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DAYS Stars Celebrate 45 Years: Notes From The Red Carpet!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Tantalizing teasers, a few scoops, thoughts on current storylines, favorite memories and sentimental moments abound, that is what On-Air On-Soaps came away with after being on the red carpet as stars, past and present, from Days of our Lives came out in full force last Tuesday night, in honor of the Academy of Arts and Sciences event, Celebrating 45 Years of Days of our Lives.

What’s a night on the town with the citizens of Salem without first checking in with the woman who is front and center on the hottest storyline on the show!  I can only be talking about Alison Sweeney, who’s Sami Brady,  just recently shot EJ Dimera in the head.  Was Alison shocked when she grabbed the script that made her be a gun-toting revenge seeking woman?  “No. We talked about a little bit before, but not much,” Sweeney elaborated.  “I really didn’t know how it was going to unfold, because they really only tell you the bullet-points. You don’t know how she is  going to handle it and what unfolds from there.  So as an actor it is your job to fill in these gaps in your head as to what motivates you, and what the lines means, and all of that.  And, even if it is subtext or off-camera stuff that you are playing out, I had to think, ‘How does Sami feel about all of that?’ I think the easy way to explain it is that she is a person who acts before she thinks.  She is so reactionary, but on a deeper level, I think she thought this was the only way out of this horrible cycle she found herself in.  I think they wrote such a beautiful moment at the wedding when EJ proposes to her, and there is that moment where she is almost tempted by him.  There is this thing where EJ has her number, and he just does, and she knows it.  I mean, how many times have you witnessed a scene where Sami knows she is with a guy who is not good for her, or right for her.  However, then she and the guy can’t seem to stay away from each other! So you either want the bad moments to flip and for them to really connect, and they will be happy forever, or they will eternally be at each other’s throats. That is what seems to happen with EJ and Sami.”

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Then the big question for SAFE and EJami fans… is Sami truly in love with two men?  Is she really torn?  “Obviously, there is a depth of feeling for both men.  For Sami it’s not a fickle thing. I think it’s about these two opposite pulls of who she is as a person.  This is a dream of hers since she was 16-years-old and met Austin.  She wanted to him to be her hero the way Carrie had it with Austin. Sami fought for that for how many years? And she never made that dream come true. If she had met that guy at sixteen maybe she wouldn’t have these two paths of a very confused person, which is what she has become.  Rafe is that guy! He loves and adores her, and he takes care of her and believes in her, and accepts her for who she is. He gave her the sweetest proposal ever.  And yet, she is not the whole person she could have become. She is this very complicated person with two clearly different parts of her personality.  Sami has these two sides that make her have a different moral standard than most people… and that is someone who does believe in doing what she needs to do. Yet, she is very drawn to this guy, EJ, who is pulling towards the dark side of her. She knows she is drawn to it and ultimately that is why she shot him.  There will be many more twists and turns.  It’s a complicated story.”   And with seventeen years as Sami, Alison has made the most of all of her storylines, and navigated through the histrionics and the tears. Sweeney knows it is now commonplace for her and her alter-go to be handed the ball with this type of material.  “I will say I feel like this is a common thing for me, and that in seventeen years I have been anxious to receive my scripts. When I get them I go, ‘Oh my God.’ When you are turning every page, and you are even reading other people’s lines, and then you get to the last page, and you want it to continue, that is when you know you have a good thing going.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Next, Galen Gering offered up his thoughts to me on having to play “Mr. Wonderful” opposite “Mr. Badass” Dimera in vying for the affections of Sami.  Galen previews there is more coming to this story. “There is definitely a twist coming. I don’t know how big a twist you can call it.  But the stuff we just did is some of my favorite material in the last two years since I have been there. That is the good thing for the fans.  I think they will enjoy what we have coming up. That is not to say there is not a lot of adversity ahead for Sami and Rafe, and mixed in with that is some other great stuff, and ultimately that is what daytime is about.” But I had to ask, “Will Rafe solve the case and realize who shot EJ and protect Sami, no matter what?’”  I quickly pointed out that Agent Hernandez is not always the quickest to solve his cases!  Gering replied, “Yeah… he solves everything eventually. But it may take him a year. (Laughs) It’s interesting to see what Rafe will go through for this girl. Talk about being a stand up guy!”  DAYS executive producer, Ken Corday stopped by just then to talk with Galen and I. The head honcho let Gering know how important he is to the show by giving him one of the greatest compliments an actor can receive. “Galen brings the Gary Cooper that we have been missing for so long.  Not only is Galen the strong silent type, but his eyes can talk and he doesn’t even need any lines. He is a fine actor and we adore him because he has those bedroom eyes.”

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So while I had Corday there, it was time to try and get some insight into what is going to happen for the SAFE and EJami fans. Ken offered up, “First of all, the fans are split down the middle and I love it.  We stretch the rubber band until it snaps.  And, Sami snapped a couple weeks ago and she should have capped him. (Laughs) One bullet… a 22 caliber… and when you get a good thing in story, you run with it.”   OK Ken, so Sami snapped, but can we have Rafe snap too?  I mean how much does guy have to deal with to be with the woman he loves?  Ken revealed, “Rafe is not going to snap. He is solid and he is the G-man.  There are other women besides Sami, too.  Let’s not forget that! And I am talking about someone currently on the canvas.” With that, I looked at Gering for his reaction and he was genuinely surprised! “That is revealing news there.  Not sure if he really mean me or not, but either way it bodes well.”  James Scott (EJ) was not doing any press interviews that evening. So we were unable to get his thoughts on the current story, and to give you his insight at this time. We hope to catch up with him very soon.

