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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick To Robin: "Is Jason Behind That Door?"



On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, while visiting the Crichton-Clark clinic for information on Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) with Sam (Kelly Moncao), Patrick (Jason Thompson) runs into none other than Robin (Kimberly McCullough)!

When the torn apart, one time so in love duo, comes face-to-face, Patrick (Jason Thompson) is shocked and devastated to learn that Robin was not whisked away to another continent, or far away place, but had actually been taken by Victor (Thaao Penghlis) to a facility just  over an hour away from Port Charles!

After letting Robin have a piece of his mind for not being there for him and their daughter, Emma  (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and for the loss of his son, Patrick gets no answers from Robin, but she is concerned that Sam and him are at the clinic!

Patrick asks Robin if Jason and the Cassadines that Victor wanted to resurrect are here at the clinic. Robin tries her best to evade the question! A fed up Patrick grabs the security pass key from Robin’s lab coat and beings to enter the security door then saying, “Robin, is Jason behind that door?”  And as we fade to black, we don’t know what Patrick will find.

From the looks of it, Patrick is very concerned with helping Sam in regards to her “late” husband Jason, the Nina Clay mystery, and has about had it with Robin, completely.

Watch the final scene of the episode between Patrick and Robin after the jump!  The let us know, what you think should happen next?   Will we get more Intel or clues on Jason?  And what do you hope Patrick will do in regards to his relationship with Robin?

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ohhh yuckkk..
I wish they would put me out of this Robin stuff misery and just kill her off..
When the door opened and Robin was there I felt no excitement, none..
Robin’s time has fizzled out she isn’t even a ratings tool any longer..

Jason, if he gets reanimated perhaps he’ll be a frankenstein man .. ahaa that would be cool ..

I find myself in complete shock but I totally agree with you. I felt KM is totally reciting lines and is not in the story at all. Let everybody move on. RC show Robin the exit door.


Disagree love seeing Scrubs and Kimberly and JT Work with anything thrown at them.

RC should show people the door like every newbie from two years ago.

I think Patrick look like an idiot since it is obvious that Robin is protecting her husband and child. This is a plot point to move Patrick on (hey RC doesn’t work since too many of us know real Robin and Real Patrick) but he looks ridiculous and in the end will realize how wrong he was.

Kimberly can come back ANYTIME, she makes GH worth while.

I agree with you.


I don’t want a Jason recast. Never liked the first actor to play him, never liked the character either.

I don’t think GH should be so quick to bring KM back for these quick stints, they’re pointless.

Maybe Robin somehow has baby Gabriel and bringing him back from the dead and he grows up to be like little Damian from the Omen…or its Rafe who returns as a zombie…maybe his vampire dad has Robin under his control…eerie!!!…lol

Some may have felt nothing when the door opened and it was Robin because they showed her in the preview for the next day. And that contradicts the position on whether she is a ratings draw.They shoot the end of Monday’s show as a cliffhanger, we don’t see who is behind the door, then they put Robin in the preview because they need to make sure people tune in the next day. So why not just show her on the other side of the door at the end of Monday’s show? Because much of what this crew does is amateurish and silly.

The larger reason people may not feel anything with Robin, is that the story and writing is just so poor. The dialogue in those Scrubs scenes was so poor, so uninteresting and the scenes were so poorly produced. There is no interesting story. The execution is terrible, there is no drama and that is a symptom of the larger problem that is GH.

The story, pacing, and especially the dialogue is just getting worse and worse. We sit through endless conversations that rehash the same events over and over or tell us something that happened offscreen. The actual dialogue is very thin and poorly written and then there is a line or two thrown in to make a pop culture reference or to shock so that RC can tweet about it. Those lines aren’t really very good and usually in poor taste appealing to the lowest common denominator and they stick out like a sore thumb because there is nothing else about the scenes that are memorable.

