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EP Frank Valentini On What GH Fans Can Expect With Robin's Return: "They’ll See Her Move The Story In A Really Interesting Direction.”

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Today is the day that General Hospital fans will see the return of Robin Scorpio Drake as played by long time fan favorite, Kimberly McCullough!

When we last left off, Patrick (Jason Thompson) was attempting to open a door at the Crichton-Clark clinic where he and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are investigating Nina (Michelle Stafford).   As fans know the Crichton-Clark clinic is where Robin is working on saving Jason’s life!   At the end of Monday’s episode a door opened and we only saw Patrick’s face, but from the looks of it … is Robin on the other side?

GH executive producer Frank Valentini told Soap Opera Digest on Robin and Kimberly’s return to the show: “For the audience who hasn’t seen what we shot last month, they’ll be really excited to see this next chapter of the story.”  Valentini then added, “I think it will be a lot of fun for the fans, and they’ll see her move the story in a really interesting direction.”

So how will Robin’s return impact the story?  Is it curtains for Patrick and Robin?  Will we learn the fate of Jason?  Is there something else that might go down?  Watch the last moments of yesterday’s GH after the jump, and then let us know what you think will happen when Robin and Patrick come face-t0-face?

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Dumb unsuspenseful cliffhanger when previews show its obviously Robin on the other side of the door…unless they fool us and Patrick finds the room empty and those scenes in preview with Robin are actually with a different character and not Patrick…Kim looks a lot better and more mature with the shorter hair…if Robin is bringing back Jason(Billy Miller) what is keeping her from her family…unless Robert is ill or needs her for something else or it has something to do with reviving the Cassidines…why wouldnt she go back to her family…how come Jason was the only Quartimaine life that Robin able to save!!!

I agree. I don’t look at the show anymore, but wanted to see what’s up with Robyn. The preview for the next episode was like what happened to the element of surprise. Damn!

Show of hands for everybody excited Kimberly McCullough is back for a couple of weeks? …. ( crickets chirping in the back ground ) …..

As much as I admire Kimberly’s legacy to the show, her character coming from a core, historic family-I think her exit storyline was beyond ridiculous. That was not her fault. Robin leaving her loving husband, beautiful daughter, her mother and uncle-to go and literally “unfreeze” Jason was just dumb. No other word for it besides “dumb.” The show has too many characters as it is. Many of which are under utilized and used for “filler” episodes on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with no real ties to the canvas. It’s hard to keep track of current characters and storylines because of the influx of new characters, recurring characters, or return veteran actors. I want to see friendships, relationships, romances. Friendships like Brenda and Lois’ in the ’90’s. Relationships between families, like the Quartermaines. Romances like Sonny and Brenda in the ’90’s. I’m just disappointed all around. It’s been the “Sam” show almost everyday. There’s no supercouples to root for. I feel badly feeling this way because I do love and miss my favorite daytime indulgence.

OMG, dmr. You said the magic word, SAM. I am so sick of her lackluster personality and look-at-me-I’m- Sandra-Dee disposition. It is sad to me to watch any woman reduce herself thus……is Silas even worth the effort? She has no dignity, at this point. Regardless of Nina’s shady shenanigans, she is still Silas’ wife…as such, Nina should at least be given a semblance of respect. But, little Miss Priss Sam wants what she wants….always.

CeeCee, many times, I feel as though the show does not have balance, mostly due to the onslaught of new characters, or returning veterans. One character appears to be a permanent fixture, and that is Sam. I agree, the character is sort of lack-luster. She speaks in a montone and the writers give the actress the same lines over and over again. I’ve never been a fan of the character. It’s really nothing against the actress. I think I am just tired with the show. As I said, there are no characters to root for, no supercouples, no cliff-hanger Fridays. It just saddens me. I love General Hospital in the 80’s and 90’s-tons of adventure and romance.

dmr…I agree with what you want to see. I feel the same way but I also feel part of that is nostalgia. I’m really not sure they can recreate that…

New characters are important because so many older ones have moved on or have been killed off. I think what Ron& co. are trying to do is bring back the vets and incorporate them into the new people…

They’ll never be another Lucky Elizabeth/Nicolas/Emily…another Robert Anna/Sean Tiffany…Bobbie’s house where so many gathered…Ruby and HER diner…Scott and the Baldwins…it’s all nostalgia now.

That’s why I’m okay with the newer characters because well, it is what it is! But I’d still love to see Anna be Anna…and not just pop every now and then with inane cop speak. Where is DUKE!!!? They have so wasted him on this…THAT’S where they can bring back some of the old…Anna and Duke, Mac and Felicia, Scot and Lucy, Monica, Tracy, Ned, Alice…yes, bring back more of the Cassadiens!!! But still…it won’t be the same. Nothing ever is…

As for Sam? I like her. Beside the fact that she’s Molly and Christina’s sister, and Alexis’s daughter, Jason’s wife, Danny’s mom, Julian’s daughter…she is at least part of the history of GH. After losing Spinelli, the original Jason, Emily, AJ, Alan…on and on and on…she’s been on long enough that she’s still an ol’ familiar face/character. For me.


Here, here about Sam. She is a big, black hole of need with a mouth that never shuts up. She is boring beyond any rational belief.

