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Days Of Our Lives learns "DAYS may have Gay storyline in the works!"

Could it finally be that one of the last soaps you would ever think would incorporate a gay storyline into their story canvas, may be ready to do so?  Well according to tonight it just may be so for NBC’s longest running scripted television program, Days of our Lives.  EW reveals, “We have learned exclusively that a gay storyline may be in the works! From what we gather, it may involve a current cast member hooking up with someone new. ”

EW also states a Days of our Lives spokeswoman declined to comment on the situation. But let’s look at this for a second. Many fans have been lobbying for a same-sex relationship between the characters of Will (Chandler Massey) and Chad (Casey Deidrick), but also there is speculation that a gay storyline could involve the newest addition to the Hernandez family, Dario (Francisco San Martin).  Or, could it be none of the gents above?

If DAYS was to launch a gay love story, what existing character on the canvas would you like to see involved in this story? Tell us here.

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Please Days, let it be Chad and Will! Fans have been wanting those two for so long, not to mention the fact that Casey and Chandler have proven to be adequate in the chemistry department. Not some new guy Days, CHAD AND WILL. I don’t want summer hotness, I want summer CHILL!

I would love for the first gay s/l to be with Chad and Will. Those two guys have so much chemistry together. They are on the same level as EJami to me and that’s saying a lot! Every time they’re in a scene together they light each other up and I don’t even see anyone else in the scene. Another DiMera/Brady “forbidden love” is gold and this time tptb could do the story that EJami were meant for right from the beginning. I hope tptb don’t waste this opportunity. It’s the second time a story like this with actors who have electric chemistry has fallen into their laps.


I agree with maej26 I see the sparks btw CHILL in your montage& I love it. tptb always screw everything up I just wish they fix all the s/l. Ejami always

I hope it’s Chad and Will as well. The actors and characters have such great chemistry!

no no no ,,, not Will Horton…
let it be Carley and Chloe, better yet dont do a gay story at all,no thank you,,,,


I agree. Please just let it be.

No gay story at all 🙁

No gay storyline. It will ruini t for me.

The actor playing Dario is a non-starter, can’t see him having chemistry with anyone. Hope they don’t use Will & Chad. While these actors work very well together I can only see this storyline tanking and destroying the charcters future with the show.

I sincerely hope that there will NOT be a gay storyline on DOOL or any other American soap. I say this definitely not out of homophobia but beacuse it is a well known fact that gay characters are never ever given a happy ending on any American soap or show. QAF separated Brian and Justin in the end. ATWT killed of Reid, left Luke to a life of pain, suffering, and misery; and reduced Noah to a no show, while giving every straight charcater and couple a happy ending. OLTL made Kyle and Oliver disappear unceremonoiusly. In the end die hard and loyal fans and viewers are shown no respect or consideration by the TPTB of these shows; the fans are left devastated. I was completely shattered by the horrendous LURE ending that was written by JP and her sadistic team, and auhtorized to air by CG of ATWT. It was like fattening a calf before leading it to its merciless slaughter. I am sure millions of soap viewers and fans feel that homophobia is very much prevalent amongst the writers, producers, and TPTB of American shows and soaps. So, it is better not to have something or someone, rather have it, and then snatched away ruthlessly. After the horrible ending of the beautiful LURE story on ATWT, I have vowed never to watch any American soap. But, if DOOL has the guts to show a nice gay storyline culminating in a happy ending, good luck to the viewers and fans of DOOL.

I agree with most of what you said.The last straw for me was the way they ended ATWT and destroyed Luke and Reid.That was truly my favorite story of all time .I loved the characters of Luke and Reid and adored Van Hansis and Eric Sheffer Stevens.If they were cruelly destroyed,Reid being killed and Luke grieving for the love of his life, i don’t have much hope for any gay storylines.Because to me this was the best of the best.Some people want to be like an Ostrich and bury their head in the sand! So sad !!!!

The Olivia and Natalia story line ended happily on GL. Except for having to accomodate Jessica Leccia’s maternity leave, the storyline was very well put together and very moving. They wound up together with a supportive blended family and supportive community. However, I think the biggest problem with having gay/lesbian story lines on American soaps is that they’re not allowed to show much affection. They get just a couple of kisses and a ton of longing looks, hand holding and hugs. Meanwhile the straight couples are humping like rabbits in scenes that are one bed sheet away from soft core porn. If they’re gonna try a gay/lesbian storyline, then have the courage to get out of medieval courtly love simpering and don’t fall into the Well of Lonliness. It’s 2011!

Days already has a same sex pairing with sexual chemistry in Chad and Will. Those two would be the best choice for a romance as the foundation has already been set. They are frenemies who sparkle in scenes together.

