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Charles Shaughnessy And Patsy Pease Making A Return To DAYS!



Looks like there will be some intriguing story ahead on NBC’s Days of our Lives via a post on Charles Shaughnessy’s official facebook page.   It is there that it notes that: “Look for Charlie in November. He will appear on the show as Shane Donovan, with Patsy & Jen.”

That means it looks like Shane and Kimberly (Patsy Pease) will be on the canvas presumably to help wrap-up the departing Jen Lilley’s storyline, (the actress confirmed her departure in a statement on Monday) when she exits the canvas as Theresa, but perhaps there is more story for beloved super couple Shane and Kim?

Look for more on Charles and Patsy’s return to Days of our Lives in this week’s latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, where they hint that this time the two actors are not back just for a super “quickie” visit.  This will mark Shaughnessy’s fifth time on DAYS since he left in 1992. His previous returns were in 2002, 2010, and 2013 and now 2016.   As for Pease, she last appeared in 2015.

So, excited to have Charles and Patsy on-screen on DAYS come November sweeps time?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Wish they would stay…hope they arent killing off Teressa…

4ever DAYS
4ever DAYS

I’m looking forward to their big return! I’ve seen several hints that there is big story for them this time. Don’t forget: Kassie DePaiva also returns as Eve, most likely bigger than a visit, too!

Tim Clarke
Tim Clarke

I really don’t think Kassie DePaiva (as Eve) is back in town for much except to say good bye to Theresa (her kid sister) who obviously is going to be killed off – and the others are around to help take care of the baby. What else could it POSSIBLY be –


I adore Patsy and Charlie and I hope the writing is up to the task. I’ve waited a very long time for Shane and Kim to return and I will tune in for them, but the writing has to be there for them. The thought of having Shane, Kim, Patch and Kayla on the show for however long, at the same time, is giving me the warm fuzzies.


“THEY” …

look so GOOD

it’s astounding that DAYS production value… don’t include… Shane and Kimberly Donovan

i’m certain …. if hired… contract

they would be thee “best” actors on Days of OUR Lives

they have so much presence
they have so much chemistry
they have so much acting talent

I can only … “pray” that Jen Lilly character of Jeanne Theresa Donovan is leaving the show… and mom and pops are back on to bid adieu

it’s pissed off languishing… that DOOL – FIRED – Kassie DePiava

they had RICHES to mine
they had RICHES to feast
they had RICHES

the Brady Donovan family… had … IT… ALL

NBC / Sony / Days… by all means… if Shane and Kimberly Donovan are back for a featured story… this is big

this is huge

the best of the best in daytime… is this

the Brady – Donovan family…


theres so much potential in this mine field


I loved watching Kim and Shane ! My favorite couple! i stopped watching Days after Patsy left. But. I did watch when either of then returned. Recently I started watching with the return of Bo. Days writers really messed that one up! Bo never said goodbye to his Kimber . So that being said after watching yesterday’s episode all about Hope . which made me laugh , cry – Here’s hoping the keep Shane Kim bring back Andrew and KEEP them on Days this time!


Looking forward to seeing them both!

Jim Preston
Jim Preston

I guess they are back for the big Funeral and Eve is temporarily back for that as well, unless they are all in town for a Birthday Party for Theresa…which, uh…I doubt.
So, I would imagine that Theresa gets killed off (I don’t think there are plans to re-cast the role) and all these relatives are in town to say adios.


Glad to hear it! I hope they stay for awhile. The in and out is too much plus I really like them. Would be good to have them on for a longer period.


I am so excited that Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease are returning to
Days! The best super couple in Days history. I will
actually start watching Days again!! Please give them a
great romantic storyline. Fans have been waiting for
this forever. Cannot wait to see Shane and Kim again .


I love Charles Shaughnessy and would be so happy if he could have a long stint on Days. He is a great actor and is still a very sexy man.

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad and Abby Share An Emotional Goodbye And Leave Salem Hitched

On Thursday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives, tears were shed not only by the characters on the screen, but by the audience at home … plenty of them if you have been checking out social media since this installment aired.  For in it, viewers had to say goodbye to Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby (Kate Mansi) as they left Salem to start their new life with their children in Paris.

However, before they make their exit, Chabby fans finally get to see their favorite duo tie the knot in a heartfelt and touching ceremony right in the Horton family living room.  While it was spur of the moment, it could not have been more poignant.  Leave it to Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) to officially preside over the nuptials, JJ (Casey Moss) to play his guitar while his sister walked down the living room aisle to her man, and even Jack (Matt Ashford) showed up to do the right thing to be there for his daughter.

What would a Chabby wedding be without personally written vows, right?  Abigail tells Chad: “When we first fell in love, God, we had no idea of what we were getting ourselves into.  They say that when you meet someone and fall in love, you’re drawn to them, because they have something you need and we’re here today because I need you.  I need your courage, your faith, and love.  I’m so beyond grateful at a second chance with you and a family with our beautiful children. You are the love of my life, Chad. There’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my days with you.”

Photo: JPI Studios

In a touching moment, Chad is overcome with tears and expresses to Abigail; “You’ve always fought for your health, and for us, and I’m in awe of the woman I fell in love with. I’ll cherish you. I will protect you. I’m yours, and I’ll never doubt you again, because a love like ours really does only come once in a life.”