The KMC return is not at all interesting due to the issues that plague the entire show. GH is just so lacking in quality on all levels. The storytelling, dialogue, direction, editing are all substandard and the acting is suffering as well because these people have such terrible material to work with. I was absolutely embarrassed for all involved in the scenes with the three gay male characters. The dialogue, how they are presented, all of it is just in such poor taste and so low brow.

Well said, GH50. Sometimes I don’t know how to explain why I just lost interest in the GH stories. Even with Guza at the helm, I hung on.
Suffice to say, the thrill is just gone.

Here, here GH50! What a spot-on, wonderful critique of the show’s many current shortcomings……in addition to being woefully wanting in content and presentation, the material is just plain tacky and quite often, absolutely disgusting.

I agree with you, SU000. Robin is such a goody-two shows always prancing around. The only good thing I can think of to say about her is she cut her hair and can’t toss her pony tail around in that ‘so-pleased-with-myself’ manner.
I can’t wait for the dark and nuanced Sabrina to come along and put Robin in her face. Now there is a compelling character! Sabrina is just a brilliant character.

Brilliant????? Oh please! In what possible way? Sappy is the most banal, insufferable and stupefying character to ever curse the GH canvas with her presence. Please explain exactly how that translates to “compelling????”……

(tapping foot, looking at watch). Finally! Shay, that button was pushed was two days before you responded.
You must have a life or something.

Stick a fork in it, Robin is over. The character is unrecognizeable and this is coming from someone who only started to really watch when OLTL went off the air.

If the actress cannot commit either write her off for good or recast, Jason Thompson needs and deserves a better storyline.

The pairing with Sam has promise until Jason returns, hopefully in the form of Billy Miller.

If you only started to watch from when OLTL was cancelled then you know NOTHING about ROBIN or PATRICK since the have been rewritten under RC. no wonder OLTL was cancelled. Worst writer on any soap. To think I thought Guza was bad. GUZA could write and knew characters.

I know that what Im watching sucks and OLTL was light years better than this.

If Kimberly M is not willing to commit to a contract then whats the point of her popping in and out? It no longer moves story and is pointless when the cast is so bloated already. She needs to S*** or get off the pot. Its not RC fault she wont stay.

Seeing Robin today made me realize how much I really don’t miss her… and when will she realize that there is NO excuse for leaving her husband and daughter, especially after the rough couple of years Patrick has had. Also, these sporadic appearances of her really need to stop, if KMC can’t commit to a contract Robin should be written out permanently, or until she can fully return.

There is always a Reason..You will be surprised!!!

Rough couple of years PATRICK had? So I guess having her death faked, being subjected to electric shock treatments, and being threatened with death daily by a variety of super criminals for two years was a walk in the park?

i’ll be suprised if there is a reason…lol

She was given a reason yesterday. I feel like Ron is using a write by numbers set.

Once again with the predictable story of Robin bringing Jason back. Could tell it from a mile away, and it’s very story-driven because Robin would NEVER abandon her family for the risk of bringing someone back potentially from the dead.

I do not understand why RC just does not finish this with Robin the actress has lost all passion for her character. RC wrap it up!

Lol the actress is Kimberly McCullough and she is the only who is believable unlike others who walk through their scenes.

She needs to make up her mind about staying or going. She is good but Susan Luccis Erika Slezaks and Robin Strassers and other classy stars (and Robin is not in their class yet) never would have come and gone like this they were committed to their shows. It’s a different world now of course but this coming and going is a bit silly and doesn’t endure me to GH anymore.

finding the slightly frozen cassadines or jason wouldn’t be a big surprise since we already knew about that… but finding a presumed someone else would be. would have to be someone that Patrick would recognize… how about some lost Q’s like Alan or AJ.

Funny. I’m not even a big Robin fan…but I don’t mind having her back. With a dwindling cast from the old days…it’s still nice to have, however sporadically, characters that started, or at least have been with GH for many years.

Just like in real life, some people pop in and out of our lives…that’s fine with me if that’s how they handle the Robin “situation.” As for Patrick, I’m not adverse to him moving on from her.

