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How Would You Describe The Cast Of Y&R In One Word?



After all the fantastic promotion by the team behind the scenes at The Young and the Restless and CBS Daytime, it all comes down to all of us tuning-in to Thursday’s airing of the top-rated soap’s 11,000th episode!

From where the story is placed leading into tomorrow, heavy emotional stakes and drama await several characters in Genoa City as well as the viewing audience.

As part of their celebration, Y&R asked; “If you could desribe the cast in one word ….” to a myriad of cast members including: Gina Tognoni, Kristoff St. John, Steve Burton, Joshua Morrow, Bryton James, Christel Khalil, Peter Bergman, Justin Hartley, Melissa Claire Egan, Daniel Goddard, Doug Davidson, Lauralee Bell, Jason Thompson, and more.

From “hard-working” to “talented” to “professional” to “awesome” and “incredible” to name just a few of their answers, it’s true that The Young and the Restless possesses some of the biggest heavy hitters in the game.  That’s why our word that best describes the cast of Y&R would be: “A-list”.

But what would your one word be?  Let us know in the comment section below, after you watch the cast tell you theirs after the jump!

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Here it is;

One word ; ‘ Repetitive ‘

Disappointing. Only a couple actors I like seeing. Resent that Chelsea is the lead actress now.



Mediocre comes to mind. I don’t think there’s much warmth or charisma in the cast. Everybody toes the line pretty much. There’s nobody who charges the screen like Terry Lester or Tricia Cast used to do.







I have been a fan since the mid eighties and aside from a choice few I think the cast is terrific. To be honest, I was having send thoughts in the beginning about the Phyllis recast. But Ms Tognoni has made Phyllis hers and I am loving it. I on hope that with the Adam situation we don’t have to sit through yet another recast. I think Justin Hartley was an excellent recast. He really understood Adam from the beginning and ran with it. With wll the hype surrounding the 11,000th epieode, I am hoping they bring Lauren to the front of th canvas more. I alwwys loved her and Michael together. Perfect fit. I am enjoying the clips at the beginning of the show. Love the flasbacks. Unless I am looking at things the wrong way, I always thought that the Abbotts were one of, I not the main core family of the show. With that being said, I was hoping that Beth Maitland (Traci), and Eileen Davidson (Ashley) would get a chance to have their moment to speak. They both have wonderful back stories Who cannot forget the wonderful cat fights between Traci and Lauren over first Danny and then Brad. And If I am remembering correctly, Victor impregnating Ashley, having her aborting said baby and having the situation winding her up in a mental hospital. Classic soap opera at its best. With that being said, congrats on this amaing milestone.

Agreement here… on all counts!

Agreed, soapqueen….
I’d like to add that, as I suspected, Chloe insinuated herself into Chelsea’s household and life methodically and successfully. I said this character’s insanity lives on.
I despise her right now. Thus, kudos to Elizabeth H for breaking the monotony that is Y&R lately…….she is one incredibly, fab actress. This woman’s capability of reeling us in by making us feel things we don’t want to feel, is an art.
I pay homage to you, Chloe/Elizabeth. At present, Chloe and Mariah are two characters that seize, grab and hold!!!!!

I to agree with you Celia. Chole did just kind of barge in and take over. I am hoping for some interesting confrontations between her and Mariah. You know those to are a hot mess waiting to happen!! At this point I would rather see Chole and Mariah go at then Billy and Cane sniping at each other. I am also wondering how much longer they are going to drag out the Sully situation.

Oh! one word? Monotonous. Other than what I’ve already said.

Troopers. Anyone who can deliver that god awful writing with a straight face is a trooper.

I would say wasted talent. oh wait that’s two

The request was a word for the cast… Talented!

As for the last decode of plots and contrivances… save that for another day. Here’s to the actors and personalities we love (and love to) hate!

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

That’s right, Iakovos. The cast! Agreed…talented.

One word? Bergman. He is warm, funny and classy, on and off camera!

Looking at them all with the exception of Summer(H.K.) I would say without a doubt PERFECTION, TALENTED, MARVELOUS,EXCELLENCE, FANTASTIC. Your choice but any one of these would apply!