Regarding Robin: her story or place in General Hospital is finished. She can leave and never return. I was so disappointed in Kimberly’s performance today, Aug. 6, that I got up and left the room. Who wrote those crappy lines, anyway? This isn’t the Robin who grew up in front of our eyes. This must be a doppelhanger or a maskwearer.

My whole issue with this Robin storyline is just how much it drags out, and on. Kim keeps coming back and then leaves again for a few months, and then comes back and repeats the process over and over again. I loved Robin/Patrick during the first round, but once Robin *died* I got over them. She either needs to return full-time as either a contract or recurring player, or she needs just to stay out of the series. The constant boomerang of Patrick’s character is annoying.

Come and stay, or don’t ever come back. As far as I am concerned, I hope she stays away permanently…she’s not of the caliber of Anthony Geary and has not earned the right to come and go.

Anthony isn’t even all that; kind of wish he’d taken his OUT in his contract.

I agree that the boomerang of Patrick is annoying.

I respect KM as an actress and enjoy Robin immensely. I enjoy Patrick as well. Nonetheless, JT has chosen to act on GH full-time while KM has not. Because she chooses to be on GH part-time, it’s only fair that JT has a story of his own. I don’t want her to stay off of the show; I just want Patrick to move on… in a realistic way. Robin and Patrick can’t be destined forever as long as KM chooses other full-time work.

AND IT IS OKAY! I’d rather have Robin once a year than not at all – just not at Patrick’s expense.

I love all the returns of Robin, it keeps stories for many cast people. What a perfect person to introduce us to the new Jason. I will always welcome her no matter how much I get. It all makes sense to me. Congrats GH scribes way to keep a core favorite cast member fresh and exciting to many others on show.

I agree, Scott. (In fact, I often agree and see strong reasoning for your opinions in your posts!) There is too much back and forth for this couple. Make or break! And even with periodic absences, we can break time to time. Doctors Without Borders anyone? Jason and Robin need to be the core couple, the beacon for romance but also for the hospital in GENERAL HOSPITAL. I do loathe the endless resurrections and back-to-life returns. They are not consistent. How is it some die and others… after months… years!… return. GH misses the mark on humanity and relationships lately. Too much reliance on the stereotypical tropes of the genre. And this team of producers, directors, writers, and actors can do soooo much better.

I agree; when Kim announced her exit, it was around the time that the regime changed in 2012, and because of that, they wrote that she was still alive but held captive. That’s where the story went wrong. They teased that Robin was alive for over a year’s time, and when they could work with Kim for her to return, they do it for a couple of months, and then she decides to leave again? It would’ve been less annoying for her to just stay captive. It was bad decision-making on the parts of Frank/Kim/Ron. As for Patrick/Robin’s relationship, at this point, I don’t mind it ending. It has become officially tainted by the lack of support of the head writer’s delusions and murky storytelling. General Hospital has become a mockery of itself; when the stories are good, it’s very short-timed and they either drag, make zero sense or just stop suddenly because the creativity and attention-span of Ron changes so drastically. This return is just another tease, no matter what anybody says, because now she’ll depart again and we won’t see her for 6-8 months to a year, and then she’ll be back for a guest run.

Ohh for gawdsake just kill Robin ..
I will volunteer to kill her ..
She will go out as she wanted to go out the first time .. BOOM!

((I am going to joint the ”Kill Robin” campaign ..

i so agree

ahaa ”joint” the campaign .. (join)
have to love using the ‘speech to text’ program, never know how some words will be intertupid.. lol ..

I agree with you 100%…can I join your campaign??? Can’t stand the character/actress’s yoyo effect. Enough. Leave or stay, you can’t have it both ways!

We should drag Robin atop a volcano, throw her in as a sacrifice to the Soap God as an offering to save the soaps…… heh

su0000…and while you’re at it (or whatever), you can also throw that DULL-AS-DISHWATER Levi into a volcano!!!!! Yep!!!!!

Thank You.

recast Robyn pleassssse! she is not the only female actress out there.

Lol, Su0000

I agree SHE Is ruining general hospital.And any fans of Jason Morgan.Steve Burton Will not except another man playing his part.leave Jason dead.OR BRINF BACK STEVE BURTON.

This may be the most idiotic thread I have ever read. Once again, SU00 has expressed a desire to kill this character while Nasty says Robin has ruined GH. Yeah, it’s all Robin’s fault why this show has become a pathetic ghost of its former self.



Why the hate??? I’m not a robing fan. It I dot hate her. She is doing what characters on soaps as we’ll as gh have been doing . Actors go and come and agin and again. She
A not holding back any other stories. If the story was told differently people would be feeling different. It’s a ridiculous story line but there’s no need to revolt.
Nancy, I bet she wanted to run into his arms but he want running either. They were in both in shock of seeing each other. She was scared what victor would have done if he saw or heard him. Why do us think she was pushing so hard to get him away. She’s being held hostage for petes sake she’s trying to save herself and them.

Harry robin is not to blame for the show becoming a pathetic ghost of its former self. That’s the writers fault. She’s not around all the time so who do you blame for most of the time she’s not on screen.

