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Elizabeth Hendrickson Explains She is Off Contract at The Young and the Restless

Photo: CBS

The Young and the Restless’ Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) took some time while awaiting to take a flight to Mexico for a vacation to conduct an Instagram Live.

During it, one fans shared that she missed seeing Chloe on screen. Hendrickson responded:  “Very sweet that you miss Chloe … unfortunately, I’m not on contract anymore so they only work me when they write for Chloe. I miss telling stories from Chloe’s point of view. I had a good run, though, and love that I still see my friends a few times a month.”

Next, some fans were a seemingly a bit confused by Elizabeth’s work status with Y&R.  So she clarified by sharing:  “I am still on the show! I’m just not under contract which means I work when they write for Chloe. I am not guaranteed a certain number of shows per week or per month.”

Hendrickson began her Y&R run back in 2008 and stayed with the show till 2017.  She left for a one-year run on General Hospital and returned to Y&R in 2019.

Here’s hoping we see more Liz in Genoa City.

So, what do you think about Elizabeth sharing she is still off contract with the top-rated show? What kind of storyline would you write for Chloe to keep her in then mix? Share your thoughts below.

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She is an amazing actress!! Would love to see her have a great storyline.

Me too. Maybe she’ll step in for Sally and do such a great job, she’ll become irreplaceable!!

No to stepping in for Sally!

She and Gloria are probably hanging out with Kevin and the Grand kids –

The powers that be would rather we get a heavy dose of Kyle, Summer, Jack and my all tine favorite, Diane (NOT)! I could care less about Cameron, Nathan and Audra. I miss the Fisher/Baldwin clan and please unhinge Devon and Abby (totally a boring couple. I put B&B on ice and maybe it’s time to give up on Y&R ad well.

Lew S – ICAM. My favourite, Jack, has been ruined with this storyline; I can’t stand seeing him gush over Diane. My other fave, Phyllis, has also been ruined. [Why can’t the writers see that Jack & Phyllis have more chemistry then he and D will ever have.] The sl is doing no-one any favours and I’m sick of seeing them all, includng Kyle and Summer. I also agree about Devon and Abby. It w/b so great to see the Fisher/Baldwin clan again.

Yes yes I TOTALLY AGREE the y &r writers need to put Jack and Phyllis back together again as a couple and get rid of Diane

I totally agree with you. OMG!! I absolutely cannot stand Jack either with his googally eyes over Diane. His facial expressions over Diane make me want to throw up!! I have to fast forward the episode when the “Jack” clan are on, this includes Kyle and Summer. Devon and Abby aren’t far behind them.

I used to love love watching and have for 40 yrs. But these latest storylines are just bad! Hate that Sally’s baby died. Hate that she’s with Nick and not Adam. Also Hate how the writers can’t EVER just leave adam alone and have people actually like him. I also can’t stand the stupid Diane story. She disappeared forever and Kyle and Jack are ok to forgive her but they all act above Phyllis and Summer. She’s such a dumb boring character. It’s Stupid. Kyle’s story with Audra is awful. He’s turned into a horrible person. Phyllis is awesome but of course the writers will have everyone hating her. Nate and Victoria…. are dumb. The setup the writers are doing with the same old Adam taking over our going after Victoria’s company is stupid. Nick being kicked out or leaving Newman AGAIN…. DUMB. COME ON writers. Are you not more creative??? I’m finding myself going from excited to get home and watch everyday… to missing a week at a time and not real excited to catch up.

Oh Lew, isn’t it the pits right now? Endless days of Jack grimacing, Kyle pouting (that puckered expression seems frozen now), and Diane, Diane, and more Diane. I just can’t bear it. I also despise the Nate & Victoria story, two immoral cheaters in perpetual heat. Just gross! I also miss Kevin, Gloria, and now Chloe. I’d like her and Sally to become major players in a new venture. Victoria’s hatred and jealousy over Adam has become psychotic; she needs major therapy.

I agree. I can’t stand Jack grimacing and on the verge of tears when he looks at Diane. My FAVORITE characters are SALLY AND NICK. I also like Phyllis, but she needs a new storyline.

Totally agree

I totally agree. I want Sally and Nick together forever and ever. It’s time that he asks her to move in though. I just pray that they don’t put her back with Adam. I cannot stand Adam

I totally agree with everything!

