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CBS Boss Nina Tassler On Michael Muhney Dismissal: "Sony [Pictures Television] Came To Us And Said, ‘We Want To Make A Change … We Supported Them!"



While The Young and the Restless was given the greenlight through the 2017 television season by CBS and announced today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour, the President, CBS Entertainment, Nina Tassler, also fielded questions from the press corps and one was about the situation surrounding the firing of popular Y&R actor Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) and the events that led up to it, according to an item from TV Guide Canada’s Greg David.

According to TVG Canada’s David, Nina Tassler made this statement: “I can’t comment on any of the allegations, I can only say that when the producers and Sony [Pictures Television] came to us and said, ‘We want to make a change,’ and they laid out their reasoning why, we supported them.”

Of course, the allegations most likely could have included the two incidents revolving the groping of Hunter King’s (Summer, Y&R) breasts, and Muhney’s on and off set behavior as noted by many of his co-stars, in addition to the possibility of other allegations that have not been made public, in any way, at this point in time.

What do you think about Nina Tassler’s comment to the press about Michael Muhney and what transpired between CBS and Sony regarding his dismissal?  Let us know!

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Pretty much what I would expect. Very vague, as it should be. This is a private, personnel matter. I doubt Muhney or any other involved parties want details released to the public.

They keep piling it on. How disgraceful. What happened to “no comment”?

She did say “I can’t comment” but did give what she could about it. What she said was in no way disgraceful. I am a Michael Muhney fan and want him back as bad as everyone else, but people are griping and complaining at every single thing that is said. The fans are tweeting harassing comments to the cast members, I don’t blame them for replying with pretty grouchy remarks, no telling how many rude things have been said to them. On Facebook, I’ve seen many hateful things posted on the cast members pages, again who could blame the cast for replying, no telling what they’ve seen that I’ve missed. This lady was nice about it, and not disgraceful. As I said, I would love for him to be back, I love him as Adam Newman. I believe in a peaceful protest though. It’s way out of hand.

Exactly, I don’t know what some expected her to say. I respect your kind of attitude and sympathize with fans who have lost a favorite character or actor. I know I would be disappointed if my favorites were written out of the show. MM ‘s fans have every right to be disapppointed. I even understand them choosing to not watch any longer but those who are going on the attack in such a nasty manner make not only other MM and Adam fans look bad but all soap fans look bad. He is hardly the first nor will he be the last actor to be fired from a show, Peaceful protests are one thing but a small group of MM fans have gone way too far.

The thing about it, and I say this respectfully to everyone. I know everyone wants answers, I’m curious myself but it’s none of my business when it comes down to it. CBS could be held liable IF this were true. Now none of us want to believe these rumors. He could have been fired for this hubris he spoke about. But IF those leaked rumors are true, his rights would be violated if they expressed why he was fired. Now if YOU were fired, would you want the reason you were fired published on the news, in a magazine, or on television? I mean we have to be realistic here. I’m not being a smart alec to any of you. I mean to be very respectful. Before the gag order was put into place, when Michael first Tweeted on Dec. 19th I believe it was, and he was so shocked ( I was in total shock and heartbroken!!! I still am!!! ) I believe if he had wanted the reason released, he would have said, “Hey, I was fired because ” such and such a reason” or “Eric Braeden did such and such” ) but that is not the case! You have to understand there are laws, I don’t know for a fact that HIPPA laws apply in CBS (LOL) but there are definitely laws that CBS has to follow that they CANNOT tell us why they fired him. My point was to leave the actors alone and stop harassing them about it. I’ve seen it daily, and then the people harassing them get furious and call them &*%*^*^ for spouting off at them but I cannot fault them for being mad. It’s insanely crazy for people to be treating these people that way. I’ve also thought, if they are going are possibly going to hire Michael back, would he come back to Y&R if everyone is going to boycott it. Why not carry on and watch it and keep it #1 and show it love, the way he has loved it. He may be hurt, but he loves the actors on that show and I know he wants them to do well. He would support his cast mates, I’m sure. His mother also Tweeted to leave the cast of Y&R alone. Thanks for listening. Todays Y&R was so sad. Michael and Billy both are outstanding and I will follow them wherever they go, but will never leave Y&R. I love Y&R and everyone on it. Too many great actors on Y&R and I think it’s a huge mistake to punish everyone over being mad at the writer(s) or whoever fired him. Much love to all the fans. Thank you Michael Fairman!

Michael Muhney is innocent until proven guilty. Jealousy is the issue which is probably why the castmates had a problem with him.

i so agree.

I also agree. If MM was really let go for sexual harassment.. why wasn’t he immediately fired and walked off the set ASAP? That’s what was done to someone I worked with in the past. Once they continued to allow him to continue working until he finished his storyline, they lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. I have had enough of all the wonderful actors leaving the show and will stop watching Y&R after 1/30. I hope all the fans the way I do will also boycott so that CBS starts listening to the fans. Besides hiring MM back, I hope they bring back Michelle Stafford as Phillis. I am sure if CBS made a fantastic offer they could persuade her and even Billy Miller to reconsider returning to the show.

TOTALLY AGREE … EB was feeling his age and his ego couldn’t accept it is time to pass the torch! BM and MM WERE THE PERFECT next generation cast members to carry Y&R forward, and EB HAD to be in charge, and have the last word, no matter how much he protests too much!

I’he watched Y&R for 40 years!!and I’m only 46. MM is awesome and perfect to accept the next Newman generation torch. Love him with Chelsea, I wish they would just bring him back. I love watching him, and will follow him, hopefully to prime time. Will miss you, MM 🙁

Linda, I agree with you. I bet EB sighed in relief when MM left. EB should have left the show a long time ago. He obviously couldn’t even remember his lines and improvised his own. This irked MM BECAUSE IT COULD BE V. FRUSTRATING.
Jealousy is the only reason why he was fired. HK is only a catalyst. Who can believe this nonsense? She doesn’t even have anything to grope!! There are more better endowed actresses in the show!
” If people want to bring you DOWN…it is because you are far ABOVE them”

Come on. You honestly think this all boils down to jealousy? So SONY, CBS, the producers of Y &R , the head of CBS programming and most of the actors were so jealous of MM that they all plotted in a conspiracy against the victimized MM. And on top of that they got all the media to go along. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds. MM was fired because he became more of a problem than what he was worth having him on set. That is on him, nobody else. He even admitted his arrogance was his downfall. Why won’t you believe the man’s own words.

My thoughts on this now when ever anyone brings it up we call it Boob-Gate! No disrespect but it is over and done with and quite honestly when you think about it you can’t blame the actors for defending JFP a lot of them are to old or too weak of actors to find jobs anywhere else. I find the show very dull and repeating the same old same old how many times is Sharon going to roll her eyes and almost tell the truth. And as for everybody wanting MS/Phyllis to come back if she does then she is not as smart as I think she is. She seems to have a hit on her hands and having fun doing it with The Stafford Project why move backwards instead of forward.