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For Kristian Alfonso, Days of our Lives has been such an integral part of her career. Now as the show is about to celebrate its 45th anniversary, her Hope has got a new look! Prison stripes… well, orange jumpsuit.   Alfonso enlightened me on her new “babes behind bars” story with soap vet, Robin Mattson. “I love Robin. She is fantastic and hilarious.  I have never done the prison thing.  Hope has never really been in prison.   Let’s just say orange is my color these days without my earrings from the Hope, Faith, Miracles jewelry line.  They made me take all of my jewelry off! And I said, ‘C’mon. Can’t I keep my earrings on? And they said, ‘Kristian, you got to lose the earrings! And I said, ‘Oh, c’mon. I can’t kill anyone with earrings!’  I finally took them off and went, ‘OK. Here you go.  It’s a great story though. Hope is doing her time where she should be, and working in the infirmary.  Then things start happening. I turned to our co- executive producer, Gary Tomlin the other day, and I go, ‘This is getting really juicy. I am excited!'”  And from what we are hearing too,  Hope’ s story is going to be quite the barnburner.

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Peter Reckell (Bo),  who along with Alfonso has created legendary soap supercouple, Bo and Hope is still feeling the same conundrum as fans of the show these days.  Who does Bo really love?  Hope or Carly?  “I ask that everyday, ‘So who do I love?’  And they tell me, ‘Well, you love em both.’ And, I go, ‘Well, OK. So I am ever going to make a choice?’” After revealing his confusion too, Reckell went on to say, “Obviously the writers have been having difficulty with it because they flip flop between who Bo should be with, or is dedicated to, and so we are limbo.  But the storyline that is coming with Hope is going to really sort of set things up.  I can’t say anymore than that!”   When I asked Reckell of the differences between Carly and Hope in Bo’s mind, he tells me it’s all a matter of the type of alcoholic refreshment that distinguishes the two beauties! “As a character, Hope had always been the princess and Bo was from wrong side of the tracks and it has always been that dynamic, whereas with the character of Carly, Bo and Carly are on the same level.  Look at one of the first episodes when she came back.  Bo and Carly were just hanging out having some beers, whereas Hope is champagne and Bo is a beer.” (Laughs) Reckell who came on the show as the ultimate anti-hero says being a hero for so long, he would now welcome the opportunity to step to the bad side, and had come up with a great way to do it.  “Somebody asked me, what I would like you to play, and of course, I would love to play an evil twin.  Here’s how: Victor could have been at the birth and stolen the twin away.  So the twin could have grown up someplace else that Victor arranged!”

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Since we are celebrating DAYS 45th, I had to ask Crystal Chappell (Carly) and her real-life hubby, Michael Sabatino (Lawrence) when they first felt that spark between  them while working together at DAYS.  Sabatino stated, “It was 20 years ago, and she was on this second-story balcony.  I was reading the book The Fountainhead at the time. I looked up at her and thought, ‘Oh my God.  It’s Dominique Francon, the daughter of the architects!’ I was totally rocked, and that was it. That was the moment.” Chappell responded with her moment of truth about her “hots” for Michael S. “I think it sort of snuck up on me. I started checking the schedule trying to find out when Michael was going to be there. I will say this… I kept looking at his booty. I had a booty attraction, and I am not ashamed of it at all.” (Laughs)  Now in 2010, Carly seems like a bit of “buttinksi” these days with her meddling in the DNA test result daddy-drama. “I think she is traumatized by her life,” Chappell explained. “I think she is madly in love with Bo, but does not know what the right thing to do is.  I think she is confused about that and what is the right thing to do for everyone.  It’s a good thing about her, and its one of her biggest flaws. Like most doctors (and this is a generality) doctors tend to play God. It’s that kind of attitude. I don’t think she thinks that of herself, but it’s in her nature, certainly. I think she feels very guilty of having Daniel’s baby and not telling him.  I think that is still very much there, but we are just not talking about it right now.  It comes up in some scenes with Melanie and Carly, where she is trying to control things so people don’t get hurt again, especially the people she has already hurt.”  For Crystal, looking back on this special night she says she never regretted her decision early in her career to leave DAYS the first time. (It has been seventeen years before Chappell came to the series last year.)  “I don’t regret any decision I made back then. It made me more aware as a person and a more grateful person, and a better actress… having gone on to play other parts and characters and having that challenge.  I did not leave under the best of circumstances.  I wanted to come back and create and sew up better karma for myself and for the show.  I am grateful for this experience.”

