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Don Harvey Joins General Hospital As Tom Baker … Elizabeth's Rapist!

Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDB

General Hospital is utilizing a horrific event of the past most likely to cause conflict for Liz and Franco (or ultimately solidied them), and for Franco to do some serious self-evaluation, since Franco once upon a time made Sam (Kelly Monaco) believe he raped her and was her baby’s bio-daddy!  That is because actor Don Harvey debuts on Tuesday as Liz’s rapist, Tom Baker.

In story, Baker is now apparently being paroled from prison, and had raped a young Liz when she was a teenager. The character was last seen in 1998.

As for Harvey’s other TV credits, they include turns on the dramas: Blue Bloods, The Blacklist, Superman, Luck and Medium.

The casting news was first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

So, what do you think of GH bringing back Tom Baker, Elizabeth’s rapist in story? Comment below!

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I’m intrigued to where they are going to go with this story. I have trust what Shelly and Jean have done so far with the Friz story so I trust they will do right by this.

He wasn’t punished for raping Liz so that might be the order of business for this character. I think what might happen is that he will wind up dead and fingers will be pointing at a few people before the mess is over. Maybe a possibility of another character who is on the canvas now (or two?) being violated. I don’t think they dug out this character from the past to just be a day player or an under five.

I’m so excited for this story to play out! LOVE Franco and Liz together and love that they are using Liz’s history for story now. It makes so much sense to be used now in light of Franco’s dark past. I love the investment that this writing team has in Liz and Franco, both together and separately. And what a fantastic actor for them to cast as Tom! Great job GH! Can’t wait to watch all of this play out!

I’m intrigued! They brought on a solid actor to revisit one of the best told stories in GH history. I hope Jean and Shelly do it justice – pulling for them. #TeamFriz

Another example of trying to get the audience to come around on Franco. Let’s count some of the ways:
1. Making him Jason’s twin, thus a Quartermaine.
2. Initially introducing Kiki as his daughter.
3. Changing Kiki’s dad to Silas. Attempting to create sympathy for Franco.
4. No he’s not a Q, he’s the son of 2 beloved vets – Scotty & Heather.
5. Brain tumor made him do it.
6. Carly falls for him.
7. He goes above/beyond for mental patient Nina.
8. He’s the only one who bonds with Jake when he returns.
9. Elizabeth

I probably forgot something, but making him an anti-hero isn’t going to fly. Don’t get my wrong, Roger is an outstanding actor. A resolution on the PP lawsuit appears to be on the horizon. If so, let’s hope they send Franco away on a Monday and have Todd Manning mysteriously appear at the end of that Friday’s episode.

That would be FANTASTIC!

Because Todd the actual rapist would be so much better? I prefer Franco, and enjoy his current ties to the canvas. Scotty, Heather, Kiki, Liz, etc.

Unlike Franco, Todd was not a serial killer. He did some time for his crime. I’m not saying he’s a saint — and not recommending he be paired with Elizabeth.

While I would miss Franco’s connection with Scotty, Todd has some history with Carly and Sam.

In that case, GH is full of killers who haven’t paid for their crimes. I get the feeling some of y’all just hate on Franco without thinking it through…

I’m a longtime viewer (going back to the Gloria Monty years) who has thought this through. Placing Elizabeth with Franco would be on the same level as if Anna would suddenly fall for Faison. Franco worked with Nina because they are two troubled souls.

Not every character needs to be redeemed. Ava works, despite killing Connie, because we see her as strong multi-faceted woman. Like her son, Heather has done multiple murders, but I wouldn’t expect to see her as a receptionist in the hospital. And, love him or hate him, there’s a reason why Sonny has been around over 20 years.

As for characters how have been redeemed, other longtime viewers can recall how Alan went from attempted murderer to one of the most beloved characters on GH. Monica went from adulterous home wrecker to esteemed mother & chief of staff. I could go on, but the point here is that character redemption has to be somewhat organic. And it doesn’t work with Franco.

