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Elizabeth Bogush Wraps Up Her Run As Y&R's Dr. Anderson By Thanking Cast, Creatives, and Fans!



That steely disturbing performance that you witnessed on The Young and the Restless for months was delivered by the talented Elizabeth Bogush.  As Dr. Anderson, Bogush’s alter-ego caused havoc that won’t be easily undone most likely for months and months to come …  baby switches and all!

As fans of Y&R know, Dr. Anderson was found murdered with a knife to the back at Fairview at the end of Monday’s episode with the pick-up on Tuesday.  Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked in after they discovered the true identity of just who “Sandy” was, and found the the evil-doer had met her maker.

Bogush took some time today to tweet a special message to the series and to its viewers, when she related:  “Thanks to the talented cast, crew and writers on #YR, And thanks to the fans for your support!”  @ChuckPrattJr @sharonlcase @JoshuaMorrowYR

So, what did you think of the performance of Elizabeth Bogush as Dr. Anderson? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Elizabeth Bogush was so good at playing the crazed, unrelentable psych psychiatrist that I wanted the worst to happen to her character. Death was such an easy escape. LOL.
All door are open to this magnificent actress….good luck!!

It’s too bad she had to die, I really liked her acting. I don’t know why she couldn’t have just been injured. It still could have been a great story. I don’t know why we have to keep losing all the greats while hanging on to the one’s nobody cares for. We all liked Paul William’s right hand man “Mark Harding”. Everyone complained about the last Billy and they kept him on for however long.We’ll probably lose the new girl who’s got one up on Victor & Victoria another great actress but we know Summer will take on a front burner roll as the new spy Victoria hires to spy on the computer geek weather we want her or not (and no-one does).

Good points Nikki! Harding and Kevin were gold together! Ewww, you mentioned the “S” word!

Hi Timm I’m wondering if over Sandy’s funeral her ex husband will show up to shed some needed light on everything. The story makes no sense right now because she overcame her hardship. If her ex came into the public and said they broke-up because she could not have children because of her accident, that would make more sense to me. It can’t be over the fact that she never got over Nick because she got married. I just find the whole story half told.

And the new girl, Natalie is Summer’s sister. Doc got pregnant by HS Nick and gave up baby for adoption.

Well great theory Tomas but Nick never had anything to do with the girl(Sandy). I think Nick was a player back then and starting to get interested in Sharon. Oh please not another reason for Dumber to hang around. I knew she would be the one to spy on Natalie and did you notice Bile she said is in New York. So in other words they got rid of him and gave her a front burner story again.

Ex-husband. Yeah Nikki, this story, or at least Sandy;s time came to an abrupt end too fast. We are never happy huh? The stories are either too long or too short! But know, something else has to give and I like your idea that someone new will show up to keep this story and Sandy’s name relevant.

i liked where this storyline was going…and i was hoping that it was going to continue longer… they always seem to take off the most interesting characters and keep the same old boring ones (hilary, devon, lily, and cane…to name a few). i was thinking Sage could have been given a lobotomy. now THAT would have been good!!!

Elizabeth/Sandy was very convincing playing the the payback shrink. Hope she finds a nicer role sometime soon.

Maybe her character got her ‘just rewards’ and maybe not. In my opinion, Sage and Sharon should have gotten the satisfaction of getting a little justice from Dr. Anderson. I hate the way Chuck Pratt writes!
Good luck to the actress-she was terrific!

I thought she did a good job but feel that her talent was wasted. I knew who she was from day one. That this story has stretched out for so long with this kind of flat payoff is disappointing. Why are there so many crazy characters on Y&R. What this show needs is a who shot/killed Victor Neuman storyline.

Victor Newman (Eric Braden) thinks he owns Y& R. I think he’s there till he dies on the set.

Dr. Anderson/ Elizabeth Bogush .. gave a great performance!
I give her a big BRAVO g’bye … well done!

Lame, tedious and beyond stupid – one of the WORST “Y & R” storylines ever!!

Good bye and good riddance!!

She did a wonderful job as the diabolical Dr. Anderson; just wish they would have given her a chance to show a little bit more of the motivation behind her scheming. BTW, that dullard, Nick, is such a tool for not seeing the obvious signs right in FRONT of him for months! Come on, writers… stop dumbing his character down!

Also of note is the STUNNING work of the FABULOUS Stacy Haiduk this past week. She is absolutely riveting in her portrayal of an off-the-rails Patty. Please writers, I beg of you… let Patty stay on the canvas!

She must have been great, because I was happy that Patty killed her!

She was the only bright spot in a bad storyline.

She did very well. I just wished that she could of faked her death like she faked Christian’s death. I don’t mind that the Newmans were defeated. I did however feel bad for Sage.

Yeah, they could have faked her death and then when Super Dylan and dad show up the body is missing and Sandy would be screwing with everyone secretly!

I enjoyed her a lot. Maybe she’ll end up on B&B as Quinn’s long-lost sister or cousin. She would be terrific!

I think it was stupid to kill her off. I thought she was going to go after Sharon and Sage for a long time and ultimately seduce Nick. But that’s what happens with Chuck Pratt in charge.

didnt see that one coming! ….reminded me of the good ol days of friday cliffhangers!
was also nice to see sharon and nick trusting eachother and on the same team…in hope theres more glimpses of sharon and nick attraction again. its frustrating because we all know nick and sharon belong together!!!!

I was surprised as well. It was a quick demise. She portrayed the role well. Nick and Sharon are like Victor and Nikki they will probably eventually be together again.

