As we head into the new week, Friday’s cliffhanger episode of Days of our Lives brought with it the waterworks, compelling drama while using the rich history of the characters childhood and backgrounds to make the scenes all the more impactful.

As Marlena (Deidre Hall) is only breathing by being hooked-up to a ventilator and Belle’s (Martha Madison) discovery of a DNR on her mother’s advanced directive, it is only a matter of time before doc’s loved ones are going to have to say their goodbyes, unless Justin can convince the court to grant an injunction to stop the action of Marlena’s wishes.

An emotional John (Drake Hogestyn) thinks it’s best that everyone prepare themselves and that they should come to the hospital to pay their respects and see Marlena one last time if Justin cannot get the court’s assistance, and that is not looking at all promising.   John places a call to Carrie, who is out of the country, and uses the term he has always called her, “Pumpkin” to break the news to her.  He asks Carrie if Austin is there with her, so she will not go through this alone.


After Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) arrives with Belle (Martha Madison) at the hospital, there is a tense moment between John and Belle.  She pleads with him to understand that she had a legal obligation to follow her mother’s wishes, but that she loves her dad, and wants to be there to support him, and not be at odds with him.  She reiterates this is what Mom wanted, not what I wanted.  After Claire goes in with Belle to say her goodbyes to her grandmother, she promises Marlena she will do better in her life and runs out of the room, leaving Belle.

In a touching performance by Martha Madison, Belle recalls how she really shook up the family the day she was conceived!  In tears, she admits she is so lucky and proud that she is the daughter of Marlena’s one true love, John Black and the doc, and none of the other kids are.  But Belle realizes she’s been away for too long from Salem, which is why she didn’t know about Marlena’s “DNR”.  She tells her mom, she is angry at her for making her do this (to turn the document over to the hospital as her mom’s dying wishes).


Will (Chandler Massey) shows up to say his goodbye to Marlena, just after admitting to John he has his memory back, but that he is staying with Paul.  In another hankie-inducing moment, Will tells his beloved grandmother, that he is realizing he is becoming more like his mom, Sami every day, by leaving chaos wherever he goes.  He wants to ask his grandmother for advice about what to do over Paul and Sonny, but realizes instead he has to say goodbye.

Next up is Brady (Eric Martsolf).  He tells Marlena that he was so awful to her growing up, and that his favorite line to her was, “You’re not my real mom.” (Brady is the son of the late Isabella and John)  Brady breaks down and says that was all garbage, and that she was the only mom he’s ever known and leaves her with a big ‘thank you’ for being there for him through thick and thin;  A tender moment to perfection by Eric Martsolf.  Once outside the hospital room, Brady tries to comfort his poor dad, John, who is suffering so badly, while trying to solider through as only John Black could.  The two men share a hug.


Eric (Greg Vaughan) is up and he now sits at Marlena’s side and his scene builds to a crescendo, where Eric breaks down s with tears streaming down his face, “I have been honored to be your son.”  Hankies!

Now we come to Hurricane Sami (Alison Sweeney), who has convinced Rafe (Galen Gering) to let her come to the hospital to say goodbye to her dying mother, even though she is in police custody, and even though she is “responsible” for shooting her mother at her nuptial’s to John, thanks to Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).  After convincing Rafe, the exes head to the hospital.  Hope (Kristian) is not pleased!  When she gets to the hospital, Sami takes the opportunity to knock her sister for wanting to murder their own mother!  Belle fires back that none of this would even be happening if Sami hadn’t helped put her mom in the hospital to begin.


Then comes another well-written gem, played to the hilt by Alison Sweeney as Sami goes to see Marlena.  Sami starts by wondering how a wonderful mother could end up with daughter like herself.  She admits he has spent her entire life not to be like Marlena, after catching her with John having sex on the table when she was a teenager.  Sami realizes no matter what horrible things she threw in Marlena’s face or way that, her mother never crumbled in the process.

Sami tells her mother that she knows she is fighting to come back to us.  As she begins to cry she tells her mother she prays every day that she can be as strong for her own kids, as Marlena has been for all of hers.  Next, Sami sings a lullaby in honor of her dying mother: “Rockabye Mama set from above.  God’s little angel, filled with so much love…” She finally breaks down beside her and screams out, “Momma!”


John comes in and begs Marlena to come back to him so he can finally be her husband once again, that is all that he wants. He reminds her of the time she fell a rooftop helping a kid, and she came back from that, so she can do it again, and to please not leave him.  Hogetyn has done the best work in his career in this storyline.

In the waiting room, Will comes upon his mother.  Sami says she does not know how on earth she is going to get through this.  He reminds her of the time she had to get through the gut-wrenching death of baby Grace.  Suddenly, Sami puts it together, and Will reveals he has gotten his memory back.  They hug and Sami says this is proof that miracles exist.  Will sort of chuckles and admits he has had quite the weird, strange life.

Photo Credit: JPI Studos

Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and John tells the kids that Justin could not get the injunction.  So they are going to have to take Marlena off the ventilator.  Everyone heads to the hospital chapel to pray first.  When they return, the immediate family of Belle, Eric, Sami, along with John enter the room.  John has asked Brady to go check on, and be with Paul.  Sami and Belle are on either side of their brother, Eric, who holds his crying sisters.  Eric says a prayer.  Kayla turns off the machine as we get one last shot of Marlena.

The episode of DAYS showcased the acting, and the writing of this daytime drama series.  There was even a snappy exchange between Sami and Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) at the police station that was oh-so-juicy.  While fans may know where the story may be heading from here based on the promo for next week’s DAYS, Friday’s episode illustrated solid “soap opera” in the best sense of its meaning.

So, what “goodbye” moment got to you the most during Friday’s episode?  What did you think of the performances?  Share your thoughts via the comment section below.