Exactly!! MM screwed up and some of his nut job fans want to blame everyone but him. Yes, it is all a great big conspiracy against him. If people really thought about it they would realize how ridiculous they sound.

I don’t know what to say about that. Again they are dancing around the issue. No one answers questions outright. I fully support MM as an actor. I don’t believe the allegations about groping and NO I DO NOT SUPPORT sexual harassment of any kind. The story is just a little to “convenient”.

I say bs. I have NEVER witnessed a company take so long to comment on something to potentially detrimental. Also makes sense, the news of the renewal over shadowed THIS as planned & hoped.

… more nothing. I’m sure legally they can’t say anything .. but still.

It doesn’t matter what they say at this point if it isn’t just MM firingit is also the awful stories, writing and acting. I have watched from day one and MM’s firing was the last straw no longer any reason to watch. I watched JFP destoy Guiding Light and now Y&R don’t know what the PTB see in her. Her writing sucks sjhe hires her favorite actors who suck i no longer have any interest in this show

JPF destroyed my beloved show Guiding Light and now she’s destroying YR.

Kat…I know how you feel. After JFP killed off Frankie Frame (my ALL-TIME FAVORITE AW character), I had a very hard time watching AW after that. Emotionally brutal.

It broke my heart when GL was cancelled. I still have the taping of the last episode…Reva and Josh riding off into the sunset. Very sad.

I’m with you 100%. I stopped watching B&B a couple years ago too. Bad writing, poor acting. Michelle left and Jeannie died, now with Billy and Michael leaving, the show is just lacking interest. Story lines are just plain stupid now. Anyone who reads EBs twitter knows he is not a very nice person too.

Terie I so so so agree with you!!!!!

I think you meant Y&R, not B&B.

It’s the exact same no – answer statement everyone else is giving – big deal.

Doesn’t matter at this point. #TeamMuhney ALL THE WAY!!! A life long watcher of Y&R I’M done with Y&R and will boycott CBS and their sponsor’s products after Muhney’s last air date of 1/30!!! I have already started to watch GH. I am sure I will not be the only one, as there are thousand of #TeamMuhney fans out there!

They really are doing a bad job of appeasing the viewers. We are the reason the show has been around all these years. I stopped watching a couple months ago. I could not go through another childs death specially after Kays death. Just too somber. I watch tv to entertain not make me sad. I think alot of people felt the same way and viewership is down. I did like Adam but found his character too intense. With him and Billy gone there is no reason to return. I thought I might just take a break but am watching GH now and find it very enteraining, not all doom and gloom. I wont be surprised if this is the beginning of the end for Y&R.

I totally agree with you, the Y&R is the only Soap I watch, but have lost interest now MM is leaving.The end of the month is it for me. I guess I will find something more productive to do during that time.

See ya!! Don’t let the door hit you, and all the fans that want to leave. The show will go on and not one of you disloyal fans will be missed. Fans of a show are fans of the show and do not leave over an actor. It is ridiculous.

Seriously??? this kaka is why people tune out, they maybe renewed but that does not mean people will continue to watch. Glad too see where they stand *rolls eyes*

They are still not telling the truth, why did they renew his contract if he was behaving inappropriately and why did they keep him on after he as supposed to have done something wrong and then drop him on Christmas Eve, there is something rotten here and no matter what they say I will no longer be watching Y& R.

And what about the fans? Did anyone think of us? Do any of you ever watch these shows or read all the posts and understand just how unhappy the fans have been for so long now since JHK took over? Did you realize that predictions of the shows demise and the loss of great long time character actors would be the assured outcome once she took over…and that it came true? Do you see or believe it even now??? You should! Because of Jan 30/14 and all through Feb and beyond the beloved fans of Y&R are saying goodbye and moving on. Not because they want to, or chose to, but because not listening to our pleas for no more child killing or forced bullying unto a child and other dark malicious depressing or boring story lines and the loss of too many of our favorite actors/characters or character assassinations has pushed us too far. What does it take to get someone to listen, or could it be, that we are no longer important in the scheme of things. I will miss the ‘old’ Y&R but will not miss the one that exists now. If you are listening now, then you need to start listening and hearing and taking to heart the changes your fans are asking for. Deal with the complaints and suggestions that can save Y&R and include the fans in doing so. If not, enjoy your brief period of celebration now, for it is truly the beginning of the Y&R demise. So terribly sad.

I do think that the PTB felt justified in MM’s firing, and I think the actors who spoke out offer a glimpse as to how unliked he was on set. Even so…

Your post reminds me of exactly how I felt with AMC before it went off air (Dixie dying from pancakes!). You are right, and Y&R has had enough change. Fans become heartbroken then angry and finally tired when they can’t recognize their beloved show. You made a great point.

Justified? Ummm, no, I don’t think so. How can any business possibly justify killing their goose that lays the golden eggs? Just because MM was connected to the fans, cared about the integrity of his work and the integrity of the show and took his job SERIOUSLY does NOT justify firing him! He challenged his coworkers to bring more power to the scenes, but apparently some of the veterans didn’t appreciate that. Not only did the PTB disregard the fans who were growing weary of the awful, awful writing, but then they tried to vilify MM with vicious, unfounded rumors.

Y&R has a huge fan base and it was very clear that the fans were incredibly unhappy with the direction of the show and it was also very clear that Adam was carrying it through a dark and depressing time. Fans have been complaining and begging for better writing for at least two years. At the same time they were praising MM for his phenomenal portrayal of Adam Newman. He stole virtually every scene he was in. His love scenes with both Sharon and Chelsea were as powerful as his snarky and witty remarks were to the Mustache.

It appears very obvious to loyal fans that JFP came in with an agenda. She had to make room for Dylan and in the process she completely re-wrote the history of the show and let beloved characters fall by the wayside. Aside from the passing of matriarch, Jeanne Cooper, which by itself was a devastating blow to the show…. we were just not ready to lose any of these characters.

First Abby Newman (Marcy Rylan), an absolute perfect fit for the show, then Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), another scene stealer and long time fan favorite, then Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) a tremendous asset to the show with the hottest love story/co-star on daytime… Chemistry is chemistry, you can’t create it or duplicate it. He and Amelia Heinle were magical together, even more so when the writing was good. Then the final straw…firing the best actor to come onto the daytime scene in decades… Michael Muhney.

