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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady Lays The Smackdown On Nicole, And Sami Returns As The Hunt For Will Begins!


As a new week begins to unfold on NBC’s Days of our Lives, last week’s Friday cliffhanger delivered some major drama that will continue to play out including the upcoming final episodes of Arianne Zucker as Nicole.

As the set up for her exit begins, in key scenes, Brady (Eric Martsolf) turns the tables on Nicole after she has admitted her love for Eric, and that she is leaving Brady to be with him. At the Kiriakis mansion, while Brady seemingly tells Nicole to go be with Eric, there is a twist that Nicole never saw coming.  He wants her to break Eric’s heart out like she did his.  Brady goes on to say that if she doesn’t dump is brother, and leave town for good, he is going to send Nicole to prison for the murder of Deimos Kiriakis.  At first, Nicole thinks he is bluffing, but when Brady provides her taped confession, it’s game over for Nicole.

Next, Nicole calls this unfair.  Brady reminds her he all he has done for her, even almost dying for her so Nicole could be with Holly, who he now views like his own daughter now.  An emotional Brady doesn’t know how to explain this to his son, Tate who is now old enough to understand things.  A shocked Nicole says to Brady. “Who are you?”  As the vengeful new side of Brady emerges he relates:”Theresa, Kristen and every other whore” turned him into this.

Kudos to Eric Martsolf for his performance as is Brady finally pushed too far that he is now going to make others as miserable as he has been chronically made to feel throughout his relationships when he lays his heart on the line.  Will Brady continue to go down this dark path?


Meanwhile, Eric (Greg Vaughan) is awaiting Nicole to join him at the farmhouse as he gets a visit from his mother, Marlena (Deidre Hall).  The good doc fills Eric in on the latest on Will (Chandler Massey), and that Sami (Alison Sweeney) is heading back to Salem.  And, Paul (Christopher Sean) convinces John (Drake Hogestyn) to help him exhume Will’s body at his gravesite to prove once and for all if he is buried there, or not.  This, all on the heels of the startling revelation that Dr. Rolf (William Utay) had something to do with resurrecting Will  … something John is all too familiar with making seem very plausible to those that have cross paths with the despicable Dr. Rolf!

At the cemetery, Paul apologizes to Will before they start digging, but before John can put his shovel to the ground, none other than Sami appears and grabs the shovel telling John, “Don’t…even think about it!” We fade to black.

So, what did you think of the scenes between Brady and Nicole and his blackmail?  What do you think will happen next in the hunt for Will? Are you glad to see Sami back in action? Comment below, but first watch this week’s promo for the action on DAYS!

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I thought Will would be found alive but in a coma off camera and protected by Sami all this time…dont know how Rolf got a hold of Will and what his game is reviving Will???…almost like the Robin story on GH but we knew there Robin was needed for her medical skills…here not sure why???

Whomever is running the DiMera organization these days (either Kristen or Andre, most likely. We know it ain’t Stefano!) is probably holding Will hostage, in order to get Sami to return all the money she stole from the family after Elvis Jr. “left the building”.

Andre is projecting a public image of being “reformed” now, and his little brother Chad certainly wants to believe it. But Chad doesn’t have the same history with Andre that most of the other Salem residents do, so it’s hard to believe anybody else is buying his “hey look at me, I’m a good guy now” act. So it’s entirely possible that he’s keeping his late father’s favorite mad scientist on the payroll, and has Will stashed somewhere. Memphis?? Sure, why not? It would be a change of pace from the usual tropical island DiMera compounds.

That makes sense now!!!!

Great assumption, Satan….and, superlative post.
Do you think Stefano will be recast? Now that Victor has capitulated into Bonnie’s ” arms” ( this story should end ASAP), we have no true villain…Andre is so lukewarm to me….unless I am deluding myself in thinking he’s basically a sheep….or, a coward?
I know one thing for sure….I cannot stand Brady. A good source tells me he has a not-very-likable personality in person, either.

Brady needs to give up on women…and women need to give up on that hot headed alcoholic anyway!!!

As far as the whole Eric & Nicole thing goes, those two should have been reunited from the time that they got trapped in that furnace (or whatever it was).