The fact that a Chill pairing would instigate another Horton/Dimera drama would be icing on the cake. There is a lot of story that could be had from this pairing. Much more story than pairing them up with anyone else currently on the canvas.

At this point Days is creatively dead. A Chill pairing would get them press and possibly reinvigorate the show.

I feel like a same-sex coupling on DAYS could be a real head-turner.

I feel like what went wrong with ATWT’s Luke is that they wrote themselves into a big storm of publicity and then wrote themselves into a corner to which they couldn’t back out of. And OLTL had the perfect opportunity to succeed but didn’t roll with it as they probably felt they didn’t wish to ruin KISH.

As for Y&R, they let me down. I felt like out of all the soap operas, they could’ve handled it well but just insulted it. Phillip is a gay male yet has no partner, and that Adam/Rafe storyline was just plain insulting.

AMC has ruined Bianca and her pairing with Reese, though they are making it in true soap opera fashion so I have to give them thumbs up for not treating it as a “special” situation, they’re making it a true soap romance type of thing.

DAYS has the power to make a completly successful, long lasting soap romance between Will and Chad, and maybe even Dario. I hope they go with it.

And PS: DAYS needs to move to like 2PM EST so I can DVR it in HD. I’m tired of watching soapnet for it, and soon won’t even have that. :-/

Carday says NO gay sl at all for Days LOL but we know how he lies,,,,,
no one said it was going to be two men,I heard two gals @@

Please DOOL don’t do it.

Would LOVE to see Carly and Chloe in a good storyline….

Carly & Jennifer. Second choice would be Chad & Will.

Rafe2 & Daniel!
Daniel & Bo!!!
BRADY BLACK and PHILLIP KIRIAKAS- please, please, please. (Alas, it would be short lived since Jay is leaving the show. But, after falling into a lustfilled night in Brady’s arms, and a subsequnt short lived romance, Phillip could leave town in a panic, leaving BRADY BLACK to find romance with EJ!!)
Rafe 1 and EJ!
Of course, Will (but I wish he could be played by the previous actor who played the role) and Chad. All kidding aside, this could be a wonderful story oppotunity- OF COURSE, Stefano, and probably EJ would be homophobic, and cause lots of pain and consternation for the new homo DiMera. The tension could split the guys up, and of course in true soap opera fashion, during a night of drunken heartbreak- Chad could end up with Darius- and begin soap’s first GAY Triangle love story.
Other possibilites- Stefano & Victor! BRADY BLACK and any other hot guy that’s ever been in Salem- past, present, and future! Abe & Stefano! Gus & Lucas (back from Europe)! Did I mention BRADY BLACK & EJ? BRADY BLACK & Rafe 1 & Rafe 2- another Salem Gay Traingle!- And the most scandalas possibity- certain to cause dissention and protests from clone advocates worldwide- RAFE 1 and RAFE 2!!!!! OMG- think of the possiblities! Could give new meaning to the phrase ‘go #!##!.yourself!”
Seriously- I LOVE Days- inspite of the fact that it’s producers (Corday, etc) are notoriously homophobic, and have been for decades. I will never forget- years ago, I was a very young boy, watching Days with my mom, when Julie (now known as Hope’s sister , Doug’s wife) had a female “friend”. I remember I watched with silent intrigue as this “female friend” made clear overtures towards a married Julie Williams. For a few episodes, Julie seemed to take this flirtation in stride, and young as I was, I remember being in awe and very intrigued. Of course, I couldn’t identify why I felt so mesmerized by this storyline- but I was less than ten years old, and very, very interested in the turnout of this plot line. Unbeknowest to my young self, the network and/or the Corday production team got cold feet midstream. I will never, ever forget how I my young, unvoiced gay self felt when I tuned in the following week, to find Julie’s “lesbian” friend turned into a psycotic, unstable mess who spent an episode STALKING a quickly appalled and unsympathetic Julie Williams. It was so long ago, and I may have gotten some details incorrect. However, i will never forget the implicit message that Corday and company offered my young, impressionale, very gay self- that being gay and expressing your true feelings was wrong, undesireable, and even criminal. (If memory serves correctly, Julie’s paramour was carted off, albeit hysterically, by Salem’s police force.) I wonder if the producers during that time ever reallized the harm and pain they contributed by perpetuating such a negative image of gay people. Of course, I understand that times have changed since the 1970’s- and perhaps Days was daring to even attempt such a controversial storyline. (Not long after the Julie/lesbian storyline, they had the first interracial storyline, with Scott Banning ( I think his name was Scot) and Val). However, at least they lasted 3 years before NBC caved in to the objections of ignorant, update, and prejudiced viewers, and abruptly wrote the couple off. So, now Days and Corday- it’s time to make ammeds to your gay fans- give us Will and Chad! or Chad and Darius! Or (please, please, please) BRADY BLACK and ANY/EVERY man in Salem!

