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DALLAS Season Two Finale: Pam Dead! J.R.'s Last Act! Was It All Disappointing?



On Monday night, fans watched the season two finale of TNT’s Dallas, and when the smoke cleared, there had been mixed reviews from critics and viewers!

And in a new interview with TV Guide Magazine’s William Keck Dallas’ executive producer, Cynthia Cidre addressed the burning questions from the season closer, why they chose to make certain decisions in regards to Victoria Principal ever possibly returning to the show as Pam, and why they decided to have J.R (the late Larry Hagman) do himself in and more!  Here are a few intriguing excerpts from the Cidre interview!

Cidre on why the decision to kill the character of Pam:  “We were probably going to let the mystery continue for years on end. Then there were too many questions around it and a little too much drama for us after Victoria Principal’s statement. (On March 1, Principal released a statement saying, “I cannot be held responsible for any choices made by producers once I left Dallas, but I do take responsibility for my decision not to risk tarnishing Bobby and Pam’s love story with a desperate reappearance.) And so we decided it was best to put it to rest so that there would be no more questions.”

Cidre on why it was the choice to reveal that Pam died from Pancreatic Cancer in 1989:  “That’s the one cancer that’s fast. What I thought was clever about the storyline was that it killed three birds with one stone. (Besides killing off the character), Pam was not cruel to her son for 24 years, so Christopher can feel that he was not abandoned. She was trying to come back to him and loved him. It would have been very hard to redeem a character who decided the Barnes/Ewing feud was so terrible that she couldn’t even see her son. That was unacceptable in my opinion. We wanted Christopher to stop feeling bad about what had happened. Then we could spin it to make Cliff even worse. He had kept that a secret from his nephew for his own evil purposes. That was the way to go.”

Cidre on why she chose to make former underdog Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) so vile:  “I had a theory that in the years that had passed, Cliff had not gotten over the feud and it had gotten worse. He had become slightly Howard Hughes-ish; that he’d crossed into madness. There was a certain goofiness to him before. Once Larry passed, we needed a villain and Harris Ryland wasn’t involved in a blood feud. Ken Kercheval, by the way, has never been happier with his material. He’s been fabulous.”

So, did Cidre and the team wreck the foundation of Dallas with these plot twists? Did you like that J.R. took his own life because he had cancer and wanted to set-up Cliff Barnes? Do you think Victoria Principal pissed off the executives of TNT’s Dallas that they just decided enough is enough and killed Pam off for good?  What did you think of the season two finale? What was your favorite moments? Least favorite moments?  Weigh-in!

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It was one shock right after another. It was PERFECTION!

Yes, exactly what Sandra Norcross said!!! Epic,

Well said. LOVED IT! Great show.

I totally agree, this Dallas lives up to the original and more. John Ross Jr. is a mini version of his dad, that was the best, when he took the flowers and Emma was waiting! I was a diehard Dallas fan in the 80’s, we had Dallas parties and never missed an episode, this show is just as good!

Agreed! The finale, just like all of season two, was phenomenal. Great acting and writing with one shocker after another. Please, TNT, give Dallas a third season. This show rocks!

I loved every minute of the episode. I wouldn’t have cared if they would of recasted Pam, but I know many fns would be upset. I loved that they had JR set up Cliff. It was such a surprise, & sets up next season for Pamela to find out Cliff didn’t kill JR. I really love John Ross & Pamela together. I liked where they are going with Elena.

Totally enjoyed both seasons.. so gripping. well written .. would love more .

Ohh my gawd! I loved Dalls!!
I can only hope just one of my 3 fav soaps could go Dallas!!
WOW now that would be powerful stories, writing and acting..
Could it be somehow done for daytime soaps to be somewhat like Dallas.. I can only hope..

I already see Y&R struggling against the 2 soaps on the internet that are becoming very modern and exciting, a new era for the soaps.
Y&R is still in the dark ages and I don’t see it modernizing , ever.

GH has done very well, near prime time..
Y&R may have more viewers but it is not better than GH..

So, GH, AMC, and OL, will become a threat to Y&R, not tomorrow but it will happen.

Can’t wait for Dallas to return bigger and better than this past season !!!!!

Loved the finale up until that last scene with John Ross and Emma. Unfortunately that left such a bad taste in my mouth that it ruined the whole thing for me. Talk about a twist coming out of left field and making no sense. The show captured lightning in a bottle with the pairing of John Ross and Pamela and had them set up as the power couple of the show. Then for no reason and with no warning John Ross cheats on his wife the week of their wedding after she basically gave up her life for him and his family. So unnecessary and done for shock value only because it negated the man we saw John Ross become this season thanks to his love for Pamela. I was so excited for season three but that last minute felt like a punch in the gut. I don’t know what the writers and producers were thinking.

