming a big bore.

OMG, she is 39 friggin’ years old!!!
She’s supposed to be the YOUNGEST kid, not the oldest!
Yeah, I know Sam is older, but Molly should be younger than Kristina, not older!
Of course the way they’re writing Kristina these days, I think they forgot she is older than Molly!

Give her a chance!!!
What G. H. should do is bring some of those they let go, back on. No side has to apologize. Just get back on track.

I don’t like the new Molly. Why not just keep the other stand in? & I agree about that top she was in. Too slutty for Molly character.


So over this

I liked the first recent Molly not the one on today the 19th of July episode she is horrible as Molly. The other actress looked and portrayed the character Molly to almost a tee. This one is not even close, no interaction with Sam character her sister on the show at all. Today was horrible acting with that segment of the show.

Viewers have been asking for ages for Molly to have a front-burner storyline, and now that she’s in one (a very important one!) the least GH could do is have a suitable actress play the role. I get that Haley isn’t available, but neither the previous actress nor this new one fit the role AT ALL. This actress might look more like Haley, but she is terribly miscast and being thrown into the middle of a storyline where the acting needs to be believable. It’s so unfortunate, because Haley would likely be killing this story right now.

I agree

This new Molly is a far better actress than Holiday I’ve been a fan of General Hospital for a long time because the actors and actress’s make us believe in the Characters I’m sorry but I didn’t think she was of the same caliber

I believe Brook Ann will be a great Molly. I look forward to this transition. She has the personality and experience needed for this role on a daytime soap.

I hate it!!! She’s not our Molly type

If there ever was a recast disappointment, this is definitely one of them. Her voice comes across like a little girl, which, in my opinion, gives her no credibility, or to be convincing as an attorney in future arcs. As a client I would not be able to trust her competency, or take her seriously, nor probably, would any jury. And, her character isn’t being portrayed as particularly intelligent, professional or mature. And, I can’t imagine any chemistry she would have with TJ. He needs someone that can go toe-to-toe with him.That pairing would be a disaster in the making. Unfortunately, her character seems to be a bit of an airhead.There needs to be a lot more thought put into this storyline, and character development for the audience to really appreciate her. As well as another recast of the actress. I always want to give a new actor a chance and see them be able to succeed because its difficult to step into new shoes. However, right out of the chute, this one is a no for me.

I don’t like this recast; I loved Holiday Mia; the first recast. But Molly’s personality is the same regardless of who is portraying her. She would still be stomping her feet and whining about Kristina’s offer. She was never an “airhead.” None of the “Davis” sisters are; but it’s Kristina who was always lost. Molly was never an airhead; she was the super bright way-ahead-for-her-age. The difference is Haley Pullos always whined no matter what dialogue she had (just couldn’t stand hearing her voice or delivery one more second) and this actress seems a whiner too, though hopefully not as much so. To me, Holiday Mia, the first recast, came off as composed and handled her hurt (at not being able to have kids) as more angry & resentful toward Kristina’s offer, rather than girlie whiny. I liked Holiday; she had a presence; stunning girl and age/look appropriate for the role, though she should never have been in heels when in scenes with Kristina and Sam. Now we have an almost 40-year-old who looks like she should be playing the mom of a teen or college kid in a Lifetime movie.

Rebecca1. I probably wasn’t very clear with my comment about this specific actress coming across as a bit of an airhead .What I was referring to was the quality of her ‘little girl’ voice. From the moment she walked through the door, she was screeching — very annoying, and listening to her was like fingernails on a chalkboard. She sounded like she was 7 years-old and not a grown woman. It was painful to listen to. Neither Hailey or Holiday ever sounded that way. Not a good start in a new role. I wasn’t referring to the Molly character, whom I’ve never liked, no matter who the actress is.The constant complaining just drags down the episodes she’s in. The entire Davis clan lacks likability, in general. Her grating voice does not make her believable as an educated attorney. She could benefit from vocal coaching by reining in her voice to a much lower register. Also, as others have mentioned regarding what she was wearing, Molly wouldn’t have worn something like that. Perhaps the writers are subtly trying to transition her character into becoming promiscuous as a way of acting out because she can’t conceive. Who knows? Character transformation has been done before – think Lucy and Isme.

Praying that Ms. Paulous returns very soon, because her replacements have been dreadful. Today’s Molly was the worst. Her voice & clothes annoyed me the most. Who’s getting these actresses? Please stop.

Haley committed two felony’s and a mistominor this is after she hit another car.attacked a cop and hospital staff lied about it then went to fancy rehab to just look good then please not guilty in court when she is.shes being sued.she needs to loose job and jail time.


Smith is a terrible actress. Sorry it’s true. Fast forward anytime she’s in an episode. So disappointed with the person or person that recasted the role. She’s older, none believable, no resemblance to the Davis family. Please replace her. More negative comments than pro. Listen to the Fans.

Much better then the last replacement. Jury is still out on Ms. Smith

Brooke Anne Smith is the New Molly. She did a good job on her first day. It can’t be easy to step in to be the third actress in two months to play one character. Molly is a legacy player that was born and raised on the show. Daughter of Alexis. Sister of Sam and Kristina. Niece to Sonny. Aunt to Danny and Scout. Cousin to Dante, Michael, Avery, Donna, Spencer, and Ace. Molly is a important character with connections to many. Brooke Anne Smith is the future. I would love to see Michael Fairman interview her.

This new replacement is awful! Very disappointing with the casting. Her acting is forced and the top was over the top…not in a good way. I’m glad I tape it so I can FF her scenes. Missing Holiday but understand the legal issues, however Brooke is most definitely not the one. I never post anything but this time I had to!!

She is way too old to be Molly

Please bring Haley back this girl is awful playing Molly. The other one wasn’t good either!!!

Don’t like her!! Last one was ok this one makes me want to fast forward

Cannot reward someone for her crimes. I also liked the old molly and christina. But we should understand the consequences of the actors

I may be in the minority here but I am not a huge fan of any of the actresses including Haley! Maybe it’s the character, idk. Wish they would just write her off somehow.

They should write Molly taking a long vacation until our real Molly comes back

Don’t like her as Molly at all! Molly never let her boobs hang out. Original Molly was More reserved. Isn’t Molly a lawyer and a Dr’s wife!? Please, she dressing like a hussie on the take. Get rid of her immediately!

She’s terrible!

I think Pullos plays the best Molly..the other 2 actressess r not good at all with the parts

Last edited 2 months ago by Stacey

Yes I agree

I am not happy with either replacement. Or the new Christina. Ugh

New molly was great today

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