Finally, you can’t separate the James Franco version vs. the Roger Howarth version. Which version stabbed, then buried his mother alive, then made Jordan (and others) believe they were trapped in room with a bomb? We don’t call Sean Kanan the good AJ vs Billy Warlock the bad AJ. Carly’s history can’t be ignored because Sarah Brown played her when she slept with Tony as opposed to Laura Wright.

So yes, many longtime viewers have given thus plenty of thought.

I don’t even compare this version of Franco to James Franco’s Franco. Two different characters in my mind so it doesn’t bother me. All I see with this version is a guy with a bad reputation who’s supposedly been redeemed as the acts he committed in the past were out of his control. If he suddenly reverts, that would be ridiculous…you don’t go from madman to normal back to crazy. So I’m enjoying the story of an insecure man trying to prove himself to a mostly hostile town…and his struggle within ie insecurity, self-doubt…

I like Liz and Franco together but I still have a feeling the end game is Liz anfpd Griffin.

Rebecca…It’s not so much that I don’t like the current Franco. In fact I really like Roger, but too bad he’s never got away from the rapist tag since OLTL. When he was allowed to redeem himself as Todd I just liked him and Blair better than Franco and Liz, which doesn’t do it for me.

But I guess in my mind he’s inherited the twisted version and vision James Franco brought to it (for me his ego gets in the way, but I did like him in the original Spider-Man). Will never forget what he did to Sam and Jason, it was awful and creepy…and I guess Sam won’t either.

Really liked the new Dr. Strange movie . He’s my favorite Marvel character. There was a time I collected the Dr.’s comic books. Have 80 dating back to 1962.

Ugh Rose…don’t get me started. Too long to get into here but about 500 comics that I’d saved for about twenty years were sold to a comic book store a few months ago by someone who was storing them for me. (Lol…this is where private messages would be helpful.)

Haven’t seen Dr. Strange. I want to see the film with Eddie Redmayne…love him…L O V E!

Are you watching “Westworld?” I think it’s really well done. Still need to catch up on the latest “Poldark” episode.

Franco??? Sigh. Let me put it this way…I like Roger a lot and wouldn’t want to lose him on the show. Do I think making him Franco in the first place was a good decision? No. I would rather him have been a new character or a Quartermaine…matter of fact when someone’s will was read…can”t remember whose…didn’t Heather find out there was another Quartermaine out there that no one knew about? They dropped that…could’ve been Roger…

As Franco stands I said I just don’t relate him to the other Franco. If it had been a legacy character…or someone who was an integral part of the landscape for many years, I might not have been able to get passed it. But to me that was a fun turn with James Franco..I enjoyed the ride. To me..though he goes by the same name, there’s no other connection. I think they started this version as an idiot…lol..really. He was just juvenile and imbecilic. They’ve evolved him though he still has a way to go. I’d like to see him become a very cool character.

Sorry, not the same. Franco is just as much of a victim of his tumor as everyone else. I don’t need to explain to you why, I’m sure you can look the clips up on youtube (when Dr. Drake diagnosed him). This is the same soap that gave us latex masks, Luke/Fluke, and the whole mind control thing Jakeson underwent. At least Franco’s condition is somewhat based in reality.

And keep in mind, the same allowance you make for your faves, others do for theirs. I see just as much good in present day Franco as any other character on the canvas. I don’t want or need Todd to return so he can be in Carly and Sam’s orbit – that would be a MASSIVE downgrade.

I am very intrigued by the return of Tom but any Sam involvement needs to be little to none. This story needs to be primarily about Liz and secondarily about Friz.
I’m glad Jelly are using GH history. Liz’s rape story was iconic (one of best in Daytime history).
Love that Jelly have slowly built Friz and how every beat has been played & how their issues are organic and not the typical tropes of third parties for example.
Liz dealt with Tom as a traumatized 15 y/o. I look forward to seeing Liz handle his return this time 18 years later as a strong woman who’s made a life for herself from the ashes of that horrific act.

This show is so ridiculous. I will not say any more.