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When Eric Martsolf (Brady) and his lovely wife Lisa stopped by to chat, we all took a moment to revel in the fact that Eric has finally got a great new storyline to sink his teeth into! And what a story it is!  Brady buried Vivian alive in a sarcophagus, and he is becoming the town drunk all in one fell swoop. “Oh my God. Stop the presses,” Martsolf announced. “Who knows? Brady’s face could be on a cover of soap magazine! The possibilities are endless. I have never been on a cover of a magazine; I am like the Susan Lucci of covers.  That is OK.  Covers don’t mean anything, but it would be fun. Do I literally have to bury someone alive to get a cover?” (Laughs)  So, what exactly happened to Salem’s Dudley-Do-Right, Brady Black?  Martsolf says blame it on that vixen Nicole. “The moral of the story is: if the woman manipulates you one to many times and your cup runneth over, you will crack as a man.  Nicole lied to Brady one to many times and the way he dealt with it is he went back to his poison, which is alcohol now.  I know it was a drug addiction previously, but that is the most realistic part of the story. Most addicts believe they can handle most poisons.  Brady’s whole way of rationalizing it is, ‘I can handle the alcohol.  I just can’t handle the coke.’  But now he is turning into a full-fledged alcoholic.  I say, he should become addicted to burying people alive.”   Now Martsolf has gotten the chance to crossover and really play with some of the evil-doers in Salem, namely Louise Sorel’s, Vivan.  So how do the two of them stop themselves from laughing so hard, and not peeing in their pants with the ridiculous sarcophagus drama?  Martsolf replied, “And that is the question everyone has been asking, ‘Has Vivian peed in her pants yet?’ And, is Brady changing bed pans in his spare time?’ (Laughs) I am having more fun than I have had with this storyline, and than I have had in my soap career since 2003, and Louise is terrific to work with.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Louise Sorel came by next, and I got her thoughts on Vivian’s latest perilous plight. “You know being buried alive is restful. (Laughs) There are so many twists coming.  It’s fun.  I am shocked every day when I see what they are writing. Sometimes I wonder how am I going to pull of the material that Vivian is asked to play. But I learned you have to be large and fill a space. So they give me this material and I sort of put in a space and let it explode, because if I think about it, I would not be able to do it.”  Sorel heaped praise on her unlikely new co-star, Eric Martsolf.  “First of all, he is so cute. I had to get past the way he looks. Then when we started to work together, he just flew.  I could just see what a good time he was having, and he gives back and he is loose. Eric improvises and nothing throws him.  This was like an accidental thing that happened, and he had not gotten to play before, because Brady was always the nice guy. Now he is very dangerous and he is radiating excitement. I can see it in his work.  And, he is so funny.”  But what was on my mind was, whatever happened to the real reason Vivian came back to Salem in the first place… to exact revenge on Carly?  Sorel concurred it sort of disappeared. “I don’t get that.  It should have been continued, it was kind of like the M.O. for the character. Now I am after Maggie and someone else who I can’t say right now.  But I am thinking, ‘What happened to this very passionate thing she had about revenge on Carly?’ I can’t speak for the writers. I don’t know why they have made the decision to go in this direction. But you are right it has shifted and gotten away from her original intent when she returned to Salem.”

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Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) who has been with the series for 36 years is having a soap renaissance.  The two of us were overjoyed at the recent turn of events which gives Maggie a new nemesis in Vivian, and a new beau, in Victor Kiriakis!  A far cry from where we were a few years back when they “killed” Maggie, and gave Suzanne a royal bon voyage in a movie theatre in Hollywood, complete with another red carpet event! Rogers shared her thoughts on her new lease on her soap life. “I thought my time would be relegated to watching and giving advice to the kids at this point. All of a sudden this silver tongued devil walks into my life. Can you believe this? When they “killed-off” Mickey, I did not know they were going to do this.  I don’t think the writers did either.  My honest opinion, I think it was a surprise.  It was one of those things where I came over to Victor’s house to see Phillip. He was not there. So Victor and Maggie talked and we went at it. Now they call us “Magic”. When we heard that, John Aniston (Victor) said to me, ‘What are you “Mag”? And I am “Ick”?’ (Laughs)  It is wonderful working with him. I hope he likes working with me.  He has a photographic memory I will tell you that, and John is great with one-liners.”

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That stunner Shelley Hennig, whose Stephanie is up to her eyeballs in DNA switching disasters, was happy for the turn to the dark side for Patch and Kayla’s offspring. “I don’t know what is happening to her. I just realized there are some similarities and differences between myself and my character.  I will not stop till I get what I want and Stephanie is the same way.  However, I will not do illegal things to get what I want.” I had to ask Hennig, is she getting confused like some viewers of who did or who didn’t switch Chloe’s baby-daddy results?  “I do know who switched the results, and it is so weird. You are going to be like, ‘What?’ But it makes sense.  Stephanie thinks if Melanie finds out about Chloe and Phillip’s one night stand, she is going to leave Phillip and go after her man, Nathan.  This story has been fun and the episodes that aired just the other day with Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and I were great to play. Mary Beth did a great job at making it believable.”

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Salem has always had some unique men that led the charge into battle against the bad guys and none more so than Drake Hogestyn as John Black.  Drake came back to see former cast mates this night, and shared with me his sentiments on the 45th anniversary, and what his Salem experience had meant to him. “When I entered the show it was really in its heyday. There was such phenomenal talent and we shot the show differently back then.  I stayed on the set and I watched. I stole from the MacDonald Carey’s. (Tom Horton)  I watched what they did and they were so giving with the advice. John Clarke (Mickey Horton) gave me so much advice too.  It all went by so fast. Some people have been encouraging me to write a book. I have started to put my thoughts down. And when I started to do my history and how I got to the show from being a baseball player, and then to my time at DAYS, I realized my personal life had sort of dissolved for 23 straight years.  In a way, when you put your blood, sweat, and tears into a show like that and really do live this part… 23 years went by so fast.  I feel like I left the show yesterday. I see all these people here and my heart is just swelling. Then there are people who I don’t know. I know they are part of the cast and I am sure they are a great addition.”