I hear what you’re saying, but, I think it was more about showing that John Ross is truly his father’s son. That last scene was classic J.R. That’s how I took it.

Me too! Everyone in the Ewing family can’t be good or there is no drama. Loved that ending, it establishes J.R.’s son as his replacement. I do kind of wish that when the show returned that Christopher had become like J.R. and John Ross would have been like Bobby. It would have created drama not only between the cousins but also between fathers and sons.

I agree, that just shows that John Ross is a scoundral like JR was. Can’t have a good & pure John Ross – that would be boring.

Ditto, classic J.R. that’s what it made so good!

When I first heard the re-make would focus on the ‘kids’ than JR, Bobby, Sue Ellen.. I was weary at first, but that Josh Henderson(John Ross) has proven to me, at least, he can carry this show. Had Larry Hagman not died, I don’t think he would have made his ‘good’ turn, and he’d been evil the whole season.. so happy he’s his daddy’s son.. looking forward to him being evil in season 3.

clh, I think the show’s creator had a similar take.. if John Ross sided with Bobby, and Christopher sided with JR.. the only problem with that is JR would never side with a non-Ewing against other Ewings.. despite Christopher being Sue Ellen’s blood nephew. I like it the way it is.

Didn’t know how to feel about JR killing himself.. thought it was a bit of a cop out. But if JR was going to die, what better way to go out than taking Barnes down for something he didn’t do.. which is JR-logic.

I can’t WAIT for season 3.. I think we’ll see JR’s way of doing things start to hit home for Christopher, and of course John Ross will eventually try to take all of Ewing Energies(Global?) from everyone else.

In the finale, JR was left to kill himself, so it makes sense that anymore would kill JR would be himself, (I think that is what LH would want) Pam was dying in 1988, and they kept that and didn’t re-write history. Looks like the past is buried and on to the next Generation.

I Think they made the right decision with pam and JR. christopher needed to know he wasn’t abandoned and that his mom loved him and was tryin to come back to him, and JR shooting hisself was sad but a good decision ,because no one can take JR down but JR. so im happy JR won and barns lost and was taken down by JR ; that was the best part i liked ,,,but i didnt like that john ross is cheating on his wife (like father ‘like son i guese) , but i loved JR even thou he was a cheater too,,,love the finale ,didnt like it was the last show of the season ,

The Season Finale was AWESOME, just AWESOME!!!! It was one Shocker after another, that makes for such great tv. I so hope we get a Third Season, I Love Dallas, and everyone on their, they’re doing an awesome job…

I was disappointed with the season finale. You can not make me believe that J.R. Ewing would want to kill himself, but them I recall the very last episode of Dallas (CBS) when the devil (played by Joel Grey) convince J.R. to shot himself. When then heard a gunshot.That is how it ended. We did not know what actually happened in that bedroom until the first tv-movie reunion was broadcast. So okay. This Who Shot J.R. #2 was a bit disappointing, but I will understand it eventually. The producers and writers had to come up with something in such a short notice.
What was really disappointing was the build up of Pam Ewing and the fact she might be alive and then it was a big let down. Pam is dead.
D*** Victoria Principal for turning down the offer to make an appearance. I have lost respect for that actress.
All in all, I was disappointed in the season finale of Dallas: Season 2 (2013) after all the build up. I might not watch Dallas: Season 3. By next year, I probably won’t care anymore.

i loved the entire season finale – i just don’t understand why some fans are upset/disgusted about the last scene with john ross & emma…… just shows that ” he is his father’s son tip to tail “

I and many others are disgusted because it’s been pretty well established and acknowledged by everyone including the writers and executive producer and TNT that John Ross and Pamela are by far the best and most popular part of the show. So that ending just came out of nowhere especially since the promotion leading up the finale was all about John Ross and Pamela being in love. Not everyone watched the first Dallas and knows the entire history of JR. I can only go by what I’ve seen play out on my screen and that showed my John Ross was in love and was so caring and sweet with Pamela. As a huge fan of the couple that final scene broke my heart.

i am so sorry for you & any other fan that was broken hearted by the final scene, i really am…………john ross was no angel in season one & a leopard doesn’t change his spots so nothing john ross does surprises me because he is just like his father was in the original dallas

I predicted J.R. was ill and would kill himself, and that one of his enemies would be framed. Love this show…cant wait for next season.

So what was all this hoopla with Jesse Metcalf suggesting Victoria Principal may be possible for Season 3? I think not keeping the door open or even exploring the opportunity with VP (regardless what statement she put out) is a shame!

