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Days of our Lives and General Hospital Nominated For 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards!



The nominations for the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards were announced this morning.  The awards are meant to “honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.” This year the ceremonies will be held on March 21 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, and in New York on May 9 at the Waldorf Astoria New York.

In the Outstanding Daily Drama category, two soap operas received nods including Days of our Lives which told the continuing story of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will (Guy Wilson), which included their nuptials last year, and General Hospital which featured the stories centering around gay characters, Lucas (Ryan Carnes), Brad (Parry Shen) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel).

In addition, for the firs time, GLAAD has expanded the Outstanding Drama Series and Comedy Series from a maximum of five nominees to 10 nominees.  ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy and The Fosters are all contenders for best drama while Netflix’s Orange is the New Black picked up a second nomination for best comedy in a row, and the hit Amazon Prime series, Transparent is also nominated.


ABC tops the broadcast networks with six nominations while HBO takes the most nods for a cable network with five nominations.   The Normal Heart received the only nomination in its category for Outstanding TV Movie or Mini-Series.  View the complete nominations here.

So, who should win the Daily Drama GLAAD Media Award … Days of our Lives, or General Hospital? Comment below!

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“honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.”

If that quote is true, then the people doing the nominating never watched GH.
On GH the gay characters are an afterthought. They have no real or main storyline. They are depicted as duplicitous, randy hounds and slackers who watch the Golden Girls. This is offensive.

GH ain’t real life.. don’t expect it to be/any soap to be real..
It is a 36 minute show of make believe stuff to entertain ..
If you want realism then watch documentaries LOL

and the 3 are in the medical profession, one a doctor and one a nurse and one a lab tech, they are well employed in careers, they are not ”slackers”

I guess the way you see gay people to is way off..
it’s your perception of gay guys not the perception of the GLAAD Media Awards peoples who are actually gay that would know better than straight peoples… lol
I would trust their opinions before yours, no offence lol..

Love it!

GH. While its gay-related stories haven’t been as front and center as those of Days, they haven’t been as contrived either. Also, GH transcends in large part by employing LGBT crew members who contribute to and inform the humanist (not just gay) stories the show tells every day. Unfortunately these awards tend to favor anything that panders mostly toward a singular demographic, which is ironic given that it becomes more about something exclusive more than inclusive.

I think the award is given for the characters and storylines we see, not what goes into them behind the scenes or what gays work in the production or the actors that may be real life gays. If that were the case, Y&R would be nominated and probably win for having multiple cast member who are in fact gay. It’s nice that Y&R is open to hiring gays, but they sure are chicken to have gay characters and storylines. It’s a cop-out to say behind the scenes is good enough. Viewers watch to immerse themselves in characters and stories. They’re not thinking about the behind-the-scenes. It’s time for Y&R to prove they aren’t the #1 soap in the USA for homophobia and bigotry!!!

Lucas, Brad, and Felix had stories centering around them? Were those invisible stories?

Days Of Our Lives… All the way

Days of our lives should win because the story of will and sonny is told in such a beautiful way that you just have to love them and also their beautiful daughter arianna. They make such a perfect couple and family and everything that they do seems so natural and real and worth watching.

Yes, and they are like anyone else in the whole world that should be accepted for who they are…human beings…something that Y&R and B&B work against!!!

2 different storylines. GH’s were more of the negative way people see gays, and DOOL was done with taste!Someone need to stop trying to make GH more than what it is and the writing is terrible.By far DOOL done a very good job. GH have them acting like over sexed gay men!

People are people/human beings..
All , everyone are individuals.. living different types of lives with different types of personalities..
GH absolutely did not portray gays in a negative way, they are just different personalities than the guys on DROOL ..
Gay’s are not cookie cutter peoples..

Ron the head writer and Frank the producer are both gay men..
They have lived the life for many years and no way in hell would they portray gay men in negative way, geez..

Ummmmm disagree!!! Felix, Brad and Lucas were cartoon characters, the moment they suggested having a 3some, I was done. While this is done in real life, portrayals on daytime should be WAY more tasteful. And isn’t Lucas STILL unemployed?? I would NEVER date someone who was unemployed with no ambition. Felix gave the most dimensional portrayal, yet he ended up the loser despite his always longing for love and his enduring friendship with Sabrina. Pathetic storytelling by the producers. DAYS got it right, GH gets a FAT “F”!!!!!

