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Erik Valdez Cast as Producer of Kristina's "Mob Princess" On GH! Will he be a love interest, too?



Casting news today out of Soap Opera Digest that has confirmed that former 9o210 and The New Girl star, Erik Valdez has been cast as Kristina’s reality show producer on General Hospital!  That means that “Mob Princess” has a staff!

But the big question being raised on message boards across soapland is; will Erik Valdez be a potential new love interest for nuKristina, Lindsey Morgan?  Or, possibly Kristen Alderson (Starr)?  Or, do you think Valdez will just be either the manipulative reality show producer, or a good guy?  We will begin to find out when the actor debuts next week on the June 11th episode of General Hospital!

So soapers, what do you think of the “Mob Princess” reality series concept within GH?  And, would you like to see Starr and Kristina, perhaps with a new guy? Let us know!

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Sounds like a role that would have been PERFECT for David Gregory !!

Yes, especially since his previous character was a film instructor so skilled in seducing young college students. The reality series concept within GH is a chance to mock reality shows for the trash they are.

That’s how I will get through this reality thing, I will take your advice, I will give general hospital a change to mock out those awful shows because they are all garbage, Good Idea david and very true.

I cannot stand this Erik Valdez. He is a lousy actor.

I think so

At first, I thought that this storyline was just a rip-off of the “Naked Heiress” reality show storyline from Y&R. But then I remembered that Ron and Frank did the same exact type of storyline on OLTL. I didn’t like it when the staff members (aka Ford) became prominent charactersand part of creepy teen love triangles on OLTL and I have no desire to see this guy become part of some teen storyline or a part of the canvas. What I want to see on this show (and quite clearly, it’s never going to happen) is less mob (no mob would be even better) and more Quartermaines. I want to see them get some decent storylines for once. And I don’t want them to revolve around Jason, unless he becomes Jason Quartermaine again. Also, I do not want to see Luke and Tracy in a love triangle involving Anna. I like Luke and Tracy together but if they’re going to go down the love triangle route, they need a new character to do it with.

I don’t want Luke and Anna together either, Friends yes, lovers hell no. I like Tracy and luke.

Don’t like neither.. I think luke should have e new woman in his life.,.,.

I’m not sure about Tracy for Luke????????

Watching GH today(Fri.) I changed my mind about Tracy . She is a hoot….Now I think Luke should get back together with Tracy………………Anna will make a good police commisioner………………………

long story

He’s cute! Not sure if I am feeling this s/l but I heard that Kristina wants to stop it soon after it starts anyway. She is just doing this for attention and to get back at her parents.

she has a crush on this guy


What a waste of screentime and money. GH sucks and will continue to suck. It’s unrecognizable to me! Spinelli is considered a vet on the canvas. Spinelli! I don’t need to wish this show to tank, it’s doing a mighty fine job all on its own.

What a waste of time? Then why waste your time commenting if you don’t care?

1) I was commenting about the casting itself and the decision for another useless newbie no one gives 2 stones about (GH), not about the news to report it (Michael).
2) I DO care about the show. I’ve watched it for over 20 years. Frankly, I don’t even know what show I’m watching anymore. It’s so far removed from the show I loved.
3) I can comment about whatever the heck I want to comment about, and I can do it without my motives being questioned.

Good question Ryan.

Overall, the tne tenor of the show has changed. It’s darker like OLTL.The mob stuff has diminshed but the characters still have their maccinations. I think the acting is much better from the GH vets. The OLTL characters are being folded into the cast, some better than others. McBain and Todd are doing well. The twists in the storylines are good. I did not want to see another baby switch but this time around, it’s pretty good.

It’s summer so the young folks are back on the canvass. And something has to go on with NuKristina, since Ethan is gone.

And Spinelli’s role has gotten better. He is less “whatever” and more poetic.

Jules I agree with you 101% and I didn’t read that you don’t care anywhere in your comment and if you did you still have the right to post just like everyone else.

^ Thanks Leo. I appreciate your words. It was a sincere and genuine comment, expressing my frustration with the choices of this infuriating show.

And for anyone else, don’t misunderstand, you like the show? You support the decisions they’re making? All the power to you. I know what it’s like loving a television show unconditionally, through craziness and questionable decisions. I won’t be bashing or goating your posts about it. But not everyone feels as positively about GH right now (**coughcoughpast10yearscoughcough**) , and we’re entitled to say so. So a little respect the other way would be appreciated.

