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CW’s Dynasty Reboot EP Josh Schwartz: "We are living in an age of dynasties. You can’t look at the news without hearing about Trump or the Clintons or the Kardashians or the Murdochs."



Now is the time for the perfect soap with Donald Trump in the White House, so says Dynasty reboot executive producer Josh Schwartz.

Several of the cast members from the upcoming CW reboot of the iconic ABC primetime soap, along with Schwartz were on hand today at the TCA’s were they addressed members of the media.

“We are living in an age of dynasties,” Schwartz said. “You can’t look at the news without hearing about “Trump or the Clintons or the Kardashians or the Murdochs. Our news is filled with stories of dynasties.”

When the new Dynasty debuts on October 11th at 9PMEST,  Blake Carrington (Grant Show) will be quite the villain who loves his children, and will have a much younger fiancée named named Cristal (not Krystle) played by former Vampire Diaries cast member Nathalie Kelley.  Josh Schwartz added: “Part of the fun was taking a character like Krystle and dirtying her up a little bit!”

The series backdrop will be Atlanta this time, not Denver.  And in a major redo in story this time out, Blake is not homophobic to his gay son Steven Carrington now being played by James MacKay.  Steven in the Dynasty revival now is very confident in his sexuality and Blake accepts him. The trouble seems to come in the form of Sammy Jo, who will this time out be a man played by Empire’s Rafael de la Fuente, as opposed to the original schemer Sammie Jo played by Heather Locklear.

The press also learned that the role of Alexis Carrington played in the original series by Joan Collins has not been cast, but will appear sometime later in the season.

So, intrigued by the intel on the CW’s Dynasty reboot? Comment below.

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I will definitely be checking this show out! I am interested in seeing who they cast as Alexis! I suggest Tiffani Theissen or perhaps Heather Locklear! This might turn out to be fun to watch!

Tiffani would be a FANTASTIC Alexis! Omg i loved her as schemer Valerie on 90210!

Dullnasty…been there done that…

How about Ms Susan Lucci as Alexis?

I agree Susan Lucci needs to return to tv and she probably should have been on the original Dynasty. At least Erica Kane should have had some scenes with Alexis, Sable and Dominique. What the heck was ABC thinking – well they didn’t want La Lucci on night time tv it seems because then she was missing from the daytime canvas. How Dallas got La Lucci and not ABC which was home to her movies of the week and All My Children – oh ABC – All My Stupidness. Cancelling the show, treating Susan Lucci so horribly after all her loyalty to ABC is really horrible. Lucci needs some show – sitcom or drama but even if it was not Alexis she could spice things up that’s for sure. She might be too old to be Alexis as she is 70 or more. Though she looks great but playing a 45 year old might be hard – mind you I saw some photos of La Lucci in some music video and she showed up at the Daytime Emmy’s looking scarily amazing. Give this girl a job!!!!1

Nope, sorry. This show is a completely different show merely using the Dynasty name to intrigue viewers. A real Dynasty reboot would have had Jeff and Fallon as the leads, with the focus on their kids, and the other younger members much like Dallas did. This show does seem like campy, soapy fun, but it should have. been it’s own show. As a reboot, it will fail miserably. On its own merits, or lack thereof, who knows? I have seen a preview and not many of the characters seem very likeable. But then again thinking back on the original, the characters weren’t that likeable either. Lol. I like reboots that are either continuations of the original, or reboots that place the story and characters in the now as opposed to the era they were in. This kind of tweaking and changing does nothing for me.

Amen, Jovin!…Slapping the “Dynasty” label on this b@$+@^*#ed piece of “pc” nonsense is a total misappropriation of the classic’s title and premise. If there is such a demand for this particular sort of drama, then why is it necessary to attempt to ride the coattails of the original’s massive success with this extremely reconstituted version? Schwartz has already produced his own highly-memorable series in the form of “Gossip Girl,” which wonderfully blended the elements of traditional primetime soaps with modern sensibilities, so we know it can be done, and very well, at that! This just seems like a really lame and lazy way to attract viewers with a bait-and-switch con-job since so many fondly recall the dizzying heights of the real “Dynasty” and may perhaps tune in expecting exactly what you have described, either a continuation or next-generation itineration of the former hit show…neither of which will be in the offing! As for recasting the pivotal role of Alexis??? That is sheer lunacy…Joan Collins is—and always shall be—this most glamorous of villainous vixens…she owns the role! And nobody, no matter how fabulous, can fill her vertiginous stilettos!

I love your writing!!! First and foremost! Next topics….how the hell funny would it be if they got Joan Collins to play Alexis?? Lmao!!! She hasn’t changed in 50 years! Can you imagine Grant Show trying to play it straight opposite JC? Lol!!! This show has a solid ONE season of shelf life. They might as well make it as campy as possible!

Oh I have to agree. This will never make it.