The fact that they had her hookup with the airhog Dr. Eggman after that was completely ridiculous. And then to have Eric responsible for that moron’s death (or so everybody thinks… I still say it was the heart infection that Eric had at the time that made him pass out behind the wheel, and not the alcohol)

Bringing Deimos into the story was even more ridiculous, but he got what he deserved – as I remind him daily, while he’s scrubbing toilets here in Hell. There’s not a jury in the world that would convict Nicole for killing that son of a bitch, while under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug that he gave her.

Obviously it’s all silly plot point writing to give Nicole a reason to abruptly leave town…. but there’s ReRon for you.

I cannot believe that our gal Nicole has to leave town alone and broken with her child. Those of us who are invested in her …. it is a total slap in the face! And par for the course with Carlivati. He ruins characters and couples with surprising nonchalance and abandon. Just ask Luke, Laura, Brenda, Jax, etc etc etc.

“…but there’s ReRon for you.” – NOW

that his 6 month WAIT… is near over

AND he is getting that much more involved.. and yes.. hiring past cast is what entices any writer

for the first 6 months he’s been astonishing.. inclusive and mining the whole star , er store

any one ?

two/three things we’ve – L O N G – heard

how dark, bleak, and depressing. ???? any more add

that’s all I have to say on the magnanimous turnaround. i’m happy

Eric was on fire. Really great in his scenes.

Can’t wait to see more of Sami today.

Really enjoying Days.

I just got thru watching the 10/17 ep

two hankie move (s)

Lucas w/Sami @the cemetery : ” I want this to be true” when Sami tells him about Dr. Rolf.. ” any thing is possible” to that effect.

I am so enjoying Bryan Dattillo work… it’s been refreshing to see from a father perspective… the fallout of his loss.

Sam and Lucas hug it out… “we’ll figure it out”

JUST WATCHING the flashback scenes from the past.. WITH Chandler Massey laying on that slat? @ the morgue

Dag ! hit you hard… once again as Sami asks Lucas – how does he look? Lucas shuffling for words… “he looks like our boy”

Greg Vaughan – Dynamo boffo so glad he’s back.

you know… @DAYS – i’d take “brothers” Eric and Brady any day of the week.
you know… @GH – the twins Jason and nuJason are … OK

come on… I don’t care how it reads.. I’m just glad that @DAYS has the talent to do more

as Eric is shouting ” Nicole” will forever be heard…. as she leaves the cabin. as I’ve always posted…. how expressive Eric is with his whole “face” and person…

GH Steve Burton is still relying on the camera for his blue eyes. Oy travesty how lame Shelley and Frank are

hats off to DAYS for more to come with these two guys. Eric and Brady

for worth more of our time

Lord have mercy, DAYS is on fire!

The reunion of Ericole and Brady’s bitterness is spellbinding! The return of Sami as John and Paul are set to dig for answers is riveting! Who needs the movie when this version of Good Will Hunting is better?!

Friday the 13th through the 31st of October should be known as ghoulish good times, especially with Dr. Rolf involved!

If an entire episode consisted of nothing but Chandler Massey reading the dictionary aloud, I would watch it.

I thought Brady was being absurdly vindictive dealing with the unpredictable and emotionally indecisive Nicole –
She DID try to tell him as gently as she could that things couldn’t progress between them, and that she loved Eric.
I’ve been told through break-up’s that something was “over” in a much harsher, unkind way, so I can only relate through my own experiences what these characters go through. I thought honestly she was trying to be as kind as possible given the circumstances that it is never easy telling someone “it’s over”. I know it lacks drama, (and after all this is a Soap) but couldn’t Brady just say “I understand, Nicole. If that’s how you feel, so be it. I wish you and Eric the best”.

I don’t know how long you have been watching Days, but try to list all the men that Nicole believed were the “love of her life.” It has made the character so interesting over the years, and I will miss the brilliant Ari Zucker terribly. But Nicole’s fickleness is enough to drive anyone to bitterness and drinking (Bravo to Eric Martsolf!), especially someone who is chronically betrayed by any woman he trusts.