Again I’m not a robin fan, but don’t hate herand I know there are people who love her and other who hate her but to resort to childish talk about revolting to kill her be cause she comes and goes like many others, or she brings the show down, and anything else. You can speak about tie but like that just shows how many immature people there are out there. You can say these thing a bit differently. It doesn’t matter anyway, the writers, producers, and fans love when she comes back even if it just for a shortie. It’s called ratings and if the show is so bad because she is on it again stop watching.

July, I didn’t blame Robin for GH becoming a pathetic ghost of its former self–that was said by Miss All Caps. I was the one objecting to that premise. I am actually a fan of Robin’s and am also a huge fan of Robert and Anna.
Yes, it’s the unconvincing, plot driven, badly paced writing which is the problem–not Robin.

Today’s episode won’t be a surprise because they showed her in the coming attraction.

I had no idea that was where she was working…I thought she was off in Europe somewhere…didn’t she take a plane with Victor?

Have no clue where it will go how/if the stories will collide…interesting to see.

Yes, she was getting on a plane with Victor when last we saw her…I didn’t know you needed to take a plane across town!

Port Charles is in the state of New York (fictiously of course) and I thought the clinic was near New York, but yeah people take planes for short distances too. In the real world here, we have an international airport, another has commercial jets but only goes to specific places like smaller airports in other cities, not all over the place like the international airport, and 2 or 3 regional airports – one of which usually is small private jets… jetting across the metro valley – about 65 miles square, but getting from A to B thru road traffic can take a long time especially with any accidents. Faster to take your jet if you have one.

I don’t know if the clinic is across town. I believe the fictitious town of Port Charles is almost near the Canadian border. New York State is quite expansive and NYC is probably 5-6 hours from PC.
Realistically, traveling by air is the way to go.

not where I live…Previews were not shown.
I thought it was Victor because previews read he will be back around August 4th.

I think I assumed they were going to Cassadine Island or some other remote place…

First off, how come there are no airbags in the cars in PC. whenever there is accident, the airbags never come out. 2nd, PC is I guess close to Albany, NYC and Canada. Where Jason would ride his bike to Canada in 2 hours, but they are 2 hours from NYC. its about a 7 -8 hours drive from NYC to the Canadian border. But, this is Port Charles

Their storylines take too long to progress.

Hulu not supporting platform on my phone. Grrr… It can’t be easy for Ron to write to accommodate Kim’s schedule. Kudos to him for always making it work.

hulu plus might work. Regular Hulu (free) only works on regular computers.

Christy , I only subscribed to Hulu Plus to watch the soaps on my phone. Other than that, I never watch Hulu. No time for anything, & catch watch ion my phones.

Oops, can’t watch on my phones. Damn auto predict. Lil

get the ABC app
watch GH through ABC 🙂

You have to SUBSCRIBE to Hulu Plus to catch up now because Obama cuts in on the soaps every freakin week!

Too bad they showed her in the coming attractions. It would have been more suspenseful for those of us who don’t read spoilers to find out who was behind the door today. There are now too many characters to keep track of with too many story lines.

I think they will start arguing when Robin tries to apologize and ‘explain’. Looking forward to see where it takes the stories.

I’m tired of hearing about her leaving, then returning, then leaving and so on. Either come back or stay off.


Why does Robyn have to come back? The show has been great not having her around. I was kinda hoping Patrick and Sam would hook up. GH needs some excitement because the show has been absolutely boring and I have been fast forwarding the whole show and only watching Sam and Patrick

The show has most definitely NOT been great without Robin. Not to say it will be great with Robin–it’s just not great period and hasn’t been in a long long time.
Interesting that you say GH has been great without Robin and then follow with the statement “GH has been absolutely boring.” Which is it?
You are that driver in the Cadillac who cannot pick a lane.

Wow ….. your a classy individual! GH has been boring and it has been great not having Robyn there! And I’m a Volkswagon driver who cannot pick a lane…lol Cheers!

I agree Harry, WOMEN drivers! No seriously, I see why people are mad at Robin coming and going but that time she came back and was rescued and showed up at Patrick’s wedding to Sabrina was some of the best GH in years!

Judy, Judy, Judy. Go back and read your own post. You say the show is “absolutely boring” and and then say it’s been “great” without Robin. Pick a lane, as you are being self contradictory ( this is figurative language I am employing here).

It might have been nice not to have a cliffhanger then show Robin with Patrick in the previews for the next eppy…. it wasn’t a surprise and I’m aware how this regime likes surprises.

I have to agree….enough already! The storyline is not at all believable…she’s an hour away and doesn’t visit her husband while his child has died? Crazy. Its her time to go and leave the show. write her out…. sacrifice herself for her family ….she dies to the good of her family…blah blah….

Lets move on!

It’s the shoddy writing of Ron; he wrote that Nina destroyed Silas’ apartment, but Nina had JUST woken up when his apartment was trashed. So is writing is inconsistent at best.

We were never shown how long Nina was awake..
I assumed with her mother came to town Nina was awake and moving.
Nina is now shown to have been out of the coma for some time before coming to port charles and now is when we will find that out (Sam is going to find that out..

The first time out was a dream. She woke up, THEN did it for real.