I like the actress, but not the character of Sandy. Just too one-note, and
so much more could have been done with her in my opinion. Interaction
with at least a couple more people besides Sharon and Sage and Nick
for starters. I dont know…she just always wore the same expression,
and always the same kind of clothes, the same monotone voice and
popped up on Sage or Nick on a regular basis…just the same old thing
whenever she was on.
So, glad she is gone and best of luck to Elizabeth on her next role.

I agree, Nanci. Yes, Sandy’s story could have been told differently, without making her so demonic. Her presence was very disturbing to me; she was that good.
However, she could have been written as a victim of the Newman clan, but one who superseded the odds and came to settle a score.
I am still sort of in a quandary as the purpose of Christian being taken from his parents and given to Sharon. Yes, I do understand that it was done as an act of evil and payback; but, to what end, as far as Y&R is concerned. The premise of stolen baby has not created any drama for me. It’s demoralizing and they’ve already been there and done that.
Let’s just hope TPTB forget about making Adam the baby’s father, when, indeed, Christian’s true identity is discovered.
I’m with you. Elizabeth played her part to the hilt, but I am also glad she’s gone. She has created much havoc….I still don’t get why it was necessary.

Hi CeeCee,
So true about little Christian! To what end was that horrid aspect of
the storyline, as you said…And how long until everyone learns the truth
that he is Sage’s baby? Hate the waiting! He belongs in his mommy’s arms…

But where is the nurse who helped Doc? She knows the truth….

Hey, yeah, EventsDiva…I forgot about that slimeball nurse!
And I hate that Paul is ready to wrap up the case in one day…
what the heck. Then almost reprimands Dylan for wanting more
time to question and just talk to and feel out Patty.
So between that nurse and Patty, the only ones knowing the truth,
when will this all come out?? Cant be soon enough for me.

I liked her better on Everybody Loves Raymond as Robert’s frog-loving girlfriend who ate the fly!

Every time Elizabeth came onscreen, the only thing I could hear was, “we all come from frogs, Robert”. I coud never get past it, especially since she was playing that same scary, weird character. She does it well and I’m sorry we didn’t get to see her be found out by the rest of the cast that was affected. She’ll never have to explain her evil acts to the people she hurt.

I think her performance was amazing. Best of luck in your next job.

I think she did a great job.

She did very well. I was surprised that it ended like this. I thought she would have continued to weaken Sharon and push Sage and either fall into Nick’s arms by process of elimination or kidnap him and torture him for walking away from her and her being obsessed with wanting him. Now it looks like a mini murder mystery and Patty-cakes eventually spilling the beans that will affect the lives of Nick, Sage, Dylan and Sharon.

hey Timmm..
they had to end the Dr Anderson story to move on with the baby story..
it will lead to big things.. Sharon and Dillion needing to give the baby back and everyone freaking out !

I really couldn’t take 6 more months of Dr A. ………………….. lol

Thats basically what I was saying to Nikki. This death has to be a prelude to a much bigger story or like Nikki said, maybe Sandy’s ex-husband will be rolling into town and stirring the pot?

First of all this would have been a good story if they had made her connected to Matt Clark and that is why she wanted revenge we saw that played out on screen. This story was set up to try to make Sage a heroine a character I am tired of being forced down my throat and this is no reflection on the actress.

Now that would have been brilliant– connect her to Matt Clark. Maybe we now need Matt to get his revenge on either Nick and/or Sharon.

All said, it was a long build-up for such an all-too-swift end to the character.

an end to the character but the beginning of the real story..
I’m happy is was a quick end and not dragged out for 6 more months..
Dr A has served her purpose and now we get to the good stuff..

Well I can tell you if this was my story to tell I would have Sandra Anderson be Sandy Allen’s twin sister, whose real name was Cassandra but she used the nickname Sandy. When Dr. Anderson crossed paths with Sharon and Nick at Fairview, she told her sister Sandy who is still in a wheelchair filled with all kinds of anger and she saw an opportunity and together with her sister Dr. Anderson, who devoted her whole life taking care of her sister, out of guilt that she could walk but her twin could not, so much so it cost her marriage, together worked out the plan to switch the babies and eventually for Dr. Anderson to fake her death to frame Nick for it, when it was reveal she did switch the babies and all was going to plan until Dr Anderson started to fall in love with Nick herself and her twin sister Sandy found out and killed her real. Patty witnessed the murder and the trauma caused her mental break and in her mind she is confusing details she overheard the two sisters discussing as being her. Of course like with every murder in town the witness to the crime picks up the murder weapon, and since Sandy Allen is an identical twin sister, her fingerprints would register as Dr. Anderson’s. So the real Sandy Allen is still out there seeking revenge and we would discover this during May sweeps.

For me this story is over. I don’t care who killed the Dr.
I was hoping it would evolve to a big reveal with the Dr telling everyone how she came into their lives, explaining her motives and switching babies and controlling them all. And then making a grand entrance (a la Barbara Ryan on ATWT saying “So long suckers” and disappearing. Now we have to wait for Patty to have some lucid moments and she’ll tell Paul her theory. Boring.

Sorry – grand EXIT!

I think it was stupid to let her and the character go, it makes no sense to me. She could have drove Sharon and Sage crazy for a long time and go after Nick at the same time.

The story line was a joke. Her acting was horrible. I was glad she was killed, however, they should have finished the story line so everyone knew what she had done. The story line did not end correctly. The whole hospital scene was ridiculous that all the patients were able to walk around in the hallway, no nurses were there to take them back to the rooms. Very weird and unbelievable.

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