Then they bring in all these new actors that we have NO connection with. None. Zip. Nada. They were thrown into stories that had no point, made no sense and had no ending. Then the truly great actors like Peter Bergman, Christian LeBlanc, Judith Chapman and Jess Walton were reduced to “appearances”. Or characters were completely destroyed as with Sharon Case and Kristoff St. John.

Suddenly the whole show revolved around Dylan!! What???

Then the worst story line in the history of day time sends fans into a real tizzy. They take the two best characters on the show and reduce them to stupid and careless. Billy becomes the most irresponsible parent in the world by leaving his young daughter ALONE IN A CAR, AT NIGHT! Then Adam drives by, sees a puppy in the road, stops, gets out, looks around and has no clue he just hit and killed a child!! Omg!!! What a frickin’ INSULT to the fans!! This story had no value whatsoever. Fans begged for a reversal months in advance, only for it to fall on deaf ears. We did not need this and we did not want this. We were still grieving (for real) at the loss of Jeanne Cooper.

Meanwhile, the mighty Victor Newman spews his vile hatred and power all around town and mumbles thru nearly all of his scenes with the same ol, same ol stuff we’ve had to endure for 30 years… only now we can’t even understand him!

Then we find out that our FAVORITE actor is fired. Well… Talk about not recognizing a show. Yeah…that’s why we are outraged. Enough of the disrespect to the fans. We will watch Adam’s last 2 weeks because we know he will deliver, but the rest of the show is just no longer watchable. Thanks JFP, I guess you did what you were hired to do. Kill another soap. Wow.

Justified?? NO WAY!! This man was, at most, guilty of rocking the wrong boat and the idiots that decided to dump him and try to make the fans dislike him have made a colossal mistake of epic proportions. Not just that, but they laughed at us!! they think we will ALL still watch. well, just wait until the February sweeps numbers start coming in. Then maybe they will believe us. But by then, I’m afraid it will be too late.

Our show is our escape from the crappy news we have to hear every day. It’s our fantasy family. It’s a connection we have with our mothers, our grandmothers, our husbands, our best friends and even our children. We have loved and adored our show for generations…for decades. But it is no longer the powerful drama it once was. And you know what??? We are HEARTBROKEN!!!

Yes, I said “our show”. This show belongs to the fans as much as it belongs to CBS or Sony or any of the actors or executives, but without the fans, there will be no show! By firing MM, they have ultimately fired thousands upon thousands of fans.

You have said my thoughts PERFECTLY Marie!!!! This show is ruined! I have watched my ENTIRE LIFE… Completely heartbroken!!! 🙁

Marie, you have voiced our thoughts beautifully! What is there to watch anymore? Victor Newman’s vile character , Sharon reduced to a psycho, Nikki’s whining , Avery jumping ship at the drop of a hat, and filler actors just marking la-la-land.etc; etc?
This is not what we bargained for. Look at all the stupid story lines. Soap Operas are not Fairy tales. They don’t have to take us for fools.
1. In which Hospital in the whole of USA can a ding bat go and change DNA results?? The writers didn’t have the intelligence to make her bribe a nurse or someone who worked there, but just thought that the viewers were stupid enough to swallow it hook, line and sinker.
2. No father will leave a child alone at night in a car. The child even pleads “”Are you going to leave me here?”
3. The “normal” reaction for a hit and run driver WHEN HE HAD NO KNOWLEDGE OF HAVING HIT ANYTHING would be to come forward when he hears about it the next day, but they dragged this out for days and tried to make it a MURDER story!
4. Billy wanting to shoot the “murderer” when he should shoot himself. Isn’t there something wrong here?
I could go on and on…….but it doesn’t matter anymore, because I, for one, AM OUT OF HERE!

Marie…that was quite an emotional rampage you went on there…VERY BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! VERY WELL SAID!!!!! Let’s face it…Y&R is sinking faster and faster than quicksand…YIKES!!!!! Marie, here are a few thoughts of my own:
1. Of course that Jill Farren Phelps is killing Y&R!!!!! And, look at all of the other soaps that she has ruined over the years…AW, GH, GL, OLTL, SB and now Y&R. That woman is a MONSTER!!!!!
2. A frickin’ INSULT…VERY TRUE!!!!! I don’t know ANYONE who would leave their young children ALONE in a vehicle…daytime or nighttime!!!!! DUMB AS HELL!!!!!
3. Storyline-wise, I wish that Y&R would FINALLY put that self-righteous and insufferable Victor Newman out to PASTURE…FOR GOOD!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!
4. It’s sad (and annoying as hell!!!!!) that Y&R is currently revolving around that DULL AS DIRT Dylan. But, remember…that bland and one-dimensional Steve Burton is a close friend of Jill Farren Phelps. It is what it is. Very sadly.
5. All of these new Y&R cast members (and the ANNOYING and UNWATCHABLE newbie characters that they portray) each need to be shown the door. And Jill Farren Phelps, too. ASAP!!!!!

Marie, take care and have a good one.

Marie, I totally agree with you. Michael Muhney was demonizes because he’s a classically trained actor who cares about the quality of his craft and spoke out to try and improve the scenes that he was in. Apparently a lot of the other actors were not as brave and settled for just delivering their lines and cashing a check, and that’s why we are left with dribble. I look forward to following Michael Muhney and Michelle Stafford in their future endeavors. They are both far too good for that crappy show. Here’s hoping Y&R a rapid death and a much needed cancellation.

Mary I give you a standing ovation!!! It’s not just the firing of MM that will have me tuning out its really the fact that all the quality actors will no longer be gracing the screen on Y&R on top of the terrible writing. Don’t they realize that its these fantastic actors who make these dumb storylines watchable??? The H&R storyline is a total flop. None of the evidence they have written in gives any definitive indication that Adam is the culprit! Very BAD writing.

Wanna bet that MM’s replacement will be some cheap FOJ that can’t act out of cardboard box? God forbid if any actor should steal the spotlight from SBu. Wouldn’t be hard to do anyways. He only has that one expression in every scene. None of the newbies do anything for me either. All of them flat and bland.

by the way, has anyone seen Jill Abbott? seems she was kidnapped almost a month ago…yea, just what I thought…more BAD writing.

Marie, Julz, Verna, Jaybird369, studio33128, and Kaleesi I give all of you standing ovations for every word you have all said. I feel exactly the same way and after watching for over 30 years my DVR will stop recording the Y&R after I watch the final performances of the only two actors who have made me continue watching as long as I have. Especially MM.