She was shown waking up on May 1, 2014; when the attack on Silas’ apartment happened it was during the Nurses’ Ball about 12-13 days later. No way Nina, just 12-13 days (not really in soap time, actually less) was able to wake up, and walk into his home in heels and then hide out for weeks later. Ron’s writing just does not make chronological sense; he retcons too much for his own laziness.

Your right, the character of Robin could have come home once in awhile to see her daughter but we know the actress is off the show. Just like with Nina’s mother. This is a major part of Nina’s story but they casted Donna Mills and she is too big a star to hang around on the GH set. Recast an actress who is willing to be around and act with Michelle Stafford. We need Nina’s mother NOW!

Right there in Frank’s own words is the show’s weakness–What gh fans can expect with robin’s return– they’ll see her move the story……Characters aren’t meant to move the plot, characters are suppose to be affected by it– Storytelling isn’t a chess game where the characters are merely pieces to move about to execute the plot– story telling is drawing readers or in this case viewers into the emotions of the characters. We should see how circumstances shape them, we need to understand their motives, to empathize, we want to live the journey with these characters, but we can’t when characters aren’t the star of the story, but the plot is.
There is a lot of action on GH, lots of story, but to me unless I am emotionally invested in the characters, what is the point? I like popcorn but nothing beats a juicy steak– and after watching GH I feel like that is all I had, popcorn, but no meat—-

RC’s biggest problem is a very short attention span. He zeros in on one for a while then we jump to another. I really thought he wanted to write for the character of Duke but he did not I really have to wonder how happy Finola Hughes is with her character these days.

Duke who?

ya k/kay…I mentioned that too. I love Duke! In his day he was handsome, dashing, full of adventure and romance…a good bad boy. He can still be all that…he still is… after all these years. But they’ve relegated him to sporadic visits where he’s just a broken man trying to prove himself. Ridiculous…

Ric Lansing is another…even if he supposed to be in a witness protection program you think after the car accident and house explosion he’d be desperate to see Molly…at least get one of those silly masks…even if Anna assures him Molly is all right…jmo!!!

I agree…complete plot point writing along with no real character focus. The most heavily featured story, the “Nina Show” is of no interest to me. I have found myself drifting away from daily watching.

Well curiosity got the best of me and after watching today I guess I better start removing my foot out of my mouth. Jason/Billy Miller is in town and I think you will be seeing him on Wednesday’s show. I think the return of Robin is just to usher nu/Jason on to the show. I have to admit FV is kicking Phelps butt he will have MS, ER & BM on his show 3 heavy hitters. Want to try for 4 and grab MM. 🙂

On another site i read they wanted MM to play A.J.,…but i think its just wishful thinking, and i seriously doubt they’ll bring A.J. back from the dead again…maybe?

MM as A.J. going up against Maurice would be epic!

For me, the addition of MS and ER have not enhanced the show. In fact, they are both deterrents to my enjoyment of GH.

MM would be a dream!

ugh, no. If AJ was resurrected I’d still want Sean Kanan!

Sean was great and I had the pleasure meeting him and he is such a cool guy.

Just for the record I never said I was thrilled with MS/Nina or ER/Lulu I just said FV is stealing the actors from Y&R!!! For my tastes Nina is to over the top and Lulu has lost her edge.

Oh yes, rebecca1!!!!…..On THAT issue, we DEFINTELY agree!!!!!! (But I wouldn’t put it past Ron C to push for an AJ recast just to make his anti-Kanan campaign complete!)

Lulu is a bust. I FF through her and Dumbte’s scenes.

FrankenRon are at it again. They keep bringing Robin back, so us fans who don’t want to watch all Killers in the afternoon. Or maybe brats in the afternoon. GMAB. So Robin is back for five minutes. Jason will return, and .Why do all of you blame Robin, and want her dead, when its FrankenRon who wants her back to push up the ratings??? Kim wants to do other things. She gave them a LOT of time to end it and she is the devil for it. no thanks. I will watch Robin’s return but If she is demonized again. I will not hate her I will hate TIIC. Watching killer Jason return makes me shut the show off. Did it before and will again. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Guza and his goons Not so sure anymore.

I think the only reason they are bringing Jason back with probably Billy Miller is so Ron can put his take on the character. (Franco) anyone! Just an observation I think we have a real rivalry going on between GH & Y&R just a thought could be off base.

Kim has an open door to return in between her directing. Not easy to write around her availability. Why should Frank fire her when this was the deal they were given by her? It’s just difficult to write her in when she wants, then give her 5 min before she wants out again! How can you blame Team Cartini for accomodating her wishes?

wonder if Sam will get a peek at the new Jason yet? I hope Robin will help Patrick and Sam w/ the Nina deal. That Nina needs to get caught much sooner than we had to wait on the Britch/Brad deal.

Don’t cut Nina short. She, at least, has some fire, and might surprise us all. She is fighting for her husband. Yes, it has been 20 years, but not in her head. I am just wondering if anyone else gets a sense of something stirring between Franco and Nina? It could be just my imagination, but why the clandestine meetings? Also, an icon such as she would not be brought to the fold just to “get caught”.
It seems to me that the writers are running out of meaty storylines for Sam. Give her something tangible instead of this scurrying and sneaking around.
Sam is desperate and Patrick emasculated….that is what I get from this pair….pathetic. They belong together.

