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DAYS Billy Flynn Turns In Tour De Force Performance As Chad Reels From Abigail's 'Death'!



In a heartbreaking episode on Wednesday of Days of our Lives, Chad (Billy Flynn) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) try to cope and come to terms with the ‘confirmed’ news of the ‘death’ of Abigail!

However, Abigail’s husband and her mother are at odds, and thus begins the drama that gave Billy Flynn meaty material to sink his teeth into, and illustrate to all, yet again, that he is one of the finest young actors out there.  First, after Chad speaks with the coast guard about Abigail, Jennifer walks into the DiMera Mansion and the conversation quickly turns to custody of baby Thomas.  Jennifer tells Chad she thinks he is falling apart, and cannot possibly give Thomas what he needs as a father.  Chad brings up Jennifer’s pill addiction, plus the bad family genes of hers that has mental illness running through it.  She then storm out.

Next, Chad drinks and talks to Abigail’s photo, and as he grieves with tears welling up in his eyes, he recalls the first time he layed eyes on Abby, and then how they were going to build their life together, and in the house that she hated so much!  Then in a hauntingly raw moment, Flynn as Chad recalls that he told Abby that they would renovate the place but never did.  Losing his grip, Chad says, “Let’s renovate, baby” and starts demolishing the entire living room at the manison.  Tables, chairs, glass, you name it go flying and get smashed to bits, leaving Chad desolate, destroyed, and alone in his grief.   In a nicely edited emotional moment, Chad destroying the DiMera living room is juxataposed with Jennifer being conforted by the Hortons in her time of need over the loss of her daugther.

In his final scenes, Flynn’s Chad is found on the floor by Belle (Martha Madison).  When she walks in and sees the room trashed, he reveals it was cathartic.  He says he is need of an exorcism as they have a moment to laugh through his pain.  In the end he tells Belle, he wants to make Abigail proud and make DiMera Enterprises a success by making it legit and building a future for his son.  Chad offers Belle a job to work with him as he will need legal help. As she says she will consider it, they begin to clean up the room, but Chad is still grief-stricken.

Billy Flynn should definitiely consider this for his Emmy reel for the race for Lead Actor in 2017.   Each scene in this episode featured what fans have come to love about his impassioned performances as Chad DiMera.

So, what did you think about Billy’s performance as Chad is rocked by Abby’s “death”?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Yes Billy did great acting,, he’s a super actor, but all the heavy drama over Abigail’s death is now over-kill. If given Jennifer’s issues, they actually stage a court battle over Thomas’s custody, it will be absurd. They need to move on and focus on Andre and finding out the truth about Abigail’s staged death.

So the new Abigail doesn’t come on for a few months? I hope we don’t have to watch Chad crying and throwing things and Jennifer relapsing on pills and booze much longer.

He did a good job but as a viewer its difficult to get too involved knowing Abby isnt dead…i remember a time when characters actually died on a soap and you got involved with the grieving surviving characters like they were really your family or friends and you grieved with them…not anymore!!!

I know what you mean, Jimmy. But, I try to separate most facts from the scene thst is ‘here and now’. I’ve already sung Billy Flynn’s praises on the “Abbi” site……he’s fantastic. EMMY EORTHY!!!!

He is certainly one of the better actors on the show (but…uh…lately, that isn’t saying much) – but I’m getting tired of hearing about baby Thomas and Abby’s supposed death, yadda yadda yadda. Geez for pete’s sake get ON WITH it already! Man, I know Soaps are slow but THIS show moves at a turtle’s pace, no offense to turtles.
Get a storyline going!

The pacing on this show is beyond endurance.

Everything is a two-character scene with one static moment. Played three times in a row during the one episode. Hope-Aiden, can I trust you…. Race-commiSerate, I want you to be happy. Victor-Maggie, what are you up to?

He’s a fine actor. But the Chad-Abby, Abby is seeing things went on for three months. He deserves better. All of the other actors deserve better.

Ugh. Rafe-MommaRafe, I want you to be happy… dang auto correct….

Please DOOL stop this nonsense with Jennifer. She should be standing beside Chad helping him to raise Thomas in Abby’s absence. Instead, she launches this stupid custody battle. It if were me, instead of Chad, I would take my son and leave Salem. The next time Jennifer would get to see Thomas would be at his high school graduation.

I have always been impressed by his acting and have thoroughly appreciated his developing character. This fine actor was so convincing this show it was breathtaking to watch. Without a doubt his performance well, it was perfection!

Billy was terrific as was the episode!

Yeah, that even better, 4ever!! Extraterrestrial. Maybe, the writers had Jack Finney in mind when they decided to SORAS Ciera.

Let’s give Days of our lives another shot . The new writing material is about to air . I have a feeling it’s going to be good and when i have a good feeling about something i am rarely wrong ! So let’s tune in again !

Sure, I can do that, Nicholas ( that’s my little boy’s name; my little Nico…LOL) because DOOL, the loyal fans and the cast deserve it.
But, something must be done about the teens….especially, Morticia Addams (Ciera).

LOL, Celia, I’ve been calling her a pod person!