All of you have covered all the reasons why the Y&R is not the great, must watch show that it once was. I can’t add anything more except that I am sad. What is even worse is that both Billy and Adam have been ruined. Billy and Victoria had a great love story that has survived a lot and now the character has had an affair. What a sad note for Billy Miller to go out on. Adam will be labeled a murderer by everyone left and he never was. I will never believe that he hit that precious little girl. He did everything he could do avoid her dog, and stopped to see that the dog was okay. I can’t believe that they think fans are so stupid to believe you would hit something and not be aware of it. I have hit a squirrel and felt it. Right away everyone talked about the murderer and always used the word “he”. He knew there was no way anyone would ever believe Adam Newman. Except for Chelsea the whole town never accepted him. I am going to miss MM and his great acting because he played that character like no one else. My hope is that he at least gets to talk to Chelsea and she believes in him. I just know that I will be looking for wherever MM goes next. I have no interest in anything that Y&R has. I am tired of FF everyone else’s scenes. I have been watching GH and enjoying it.

Kaleesi your comment about has anyone seen Jill Abbott? Great example of the bad writing of this soap. We could go on and on giving examples. I also agree with you about Dylan and his one expression. None of the newbies are of any interest to me. So goodbye Y&R. With what has been done to this once loved soap you have made it easy to leave.

Marie, excellent, excellent excellent, excellent, analysis, my family so agrees with you!!!! Don’t forget Mrs. C left her billions to a grandson she just barely knew, with all those other family and friends around, STUPID STORYLINE! She would never have done that, like ever! Sharleen, your added comments fit how I feel and are part of why I quit watching myself. Blaming Adam for the death of a child who was part of everyones life on this show, ruined it for me. BYE YR, BYE BYE

I agree. I do not choose to quit watching Y&R but am forced to stop watching because of all my favorites leaving, bad writing, bad story lines and repeated story lines. I will miss some of my remaining favorites, but in the end, MM & BM leaving was the final straw. Such a sad day for me cause I watched from Day 1.

Can they not see how upset the fans are or do they just not care? If money talks, then fans walking might be what it takes for them to see reality. So sad for the good actors who must stay and deal with this bad writing and s/l.


Geri I so agree with you!!! I quit watching already because of all this.

Buh bye! Don’t you “fans” of the show realize they ad to fire him? What he did was criminal. And Y&R had a responsibility or possibly face a law suit. The U.S. justice system take sexual harassment very seriously. But I know some of you nut jobs think he is God and could not have possibly done what he is accused of. Please. Will be glad to see him and all of you so called fans of the show gone! Maybe then there will be no more complaining about something that is. not. going. to. change.

Michael Muhney is awesome..
Michael Muhney is 1 of Y&R..

They made a huge mistake letting him go, and it will show in the ratings..

Executives of networks are like politicians and spin to make them look better and righteous..

Michael Muhney !!! hope to see you soon where ever you end up .

This is not even a story. Nothing was confirmed except they wanted a change and they got one. Good luck with their ratings in 2015 with 1/2 the viewers.

This will bite Y & R where it counts – the ratings. The best actors have now left and so will your audience.

I think this is garbage reporting. What a way to keep a vicious rumor alive and try to ruin the reputation of an actor that captured daytime TV in a way that few others have ever been able to do. As a 30 year fan of this show, I can’t even begin to list all the things they have one to screw up this show over the past two years, but losing MM was by far the most stupid and shortsighted decision of them all. Wherever he goes, I will be sure to follow. LOVE him!!

Marie if your the marie that wrote the above, you should send it to CBS and everyone you can, great anaylsis. He was best actor to come onto the daytime scene in decades… Michael Muhney. no matter what happened with him, the show has gone down the tubes in the past year and a half.

So sexual harassment is ok as long as an actor is good? Nice way of thinking there, Timmy! I hope you never have a daughter.

I will not be watching Y& R without Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. Bye Bye Y&R.

As one commenter said above and is worth repeating, What a sad note for Billy Miller to go out on. Adam will be labeled a murderer by everyone left and he never was. I will never believe that he hit that precious little girl. He did everything he could do avoid her dog, and stopped to see that the dog was okay. STUPID, you writers at YR make us fans look like IDIOTS!!!!! So glad I am done with this mess of a show and yes its sad after watching for over 20 years!

Buh bye! Me and the rest of the loyal show viewers will continue to enjoy it! And there are many more of us than you people pretend there are.

”According to TVG Canada’s David, Nina Tassler made this statement: “I can’t comment on any of the allegations, I can only say that when the producers and Sony [Pictures Television] came to us and said, ‘We want to make a change,’ and they laid out their reasoning why, we supported them.””

Not even the President, CBS Entertainment, can tell as a fact that the ‘alleged’ boobie incident is fact..
She uses ”allegations” = no facts ..

Sony said;
”We want to make a change”

and they laid out their reasoning why, we supported them.”

It may be picking on semantics but the line is “We WANT to make a change”. Would they not have said We NEED to make a change if their hand was forced? It just doesn’t sound to me like they had no other choice and that statement matches what MM said in his interview when he was told they would give Adam a break and change actors.

They would have needed to make a change because Michael Muhney had signed a two year contract with CBS/Sony to be on Y&R for another two years (through March of 2015) in March of 2013. The only way to get rid of him was to fire him by saying they were going to “give Adam a break for 3-6 months then bring him back as another actor,” which is what Muhney stated Jill Farren Phelps had told him was the reasoning behind his being let go.

Sounds like CBS/Sony/Y&R wanted to get rid of Muhney (a very popular actor) for some reason (Steve Burton not going over with fans well with either Billy Miller or Michael Muhney around is my personal guess, as that was such a heralded entrance that went majorly flat with fans), so they found one: We need a new Adam.

All this BS about a supposed groping is just that … allegations, rumors and so forth that came about via an anonymous post on a soap web site.

I think, seriously, since Miller and Muhney were so beloved by fans and Burton (Phelp’s golden boy and whom she’d pinned so much on when she hired him — gads, the hoopla when he was hired!) majorly flopped, Y&R decided to get rid of both Miller and Muhney to give Burton a better chance to win fans over as Dylan. I doubt it’s going to work, as Muhney and Miller had a LOT of loyal fans, but you watch … Dylan/Burton will be shoved even harder to the front burner on Y&R now.

Just my opinion on this whole thing.

PS — I find it kind of strange that Burton got “outs” in his contract to do other work, including some that is backed by Sony/CBS itself, and yet the one thing they refused Billy Miller that was the only sticking point for him renewing his contract was getting “outs.” Weird, right? Hmmm…

wolfsmistress, Burton is the reason I could no longer watch GH!!! He was in every storyline, relentlessly shoved down our throats and I couldn’t take it anymore. I suspect this is about to happen on Y&R and I say NO THANKS. I agree with your theory. With Miller and Muhney around, there was no room for Burton to be accepted on the front burner. They knew that outs was the deal breaker for Miller and I agree they purposely denied him so he wouldn’t renew. That way it looks like they tried but its Miller’s decision to leave. Low and behold they fire Muhney and pin an accusation on him. Not to mention, it was so obvious they drove Stafford away by back burning her character. There is a pattern with these people!!