I just don’t care for her. I don’t know the actress from anything else so don’t have interest in her at this point unfortunately. Had enough o coniving bitch with the britch and her mom.

So you see Sam and Patrick as a couple, not just friends? Jason is returning and she will soon find out that Patrick knew he was alive… do not know if friendship will last much longer.

I see it coming too..
Franco and Nina .. they will rock it!!!
whichever way they go, it will be good ..

I agree, CeeCee. Nina has spunk, with dimensions and layers to her personality. I think the writers are capitalizing on the fact that they have two top-notch actors in Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford-so why not pair them in scenes together. With the addition of Laura Wright, Carly and Nina will blow their scenes out of the park.

You misinterpret my meaning, Christy. ” they belong together” is an adage, you know…”two peas in a pod…..” Etc. I did not mean it literally.
Regarding Jason? That goes both ways…would Sam forget Silas and his baggage?… no pun intended, albeit Sam does consider Nina “baggage”. Sam lives in a world of entitlement. I do not think she grasps the meaning of…”what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”.
But it seems, according to Robin, that Jason is dead….I hope so, even though she is not telling the entire truth. Perhaps she is being forced to say so.

They should kill Robin off, it’s time.

She already “Died” once. They should write her and Emma off for a long time and bring them back after Emma is aged and Patrick has moved on. Robin could start a new romance with someone else.

No. Not lil Emma. She’s too cute to lose. They really hit casting gold with her. (And lil Spencer. I LOVE that kid!)

I love Emma, the actress has a bright future. I’m just looking for a way for Robin to be written off that makes sense in regards to her abandoning her daughter.

I’m with you on the SORAS idea, Timmm….I have never been an Emma fan. That kid and her cutesy shtick just drive me up the wall. Ditto for Spencer. I’ll take Carly’s bad seed, the wise beyond her years, Joss, any day over those two hammy brats!

I,’m not a big robin fan as Ii am a patrick and robin fan. This story is beyond stupid! Why ruin a character who has spent just about her whole life on the show amd a couple whom over the 9 years together (a- lifetime in soap years) shared every aspect of their lives the good, bad , funny , sad and yes the ridiculous storyline and were a love story. This is gotta be the dumbest s/l ever. I’m happy robin wants to come back but agreed she doesn’t need to be written like this . She’s not doing anything that hasn’t been done on soaps and even on gh differently. Actors come and go all the time and come back again and again. I think it’s the way this story was written that everyone doesn’t want her back. Again, dumb! I’ve accepted that a divorce is imminent not happy about it but is once they already ruined robin I guess they do the same for the could. Stinky!!!! As long as patrick isn’t with sabrina again something good will come our of it.

Just a Sid e note: port Charles is supposed to be in upstate ny around the buffalo area. Up, upstate ny. The clinic is in Westcheser county which is 45 minutes from NYC. To drive is 8 hours, the plane flight does take an hour. I’ve done it several times.

Meant couple not could.

Unfortunately, sort of the same thing happened to Vanessa Marcil when she returned as Brenda. Different writers but, sort of the same story. She left on a high-note, won an Emmy for her previous short return years back; then, returns, and it’s lackluster at best. The storyline was terrible, the new characters that came along with her-no one cared about, and too much time was spent on the Balkan. All the viewers wanted was to see Brenda interact with Jax and Sonny. Then, she quickly married Sonny, had a long-lost son, and poof-she could not handle Sonny’s lifestyle and left. It was dreadful!

Exactly…same here, Julz.

Are those of us who frequent Michael’s site in the fan minority when it comes to our dislike re Robin/Kimberly’ character, and her coming and going? Or how they pulled the plug on OLTL and AMC? Or is it just that ABC and Frank & Co really don’t care how we feel, if they even read our comments at all. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Well, no…they really don’t care if fans are upset they pulled the plug on OLTL and AMC. They’d be beyond inexperienced businesspeople if they didn’t expect a backlash. They WOULD care if it effects the bottom dollar. So far they’re doing well with The Chew…Katie was canceled. So until/if it ever seems that running the soaps would be cost-effective…or that they were losing viewers on many of their shows in protest (which was the original plan for many…to boycott ABC shows…) it doesn’t make a dent.

As for Kimberly/Robin, I think there’s enough of a fan base who still enjoy her return. I think they need to come up with something really interesting to keep whatever momentum they have or want going though…and, who knows? This might just be the last of her return…after she brings back Jason and whomever else she’s been thawing out.

I, for one, don’t mind her coming and going. A legacy character is always fun to have around…we’re losing that piece by piece.

I’m ambivalent to the Robin the character, actually more bored, legacy or not… but not Kimberly the actress. Wish she would make more of a commitment to GH like the rest of the long-term cast and get a better story line.

I figure the ones that pulled the plug were relying on costs, numbers and demos. What they did lacked imagination on how to make OLTL and AMC like 1/2 hr GH instead of one hour. Instead anything they don’t like or understand, or is too expensive, they throw out with the bath water. But that’s history now. And I think you’re generous when you think “they’d be beyond inexperienced businesspeople.”

