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DAYS Arianne Zucker, Eric Martsolf, Greg Vaughan & Shawn Christian Talk Casey Moss Eyes of One Whiskey a Go Go Debut!

Photo Credit: MF Soaps Inc.

Photo Credit: MF Soaps Inc.

Days of our Lives Casey Moss (JJ Deveraux) made his live performance debut with his rock and roll band Eyes of One last week at the world famous Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles.  As music fans know, the Whiskey is the place where many a famous rocker got their start!

Moss rocked the house with his vocals, guitar skills, and his original songs, but in the audience to support him were some of his Salem cast mates: Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Shawn Christian (Daniel), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).  After the show, while Casey was getting props from the audience in attendance, On-Air On-Soaps sat down with his co-stars to get the inside scoop on their thoughts on Casey’s musical talents and more!

And what better way to pay tribute to their friend and cast mate than to spoof him first, and then settle down and tell us what they really think of a young man breaking on to the music scene where the sky’s the limit for him.  So here now is the DAYS gang, first answering On-Air On-Soaps as if they were Casey, and then as you will read, switching gears and answering as themselves! 

So Casey, how did you prepare for the concert tonight?

Photo Credit: MF Soaps, Inc.

ARIANNE (as Casey):  Well, I had no idea I had this voice until a year ago when Eric Martsolf and I were jamming in his room.  He really got me to focus on my instrument! (Laughs)

Did you plan to say (bleep) so many times  during the show?

ERIC (as Casey):  I can’t be responsible for what my guitarist yells out to the audience, but there is an aura about the Whiskey that elicits responses that tend to be vulgar!  So we just went for the moment and honestly Michael, when you are talking about rock n’ roll … vulgarities come into play.

What was the inspiration for the outfit that you wore on stage?

GREG (as Casey):  Well, as for my inspiration … well, actually I made this myself!  I have a talent that nobody knows about!   I do wardrobe!  I actually made all the outfits for the band!  It took a lot of effort, but I stayed up a lot of hours the other night and the red and the black just rocks!

How long did you rehearse for this performance tonight with your band Eyes of One?


SHAWN (as Casey):  None, not at all.  It (bleep) comes from my soul!  Yeah, it (bleep) did!  I don’t need to rehearse sometimes, but the music comes from my (bleep) soul!

Was it tough going to DAYS and working in scenes as JJ, and then coming to the Whiskey to pull off this amazing concert?

ARIANNE (as Casey):  No, man.  I took the day off of DAYS. I needed to be prepared for tonight. It’s the Whiskey … it’s legendary!

Your father told me he gave you your first guitar.   Did you realize Dad was sort of pushing you along the way to be the musical artist that you are today?

ERIC (as Casey):  Mom may push you out in the beginning, but it’s your dad who pushed you along the way.  My dad has just as much rock and roll blood in his blood as I do, and it’s a tradition in my family to uphold.  I take that very seriously and I heard through the grapevine that he actually bought some of the DAYS cast members, particularly Eric Martsolf and Shawn Christian, a couple rounds tonight, and that’s why I love my dad!  He is the real deal.

Who was your inspiration for your musical sound?

ERIC (as Casey): Madonna!

SHAWN (as Casey):  It started with Spandau Ballet, but then I realized I needed more of an edge! So it’s combination of Motley Crue and Spandau Ballet!

Photo Credit: Brad Everett/Courtesy Twitter

ERIC:  Now I would like to say something as myself right now.  This is Eric Martsolf talking.  It’s amazing that a young man like Casey Moss loves the kind of music that is so outside of his generation.  That is why guys like Shawn Christian and I gravitate towards him, because we love the fact he loves the kind of music we do, but he has no business loving this kind of music, because he was born in a different era, and the fact that he loves it … it’s truthful!  Everyone is this world had tried to sell Casey on a different product, but he has gone back to what he loves.  So you have to respect a kid who loves what he loves, instead of what society is telling him!

ARIANNE:  If you noticed during the performance, I was a groupie!

SHAWN:  At DAYS we were all down in my dressing room.  Casey brought his guitar and we casually brought out some libations (laughs) and he rocked out songs that we all love!   We were just blown away!  Casey is our jukebox!

ERIC:  It’s strange to share with a kid, who is about half your age, the same music that you do!  He’s good and talented and it paid-off for him!

So I heard Eric, that you and Casey had sort of an impromptu sing-off in Sin City recently?


ERIC:  We were in Las Vegas the other week and we sang “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi.  We traded versus as if we had rehearsed it. It was completely improvisational and it was great, and we want to do it more of it, and we will!