I am interested to find out what she’s hiding. Is Jason really dead/dead this time? Or…was she ordered to tell anyone that at this point. Could it be AJ that’s really being brought back to life since some have been saying they heard that was a possibility. But then we’d lose the drama of Michael finding out Sonny killed AJ.

My curiosity is piqued…

He looks like a dope for moving on with a stupid excuse, he should know Robin. Guess he forgot when he cheated on her and she forgave him.

I too am not a big Robin fan, and am interested in what or whom she is hiding. I don’t believe Jason died, as she said Stavros was in the chamber, but she had instructions to bring back the Cassadines, then she’d be allowed to bring back Jason. She’s just trying to get Patrick out of there. Time will tell.

Maybe Robin doesnt want Patrick to know who she is trying to revive because what if its Rafe or even baby Gabrial…?

Oh dear Lord, jimh! Pleeeeze leave the roadkill runt to rest….he was an unnecessary plot point the first time around!….As for Rafe, I think he has a better chance of returning as a vampire. (Braindead is braindead…..I don’t believe that even SuperDoc Robin has discovered the cure for that yet!)

I dont think they bring back AJ until after the whole story is told about Sonny “Killing” AJ and Michael hating both his parents. After that passes I see AJ coming back and Michael eventually forgiving Sonny and Carly.

Shay…hahahaha…are you REALLY making a distinction between bringing back the dead…who you can and can’t? LOL. I think ANYTHING’s possible on GH. That’s why I go for the ludicrous ride…

And in fact, I have more problems believing the “real” stuff…or shall I say I am more crazed when someone human emotions like grief are washed over.

The fantastical stuff? I say bring it on. If I’m going to walk into a world of make believe then, let’s make believe!

(I’m waiting, oh-so patiently waiting for your rebuttal.) 😉

Rebecca, this is TIMMM, I like your response to me icing AJ until Sonny and Michael play out him “Killing” his dad. I agree, its a soap, take me FAR away from the horse crap going on in the real world. ALTHOUGH, it would be nice to see Britt drinking Diet Coke, Emma eating Sour Patch Kids, and the nurses standing around and gossiping about Kim K. or the Biebs!

Haha…good imagery there, TIMMM. Although I’d have Britt downing her Nicolas sorrows in a beer, Emma, I’ll go with you there…Sour Patch it is!…and the nurses gossiping about how hot Nathan is!

@Timmm. I think the powers-that-be read your mind…or your post! Wednesday’s episode had Britt and Brad chomping away at the snack machine! She’s just episodes away from that diet coke you summoned…

No, as a rule, I’m not really making a distinction about who to revive or not, rebecca1….I simply don’t want to see that unnecessary plot point of a tyke brought back to life, and by Robin, no less! He was an abject annoyance to the anti-Sappy set….just another unwelcome tether to tie Patrick to that insufferable twit of a nurse, and as such, his demise was a great relief. Besides, someone has to remain dead….he’s as fine a choice as anyone else!!! (I’m also against bringing AJ back to life….unless it’s far enough down the road that SK would finally consider reprising the role….and I imagine that will be a VERY long time!!!!)

I wasn’t talking about the “tyke” Shay…I was talking about Rafe…when you drew the line at brain dead. I say dead is dead…so if they’re going to bring one back…they can pick and choose!

Hahah…not a problem. I, on the other hand…am having an identity crisis! Okay, I jest but I wrote to you on another post where you thought you were responding to me. There’s a Rebecca who occasionally responds on this site and you joyfully thought you and I were once again oddly in agreement. Twasn’t I.

She’s Rebecca…Uppercase R no number 1 after her name.


Rebecca … other person


LOL…even though we’re for the most part anonymous here we “regulars” have developed an identity and point of view nonetheless. I feel sooooooooooo vulnerable when someone else’s voice gets confused with mine! Sigh… guess I’ll have to be on the lookout to clarify.

As for Rafe. I was just amused how you thought it was plausible to bring someone back from the dead…but not if they’re brain dead. C’mon…it was funny, n’est pas?