Absolutely agree on all of this. My FF button is getting a workout

Kyle’s pouting is pathetic. His superior attitude is disgusting. Victoria and Nate make me sick. I also fast forward through much of the show and I’ve watched it since I was in college. There is very little that is relevant and interesting. I hope this one doesn’t go the way of so many other soaps but if something better isn’t written I’m afraid it might.

I totally agree. Watching Jack makes me sick, now the whole show has become boring, like they reaching for a script… guess they went the wrong way.

Can leave Abby out,her script is boring

Its a sin to have her off contract. Her, Kevin, Paul, Gloria and Jeff are sorely missed! Instead this has turned into the “Devon Show!” He is so boring. Every person he is attached to brings them down! Him and Abby’s pairing is a disaster! Melissa Ordway deserves better! And who cares about Nate and Victoria and Tucker and Ashley. Trevor has been a huge bust! Bring in a head writer who is a fan of the show and writes for the fans and respects its history. On a positive note, Cameron has been fantastic! What a terrific actor!

I like Chloe and hope to see her more. I’d rather see Chloe and Sally than Nate and Victoria.

Nate and Victoria are disgusting… as are Devon and Abby. Constantly throw mixed relationships in our face. TV commercials have enough of those! show definitely needs NEW writers and story lines…

That is a hugely rascist comment mixed couples being thrown in your face. Karen you need to sit all the way down.

I agree with everything u are saying but it’s the times we live in


Are mixed relationships a problem for you?

I agree



The Audra and Sally character are redundant and could easily be replaced with Chloe and Chelsea.
Chelsea should be back in Adams orbit but back to Chloe she should still be assisting Newman Media under Nate.
Chloe’s a schemer and a Chancellor legacy character thru Esther.
Chloe got the short end of the stick with Kevin.
Another idea is to put Chelsea and Chloe at odds because just as Chelsea and Billy are getting close and boring have the real paternity of Bella be Billy. Didn’t Chloe steal Billy’s sperm a long time ago?!
Or just ditch Tessa and Abby. Bore.
Neither are working let’s be real. Cut the dead weight.
Liz Hendrickson is a fave. Keep her and use her!!

I think this story is being taken out of context. I don’t believe Ms. Hendrickson has been on contract for quite some time. Her closing credit has been with the non-contract players, much like Eileen Davidson, for many, many months. I think Elizabeth Hendrickson was simply explaining to the fan’s inquiry the reason why she isn’t featured often. I don’t think this is news that recently happened. I love the actress so much and would love to see her back on contract.

Chloe, Kevin, Gloria, Michael, and Lauren add much flavor to the not so New(man) plots and dull Devon storylines. These may not be lead characters but the support and texture they bring are valued. I want to see more of them. Y&R needs more romance and suspense, maybe deception and intrigue. Show does not know what to do with villains as possibilities were lost with Ashland, Jeremy, Stitch (so lame)… Hope for better with Cameron. Let’s see Tucker cut a swath through Genoa City. And more connections among the characters to build community.

Sorry, can’t stand this guy, he’s turned out so disappointing, I expected so much more of him and Ashley treats him like an employee. I hope he cuts a swathe too, right out of town, he’s nothing but an instigater.

Choles only storyline was bashing Adam. Time for her to go!

Yea no
When Chloe came to town she harassed Lily and tried to steal Cain
Also was involved in story with the old Chance and Nina’s son Ronan
Also was involved with Billy and conceived Dehlia
And of course Kevin and Chelsea
She’s been around for awhile and is a favorite

I would write a storyline reminder that she was related to Chance & how he loved Delia & was almost her stepfather.maybe a few scenes with Billy remembering their connection because of Delia. Also a reemergence of Ronan to stir some Restlessness for Chloe, she’s been too stable lately.

I despise the Nate and Victoria show. She is awful and whiny. Tucker is such a pouty awful actor and Ashley is so overdone with her whining about Jack and Jabot. Summer needs some new clothes and Kyle needs to get some new facial expressions. Sally needs to dump Nick and go back to Adam. Diane needs a good hair washing and put some color on it. I can’t stand how she throws her arms around Jack’s neck and rubs his face…yuck. Abby and Devon…please…so over those two. They don’t match and she towers over him. What is up with Nate and Audra? I don’t see why Nate did what he did to Elena. I could go on and on, but the writers need to get it together…please.

