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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: What Did You Think of the Life-Sized Duke and Ava Scene?

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Okurrrr! On Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, the long-running NBC soap opera served up a scene in which Ava (Tamara Braun) wakes up in bed and sees a life-sized Duke doll come to life in the doorway.

If you recall, Ava ripped the small-sized stuffed-animal, Duke to shreds, previously, with a scissor in a fit of rage as she appears to be losing her grip!

Photo: JPI

In this scene, Duke returns with pair of scissors in his hand and says he’s there for payback. Ava screams out. Next, she grabs a nail file to defend herself and tries to run, but Duke grabs her.

What does Ava do next? She bites Duke. He tells her that she’ll pay for that.  Next, we see a startled Ava in bed as Rafe (Galen Gering) appears at the doorway with coffee… and wait for it … a bear claw!

As Rafe informs Ava of the accusations against him at work, she asks if he thinks she is engineering this, considering he accused her of dismembering Duke?  Rafe says he believes she is not responsible for any of this. Oh, Rafe!

So, what did you think of the scene when you watched it between larger-than-life stuffed-animal-come-to-life Duke and Ava?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Oh my DAYS! Still not watching. A vengeful life sized teddy bear. Uh-uh. Not on my TV.

I was rooting for Duke all the way! Of all the things Ava has done, cutting up the beloved Duke was, for me, a bridge too far!

I wasn’t happy when she did that either.

Ron Carlivati needs to learn not to beat a joke to death. What he thinks is clever and funny often comes across as heavy handed and overplayed.

Everything about the stuffed bear has been lazy stupid writing.

I am so sick of Rafe being written as an idiot! Are all police supposed to be stupid? SMH. Kick Ava to the curb stat!

I’m so sick of all the stupid writing on all the scripts. So unrealistic.

No Ava needs the get her revenge on n rafe and Nichole for cheating behind her back in was hoping a double pregnancy w Ava and Nichole out of this affair

Days storylines just keep getting worse and worse. This is a good example.

Says storyline is no longer worth my time. This life size teddy is mild compared to the demonic possessions that I suffered through until Christmas when I thought it would end. I’ve watched Days for 30 years but no more…tell me if and when this plot ends and I might come back? Not sure!

Guys relax it was a dream a sense of humor is needed for days. Ava calling life size duke a giant Beanie baby was a trip

I feel the same way. But I have to admit, Duke The Teddy Bear was a little over the top.

The worst is having the devil on there. You all have ruined Days for me.

Please…. you really don’t think I’m worse than the dumb masks & talking stuffed bears, do you?

Agree the possession thing AGAIN after all these years and suffering through the first one is just silly

hahaha! Yes!

No thank you. It’s high-time Ron Carlivati exit as head writer, because this soap has been dreadfully unwatchable. Tamara Braun deserves better than this.. as do many of the cast. Also, why does this soap look so cheap? The DOOL App and Day of DAYS event look so much nicer… can’t those cameras be used instead?

Duke the Bear is about as ridiculous as the writing for psycho Ava under Carlivati.

Yeah, seems like he’s using his old scripts for Heather Webber on GH, and just changed the name. Like Heather, Ava certainly had her mental health issues in the past, but ReRon turned her into a complete cartoon character… which is where Ava’s headed at the moment.

Also bringing back that phyco that was in a coma lol can’t even think of her name right now the one that keeps trying to break belle and Shawn up . Honestly I keep waiting for Stephano to come back as much as they keep showing everyone tt that painting on the wall. I also am not impressed w paulenna why did they put her on DOOL on like her as a actress but her on DOOL has really not been a good character for her. Also have am upset that I couldn’t see the spin off at Christmas time where all the old Chartres were going n it keep looking it up trying to figure out how to get it so I can watch it

This is so Ron! This is something you would have seen on Passions.

I am so threw watching with all this devilish scenes makes me wonder if Elizabeth Synder wrote any of that. I have watched this soap from day one and I am done and so are a few more followers. I tried to get someone to chat with me on their page and I hate doing it on here

I was so upset when they canceled another world my mother and I watched DOOL AND ANOTHER WORLD for as long as I can remember then they just ended it we were so sad

Hate the dream sequences, masks, DEVIL takeovers and jumping into other bodies. How about some real life, happy and sad, mystery, etc. Such poor jerking around of the audience. Didn’t use to be this way.