Jules, I agree with you about the past (cough cough ) 10 years (cough cough) of general hospital the mob stories have been bad, very bad. I made a comment to ryan about the waste of time comment, I should have explained myself better, I have watched general hospital for 49 years and I don’t consider it a waste of time that’s all I wanted to say I didn’t want to insult your comment.Of course you have a right to say what you feel that’s why I come here so we can express our feelings for our soaps. So I am sorry if you thought my comment to ryan was a insult to you it wasn’t meant to be.

Thank you for clarifying yourself. I do appreciate you taking your time to do that because I did believe your first comment was in support of the comment made before it. I hope we can continue to post more in the future together without these silly spats.

I agree and there shouldn’t be any spats only discussions. Thank for getting back to me because I don’t want anyone feeling bad about anything I post I don’t ever want to hurt anyone.

The more I watch this mob/princess thing..I still don’t like it.. It doesn’t appeal to me at all…………………

Don’t care for the mob princees story………………It strikes me on the silly side….Everything else is fine with me…………

The ”mob Princes” story has not even begun, yet..
How would anyone even know what the story will actually become..
We know it might mock reality shows, and outside of that we haven’t clue as to all it will be about..
I can see it becoming a good story with humor and drama ..
I will have to wait and see what will be what before I judge it ..

My first impression of mob princess is I don’t care for that kind of story on GH…………That is like one of those reality kind of stories………….I liked some of them like the ozbournes…I thought that was funny..But I don’t think I like it on the soaps…….Kristina is out of hand…………Time will tell on this story..

It started yesterday while alexis got a phone call, she was told Sam lost the baby, the reality cameras were rolling and the idiot wouldn’t shut it off when she asked them to, that’s when the camera crew would have been thrown out of the house with christina not far behind, so we are already off to a bad start.

I agree with you Barbara t………..

I liked the Osbornes to and It was the only reality show I ever watched and it will be my last. I will never forget when Sharon was caught spending money for a doggie headshrinker to stop the dogs peeing in the house and ozzie told her to go buy a clock set it for such and such a time in the morning and go to the f…….ing back door, open it and let the dogs out, That was so funny, Yeah that was a good show. That family was and is insane, but enough is enough give me scripted drama, which by the way last week during general hospital I don’t know if any one else heard it was a ad for a show, stupid abc was calling it a scripted drama, I thought to myself those asses I will never ever watch abc again and if they do get rid of general hospital I am gone for good.

OMG Barbara-how funny. I rem. the Osbornes as my first & really only “reality” show too. We would die laughing at Ozzie & the way he would scream “Sharooooooooooooon” you know, funny.

But I find this new Kristina WAY too old for the part & super annoying. And I frankly thought Alexis’ reaction to the “death” of the baby was too watered down. I mean really, poor Molly was the most upset. Jeez. But DO NOT give up on our shows, girl! We need something to gripe about on this site, ha!

I’m not liking the mob princess thing either, That spoiled brat Kristina would be thrown out of the house along with her reality camera guys and all of her allowance would be cut off till she went back to school. There is no way anyone will put up with that crap unless they are those nasty Kardashians. After all the things alexis said yesterday and kristina saying keep the cameras rolling you bet she would be out of my house. Shes 18 and old enough to support herself.


it was crazy but i like it so much

Don’t care for Kristina.. She’s a bit spoiled brat…………………

She does seem to be a spoiled brat, I hope that changes like real soon.

yes that is right

And she still is a spoiled brat.

I don’t care for the Kristina character–spoiled brat

I don’t remember the old Kristina being this unlikeable. You would think Kristina would be more concerned about the death of Sam’s baby. I miss Lexi Ainsworth.

Yesterday when Alexis came into her house and asked them to leave which legally she does have rights, Kristina has none, if the house is in Alexis name, When that spoiled brat said let the cameras roll or something close to that I wanted to reach out and strangle that girl, still not liking nukristina, spoiled brat. Shes 18, out the door she would go. Now that’s what I would like Alexis to do, also cut out her allowance, she gets that back when she goes back to school and lives at the dorm, let her have all the cameras she wants there. And I said I would give the nugirl time, well I did, I want Lexi back to.

that is true

sounds like ford character, should we expect his sibling down the line? and a lot of abs showing? or how bout a porn movie down the line ? geez is gh now oltl 2.0 come on FV and RC be more original, cut down on the over the top storytelling, and add a little more sophistication in storytelling.

