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Chloe Lanier Makes a Return as General Hospital’s Nelle

Photo: JPI

Things are about to get even juicier next week on General Hospital, when Daytime Emmy-winner, Chloe Lanier returns for a short-term run as Nelle Benson.

Nelle, who was last seen going over a cliff, after a tussle with Carly (Laura Wright), is returning to the ABC soap opera at a very interesting time.

First, her sister, Willow (Katelyn MacMulllen) has leukemia.  Might Willow need a bone marrow transplant from a donor who is a match? Does Nelle even have any idea that Willow is her sister? If not, and she were to find out, what would she do? Take custody of her son, Wylie?

Then, there is the matter of Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Nelle, never having a moment as mother/daughter … will that finally go down? What would Nina do if she found out Nelle was actually alive?

Some are speculating that mean girls, Nelle and Esme (Avery Pohl), could actually be in ca-hoots! What would you think of Nelle and Esme teaming up to bring down all their enemies in Port Charles? Did Nelle have anything to do with the attempted murder of Ava Jerome (Maura West)?

In the upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands this Friday, Lanier said of jumping back into the role: “I was looking at videos of Nelle online for days, like, ‘It has been two years since I had played this role. What did I even do? What were my speech patterns? How did I walk as Nelle?’

Lanier had previously played Nelle from 2016-18 and again from 2019-20.

So, what do you think will happen when Nelle is back on our GH screens in the days ahead? Share your theories in the comment section below.

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The girl that we love to hate and provides a few laughs is back!!

Speaking of girls we love to hate there’s still Esme out there somewhere.

Forgot to add double trouble at GH.

I think the thought of Esme and Nelle teaming up would bring alot of excitment to the show. I can’t wait.

Told y’all she wasn’t down here!


Nelle could try to take custody of Wylie but Sonny would never let her near the boy. In my opinion, Nelle is not fit to raise a child. How shorty of a run will Nelle have?

No run at all if I get my wish. We knew she couldn’t be alive and between Nells dream and Nina’s pipe dream, the whole thing was not only stupid but what did it serve except for Carly to have another go at Nina and this time I had to back her up.

Now—Willow and Michael will have trouble – Nelle is Whiley’s mother…
Blackmail story for sure-
..And– Nina will not be outed as Willow’s mom for a very long time—
it will be another year before Nina knows Willow is her daughter..
Looking forward to having Nelle back..
aha Nina has not one but 2 daughters/children..she’s gonna love that–when it becomes known, but Sonny having Nelle back and involved with Nina, hhhmm not good..

Oh Su000, I can’t wait for Nelle to return. Willow, Michael, and Carly all need a major comeuppance for their holier than thou attitudes. Maybe she and Avery watched “Strangers On A Train” together and decided to do each other’s evil bidding. Either way, glad Chloe is returning.

Sorry, I can’t stand this girl, and you didn’t really mean Avery did you? Maybe Esme?

Violet, I was referring to Esme’s portrayer, actress Avery Pohl. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks, doesn’t take much to confuse me these days!

I hope you mean Esmae not Avery. Avery is still a very cute innocent little girl !

Do Gh not have enough evil in Port Charles already I’m sick.

Yes, please bring back some good guys. Laura and Kevin?

Laura’s usually back right around the end of September. Didn’t even realize Kevin had left town with her until yesterday when they had Sasha & Brando meeting with a day player shrink, instead of Kevin.

Genie Francis is still on her annual summer break.


I’m so excited GH has been so boring! So happy Nell is coming back

Welcome Back Chloe Lanier! Outstanding actress that will stir up Port Charles. GH needs a ratings boost and she is the ticket. Loved her past scenes with Carly!

short term? a few weeks? months ? cause I’m down for that, I can see Nelle coming in causing some damage and the finally paying for her crimes behind bars. We get to see Nina reunite with at least one of her Daughters or Nelle saving her sisters life( unwillingly of course) but is this is a few episodes only then I doubt she’s alive. its probably flashback scenes or she’s in somebodies dream or nightmare depends on who thinking of her.

Dont know and dont care I just cant wait to see her back, I only wish she could stay longer

Seriously, stories like this make GH very amateurish. It was the same way you had bombastic stories like Peter August coming back from the dead and looking as fresh as a petal. Same thing after jumping off a cliff, no bruises, nothing. Plus all the other goofs like traveling to Greece from Port Charles like one traveling from New York to New Jersey.

If you must bring her back, she can return as another character. To bring her back as Nelle is unreal, unbelievable and uninteresting. Fake!

Relax, its a soap!

There’s no confirmation the character “is alive”. Could be a ghostly visit?

No one ever stays dead especially going off a cliff. So Esme is still alive as well. Probably who hurt Ava.

How about Jason? If you want to bring someone back, bring Jason back.

I still say Jason will be home in time to eat Thanksgiving pizza with his family.