Thank you, Jovin…I always enjoy your posts, too! And I am a real admirer of Joan Collins! Yes, she is absolutely ageless, yet she manages to ooze that old-fashioned silverscreen GG-vibe, just the same! She has certainly not forgotten from whence she came and has stuck with her tried-and-true trademark beauty formula since her ingenue days. She’s also quite a lady offscreen, too…such a survivor to have lasted in this business for years on end, hardworking, and very much full of common sense and the British stiff-upper lip mentality…a great mother, too! Many stories about her family trials-and-tribulations though the years have shown her to be a committed maternal figure to her children—who under her strict guidance never became off-the-rails Hollywood brats. I often read her op-eds in the UK press…she has many interesting views on life/the world and I love that, too! Lastly, despite being married to a man over 30 years her junior, she has never looked ridiculous with a much-younger partner…..they make a really fitting, fabulous couple and if anything, he can’t keep up with her! (Although, no, I cannot envision her playing against Grant Show, even though I usually watch him in whatever….but not this time!) Yes, I am a fan, and there is no way under the sun a Dynasty series will be credible without Joan’s inimitable Alexis…if only this latest project had been a continuation with the original Fallon, Jeff and Steven, even Sammy Jo, and their next generation of offspring, this could have been a viable idea, but as it is being presented? Count me out!

This thing has FLOP written all over it.

Because of the Trumps, Clintons, Kardashins etc this show might be redundant — who needs fiction when CNN is better than a soap — LOL


They most better have JOAN COLLINS in that role later in the season. Anything (or anyone) else will simply not do. No getting around it… sorry!

Meh! I’ll pass on this one. I’d rather watch the DVD’s of the original,

Me too Shane the beautiful Linda Evans & Joan Collin’s. If they took the kids of these two and every so often had Linda & Joan drop in it may work., but really I think it’s a flop.

I’m really trying to keep an open mind since it is Schwartz and Savage but the more I hear the less interested I am…

Susan Lucci would make the perfect Alexis!!!!!!!!

She, too, just awoke from her coma.

It’s called a nap Susan Lucci.

Ah while I would love to see Susan Lucci on this show or any show – because after seeing her on Devious Maids well the woman can entertain. So hillarious and unErica. And if you saw her done up for the 2017 Daytime Emmy’s or Gloria Estefan’s video okay I might buy her playing Alexis even though she would be like 20 plus years older than the original Alexis. Let’s hope Dynasty reboot gifts Lucci with a role!

I’m interested to see how this plays out. But I’m also leery of trying to accept this show as a DYNASTY re-boot. I think it’s more of the same with some twists. Time will tell. I hope it holds my attention.

I’ll give it a look-see but I’m over these reimaged shows. Unless you’re gonna do a straight up reboot incorporating the characters from the original shows, don’t do it! Create a whole new show and write good material that draws in the crowd. They are banking on the “Dynasty” brand and I think they are going to lose big time.

Not even sure the CW’s target audiences will even know about the original “Dynasty,” or Joan Collins. Maybe looking to expand audience? But after the “Dallas” reboot, and MF’s description, pretty sure I won’t be watching…well maybe once to give it a chance. Just hope “Twin Peaks” reboot lives up to it’s hype and my expectation.

I sort of agree with others that, on it’s own, it might work but the fact that they are begging for comparisons from the original show, it may have already sealed it’s own fate. What worked in the 80’s with Linda Evans and John F. and Joan C. won’t necessarily work with all new cast members.

Give it a chance. It possible since the original creators the Sharpiro’s are heading it up. As for Alexis. Tough shoes to fill. But it has to be Madeline Stowe after her performance as Victoria in Revenge. She seems like the logical choice. & since 1 of producers is from Revenge. Who knows?


Elizabeth Gillies First Post-‘Dynasty’ Role Revealed; GH Alum Bryan Craig Also In Cast

Now that the CW’s Dynasty has come to its conclusion after five seasons, many have wondered what series star Elizabeth Gillies (ex-Fallon) will be seen in next.  Part of the answer was revealed today in casting news via Deadline.

Gillies will star and is the co-executive producer of a new Tubi film called Spread.  In it, Liz will take on the role of  ambitious and aspiring journalist, who lands a temp job at an adult magazine run by an aging industry king played by Harvey Keitel.  The character must reconcile her idealism as she strives to help the company succeed.

Spread is written by Buffy Charlet, who is another of the films Co-EP’s, and is inspired by Charlet’s real-life experience as a temp at Hustler magazine who rose in the ranks to become an editor.

The film also stars two-time Daytime Emmy winner Bryan Craig (ex-General Hospital, Good Trouble).

Look for Spread to drop on Tubi in 2023.

So, intrigued to see Liz and Bryan in Tubi’s new film, ‘Spread’? Comment below.

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DYNASTY Series Finale: A ‘False Face’ Revealed!