So if Dr. Rolf is involved, how long before we’re told E.J. is still alive?? I mean, they still haven’t explained about the needle and Kristin??? Sami’s back, will is coming, and now we need E.J.!!(a.k.a James Scott) Cause this reunion isn’t complete until they do! And it can only be James Scott!!
And as far as Brady & Nicole goes, I really wish Ari wasn’t leaving, so that we could have Bricole longer!! But because of this storyline, Eric Martsolf is truly getting a chance to really shine!! I knew he was a Great actor, but his dissent into madness has been Amazing!!

“…they still haven’t explained about the needle and Kristin??? ”

yeah, this blew me away. the intensity… this is DiMera written all over it

God.. this is Eileen Davidson BEST WORK. no matter that she says she calls Y&R her home.

I guess I’ll have to settle… Her work @DAYS – WON, her an emmy

I have… no clue.. as to who’s behind Dr. Rolf. if it’s any DiMera.. it’s a good guess that it’s Kristen…. OH … and it’s with Jason Brooks .. as Peter Blake returns… and it’s HIM.

AND… Thaao Penghlis is just shining as a DiMera… I’m guessing he’s aware of… all the goings ons.. but … should not be the accountable one ?


because.. it’s clear that RC is LOVING… I mean LOVING the sophistication and wit behind all the character being.. that Lauren Koslow WITH Thaao Penglis bring… and that’s every thing… from comedic to drama ensue. bofo dream team.. Kate and Andre.

Andre is holding the fort.. till Kristen

“… Eric Martsolf is truly getting a chance to really shine!! I knew he was a Great actor, but his dissent into madness has been Amazing!! ”

You, really, make me wish… Isabella was alive for this

dag! how I loved John and Isabella with Victor and Maggie

this would be tour de force

Days holds a lot of intrigue


It’s not just that she was breaking up with him, it’s that she was going to be with Eric. For months she told Brady there was nothing going on with Eric and now he finds out that’s not true. Maybe she just realized that, but I don’t think Brady is totally rational. Also add in everything he did for her (Canada, almost dying), the fact that Eric drove drunk and killed Daniel (Nicole’s supposed love of her life), Eric is Brady’s family, and all the women who have done Brady wrong and I understand his anger. And his vindictiveness. Plus it makes for high drama!

Have I said how much I want to punch ( LOL) Brady’s smug face? Not a pretty sight. I doubt he knows what a man is…or how he should treat women. We are not possessions.

WHAT – a perfect “Marquee”

“I thought Brady was being absurdly vindictive dealing with the unpredictable and emotionally indecisive Nicole ”

we got to see Eric Martsolf and Ari Zucker show and nail

First, let me say – that for the last 3 weeks – and for the first time in a long time – I’ve watched the entire hour of Days M – F. No ff. Even the little ‘filler’ scenes between characters provide entertainment in some form or fashion. So good work.

Now, about this Brady/Nicole/Eric story. As someone pointed out above, it made no sense to me two years ago when Nicole and Eric had their ‘trapped together’ moment and she came out of it and abruptly committed to Daniel.

Then, the truth is, while I like Nicole, I’ve never gotten NIcole. I have been an off and on viewer of Days over the many, many years and I think I missed Nicole’s heyday because when I became a regular viewer – shortly before Will came out of the closet – she was married to EJ and seemed to be a spitfire. Then EJ dumped her and after a short troublemaker story with Jennifer, she’s been crying and pininig ever since. Where was this she-devil that could stand toe to toe with Sami that I had read about? Where was the spine? And the whole Eric and Daniel mess – Nicole made bad choice after bad choice while trying to be this perfect (boring) woman for Eric and Daniel, depending on who she was going after. So, I just didn’t get her.

And then Brady. What else can be done with this character? I know one of his loves was killed before I started watching regularly, then Madison died, then Kristen came along and broke his heart – twice. Then Melanie sacrificed their love because Teresa was a bitch on wheels, and then Teresa left him (for a good reason ,but he doesn’t know that) and now Nicole? Brady couldn’t do one more ‘woman dies or walks all over him’ story. So this turn to bad Brady is refreshing. It may seem out of character, it may seem abrupt but I think back (many a year ago) when Barbara on ATWT – the heroine of the show for several years – decided she had had it with being dumped by men and became a manipulative diva for a year or two. It certainly seemed out of characater, but it was also entertaiing, and it eventually gave us the stronger, imperfect version of Barbara that lasted for years on the show. Hopefully, the same can happen with Brady.