I am waiting for the show to write in that Billy is the father of Bella (Chloe’s daughter) which has never been revealed. Chole needs to be put back under Y&R contract. The show has too much bedroom scenes and have more believable story lines that is more realistic.

Please keep Daniel around a good long while. The show needs him a lot more than it needs his bratty sister, who should have stayed in Milan.

Sick of the Sally and Nick show. Put her back with Adam. Phylis should not be made to be the enemy she did exactly what Diane did years ago. Don’t break up Kyle snd Summer, for once have couples stay together in hard times and work out their relationship issues. He forgave his mother he should be able to forgive his wife. And quit making Summer so baby acting. And why keep Victor to controlling? Move on from him.

Thank God they put Jack with Diane! I’m so sick and tired of the witch hunt on Diane. When Phyllis has done so much terrible stuff over the years, so has Nicky, so has Ashley! Phyllis deserves a little payback in Jail and Ashley deserves to be knocked down a peg or 2.
Victoria needs the same.
Sally needs Adam, her and Nick have 0 chemistry! Love Chloe with Kevin.

Sick of Devon and Abby and Nate and Victoria!! Yuck! I actually like Jack and Diane but I’m tired of the “poor suffering” of Summer. Put her in jail with Phyllis. I, too, miss Kevin and Gloria. Bring them back. And please get rid of this new jerk Cameron. Not believable! Also, please let Adam best Victoria. I’m sick of that snob.

I’m going to miss you. You and Sally work so good together. But good luck on your journey hope they don’t keep you for too long

Why did they let Brooke and Taylor hate each other AGAIN? Now they’re right back doing the same thing. Such a put down to women. Why not let Ridge beg for his WIFE back. I’ve been watching since day 1, but I think I’ll take a break. Why does Taylor have all this free time. Does she work? Why let Brooke BEG Ridge so much if he is her destiny. I want the friendship back. Their respect and pride. Why write that out? Awful.

I’m sorry that they took you off Y&R Just starting to like you and Sally together

Love Chloe, adds a lot to the show, her energy is enjoyable!

Y&R has the most boring stories going on right now. The whole Phyllis, Diane and Jack story is so ridiculous and has been dragging out far too long. Apparently the writers couldn’t come up with a storyline for Sharon so they brought back Cameron. It’s a shame they don’t know what to do with the actors who have been on the show for so long and they just write boring stories around the younger ones. Abby and Devon are absolutely the worst couple on the show. I really don’t watch the show everyday like I used to.

Sassy little fun vixen who can read them all, bring on some Gloria

Bring her back!! She could be the third wheel in a Billy/Chelsea/Chloe love triangle…. interesting!!!

Pls when is Diane going to go away? Who is writing this stuff? Is someone going to wake up from this nightmare soon.

I really wish they didn’t write her character into a corner on GH! There was a lot of potential, but the writers really dropped the ball with her,because she is so talented. Now she’s back on Y&R and all she is doing is being a talk to for Sally. Do something with her! Bill Bell’s daughter does not need anymore screen time!

Funny how successful good actors on one show can’t always find success on another show. Sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it’s poor character development, or just miscasting. On Y&R, Maura West and Genie Francis weren’t good fits. Hendrickson wasn’t right for GH. Heck, even legends like Beverlee McKinsey and Robin Strasser brief stints on GH and DAYS show it takes more than a good performer to make a compelling character.

Just proof positive the writers are out-of-step with what this soap has always been about. The writers are so determined to regurgitate old bad storylines. Love the Chloe character, definitely miss seeing her.

I don’t like the cutrent story lines either. Sick of Diane n jack crapp not to mention Nate n Vic that’s just as bad

Chloe and Sally are so close and I enjoy seeing them together

Would think she’d be there for her beastie Sally in one of the worst times of her life. Surprised she wasn’t there bossing everyone around

Hope you all know I meant Bestie, not Beastie.

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Anne Heche in Her Final TV Performance to Air on ‘All Rise’

It is hard to believe that now one year later, television fans will see the final performance of Daytime Emmy winner, Anne Heche (ex-Vicky/Marley, Another World).  The talented actress passed away from injuries sustained in a car crash back on August 5th, 2022.