One word to describe Summer? OVER as in the character and the season! Sad about one of them!

Oh Tim your so right. I still can’t wrap my brain around September already, very sad as for Summer well that’s another story.

Depressing! Next thing you know all the malls will be filled with anger, greed and rudeness. Merry Christmas!

Tim did you forget Black Friday? That’s when the anger starts ha ha Oh happy day!

Sadly, Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday!

Tim your too funny. Pretty soon we’ll have a whole black week! Have a great weekend my friend!

Agreed, my dear Nikki….except I am really not looking forward to another sickening round of Phyllis and Billy.
Why, oh, why can’t I be okay with couple?! To be honest, I FF his every scene, with or without Phyllis. He bugs me more than she does. I can’t stand him……worse than the previous Billy.
Someone had mentioned John Paul Lavoisier. Now, I could really go for that idea…..and, he’d make a better Billy than his present role as Phillip (DOOL).

Hi CeeCee, I think its because we are so use to seeing him as kind hearted Patrick looking for his one true love Robin, so with that in mind seeing him being so mean to his brother Jack, having an affair with Phyllis, mouthing off to Trevor the way he did & always sucking up to Victoria like trying to hang on to her just incase this affair goes south. He quit being good boy on G.H. to being bad boy here. It’s funny because in a way I agree. I do think he’s doing his best but out of all the re-cast we’ve had over the years this one seems to be the hardest to re-cast. I really like Phyllis because she made the role her own and made it more reproachable where as the last one M. Stafford was too hard core for me. I’m kinda laughing to myself because I do the same thing when Summer is on. I even missed a couple of shows over the summer over her.

Hey, Nikki,
Deep down I know you’re right. I suppose the writers want to create a different Billy, albeit Billy did sleep with Sharon while she was married to Jack. So, history keeps repeating itself. Can’t be avoided in soaps. LOL.
But, I really think Billy’s lust for Phyllis is just that. Lust and infatuation. He still has strong feelings for Victoria. Methinks, he doth protest too much. So, what to make of it? Billy ants his cake and eat it too. He is a recalcitrant, spoiled, belligerent man-child….and, an untrustworthy backstabber to boot.
Summer? I’m sorry, but this girl cannot act. The scrunching up of her face and the tearless crying just do not work for me.

Your probably right about Billy’s feelings for Phyllis but I think we have to remember that there is no such thing as a happy couple on a soap. I like Chelsea & Adam but you know he’ll be gone long enough to tape his new show and she’ll get involved with Nick which will bring the brothers back to fighting again upon his return. I don’t care for Victor but this time I hope he get rid of Chloe and tells Billy that Bella is his. She is as crazy as a bed bug and does not deserve to keep Bella. She’s trying to turn her into another Delia. JMO!

Yes, that’s certainly true, Nikki. No love is ever idyllic on soaps; nor does that halcyon bliss last very long.
Another thought came to me, though. Is it possible that Billy has always felt inadequate compared to Jack? Since Billy cannot seem to best Jack in anything, does he have this compelling need to ‘take’ from him? Such as his wife(s)? Billy IS the prodigal son.
Billy never really amounted to much. His salvation was Victoria; or so it seemed…..
I have lost all hope of anything getting resolved. I am still waiting for Adam’s name to be cleared of Delia’s death, posthumously, if need be. Let everyone eat crow.
It must be such a torturous life for Chloe to be so bedeviled. But, I doubt that the discovery of Adam’s innocence would make things right again in her world.
As far as I can see, Chloe has always been a manipulator….(Cane; Billy). So, Delia’s death finally made her snap. In her mind’s eye she needed to ‘kill’ Adam, not only to vindicate her daughter’s death, but also to free herself from what she considers, the unfair burden of seeing Adam live a normal life with his wife and son. She needed to abate this overwhelming flood of hate that took over her life.



adjective: bumbling

acting in a confused or ineffectual way; incompetent.

(ok , ok – it’s all in the writing )

Y E S, Patrick..!!!!! All in the writing.



