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DAYS Galen Gering Talks THAT KISS between Rafe and Hope! Was It As Good For You As It Was For Them?

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In a long-awaited moment on Wednesday’s Days of our Lives, Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) finally planted a major kiss on the lips of the woman he loves, Hope (Kristian Alfonso).  After all, Rafe has been the stand up guy as Hope has watched her last two husbands die:  Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove), who was about to choke the life out of her, an her beloved and longtime love, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell).

Stepping up to the plate to be the new man in Hope’s life is no easy task, but DAYS star Galen Gering is more than up for the job.  In a new interview with Glamour, he discusses the big liplock and more!

On preparing for the big kiss, Galen related: “More importantly, you ultimately want it to go well. “What’s the saying? ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression,’ right? You don’t want to go in and clank teeth and noses. That would be super awkward. But at the same time you it to be natural and in the moment. ”

As to Alfonso’s reaction to the kiss, Gering mocked:  “Um, I think she fainted. We had to pick her up off the ground. I don’t remember. I think it was, ‘Oh, OK! That went well!‘” [Laughs]

Galen recalls the key scene with Peter Reckell, in which Bo knew Rafe was in love with Hope, and asked him to take care of her before he died:  “I did love those scenes with Peter.  Honestly, I wish that there would have been more of those.I really thought…especially with what Bo says to Rafe about moving on, it would have been really neat if they were forced to spend the day together and figure it out more. But I really did enjoy those scenes. They were really moving.”

After the jump, watch the moment of truth when Hope and Rafe kiss for the first time!  Are you glad it finally happened and are  you rooting for the duo through thick and thin? Or, are you hoping things take a left turn and things don’t go so well? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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i used to like to see them together but not too sure if i do now…im trying to stay positive about Days…POP drops it, every week someone is killed or being harmed…will there ever be some light at the end of the tunnel…too much darkness!!!

I have never liked them together. I don’t think Hope gives all of herself to any other man as she did to Bo. Her heart will never let him go, albeit her mind strays, many times. C’est la vie?
But, be that as it may, I always thought Sami and Rafe made the perfect couple. Hope is too melancholy all the time; I see no chemistry; not a scintilla of a spark lighting their fire……my opinion only.

This mays sound a little cold…..but, am I the only one who doesn’t really care about Eduardo and Mrs. Hernandez? Not interested in their past, present or future; not in the least !!

I always liked A Martinez and it is nice to see a Latino family together on a soap,,,unfortuantely Rafe’s parents and brother Dario were poorly conceived and already seem stale…John used to be exciting but his adventure to find his ‘true’ identity for the 100th time was more boring than a Pauly Shore movie…Abby having a breakdown-i buy that as the actress’s exit story but her ‘burning’ desire to get rid of Ben was a bit too much too soon after Hope’s vengeance storyline shooting Stephano and the teen vengeance storyline against Chase….hopefully the new writing team are making changes for the better!!!

CeeCee…oh, I agree!!!!! Where Rafe and Hope are concerned, I just don’t get it. At all. NO NO AND MORE NO!!!!! N-e-x-t……….

Later, my friend.

There you go, JayJay. When do we ever disagree? Lol.

Hope needs Bo Brady back, recast the role please. Bo Brady is not dead, no one stays dead in Daytime. I love Rafe, but not with Hope.

Amen too you Darren, we need Bo Brady back and Anna Dimera. Also bring back Calliope Jones.

The powers behind the throne at DOOL made it clear that no character who is dead will brought back to life. They cannot bring Bo back to life without bringing Will back. As much as I may also want Bo back it is not going to happen. And if the powers behind the throne did bring back Bo who would they cast in the role? Peter Reckell will not come back. As far as Peter is concerned Bo Brady is dead.

I want Vivian Alamain, to come back To Days. Louise Sorel needs to come back with her side kick Ivan. I miss my madam LOL.

