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DAYS Casting Mysterious Man Who Has Been Betrayed Who Sets His Sights On Revenge! Who Would Be Your Choice For The Part?

Days of our Lives is adding another sexy gent to the canvas in a recurring role, according to news today via Soap Opera Digest!

According to the casting breakdown, the NBC soap opera is seeking: a gorgeous male of any ethnicity in his mid-to-late 30s, with a strong voice and presence.

The new character, called “Ted” in the breakdown, is described as a “mysterious man who has been betrayed by a loved one and has his sights set on revenge.”

So who do you think would be a good fit for the part?  What soap star who is currently not on another daytime drama, or primetime television performer, do you think would fit the bill that you would like to see in Salem?  Share your casting choice below!

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Michael Muhney!

Trevor St John

Iknow he’s older than that.I just want him back on my tv every day!

Trevor St. John, or Trevor St. John, or Trevor St. John! (I don’t care about age.)

Tom Pelphrey

Michael Muhney!!! I would love to see him take the role of EJ but from the sounds of it would make a great Ted…I just want him back on my screen! He would make a great addition if he has not been scooped up already!!

Michael Muhney is shooting a movie, so he’s not available.

Yes, but he never said how big or small his role is (at least that I know of). Plus, Days shoots so far ahead that maybe he would not be needed right away. It would be possible if they want him bad enough. There is always a way. 🙂

I don’t think you will see MM on daytime again Y&R, B&B & DOOL are all involved with Sony. GH would be the only possibility don’t see it happening!

I say Roger Howarth. Anything to get rid of Franco!

I like that idea. Watching Roger try to play Franco is akin to watching my yellow lab run away from the gopher he dug up. Failing that, how about Ingo Rademacher? The actor who played Jerry Jax on GH.

I thought the same thing. Definitely, if it’s not a recurring role and is contract.

Cameron Mathison

Jason Gerhardt, Trent Garrett, John Paul Lavosier

William Levy….need I say more! 😉

Sounds like EJ???? How about you go a little younger and get Tom Pelphrey…or older and go for Trevor St. John? While you are casting…Ricky Paul Goldin would make a good Bo recast! Just sayin!

Trevor St. John has stated that he’s no longer interested in Daytime Soaps.

Brandon Barash, Billy Miller, Josh Kelly, Jeff Branson, David Fumero (OLTL) or the guy that played his brother Antonio. One of the Vega brother actors would add ethnicity which Days really needs.

I agree with you, one of the Vega brothers from OLTL or the actor who played Rachel’s youngest son on AW.

I think Days should spend less time on new cast menbers and more money on new sets. The show looks so antiquated and cheap. It’s 2014 for goodness sakes. And the opening montage needs an update as well.

The opening will never receive an update; it’s barely changed since its inception.

The various characters are like ALWAYS in that stupid coffee shop or Pub or whatever it’s supposed to be , or in the fake leaf Park, or running into each other at the Square – and occasionally at the hospital. But, you are right, man the sets are in need of a facelift – and they need to do some genuine outdoor scenes every once in a while – it gets a little monotonous. I like the show (am a fairly new viewer, only about seven months) but c’mon, I agree completely that they need to get a little more adventurous regarding sets.

Days used to do outdoor location shoots but i guess its Days dont do them to keep costs down…other 3 have currently done them so i guess they must have it in their budget…Days could use new sets…Jens office at the hospital is reused as Hope’s office at the police station and in other scenes which is too obvious…Back in the 90s Days had an outdoor set they used as The Salem Place Mall that looked more real than the Horton Town Square which looks more fake then Barbie’s dream house…at least they removed that white couch that sat in the square…it never got dirty…but then again it never rains in Salem and the birds never poop…lol…a when they do show the square they could at least play background noise like traffic sounds and birds chirping…jmo!!!

Actually the Horton Square is set up from the docks, where all outdoor scenes used to be shown for years– everything from causal meetings to New Year’s Eve celebrations, to murders— it was too funny for words how much action those docks saw— new sets would be great, but I would settle if they at least did a better job of disguising recycled sets ie– the hotel room that Kristen is holding Daniel in “St. Louis” is Nicole’s hotel suite in Salem, but with the bed turned around facing a different direction– not that is really lame– they even used the same bed and bedding— come on the budget doesn’t have room for a another headboard and some different pillows???