I hate the “Mob Princess” story, and by association, can’t stand nuKristina. The fact that they have hired a “producer” for this hot mess means that it will probably go on for awhile. That means I will be FFing another part of this show along with Sonny, Jason, Todd&Tea, Starr, Spixie…there’s not much left that I enjoy.

So sad.

NuCrissy has come on too strong too soon. Stop making Alexis look like a fool!! I’m trying to give this story a chance but it’s not working for me. Love that crazy Heather and any scene with Tracy and anything that goes on at the Q mansion (which isn’t much lately, sad).

UH OH, Looks like nuchristina is off to a bad start, After reading these posts including mine, We don’t like spoiled brats or reality shows.

You can say that again……………..

Turns out the posts were right in their predictions after the mess I saw today.

GH really??? Either your writers are still in school or you just don’t give a crap anymore about the directions this soap is heading. I know soaps are known for racky and outrageous story lines but this sort of crap your subjecting fans to is already happening on those reality tv shows. By GH nice knowing ya.

Maybe this newbie will turn out to be Kate/Connie’s long lost son!

If he is Kate/Connie’s long lost son (by Sonny?), it would make his character more interesting than it is now.

Good lord, Not another kid by Sonny, that guy has a serious problems getting woman pregnant all the, give me a break, please, not another kid.

Getting women pregnant all the time,

stupid….but cute guy

Like the actress but the storyline is too similar to the Naked Heiress. This actor playing the producer is an actual producer.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t come off well enough yet to convince anyone he’s an actor or a producer.

Don’t like either of these two new characters. Neither are subtle or deserving of being on GH. The writers have thrown them in and hastened their storylines like they did to poor Robin Mattson reprising Heather Weabber.

I saw Erik and new Kristina today in the mob princess storyline. Alexis called Kristina a spoiled brat and asked her to think about Sam’s feelings at a time like this. Kristina’s response was “keep the cameras rolling.” Yuck!

I don’t like the young characters or the storyline. Nancy Lee Grahn is too good to waste on this. Alexis should kick Kristina out to go live with her father. Let Sonny straighten Kristina out and get rid of this puck producer (off the show).

That’s how I feel to, What a brat, a brat I don’t want to watch. I said the same thing in a post above to you.

I saw Erik Valdez, on General Hospital. What a young aspiring actor, he had me convinced of the role he was playing. Look forward to more Erik.

The nuKristina doesn’t work. She has no chemistry with anybody!!! Please bring back lexi ainsworth soon!!! The new girl is not in The role, she’s ridiculous honestly! Bring back The real kristina and ethan!!! ETHINA forever

i think the mob princess is a way to get joe jr back in sonnys life, i also think tra is connie and joe jr son. what a summer they have planned for us

Eric Valdez is a very handsome and talented actor who is entertaining to watch. I see why his character, Trey Mitchell, has such a chip on his shoulder and would like to see him deal with the revelation of who is mother really is and what his father really is; not a love interest, at least not yet. By the way, my gaydar tells me he is probably gay and hasn’t worked that out, either. Keep Eric Valdez on the show and surprise us with something less predictable than jumping into bed with Kristina. Why doesn’t General Hospital have any gay characters on their show? Isn’t it time GH joined the mainstream of life? If Eric Valdez can’t play gay or won’t play gay, than why not find someone who can?

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She responds that a lot of people in town knew Austin from Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and on. However, Dante points out that Ava was the only one that was kidnapped by Mason (Nathanyael Grey). Ava says she will have her lawyer ready.

As Dante exits, Ava looks through her unopened mail. She finds a letter addressed to her and it says inside on note paper, “You’re welcome.” But that’s not all, inside the letter is a polaroid of Austin’s dead body.


Also in story, Molly (Kristen Vaganos) has a meltdown when she has to start the finding a surrogate process all over again, and is found crying on a park bench by her sister, Kristina (Kate Mansi). Will this be the conversation where Molly will take up Kristina on her initial offer to carry the child for her and TJ (Tahj Bellow)?


In another key moment, James thinks Cody (Josh Kelly) would make a great big brother, which then gets Felicia (Kristina Wagner) flashing back to when Cody told Mac that it turns out Mac is not his bio-dad. Felicia senses something is not right. Is she finally on to the fact that Cody lied to Mac? Stay tuned.


So, who do you think sent the letter to Ava about killing Austin? Is it Nikolas? Cyrus? Mason? Could it be Ava herself, who doesn’t remember she did the deed, or could it be someone else? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

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GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

Photo: ABC

There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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