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Days of our Lives Stops Airing On Pop As Of This Friday April 15th!



Days of our Lives will no longer be airing same day repeat broadcasts on Pop, the latest cable outlet that is airing episodes of the soaps at night, since the demise of SOAPnet.

Pop still retains The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful in their line-up.

According to a Pop rep, “Days of Our Lives will be on the schedule till this Friday, April 15.  The time slot will not be replaced by one specific show.”

Make sure to continue to check for listings, and for other platforms to watch the latest episode of Days of our Lives, as of now they can been via, or the NBC app, as well as on the NBC network in its regularly scheduled afternoon slot across the country.

What do you think of having DAYS off of the Pop line-up? Comment below!

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I really don’t care about pop, I watch Days on NBC and sometimes on YouTube.

It’s not on youtube

I am very disappointed I rely on watching ot at night
I wish they would reconsider and put it back on at night especially when the show gets interrupted during the day they always had the full show at night
Please put it back on
Thanks Diane

I have been watching Days for 39 years. I have a busy schedule and was glad to be able to relax and see it at night on POP! Very disappointed!

It’s ridiculous that it’s it on. The Dallas nbc affiliate uses any excuse to interrupt this show. Some of us live in rural areas a f do not have internet to view online.

It was nice having it uniterrupted from constant news breaks oh well…. not a good sign for this show but it won’t stop me watching on NBC

I liked it on pop in case of interruptions during regular shows…please bring it back….I do love the fact that the Young and the Restless and the Bold and Beautiful is on pop though…these are my 3 favorite shows…..

That’s very bad news. I guess CBS doesn’t want to keep giving air time to an NBC show. It is unfortunate for fans because, where I am at lest, Days episodes are one day behind on

yeah, that stinks… I wonder why they even put DAYS on in the first place

perhaps because of Sony producing both shows ?

just goes to show… CBS and Y&R…. its not enough to be #1

and NOT support the genre as a whole

LOL… I love my DAYS… even if it’s a bottom dweller


Just when it started to get good….I don’t like when they start messing with soaps. I guess this might be a part of the deal that was made to keep days on for another year. But, not showing it at night will less the chance of people focus on the show. Stop doing this to soaps…create new ones. Talk show are boring and need to bring back other soaps…..people will welcome that

I get a little busy in the day and will catch up with it at night…dont see any reason why nbc cant put it On Demand…

Jim…EXACTLY!!!!! If CBS OnDemand can air recent episodes of both Y&R and B&B…and if ABC OnDemand can air recent episodes of GH, then NBC OnDemand can start airing recent episodes of DOOL. Oh and BTW…I am STILL WAITING for CBS OnDemand to add The Price Is Right to their line-up!!!!!

Take care, Jim.


Why arenyou taking Days off of POP. I sometimes can’t watch during the day and I love this show. Please do not take it off.

If you go to NBC .Com they will show it .No streaming which is good for me.Just Type in Days of our Lives and when you see NBC they will have full episodes of the show or clips whichever you prefer

But the video can be stagnant no matter how good your device so do on demand you get at least the whole week and let’s face it.. It’s like a bag of Lays.. Good or bad you can’t watch just one lol

The episodes of the show on are not a same day episode – – it is next day. Oh well – –

POP is of CBS .. so of course it would maintain its 2 soaps The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful .. a no brainer lol

True su

I record it. Only time I watch pop is if it is preemptend.

Where I live comcast got rid of pop it is now a paid channel.I am not to happy about it.However if I can watch it when it is on that is fine but sometimes I cannot always watch it so when that happens I go to Days of our lives.Just curious why did Pop take it off? They certainly didn’t have it on for to long

To be honest I think it’s the up and down ratings and they want out of the soap business permanently.. Yeah we may alienate some viewers but daytime doesn’t dictate our viewer base

Not pop nbc it’s a show they are not behind any longer why give them a leg up

Can you tell us why?

this is not a good sign for the long term future of days . it was cancelled in France in january after returning to french tv screens in 2000. in australia it now runs on a pay tv channel called arena that not everyone has or can afford , it is interesting to note that it was taken off free to air tv in Australia after a continous run of 45 years on channel nine . in new zealand it no longer runs , same in England . It ‘s really only Bold and Young that you have a chance of catching internationnally now because GH no longer runs on international tv channels .

we need to stop this from happen because there is always breaking news where I live and it nice to know I can TiVo Days at night. pop should care about soap fans and they really need not do this Days just got picked up for another year or two so that is good news

I Love the POP station it was a great deal to be able to watch that when I miss Day of Our Lives that afternoon!!! I will not watch this channel ever again and will spread the news.

I agree – – the only reason I watch Pop is for Days of Our Lives – – I can live without Y&R – – don’t watch Bold & Beautiful. NBC should put Days On Demand way ABC does GH.

When they took soap net of I was bummed, and now for them to take Day’s off pop, that sucks. I liked being able to come home and watch Y&R and then Day’s on the days that I have to work. This just suck!!!!

I don’t understand why they made this move. This was an outlet for some folks who miss that day’s episode. I guess watching from the monitors of your computer screens is the only option left.

That’s too bad.

I watch all four soaps and am wondering why Days Of Our Lives looks so hazy and dark? Are they using poor filming techniques?

I’m sad that POP is dropping DOOL. I was hoping they’d carry all four soaps at some point.

I hate it. I loved knowing pop was there if I missed my soap, or if the station interrupted the soaps. Please reconsider.