Stupid as hell Didn’t like at all

Got a good laugh outta Duke and Ava.

Days of Our Lives is losing my interest and is getting more and more ridiculous and lame. You have some great actors on board and then again some not so great. Please lose the Devil theme–it’s been done.

Agree w you I would like to know what’s going on w Doug does he have Alzheimer’s in real life? Also you never see victor stand anymore you only see him sitting in a chair. I also think this entire fake your own death w Philip thing then NOTHING is stupid what are the writers thinking: I just don’t see that going anywhere why did they even go there and just leave it like they did Philips entire purpose of that was?????? Because it’s not like Chloe and Brady are even talking about getting together but some of the story lines are getting pretty good of the devil stuff would just go away

Just loved it, great going Days love you all, been watching has a child have not missed one show yet, now 64 yrs. old.

Hilarious! Too bad Duke didn’t finish her off. kinda, hahahaha

I LOVE “Days”. I thought the Duke scene was funny as heck!!!! I especially liked the bear claw!!

The life size bear was pretty stupid but I could take that any day over this Johnny character being the devil. He forgets more lines than he remembers and looks off to read them from the que cards. This guy can’t even act. PLEASE get rid of him!!! The Craig and Nancy couple
are awful!!! That hair on her head looks like the wig it is!! Kristen and those fake boobs are cheap looking!!
These “masks” of all the different people is an idiotic story!! This writing team is just not working!! Oh and PLEASE get rid of Chantelle!! Let the people who can act and the ones we love have more air time.. Like Chad, Abigail, John, Marlena, Steve, Kayla, EJ, Sami, Rafe, Nicole, Kate, Roman, Abe, Loni and Eli,,, These are the people who can act, plus Jake, Brady, Chloe, Sara (except I hate her short hair) Maggie, Victor, Shaun, Belle and Zander are all great!!! Victor never forgets his lines and he is a “little older” than those kids you have brought in.
Come on DOOL’s where have the good writers gone??? What has happened to this show??? When the devil story line came back, we knew the show was in trouble and ran out of ideas for gosh sakes!!! Please catch up so the show won’t get canceled!!! Been watching for 60 years and this is bad!!!

So glad to find someone that feels like I do. Yes, Johnny no talent is the worst! He can’t sing either. The one time I heard him, it sounded like they were killing a cat.Dont get me started on Craig and Nancy. As I said in another comment, alone they are fine but together I think they look so mismatched, with her being almost 15 years older than Craig and her simmering all over him, ugh

I don’t like such unrealistic storylines, especially the devil appearances. I’m considering not watching Days anymore.

Not the most brilliant idea. Also so tired of Johnny too. The devilish acting is old news. May look for something else to watch. Love all the other characters but would appreciate some new faces and characters.

Really!? The story lines are so juvenile and boring. I have watched this drama since the very beginning and am hoping the writing team can come up with some intriguing and believable thoughts to put together story lines worthy of this talented cast
Have to let you know many of my friends and family who also watch Days are getting tired of these plots.
I am hopeful this show will not be canceled due to lost viewership. Please save this daytime drama for the sake of your dedicated audience

I thought it was really dumb. That whole Duke storyline was cringy.

Loved it couldn’t have been a better scene, also funny at the end.

I thought it was totally stupid !!!

Too much! I was embarrassed for whoever thought this up!

I’ve been a long time watcher of days of our lives since the early 70’s. Actually it’s the only soap I ever watch…but in the last several months, I’ve seriously been thinking of not watching it anymore! It has turned into a comedy show, & the only reason I’m laughing is bcuz it has been so stupid! The devil coming back into Marlena Evans again? Now in Johnny??!! Seriously! Oh, & Ava killing Duke, then a life size Duke fights with her?! I mean come on guys! U gotta have more of a creative mind than this! A Sensible mind…this soap has gotten way too stupid. Get it together people, seriously…plz. Or ur going to lose a lot of viewers, including myself really soon. I’ve always wanted to b on days of our lives, bcuz I have always loved all of the people on there & I’ve basically “grown up with the older Characters”. I really do love the program, & don’t want to give up on y’all, but lately…I’ve been dreading to watch it every day, not knowing if it could get any dumber. Since the 70’s, I’ve never missed an episode, & I’d hate to think after all these decades of watching it, for me to stop watching it now, but I will if things doesn’t get better real soon

I cannot believe the pairing up of Chloe’s chubby little, fresh out of the Beauty Shop mother with the very youthful actor that plays her dad. On their own, their o.k but together they look ridiculous.