Oh, yeah, I’d love that myself, Tony. Imagine those two either ‘side-kicking’ Deimos or joining him.
Either way, that’s a show I would pay to see.

Hi CeeCee, I am so happy that you agree with me.

@ Cee Cee

I would love nothing better than to see Andre, Victor, John, Brady and others get together to side kick Demos for what he did to Maggie.

Oh, yeah, mary. Deimos is surely a baddie. Vincent is the best at playing Svengali. As yourself, I hope all he has to look forward to is a dark, cavernous life.

I am all for “ROPE” I have wanted them together for a long time. They have good chemistry ! We need a new main couple and they would be good at it!

Me too. BO is dead. He gave his approval to Rafe. I loved that kiss. WONDERFUL

The scene where Bo gave Rafe his blessing was so touching and bitter sweet. I’m ok seeing this play out. Rafe has taken wonderful care of Hope just as he promised Bo he would. Come on Hope, go with Rafe.

Idk why they keep pairing Rafe with female leads. I wish they would stop trying to make him a lead when he isn’t. As for Rope, they give off more of an sibling vibe than becoming a “couple”

well said 100% agree! not a rafe fan at all

I really love these two together but I am a fairly new viewer.

So does this mean that Aiden will be back alive and be able to defend himself and that it was a fake Aiden that tried to kill Hope and the real Aiden was locked up somewhere by Andre.

” I ” think you may be on to something

after all…. there was so much potential… “for” Kristian Alfonso… after all

she is a majorly chore character…. so .. they have to go with… Aiden, back as the real deal

perhaps the Aiden prior… was a dopplehanger… set up by the DiMera


at least I hope we’re right

it was said on another “blog” that Daniel Cosgrove is returning as Andre the MASK


OR… Daniel Cosgrove is in fact returning… as a new character but this time… is Peter Blake

ANY WAY… sigh! in order to keep the core characters visible… Kristian Alfonso… has never worked… with any one outside of Peter Reckel… so … what’s not to like about Daniel Cosgrove back on DAYS

I did not see the show, but just watched the jump. I liked the kiss, and would be willing to see how a Rafe and Hope romance goes. Frankly, the show has been so dark, ugly, and mean that at this point I will take any romance! 🙂 A kiss is sure better than a murder!

with all due respect ; I had to “Laugh OUT Loud”

there was an article with Galen Gering…. in the latest issue of SOD

referring to – the KISS –

“there was a lot of sexual tension between us two”

ROARING LOL ( I never saw any)

OK … I prefer Lauren Koslow… WITH Rafe’alicious !

HE does have a sense of humor…. PLUS

“…As to Alfonso’s reaction to the kiss, Gering mocked: “Um, I think she fainted. We had to pick her up off the ground. I don’t remember. I think it was, ‘Oh, OK! That went well!‘” [Laughs] “

Unfortunately I was flipping back and forth between Days and B&B that I missed the kiss because I was more caught up with B&B– No I am not rooting for this couple– never understood why Rafe was so in love with her that he literally changed his moral compass for her, but he never did for Sami who we got to see how he fell in love with her. All these overnight night romances are big yawns and I never invest myself in them. Killing off Bo was one of the many mistakes this show has made lately, should have recast the role.

me too I was watching B and B as well the whole rafe thing is disgusting to me!! so I’m tuning out the ratings are so bad bc they have lost their great actors and we are stuck with well they’re not good that’s being kind

Rooting for Rafe and Hope to get together. Both needs happiness and Rafe is a good fit for Hope.

rafe and hope kiss?????
wat about that eric and jennifer kiss?!….. the longing, the passion, the lust…
a kiss between two who not only wanted it but needed it… jenn and eric should ve been the couple who ve been given more spotlight not rafe and hope… oh well , too late

You said it, damien. The urgency in Eric’s and Jen’s kiss was ….how shall I put it? Partners in crime….like thieves in the night hot !!!!!!!

Rafe, is a really good hearted man; who better than Rafe to be Hope’s new man?!
Very much so, I am absolutely rooting for Hope and Rafe to become the next “Power Couple”!