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Wally Kurth first joined DAYS back in 1987, and was one of the leading men given some great material. Wally recalled those good ole’ DAYS! “You know 1987- 1991 those were important years. Those 80’s were big years, the power years. (Laughs) Even judging from Ken Corday’s recent book, those were the power years.  That first year of Justin and Adrienne was an amazing year, and was also amazing for me. I had never done TV before, or a soap before.  I just remember our director, Al Rabin, saying, ‘Now Wally. When you see Adrienne you fall in love with her. You love her like you have never loved anyone before.’  And I was like, ‘Ok. That is what I will do.’  And so every time I saw her,  I just looooved her.  I did it.  I sold it.  I went for it.  I drank the kool-aid and never looked back!” But while Kurth is back on the show in 2010, he has been languishing on the back-burner. The two of us were trying to come up with story to reinvigorate Justin to the canvas. “I’ll do anything at this point (Laughs). They have to come up with something.  They have to invest something.  Justin is a lawyer. So he has that function on the show, but he could be an unscrupulous attorney, which would be fun.  If the people out there have any suggestions, I am putting it out there…write the powers-that-be.  I am sure they would be interested in what you have to say.”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Ty Treadway is playing Salem’s newest doctor.  Now let’s think about this. Something is going to have to be up with this guy, and he is going to have to be pulled into some skullduggery.  After all, this is the same dude that played evil and off-center twins, Colin and Troy McGiver on One Life to Live! So I asked Ty, is he going to play a sonofabitch?  Treadway shared his insight.  “You know, I can’t imagine they picked up the phone without a little twinkle in their eye somewhere, but so far I haven’t seen it.  They wrote some great stuff for me like the fun house plot at One Life. I was so lucky to get that to play. Now being here at DAYS and being reunited with those same writers, Dena Higley and Christopher Whitesell, I am looking forward to whatever they write for me.  I hope it’s as crazy and wild as it has been in the past.  So far he’s been a really nice guy. Dr. Jason Walters is a brain surgeon.  I am sure he is going to be willing to do something wrong sooner or later for the love of his life.”   Ah, and so there will be someone that catches Jason’s eye! “I am interested in a “love”. Treadway goes on to tease, “We will hopefully see that play out, and see how the fans like it.”  I also gave some kudos to the man who co-hosted the now defunct Soap Talk with another former Salemite, Lisa Rinna.  To me, Ty always seemed prepared and knew his soap stuff. Something any good interviewer should have in his back-pocket.  “I felt like it was important and I owed it to people who came on the show as guests to know about the history and know about them and their character. I felt I owed to the fans if I was going to chronicle what was going on today on soaps. I was fortunate to get to know so many people in daytime hosting Soap Talk. It will go down as one of my favorite jobs until now!”

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So you can’t end an evening in Salem without the soap supercouple who started it all, Doug and Julie, AKA long time real-life lovebirds, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes.  Between these two legends, the history of the show is truly right before you. They shared with me their fondest memories.  Susan started, “My fondest memory is when Bill talked the writers into doing a variety show segment and when everyone on the show who could sing and dance…and go to it.  Suzanne Rogers got to tap dance, Billy sang in a quartet, MacDonald Carey did a soft shoe and Frances Reid played Groucho Marx, and it was amazing, and it was all Bill’s idea and execution.”  But speaking of memories, I had to ask the duo their thoughts on when they decided to burn Julie’s face so badly that Susan had to wear that disfiguring make-up/prosthetics.  Back in the day, soaps were into burning up their leading ladies faces!  Seaforth Hayes commented, “I was astonished at my mother, Elizabeth Harrower (Ex- writer, DAYS) for coming up with that story, and it was difficult.  I was working so much and I was happy to be.  Julie recovered amazingly!” (Laughs)  Bill on the other hand, recalled watching the poor stunt double for Susan who had to become a crispy critter. “The day in the studio when that fire was done was frightening. The stunt girl was in a suit and they put fire stuff all over her and then lit it. They had thirty seconds and she has to be out of that within that time.  The stunt can only last that long, or she is custard!”

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

When DAYS celebrates its true anniversary in November, look for the new pictorial backdoor history of the show never before released. That is when Days of our Lives 45 Years: a Celebration in Photos will hit the book shelves. I received a preview copy and let me tell you, any fan of the show is going to love it. Eddie Campbell created the book along with DAYS and Corday Productions executive, Greg Meng.  I got Eddie’s thought on the carpet on why fans will love this upcoming addition to their coffee table. “It is a very modern twist and a very moving forward book, but it is sensitive to the past and the entire history of the show.  You know my grandmother always watched the show, and so that is how I knew it.  I love the characters of Hope, Bo, and Sami.  I also love that we embrace the past with Frances Reid (Alice). She was a top notch gem of a person. Fans will love this book because it is stage doors open and an unprecedented behind the scenes journey unlike any DAYS book every produced, and it breaks the fourth wall.” On-Air On-Soaps will give you news in the near future on how you can pre-order this special memento.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

And so as the sands through the hour glass timed out, as the red carpet dwindled down, Salem still seemed like a great place to be.  Unanimously, the stars shared their happiness of the intimate feeling that comes from being part of the select actors who through the years, have gotten to be part of the DAYS family.  For me personally, I reflected back to 1997 when I launched the SONY/ DAYS official website that still lives on today.  And 45 years as the longest running scripted television show on the peacock network is nothing to sneeze at either.  Quite the accomplishment from Corday and Company.

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Just hurry and get on with EJami! Please! Nobody has chem like Ali Sweeney and James Scott.