Richard.. it seems you wanted Filex to be the winner, well its a soap and he wasn’t.. And Lucas and Brad are a much better couple than Lucas and Filex..
And, Sabrina had nothing to do with it lol
wouldnt it be great if we all could have the outcomes we wanted in soap, but thats never going to happen.. 🙂

@ Richard. Yeah, I hear you man. Felix definitely had a stronger character development on the canvas, and you’re right in saying he was all about love. His friendship with Sabrina proved that, he’s been all about solid relationships…he’s a lover not a fight. The 3way thing was not something that would serve him. I think GH was trying too hard to push the envelope, too quickly for that matter, the 3way idea failed and was off-putting to viewers. Luckily, Lucas is now employed at GH, and soon-to-be at Michael’s clinic, too. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Brad around the hospital too, and more of Brad and Lucas, and Felix. I think that is another testament to DAYS taking the Win, Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith are on contract and I feel like DAYS is definitely committed to these players and stories, whereas as GH, our Brad, Lucas and Felix, I believe…are all recurring.

Lucas and Brad are a great match..
Filex and Lucas are not a good match..
Lucas and Brad connected in many ways, Lucas and Filex did not..
As for the 3 way, that was never going to happen it was more of a dare..

The 3 gay men were written as any other guys would have been written with their girlfriends..
They were written as individuals, people are different.. the the 3 were portrayed to fit their characters..
They were not supposed to be a long drawn out love story as the two in DOOL..

I like the 3, they are cool and and very real, very real ..
there are millions of gay peoples and not one is the same as the other nor do they all have the same persona or date in the same manner.
It was written well to fit the three characters..

I am looking forward to see Brad and Lucas develope, there is more to come.
It has just begun 🙂

When Paul said to Will, “if you are so happy with your marriage why did you sleep with me?” (or something to that effect) and Will said “it shouldn’t have happened” why didn’t he just say “because you’re a hot number and I just got carried away”. That would have been the more accurate response.

How come it takes 27 years for Will to do an interview with Paul but Victor’s new club was up and running in one episode?

Do you WATCH VictorKiriakis? He should get a GLADD award for being the cattiest male on Daytime TV…LOL..that man can throw a catty one liner better than ANY of Salem’s Divas!!!

Oh I know, I think he’s the best actor on the whole show and I’m really
not kidding – he delivers a line simply and with power and conviction, he
(Mr. Anniston) never “over acts” or “hams it up”. I thoroughly enjoy Victor’s scenes. Some of the younger actors on the show should take tips from him.

@ davlestev1 – I laughed out loud reading your post. Because, it’s SO TRUE!!! John Aniston sure knows how to deliver! I love it, and enjoy those brilliant moments. So pleased, he remains in Salem.

DAYS so deserves this!

And Y&R and B&B deserve big goose eggs!!

I’m GLAAD! [Drum Roll] No, its a living, breathing part of society and no one including the media should turn away. You can like or dislike certain peoples choices in partners but don’t discriminate against them. Understand that this is their choice and wish them well. ALL people should be loved or be in love.

Why aren’t there any gay characters or storylines currently on Y&R and B&B?

B&B has Karen & Danielle Spencer, but they’ve fallen into the background.
Y&R had a gay character named Rafe Torres (2008-2012) and he’s now gone.

Come on CBS Daytime!

Because they’re anti-gay. Why else does B&B travel to and tape scenes in countries that sentence gays to death for being gay?

(C)ausing (B)lood(S)hed.

I do not watch DOOL so I can not comment on it..
however- for GH
Lucas (Ryan Carnes), Brad (Parry Shen) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) rocked the house down .. BRAVO! … they were awesome and I especially liked that was it was a deep dark drama portrayed, it was meaningful and loving and yet there was light hearted moments of humor, that is a great combination ..

su0000, It’s OK that you don’t watch DAYS. At least you like GH more than YawneR.

If you watch The (B)ashing & the (B)lood thirsty, you’re seeing people that party in countries that condemn gays to death just for being gay. That’s not right.

B&B is the #1 soap in the world and bloodthirsty countries line the pockets of B&B production as a way to show the rest of the world that murdering gays is OK. I’m here to say enough is enough! The Bold & the Beautiful have blood on their hands!!!

…what deep dark drama did Lucas, Brad, and/or Felix have?

I would rather see these three men and their possible stories play out on GH before I watch another scene with Nathan, Dumbte, or Michael!

Yay, GH. Speaking of Felix, I realize he’s off contract, but where’s his character been? Also, what about Sabrina? Are they being phased-out?

They will return..
they just have to wait for their turn lol
that way we never tire of them and are excited when they come back..

Hopefully they have a story for Felix and Sabrina will be back once she learns how to say Carrrrrrrrrrrlos!

