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DAYS Peter Reckell Talks Playing Rogue Bo, Remembering John Aniston & Other Legendary Co-Stars, and If Fans Will Get a Bope Reunion


Hard to believe that in a little over two weeks, it will mark the 40th anniversary of when Days of our Lives viewers first laid eyes on the character of Bo Brady and Peter Reckell, in what would turn out to become one of the most iconic roles in the history of the genre.

It was back on May 3, 1983 when Bo hit Salem, and eventually the love story of the anti-hero and wrong-side-of-the-tracks, Bo and the spoiled Hope Williams, began to play out becoming a bonafide hit during the era of the soap ‘supercouple’.

Photo: Peacock

Now, 40 years later, Reckell is back at Days of our Lives and streaming on all-new episodes on Peacock as the back-from-the-dead Bo’s story reaches a fever pitch. Will Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo finally come face-to-face? Will Hope’s enduring love breakthrough to Bo, who is suffering a bit of personality change due to the machinations of Megan Hathaway’s (Miranda Wilson) brainwashing? If next week’s DAYS promo is any indication, it looks like Hope is on a collision course to run right into Bo!


As his current run nears its end, Peter Reckell chatted with Michael Fairman just a few days ago for a special livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel via his home in Alaska.

During the interview, Reckell spoke on a myriad of subjects including, working with his longtime co-stars: Kristian Alfonso, Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Steve) plus sharing scenes for the first time with Steve Burton (Harris), while getting to play the not-so-nice version of Bo.


When asked if he relishing the opportunity to play a more rogue, bad guy, Bo, Peter shared: “When they presented it to me, I thought, ‘this is so smart’. We’ve seen Hope with Princess Gina, and marrying other people and stuff like that. Have we ever seen this side of Bo, where he can be a bit on the cranky side? I’m like, ‘Hey, I can do that,’ and it’s in a side of his family (alluding to the Kiriakis side). He’s coming back from being in cryogenics for ten years, whose mind wouldn’t be a little messed up from that?  Given that opportunity for me to play that side of Bo was interesting. So, yes. I did welcome it.”

Photo: JPI

In 2015, Bo was killed-off Days of our Lives.  Many fans have always wanted to know if Peter now regrets that decision. Reckell stated, “Not in the least. Our family has been on quite an adventure. Kelly, Loden, and I look back on it, and living in New Zealand and we just had an amazing time.”  He continued, “I would not have replaced these last several years. I have an awesome kid that I wanted to spend time with and taking her to her basketball games, violin lessons and plays, etc.  I would not have missed this time. It was difficult leaving the show, but extremely worth it for me.”

Photo: NBC

Recently, Bope fans have definitely been vocal on social media, wondering if they will ever get to see good-guy Bo and Hope reunite before this current story arc comes to its conclusion. Peter weighed-in: “I understand, and I’ve learned a lot from Al Rabin (former producer, Days of our Lives) and the storytellers back then. If people are throwing things at the TV, it’s working. People are talking about it and people are frustrated and some people are happy. They get to see different colors from Kristian as different colors from me, and that’s good TV.”


In addition, during the livestream, Peter looked back at numerous storylines over the years, being part of a soap history, shared intel on his original audition for Bo, and memories of working with the late Frank Parker (ex-Pop Brady), Peggy McCay (ex-Caroline), Joe Mascolo (ex-Stefano), and most recently, John Aniston (ex-Victor).

Photo: NBC

An emotional Reckell shared, “I almost got a chance to go see John before he passed, which I will regret forever. When I first started, Victor was just this stoic character and as it went on, it was good producers and good writers who see a personality and they started to write those one-liners.  John just brought that sense of humor to his character which was perfect.”  When Peter found out years ago that Bo was going to turn out to be the biological son of Victor Kiriakis, he recalled his reaction, “It was perfect for the Bradys, because Bo was always the black sheep of the family.”

Photo: Kelly Moneymaker

As the chat concluded, Peter wanted to make sure that everyone continues to beware of those persons who are impersonating him on social media and asking for money. In lieu of this, Reckell announced he has created a brand-new Facebook page, and Instagram account and launched a new website.  Peter’s new Facebook page and Instagram accounts are under: Peter Paul Reckell, and the new website is

Check out our full interview with Peter below, followed by next week’s promo for DAYS.

Now let us know, how do you think the final weeks of Peter’s arc as Bo will play out? What moment from our interview were you most interested to learn or hear about discussed? Let us know in the comment section.

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Kelly Caswell

I had been a serious fan of Days of our Lives since i was 13. I am 52 now
and they took it off regular tv. When they did that i can no longer watch it and it saddens me.


Why can’t you watch it? Of course you can watch it. Get Peacock. It’s cheap. Or the show is also regularly on youtube for free.


This week has been great so far!!!! I’m loving it these past couple weeks! You can tell they have a bit more money to play with and it shows!

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS and GH Alum Tyler Christopher Arrested for Public Intoxication

Daytime Emmy-winner, Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GH; ex-Stefan, DAYS) was arrested for public intoxication at the Burbank, California airport, this past Friday, on May 26th.

According to the Burbank PD and reports obtained by TMZ, Tyler was arrested after they found him asleep and on the ground at the American Airlines terminal.  The officers noted that Tyler displayed clear and objective signs of drinking.  They also reveal he was unable to care of himself.

Christopher, who remains a fan favorite as the former Nikolas Cassadine on GH and Stefan DiMera on DAYS has opened up and discussed his battle with alcoholism in the past.  Last year, he appeared on former GH co-star Maurice Benard’s You Tube series, State of Mind.