PLease bring back Ejami . I want a reason to keep on watching DOOL .Like it was this summer.;D

I second that! This summer was terrific, but now I’m not watching. I hope that the Sami issues get resolved soon and she is redeemed. I find it amazing that DOOL is making the poor choices that it is right now.

EJ needs to go away for all the evil and dishonest things he has done ~ not just to Sami but everyone in the town and take his uncle with him for a long time.. Rafe and Sami are the best couple on SOAPS these days. Days needs to get Hope and Bo back together ~ Carly and Bo’s whole story since she has been back is not even the person that Bo has always been ~ it is not him!

I totally agree!!!!! EJAMI is the one good thing DAYS has going for them and I really hope they don’t ruin it!! SAFE is soooo boring I don’t understand how anyone could want them together. This is a soap opera after all! Why would you want boring when you’re watching a soap??? It’s all about excitement, passion and chemistry and that’s what EJAMI brings! Please don’t screw it up!!!!!!

Glad to see Drake…..but where’s Deidre? I can’t recall any recent Days event that they’ve been seen together. Either he attends or she attends….but never together.

Wow, I love that I can read what the stars have said, but some comments seem to be a bit off base.
Rafe has not accepted every thing Sami has done.
Ej was way more romantic and his promices were better in his proposals
There is not a split down the middle of the fan base, way more are infavor of Ejami.

There is a split in the fanbase for Ejami and Safe…then there’s always the Lumis waiting for Brian’s return! Please do not speak for everyone. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the interviews. It was great reading everyone’s opinion. But I have to agree with Dolly about Rafe not accepting every part of Sami and Ej’s proposal being more romantic. I am also pretty sure that almost everyone wants Sami to be with EJ. It has been said so often but can’t be said enough that the chemistry between Ali Sweeney and James Scott is sizzling. And they are great actors. Why would anyone want Sami with Rafe? They are like sister and brother – not really “soapy” romantic material IMO. So please Mr.Corday realize it and bring back EJami without them manipulating each other. Let them be bad together and write romantic and adventurous storylines for them. I believe people would love to watch that.

I for one do not want Ejami. I know you have all heard this before, but seriously, I do not want Sami or any woman with their rapist!

I am intrigued about this twist GG alluded to, sounds like some powerful scenes are coming up! Can’t wait

I was also glad to see Drake. But I thought Deidre Hall should have been there too. She was a big part of Days. From what I saw on the live internet broadcast she wasn’t even mentioned. I don’t know if she was included in the clips because they showed interviews instead. I found it strange she wasn’t there.

Michael, I know when I come here I’m going to read excellent interviews! Thank you for knowing just what the fans are clamoring for! Ali Sweeney’s storyline is hot so it’s interesting to understand her insight into her characters motivations. It surprised me that Ali thought Ej’s proposal at the wedding was a “beautiful moment”. ??? I didn’t pick up on the fact that she was tempted at all with everything she had just learned and the fact she was wavering about marrying him to begin with – this when he had shown her only his “good” side and they had seemed to connect. Maybe I’m biased toward wanting a more loving relationship for her than a man who says, you’ve done bad things, I’ve done bad things, let me fall to my knee & propose that we should be together. This is just not beautiful to me. Of course this could all fall into the redemption of love theme, but I tend to root more for the Sami that picked up the gun and pulled the trigger in hopes of breaking the horrible cycle she has been caught in. Still, a lot of fun to read Ali’s perspective.

I have to agree with Mr. Corday that Galen speaks volumes with his bedroom eyes. His sensitive, devoted Rafe has been a huge success. Those white knight heroes like Rafe deliver the romance so needed to daytime drama. We need to swoon!

All the cast had such great comments on the show. Bo, Hope and Carly are going to keep fans glued to the show along with Brady, Nicole, Viv, Victor and Maggie! I think Days fall storylines sound exciting!

Thanks for the great coverage of this monumental event!

Wow! Ken Corday is off his rocker. It’s no wonder the ratings are falling if this is his vision of the show. GG like Gary Cooper? Coop is rolling over in his grave. As a viewer of 20+ years, I don’t see Rafe as a hero for Days. He’s not interesting enough. I guess we have more of the same with Rafe and SAFE being pushed. No reason to tune in – I was hoping for a change, but it seems Mr. Corday is too enamored of GG to bother having his HW write compelling stories or words – I guess he’s too distracted by GG’s eyes.
It’s always interesting to get the actors perspectives on the stories. Thank you for your interviews, you always do such an amazing job. 🙂

KC and the writers are off their rockers…when they have Sami fall in love with her rapist. What a slap in the face to all women in the real world who have been raped!

Congratulations on 45 years Days.

Boy did Corday get it right by noting Galen’s bedroom eyes….Love the couple of SAFE…It was that pairing that got me watching Days again after the fiasco of Ejami…There is no split done the middle..just check out the SOD polls, Safe has been number one for over a year YAY!! Great interview Michael

SOD poll is spammable and all the other polls have Ejami great winner so we have to wonder…

What fiasco girl ? Ej and Sami were not together so stop the rewriting, before that Sami was with Lucas..maybe you just like to support any couple who is not Ej and Sami..we get it but at least be a little accurate if you want your post to be somewhat regarded by some other readers..after all it is like you want, it is just for you, your credibility you ugh boring argument as usual..zzzzzzzzzzz

Sam, any interactions between EJ and Sami are a fiasco. I agree 100% with CapeSafe. I stopped watching b/c of EJ and Sami. I’ve always been a huge Sami fan, but for the life of me I can’t stand EJami. I quit watching after the ‘rape scene’ and tried to come back a few times, but everytime I did, there goes EJ and Sami at it again. If only Sami would have succeeded in killing him, I’d be a lot happier.