Heche was officially declared ‘brain dead’ on August 12th, when her reps shared that Anne was “peacefully taken off life support.”  Before she passed, Anne taped what would be her final TV acting appearance in her recurring role on the legal drama, All Rise.

The series formerly with CBS and now airing on OWN, will air Heche’s last performance this Saturday, September 30th at 9pm ET/8 pm CT.  On All Rise, Heche plays lawyer Corrine Cuthbert.  Since season 2, Heche has taken on the recurring role. She appeared in six episodes.

Photo: JPI

In story, Corrine has had a fraught professional relationship with Judge Lola Carmichael played by Simone Missick.  For her final appearance, Heche’s Corrine shows up as part of a trial case.

All Rise dedicated the episode to Heche. As the hour comes to its conclusion, they express: “In Memory of Anne Heche, Our Friend and Wonderful Artist. You Are Missed.”

After this, Heche will star posthumously in the independent movie feature Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, slated for release in November.

Will you be watching Anne’s final television performance on All Rise? Share your thoughts via the comment section below. But first, check out a teaser for the episode which also features former Y&R star, Wilson Bethel who stars on the legal drama as Mark Callan.

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Y&R’s Jess Walton On Why Mamie Irks Jill As Feud Reignites: “It’s Mamie’s Arrogance and How Much She Enjoyed Stepping on Jill’s Toes All These Years”

On recent episodes of The Young and the Restless, viewers learned that Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd) is back and is actually the new secret investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie told Nate (Sean Dominic) that she is looking forward to watching Jill’s (Jess Walton) head explode when it is finally revealed. Those remarks date back to Jill and Mamie’s longstanding feud and history; when Mamie was the Abbott family housekeeper, and both women had relationships with the late John Abbott (Jerry Douglas).

This current story will feature Jess Walton in an arc that pits her against Veronica Redd, and should delight longtime Y&R viewers who have loved the often catty remarks and fireworks between Jill and Mamie.

Photo: JPI

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Jess Walton spoke about why Jill has such an issue with Mamie. The Daytime Emmy-winning star expressed, “It’s Mamie’s arrogance and how much she enjoyed stepping on Jill’s toes all of these years. Mamie had always been judging Jill who in turn just hated the influence Mamie had with John.  When Jill was married to him, she never felt welcome in her own home.”

Photo: JPI

Walton went on to say on this new storyline development: “As far as she (Jill) is concerned that disrespect is continuing because Mamie bought into Chancellor-Winters without letting Jill know.”

Y&R fans can look forward to more of Jess on-screen in the next few months as she informed SOD, she will be taping scenes in October and November on the top-rated soap opera.

Photo: JPI

When all is said and done, Jess shared that her Genoa City alter-ego is very clear on just how Mamie gets under her skin: “Mamie was always so damn sanctimonious and hollier-than-thou and that always pissed Jill off. Mamie still knows how to really push Jill’s buttons.”

Check out the flashback scenes below featuring Veronica Redd and Jess Walton that were part of this week’s episodes of Y&R; where Mamie is revealed to be a now major investor in Chancellor-Winters.

Now let us know, are you looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Jill and Mamie in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Brandon Barash and Wife Isabella Devoto Welcome Baby Boy

Congratulations are in order to Days of our Lives‘ Brandon Barash (Stefan) and his wife, Isabella Devoto. The couple welcomed their first child together, a son, named Joaquin Lee Barash.

Taking to his Instagram account on Thursday, Barash revealed little Joaquin was actually born back on September 15th.

Brandon shared three adorable photos of the newest addition to his family accompanied by the words: “Joaquin Lee Barash arrived on the planet on 9.15.23. A mighty name for a mighty boy…to honor my (departed but never gone) father, Jerry Lee Barash, as well as my wife’s Hispanic heritage. We. Are. Smitten…and forever changed. Through your birth, lil man, we are reborn. Our family is mightier, our ocean of love runs deeper and more fierce. School’s back in session.”

Photo: BBarashIG

The actor also shares a daughter, Harper,9, with his ex, GH’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie).  Harper is pictured in one of the snaps with her baby brother. You can see them below.

Isabella and Brandon tied the knot back in December of 2022.


Share your well-wishes to Brandon, Isabella, Harper and little Joaquin via the comment section.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brandon Barash (@brandonjbarash)

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