After five seasons, the final episode of CW’s Dynasty came to its conclusion on Friday night, but not before it delivered another soapy trope – a use of a prosthetic mask (sound familiar Days of our Lives fans?) to hide someone’s true identify.

Here’s what went down: After majordomo Graham (Dan Amboyer) had kidnapped Adam (Sam Underwood), in a shocker, Graham peels off his face! Yup, it was a prosthetic mask and reveals himself to be none other than Steven Carrington (James Mackay)!

After being kept away by Adam for years (he had hidden Steven in a sanitarium and then the place burned down), Steven finally figured out it was Adam who was pulling the strings of his disappearance. Next, came an all-out brawl; where instead of an opportunity to inject Adam with a syringe of some sort of concoction as payback, he almost killed his scheming half-brother. However, Steven didn’t want be a murderer, so he let Adam live to see another day, but told Adam to exile himself from the Carringtons and never return.

With that, and now masked again, Graham meets up with Sam (Rafael de La Fuente) at the hotel bar, where he eventually pulls off his mask to reveal himself as Steven. Kudos to de La Fuente in those scenes who gave us all the feels as Sam is reunited with the man he loves.

Photo: CW

Still in another heart-tugger, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) comes upon a man sitting at the piano at the Carringtons, and when he turns around, she sees its her brother, Steven.  The two, in typical CW Dynasty-style, break into song.  It was touchingly played by series star, Gillies along with Mackay. Elsewhere, Alexis and Blake (Grant Show) are trouncing through a horrific storm trying to find Dex. Ultimately, Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) and Dex (Pej Vahdat) reunite, and when a softened Blake returns home, he and Crystal (Daniella Alonso) vow to stay together and cement it with a kiss.

In addition, Amanda (Eliza Bennett) gets a job offer to return to London from her ex-lover, which puts her relationship with Kirby (Maddison Brown) in question.  Culhane (Robert Christopher Riley) told Sam that he’ll be moving to LA and selling his part of the hotel business they have together before he marries Nina.  Sam doesn’t take that news well and tries to ensure no one else will take Culhane’s half of their business partnership, because he likes working with him so much.  Meanwhile, the surrogate, Stacey Moore (Samantha Massell), delivers Fallon and Liam’s (Adam Huber) baby and they welcome their little girl to the dysfunction of the Carrington clan.


We are onto the final moments via a six-month time jump and the trajectory of the Carringtons and their extended family become known. Sam presides over Culhane’s wedding to Nina (Felisha Terrell), Liam has written children’s books after his baby girl, while Jeff (Sam Adegoke) is setting up ColbyCo’s new headquarters in Africa, specifically, Nigeria. Fallon had decided to rebrand her company Carrington United, much to the delight of her father.  Dominique (Michael Michele) and Alexis are both opening stores right across from each other on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, and it looks as if they will continue their ongoing catfights in the Big Apple. Kirby decides to move to London to be with Amanda.


And … in the ‘payback is a bitch’ column, we see Adam with an English accent working as a veterinarian … taking care of cats! The final moment of the series features a snapshot of the Carringtons during a family photo gathering.

So, what did you think of the season finale of ‘Dynasty’? Let us know in the comment section below. But, first watch a BTS moment with James Mackay and Liz Gillies singing a familiar tune on her Instagram, posted after last night’s finale aired.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Elizabeth Gillies (@lizgillz)

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TONIGHT: ‘Dynasty’ Concludes With Its Series Finale

After five seasons, CW’s reboot of ABC’s 80’s primetime soap, Dynasty, will airs its final episode tonight on Friday, September 16th (9pm ET/8pm CT).

Before its goes off the air, in story, look for: a new majordomo beginning to work at the manor who piques the interest of the Carringtons, while Blake (Grant Show) and Cristal (Daniella Alonso) disagree on how to handle recent events at PPA, causing more strain between the two. The unlikely duo of Blake and Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) go on a search and rescue mission.

Elsewhere, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Liam (Adam Huber) run through a practice labor and delivery. Jeff (Sam Adegoke) is put in a precarious position, one that could potentially change his future radically. Fallon is challenged by the FSN board and Dominique (Michael Michele) offers to help. Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) does not accept Culhane’s (Robert C. Riley) business choices and tries to sabotage Culhane’s plan. Amanda (Eliza Bennett) is presented an amazing opportunity which leaves Kirby (Maddison Brown) questioning the future, while Adam (Sam Underwood) can’t seem to scheme his way out of his new mess.

Photo: CW

For those who did not catch the 5th and final season, you are in luck!. The entire season will be available and streaming worldwide on Hulu, beginning on September 24th.

Lead by the incredible performances of Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon, the series just never caught on, or properly promoted by the CW.  However, viewers who did partake in watching the episodes, and stayed with it for five seasons, knew that this was actually a diamond-in-the-rough series or shall we say, a soap on steroids which brought the drama and poked great fun at itself all at the same time.

So, will you be checking out the ‘Dynasty’ series finale tonight? Sad to see it go? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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