I’m very intrigued. I love when they use actual history of characters. Hope that this brings Liz and Franco closer than ever. I also want this to put to rest all of the whining of people who say Franco doesnt pay, the tumor isnt a good excuse, he isnt remorseful. When your faves are murderers and mob bosses and cons, you dont get to be outraged over a different fictional character. Stones and glass houses…

Great (yawn). Now if anything bad happens to this creep, Jordan can arrest both Jason AND Franco since they both have history with Elizabeth. That’s her favorite past time anyway.

I think this is a great use of GH’s history and an important story to bring to the forefront. Elizabeth hasn’t had front-burner story in a little while, and GH needs to solidify her relationship with Franco, as he will likely help her deal with what happened in her past. It also provides some serious self-reflection for Franco and deals with one of the worst things he did before his tumor was removed. It was a good decision to revisit this story. I just wish Emily and Lucky were still around because of how integral of a role they played in the original story.

I think that this could be a very good catalyst to solidify the relationship between Liz and Franco. I’m really enjoying them as a couple and look forward to their scenes. I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but I really hope that James Patrick Stuart will be around for a long while as Valentin. He’s wonderful!

Agreed , Sigrid. James P Stuart is captivating. I hope TPTB allow Valentin to make a complete turnabout into a good, ‘misunderstood’ guy.

Valentin was suppose to be the worst Cassadine! The actor is good BUT the character is a wimp!

It’s the wimpy ones we “gotta look out from”. LOL….But, my Timmmy….he’s sooo smoooth….

Since the writers only brought back Tom to use him to redeem Franco and make him
more viable romantic hero, I’m not interested.

Exactly. The only use that Elizabeth seems to have in this story is propping Franco. It’s about his redemption (for the umpty umpth time). Even with Bobby and Laura on the canvas these days – given that they were significant in the original story, this one will be all about Franco. Just…. sad.

I can’t stand the coined…to ” prop” Franco. I don’t think they’re “propping” anyone. It’s a storyline. Franco and Liz. Her past now in the present. How will this effect her, Franco, others. Could be good…maybe not. Camera, action…

Unfortunately Franco is the star in this storyline…. thus, the use of the word “prop.” When even the head writer is interviewed and talks about this story as a means of redeeming the despised character, you can say what you want. To me there is no better definition of the word.

Hi Elizabeth.. I didn’t read that interview; is it on this site? Nevertheless, I still don’t see it as “about” Franco and personally I think he redeemed himself over and over from his being almost killed to save Carly, to his self-sacrifice for Nina when she was loopy (er), his love for Kiki, his kindness to little Jake, etc. If this story also has Franco experience a revelation about himself…or we get to see yet another side of him, that sounds interesting to me as I’malready rooting for him; he’s not a despised character to me.

Too bad he is Elizabeth’s rapist. I like this actor.

Yes, Celia, I agree. Don Harvey is a reliable, accomplished character actor who’s been working since the 80s, as I remember. He was one of the soldiers gone wrong in CASUALTIES OF WAR in 1989 with Sean Penn & Michael J. Fox (a very underrated movie) and countless others. I’m glad he has the work, I’m just feeling cynical right now about any new stories and actors brought in, even if this is not technically a “new” story. But I’ll give it a chance since many of the posts are hopeful regarding this new twist. Just keep Jordan and her endless vendettas against Franco and Jason out if it!

Hey, hey, Soaphound,
I am so sick of Jordan, hands on ( no) hips, circling her ‘suspects’ like a skinny hen….her skimpy, colorless plumage all a’ruffled.
I am familiar with Don Harvey’s acting. Here goes another waste of talent!!

Speaking of GH, CELIA, how can you not be attracted to Jax! Did you you see his crystal blue eyes bouncing off his blue blazer in those scenes with Alexis in the dive bar? He looked great!