They exchange rings and Julie pronounces them husband and wife.  But this happy moment is also bittersweet when Chad says, “We hate to marry and run.”  Chabby has a plane to catch to take them to Paris.   Chad looks around the room and at all the special people in his life, and tells the group how special they all are to him.  In that scene, it definitely gave the feels that it was also Billy Flynn saying farewell to his castmates.

Of course … before they leave town Chad and Abby visit Stefan (Tyler Christopher) and Gabi(Camila Banus)is there.  They give them the news that they are leaving for France and are married.  In a moment alone between Abby and Stefan, he apologizes to her. Stefan notes how much he loved the other part of her (Gabby with a “Y”) and knows that she loved him too.  Abby says, “I know”.  Meanwhile, Chad says goodbye to the portrait of his father, Stefano vowing to be back someday.  After Chabby exit the DiMera mansion, Stefan has a meltdown and throws the chest board while Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) walks in on the scene.

Photo: JPI

And finally, in the 10-hankie moment beautifully played by Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Chad and Abby at the Horton house to say their final goodbyes to Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie, Jack, JJ, and Jennifer.  Abigail tells her mother to never give up on her dad.  Chad is in tears as Jennifer tells him she will miss him,  He says, “I will miss you, too”.

It was in that moment that any of us that have ever had to say goodbye to our families and move far away from them, or come back to visit them and then leave again, can relate.  Saying goodbye is often heartbreaking when you leave behind the ones you love.  But, Chad and Abby got their happy ending … for now. However,t his is a soap opera, so you never know how long happiness will last, or when they might be back in Salem.

Kudos to the performances of Billy Flynn, so raw and real, and Kate Mansi playing Abigail with depth and dignity to wrap up the story.

So, what did you think of the Chabby goodbye? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.


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Days Of Our Lives

THIS WEEK: Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi Exit DAYS As Chabby Says Their “I Do’s” In Heart-tugging Moments

By now, Days of our Lives fans have learned that this week marks the end of the run, for now, of Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi as Chad and Abby.  But before they exit look for wedding bells to ring as Chabby remarries.

When Marci Miller decided to depart the role of Abigail, Kate Mansi returned to the role she played before Miller to finish the arc, which would have potentially left Abby to leave town and Chad to be without her, since Mansi signed on to just complete the storyline,

DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest  (in latest issue on newsstands now) the thought process of having the duo leave together: “While it was kind of agonizing to make the decision that Chad will exit the canvas with Abigail, I decided that was the best thing for the couple, it was the best thing for the fans and it was the best thing for the show. The way that they exit is very, very open-ended. It’s not like someone is going to die. They leave happy and the door is completely open for them to come back. As much as I’m sure some people will be sad to see them go, I think they’ll be happy to see them go together. It just seemed so unfair to not give them a happy ending. And I just didn’t see how that happy ending would work if Chad stayed in Salem and Abigail left.”   He added: “Obviously, if the time is right, the story is right, and the people are available, they’ll be back.”

Looks like we all need to get out the hankies after checking out the latest NBC promo for Chad and Abby’s wedding and farewell.  You can watch it below.  Then let us know if you are sad to see Billy and Kate exit DAYS, and if you hope they will be back sooner than later via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

Drake Hogestyn Chats On John Black’s Latest Predicament With Diana and Leo On ‘Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast’

The complex life of John Black (Drake Hogestyn) just got even more complicated on NBC’s Days of our Lives; thanks to the arrival of his ex-flame Diana Colville (Judith Chapman) and the bombshell that bad boy Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart), who has been causing so much trouble for Will (Chandler Massey) and Sonny (Freddie Smith), is actually his biological son!  Boy, John certainly has had some kids he never knew about pop up (remember, Paul Narita is John’s son, too).  But, is this all a tale spun by Diana, or the truth regarding Leo?

Longtime DAYS vet, Drake Hogestyn sits down with host, Michael Fairman on an all-new installment of NBC’s Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast.  During the conversation, Drake talks about his surprise learning from the script that Diana Cooper was indeed his ex, Diana Colville.

The beloved actor reveals that at one point he thought Genie Francis (Laura, GH) might be coming back to reprise the role, but now that it’s Judith Chapman he is having a great time acting opposite her.  In addition, being a true historian of DAYS, Drake takes the listeners on some fun facts that they may not have remembered. Later, Hogestyn reveals why he and Deidre Hall (Marlena) have found such success as DAYS’ enduring John and Marlena.

Michael commends Drake on his Daytime Emmy Pre-Nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his emotional turn following Marlena being shot at the Jarlena nuptials, and the family saying their goodbyes believing she was going to die, especially she the good doc had a DNR request on her legal forms filed with the hospital.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

In the backstage segment of the podcast, Eric Martsolf (Brady) takes Fairman on what a typical production day is like for him and others in Salem: visiting the wardrobe department, stopping to talk to the stage manager, and chatting it up with co-stars along the way including: Lauren Koslow (Kate) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah).

The new episode of Inside Salem: Days of our Lives Podcast is currently streaming on here, and will be available for download via iTunes on Monday.

So, do you think John will do next now that Diana is working her way back into his life, and Leo is his son?  Will he tell Marlena what is going on?  What did you think of the sentiments shared by Drake in the interview? Comment below.

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Video du Jour

GH icon Genie Francis chats with Michael Fairman about her return to the soap as Laura after being taken off-contract earlier this year. Leave A Comment

The Michael Channel

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