Also if you look at what they issue for ratings, they always highlight the preferred, younger, female…like the rest of us don’t exist. While they won’t say it, they think the older, built-in, loyal audience, which add lots of viewers, doesn’t buy, or try anything new for advertisers, except stuff from the drug companies. Ugh!!! Instead anything they don’t like or understand, or is too expensive, they throw out with the bath water. And like you said, they haven’t done much with anything else except The Chew, which again was never on my watch list.

And I still boycott ABC, except, I must admit, Once Upon A Time and Scandal. But at least they are soaps, just at night. And if soaps work at night, why couldn’t they have found a way to make them work daytime?

Come on “FANS” your talking out of both sides of your mouth! How many times do we hear people bitching about all the new characters and how Ron and Frank are discarding the legacy characters? Well, Robin is a GH legend. She literally grew up on the show and has amazing history and has two legendary parents. Enjoy her and quit whining!

It has nothing to do with Robin being an old character, it’s– not many care to have her back..
Killing off Robin again, is very popular ..

Because of the ridiculous story they are telling

There really is not big a story for robin..
Can’t write an earthshaking story for someone who is a short stint stay..
Good stories take time and Kim only stays for a short time, hard to write for a short stint come and go..
I think her fans are just supposed to look at her that is about the length of time she will be around, for a look-see…..

((just kill Robin again and be done with it all ..)

I agree Tim. Love Robin but I do wish she’d stay put.
I really really miss Robert Scorpio,

While I am not the biggest Robin fan, and I have watched since before she was a child, I don’t get the complains about the show “dragging it out” when it comes to her character. This is a soap opera, people! It’s all about making you wait and it always has been. I’d rather have a little of our legacy characters than none at all, because that is really the choice. Kimberly McCullough is not going to come back full time.

I doubt Robin’s appearance this week will move the story in an interesting direction. Fans are unanimous–kill her off or bring her back.

We’re not unanimous. Couple split up…if they do, and Kimberly makes recurring visits…that’s fine with me and probably many other fans as well.

Exactly, rebecca1!!!! Other characters come and go, so why not Robin? My problem is not with KMc’s irregular appearances, but the manner in which they are conceived and written. This past week’s scenes featuring her did nothing to assuage the damage that was already done to Robin’s image the last time around….in fact, they compounded it!!! There should have been some love and affection between Patrick and her….instead, all we got was an ill-tempered Drake Jr. (And I’m tired of his nasty “mood,” too. Enough already with the “Angry Man” bit…..)

Shay…That’s what I get for jumping the gun. I read your first two words…and I started quakin’ in my boots! Could it be…we agreed on Det Hot…(though I find him moreso than you) you came around to Brad (who I liked early on)…we both lamented over AJ’s demise and SK’s exit… and here we are agreeing on Robin! But then…bam…back to disagreeing! 😉

I actually felt Kimberly/Robin’s scenes accomplished what the writers set out to do. They showed what she’s been up to…why she’s lying to Patrick and the hold Victor has on her. I don’t know why that wouldn’t satisfy and Scrubs fans. Though you could see in her eyes the love and hurt…she sacrificed her marriage and Patrick’s love to keep him and Emma safe. Obviously since we learned Victor was responsible for the car accident, she knows he could harm them again. So to me…this was keeping in character. She begged him to leave…she told him she loved him…I think her character was perfectly mended. (haven’t watched Friday yet so I have no idea if there’s anything to contradict what I feel now.)

As for Patrick, c’mon woman! The man thought he lost his wife, he thought he was having a baby, he KNEW he was having a baby, the baby died, his dead wife wasn’t so dead and came back then left. And…icing on the cake? His reputation as a physician is seemingly ruined and he admitted to wanting to off a teenage boy…and then he was fired! Oh…and then he found said wife for second time and in his mind, she rejected him again.

Nasty? I think he’s actually quite remarkable!

See ya on the next round dear Shay!

@rebecca1….Here we go again…LOL! But actually you nailed it when you said Robin’s eyes revealed all….I also referred to the same thing in another post. Any idiot could see her terror and concern, but not our Patrick! How could that be, other than that he was being so self-absorbed in his own angst???? Eyes are the mirror to the soul…especially between loved ones, so for Drake Jr. to miss that visual cue really informed me as to his level of selfishness. Whatever hardships he has experienced, his wife’s are at least ten-fold after her past few harrowing years. Yes, life’s been difficult for both of them, but most of Robin’s problems were not of her own making, whereas many of Drake’s are a matter of poor choices, so if there is a side to be on, then I’m sticking with TeamRobin!

Met a lot of these stars in L A for the cast show. it was so nice to see these people and how down to earth they are. Had a great time. Thanks from your fans.

Good to hear, Betts. Thank you.

I am so confused by all these complaints – just enjoy the show and go along for the ride ! There a lot of soap fans out there who would love to have a chance to see their show on the air and we are very lucky to stll have GH !!!

Have you ever known a sports fan who complains about their team— everything from the colors of the uniforms, to the coaching, the players, the big bosses, etc— but these same complainers are the most loyal fans, coming out to every game, painting their faces, cheering— then complaining about the game afterwards— well rabid soap fans are a bit like that— we bitch about our soap because we love it so much, we are so invested in it, that we feel we are a part of the making of it, so we make our opinions known loud and clear— but as much as we complain, it doesn’t mean we don’t love our soap, it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. Trust me when I see my soaps do something great, I’m the first in line to cheer for it, but when I see bone headed decisions and stories, well I speak up— believe it or not, it is part of the fun of soap watching— to love and hate it at the same time. Does it make sense? no, but die hard soap fans will know what I mean.