Thanks Michael for such awesome interviews with so many of the cast & Ken Corday. I loved them all but especially the ones with Galen and Ken. I was surprised by some of the answers to your excellent questions but am so happy to hear Ken complimenting Galen.

I love Sami and Rafe together and am so happy they are getting some happiness, even though there is angst ahead, as always is for soap couples.

Days is getting better once again.

Days is not getting better : the ratings are worse than ever.
Viewers don’t want to watch what they write right now on-screen, simple as that.

I think Days is better than it has been in months and many agree with me. You are entitled to see things as you like. The ratings went up a bit last week so viewers are returning little by little. I hope that trend keeps up because I don’t want to see Days canceled. I will remain optimistic but thanks for your comments.

i think ken was drunk lol gg can speek wite his eyes? what ken wife told him thet and i will disagree gg not do anthing to do show! most of dool fans tune out to gh she is far better then days and gess what kenny abc and cbs do not write for cercter like rafe.wait they dont heve or ever be cercter like rafe you need to ask them why?they will tell you becuse the ga love the bad more well ej was in come rafe hero hero sami and rafe front and centr ratings worse then ever!but hey ken you told us the ga want sami wite rafe yes theyy do all 10 of them good luck wite thet!
i think james can do so much better then days so onther ken wise things will be treu he is so sure the ga love rafe well kenny!save him i so hope cbs or abc will take james from days they heve the worst writing ever!bad guys never win hero does,same old same wander ga do not watch!

Whether you like them or loathe them, EJ and Sami are an evocative couple that gets everyone talking. That is the making of a great soap couple. They have chemistry for “Days” (hehe) and a rich backstory. Those are the makings of a winning storyline and strong viewership. It’s very counterintuitive to leave the vast EJAMI following waiting for 3 years. If viewers are what they are after, they need to give them what they want eventually and in this case sooner is better. Leaving an audience FFing through scenes in hopes of an EJAMI crumb here and there is surely not what they are going for but that is what they are doing. Give EJAMI a chance. Show the love. Heck the show is only renewed through Sept. 2011. There isn’t much time left at this point.

Also, the rape talk is beating a dead horse. It was dealt with very well. It was coersion at best and they got over it. Sami said herself, “It wasn’t like that.” If Sami doesn’t care, it’s a non-issue in the storyline.

I have been waiting for Ejami to be given a chance to be a ‘couple’ since mid 2007! Two children, a marriage and every possible obstacle later and I’m still waiting! Its been a very difficult year for Ejami fans but still we wait because we see the potential.

EJ and Sami are unique characters who have a rich history, longevity and a classic love story with a twist. They are potrayed by two actors who have incredible range and talent and chemistry with eachother. They are facinating to watch and create interest whether you like them or dilike them. What more could a show ask for?

I love the idea that these two meet half way. EJ and Sami are not all bad nor are they all good. They work best in the middle. They are somewhat ‘bad’ but they have good hearts and love their family. Thats what makes them interesting to watch. They aren’t perfect, they are flawed but they are right for and understand eachother.

As far as I’m concerned Days has separated these two for long enough and its time to write them as a couple. We have been at the ‘will they or won’t they get together’ stage for too many years. Its time for them to be invovled in storylines together and to write them as the unique characters they are.

Plain and simple, Sami and EJ are so hot together. Rafe is good looking but soooo boring. EJ is soooo hotttt!

Ok. I have watched Days on and off for 23 years. Sometimes these writers drive me away with the bizzaro story lines, but every so often they hit it just right and I get sucked back in.

Love Bo and Hope…ENOUGH SEPARATION! Get these two back together for crying out loud! Geeeez.

Sami was so evil to Austin and Carrie. She raped Austin. I can’t feel sorry for someone who put her sister and the man she said she “loved” through so much Hell. Sami got what was coming to her and I’m glad it was EJ. She has met her match with EJ.
She is not this fragile, innocent creature who will never recover. In fact, she’s moved on from that. They both get what they want and stop at nothing. This is a Power Couple! There is not one guy on that show that has loved Sami like this. The way he looks at her, holds her, he longs to be a good man for her.

Granted, Lucas and Sami have the “first love” thing which is hard to replace, but Lucas was a “boyfriend.” EJ is her man! Sami needs to quit running, grow up, and start building a family with him.

These two are one in the same. They are equals. Let’s get them on the same team. EJ+Sami+=HOT EJami scenes

Well, at least Mr Corday has started to wake up. First he said “the viewers want Safe”, now he says they’re “split down the middle”, maybe soon he’ll finally admit that “the viewers want EJami”….that is, is he’ s looking at the ratings, instead of one spammable poll.

Gary Cooper? Bedroom eyes? Those two remarks certainly gave me a good chuckle. Guess KC felt the need to prop up his actor.

Michael, great job on all the interviews, as always.

I am a huge supporter of Ej and Sami. I only watch for the those two. Or I wouldn’t even watch at all. They have this forbidden love since the first time they met. It reminds me a little of Romeo and Juliet. Divdided by two families that hate each other like we see with the long history of Bradys and DiMeras. I would like to see them as a couple finally, They are a hot couple on screen together.