I don’t know how in Hell’s name they could rescue Holly from Cassadine Island without Jason being involved, since that was his last known location.

It hasn’t been established that Holly is being held on Cassadine Island. Granted, that’s highly likely. Still not feeling the Jason return possibility. Lulu, almost definitely.

When Drew was still being held prisoner on the island, there was a scene where “Nurse Chloe” (the real one, not the fake who delivered Maxie’s baby) was treating his wounds in his cell. They heard a woman screaming from a nearby cell, and one of the guards made some sort of remark that this woman didn’t like being moved to less luxurious accommodations than her previous location. Had to be Holly, right??

Oddly enough.. when all the jail breaking & rescues & tunnel cave-ins happened which eventually resulted in Drew going home and Jason NOT doing so, this woman seemed to have been forgotten. But who else could it have been? And for that matter.. what happened to Nurse Chloe? Not that she was all that important of a character… just odd that she disappeared, like my Former Employer “raptured” her off the island or something??

As far as Lulu’s return, I agree that’s long overdue. Maybe she’ll be a surprise return with Laura, whenever she returns from “summer vacation”.

Could’ve been Holly or Hayden. Less likely Cassandra.

I’ve been thinking the same thing, that Esme is the one who hurt Ava.

It’s either a ghost Nelle or a figment of someone’s imagination. She dead.

No she’s not! Believe me, we all know exactly where she would be if she were dead. And I haven’t seen her down here.

Well, there’s always that other place, ha, ha.

I can honestly say that MY chances of getting back upstairs are probably better than Nelle’s!

shes the ava attacker and she gets metro court and big winner in revenge

Do we know that Nelle is returning as an alive person and not in some sort of flashback or fantasy sequence? I have read it will be very short-term? I love Chloe and anybody who is able to bring down Carly is alright with me! (: I guess we will find out soon! (:

Did we all forget how she became friends with Ryan Chamberlain???

Sounds like she has re-studied her character from a few years ago, so should be interesting if it is flashbacks with dream scenes, for the flashbacks can be filmed anytime without her return, or if Nelle is actually alive and returns to PC for a short bit. If I recall, Nelle and Ryan connected when they were in Shadybrook, and we currently believe that Esme is Ryan’s daughter, and Ryan is obsessed with Ava, and Nina and Ava are now “besties” even though Nina attempted to steal Avery from Ava at her birth. Oh, and Non and Willow despise each other and Nelle is Wylie’s biological mom. And Avery found the necklace when Nelle went off the cliff.

Lots to figure out. Hope it is some fun and that they do this storyline a better job than they did with the demise of Neil being stuck with a syringe in Alexis’ bed via Harmony and the cult.

Good to see Nelle return and add some life into GH. Too many characters, not enough good writing right now. Having Nelle, Willow, Nina, Carly, Ava and Esme poking around each other will be great! They can all act. It will be exciting. I wish Nelle was long term. That character brings so much drama to each of the other ladies lives. I cannot imagine being able to do a good story in a short amount of time. I do think that somehow Esme meets up with Nelle and they plan to wreak havoc on Ava, Carly and Nina. and if Nelle and Esme are not connected, I do believe it was Esme that slaughtered Ava and she will relish one of her enemies taking the heat for it.

And what will Nelle say happened just before falling over the cliff? And what if she and Willow find out they are sisters and who knew who their mother was? And what happens when Nelle wants Wylie back from her sister? And Michael finds out ghat his Mom knew who his mother-in-law was?

Put her back on contract GH

She’ll probably be a ghost.

I think it is ridiculous to bring back dead characters.

The dead characters were never found, so without a body, just like Sonny did not die even though they had a funeral or Memorial.

Oh this is going to get good but Carly has the key and can’t wait to see Nina find out the truth

Please STOP, please don’t bring ths characters back!!So sickness to think the writer would bring her back, enough is ENOUGH!!!

She’ll be back as a ghost.

Maybe Nelle is Esme’s mother?

While soaps often play loose with ages, the parent/child difference has to be somewhat believable.

On the other hand, as Lisa LoCicero amazingly doesn’t age and Dominic Zamprogna does, someone just tuning in wouldn’t believe they play mother/son.

I don’t care to have Nelle or Esme again. Who stabbed Ava? Why is Sonny so mesmerized with Nina? I hope Carly follows her mind and not get with Drew(for goodness sakes he’s Jason’s brother)! Sasha doesn’t want Help. She enjoys being geeked up. Brando needs to find someone worth living. He is a good guy. Michael needs to let it go him hating on Sonny. If Carly is okay(I know she’s not)then Michael and Joss should get on with their lives. I hope Valentin will partner up with Drew and they put ELQ to rest. I hope Willow will be ok and I hope she NEVER learns that Nina is her mother. This is getting really wild. To much of nothing is going on.

