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Eileen Davidson Chats On Her Return To DAYS As Kristen & If Susan Banks Will Follow! – Watch the Video!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

In an in-depth and re-introductory interview to the fans and the canvas of Days of our Lives, Eileen Davidson chatted with TV Line in a new video feature released today.

During the conversation, several past and present clips are shown featuring Eileen’s original story of nearly fourteen years ago, where Kristen tried to destroy John and Marlena’s happiness, while Susan Banks and a host of other characters Davidson so magnificently played, comprised one of the wackiest and most sensational stories under former DAYS head writer, the late James Reilly.

Eileen reveals to TV Line if Kristen, the former Salem troublemaker has changed her spots or not, and if Susan Banks might be on her way back to the Salem scene.  Davidson confirms she has already taped scenes with Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John), and James Scott (EJ).  In regards to Kristen’s time away from the canvas, Davidson admits that the present-day Kristen has undergone “years of intensive therapy”.

Now after the jump watch the video! Then let us know your thoughts about what you think will happen upon Kristen’s return to Salem come this October!

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David Larsson
David Larsson

I wish a clip was available of Eileen Davidson portraying Thomas Banks.


14 years… of “no” Eileen Davidson…. for DAYS!

OMG! What a BLAST to the PAST…. and can’t wait FUTURE!

Cat on a HOT tin Roof!

it’s a treat, just hearing… she’s already done scenes, with John, Marlena, and EJ. Can’t wait.

Eileen STARRED DAYS…. it seems like yesturday.

I have to state one more time….. DAYS! please, don’t, “XYZ Expletive” this up for Kristen. and us FANS. We remember Kristen and Susan… etc….. so well.

The only thing, I don’t like about the above article….. is: In regards to Kristen’s time away from the canvas, Davidson admits that the present-day Kristen has undergone “years of intensive therapy”.

What does? “years of intensive therapy”. mean? course, Eileen quips, that we don’t know that Kristen has changed for the good or the better. Fasten your seat belts people.

What i already posted… with regard to Susan possibly returning…. the formidable… acting talent that ED is… the writers can give her the same dialogue… and with ED’s talent… ie: body language… nuances… would still bring hoot, and holler…. Laugh out Loud…. FUN for ALL.

The Gala Premiere is October 11th.


I can’t believe it was 14 years ago. Her storyline is one that has stayed forefront in my mind along with Vivian burying Carly alive.


I think Kristen would need therapy after being stuck in that harem and then trying to get over losing John and their baby and having Stefano as a father. That’s why that whole EJ isn’t my son business didn’t ring true. Kristen and Peter weren’t Stefano’s bio children, yet he treated them the same, if not better than his bio children.



yeh, those are reason enuf… for therapy. it just spooked my some… cause, i thought, “oh, no”. an excuse… or let down… on how they write the new Kristen.

even, she said…. “the late great James Reily” wrote his vision, over the top, good old days.

i, hold my breathe….

alas, thru thick and thin…. days for life!


Great interview! The interviewer asked great questions. I loved hearing she’s already worked with James Scott and you can see her working with Casey D. I’m so excited for her return!


This is potentially good news! Love Eileen- she was AMAZING back in the Day. Let’s just hope the writers/Corday don’t screw up another opportunity with a returning actor/character that fans have loved over the years (examples: Lisa Rinna- twice!, Melissa Reeves, Matthew Ashford, Christie Clarke- also twice!, Patrick Muldoon, Austin Peck, Stephen Nichols, etc.)

ND Mitchell
ND Mitchell

Eileen will be missed on Y&R. She is the original Ashley Abbott Newman McCall and will always be. I don’t care how many Ashley replacements….there is only one Ashley and that will always be Eileen Davidson. 🙂


Stories by the late James Reilly was the reason many Days fans quit watching the show in favor of The Young and the Restless. Many of those fans have never returned to Days.


I’m inclined to agree with you. it’s the darndest thing to remain true to your soap and ever vigilant. The late great James E. Reilly… creator of:

1. Carly – being buried alive, by Vivian.
2. Marlena – Possessed by Satan.
3. the Kristen/Susan mega watted drama, laugh out loud high brow… et el… my favorite.

Fabulous Woman. Top of the Line. IE: reason i remain ever faithful.


I am totally excited Eileen is coming back…i am so ready for a Marlena and Kristen Smackdown, of course with Marlena remaining the pretty heavy weight champ lol I
am so hoping with Eileen’s return to Days this means more airtime for my favorite super couple John and Marlena. Thanks Eileen for coming back you were totally the missing link of the show, missed your hell raising girl!!!! 🙂


Deidre Hall. I salute this woman…. she is BACK… with an energy… that has escalated her to new heights.

I say this – perhaps… cause… it’s not just scenes with her and Sammi.

She has been so riveting… in all her scenes with Carrie and Will. I still give her kudos for helping Sammi along… “show some respect” LOL.. as Sammi rears her attitude.

But, it was a treat to have Carrie “home”… and was fun to watch DAYS of old. Marlena… lion’essing… her “cubs”…. Carrie, Sammi, Will… etc.

and, every one… knows how DAYS has raised the bar with the stellar story of Will… with Marlena… top drawer’ing… along with her grandson.

I used to grit my teeth… of ole…. sugary sweet…. holier than thou… Marlena of ole… HOWEVER… since she’s come home…. She’s STARRING DAYS.

Thank you Deidre.

and acknowledging… John… finally, he’s being written story… what with his… going after Ian.. for dissing his son Brady…. the drugging of his son. and of course, John, also, contesting Stefano’s will and “deserving” his share and/or stake of the DiMera Empire.

and, on the horizon… October 11th, to be exact.

Kristen DiMera… back in fine form… to wrest control of Salem… with EJ. and wreaking havoc… with Marlena… LOL.. who, as their past story, dictates, they were the fiesty… polar opposites… kept us on the edge. John will man up and rise to the occasion… for Femme Fetale.

Days Of Our Lives

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Days Of Our Lives

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Breaking News

Thia Megia Joins The Cast Of DAYS; Paul Telfer Set To Return

Major casting news announced at yesterday’s NBC Day of Days fan event, and on the new DOOL app.

Days of our Lives is bringing back Bad boy Xander, who will be seen again in Salem in the new year, which means Paul Telfer will be back on the canvas.

Xander was last seen when the warehouse exploded that changed the course of many lives back in October.

According to the official press release, look for Paul to share screen time with Eric Martsolf, Linsey Godfrey, John Aniston, Freddie Smith and more in provocative and exciting scenes in 2019

Additionally, during the Q&A portion of Day of Days fans were introduced to Thia Megia who will take on the role of Haley Chen, a mysterious newcomer to Salem who gains the attention of JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss)

If Thia looks familiar she was on American Idol in its season 10, making it all the way to the top eleven contestants during her run.

So, intrigued to find out more about the character of Haley?  Looking forward to more Xander on your way? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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