James Scott & Ali Sweeney light up the screen when they’re together! Chemistry in dspades! Wonder why James wasn’t available for interview?

Thank you for such complete coverage of this special event. I was so glad to hear from key players such as Suzanne and Kristian, and of course my faves, Ali & Galen. Keep up the good work!

Days have an amazing couple and love s tory in danloe yet they ruined and trashed a vetran and very loved and famous character like Chloe for what?To give Carly/Melanie a sl.This WTD sl isn’t about Chloe,Daniel and Philip.It’s all about Stephanie,Nathan,Melanie and Craly and that’s whty it’s a HUGE FLOP.NB and SC ‘s chemistry is beyond compare.
Bring back romantic,passionate,smoking hot Danloe an give them a sl we could actually enjoy.Keep Carly,Melanie,nathan and Stephane away from them.

Michael, you have that knack for knowing just what questions the fans would ask if they could. Thanks for another night of interviews with my the cast of my favorite show. You seem to get so much information from the actors, writers, and execs of the show. I enjoyed hearing the perspective of their characters from the actors, especially my favorites, Galen Gering, Ali Sweeney, Peter Reckell, and Kristian Alfonso.

Great interview Michael. I have to say I am not drinking the kool-aid being dished up in those 1st 3 interviews. Why they think the GA will just believe and go along with what ever they tell them I’ll never understand but the ratings would prove otherwise.
GG seems like a really nice guy but his acting leaves much to be desired, FYI not all models can act. And there has never been a DOOL “hero” in the 20+years that I have watched that has been so unlikable and disliked by sooooo many. If they keep trying to make us drink they will find that the show continues to sink.
Loved the CC and hubby interview, was fun to hear how they first fell in love!

Reafe and Sami are like a breath of fresh air! They are amazing, their chemistry rocks, and you can tell by looking at them that they love, respect, and care about each other more then life itself!
I’m ejoying Days again as long as Rafe and Sami are together and on my screen!!!
Great decision Ken for giving us a love story again…….SAFE ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I’ll take Safe over Ejami any day of the week. Who wants Sami with an evil, vile man like that?? EJ needs to move on. His obsession with Sami is sickening. He needs to get it through his head, “Sami doesn’t love ya dude!” Nothing says “we’re never gonna happen” more than a bullet to the head.

But if EJ moves on we all have to move on because Days will be history. Only few people want to see a boring Safe. I respect that but don’t get it.

Yes I want Sami with an evil guy because she can be an evil girl. Hello, she shot EJ or at least intended to, we’ll see. ;-). But they would be definitely more entertaining than SAmi and Rafe. Thanks again for the interviews.

It’s EJami and only EJami!

Loved the interviews as always. They had Rafe on the webcast hero panel and now talked about him being a hero here and I have to say I don’t see him as a hero at all. Don’t remember a DOOL hero, or hero from any other soap, act the way Rafe does and I don’t find him rootable at all. I was happy to hear AS make the comparison between Safe and Sami and Austin, though not exactly the way I see it, Sami doesn’t belong with either. She needs to stay the grey character we all know and love, just new and improved. Loved Peter’s idea and think that sl would be great to watch. Would love to see more of Justin and Adrienne and love Victor and Maggie.

Thanks for bringing us these great interviews. Loved Crystal Chappell and Michael Sabatino talking about falling for each other. I wish Lawrence Alamain would come back to Salem, even if it’s just as an apparition again.

As for Sami, EJ and Rafe, I just don’t get how anyone can believe Rafe accepts or will ever accept Sami for who she really is, especially Ali Sweeney. Come on, girl. I respect your opinion, but there is only ONE man who has accepted, understood and loved Samantha Gene Brady, the good, the bad and everything in between, and that man is Elvis DiMera. EJ will probably be both hurt and impressed when he finds out it was Sami who shot him. And he will love her all the same.

Lord knows EJamis have waited 4+ years for our couple to really shine, but it makes me sad to say that more and more of my EJami buds are leaving for other soaps. And I’ll tell you why.

We do not want a safe couple. That is not what a soap is. We want an escape. We want Sami to be Sami, in all her confused and complicated glory. And we want her with EJ, the equally complicated man who loves her, flaws and all. The show needs complex, provocative, powerhouse soap couples with chemistry oozing out every pore (read: EJami) to keep us entertained. But they should be complex and provocative together, not apart. EJami hurting each other is too predictable. I hope Dena and her team surprise us by being brave and writing an enduring love story for these two characters who are so imperfect, yet perfect for each other.

what about ej goes to prision on purpose to save hope’s life

I can not wait for Xmas. I hope the New Year will bring Ejami back to us.


With inconsistencies of Days’ writing, no wonder people are confused.

The problem is the actors are better than the writers — its a problem because Alison Sweeney and James Scott have UNDENIABLE chemistry on screen. And the writers have ALMOST ruined them to where none of their relationship makes sense.

But I’m holding out for hope that maybe it was all a bad dream….and that they will be together soon.

Ej & Sami chemistry can not be compared with anyone else no matter how much other pairings are forced at us!!! Days what are u doing with this stupid Rafe 1,2 storyline? GOD Maybe his good guy& Good looking but the guy can’t act !

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Dan Feuerriegel on EJ Keeping Eric From His Child, “He’s in the Deep End … There’s No Coming Back for Him Now”

On Days of our Lives, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has been reunited with her biological son, baby Jude. Her husband, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), is now keeping a major secret, and in order to keep it from coming out he had to get Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) out of Salem, and keep both Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) quiet and at bay.