Nothing going on you say? You need to reread your comment which really says there’s a hell of a lot going on. Maybe, it just doesn’t interest you.First of all what does Jason being Drew’s brother have to do with the two of them being together? Sasha needs help more than she knows, she’s just fighting it because she’s full of drugs. Sonny likes having Nina with him because she feeds his ego. Michael hates his father because he’s an ass that can only see his mother’s side of the story. I can only assume that Joss will eventually fall for Dex who is a man and not Cam who is really still an immature boy.

They found Nell’s body and buried her. How can she come back. Enough is enough.

They found A body. Which nobody apparently bothered to properly identify. Even though the detective they sent to pick up the corpse was somebody who had literally seen Psycho Nelle naked while she was alive (though a few years earlier).

Decomposing mortals lose their looks after a while. Particularly when they decompose in water.

My own theory is that Nelle killed some poor unsuspecting tourist who was driving down whatever scenic highway is closest to Sonny’s cabin & the cliff that she fell from. The driver would have been a woman with a body type close enough to Nelle’s to “pass” for her, under the circumstances of decomposition. As I said above, it would appear nobody really checked all that closely… probably because they were all so glad to be rid of Nelle that they didn’t question it.

Which of course, is never a good idea when you’re dealing with a psychopath. Never assume they’re dead without 666% certainty!!

I hope today wasn’t it. Bring her back full time.

So it turns out that the version of Nelle that lives in Nina’s head is even crazier than the real thing.

Who could have seen that coming?? Yeah… of course I did.

I knew Nelles little visit was just a dream/nightmare one character was going to have and that this big hyped announce return was gonna be really “short term”. so much social media hype, well done.

All I know is that if there is going to be another evil person at GH…dream, alive, dead, or not…I way prefer Nelle over Esme. And probably because as an actress I have admired Chloe since Fluke days. But only for a little while. Like another commenter said we don’t need more evil in Port Charles. I want to add I think Esme is a very good actress or I wouldn’t dislike her character so much. Nelle and Nina were great playing off each other at the cemetery. But I didn’t like that Wiley was frightened in his sleep by what seemed like random Nelle influenced dreams floating around. And secondly, Carly opening her big mouth as usual, never acknowledging all the trouble she has caused.

Iam sick of Esme who I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of, and most likely pregnant in the near future.I didn’t like the Whily sequence either, especially since he doesn’t know or have any remembrance of Nelle. This show loves evil characters so I guess we have to go with the flow.

She’s a good actress, but I hope it’s just to give Willow a kidney and then get out.

Wait! Is she even eligible to give her a kidney since one of hers isn’t really hers?

General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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A post shared by DailyDrama (@dailydrama_com)

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Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK on GENERAL HOSPITAL: “He’s Back” as Jason Returns; Sonny Sets His Trap for the Shooter

Monday, March 4th is the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton as Jason Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital. In the newly-released weekly promo for the series, in the final moments of it, you see a man with his hands-up about to turn around which looks like it will be revealed to be Sonny’s former hitman.

In the promo, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Anna (Finola Hughes), Spinell (Bradford Anderon) and others are intercut looking shocked at who they find on the pier with voice-overs of characters saying, “It can’t be”, “It’s him,” etc.

The story has been building as to who has been behind the shootings seemingly targeting Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selina (Lydia Look) and others related to the mob. When they locate Jason … is he the Jason we knew prior to the tunnel collapsing him towards the end of 2021, where he was believed to have perished? How is this all connected to the intel that Olivia Jerome was apparently killed in prison?

Photo: ABC

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew’s (Cameron Mathison) relationship has shown its cracks. When Carly eventually sees Jason, will it eventually pit brother against brother for the love of Carly? And in this case, is Drew going to be portrayed as the bad guy due to his issues since his time at Pentonville which has shown he has become more obsessed with revenge on Nina (Cynthia Watros)?

Photo: ABC

Here’s a look at the rest of this week’s the teasers for the action in Port Charles below.


Jason returns to Port Charles.  Selina and Sonny’s negotiation is abruptly interrupted.  Laura confronts Cyrus. Brook Lynn confides in Tracy. Heather attempts an escape.


Josslyn and Dex are in a frantic situation. Sonny hits a sore spot with John. Anna learns some tragic news. Marshall tells Curtis about his misdiagnosis. Laura acts fast in a crisis.


Anna questions Josslyn and Dex. Olivia and Sonny reconnect. Alexis is apprehensive. Cody and Sasha each make a confession. Spinelli and Ava are in for a shock.


Sonny and Ava share a loaded moment. Drew and Carly have their hands full. Maxie is stunned. Laura offers comfort. Brook Lynn opens up to Jordan.


Carly is taken aback. Nina corners Ava. Sonny gets an update on John’s investigation. Michael tries to convince Dex to stay. Alexis vents to Diane.

Now, check out this week’s promo for GH below. Then let us know, what state of mind do you think Jason will be in when he has revealed himself?  Share your thoughts in the comment secti

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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