This is terrible…I just learned that Pop showed DOOL and was excited since our station has an issue of cutting the last 10 min of the show off….don’t know why, I’ve asked but can’t seem to get an answer…this happened today also, so was happy to know I would be able to see it on POP…well guess I won’t be watching Pop anymore either

Disappointing. Why do people abandon network and now cable for streaming? Corporate conglomeration! Cable networks used to be independent. No more. Shows are on several channels ad nauseum. I enjoyed having DAYS to watch at 8. Now POP is becoming a CBS/CW sibling carrying reruns and burnoffs.

I wish they would add Days of Our Lives on Demand. GH B&B and Y&R are all on demand

Days has a different look and tone than B&B and YR. While I think the CBS soaps fit POP well, Days is maybe a little to dark for the channel. Soaps all have their own personalities.

This is so stupid I just got into watching the show baby move

This is not good. My sister-in-law and I enjoy sitting and relaxing watching it in the evenings because day times are so busy. Wish they would not remove it. I have been watching Days for the 50 years and hope it survives.

This makes me sad. We loose the soap network and now this. I’ve been watching this on pop since it started because it’s the same day episode. Too good too last. I will be watching on my iPad app but It’s going to be a day behind with way too many commercials. Life goes on . . . . . .

It stinks I have watched days for 20 plus years and with my work I can’t watch the original airing

I hate this. We finally got a network to show our beloved characters from Salem on Days of our Lives. Now they stop . WHY????? I’ve been watching since I was 3 yrs old with my grandma. It’s as if these people are our family. I guess I can simply remove POP off my list of networks.

I think it is terrible, something that you can watch without recording, people that work cannot watch during the day

I feel bad about this decision. Why did Pop channel decide to do this?

i really enjoyed coming in and watchng days of our lives after work. so great to be able to keep up they need to keep it on.

I am so upset Pop is no going to show Days any longer. Why are they keeping the other soaps and cutting Days? I will no longer be watching the Pop channel!

It’s just wrong!!!!! You should have taken Y&R off and left Day’s on. Y&R is just stupid now.

I don’t have ability to live stream and it was nice to know if I missed dool in day time I could always count on POP.

Who the heck watches Impact Wrestling? Who, in their right minds, watches Schitt’s Creek, which is the stupidest show I’ve ever seen? Thanks a LOT for ruining my 8:00-9:00 evenings!! I look forward to watching Days of Our Lives every day after a hard day’s work … and you’re going to replace Days of Our Lives with yet another stupid show. It’s just not right!!

I, too, wish “Days” was still on Pop. But I have to say I love “Schitt’s Creek” and find it one of the funniest things on television right now! Of course, there’s no guarantee that I’m in my right mind. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.


I am very disappointed I can’t watch Days of our Lives on the evenings. I am busy during the day time and don’ have a way of recording the daytime episodes. Sadly I will have to give it up. Too bad networks get us hooked then drop us.

This sucks bigtime. I HATE our local NBC station as it is always interrupting programs when we get one drop of rain and NBC always interrupts programs for news. I loved watching on POP as there were not interruptions. I will only watch on line and not the stupid local NBC station. I bet it had to do with the new contract and NBC wanted to be the only station broadcasting Days.

Having Days on POP was great. It is difficult to catch it during the day and it gets intercepted with news break. Also It is easier to record a whole evening of Soap without it being in conflict with another channel. Because of the Soap, I am aware of the great pictures that comes right after Days.
POP must have their reasons. Thank you for providing the service.

I think it sucks. I like to be able to come in at night and watch my favorite show on TV. Been watching this show since it come on for the first time. I was a little girl at that time but always enjoy being able to catch up. Getting to watch it at night was great. Got to see it before for a long while on soapnet then cable took it off one channel to another I didn’t have. Please rethink this.

I am so sorry to see DOOL leaving POP, as I watch it at night on days I have to work, so I will be missing some of the episodes. Please bring it back as this is my favorite soap.

Please bring it back as I have to work and this is the only way I can see it. I was so happy to find it on your channel back last year and now I have lost it again. Please, Please bring it back.

I think it stinks. I watched it most evenings to keep cauget up with what was happening. I cannot watch suturing the day and 8 was a perfect time to watch. I am very disappointed.

Very upset with this decision. I think all DOOL fans should boycott POP !

Why did Poo stop showing days of our lives – it was always handy if original episode is missed. – I watched on POP

Very disappointing DOOL was removed from POP! I’m all set with any other programs on this channel!

I think it’s bull that pop dropped days of our lives. I work during the day and that’s the only time I could watch it. What are we paying for cable for when we can’t watch our TV shows at night.

Unbelievable! Why was this decision made? Stupid and I will NOT watchdOG now!

I am disappointed in this decision. I work during the day and enjoyed watching Days of our lives on pop. I hope they reconsider this decision. I don’t want to watch That 70’s reruns. Time to change the channel.

Not a happy camper! Watching at night was perfect- not convenient to watch during the day ! So very disappointed- oh well that’s the days of my life!!!!

This stinks! What about us working people? I realize we are a dwindling breed, but come on already!

Please bring it back as there are days I miss it in the last showing due to watching and doing things with my grandchildren and that’s when I catch up on the days I miss it at night. I have been a fan of days since the 80’s!!! Dool forever!


Having Days on Pop was great. I paid extra for the Pop TV 71 channel just to watch Days of Our Lives and now I can cancel it . I will miss the show but will save money as they drop Days I can drop them.

I think it stinks!! I work during the day and can only watch it in the evening.

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