Lol. Double and triple. 4ever….you just made my day.

4ever DAYS…Y-E-P…TOTALLY!!!!! A-n-d…to the point of no return!!!!! Beyond sad.



And with good reason – because they are Fabulous!



If I had to use one word for this cast…it would be GRATEFUL! Grateful to be on a show that is still number one in the ratings despite YEARS of non-stories, meandering plots that go nowhere, complete history rewrites that have compromised the ages of all of the characters, Victor always coming out on top after outrageous crimes, ill-advised plot twists, pointless stunt casting, and so much more.

I have been saying for years, the one thing that would realy change the show would be to kill off Victor and staring fresh.

ITA….Hate Victor






Y&R is the best of the best, as a kid I had to watch it with my mother, so I grew up watching it from the beginning with the early families, the Brooks family and the Foster family, before introducing the Newman family and all the rest of the other families.

30min show when it began, and finally going to 1hr – Y&R will stand as the best soap ever.

My word Addictive (I am still watching it and so is my mother)

Same here Adam, I have been watching it from the beginning for I watched it with my mother but once Bill Bell passed and Kay Alden was let go and the show took away the classic background music, I have given up on the show. I do turn in from time to time to see if it’s going back to it’s roots but every time I tune in I am disappointed. I love change but only if it’s for the good. The one word I can think of is SAD, SAD for it’s not like it was for year’s the classic soap that it USE to be.

My word is delightfully diverse. Ok, two words.
But I love your word Addictive!

I am so grateful for Y and R…love, love, love it despite
occasional annoyances with certain storylines, or characters,
well, just Summer really. And Ben.
I will always watch!

I agree. Summer and Stitch were always my annoyances as well. I say Stitch should have left after his mother and sister left. But addictive sums it up fo me as well. They keep writing and I’ll keep watching!!!

Just happy to read that there’s another person out there who recalls the Brookes’ and Fosters’ families… separate stories, equal air-time. And the music was the best! We’v seen all the changes, some good and many not so good. Somehow, we remain loyal.

Spectacular! I love all of the characters, especially the new Adam!

Couldn’t agree more. Been watching for years loved watching Nick and Sharon grow up. Glad they are still on it. What would Y&R be withou Sharon and her crazy eyes.

Ageless! I grew up with a lot of the core cast and we are all around the same age. Now they look like they haven’t aged much at all. Me, on the other hand….(LOL)

Superficial ! Nothing is real it is all a show all a stage no one is real they just play their parts ! It is called a Imitation of Life! As Sandra Dee said to Lana Turner in the movie this is not a stage this is real life ! Like to see some real news not pandering to your audience

Miracle workers– okay that is two words, but that is how I would describe any cast that can take the crap that this show has to endure behind the scenes from networks slashing budgets, to mediocre writing, to soul killing producers to endless behind the scenes drama and uncertainty– and still turn in even on bad days a decent performance to brilliant ones with the odd good script that still excels– to me that is a miracle worker.

On a side note– and I am sure there will be a thread on this at some point— but the cabin blowing up was hedging their bets- if JH stays, Adam will have gotten out and have the same face– if JH leaves, they recast and Adam has plastic surgery again because of his burns- if they re do his face a third time– I think the fourth face change is free– LOL

If he got out. He was in a heap on the floor after Chole shot him. If he survives that he is definitely the Energizer Bunny. And what about Chelsea? Depending upon how close she was, whose to say what she is going to wind up looking like. Unless of course, she’ll be fine, so Nick can play the hero and spend his time babysitting Connor and Chelsea, and they can have their affair well under way for when he comes back. I bet Victor feels real good right about now

LOL! Mary SF! Fourth face free…hilarious!

I was thinking maybe they’ll do a GH spin…he gets out, dazed, confused, amnesia, which gives Justin time to be off screen for his new show. Meanwhile, off camera he could be held hostage ala Todd/Victor was at the end of OLTL or (James Caan by Kathy Bates in Misery). If Justin’s not keeping the role than he does a full Jason Morgan…amnesia and a new face. Hahaha…soaps!