It’s tv anyone can come back to life, maybe they are keeping the door open for VP

We only know Pam is dead from a piece of paper and her doctor.. we have yet to see a body or anything like that. For all we know, Pam paid her Doctor to tell Cliff she was dead.

Victoria Principal stated she wouldn’t play Pam anymore, but that doesn’t mean she could not come back as another character who looks like Pam– some hair dye and maybe some contacts to change eye color– she could play a cousin of Pam– or just a look a like. Just putting it out there—

My only thing is there was no OMG! Did that just happen! At the end. I wanted to see Catherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany) visit Cliff in prison or have Christopher get hit by Elena driving her car or Sue Ellen walk in on John Ross and that slut. Something to make me have to see what would happen. There was no Dallas Cliffhanger.

What’s to question about this show? It’s perfection all the way! Cyndi is a master at her writing. This show is phenomenal. Critics need their heads examined! Fans are raving about it. The ending WAS a new beginning! Critics need to see that. Any true Dallas fan can! Looking forward to a Season 3.

All of it…SPOT ON GREATNESS!! Cidre knows this show AND the characters and respects the shows history without trying to be graniose in her own ego. Had many porducers followed in her footsteps,the way Ron and Frank are on GH, ,many shows would probably still be on the air.

Just realized I didn’t answer the questions. Pam’s character? Should not be brought back. It was HER decision not Cidre’s. Again this is not about the OLD Dallas. It’s A NEW GENERATION. Different but the same Ewing family. In reality genes are passed to their children giving them some of the same characteristics. So yes John Ross could very follow his fathers footsteps and he does it well. SOOOO the ending was perfect! What did I NOT like about it? Nothing. Again it was a new beginning for season 3. Can’t wait to see what Cyndi Cidre has in store for us. I’m sure it’s great!!

Please, can they just make sure Christopher wears his big boy pants if theres a third season, his whining and crying is just annoying!

Im glad Pam is really truly unequivecolly dead. She hasnt been around in so long and there are so many more characters from the past that need to be seen.

patrick Duffy is one of the most underrated actors on television, he was great during that graveyard scene.

Just wish they wouldn’t have had John Ross cheat on Pamela just yet. Wanted to see them steam up the screen on the finale. They belong together and are so great together…

Yes that was my only complaint. Those two are pure gold together and I was looking forward to them facing everything together like John Ross said. So she frames her father for a crime he doesn’t commit and John Ross rewards her by cheating on her. Josh and Julie are just so fantastic and have the best chemistry so like you I was looking forward to seeing them steam up the screen to celebrate getting rid of their enemies.

Loved the finale. Cliff is paying for his crimes by paying for a crime he didn’t commit. The long running Pam mystery is solved. Ann got a little payback. And John Ross proved himself to be JR from tip to tail.

I don’t like what they did to Christoper and Elena’s relationship, or to her. Drew is so boring and I’m tired of hearing about Papi’s Well! So annoying! Also hated John Ross cheating on Pamela with slutty Emma, but I understand why it was done. Otherwise, a great show.

Glad I stopped watching after the third or fourth episode in season one.

This show isn’t 1/10 as epic and magnificent as the 1978-1991 “Dallas.”

I loved the finale as well. The plot twists were perfectly executed!! Well done guys:)

I love this show & watched most of the finale episodes (about 20 min left of 2nd episode) but I guess from the other posts John Ross cheated on Pamela..I think it’s cuz he is scared of the only thing that scared him like his father..truly loving a woman…who has the capability of hurting you because of you make sure you aren’t vulnerable by cheating..I think he really loves her though..he just sooo innately bad (in a GOOD way!!)..he is sooo sexy..but then again I like bad boys..

A really great episode! I think it was classic having JR take care of himself. Still sticking it to Cliff until the very end of life. Wonderful. And I’m really ok with the demise of the Pamela Ewing character. Never really liked that character. I’ve always felt that the Dallas of the 80s was always super, but I believe it was at it’s very best during the Priscilla Presley years.

I think ‘Ann’ is really Pam Ewing. I believe after Pam’s car accident, she had extensive operations that altered her appearance. The only reason she does not reveal herself as Pam is because she fears Bobby will reject her and stay married to Ann. All in all great show.

Quite frankly, the final episodes of Season 2 played out like a finale rather than a cliffhanger.