ARIANNE:  I will do back-up vocals!

SHAWN:  I heard Ari sing, “There’s going to be a ‘Heartache Tonight”’!

ARIANNE: Yes, I have sung it poorly! (Laughs) The good thing is nobody hears the back-up singers! (Laughs) Casey writes his own music.  He is really good at what he does and it’s impressive.  He is literally finding his way with his voice and his writing.  This all only happened less than a year ago.

ERIC:  And up until a couple of  a weeks ago, he was somewhat insecure about singing in front of people, but the best part about the performance tonight was he was a caterpillar who just busted out of his cocoon.   I believe tonight was a turning point in his career.  He was always confident with his guitar playing, but tonight he let his voice out on the Sunset Strip!  So now the world is his little oyster, as far as what he is going to sing and what he is going to do.

Can we just all admit that Casey’s guitar playing is amazing!


ERIC:  Let’s face it!  There are 1000 actors out there who think they have musical potential. They put out albums and they have gone down in the toilet.  But the reason so many of his cast members came out here to support him, is that Casey is the real deal, and I am happy to celebrate that.  He brought down the house down tonight.

ARIANNE:  The other thing is; he always texts somebody in the cast.  He is such a good kid, and he will ask if this, or that, is the right choice.

ERIC:  Here is the powerful thing about Casey: He is not afraid to ask questions. Whereas other kids in Hollywood think they know everything.  Casey understands that he is 20 and he asks questions, and that he knows knowledge is important, and so he want to be the best he can be.

SHAWN:  He wants to know how things work or how to make them better.  He is not afraid to ask any question, even at the risk of sounding stupid!

ARIANNE:  I think Casey had like four agents right here! (Laughs)

GREG:  We will talk about everything with him!


ERIC: He will ask his elders, for lack of a better phrase, “I have an issue.   I don’t know what to do about it.   And it’s smart to come to us, because we know everything! (Laughs)

What would you grade Casey for his performance at the Whiskey a Go Go?  Shall we just give him an A and be done with it?

GREG:   I am going to give him a B – I have to keep him grounded!  If I give him an A, I don’t know what will happen! (Laughs)

SHAWN:  I give him a B+!

ERIC:  I can’t grade him. He is in a category all his own!

ARIANNE:  I already said A like a hundred times!


SHAWN: Oh, please!  He deserves an A+ at that age and he is playing the legendary Whiskey A Go Go!  What is great about what Casey does is that it is pure rock and roll. That is why we love the Guns N’ Roses of the world and the AC/DC’s of the world, because it’s pure rock and roll, and there is nothing false about it. Casey is that kind of guy. We all listen to the same bands he emulates.  He finger plays his guitar like Eddie Van Halen!

ERIC: I say, “Rick Springfield …. watch out, man!”  Casey has good musicianship to back up all of his talent too!

So, what did you think of the hilarious and insightful comments from Arianne, Eric, Greg and Shawn on Casey Moss and his performance at the Whiskey?  Let us know!

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jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

The should have J.J. sing a love song to Paige…the way Doug used to sing to Julie…need more romantic moments in our soaps!!!


Now, that looks like a fun night! BTW, I love having Kristen back. I don’t quite understand the need for Daniel to be involved in so many storylines-always the hero-but, I do like Daniel (especially without Jennifer). The Vatican storyline with Eric and Nicole is a bit much, has gone stale, and needs to wrapped up soon. I don’t think the writers knew what to do with John, which is why he has been put in a coma. Theresa, please, just send her with a one way ticket out of town. Love Eve. Love Kate’s fashion. Victor’s one liners are hysterical! That’s my DOOL wrap! HA!

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I want John to wake up from his coma thinking he is Roman and still married to Marlena…i want Roman(Josh Taylor) to come in the hospital room and have John say, ‘Hey, you’re not Roman! You look more like that Chris guy(Josh’s original role)…the one who owns The Body Connection!'(back in the 80s Chris owned that gym)…this would be a funny inside joke!!!…imo


That would be funny. I didn’t watch DOOL then; but, I like learning the history of the show. I starting watching during summer break in ’95, with John, Marlena, and Roman, and Billie, Bo, and Hope (when Bo was played by Robert Kelker Kelly). I loved him as Bo.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

Ive watched Days since 1965 but i had to miss a lot because my parents insisted i go to school…lol…around 1980 i briefly stopped watching…that was the time Days ratings went down and tptb fired many cast members and some quit because of it(this backfired because many loyal fans got upset and stopped watching)…several Hortons were let go and the Anderson family were killed off with only matriarch Phylis who survived…i did occasionally tune in but become a regular again when they did the Salem Strangler storyline that knocked off more cast members…killing off Mary Anderson, ending the Andersons family once and for all…Phylis, Marys mother returned briefly for her daughters funeral and then never returned…i started liking Days again but stopped watching several years ago during a bleak time in my life but now im back…forget when i started again…Days has its ups and downs but im still watching!!!