Sadly, I don’t think they’ll bring him back, though I don’t think they should have killed him off. He was just getting his groove on… 😉

I do agree. I’d love another visit with the vampire story…but make it real. Either Clay is one…or not. Well, in actuality since he was in the show Port Charles, I think it’s ridiculous for them to rewrite another show’s history by saying it was a mental illness…

Takes the BITE…outta that whole story. Ahem.

Oh….duh!!!! My bad….I thought since Sappy was such a hot-button issue between us that you were referring to her bambino. But I can see your point about Rafe. Still, it seems that the intent is to keep him (conveniently) dead or they wouldn’t have made his story so complicated before he finally passed on….he would have just croaked without all the attending drama of being pronounced brain-dead. (I definitely would not mind revisiting the vampire angle, though…) Quite frankly, the whole cryo-revival thing is not my cup of tea. I can see bringing back Jason…it will be a big deal, but I could be content to leave Helena (and especially Stavros) in the deep freeze forever! (By the way, I corrected my last post to read “about whom” but it didn’t show up. We really do need a way to self-edit…..)

LMAO with the haters. Robin moves these stories. She is a legacy on this show and the chem these two have even arguing is amazing. Cartini can do their best to trash Robin but I will never buy this crap. Kmc is awesome! So glad you are back. Hopefully bringing Drake 4 with you.

Jill please stop with the word haters. I happen to think KM was wonderful on this show in the day but now we need to move on the actress’s heart is in being a director. Jason Thompson needs to be able to move his character on and he can’t do that if it is a constant back and forth. Sometimes it is time to move on!

The haters and those who just started to watch GH under RC and don’t even know the Robin character.

FYI THE ACTRSSS KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH is willing to do both BLAME FV for not giving her a deal like he did for others.

RC watched GH daily with his g’ma and through his life.. He knew all the characters well..
Kim left GH and wanted to be killed off.. no intentions of returning.
All was well until RC could not let her go and kept her alive, a mistake.
RC and FV had nothing to with Kim leaving, she wanted to move on into directing, and she did..
Apparently she did not want to spend the rest of her life being Robin..

the one and only one to blame for Robin/Kim leaving GH, is Kimberly McCullough, herself..

There are some who know the overated Robin character and could care less if she was coming or going KIM IS DOING BOTH…maybe one day she’ll be around more and this is all she wants to do at GH for the moment otherwise i doubt she’d do it…Denise Alexander and Leslie Charleston are superior actress’s and should be so lucky to get the story and airtime Kim does…im not trying to sound mean and i know Robin is your favorite but there are also other vets on this show who deserve better unless they too only agreed to certain amount of airtime but im certain Leslie would love a real story of her own!!!

Kim is leaving in 2 weeks but according to S.O.D., Kim has signed a contract and is returning in the fall…so it looks like FV has given her a deal that you thought he wouldnt!!!

Word Jill!

I agree love KM. I think her and Jason have incredible chemistry.

I hear Billy Miller will finally arrive on GH on Thursday! I’ll be watching!

Yeah, I dont see why so many people hate Robin?

Love Robin, hate the writing.
So if Billy Miller comes back as Jason that means either two things–Jason had a reverse lobotomy or he finally had a BM (excuse the word play but the opportunity was just too ripe).

So it is OK for Roger H, Michael E, from OLTL, TG, MB, FH,IB, KMo from GH, MS, BM from Y&R to do other things AND GH but not a GH VET LIKE Kimberly . WHY? KIMBERLY EARNED that right AND GREW UP ON GH unlike those from other shows. And there are more FV works with that I didn’t mention.

IF FV WORKS WITH OTHERS THEN FV CAN WORK WITH KIMBERLY who should have gotten the deal to direct that AS got.

Kim deserves noting..
She quit .. walked out.. and wanted to be killed to never return, her request..
she walked out on her fans..
She has no intentions of returning to GH as a regular..