Awwwww!!!! My adorable, Timmmy. Are you a romantic, deep within? Love you for it!!
But, gee…I don’t know. I am not mesmerized by Jax. I will not be a hypocrite and deny the beauty of his eyes….limpid ‘blues’… azure as a summer sky on a shiny, cloudless, sunny day.
Nonetheless, I am not feeling the vibes….there is no “Crystal Blue Persuasion”. Ask Tommy James.
There must be something wrong with me!!!! I am very picky. LOL.
Luv-ya, Timmmy.

Timmmy, Carly is still married to Sonny. What the heck her cuddling up with ex, all about? Any man worth his salt would hit the roof. I know my husband would ( well, I don’t have an ex. That’s bedide the point. LOL).
I am so mad at myself. I was beside myself feeling sorry for Carly…pitying her; wanting to hug her. Now, I want to smack her a few rounds.
And, Jax should know better. I don’t care if he was trying to comfort her in her time of need.
I would not put it past the writers to write them right into bed…or that sofa.

@Celia…CeeCee sweets… This is not Carly’s first go round….
Whenever she’s been involved/committed with either one of
these men in the past, she habitually cheats on one w/ the other.
This is her M O when it comes to Sonny and Jax… Sonny and Jax
have a long bitter history that of course involved Sonny’s first love
Brenda who then loved Jax….Jax first entered the scene as a
Corporate Raider he brought Sam onto the show…. Just a tease
of yesteryear. Later sweetie.

What an astute observation, Fanny! Yes, Carly is definitely one of those “Have your cake and eat it, too” sort of gals….whenever she”s married to Sonny, there’s always another who tickles her fancy, and yet, when she’s otherwise involved with anyone else (Franco, Jax or take your pick….) she can’t scamper over fast enough to “Chez Corinthos” for a quickie with the “man of the house!” Hence nothing new here to see….

Yes, my dear Fanny. I have definitely noted that about Carly; and, I have verbalized ( in writing) my feelings about her libido. LOL.
As my Shay says, “…she can’t scamper fast enough….).
A bientot, my lovely lady.

That was 18 yrs ago,,
the story won;t have much to do with that guy it will be about Franco.
I don’t see much interest in 18 yes back because its too long dead to get emotional over it now.
I assume he is short stay charater.

I can only hope Franco goes dark again for some excitement.

He looks like Tony Jones!

UH, EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

Short term, I hope; VERY short term.

I really was tired of the Sonny/Julian kind of mobster In Port Charles all of the time, but I think if they have to have the dark side they were preferable to serial killers, and rapists (reformed or not).

I’m also growing weary of Franco. His behavior is consistently appalling and outrageous. This guy is a total whackjob and it’s unsettling to see Elizabeth get deeper into a relationship with him. She deserves better. Ditto for Roger Howarth. Please drop this character.

Unless they plan on bringing back Lucky with JJ I don’t want to aee this. Lucky played a HUGE role in the rape story with Elizabeth and only a mention of him is incredibly disrespectful to the character and actor. If they use this to change Franco to make him worthy of Liz that’s sick. Told wrong, and wothout even one day of Lucky onscreen could most definitely sink this show.

So agree Jonathan Jackson should return as lucky to help Liz deal with this. He’s the only one that could shake her off this

Franco IS worthy, with or without this storyline. Since his recent incarnation, he’s done nothing but good for the people he loves. He risked his life for Carly, has loved and protected Kiki, went to extreme measures to help and stand by Nina, is adorable with little Jake and adores Elizabeth. Odd man out? Yes. But as much or more loyalty to those he cares about as any of the other “citizens” of Port Charles.

GH you’re losing me. Fluke, serial killer, Morgan/Sabrina mourning, Finn’s bad bug, Alexis/Julian, Sonny’s made for daytime award acting. It’s gotten to the point that this was the first time I turned it off. Dark, dark, dark. Too bad the writers don’t know how to write good stories without all of the gruesomeness. I don’t like Liz with Franco at all. Liz has trouble picking winners, and Franco has never fit since James Franco’ ego made up this troubled, perverted character in his name. Poor Roger trying to make something of him. He deserved better on GH. Every so once in a while we get a glimmer of someone being happy or a smile, then they turn the lights out for this other crap. Makes you wonder what the writers personal lives are like.