Kaleesi…I feel the same way. I did not care for Steve Burton when he was on GH. No. His (now former) character of Jason Morgan was a real downer…one-note, one-dimensional, bland, boring, humorless, ZERO sex appeal and way too self-righteous. No Thank You. And, with BOTH SB and that WRETCHED Jill Farren Phelps running amok (YIKES!!!!!) on the Y&R set, it’s like DOUBLE the nausea…BLECH!!!!! And, Kaleesi…I especially agree with the last sentence in your posting. There is a PATTERN with those people on the Y&R set…and it’s only gonna get WORSER AND WORSER as time goes on. Beyond sad.

She all but just accused MM… She should be fired along with her colleague JFP ! You should all be ashamed of yourselves cause Bill Bell would have handled this with dignity & discretion, not this freak show version… You are all looking @ the $ signs & that is the bottom line ! The only way Y&R will survive is getting rid of the higher ups & find some fresh talent to replace them… Whoever first leaked this story should be the 1st one fired !!!

where there is smoke, there is fire, if there are rumors of groping…twice…chances are…bye bye MM
and good riddance. there is no room on any soap,show, or in anyones life for groping….good riddance

The rumors came from an anonymous source posted on

Where’s the truth in that? No smoke, no fire, in my books. Period.

So you believe it because… Let me guess… It was on the Internet!


No, I believe in the adage of “Innocent until proven guilty.” So far, there’s absolutely no proof of any kind toward Michael Muhney that shows he’s guilty of anything other than being an outspoken person.

If, and when, proof comes about, then we will see what is real and what is not. Perhaps you have met your French boyfriend on the Internet, and get your information from there, but I still believe in people and the law … and “innocent until PROVEN guilty,” not “guilty just become some dumbo says so on the Internet,” which some tend to believe, hmm?

The rumors are just that, viscious rumors. Sexual harassment is a crime. Common sense shohld tell you that you don’t fire someone on Monday for sexual harassment, and then invit them back onto the set to finish filmj ng for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That just does not happen.Period! Michael’s dismissal was based on his integrity for his craft as an actor. He was not willing just to say his lines and cash a check. He rocked the boat by insisting on better scenes for the show, and jealousy prevailed. Well, it’s Y&R’s loss. Muhney seems to have moved on and is winning, and Y&R has yet another nail in its coffin.

Such denial from you people. How many of you have been to law school or taken even one law class? Also someone keeps saying it was leaked on That’s not even true. It was leaked by TMZ. Such little knowledge from such big mouths.

Janet, since there’s nothing in my reply regarding leaking a story, or TMZ, I would suggest you forget about law, and take a class in basic comprehension. Comprehension, Janet, is possessing the ability to understand and retain what you have read. And , Janet, I don’t know who “you people” are, since “I” (singular pronoun) am the only one who wrote the reply. Little knowledge? Big mouths? The big mouths, Janet, are in your head. Silence the voices, Janet. silence the voices.

I commented the following on this article: “All Nina Tassler did was cause me to want to re-double my efforts to contact Sony executives and express my great displeasure with how everything was handled. The fan base for Michael Muhney as Adam Newman is by far much stronger than they realize! They will soon witness a mass exodus of fans leaving Y&R now and after January 30th! The change we fans want is the firing of Jill Farren Phelps, and if he will agree to return to Y&R, the re-hiring of Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. I will also tell Sony executives that we are disgusted by the distasteful comments and fan bashing by several current Y&R actors, most notably Eric Braeden and Greg Rikaart! In addition, I wish to make them aware of Jill Farren Phelps and Angelica McDaniel reportedly scoffing at fans and saying we won’t stop watching – well, just WATCH US!”

I’m a major Michael Muhney fan and want him back, too. However, I’ve read some horrible, harassing tweets sent to Eric Braeden, Greg Rikaart, and many other cast members….I’m sure there are many, many others than what I’ve seen. I cannot blame them for being so ill at the fans that are driving them crazy about this. I’m FB friends with several cast members also, and follow some of the cast. The same thing happens on Facebook. The harassment is way out of hand. It’s hard for me to blame them for striking back as much as they are being targeted about this. After all, we fans do not know the true story, and I assume they know more than we do. I love Michael and will cry like a baby on January 30th, I love Billy Miller, too. I dread the 30th bigtime. Both excellent actors and I’m so attached to them. I just think people are carrying the harassment way too far. Peaceful protest calling and writing the studio, producers, writers, etc, but not the other cast members. I say all of this with respect. I’ve watched going on 32 years now, since I was 8 years old. I love Y&R and hope it’s on another 40 years at least. I love everyone on the show, and miss the ones that aren’t on anymore….. Drucilla, Phyllis, Daniel, Tucker, the list goes on. 🙂 LOL

Exactly. How much can the cast be expected to take? I too have seen horrible things said to them. Why should they have to take it without eventually fighting back? If we (any of us) want to talk trash to anyone we should expect it back, no matter who it is. People are simply not thinking. The show would not have fired such a popular actor had he not done what he was accused of doing. Why bite the hand that feeds you with no reason at all? The fact is he is gone and never coming back. And I would think he would not go back, since the threat was made to call the police.

#TeamMuhney we want a change to, can we have it?!


Seems like they keep changing the story to suit their needs. Right now, the show sucks. It’s such a bore. I hope it improves.

Innocent until proven guilty I say….but don’t trash a person until there is proof of their guilt. I’ve been watching Y&R since it started & I’m feeling less interested in it lately. The story lines are stupid, except for Adam. If they need to sack some of their “stars” I would have thought a few others should go before MM & Billy. I’ve been very confused by the Michael/Lauren/Fen story line it’s unreal. If it doesn’t improve I might have to say bye bye & find something else to watch. B&B is suffering from the same complaint – stupid storylines. Don’t they get it that people don’t want to see the actors who were part of the Soaps that have finished, in these Soaps.

Biggest crock I have ever seen in my life. Sony and CBS should be ashamed of themselves to let such a vicious rumor continue. MM is ADAM. No way do I believe that MM touched HK’s breasts.

Well, you should have thought about it a bit more before tossing out the best actor to have ever graced your set. Shame on you. You will be hemorrhaging viewers as of the end of the January 30 episode. Think about that. Shame on you.

Why do you all think they are going to lose a massive amount of viewers? You all are simply the most vocal. The show will go on. Without Michael Muhney. Which I am happy about because since he did what he did I can’t stand looking at his face.