I can’t believe it’s been a week without the thread about the cabin explosion, and now the “mysterious glove” with Adam’s ring… that glove has been used too many times! Worse than OJ!



A somewhat inconsistent “ENSEMBLE.”

Well, I live on the west coast and watch recordings later than most. It feels safe that no one reads what I write. I stand by my comment, but want to say how talented the cast remains. Every time a beloved character leaves it is difficult. It is difficult when a new character or replacement of character arrives. Then the deck is shuffled.

Thanks for my years of enjoyment!

i would love to see the greatest couple on the show get back together which is chelsea and adam and please dont put her with nick let nick and sharon be together and bring back adam where it will be worth watching right now it is boring let somebody be happy i mean everybody in this world is happy sometimes please hurry and bring back adam character


OLTL’s Erika Slezak Recalls Viki’s Breast Cancer Battle, Pays Tribute to Andrea Evans, and Shares Heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Those Who Reached Out on the Passing of Her Daughter

One of the all-time classic breast cancer storylines of the soaps was that of Viki’s on One Life to Live. Back in 2000 and into 2001, the character went through many trials and tribulations trying to face the disease, which again afforded the iconic Erika Slezak to be featured in another dramatic storyline, which at the same time helped so many female viewers.

As part of last week’s virtual event, Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer – We All Have a Story, Slezak chatted with co-host Michael Fairman about her remembrances of the important storyline, the passing of her co-star, Andrea Evans (ex-Tina) to breast cancer, and took a moment to address the fans and those who reached out to her following the sudden death of her daughter, Amanda Davies, back at the end of January of this year.

While Erika has still been in mourning, she took the time to be a part of the night and wanted to contribute her voice to the benefit, and we cannot thank her enough.

Photo: ABC

Speaking on how Viki dealt with her diagnosis of breast cancer, and at the time being in a relationship with a younger man, Ben (played by Mark Derwin), Erika shared, “It was a very good story to tell because Viki, who had always been strong and by herself and tough and ‘I can deal with anything’, suddenly couldn’t deal with it. She was afraid. There was the whole relationship with Ben that was going on, and she didn’t want him to be a part of it. So that was separate, and the day that Vicki checked into the hospital, the last shot was me sitting on the end of the bed, sort of my dangling my feet over it, completely alone because she didn’t want anybody else to know.”

“Ben was around in the hospital and eventually found out that she was there and wanted to be a part of her life. But she didn’t want it,” Erika added. “She couldn’t deal with it. It was a frightening thing for her because it had been caught too late to treat. She had to have a mastectomy and a reconstruction and she had never been faced with such a very personal trauma. I mean, yes, she had Niki and all the others (Viki’s alters), but this was a physical thing that she could not control. It was a very powerful story, I think.”

Photo: ABC

One of the memorable moments from the story was when Viki sang the Gloria Gaynor hit, I Will Survive. Slezak remembers, “That was at Crossroads. She was singing to herself, I Will Survive, and she was desperately trying to believe it, as we all do when we deal with something horrible.”

In tribute to her former co-star, Andrea Evans, who started on One Life to Live as a teenager in 1978 and who died in July of 2023 at 66-years-old, Erika expressed, “Andrea grew up so beautifully and she was so talented that the person that she really was, who was a a kind and loving woman, could play so many different levels of Tina. I had such admiration for her for that. It wasn’t in her nature to be Tina, but she played the hell out of it. She really did. Her first day on the show, her hair was down to the back of her knees. She was just a kid, and she grew up to be a wonderful woman.”


Speaking emotionally about Andrea’s personal life, Erika recalled, “I think one of the proudest moments of her life is when she got her daughter Kylie, she was so happy. Audrey, Andrea’s mother, used to bring Kylie to the studio, all the way from California she would fly in. I first met Kylie when she was a year old.  I watched her slowly grow up and it was wonderful. Andrea was a fabulous mother. I never met her husband Steve. I wrote to him after she passed, and he wrote me back a very, very sweet letter. But when Andrea met Steve, it was like her life was almost complete, and then she had Kylie, and that was complete. And it is so, so sad that she died so young.”