However, as in any good soap opera, time is running out for EJ. What will happen when Nicole and Eric (Greg Vaughan) find out that EJ is not the little one’s biological father, but Eric is? And, what will happen when they realize EJ knew the truth and hid it from them?

This is just one item in a laundry list of skullduggery committed by EJ since he has been in Salem. With Arianne Zucker set to exit on-screen on July 29th, it looks like we are heading into the home stretch of the baby switch storyline.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Dan Feuerriegel to get his take on the situation and what it has been like working with Greg and Ari in the story.

Dan shared on EJ’s despicable decision to pretend he is Jude’s bio-dad, “I know I’m a terrible human being, but I love playing a terrible human being.” Feurriegel added, “Oh, he’s in the deep end. Like, there is no coming back for him now.”

The DAYS star also noted if EJ had done anything more nefarious to Sloan, his character might not ever be able to come back from that. “There’s only so much hatred EJ can get from the viewers that it probably would’ve been a bridge too far for me to just make her (Sloan) disappear,” clarified Dan.

Photo: JPI

As to his time working with Arianne Zucker as his on-screen wife, Dan had noting but praise for her. Feuerriegel expressed, “I loved working with her. She’s so good. She’s an amazing actress. She’s fantastic. Every scene that I did with her, I didn’t have to do anything because I just rode on the coattails of what she did. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Photo: JPI

Dan also had high marks for his on-screen nemesis, Greg Vaughan, “Greg is fantastic, like everybody in the storyline was amazing. Greg’s amazing … Ari’s amazing … Jessica was fantastic and that’s what made it work. I’m very grateful to have worked with every single one of them.”

Photo: JPI

On soap operas and especially on Days of our Lives, when someone exits, or ‘dies’ on-screen that doesn’t mean goodbye forever, and Dan knows this too. In regards to anyone who leaves Salem, the actor joked, “I’m not going to say the doors closed, because you never say never, especially in Hollywood or on a soap. I mean, I’ve come back and I was like two inches shorter and (with) a completely different face.”

So, how do you think Eric will find out that Jude is really his son, and that EJ has been lying to keep Nicole? Let us know in the comment section, but first Check out our conversation with Dan from the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Lamon Archey and Sal Stowers Return to Days of our Lives to Celebrate Abe and Paulina’s Juneteenth Wedding Anniversary and a ‘Going Away’ Party

There are several reasons that Days of our Lives favorites Lamon Archey (Eli) and Sal Stowers (Lani) are making a return on the Wednesday, June 19th episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera.

First, Lani and Eli come back to Salem to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Abe (James Reynolds) and Paulina (Jackee Harry), which happened on Juneteenth Day which is on June 19th.

Juneteenth, which is a Federal holiday, is an annual commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States after the Civil War, has been celebrated by African Americans since the late 1800s.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile, the return also serves as a “apparent” send-off for Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel (Raven Bowens), who are set to depart Salem, since Johnny landed his dream job in California.

Look like Elani is also attending their going away party, but are the departing couple (with Chanel being pregnant) really going to leave Salem? Stay tuned.

Stowers made her first Days of our Lives appearance back in September of 2015. Lani is the adoptive daughter of Abe and the biological daughter of Paulina. As for Archey, he arrived on the scene in 2017 as Julie’s (Susan Seaforth Hayes) grandson. Sal and Lamon were last seen on-screen in March of this year.

Looking forward to seeing Eli and Lani back on DAYS? Do you think Johnny and Chanel are exiting the Salem canvas? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

‘Santa Barbara’ Legends and Daytime Emmy Gold Circle Honorees, A Martinez and Jerome Dobson, to Chat Live on Michael Fairman Channel

Two of the men responsible for the success of the beloved soap opera, Santa Barbara, A Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) and Jerome Dobson (Co-creator and co-head writer) visit You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel for a live conversation on Friday night, June 21st beginning at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.

Recently, A and Jerry were honored at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards as they were selected to be Gold Circle inductees in which they received a medal as admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television and have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 years.

Currently, A can be seen The Bay as Nardo Ramos, a role in which he received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work this year. Martinez is also remembered for his roles on General Hospital as Roy DeLuca, One Life to Live as Ray Montez and Days of our Lives as Eduardo Hernandez; among other TV and motion picture roles. However, A’s most memorable role in soaps, and the one that won him a Daytime Emmy, was that of Cruz on Santa Barbara, for which he took home the gold for his work in 1990.

Photo: NBC

Jerry Dobson created Santa Barbara with his wife, the late Bridget Dobson, and the couple became soap-famous for not only their work on SB (1984-1986, 1991-1992), but their time head-writing for General Hospital (1973-1975), Guiding Light (1975-1980) and As the World Turns (1980-1983).

Photo: NATAS

Santa Barbara aired on NBC for 9 years from July 30, 1984, to January 15, 1993 and featured some of the all-time greats in soap opera as part of the cast including :Marcy Walker, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jed Allan, Dame Judith Anderson, Judith McConnell, Justin Deas, Robin Mattson, Lane Davies, Eileen Davidson, Robin Wright, Jack Wagner, Sydney Penny, Kim Zimmer, Roscoe Born, Nicolas Coster and more.

Watch below, when A Martinez was named Outstanding Lead Actor at the 17th annual Daytime Emmys.

If you can’t be with us live for A and Jerry’s livestream chat, but have a question you would like posed to one or both of them, please leave it in the comment section below.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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