I’m rooting for Days of Our Lives for the win. I feel they have been very consistent with the Will & Sonny storyline. From the longevity of their relationship, to their marriage, it has all definitely offered up more story. We see the joys of fatherhood, their respected careers and all the struggles that entails, their disconnection when Will went to LA, to the introduction of Sonny’s ex, Paul. Days is succeeding at showing two male characters who happen to be gay, well done to Days. Whether or not we, the fans, agree with Will cheating on Sonny, or recast Will, I’m pleased to see a progressive, always moving forward story for Will & Sonny. As much as I enjoy GH, I feel there was too much inconsistency with Felix, Brad and Lucas. I never felt that GH committed to these characters. With that said, Days deserves the win.

GH and DROOL are to very different types of soaps..
you are a watcher of DROOL so you would know which you prefer..
I do suspect DROOL will bring it home because of the depth of their story.

Both DROLL and GH stories seem to be totally different.. yet both good in their own way.

Days of our Lives for the win!

Congratulations to General Hospital!!!

GH has no chance of winning this award; I commend them for including gay characters and I do feel that their storyline was ok, there just wasn’t enough of it, they could’ve gone a lot further with the ‘mob boss finds out his song is gay’ angle. DAYS has to win this award, their gay stories have been great, and I love the way they don’t portray us as perfect, if that makes sense!

@ Brett, I agree with you that DAYS isn’t depicting gay men as “perfect”. I hear ya, man. I too, am grateful that GH has gay characters on the canvas, however, I expect more commitment from the show to tell effective and deeper stories with Lucas, Brad, and Felix. Hopefully, GH will go for it, like how DAYS has shown absolute commitment & devotion to the stories and characters of Sonny & Will.

I am a straight woman, but-
I see too many seeing the 2 from DROOL as the perfect gay guy?
there are so many personas/personalities of gay men (same as all the variety of personas of straight men)
There are gays we see dressed for gay pride parades, we do not see them in either soap, and their personas are very bold..
They are crossdressers/gays we do see them in either soap..
There are drag queens, we do see them in either soap..
((ohh Filex would be a great drag queen for his weekend fun on stage)

so to believe seeing the 2 gay men in DROOL as representing the gay community, you are mistaken.
As with straight men, gay men go every which way from every profession, football stars to farmers and rock stars and husbands.
DOOL ran their soap around two gay men, highlighting them for a very long time.. GH did not go that way..
Lucas, Brad and Felix are very cool and are as they should be.. 🙂

DAYS should be commended for it’s inclusion of gay characters and storylines, but the show is lacking African-Americans! A couple token black characters doesn’t cut it!

Gone are the DAYS of the Carver family. Lexi’s departure left a huge void that I hope DAYS can fill. Renee Jones was phenomenal in her role during the 2 decade saga. I wish more people would have tuned in! Most of her tenure was as a leading lady with great storylines, but for some unknown reason, the huge African-American soap fans base stuck their noses up at her and DAYS. Why?

That is so true. DOOL gets props for putting Will, Sonny and Paul front and center, but loses points for the lack of African-American characters. Abe and Maxine cannot be the only African- Americans in Salem USA. I don’t know what the deal is with GH and don’t get me started on BB and Y&R. B&B is set in LA and you mean to tell me there isn’t one gay designer? I thought they were going to recast Caroline’s mother? Y&R is homophobe city. Over a 30 year period, only one gay man has passed through Genoa City? Get real soaps! I know the soaps are about escapism, but I am sure their gay viewers would love a little escape as well

I will have to say I favor DAYS of the two nominees. The characters and stories are frontburner and fit into the fabric of the overall series. GH gets applause for having gay characters but I would like to see them more engaged in the overall proceedings. they are supporting roles and not strong ones.

DAYS this year. And maybe CBS Daytime can take a hint and try more storylines regarding gay characters. B&B and Y&R are both artful series and their core families are involved in creative industries.

@ Iakovos – Well said. Perfect. I agree with… your statement! 🙂

I agree with 4ever Days about the Black characters on Days . I wanted Abe and Maxine to become a couple; however, someone decided that they should just be friends.
What, does someone think she and Abe don’t fit? Abe and Lexie didn’t match either , but Corday kept them together.

Is it just me, or does NuChad look a lot like Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine? He’s still adorable, though. Although I very much liked Casey Deidrick’s portayal of Chad, and did not find anything lacking in his performance, I do like the additional layers of meaning that NuChad is adding to the character though very subtle acting. I rather like that he makes it very not obvious when he’s being sincere or being a fink, or both at the same time.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Favorite Lamon Archey Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations are in order for Lamon Archey (Eli, Days of our Lives) and his wife Krissy Terry.  The couple have welcomed a baby girl into this world named Kennedy.