Photo: JPI

During the conversation, Erika took a second to acknowledge all those who contacted her with their condolences, thoughts and prayers on the passing of her daughter, Amanda, expressing, “I thank all the fans and the people who have written to me. I’ve saved every single card. I’ve responded to every single person because the amount of people who reached out to me is just astonishing. I have a pile that it’s two feet high of cards and letters that people wrote to me. And I’m very, very grateful because this is the hardest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

You can watch the conversation with Erika below on the replay of Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up to Cancer. The six-time Daytime Emmy-winner appears at the 34:17 mark in the show. Below that is a playlist of scenes from Viki’s breast cancer storyline from One Life to Live.

Now let us know, what did you think of Viki’s breast cancer storyline? Erika’s words on the late Andrea Evans and her “thank you” to all for sending their condolences to her and her family during their difficult time. Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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General Hospital

Cameron Mathison Takes You Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoot as Host of New Game Show ‘Beat the Bridge’

General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) will soon step into his new role as game show host when Beat the Bridge bows on June 10th and will be seen weeknights at 6 pm on the Game Show Network. As previously reported, Cameron is also staying put in Port Charles.

Ahead of the summer series premiere, Mathison took part in a photo shoot for the game show and as the face of the game. Looks like Cam is about to become a 2024-version of classic game show host, Wink Martindale!

Taking to his Instagram, Cameron shared some moments and images from the photo shoot and how they came to be. Many will be used as publicity photos for the show as it ramps-up its tune-in over the next several weeks.


Along with the behind the scenes images and video, Mathison wrote, “Making me look good🙃 Take a look behind the scenes at a photoshoot we did for Beat The Bridge📸 (Especially the massive hangtime I get at the end lol) It’s all coming your way very soon! Beat The Bridge premieres June 10 at 6p only on Game Show Network👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼”

Several of Cameron’s friends, and former or current co-stars, also commented on the photos and the BTS view, such as soap icon Susan Lucci (ex-Erica, All My Children) with whom Cameron worked closely with as his Pine Valley alter-ego, Ryan Lavery.  In fact, as AMC fans know, at one point Ryan and Erica were an item. Lucci wrote, “SOooo handsome, talented, charming, and kind—that’s Cameron🥰👏👏👏”

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, Cameron’s current castmate, Kate Mansi (Kristina, GH) commented on his athletic moves in the shoot, sharing, “Woooaaa Gene Kelly over there 🔥”

While in the middle of his busy work schedule at GH and for Beat the Bride, Cameron took time to appear in last week’s Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up For Cancer – We All Have a Story.  During his segment, Mathison appeared with Y&R’s Colleen Zenk (Jordan) and both spoke on their battles with cancer. For Cameron, surviving kidney cancer, plus the star spoke on the loss of their mothers, both to cancer.

If you missed the daytime star-studded event for a good cause, which featured Cameron, you can watch in full below.

Now let us know, will you be checking out Cameron beginning June 10th on Beat the Bridge? Share your thoughts in the comment section, but first check out how Cameron fares with GSN game show trivia in a promotional segment below.


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A post shared by Cameron Mathison (@cameronmathison)

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All My Children

Susan Lucci Reveals She Was Contacted to Gauge Interest in Becoming ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

All My Children icon and Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), apparently was being considered for the lead in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Making this all the more intriguing is Lucci admitted she really enjoyed The Golden Bachelor’s season and has become a fan and thus a part of ‘Bachelor Nation.’

Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

Photo: ABC

Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

Photo: JPI

The outlet shared that they did reach out to ABC and Warner Bros. about potential interest in Susan. However, they did not respond. A source then told the publication that Lucci was not offered a role.

For Susan, finding a second chance at love is an interesting proposition; given that she had the most incredible and enduring 53-year marriage to her late husband and manager, Helmet Huber, who passed away at 84-years-old back in March of 2022.

So, what do you think of Susan being contacted to see if she was interested in becoming ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelorette’ for the senior dating-reality series? Comment below.

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