This would have been better if Lucky, Nikolas and Emily were there instead of Franco!

This will be interesting 18 years later Liz has moved on from that traumatic night . Never thought of Tom Baker until now hearing that her rapist is out on parole makes her relive that night. It’s like him doing it all over again. Now she’s like 33 years old she’s going to relive it once she comes in contact with him I hope we see flashbacks.

I find this storyline sick and vile. There is no need to relive a 15 year old girls brutal rape. Why don’t the writers and you Michael speak out against the vile people who are saying that Liz raped Jason when she slept with him? You need to handle that mess and stop it -instead of buying into them who wanted to see her face her rapist –a true rape ( not something in their heads). Or are the fans supposed to think you are just catering to a certain group of people and don’t care what the loyal viewers really want ..not just the nasty ones?

I’ve wanted to see tom come back for years. I want to see Liz cope with this, no longer a scared teenager but a strong woman. Let Liz save herself this time. Maybe force her to start examining how this life changing thing has made it hard to trust, to think she isn’t worth someone fighting for her. I want to see a strong Liz become stronger. But instead I get a story where it’s all about Franco. Franco’s pain. Franco’s guilt. How sorry Franco is. How hard this is for Franco. Even the interview the writers gave in SOD was all about Franco. It honestly pisses me off and frustrates me.

First of all, the story just began. We have no idea how it’s going to play out. Second, rapists are released in real life, unfortunately, and I doubt all women are screaming…” Yeah mutthafukka, bring it on…” Liz’s reaction seems about right…nervous, unsettled, troubled. Franco’s seems right too. Most men would be proactive, protective…particularly men in the GH world such as Sonny, Jason and yes Julian, Curtis…probably Dante and Nathan would even “pay a little visit” to the creep. So, I see nothing wrong with the immediate handling of the story. I’m not sure I’ll like it going forward but in terms of what was brought up…it’s on the right track in my opinion.

I’m not liking this story at all. He’s got this creepy look today as if adding salt into her injuries seeing her again like he did nothing to her. I really think this is a mistake.


Another thing put Liz together with Griffin. Franco’s got issues she needs none of.

General Hospital

‘General Hospital’ Reignites Scott’s Feud with Sonny Over His Past Misdeeds of His Late Daughter, Karen Wexler

In what now seems like many moons ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was a small-time mobster who owned a strip club in Port Charles. He enticed a young Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) to work as a stripper at the Paradise Lounge.

But things got worse from there! Sonny convinced Karen that stripping was her idea, and he eventually got her hooked on drugs and into his bed!

Karen’s father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has never forgotten what Sonny did Karen and for years wanted to take him down when he was the D.A. Fast-forward and on Wednesday’s February 28th episode of GH, Scott visited Karen’s gravesite on her birthday.


However, Scott had a visitor at the gravesite when John “Jagger” Cates also showed up to pay respects to his ex-wife.  This was the first time Scott laid eyes on the new incarnation of “Jagger’ on-screen as played by Adam J. Harrington.

Scott realizes he might have an ally to put the screws to Sonny after John reveals the pain and sorrow he still has over what Sonny did to Karen. Speaking to his former son-in-law about the break-up of his daughter’s marriage to him, Scott pipes up that Sonny, “walks around like he’s the mayor.” Then, Scott shouts to John, “Make him pay! Take him out!”‘

Photo: ABC

In Karen’s backstory: after getting help, Karen was reunited with “Jagger” and left Sonny. The two married and left Port Charles. Karen returned as medical student and had divorced “Jagger” in 1997, and the character landed on the General Hospital spinoff soap opera, Port Charles. Eventually, Karen was struck by a car and died. Three actresses played the role during Karen’s history: Cari Shayne, Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson.

Watch Scott and John talk about their vendetta against Sonny Corinthos in key scenes from GH below. Now let us know, do you think Sonny should pay for his manipulation of Karen Wexler many years ago? Comment below.