I completely agree. The show needs a new opening. Keep the hourglass…keep the theme…keep MacDonald Carey…but modernize it. Start with the hourglass and as the camera zooms on it…they could show various cast members right inside the hourglass. They could do some really cool visual effects with it. Actors deserve to be featured in opening credits!

oh lord I pray this isn’t “Jordans” ex, hopefully Eve or Thresa

Billy Miller for Nicole

Trevor St. John! He’s only 42 which is just a few years older than the casting call says, and everyone knows he can act! I would love to see him on DAYS with his old OLTL pal Kassie DePaiva!

Michael Muhney’s shooting a moving now. PrimeTime and films are his focus.

Is this an E.J. recast or someone tied to the Jordan character like an ex lover from one of her alias’s or when she was Tammy Sue?

I doubt they would recast EJ so soon, but they might be needing a new anti hero for the show to take over the role of someone who is nasty but has a reason to be. My bet is “TED” is a test character, if audiences like him, they will flesh him out to take over as the new bad boy who needs a good woman to change him into someone noble–like Hope did for Bo, Kayla did for Steve, Jennifer did for Jack, etc. As for being tied to Jordan, if this is truly a short term character then okay, that could work, but if they want this character to have long term potential tying him to another newbie might backfire.

Whoever it is i hope he is good and not another person to come between Jen and Danial…maybe he could be someone who knows Theressa…still Jordan and Ben use use a little more action…

Isn’t this a recurring role?

I don’t care who they hire as long as this character seeking revenge has a valid reason and a point for being on the canvas unlike the last similar character of Liam. That just seemed like a hastily made up character and story designed solely to see the two former Mike Kasnoff actors from ATWT on screen together. And while we are at it…talking about pointless stories….this can NOT be all there is to the Jordan story and if it is then I am seriously disappointed in these writers who are usually so good!! You don’t bring on a popular actress…saddle her with one of the least connected, least popular males on the show…offer up a year long build up to a blockbuster pay off…and then deliver a hillbilly from the Ozarks. This show had the opportunity to have Jordan be ANY connected character from the past…any long lost Brady or Horton…having her be Lil Tammy Sue is a big letdown.

It was always my hope that Jordan would be Hope’s and John’s baby that they had while they were Princess Gina and the Pawn. I thought while they were those persona’s because they would be afraid Stefano would kidnap or take the child they gave the child to someone to raise and that is why she had so many identities — and then when they were returned to Hope and John they forgot about the child, which would explain why they never searched for her. O well, what a shame they didn’t go in that direction– it would have given Hope a story while Bo was MIA and could have kept John in town.

They could still go there…Clyde isnt Jordans biological father…and the woman whom Jordan thinks is her real mother couldve worked for Gina and given the baby to raise as her own?

See… often would make better writers then the writers!! As much as I dislike that era when Stefano raped Hope and had John having sex with her…at least if Jordan was that character it would come out of history…it would integrate her into the very core of the show. That’s a very creative twist Mary…one I hadn’t thought of. I had her as a recast Stephanie, or a recast Cassie, or maybe Sandy Horton’s daughter….someone like that. Days has told the brother/sister with troubled pasts many times before…Steve and Adrienne, Emilio and April, Austin and Billie, Rex and Cassie. I think the writers just wanted Chrishell on the canvas and had NO idea whatsoever what her past would be, so in taking a year to reveal it, they had time to think of something and make us like her. But I still say get her out of Rafe’s orbit. Rafe sucks the life out of all his scene partners and leading ladies. I don’t understand why that character is still on the show. He is connected to no one and lingered in a hospital bed for the better part of a year. I think Brady and Jordan should get together!! Let Brady have a normal relationship for once!! Eric Martsolf is hilarious at playing a whacked out addict, but he is also very good as the stand up (as opposed to falling down lol) good guy.