DALLAS needs to, no matter what, bring back Victoria Principal (who played Pamela in the original) to the cast, as well as add Joan Van Ark and Ted Shackelford (who played Valene and Gary both in the original Dallas and Knots Landing). I know Pamela supposedly died, but if you don’t actually see it, there’s always a way to make it come back.
They do need to pull in the KNOTS LANDING fans. Why not? It worked in my case. The show is great and I never religiously watched the original (my parents did). I was always a KNOTS LANDING fan. But now I’m a fan of DALLAS, and I will be renting the original DALLAS this summer. The Mitch Pileggi, Judith Light, and Steven Webber additions this year were right on. DALLAS better performs its melodrama when caliber stars are there to act it out. Bring the power house stars and sell the hell out of it. Make it all an ‘event’. People will flock to it like they have before. That is also why they flocked to J.R.’s funeral. It was an ‘event’.
So summer or winter, it doesn’t matter, just make it grand! Do not give up on it. Stick with it and be smart! Southfork Ranch has a lot to tell still!

I agree…Since this is a re-boot, you can’t totally walk away from the orginal cast. I feel it’s a crime not to pursue Victoria Principal! The ratings will shoot through the roof if she returns. Making some Knots Landing cast regulars on Dallas would be an added bonus especially if they can get the licensing relaese to bring Bobby & Betsy (Gary & Val’s twins from Knots) in the mix. Bring Lucy on board with her family! Pricillia Presley would be a great mix with her “biological son” with Bobby. Staying on the current course without it’s history will make the show fail! However, I like the new Dallas and I believe some “tweeking” is necessary especially since Larry Hagman “J.R.” died! That was a huge loss!

I just caught up with the episodes on Amazon since I don’t have cable. I thought the finale was sheer genius. I was disappointed that John Ross cheated on Pamela but he is his father’s son. I like the psychological complexity of John Ross. He seems to act compulsively to avoid dealing with his emotions and to avoid being hurt. He strikes out first to avoid being vulnerable. I look forward to see the love story with Pamela play out in season 3. Might we actually hear him tell Pamela that he loves her? I liked amost all the other characters too even scheming Emma. Emma just needs to stay away from Pamela’s man.

I just want to see Pamela Rebecca and John Ross. I can’t believe how much I like them as a couple and I hope they have a baby so the Ewing/Barnes feud can finally come full circle with the birth a child that’s a descendant of Jock and Digger.

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The game features four soap fans from around the country who test their knowledge against each other for prizes and the bragging rights to be the “Ultimate Know-It-All” come seasons end.

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With the coronavirus pandemic still among us and life not fully back to normal, the game show is produced and hosted by Michael Fairman that brought fans from different parts of the country together for the kick-off.  They are: Marni Ockene, Floyd Elwell, Nicholas Hess and Gina Patterson.


The game is played in two rounds, and the players receive points for each correct answer as they choose questions from 2 game board categories which are all soap operas; either primetime or daytime in a ‘Jeopardy’-like format.

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It’s never to late to fall in love again and Dallas star, Patrick Duffy (Ex-Bobby Ewing) is proof positive of that.  Duffy, who was married for 48 years to ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser till 2017, when she passed away due to cancer, has reconnected with Happy Days and motion picture and TV actress, Linda Purl whom he first met knew years ago.  Soap fans also remember Duffy’s turn from 2006-2011 on The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephen Logan.

According to PEOPLE and as it has turned out, the Covid-19 pandemic was actually the impetus for Duffy and Purl reconnecting after being casual friends for years, who had simply lost touched with one another..  However, during the Covid-19 lockdown, they happened to be on the same group text chain with other friends that eventually wound up with just the two of them chatting.

Photo: NY Times

Duffy shared,  “At that point, I loaded up my car and drove 20 hours and ended up on her doorstep just to see if it was real.  We haven’t been apart since.” He added, “I never thought for a minute this would happen again. I never thought I’d feel this way again.”


The actor who is going to be in the upcoming Lifetime holiday movie, People Presents: Once Upon a Main Street debuting on November 29th, noted on his relationship with Purl, that he know his beloved late wife would want him to be happy, expressing: “I  feel quite honestly, that it is keeping with the desires of my wife, the fact that we are intended to be happy.  So when it’s offered, think about it, do whatever you do, but don’t let it pass you up if it’s the right thing.”

So,  happy for Patrick that he has found love again after his enduring romance and life with his late wife? Comment below.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine and former One Life to Live star, Melissa Fumero (Amy and Ex-Adriana, respectively), will be speaking during the event.

Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

Higher Heights is the only national organization providing Black women with a political home exclusively dedicated to harnessing their power to expand Black women’s elected representation and voting participation, and advance progressive policies.

The event kicks-off at 8PM PST/11 PM EST and to be able to view make sure to get your tickets or to donate by going to this link here.

So might you join the virtual event and watch Bradford, Melissa and Juan Pablo? Comment below.

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