Well said, Mary SF. As I have redundantly said, it’s when we stop bitching that you need to start worrying.

Well, out of the blue, some guy’s Aztec necklace was stolen…Levi took it!

And, Levi will give the necklace to Maxi as a wedding present.

I think Levi will sell the necklace and use the money to take Maxi on a honeymoon that will last for weeks just to keep her away from Nathan!!!

Felicia is an Aztec princess, yes? So, What are the chances the Aztec necklace was part of a royal , lost or stolen , collection belonging to Felicia’s ancestors? Perhaps it had to be sold because the family had become impoverished. What if Felicia recognizes the piece?….big trouble for Levi. Well, it could happen that way.

That’ll work too, Jimh. Good assumption. So, you think he’ll get away with it?…..assuming he did steal it.

I stopped watching with the emphasis on the mob of late. Though I did watch Tuesday and Wednesday shows this week to see Robin. I felt Robin didn’t divulge anything to my keep my interest. I am not so sure about Robin’s return moving story along. Yawn!

Rebecca 1. I get what you say perfectly. My best source of information is my grandmother. She often talks about Another World…her favorite soap, with Rachel, Ada, Mac etc.she loved Somerset, and the Doctors. And, she told me all about Bobbie’s brownstone where everyone would gather and make happy. She calls them halcyon days. Her re -telling of the soaps sound like fairy tales to me….with her soft, Scottish brogue, I could listen to her for hours.

Jaybird…you and I are in sinc when it comes to Levi. I wish he had some redeeming qualities. But, I suppose he is a good actor if he is able to rile us up so. He still turns me off, though. Now, with the imminent wedding to Maxie, he will bestow a stolen necklace on his new bride…if the wedding even happens. Maybe he’ll get caught and deported…sweet irony.!!!!

I hope DULLKENDORK gets deported but i fear not…most criminals and villians never pay for their crimes in PC…me thinks a few of my own relatives would love to live there…lol

That’s funny. You are right, though, Jimh. I doubt Levi is going anywhere….We are stuck with him until all this Fluke stuff is resolved.

Or maybe, the writers have created this new development (last minute before the wedding) as a catalyst just to ship him off back to Aussieland.

In sync…sorry (sp)

I agree is time for Robin and Jason to return home with their families Robin reuion with Patrick and her daughter emma. Jason reunion with sam and his son Danny to watch his son how he grew up more.

return robin to patrick and have something good come of it and keep her for the long haul not a month or two month stint. He still loves her and sam and him will not work out.

Patrick and Robin love each other and should be together. Reunite them with Emma.

General Hospital

Daytime Emmy Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon; The Tradition Continues

On Sunday, it was Mishael Morgan’s (Amanda Sinclair, The Young and the Restless) turn to host the annual Lead Actress nominee luncheon, for this year’s talented woman who are going for gold at the upcoming 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday night, December 15th on CBS.

Morgan took home the Daytime Emmy in this category in 2022 becoming the first Black actress in the now 50-year history to ever win it. In a tradition that was started by four-time Daytime Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful), the winning actress from the previous year has to pick up the tab, choose a restaurant and host a fun afternoon gathering for this year’s crop of nominees.

Attending the festivities were 2023 Lead Actress nominees: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Sharon Case (Sharon, The Young and the Restless) Finola Hughes (Anna, General Hospital), and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful).

Photo: SCaseIG

Taking to her Instagram, Melissa Claire Egan shared: “To be nominated alongside this incredibly talented group of women is a TRUE HONOR!!! Thank you to last years winner, the fabulous Mishael Morgan for hosting an epic Lead Actress Nominee Luncheon today. It’s so nice that they all offered to give me their Emmy if they win!!”

Michelle Stafford took to her Instagram and expressed: “Lead Actress Brunch. This is a real honor. I’m truly honored to be in a group with all of these incredible women. I’ve loved them all for a very long time. We are all so grateful to be working on our shows… to be working in general, as actors. What a spectacular group of women. Mishael (Last years winner) put together a brunch that was BEYOND spectacular with gift bags even!! I mean Mishael, you are an absolute class act. Thank you for the beautiful day 🧡”

Finola Hughes posted her sentiments as well, “Yesterday was the leading ladies lunch for the Emmy’s. It’s a tradition started by the inimitable Susan Flannery. (The previous years winner throws a luncheon for the nominees). Yesterday was a very special lunch. Mishael Morgan raised the bar! The conversation was at once light hearted and deep. This was an amazing group of women, supportive, funny and caring. Thank you all for a brilliant few hours 💕 🌸 ✨”

Posting on their Instagram Stories were Michelle Stafford who gave us a little more behind the scenes of the luncheon, where Mishael also handed out a gift bag to each of the ladies, and Sharon Case who accompanied her photos with the tune “This One’s For the Girls” by Martina McBride.