Yes, they could still go there. But, while in the guise of those personae (John and Hope, that is), Jordan would be Stefano’s and Hope’s child….really twisted twist. Obviously, I am not an expert on this soap as you all are. But I did make myself somewhat familiar with its history.
Through all this, Stefano never thought it could be his child, so thinking it was John’s, Mary’s theory makes a lot of soapy sense.

I often thought that! Like jimh said, they can still do that. Good storyline!!!

They could always find out later that Jordan is a long lost Horton and was stolen and raised by Clyde and his wife…maybe Sandy Horton had a daughter and was told the child was stillborn…Sandy had a breakdown and remains in a mental hospital…there are other Hortons out there we never here about: Tommy, Sandy, Steve Olsen, David Banning and a few others…would be nice if they would bring back the actor who played Steve…Stephan S. who also played Cass on AW for many years and have him be Jordans real father and a new love interest for Kate…but i do like Marys idea better and it would work best…

I like that Jim. Who didn’t love Cass from Another World?? I was not even a thought in anyone’s head when he was on DAYS but I knew he was. And what a strangely sexy seductive couple Kate and him would be……..I am laughing at the possibilities…Kate with her head bob and her biting her lip….they both have dark hair……Jim you come up with the most outrageous ideas…but when they work….you nail it!!!!!!!!

Yes jimh, I would like to see Julies brother. I’m a long time viewer whom has never seen him! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the 50th!!!!!

I hoped that Jordan was some how related to Kate, giving a twist to Kate hating her so much. And yes, it would have been awesome if she was some how related to Julie’s family that is never mentioned. Agree that they missed a good opportunity here, yet we know Days. Just like they decided one day that Daniel do-good was related to Maggie, one day Jordan will turn out to be someone’s long lost child.

Michael Muhney or Brandon Barash

I would like to see Blake Hood back on a daytime drama, unless they would think he was too young for the role— or Y&R should bring him back as Kyle, since their last Kyle was a bust.

A bust? Try an epic failure! Hartley Sawyer was awful in the role, he was the worst recasting choice Y&R has made in recent history. I wasn’t fond of the new Abby when she was first airing but man, HS was SO much worse! Blake Hood fit the role of Jack’s son perfectly, he even looked like Peter Bergman… How on Earth Y&R found such a terrible replacement, or why they chose to recast in the first place, is beyond me.

Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R) would be perfect for the role, as it’ll likely bump up to a contract status, especially with him in the role.

Clive Robertson who played Ben on Sunset Beach would be perfect

Clive Robertson is almost 50. Too old.

Couldn’t they pick a better name than Ted?

The name ‘Ted’ is just for casting and not the name they really plan to use…

Most likely that won’t be the real name– often they use fake names to disguise to the press and public the role they are really casting for.

Ted Corday co-created DOOL. Shame on you…lol

Don Diamond from B&B would be a good choice!

I dont see him leaving that show…plus did you know he already played on Days many years ago!!!

Forever Billy !!!! He can play any role….good, bad, mediocre. Roger Howarth…yes; Jean Paul L. …absolutely. But, please not Cameron Mathisons or Don Diamont.
Why not someone young? I appreciate the older cast but this show needs fresh romance. Let this new character be the son of the betrayed man who swoops onto Salem to avenge his father.
In doing so, he becomes mesmerized by a girl/woman completely losing himself within her charms and derailing from his purpose. JJ and Paige are sooo very boring and the more mature couples are just that…. I’d love to see couples in their 20’s or so, with a good, solid relationship. That is wishful thinking on my part. I am young, but even I think there’s way too much bed-hopping on soaps.

Don Diomont (spelling?) played Carlo forenzo (spelling?) on DOOL around 1985. His character was after the older Liz Chandler Curtis (Gloria Loring). I can remember their theme song…Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”.

Sony controls Days, too. So no role for Michael Muhney on it of any kind. You just dont get it that hes burned a lot of bridges with his behavior.

JOSH KELLY!!!!!! (ex-Cutter) from #OLTL

Ted is a better name than Cutter. MUCH better.