Photo: NATAS

Tyler was released from police custody following his airport arrest, cited, and will need to appear in court at a later date.

Back in 2019, the popular actor was cited for two counts of misdemeanor public intoxication and landed in jail for two days, following an arrest in Indiana.

Share your thoughts on this latest situation for Tyler in the comment section below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Peter Porte, Miranda Wilson and Colton Little Tease Dimitri’s Love Interest, Who’s the Daddy & The Future of Andrew & Paul

Following recent revelations on Days of our Lives, which include that Dimitri Von Leushner (Peter Porte) is the biological son of Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson), thus making him a DiMera, Megan moving back into the DiMera mansion after her prison term, and Andrew (Colton Little) being kidnapped, the performers who take on these roles chatted with Michael Fairman on Friday during a livestream conversation on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.


During the live chat a myriad of subjects and upcoming story teases came up including: if there might be the love interest for Dimitri. Peter Porte shared, “Yes, there certainly will be. There will be two. One, out of perhaps, we’ll say necessity, and one out of heart’s desire.”  As to if ‘said’ relationship will show Dimitri’s obsessive side, Porte expressed: “I think he goes through a full journey of emotions. I don’t think he fully reaches obsession. I would say he reaches a level of extreme devotion.”  When Porte found out who the character would be that Dimitri seemingly falls for, the actor said, “I was certainly surprised.”

When we posed the question to the DAYS fans in the live chat, as to who they think will be Dimitri’s love interest or interests, guesses ranged from Gwen (Emily O’Brien) to Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) to Leo (Greg Rikaart). Could any, or two, of those be right?

Miranda Wilson and Porte weighed-in on the mother/son bond and troublemaking duo of Megan and Dimitri.  Wilson shared: “I think it’s fair to say that Dimitri is a grown man and probably has his own mustache twisting to be doing without Megan to be involved.  I just think that what is going to be coming up now is a beautiful relationship between the two.”  Porte followed with, “At the heart of it, Dimitri would do anything for his mother, anything.”

Photo: Peacock

Another mystery on DAYS fans minds is just who is the bio-dad of Dimitri? Is it someone on the canvas? Someone from the past? Porte previewed, “He certainly has a name and a title, but I don’t know if we’ve met him yet.” Wilson added, “I don’t believe he has been on the show.”

Many DAYS fans are also hoping that there be will be more to the burgeoning love story of Andrew and Paul (Christopher Sean). Colton revealed, “I have a real-life love and affinity for Christoper Sean, because he is just a ball of light and energy and a good human. I don’t think my success on the show would be anything if he hadn’t taken me under his wing and showed me the ropes. So much kudos and love to him. Getting to play opposite of someone like that as a love interest, is a treat and a joy. I think it’s really sweet, a lot of it is happening off-screen. I know the fans have expressed they want to see it on-screen.”  However, Little teased, ‘There is some good stuff coming up with Andrew and Paul. Stay tuned.”

Photo: NBC

When Miranda Wilson first appeared on Days of our Lives, it was back in 1984 as Megan was revealed to be the daughter of Stefano DiMera, played by the late, great Joseph Mascolo.  This week, Megan made her way back to the DiMera mansion and Miranda weighed-in on her relationship with her late on-screen father, and more. “Joe was a very dear friend,” she detailed. “When we worked together in the past, he was truly a father figure for me. DAYS was my first professional job in Los Angeles. The fact that Joe was there for me and we worked together so frequently, and he had a lot of time for me, meant the world to me. So, it was bittersweet being back (in the DiMera mansion), and him not being there. It still touches me, but at the same time, the character of Megan has her edge and she doesn’t let this show. As the actress, there was a lot of tenderness, that the character didn’t necessarily display. The whole ‘being back’ thing was amazing.”


You can watch the entire livestream featuring Peter, Miranda and Colton below.  The talented trio also chat on working with Steve Burton (Harris, DAYS) and Colton’s opportunity to work with the one and only Dick Van Dyke who is making a guest appearance this fall on the soap.

Now weigh-in: Who do you think will be the love interest or interests for Dimitri? Who do you think will turn out to be Dimitri’s father? Are you hoping for more Andrew and Paul? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Linsey Godfrey Returns to Days of our Lives

No one is really ever written off Days of our Lives forever! Now, Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) is coming back to the Peacock streaming soap opera, reprising her role of Sarah.  However, this time, Sarah returns to Salem, pregnant!

We last saw Godfrey back in March when Sarah exited the canvas to take a job in Chicago with Rex (Kyle Lowder).  At the time of her exit, she was pregnant with Xander’s (Paul Telfer) child, but their divorce went through on the same day.


Now, next week on DAYS, when Bonnie (Judi Evans) goes to visit Rex, she sees a very pregnant Sarah along with him.  Meanwhile back in Salem, Xander is growing closer to Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin).

Linsey chatted with Soap Opera Digest on her return (in their latest issue on newsstands now), sharing that she was very excited to be back on DAYS, and for the next leg of this story. The actress commented, “This is the antithesis of what Sarah would want to happen. She moved to Chicago to be far away from anything like this and to keep this secret.”

Check out the latest promo for next week’s DAYS below featuring plenty of baby drama to go-around.

Let us know, do you want Xander and Sarah to reconcile? Do you want the baby to be Xander’s or do you think there is a twist coming, especially since Sarah and Rex hit the sheets before they left Salem? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section.

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