In a beautiful photo of Kennedy with her mom and dad via Instagram, Lamon shared: “Blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings. #Blessed  @monicamartinphotography”

Terry added,“My princess. Kennedy Archey. You are my everything. I pray I am everything you want me to be in a mama. I never thought I’d love so deeply the way I love you, baby-cakes. I’ll forever be your guide, protector, and nurturer.”

Photo: LArcheyIG

This is Archey’s fourth child. His three other children are: Machiah, 21; Caden, 14; and Gaia, 11

Several of Lamon’s Days of our Lives co-stars shared their well-wishes on his IG post including: Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Galen Gering (Rafe) and Sal Stowers (Lani).

Lamon and Krissy were married back on March 25th of this year.

Send your well-wishes for Lamon, Krissy and new little bundle of joy, Kennedy via the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Jen Lilley Signs Off at Days of our Lives: “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan Off and On for the last 10 Years Has Taught Me So Much About Empathy and Grace”

This week on Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley will wrap her short-term run as Theresa Donovan. Lilley came back to reprise her role to a be a part of the on-screen memorial for Victor Kiriakis, and to honor one of her her all-time favorite scene partners, the late John Aniston.

While Lilley explained in interviews with the press, that she gave the series a 3 to 4 week window of time she would be available to reprise the role, she noted the long-running soap opera wrote more episodes and story for the character; thus the part will be turned over to another actress for the next leg of Theresa’s return story.

Meanwhile, through the years, Lilley came under fire over her run on DAYS being a devout Christian, and taking on the role of the troublemaking Theresa.  She fired back in one interview, “Why should I play a role like this,’ you know? That’s been something I’ve been asked over and over again, by Christians, like,‘How can you be a Christian and play this role?’ And the truth of the matter is that from a human perspective, Theresa’s kind of a horrible person, but from a God perspective, she’s exactly who Christ came and died for.”

Photo: JPI

With her final episode streaming on Peacock on Friday, September 22nd, Lilley took to her Instagram to share her sentiments on her Salem journey over the years.

Jen shared: “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen. Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness. To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade long journey. #Days #RIPJohnAniston #ripvictorkiriakis #DOOL”

No word yet if in the future, and with Lilley’s busy filming schedule (once the SAG-AFTRA and writers strikes are resolved) for Great American Family movies and other projects, if she would be available to return to DAYS should the show decide to write for the character.

So, are you sad to see Jen exit the canvas as Theresa? Curious just who and how will take over her role? There have been plenty of online rumors that a certain actress currently on the show is taking over the part. Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Celebrates One-Year on Peacock (Photos)

When Days of our Lives moved from NBC to the streaming service Peacock after 57 years on the air, it rocked many longtime fans of the beloved soap opera. However, NBC/Universal decided to make it a high priority on its companion streamer as one of its flagship shows. This was due, in part, to its dedicated fan base and viewership.

DAYS started its run in its new home on September 12th, 2022, and now one-year later, Peacock helped the show celebrate its first anniversary in its current streaming digs with an ice cream truck outside its studios in Burbank on Monday.

Taking a break from Salem, and to partake in some ice cream were DAYS stars: Billy Flynn (Chad), Ella Cantu, (Jada) Abigail Klein (Stephanie), Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie), Carson Boatman (Johnny), Raven Bowens (Chanel), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Check out some of the snaps from the ice cream truck fun below!

Photo: JPI

Mary Beth Evans, who shared on social media she used to serve up ice cream at one time in her life, took a pic inside the ice cream truck with Stephen Nichols. Seems “Stayla” likes ice cream too!

Photo: JPI

Raven Bowens served up an ice cream cone to Carson Boatman!

Photo: JPI

Too cool for school! Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes strike a pose with ice cream treats.

Photo: JPI

Greg Vaughan with his longtime castmate, Mary Beth Evans, celebrating the one-year anniversary of DAYS move to Peacock.

Photo: JPI

Here’s the signage from Peacock upon sending the ice cream truck to DAYS.

Photo: JPI

The Salem gang strikes one final pose before heading inside and back to work to tape all-new episodes.

So, what do you think about Peacock sending the ice cream truck to DAYS to mark the occasion of its move to the streaming service? Are you glad DAYS is still moving forward on the streamer, even though a year later it’s not on or coming back to network TV? Comment below.

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