Absolutely no chemistry. He was practically stalking her right after Aiden and Bo died. He talked her into covering up a murder and used that to manipulate his way further into her life. Hope acts like she can’t put two thoughts together without consulting Rafe first. His pairing with Sami had some fans but he has yet to have a successful pairing since. Putting him with Hope will not change that. He should stay on the back burner. Hope doesn’t need to be saddled with him.

Lol, Minnie.
Yeah, I guess….but the saddle is on the wrong horse. It’s a two-way ride. Rafe is a bachelor with no baggage of which to speak. Hope is a grandmother with so much baggage in her feedbag, she could kill a horse…LOL. She’s a beautiful woman and laden with talent, but, unless her ‘woe-be-me’ syndrome is written out of her personality, she and Rafe will go through life sulking. And, what memories will they take away? ….something like, …..”oh, remember the time when I killed Stefano and you helped me?…”.
If memory serves me right, Rafe always told Sami he wanted a child of his own one day. He is viable. She is not.
Every character that I love has been turned into either a victim, a murderer, a dummy, or a psychopath.
I was so excited when Vincent joined the show. I love him to pieces…look what ‘they’ did to him.!!!!!
All of us are split down the middle here….each having his/her favorite.

Hi CeeCee…

1. “Hope is a grandmother with so much baggage in her feedbag, she could kill a horse”…oh, stop, girl…you’re HAPPILY killing me here…LOL!!!!! And, so very, very true.
2. Oh, yes…I (also) love Vincent Irizarry…WHAT A RUGGEDLY HANDSOME CUTIE-PIE!!!!! Oh…and BTW, I think that (on-screen-wise) Vincent deserves WAY BETTER material. Just saying……….


I will never like hope with Rafe it looks awkward ewww ! I have watched Days for 32 years and grew up with Bo and hope ! Truly one of the best couples in daytime! I am not watching days anymore it’s not the same I truly don’t enjoy any of it especially this pairing bei g pushed on fans! As a teacher I would dvr or catch it on pop now I do neither. Longtime fan finally saying goodbye to Days !On another note they have destroyed the Bradys and Hortons could care less about the Hernsndez family there is no history there!

I won’t stop watching, Tammy. But, I agree with everything you said. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Hope has nothing to offer Rafe except desperation….what a way to start a new life together! Hope, thy name is misery!!
Only my opinion. Asked and given.


Bo is dead and buried. Do you really expect Hope to live the rest of her life alone continually mourning Bo? That isn’t fair to Hope nor is it fair to Kristin.

not a rafe fan never have been he’s a little creepy to me and he’s supposed to be a cop?! so is hope and they’ve have changed her character so much! Can’t stand it everyone has an opinion but as a fan who grew up with Bo and hope sorry it doesn’t work so I’m watching something else or nothing days is not the same and they will never be the super couple that Bo and hope were! they don’t have the history or chemistry !! the ratings are so bad with bad writing and losing your foundation of the show Hortons and Bradys I am sickened by it shame on Corday!

I like this pairing.

I think Hope and Rafe make a beautiful couple and I believe it would work. If DOOL would get back to it’s roots of good love stories and drama and brighten up this dark show (Story wise and Lighting and Sets) I would start watching again…I am waiting for September to see Jaime Lyn Bauer’s return. I loved JLB since Y&R in the 70’s.

Rafe is a cutie LOL. Hope and Rafe belong together.

I am rooting for Rafe and Hope. Two cops together again like Bo and Hope. Rafe has not truly loved anyone since Sami. It is time for his character to have a love interest again. He is so handsome too and we’ll put together in the way of a good balanced man for Hope. Nobody else on that show is right for him. Especially not wicked Kate. That was a very silly pairing. ROPE.

I love Rafe and want him to have someone in his life on the show. So gorgeous!

I disagree! I can’t wait to see how ROPE as a couple turns out.

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