So, looking forward to seeing which of these talented actresses takes home the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy on December 15th? What do you think about how the tradition has been handed down for many years that the luncheon carries on? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom Shares Heartfelt Message to Mark His 30-Year Anniversary as Dr. Kevin Collins

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since back on December 3rd, 1993, when General Hospital viewers got the shock of their lives as the ABC soap opera introduced the psychiatrist twin brother of serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, in the form of Dr. Kevin Collins.

For soap fans that meant we got to see even more of one of the finest actors ever to appear in the genre in Jon Lindstrom. The talented actor started on GH a year and half earlier in June of 1992 as Ryan.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Lindstrom is in the running for this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series when the 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards are given out in less than two weeks on Friday night, December 15th on CBS. Could an Emmy on his 30th year playing Kevin and Ryan be in the cards? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

It has been well-documented that former GH creatives Wendy Riche (ex-EP), Claire Labine (ex-head writer) and Michelle Val Jean (ex-writer) were all instrumental in keeping Jon in Port Charles with a second role as Kevin, when he could have headed to As the World Turns at the time to play the role of Damian Grimaldi, that eventually went to Paolo Seganti.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday to acknowledge this special milestone, Jon shared via video message, “I woke up this morning to see that today December 3rd, marks 30 years since I debuted as Dr. Kevin Collins on General Hospital. I knew that it had been a long time, but 30 years since the doppelgänger to Dr. Ryan Chamberlain was introduced. It really is remarkable. It’s been a great ride, a great run. it’s like an entire career right there. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s just been great.”

Photo: JPI

Lindstrom paid tribute to those who helped create Kevin, expressing, “I have a lot of people to thank about that, let alone people like Wendy Riche and the brass at ABC at the time … Claire Labine who was writing the show back, but Michelle Val Jean was really was the one who I had the pleasure of working with to develop and bring to life Kevin Collins. She’s still a great friend today. So, there’s been a lot of blessings around this for me, and don’t think, I don’t know it. I pretty much drop to my knees every day in gratitude. Thank you world for supporting Dr. Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain, for that matter. I’ll do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Accompanying his video, Jon wrote: “So grateful today for my 30 years of ‘Kevin Collins’ (and ‘Ryan Chamberlain’) on General Hospital, and for the wonderful journey my life has been, for my friends, my the family and incredible opportunities I’ve had. Hope you all have much to be grateful for.”

Share your congrats and well-wishes to Jon for 30 years as GH’s Dr. Kevin Collins via the comment section below.


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A post shared by Jon Lindstrom (@jonlindstrom)

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Are You For or Against Kristina Being the Surrogate for TJ & Molly’s Baby Knowing the Storyline Implications Down the Road?

As many GH viewers have predicted, things have swung back around to Kristina (Kate Mansi) seemingly being the most viable option in Molly’s (Kristen Vaganos) mind to carry her and TJ’s (Tajh Bellow) baby as their surrogate.

If you recall, Kristina offered a few months back and was shut down by Molly, and then TJ, as the couple then went looking through agencies to find a surrogate to carry their baby to term. The surrogate they found, Andrea, told TJ she lost the baby in a miscarriage, which was confirmed by a doctor at Mercy Hospital, and she won’t go through trying to have a baby again. Leaving the couple devastated. But, is her story suspicious?

Last week on General Hospital, Molly was overwhelmed when having to look through a file to start the process of finding a surrogate and identifying the right candidate all over again and it brought her to tears. Kristina found her in the park, and that led the two to have a heart-to-heart conversation. While the two sisters have come to an agreement, now it comes to convincing TJ that this is the right move.


However, fans of the show can see how complex this will be for everyone down the line. If Kristina’s relationship with Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) moves further down the line, will she be so willing to give her sister the baby? Could there be an ugly court battle for the little one between two moms vs. TJ and Molly?  Will Kristina having their child, bring TJ and Kristina actually closer together, and cause rifts in Molly’s relationship with her man and her sister? What does the long-running soap opera have in store in the storyline by making Kristina the ultimate surrogate? Or, could Kristina lose the baby, only to find out that Andrea, the original surrogate has TJ and Molly’s child? So many possibilities.

Photo: ABC

Soap Opera Digest spoke to Kristen Vaganos on where Molly’s head is at with the situation. Vaganos shared, “I think there’s a little bit of desperation there, wanting to take a route that might be more trustworthy. (Surrogacy is) such a hard process to put trust and hope into because anything can happen. And Molly is a control freak! She wants to control as much as she can, so having a relative involved is, I think, comforting in a way.”

In terms of how Molly will re-approach TJ with Kristina being the prospective surrogate, Vaganos added, “Molly knows that it’s going to be an uphill battle, convincing him. Kristina’s track record with TJ is what it is. But it’s another leap of faith that Molly wants to take, and she just wants TJ to be on board with her. Plus, I think that TJ will really trust Molly’s opinion because Molly knows her better than anybody, and Molly would be the first person to doubt Kristina, to make sure to double-check her work. So if Molly says that she really feels strongly about this and thinks it’s the right decision, I think that’ll go a long way. I think TJ will take that to heart. But unless he’s on board with it, too, it’s a nonstarter.”

So, how do you see this playing out and what do you want to see? Are you in favor of Kristina being the surrogate for Molly and TJ’s baby? Are you for or against it, and what it could mean for long-term story implications? Share your thoughts and theories via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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