I think you’ve made a lot of great points Michael.

It’s unfortunate you didn’t see Nicole back in her hey-day. She was a force to be reckoned with. She truly embodied the persona of a character who deep down is so lonely and sad and broken, and acted out destructively because of it. Nicole was always a doer. She was always making things happen. She married Victor. She ruined Chloe’s facial reconstruction. She took Sydney. But your analysis is spot on- she’s now a wuss. Lame, two-bit day players are getting away with blackmailing her and Nicole reacts by crying and pouting. That is so not in line with the active Nicole I knew and loved, who always had an ace up her sleeve. She was clever and got what she wanted by taking no prisoners. I’d say post EJole era, Nicole has never been the same.

I disagree with your assessment of Brady (you can read my thoughts below) but I think it’s an interesting perspective. I hadn’t thought of the “how many blows can one guy take before he hits back” approach you wrote about. Plus major points for the Babs comparison!! I hope like Barbara, Brady finds some middle ground where he might not be a pushover anymore, but he isn’t completely heartless either.

Anyway, thanks for a good read.

Colleen Zenk. daytimes best Babs.

wasnt their times when Babs had this look of uncertainty. fearful. who wouldn’t when a lot of her married life she literally , was chained to James Stenbeck.

she played all her part FULL on. God it was SING to the soap God… when she met Henry… as played by the funster Trent Dawson…currently on GH.

long live this leading lady

GH or Days needs to write her a story arc… and that’s not as a guest pop up.

GOD BRING ON SAMANTHA GENE BRADY DIMERA! One of the best characters ever on daytime TV! I cant wait!

I’m enjoying everything at DAYS right now, with exception to how they are writing Brady.

Eric (actor) is doing one hellova job with his material, and though Brady is a “Kiriakis”, and though one can argue it’s more due to his drinking and the mean drunk personality that it brings forth, and though they (spoiler) need a reason to get Nicole off canvas, and though the story needs a wrench in the love story between Eric (character) and Nicole (it never made sense how the previous writing team made Brady hunky dorey with what happened between Eric/Nicole the night Deimos was killed…and some similarly foolish stuff he let slide before then), to write Brady as vindictive, spiteful and mean is just way out of character for the guy.

He was the gentlemanly, chivalrous, good-hearted putz. But he was NEVER the jerk. Not like this…..not anywhere close to this.

If I’m honest, it’s kind of uncomfortable to watch. Maybe Eric is that good. But it’s making me feel the way Ben made me feel when he held Abby captive just after the show’s 50th anniversary. And when that happened, I stopped watching for 14 months. There’s a scary undertone of abuse that goes beyond the soapy manipulation. I’m just not enjoying it. I’ll continue to watch, but I just do not enjoy the direction they are taking Brady. I hope redemption is coming….

perhaps.. Nicole will come “clean” with Eric… and just tell him. thereby letting Brady off for what he’s doing.

Nicole realizes , SHE, NEEDS, to leave Salem.. and simply – move – on.

she has the one thing that means more to her.. (aside from herself ) is her daughter Holly, with her dearly departed, Daniel.

Ari Zucker and Ali Sweeney… bar none.. have been the STARS of DAYS throughout their whole tenure.

i’m ready for some new blood… some new LEADS. perhaps its’ because Nicole , because of no immediate family… and no children… till just this year, with Holly. Nicole was “bounced” around from every man every which way one can. DAYS has had it’s dark years… and she has floundered… from the three muskateers… Daniel / Eric / Brady.

i’m done.

this is taken from your post above @Michael.

“…Nicole I knew and loved, who always had an ace up her sleeve. She was clever and got what she wanted by taking no prisoners. ”

she went from Deimos.. right in to Brady bed… and now she’s in Eric.