Maybe Jeffrey Vincent Parise, who played. CARLOS on #GH. He is AWESOME! He has GREAT PRESENCE and he’s very good-looking, sexy.. He has quite a following now and I don’t think he’s going back to #GH. At least Ron Carlivati said on Twitter, that his story line is finished. Hmmmm…

I don’t know how old Billy Miller is but he has done impressive work on other shows, and maybe he is trying to steer his career away from soaps – but, he would be a very viable candidate for the role.

I think why there asking for a bit older guy is because chad demurs is coming back in sept.
Also Nicole’s hotel room is where Daniel is . I had no idea hopes office was jens as well.

James Franco would be a good role on days of our lives as the new guy “ted”. He is a great actor and would be really good.

Days Of Our Lives

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At the 51st annual Daytime Emmy red carpet on Friday night and the Daytime Creative Arts ceremony on Saturday night, several couples stepped out for the first time at an award show arrivals, while enduring duos wowed the carpet and more.

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B&B’s Annika Noelle (Hope) with her beau, John Patrick Amedori.

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Real-life lovebirds … Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott.

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The “It” couple of the 2024 Daytime Emmys, Lifetime Achievement Award winners, Edward Scott and his wife, Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott.

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B&B’s Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and longtime love, Dom Zoida.

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The hosts of the 2024 Daytime Emmy ceremonies, Entertainment Tonight’s, Nischelle Turner and Kevin Frazier strike a pose.

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DAYS Eric Martsolf not only brought his wife, Lisa but their twins sons, Mason and Chase, to their first Daytime Emmys red carpet!

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New and past Emmy winners, many of this year’s nominees, fan favorites, popular TV hosts and actors, walked the carpet illustrating their fashion sensibility and comfort to the paparazzi in attendance.  Here’s a snap shot of some of the looks from Emmy night 2024 below with some of your favorite men from daytime.

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The Young and the Restless Sean Dominic (Nate) takes to the carpet in a crush black velvet jacket.

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B&B’s Tanner Novlan (Finn) looked dapper on the red carpet.

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Access Hollywood host, Scott Evans is too cool for school dressed in blue jacket and pants.

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GH’s Cameron Mathison (Drew) brings basic black to the carpet in style.

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General Hospital’s Evan Hofer (Dex) and Giovanni Mazza (Gio) take to the carpet in tuxedos.

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The Young and the Restless Bryton James (Devon) brought a dash of blue to the festivities.

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Days of our Lives star Greg Rikaart (Leo) looks cool as a cucumber on the red carpet in this black jacket.

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Y&R’s Jason Thompson (Billy) strikes a pose on the Emmy red carpet.

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Days of our Lives Dan Feuerriegel (EJ) all smiles on the red carpet.

So, who do you think wore it best? Which was your favorite look of the night from your favorite men from daytime television? Let us know in the c

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RATINGS: Daytime Emmy Audience Up 39% From Previous Year; Marking 4-Year High

Friday night’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS drew solid numbers according to the overnight ratings. The ceremony brought in an average of 2.82 million total viewers making it the annual daytime kudofest’s largest audience in four years.

The last time the Emmys drew more eyeballs was during the virtual ceremony during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in June of 2020, which averaged 3.3 million total viewers.

Meanwhile, over at the network’s streaming companion, Paramount+, and according to TV Line, Friday’s Daytime Emmys were up over 87% from last year, to make it the largest live streaming audience to date for the show.

Photo: NATAS

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

Photo: NATAS

Speaking of four in a row, Laura Wright (Carly, GH) and Steve Burton (Jason, GH) ripped open the final envelope of the night revealing that it was ABC’s General Hospital that would take home the coveted Outstanding Daytime Drama series award. That makes it the 17th time overall that the 61-year old soap opera has received this honor.

In the top acting prizes of the night, it was B&B’s Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) winning back-to-back Lead Actor Emmys, and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford taking home the gold for the third time in her career for her role as Genoa City’s Phyllis.

Photo: NATAS

The show also featured a touching In-Memoriam segment that reflected just the amount of loss and mourning the daytime community has gone through this past Emmy season, and Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, producer B&B’s Edward Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award honors.

What do you think of the preliminary ratings for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award? Is it an encouraging sign that the daytime audience remains steadfast and die-hard? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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