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General Hospital’s Kate Mansi on Her First Scenes with Eva LaRue: “It Was So Tense and Uncomfortable, Which Was So Fun For Us.”

This week, General Hospital viewers have witnessed the arrival of Eva LaRue as Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia. When Natalia blew into her daughter’s life, she also caught Kristina (Kate Mansi) in bed. The next moment, Mansi and LaRue played the awkwardness of the scene.

In the story, and at that point, Natalia apparently didn’t have a clue that her daughter is gay, so finding Kristina is her daughter’s room was puzzling to her.

Kate Mansi spoke to Soap Opera Digest on her introduction to soap veteran LaRue, who has appeared on All My Children as Maria Santos and won a Daytime Emmy for her role as Celeste Rosales on The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

“She just came in like such a freaking pro,” shared Kate on LaRue. “She was so good. It was such a funny first introduction for our characters – it was written so well and it was so tense and uncomfortable, which was so fun for us.”

The two actresses instantly created a bond. As Mansi explained, “Right away, we were doing these funny one-liners back and forth (between scenes). Blaze said something like, ‘Kristina is more than my friend, she’s my partner,’ and then they’d call, ‘Cut!’ and Eva and I would look and each other and we’d be like, ‘She means writing partner,’ or she’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, she means producing partner, right?’ We were just dying laughing.”

Photo: ABC

On Wednesday’s episode of GH, Natalia learned Blaze was gay, but isn’t quite believing her, thinking she had been somehow influenced by Kristina.  In the key scenes, Blaze tells Natalia that Kristina is more than her friend. She’s her girlfriend. Blaze asks if her mother heard what she truly said, and Natalia claims she did, but then starts cleaning up the place as a method of trying to cope with what she just heard.

Things get testy when Blaze says, “Kristina and I…” Next, Natalia cuts her daughter off, firmly saying, “There is no Kristina and you!”

So, did you enjoy the tension-filled scenes between Kate Mansi and Eva LaRue? Are you liking where GH is heading with the story of a disapproving and religious mother, trying to come to terms with her daughter and her girlfriend’s sexuality? Comment below.

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All My Children

Maurice Benard Reveals All My Children’s Lee Meriweather and Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

At the beginning of the latest episode of General Hospital star, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) State of Mind series, he delivered some heartbreaking news with a purpose.

Kyle Oldham, the daughter of former All My Children star, Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), who previously made a guest appearance on Benard’s show, returned for a new interview which will be coming soon.

During their conversation, Oldham shared that her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s. Sadly, according to Benard, Kyle also revealed she has been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Photo: JPI

Maurice expressed, “We talked about her mother and having Alzheimer’s and it was an amazing interview. And then Kyle said, ‘I gotta tell you something. I have Alzheimer’s.’”

Apparently, Kyle has agreed to come on State of Mind, periodically as the effects of Alzheimer’s take a hold of her to help educate others. “We decided that she was gonna come in … she was gonna call me and tell me as she progresses,” Benard shared. “She was going to come in again so the audience could see with their eyes what Alzheimer’s does to someone.”

Benard’s guest for this current episode of State of Mind was Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who along with Maurice, was part of the Alzheimer’s storyline on the ABC daytime drama series that saw Mike Corbin (Max Gail) eventually pass away.

Photo: JPI

As for Lee Meriwether, not only is she known for her role on AMC, but also for her roles as Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and for the television series, Barnaby Jones, the New Andy Griffith Show and The Munsters to name only a few.

In soap operas, Meriwether was cast in The Young Marrieds years prior to her time on All My Children where she replaced Mary Fickett in the matriarchal role in the Martin family. She played the role from 1996-99, 2002-03, and 2007-11.

Meriwether’s daughter, Kyle Oldham, has been an actress and spokesperson herself through the years. She appeared on The Price is Right for over 14 years until she couldn’t anymore after going through multiple surgeries in her adult life.

You can check out the full episode of State of Mind with Maurice an Vernee below.

Share your thoughts on the sad news of both Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle Oldham, battling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the comment section below.

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