I think they are covering their butts!!! They let MM go because he showed up EB, from that point on things got out of hand and they did not expect to have such a great uprising with the fans, so now they are grasping at straws to cover up…..even allowing EB to spout dribble as he calls it……only making things worse because they will go down the tubes, fans bailing out as if Y&R was a sinking ship, which it is….one more time proof that Karma is a bi$ch!!! Goodbye old friend!!!! Hello General Hospital……

Buh Bye!

Georgia Ruffing, I have already started watching GH, too. I will be saying Goodbye to Y&R on the 30th. I think listening to EB’s dribble and GR’s nonsense it clearly proves to me that the firing of MM had nothing to do with any stupid “groping”. HK was only a catalyst. There were far more” better endowed” actresses than that, and we are not interested in he said she said. This not the first time that someone has called “wolf” when their advances were rejected.There were obviously other rumblings going on in the state of Denmark. EB has no role to play . He makes me sick. And…can you stomach Katherine in all her wisdom leaving Chancellor Industries to this old goat who has his own Newman Enterprises ? What did she leave her ever loving husband? Is he in an old folks home? These are some of the stupid story lines that ( I’ve mentioned more in a previous letter) make me feel we are wasting our time watching a show that thinks we are morons. GR is another no brainer in a police force manned by 3 people. How on earth such a nitwit came to be there beats me! Dylan has been an ‘also ran’ from day one. GH is better off without him. I will miss Sharon , Jack,Chelsea,& Michael Baldwin. The rest are just filler actors who have no story lines. Cane and Lily do nothing but sit and look pretty. So give them a job remodelling a hotel that the new Billionaire acquired! Neil has no story line so let’s give him a big bash of a wedding! Do these horrible writers expect us to waste an hour watching this Nonsense??????

As a fan of MM, I stand by him until the accusations are proven true. The execs at Y&R and Sony have to make his firing his fault and I don’t believe what they are saying and it’s two sides to every story and Michael hasn’t given his. Will not be watching anymore after Jan. 30th!!!

Don’t you think there is a reason he has not given his side? This is all so obvious. You must all be drinking some kind of Kool Aid to not see the obvious.

Yes, Janet, there is a reason why Mr. Muhney has not spoken about the subject, it’s called tact. Tact, Janet, Tact.

I think the whole thing stinks. I am angry that the best actor on the show has been fired, and they have allowed a smear campaign by others. I have watched for 40 years. No more.

Okay this adds nothing new to what is already out. It is obvious CBS supported the decision otherwise they would not have fired him without their backing and they have already said they can’t comment on the issue at hand– why he was fired. It is non stories like this one that keeps trying to milk the publicity cow on this topic. Enough already, until or unless something truly new is known— I don’t want to hear it anymore about it.

The way this was all handled convinced me to leave, at this point it is the reason Im done. Watching is boring to begin with I fast forward to watch Muhney , he was the saving grace. After reading comments from other actors and seeing who they really are was the icing on the cake. In my mind they were better left as there character they played because after hearing them as actual individuals I think they are all ruthless, backstabbing, publicity hungry human beings. True colors were shown, not pretty to hear. CBS, Jill , Sony, all have lost my respect on the handling of this situation. Team Muhney always.

I don’t know what happened with Hunter King, but if it is true, I cannot support Michael being still on the show, but if it isn’t true, then I want him back. I don’t want to believe that whatever he is accused of doing is true. I hope whatever,the truth does come out and the best is for all!

Lets just move on!

Adam #1 was good, he wanted out because of a gay moment between him and another character.

Adam #2 was great. .He was more like Victor and I think Eric and Michael are more like each other in real life and they collided and Eric did and would always win that battle.

Adam #3 TBD BUT maybe this guy will be even better, get along and respect the cast AND have a mustache?

Engen was fired by Y&R; he didn’t want out.

I remember Chris Engen. And, if I remember correctly, CBS ended up suing CE for breach of contract.

@jaybird — while it was reported in several places online that CBS MAY sue Engen for breach of contract, (in online tabloids, mostly, once again showing they’re usually the ones who jump on these stories or try to take them further than they really are to go), I have found no record, nor was there ever, that I know of, any breach of contract suit brought by CBS against Engen.

Also, I do know that he didn’t quit … he was fired. This is yet another case of “believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.” Benjamin Franklin

Hi quit! I remember it very well. He did not like the storyline and quit. You can say he was fired all you want but it won’t change the facts.

No, I can say with all honesty that he was fired. I can’t say HOW I know, but that I DO know. I was asked not to reveal my source and I won’t, but trust me, he WAS fired. He did NOT quit. And as Muhney quoted Benjamin Franklin, I will repeat that quote for Mr. Engen. “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

Tim, I agree! See what no one is doing is reading between the lines.So here goes:
Nina: He did what? Oh, Hell Yes! Fire his Ass!!

I think MM should be able to defend himself, don’t keep him quiet. I think his co-workers’ names should be known as well!. no hiding behind CBS/Sony.. they should say just why they want him off the set!

,since cbs nd sony is standing behind the firing o Michael/adam I guess the viewers/fans can stand behind one another and not support cbs nor sony. in the months to come you will see a drop in ratings for young & restless and this is sad because its been #1 for 25 years but as the old saying goes ” nothing last forever” good bye y& r we will miss you but will miss Michael/adam more

What I think is that CBS needs to watch the show. If they did that, it would become readily apparent that the plots are lame and long-suffering. They go nowhere and are becoming increasingly more boring. As for Michael Muhney, he has been carrying the show as the one you can both love and hate–Classic soap,opera at its best. His character is totally believable and draws in the audience. Seems to me CBS would want the strength of such an actor/character and demand better writing for the show. Too bad viewer opinion isn’t respected. After all, the dedicated audience pays the bills! I feel sure many viewers will leave when Muhney goes. They will be doing so in support,of him and certainly for the disregard of audience opinion. Someone should have addressed fans earlier.

As a fan of Y & R for over 20 years, I am leaving when Michael Muhney leaves. I think it is a shame that those in charge cannot make an honest statement about what happened. If you want Y & R to remain the number one daytime soap then you had best make some real changes and get rid of the people who are ruining the show.

What a sad note for Billy Miller and Michael to go out on. I am done too Lisa, the writing is awful and our beloved characters a mess. I loved MM too.

The fact that no one is coming straight out as to what happened will always leave fans doubtful as to the reason for the firing.
Y&R will be loosing a lot of good fans many like myself who have watched since the show began. The best actors are gone, the story lines are beyond boring, its just the same old, same old.
Good luck Y&R you are going to need it.

If they do let michael known as Adam go and don’t make a deal with billy abbotts character I Will be one of the ones not to watch this show. I have watched it for over 45 years and they are both great actors and bring excitement to the show.

You guys need to come clean and speak the truth. We are sick of the run around the more you seem evasive and dishonest the more viewers you lose

The whole thing is sad. Still think CBS/Sony needs to make a statement to fans.