Oh as I said in my comment before this, I said I have always wanted to b on the show, but never would want to with it so dumb now lol

What would have been even funnier, if Ava pulled off a mask he was wearing and it was Rafe. No more crazier than the rest of this show the past few months.

Stupid Unreal

The writers have ruined Days for me.I use to love it but this stupid stuff needs to go especially the part about the devil.

I am not a fan of Ava or life size Duke. The worst storyline is the devil. It is time to retire that storyline. It is ridiculous. Please stop it while you can salvage it.

I found it funny light humor lol. Although I as a huge fan am not happy w the possession of the devil thing returning from find it silly and wish the writing of it all out would happen sooner than later: the entire matlana devil thing is just stupid and bringing Charlie and the others back from the dead on Halloween was stupid I’ll be glad when the devil stuff is over honestly.

I loved it. DOOL is funnier and more entertaining than almost anything in prime time. Rafe with coffee and a bear claw was perfect. My husband got hooked when Marlena was the devil. The writing, the real life snarky comments , have moved the show forward. It’s a soap opera. I watch it for entertainment. And I’ll miss it during the Olympics.

I never laughed so hard I loved it.

Days needs new head writers and fast or the soap will not get another renewal. Sad to say and I’m a recent viewer (since 2010) but the past few years I’ve been reading the daily/weekly/monthly summaries instead of watching due to bad writing. We’ve all been saying this for years but something’s gotta give. Griffith, Dena Higley, MarDar, TomSell, and Re-Ron are all awful writers that need to be fired and never allowed to return. Many of them have been given multiple chances writing for the soap and have just seen storylines get worse and worse–along with the ratings. My goodness, I remember when I thought Days couldn’t get any worse than 2011, when we had EJaylor, FakeRafe AND single-mother Chloe becoming a suicidal prostitute! But lo and behold, we are saddled endless cases of cheating (Tripp/Chanel/Allie, Rafe/Ava/Nicole, Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole and Nicole/Xander/Eric), a devil possession storyline, masks that magically change people’s scent/height/scars/voices and boring pairings (EJami, Rava, Phloe).

The devil storyline was ridiculous the first time, and it’s even more outrageous and long this time. The same can be said for the masks. Enough already!

Sami being a lazy susan with spread legs is so stupid and boring. My goodness, it’s almost as bad as B&B with Brooke Logan and her men, or the endless love triangle between Hope, Steffy and Liam. Sami being married to her rapist EJ is incredibly insulting and disgusting! Not to mention the other crimes they’ve committed to each other. If they did a Sami love triangle with Lucas and Rafe, it’d make more sense and be more realistic. Perhaps they can still do it in the future. In any case, time to settle this storyline once and for all. And start by ending EJami, because the new EJ has no chemistry with her anyways.

I absolutely love Broe and Racole. I have waited nearly a decade for the pairing of Nicole & Rafe, even as an EJole diehard fan. But the storylines have been handled poorly even for them. Both actors in the Broe and Racole pairings have great chemistry and skills, and the characters have long history and are young enough to make super couples. But tarnishing the character of Philip and ruining Nancy’s marriage to Craig is not the way to make it happen! Also, makes no sense that Rafe would cheat on his girlfriend Ava with her own best friend! Nicole also wouldn’t betray Ava that way. Bring the romance back and stop all the bed-hopping!

Paulina and her family is interesting, I’d love to see more of them. Not a fan of seeing Abigail continue to interfere where not necessary, or how the Patch & Kayla storyline unfolded. And give Roman, Kate, Victor and Maggie something useful to do! For that matter, same for Jake & Gabi!