Kim wanted out.. she left .. her coming in and out for shorts stay is carp..
She deserves nothing, and no more than all the others who left by their choice..
She was good as a child as grew older her acting stunk..
acting is not her nitch directing is, she is good at that and made a very wise career move pursuing her dream to direct..

Thank God for the copious sprinkling of smiley faces. Otherwise, I would find su000’s intense hatred of Kimberly and the character she plays to be disturbing.
Su000, please don’t tell me you walk around with a dog eared copy of Cather in the Rye?

How do know FV hasnt tried to do more with Kim…offered her the same as AS but this is all she agreed to do for now…Kim is a smart woman…i feel if she’d want more she’d asked for it or she wouldnt agree to appear at all!!!

@Cathy it is that way on all the soaps viewers are mercy to the Producers and their favorites. I like KMC I just can’t stand the storyline and I have to wonder why she is letting them make her the villain. Maybe we should call in and ask her on soap nation.

See…you make accusations against FV but he has made a deal with Kim and she has signed a contract…look up S.O.D. if you dont believe it…i apologize if i might sound rude in any of my replies Cathy…they arent meant to come out that way…what you want for K/Robin, well i want more of L/Monica…Kim so far has gotten some story but Leslie C. is rarely shown and she was on GH a lot longer than Kim and deserves better than what she has been given..imo!!!

Again, my only issue is the character Robin’s motivation for doing what she is doing is a mystery to me, and when I can’t understand why the character is making the choices she is making I cannot get into the story.

The rationale RC has given thus far really doesn’t jive with the character’s history, I wasn’t watching during the Robin years, but even I can tell she isn’t acting like the character is supposed to. Yet, if RC can weave a tale so all these loose ends and questions are answered in a satisfactory way I will be happy.
But based on what I have seen in the last two years I fear RC is making it up as he goes so I doubt the ending will make me happy. And when you can’t look forward to a really good ending, what is the point of taking the journey?

Mark, Kimberley McCullough is twice the actress Susan Lucci is. The woman can’t act to save her life. No wonder it took La Lucci 17 attempts to win an emmy!!

Ive loved Patrick the last couple days hes finally treating that piece of crap like she deserves she criticizes everyone else but she thinks shes justified in not giving a damn about her family.Shes never cared about either of them.

In my opinion, Kimberly McCullough is one of the best actresses on GH. Her acting is understated and believable (the way a real person would react in similar situations). Jason Thompson is at his best in scenes opposite her.

Her acting style brings out something in him that we don’t see often enough. Sure, he’s a great crier but I’m honestly tired of seeing him cry all the time. Now that Robin’s been used as a plot point to move Patrick on (guilt free and of course as a victim), I’d like to see him hook up with a woman that’s his equal.

By his equal I mean someone that’s egotistical, selfish and arrogant. Carly’s taken.

Levi Dunkendork is who is my guess behind Patricks car accident…i wonder if somehow Robin is trying to bring back baby Gabriel or Rafe and thats what she doesnt want Patrick to know…or is it A.J. again? I still think Dr. Jason Qaurtimaine(Billy Miller) will show up!!!

all wrong…except maybe the latter!!!

Your right, she deserves the ins and outs in her contract. I must say, and this goes for everyone who does this, it does tend to disrupt the flow sometimes but in Kim’s case, she is here to move Patrick along. If it were not for Emma, I dont think so many fans would be upset?

It isn’t KM’s coming & going that sucks…it is the lousy story they came up with to work with her leaving/returning. They knew her initial return was for 6 months and had ample time to work up a plausible reason for her to go away without her family. This Ice Cube Jason story wasn’t a good reason. BUT, that seems to be RC’s problem….HE thinks this is great writing. Plus, he probably saw it as a way to introduce a new Jason. Unfortunately, it makes Robin seem callous and Patrick an idiot. Two steps backward for one possible step forward.

hmm Quick Vote… You can only pick Days or GH to watch.. what would you watch.. I choose GH ! Much faster and more interesting…

Sparkle Pony will soon be galloping to the rescue.

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