The only thing this proves is that TPTB wanted Muhney gone, period.

the man himself admitted he can be a jerk, but these allegations of sexual assault and him being crucified in the press and by his former cast mates is just appalling.

Either way, after the 30th this is a non issue for me, I havent even been able to watch regularly for a while with the shit they are airing.

The show is beyond boring and this grotesque storyline of Victor trying to steal his grandson is just too much. Nikki and Jill’s golden boy is just ridiculous and the whole Carmine debacle just gets more ridiculous.

Maybe TPTB need a reality check, I have a feeling I wont be the only one shutting off this crapfest.

Farren Pehilp’s golden boy

Check out carrie fisher’s character in the movie Soap Dish. Similar ?

No, Rob, you definitely won’t be the only one “shutting off this crapfest”. I see an exodus on the 31st. I have already started watching GH and am sorry I hadn’t done so all these years, instead of wasting my time in fictitious Genoa city!

Be careful what you say on this board it is totally against Muhney though nothing has been proven he is guilty in the eyes of all soap blogs. It will be quite amusing when the truth does ever surface like a relationship gone bad???

Michael Muhney’s character and integrity have been attacked by cast members and the press. He, along with millions of people around the world , have had their reputations ruined without a shred of tangible proof. We all await real evidence and “innocent until proven guilty” should prevail. This is about soap opera stars, but They also happen to be REAL people,Hunter King included. As far as Y&R is concerned, Michael is the only actor we,the fans,will accept.He IS Adam Newman so to replace him would result in a large % of the Y&R audience tuning out!!!!!Michael’s ability to make Adam so real and someone we have grown to care about, sets him apart . All of the cast members are so talented, But Michael transcends acting……He just IS the character-a unique ability that has resulted in an attachment the fans feel about him. CBS should explore the real facts concerning his firing and reverse their decision if he is as innocent as we hope he is.
As far as his behavior in the past – give us the FACTS – not “he said,she said” gossip.Enough with the alleged past misbehavior !! The man has a wife and children. Stop meddling in people’s lives !

My husband and I have watched Young and Restless now for the past several years and really without Adam their will be no story line that we care to watch…

If CBS cares about thier fans at all, give us back MM .. NO MM= No more show for me.
Nothing CBS has ever done has ever angered me this much. When we lost k this year, i cried my little eyes out. after 20 plus years of watching this show, K was a part of my daily life. I laughed, i cried each and every day with her. I was still grieving then we lost Phylis. Then Billy. AND NOW MM ?? why do this to us ??? Nobody can fill MM ‘s shoes. He is the most interesting person on the show. Ive loved him since day 1. I dont believe one bad word thats said about him.

Rehire MM .. and while your at it.. Bring back drucilla too.! Fire EB, fire the writters, fire the boring winters. OH boy get rid of avery too..

“thank you” for sharing your honesty…

I well up.. with emotion

I cried… for:

Katherine: Jeanne Cooper
Phyllis: Michelle Stafford
Billy: Billy Miller
Adam: Michael Muhney

Year 2013 is mind boggling… flabbergasted… i’m incensed… that all that is currently going on, and, went down… as it has… with no light…

what an aimless production

I just love… Eileen Davidson: Ashley
I just love… Beth Maitland: Traci

and you’ve read it many a time.. Nina, Chance IV, Delia, Carmine….

these actors.. mentioned.. were magnetic… as someone so eloquently stated above… they “transcend” acting…. this was the time.. I was glued…

I agree with you… bringing back Drucilla… would make a big inroad.. to revitalize… and bring focus to a whole ‘nother part of the canvas… and PLEASE steer clear of the Newmans… except for Victoria… it’s too demeaning and fresh… hurt… to the audience

I just don’t believe… that Michael Muhney the person… would have let his mind go… to so affect his livelihood… and his new family… that he didn’t know… this could happen.. or did he… when he said.. he was “still” for 5 minutes upon hearing… this life altering… allegations

be that as it may… it’s pretty apparent… to me.. that fans are given so little regard.. and callous disregard… of the audience… has , I HOPE, penetrated… their… OH, HOW I digress… their pedestalled status…

this is not the #1 soap

so be it… I am leaving… as of, January 31, 2014

I so agree with all of you. Since we all feel the same, I believe YR won’t make it, or the people watching are newbees who could care less. Patrick I agree, I loved the stars you love, they made or make the show.

Timmy boy I have been watching for 37 years, so I am hardly a newbie. And I know many people who are not newbie’s who are not going anywhere.

Janet, why am I not surprised to learn that you associate with people who aren’t going anywhere? That was for Timmy.

No MM on Jan 30th…………………No Y&R for me…………..he and Chelsea are the best story line going and they are going to blow that as well. No one else can play Adam bottom line.

With every “new” report that comes out, it makes less and less sense. The execs must really believe that we, the fans, are stupid! When they make nasty remarks about their own fanbase and post these remarks on social media sites, including stating the fact that they are laughing at us, it is infuriating! The fans are the reason they have jobs and this is the thanks we get(?) Well, I refuse to be the brunt of their jokes any longer. I have always believed that most people are inherently good and decent. I can’t imagine being the kind of person who could derive pleasure from participating in a campaign whose sole purpose is to destroy the reputation of someone else. So many lives have been effected as the result of this smear campaign…not only Michael Muhney but his wife and children and Hunter King are suffering. Instead of the execs doing their jobs by addressing the rumors and allegations in a discrete and professional manner, they decided to perpetuate the situation which has now gotten completely out of hand in addition to creating a hostile work environment complete with cast and crew infighting and a fanbase that is divided, disillusioned and disgusted. It is a sad situation all the way around. I am sure that, even if the execs feel otherwise, Y&R will lose a significant portion of their viewers…including me, a longtime fan. Maybe they are laughing and genuinely do not care about the fans(?) I wanted to think the opposite was true. Maybe I am stupid. It is disheartening to say the least. I think this is the beginning of the end for Y&R.