You must be a font of information, jimh. I meres myself in your writing. I have only been watching for 6 years…my first pregnancy. So, I rely on you guys to voice your opinions. I apologize for overstepping sometimes, thinking I know the characters, such as Eve….I really don’t know her at all. I liked her as Blair, but I am having a hard time getting into the Eve character, so I can’t give her the justice she probably deserves.
I have heard of the Salem strangler and Mary Anderson from older family members who talk about Days when we all get together. I believe that was the time when Roman was not Roman but Chris Kosacek? Or something like that? And, he was Mary Anderson’s boyfriend. I am waiting for that Retro channel which will play “oldie” soaps…..that is, if I read correctly.


Immerse, not meres…lol


I agree with that, dmr. I must also say that although I am not the most religious person in the world, I do know the way the Catholic Church works . I am well versed in its credo as I went to Caholic School from kindergarten through High School. So, I think that the writers of soaps should educate themselves when it comes to the Roman Catholic Church, and not make up their own rules. A person cannot re-marry in the Church unless he/she has been widowed or the marriage has been annulled. Consequently, all these marriage rites in the Catholic Church, which seem to be commonplace on Days, are fictitious.
I would like to comment on Eric, the almighty priest, as well. He was defrocked for a specific reason, and a good one at that, albeit so crazy and incredibly not within the realm of reality. Going to the Vatican? I agree with dmr…over the top. Religion and politics are subjects that should not be delved into in depth on soaps, such as this one was. ..very touchy subjects. Not to mention that Eric had an “itch” for Nicole while the “purity” of his heart and soul was supposedly still intact. Actually he is still fighting his feelings for Nicole….very hypocritical….it defeats the purpose of following in Christ’s footsteps….the true meaning of being a priest. While his intentions are noble and his actions to be admired, Eric has no right or place as a Catholic priest……he needs some heavy-duty soul searching. But really, Eric? Give Nicole a break and come down your high horse. Are you listening, writers? Make this storyline more credible; make it short, sweet, and end this agony.


They definitely should showcase his music skills on the show and also Kassie De Paiva..I love DAYS, but it needs little more of a an edge..It also really needs a shot of some real and natural romance..Nicole and Eric..Jennifer and Daniel…Make Kate and Jordan’s sick stepdad a couple.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I said in a previous post i want Clyde to blackmail Kate into marrying him…and then reveal Clyde is Stephano’s nephew!!!


I agree; more romance is needed. I never thought Daniel and Jennifer made a great, romantic couple. Seems so forced. I think that JJ and Paige are very cute together. Eve needs a good man to help change her wicked ways!


I agree with above comments.

Days is so dark right now..Sami is not Sami..Eve is terrible..Abby is broken
Let’s have some romance. Some music
Kill Eve off!!!

Mary SF
Mary SF

Thanks for the laugh Patty– don’t know if you intended it, but your last line is best irony I read on this site in a long time–


I can’t stand how Sami spoke to Kayla. I loved how Kayla told her to not refer to as “Ant Kayla” again! I have never been a fan of Sami, and this recent storyline does not change that fact. I do love seeing Kristen Dimera back on my screen! I love, love, love Eileen Davidson!


Apparently you did not watch Days when Sami was first on as a teenager. She was horrid for years. To me, she seemed out of character when they tried to rehabilitate her into a “nice” Sami. I’m glad she’s back to her horrid ways. She’s a great actor and I bet she had a lot of fun being “bad” again.


Love this interview! They really seem like a fun cast.


What a fun event! Oh, to be part of that fun evening would be awesome!

First of all congrats to the very talented Casey Moss! Playing that venue is truly a part of rock ‘n roll history and quite a feat for a young musician. Secondly, kudos to his classmates in their show of support. It speaks volumes for them and Casey how they support one another.

Wish I could have joined them! Best of luck to Casey & his band. Hope he sticks around DOOL for years to come. Love his portrayal of JJ.

Thanks Mr. Fairman for a refreshing interview of so many talented and fun-loving stars. Loved it!

Tone-E C
Tone-E C

Casey Moss is such a BADASS Actor/musician in Soap Opera History.

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