Eric , according to all the fan pull… have always wanted this. I loved how , when she was in Horton Square with Holly.. and she bumped in to Eric. as he is wont to do… make a hasty exit. she says: “why is it that every time you leave.. it’s like you are saying goodbye”

that struck me… and it’s true… these two knowing how fully they love one another.. it just never materialized.

alas, as when Ali and Sami left. it was a nice break. and leave it at that

same goes for Ari and Nicole leaving. won’t this be a nice break.

because… as we all know… SUPERFANS

Greg Vaughan and Eric Marsolf. “fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride. ”

this is their chance to ride . with the whole cast

Ron Carlivati IS bringing all of DAYS material.. that I’ve thoroughly been enjoying. it is a one hour show.. that is seamlessly turning each story , WITH the whole cast generating.

My eyes are FULL.


I don’t care who killed Deimos. I can’t imagine it was any of:

Nicole / Eric / Brady

i can appreciate Nicole telling Jenny bear to “look” after Eric.

but thats ALL. just nest Jenny bear… dote all you want. no lip locks needed

your role is not sexual. get that Hope ?

I hope Ari Zucker finds even greater success in prime time. As for the show, please bring back Ann. She is so talented and she would be the perfect princess for Eric or Brady.

Days is really the best soap on these days. I’m really glad it’s back to how good it was when Kristen, EJ and Sami were last on. Ron C.’s writing and stories make each show watchable and entertaining.

I was glad to see Brady lay into Nicole, she deserved it after all he did for her and her constantly lying to him. Brady is not the bad guy here, it’s Nicole. When he said she was like the other wh*res who turned him into this, I thought “tell her Brady!”

RC is doing remarkable… work.

SINCE – June, 2017

He has done tremendous work… with the cast he had.. and that’s a huge let

as – I will declare – forevermore… GH wins for best cast on this site. for me.. it is always @DAYS who collectively work it all.

the ratings juggernaut… it’s not.

I keep up with 3 shows… I do not give one hoot about B&B.. not relatable.

DAYS is a full hour

I’d like to prop Ari Zucker and James Reynolds. you know the articles in SOD issues.. when they oft mention… which character would you have liked to have worked more with …

Ari always mention working with Abe Carver , played by , one of my faves.. James Reynolds.. he has the best family going currently.

It was a nice sendoff.. of history.. as Abe was once involved.. with Nicole mother Fay.. and Abe mentions how he has always cared for Nicole , as if she were his own. and it’s true.. this was probably the best bet Nicole ever had for a father figure.

they were tender endearing scenes. you just want for Nicole. it’s a tearful salute and send off she deserves

this “huge” turnabout .. for Brady

I don’t think many expected … Eric Marsolf has always had the chops to ACT his being off the charts. dang him…. his looks as I’ve oft mentioned.. do not distract , from his full on eye to eye.

I believe Ron Carlivati is OPENING DOORS for a much deserved stretch of wing. because .. guess who’s going to be turned.. and sparked

Eileen Davidson’ Kristen
Kassie DePaiva’ Eve

loving it

The Black and Brady children sure do love to swap partners, and Marlena’s mothering advice, “you can’t help who you fall in love with”-as her family implodes once again!

I hope Allison Sweeney gets to be a permanent actress on days of our lives. She is a great actress on the show. I miss her great acting on days of our lives. I understand it may not be permanent because of other interests in her life,

I soo want Brady to turn into a young Victor, instead of the naive simpleton he’s been, look where being the good guy got him. Personally I liked that he screwed Nicole over she was cheating on him emotionally a long time before she climbed into bed with Eric she kept feeding Brady lies and playing happy families. I love that his revenge comes in the form of using her own actions and ability to lie her arse off against her

he’s certainly sired from the best their ever was.

John Black and Isabella Toscano

MY all time favorite love story

It’s fun watching Brady infused with ; being the good guy and wanting to play the bad guy ? not necessarily stemming from his going off the grid.. from drinking and partying.. but just wanting to drive

once Brady makes up his mind.. and charges onward… it just adds to his electricity and ups the endorphin

Brady got what he deserved his jealously just reared it’s ugly head way to much ,no wonder Nicole wanted Eric.I use to like Brady but not anymore.To use blackmail to get what he wants ,I hope he rots in hell.

Eve Donovan in two days… October 27th

the one and only Kassie DePaiva

I love Same and Lucas and hope we have more of them fining their son.
Lucas is once again sober and LUMI bring their son Will home.

I hoped to see Allie, Sami and Lucas’s daughter soon too.

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Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

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Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

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It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

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