Why say anything at all if that was all they said. This whole situation has been very bazaar from the very beginning. They are still hiding the true facts. Why silence the two involved and let everyone else run their mouths and say anything they want to, truth or lie. This MM fan is still Team Muhney. I support Michael Muhney. I have had it with Y&R and I would not watch it after Jan. 30th if they got Ryan Gosling to play Adam Newman. No one can play Adam Newman but Michael Muhney. If anyone should be fired it is the backstabbers who work at CBS Sony, and Y&R, Starting at the top Angela McDaniel, Jill Farren Phelps, the writers who cannot write, and a couple of actors who have outlived their usefulness on the Soap. They should have been let go years ago.
Yes, I will boycott CBS Sony, this article such as it is, makes me want to give it up so much sooner. But I will wait til Jan. 30th and see the final scenes with the one of the most talented daytime actor in history, Michael Muhney. Everyone looses in this situation. Michael Muhney lost a job he loved and was very passionate about, and it showed in every scene he was in, no matter whom he played opposite. CBS Sony looses because they will no longer be #1 Network because all the fans are leaving to go to another soap, They lose because of ratings, and sponsors pulling out when the boycott begins, and the biggest looser of all are the millions of fans, just like me and you will no longer be entertained by the #1 greatest soap opera in history, The Young and The Restless. There are no winners in the Killing of a Soap,. I tried to tell everyone that Jill Farren Phelps was the soap killer. No one listens. No one listens to the fans. No one believes the fans are the reason shows are number 1.
Well listen to the Michael Muhney fans come January 30th. Thousands all across the country will stop watching. They said they wanted change, but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.
Michael Muhney will be o.k. His fans never believed the allegations against him. With his looks and talent we will be seeing this young man front and center on our T.V. screens or in the movies. I just hope it is sooner, than later. Michael, you do have family, friends, and thousands of fans backing you. We love you and you will be back on top again. Where you belong.

– Tears –

“…Everyone looses in this situation. Michael Muhney lost a job he loved and was very passionate about, and it showed in every scene he was in”

I’m with you… and I HOPE… for fans to take a stand… at the outset… Jan. 31, 2014 to just let go…

which… to the year in and year out… decades plus… fans… to acknowledge, which shouldn’t be hard to quantify… that the current help, production… and most obvious glare.. is the lack of quality actors missing, with BAD writing… is remiss

it’s like my heart for Genoa City has been ripped out… i can’t keep supporting the state that Y&R is in? it’d be demeaning to all the years i’ve given

current help – *helm (JFP)

why did they let him continue taping if all the lies were true then he should have been off the set and arrested.I think there is enough info out there now to know everything that was said of his firing are all lies.As a fan since 1980 I am done with the young and restless,story lines are terrible.

That’s what doesn’t make sense. If he groped a co-worker, he should have been suspended IMMEDIATELY, not allowed to continue working.

They need to bottle some of this drama and put in on the air.

General Hospital

General Hospital’s Rena Sofer Remarries Sanford Bookstaver

Congratulations are in order for Rena Sofer (Lois Cerullo, General Hospital) and her longtime love, TV director and producer, Sanford Bookstaver. The couple re-tied the knot over this past weekend in a wedding ceremony.

In a post on her Instagram, Sofer shared the details, expressing, “This weekend on what would have been our 21st wedding anniversary I got to Re-Marry my best friend Sanford Booksaver once again!”

The GH star and Daytime Emmy-winner added,”The journey we are about to begin is the most exciting adventure, in a new state and town, but most thrilling is that we get to do it together as husband and wife!”

Photo: SBookStaverIG

Alluding to their time apart, Rena noted, “The three years we spent apart were humbling and heartbreaking but vital to us finding each other again. The love I have for you now is the foundation of my life. I can’t imagine another moment NOT walking through life with you hand in hand and our hearts entwined. You are the love of my life, and it’s not ‘oops we did it again, but I’m so grateful we did it again!❤️❤️❤️”

Previously, Sofer was married to GH and Days star, Wally Kurth (Ned and Justin, respectively) from 1995-1997, and the two share a daughter together, Rosabel Rosalind Kurth. Rena and Sanford were previously married from 2005 to 2017 and share a daughter together, Avalon Leone.

Share your well-wishes to Rena and Sanford as they embark on the next chapter of their lives together as a married couple via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Rena Sofer (@rena.sofer)

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REPORT: Matthew Atkinson Back to The Bold and the Beautiful

When we last saw The Bold and the Beautiful’s Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), he headed out of Los Angeles with his son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and headed to Paris. The decision to leave was prompted by Hope (Annika Noelle) turning down his marriage proposal once again, and by prodding from his sister, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Many Thope fans have wanted to see Hope and Thomas reunite and figure out where to take their relationship next, but he has been nowhere insight, and so has his portrayer, Matthew Atkinson.

However, in a new report from Soap Hub, their sources indicate that Atkinson will be back on screen next month by mid-June. In a tease, Atkinson posted a photo on his Instagram story (which has since disappeared, since IG story posts only stay up for 24 hours), where he was pointing at a TV screen behind him that showed Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Eric (John McCook) in a scene. No telling the true meaning of that snap, but it could be he is back at the show.

Photo: JPI

As Hope and Finn (Tanner Novlan) are getting closer, the timing could just work out in the most dramatic way if Thomas were to return. Since Hope and Finn are bonding over their parents, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Deacon’s (Sean Kanan), upcoming nuptials, will the doctor and the designer hit the sheets and Thomas walks in on it?

Photo: JPI

Now let us know, when Thomas returns do you want to see him reconcile things with Hope, or do you want him back to the obsessed Thomas of the past who hatched plots to get what he wanted? Comment below.

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General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Defends Sonny Going Postal, “It Could Definitely Happen”

Last Friday’s May 17th cliffhanger of General Hospital saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) beating up Dex (Evan Hofer) and threatening to shoot and kill both Dex and Jason (Steve Burton), who is restraining him outside the ballroom at the wedding reception of Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase (Josh Swickard).

For months, Sonny has been taking less than his prescribed dosage of medication to control his bipolar disorder.  The mobster has no idea that he has been duped by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), who is the one that set this dangerous situation in motion, in an effort to eliminate Sonny and eventually Jason from interfering in Pikeman taking over the territory.

One fan questioned the validity of Sonny’s reaction to Dex and Jason after the pei, when he took to X and expressed, “People off their medications don’t necessarily go around hitting people and being out of control. This was the WRONG message to send. I don’t expect anything from Frank Valentini and General Hospital anymore, but you could’ve (and should’ve) stopped it cold.”

Photo: ABC

Maurice Benard replied back to that comment and defended the actions of Sonny given the circumstances. The three-time Daytime Emmy-winner shared, “This is true but when you have a character like Sonny who’s volatile and is drinking and is manic and his thoughts are taken him over it could definitely happen like I said, ‘bipolar ain’t pretty.”‘

GH has portrayed Sonny’s battle with mental illness and the importance of keeping on your meds, plus the issues surrounding it for years. However, some fans have not been pleased by this latest plot point.


The pick-up of the story begins tomorrow on Monday, May 20th where teasers for the episode share: Sonny is horrified. Blaze consoles Kristina (who walked in on her dad threatening Jason and Dex) and Jason summons Carly.

So, what did you think of the plot point of Sonny threatening to kill Dex and Jason, after beating up Dex, given his growing paranoia? Comment below.

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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