I truly hope; with

come on loyalty… dig in… here comes Ryan Quan and Dena Higley

truth be told… I started watching DOOL after the Olympics

I erased 64 eps

oy! I couldn’t even muster up the energy… even knowing I wanted to catch up because of Daniel Cosgrove

IE: the latest SOD issue… reads Ken Corday “launching” another resurge of ; the incomparable DAYS

sigh! what I thought funny… the article ends… with Ken Corday mentioning that he’ll be receiving a star on the walk of fame… and that he hopes the show will be renewed for 1 or 2 years.

I realize that under his EP duties… DAYS has received 2 best of show… which isn’t saying that much… as he’s let this show spiral so often

ANYWAY… buck up… DAYS is back on the AIR

JPL… is so thin… and his hair is longer than ever… glad he’s leaving… it’s a shame.. because Kate and Victor could have had much to show with their son… it just did not gell with JPL

I agree with a lot of posts… the Hernandez family BUST is happening.. for a very good reason… trimming the cast is on the horizon… sad that it includes Eduardo leaving the show. it’s pretty clear Dario is in trouble … perhaps he and his mother will go back home together… till Dario gets it together.

I’ll take Rafe, Gabs, and Arianna Grace for the win

Sonny is the shining light and breath of fresh air… on this show… I agree with a SOD snippet… Sonny needs to call his bff Chad… and keep him company… till the nuAbs returns… I agree with a post above… it’s time for him to snap out of his misery… but then again… is he in this funk till the writers get Ciara out of his orbit

Billy Flynn… dang! who’s not drawn to him ? he’s the bees knees … the dream still goes on…. DAYS / NBC / Sony do whatever it takes to keep this LEADING man

dag! I got to see my Jenny Bear… spiral one more… or last time… at that seedy motel… ’nuff said get it Jenny Bear

however ho hum it was done… it’s a GOOD thing… to see a reconciliation… between Victor and his brother Deimos… so Deimos can move on ! I don’t even mind that Deimos is still at the Kiriakis Manse

because wherever you place Victor and Maggie… it doesn’t matter… these two are the most romantic

Jenn Lilly’ Theresa… I’m in denial that she’s leaving the show… will Xander exact his revenge and take her life ? isn’t this is the rumour mill… I truly do not want her character killed off… DAYS needs to leave the door open to her return… it’s all the writers fault… I agree with SOD that Theresa was so much better as the it girl for bitch… tall order and she did

I wish Daniel Cosgrove Aiden had the soras Chase to interact with… another huge mistake by the production team… we all know Ciara Alice is DOA. at the expense of letting go the sublime actor who played Chase… now all we have of Aiden is his relationship with or without Hope. which I’ve decided I have misgivings…

Hope and Jennifer… are the golden girls … and still grans jewels… without Bo and Jack… it’s been a difficult transition for both ladies to lead.

thank the soap god… Dr. Daniel Jonas is no longer on the show… argh! it was painful to watch Jennifer

i’m just not that interested with Hope … with Aiden finding out about Hope part in Stefanos death bring this trio to life ? I actually like the tensions and emotion Aiden and Rafe get to play out… is the prize really that worth it ? Hope looks tired

I am so excited just knowing … Laura Horton ( LOL ) is coming HOME ! she needs a long story arc… that’s a lot of show… for Laura “frafile” state to deal with… the presumed death of her granddaughter and Jennifer should be committed… talk about a lot of show … for the constant delight Jaime Lyn Bauer !

Shane and Kimberly are returning for a longer story ARC … YES
Anna DiMera is simmering vibrant alive and sexy… the BEST !

ps: Tony is always a treat … he brings camp.. and I can go their

waiting patiently… for Paul and … ??? Sonny… inasmuch as he’s certain he’s convinced himself.. he’s a changed man… after the death of his husband…

XANDER needs to be … ???? brought back full time… why not pit him with Kate… as she’s in need of company…. since Eduardo is leaving.. and Deimos dumped her for Nichole…

DAYS / Sony / NBC : Kassie DePiava… I love this lady… I pray that this production team (s) rally around her… and just do the right thing… she’s bank… she’s gold… she’s on top… she will forever reign supreme

DAYS is airing new stuff

go big DAYS

Billy did a great job, and he has been doing good work all along. Kudos! With that said, I hope Days moves away from so many grieving scenes from deaths. It is a part of life, and of course if there are deaths, there needs to be grieving scenes, but they have had so many deaths that it seems we are watching grieving scenes all the time which can pull you down after awhile, and you want to watch and see something else. Again, a balance.

Guess I will have to watch the DVR. I have been just deleting. I like some of the show. I watched a little at the doctors office the other day. who knows I may watch. I do like Chad .But before the Olympics I watched Aiden, and it looked like they brought him back to be more evil ? I find Rafe boring with Hope, and dammit I want jack to come back alive.

I may not have cried much, but I thought that Billy’s performance was amazing and he made me feel so bad for him! He’s an amazing actor and hope to see many more scenes of him on DOOL! Wish that Kate could come back has Abigail, but let’s see how well the new one does and hope that they will have a very happy reunion! They do deserve to have a happy life with Ben out of their lives for good!

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