The staff at Days need to realize many of these mistakes could be rectified if they cut their filming schedule! Because of the pandemic this is the perfect time to take 3 months off of filming and let some of this bad writing pass. If you’re 3 months ahead, still too much but better than being 6 months ahead and not having any way to change directions with unpopular storylines!

it’s better than the devil scenes !!!

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Jada Reveals Everett Is Her Ex-Husband Bobby Stein

On Monday’s February 19th episode of Days of our Lives, viewers are getting closer to the root of the story of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris).  There has been speculation for months as to just how the talented Blake Berris’ new character would be … a good guy, or a bad guy. But, what if he is actually both?

In story, Jada (Elia Cantu) and Rafe (Galen Gering) are at the Brady Pub and she comes upon on Everett with Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and freaks out. She reveals that Everett is her ex-husband Bobby Stein! Everett denies even knowing Jada and thinks she is mentally unstable or something. Jada even shows him a photo of her with him (sans his beard) from her phone. Everett throws it off as everyone in the world has a doppelgänger.

Jada accuses Everett of gaslighting her. She goes into the back-story of when she discovered he cheated on her, and she served him with divorce papers, but he turned into a “ghost.” Everett stands by his claim that the two of them were never married.


Stephanie flashes back to Everett revealing he had retrograde amnesia when he initially came out of his coma citing maybe that’s the reason he doesn’t remember Jada.  Next, Jada goes off on him saying she can tell by the look in his eyes, he knows exactly who she is.  Jada warns Stephanie to not get ‘sandbagged’ by this guy any longer. She then threatens Everett that he will be found out and get what he deserves. Next, she torms out of the pub as Rafe follows her.

Alone with Everett, Stephanie becomes upset having a few more startling realizations. First she asks Everett, “Are you really not Bobby Stein?” He admits to having gaps in his memory, but not years of relationships or marrying someone.


Then, in another flashback, Stephanie remembers Everett telling her he bought an engagement ring before his accident. Then, Stephanie recalls a conversation with Jada how she found a large credit card charge from a jewelry store and that Bobby hadn’t bought anything for her in several months.


Stephanie is shocked, and tells Everett if Jada is telling the truth, and he’s really Bobby Stein, than she’s actually the other woman!  Next, Stephanie decides to leave, while Everett says this makes no sense, and they should talk about.

So, what do you think of this story … that it appears Bobby Stein is also Everett Lynch? What do you think will eventually be revealed? Comment below.

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Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Back to DAYS

Look who’s coming back to Salem for another return! Next week, fan favorites Lamon Archey (Eli Grant) and Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant) return to Days of our Lives.

Circle the Monday, February 26th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, when Elani arrives in town to check on the health status of Paulina (Jackée Harry).

Previously, the actors left the show when they went off-contract in 2022. However, last year, in 2023, each made a return for a guest arc.

Photo: JPI

Now, on their latest visit, Lamon Archey told Soap Opera Digest,“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again.”

Photo: JPI

It will be also nice to see Eli interact with Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), now that his grandmother is trying to cope with the loss of the Horton house.

Looking forward to seeing Sal and Lamon back in Salem? Comment below.

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Zach Chyz and Sydney K. Smith to Play a Young Tom and Alice Horton on Days of our Lives

Next week on Days of our Lives, viewers will get to see the back-story of the romance of Tom and Alice Horton through the lens of a trip down memory lane.

With the Horton home burned to the ground after it was purposely set on fire, there will be plenty of memories for Doug (the late Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) et all to speak of as they mourn the loss of the beloved staple of Salem.

For part of the story, DAYS has hired actors Zach Chyz to play a young Tom Horton and Sydney K. Smith to play a young Alice Horton as viewers will get a glimpse of what it was like when Tom and Alice first moved into their beloved home.

Photo: JPI

In real life, following the death of Macdonald Carey in 1994, the series killed-off the character of Tom, and Alice’s passing was written in the show after Frances Reid passed away back in 2010.

Smith has appeared on The Goes Wrong Show, while Chyz previously had a role on The Rookie.

So, looking forward to how Days of our Lives will tell the story of young Tom and Alice? Comment below. But first, check out next week’s promo where the young Tom and Alice are featured.

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