Unfotunately Michael, times haven’t changed and homphobia is very much prevalent in society and even more so on American soaps and shows. Did you see how QAF, ATWT, and OLTL treated the gay characters. I have never seen a happy ending for a gay character. And, this trend will most likely continue.

NOOOOO gay storyline needed. REALLY. Enhance tradition and develop a strong consistent family, marital and single heterosexual relationships. Remember the Soaps are fantasy with a touch of reality.

I am a believer in tradition and traditional families, but having said that this is not the world we live in today.Love comes in all kinds of packages .I think it would be a mistake for people to pretend that gay love does not exist.Any relationship that has respect and love for one another has to be acknowleged! The families of today are not the traditional families of years ago.And what is a family anymore?There are so many divorces, babies without Fathers supporting them,neglect, abuse, etc.A loving , committed, monagamous,relationship makes a REALfamily.That’s just the way it is.And no , I’m not gay.I’m straight, married, with three children,, none who are gay!

none thank you… being a heterosexual older women, just would not add to my enjoyment of the show…sorry that is how it is..

Being a gay older woman, the straight storylines do not add to my enjoyment of the show…sorry, that’s how it is !

So why do you watch in the first place? The intellectually stimulating storylines? What is really needed is more soap operas for gays and lesbians on network TV not through web subscriptions. That way you can tune in to something that turns you on and not be turned off by the straight people leaping into bed. Now if we are talking prime time shows that have nothing to do with leaping in bed, well bring on all the gay characters you want. I’m perfectly fine with homosexuality. I have relatives and friends who are gay, I just don’t want to watch them have sex and I should think they feel the same about heterosexuals, unless . . . they are bi : )

I hope Days does NOT do a gay storyline.

Please DO NOT ADD a homosexual relationship…Will and Chad??? THIS IS CRAZY!!! DON’T RUIN THEIR CHARACTERS LIKE THAT!


DONT DO THE GAY STORY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF is up with a gay storyline? ughhh…

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives wins WGA Award for Daytime Drama Series

Sunday night, April 14th in concurrent ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York City, the Writers Guild of America is handing out their 76th annual WGA Awards in the fields of motion picture, television, news media, and radio/audio.

In the Daytime Drama category, Peacock’s Days of our Lives was the winner, taking home its fourth WGA Award in this category in a row.

The DAYS winning writing team consisted of Head Writer Ron Carlivati Creative Consultant Ryan Quan and Writers Sonja Alar, Jazmen Darnell Brown, Joanna Cohen, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Cheryl Davis, Kirk Doering, Christopher Dunn, Jamey Giddens, David Kreizman, Henry Newman, Dave Ryan, and Katherine D. Schock.

Photo: JPI

The team from Days of our Lives bested the only other team in the category from General Hospital, which consisted of former GH head writers: Dan O’Connor, Chris Van Etten Writers Ashley Cook, Emily Culliton, Suzanne Flynn, Charlotte Gibson, Lucky Gold, Kate Hall, Elizabeth Korte, Shannon Peace, Stacey Pulwer, Dave Rupel, Lisa Seidman, and Scott Sickles.


As previously reported, a show spokesperson for Days of our Lives shared that the episodes submitted for the competition were #14663, #14678 & #14679, and mostly centered around the death, and the funeral of Victor Kiriakis played by the late John Aniston.

This week, DAYS head scribe, Ron Carlivati, confirmed that, and told Michael Fairman TV on the decision of the scripts the team submitted: “I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, and then there was Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s (Louise Sorel) crashing the reading of the will.”

You can follow along with the live updated list of all the winners from tonight’s WGA ceremonies here.

Michael Fairman TV will have more on DAYS WGA Award win as it becomes available.

So, what do you think of Days of our Lives winning the WGA Award writing award for a Daytime Drama series for the fourth year in a row? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves Talk Return to DAYS for Doug’s Funeral, Susan Seaforth Hayes, and Their Enduring Friendship

Last week, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000th episode which is tentatively scheduled to air on December 3rd. The story will feature emotional and heart-tugging scenes of Doug Williams funeral and honor his portrayer, the beloved Bill Hayes, who passed away on January 12th at the age of 98.

While the actors, producers, and crew took a lunch time break to pose for some pictures and speak with the press, they knew they would have to get back to taping the funeral, which was going to make it a tough day, but also cathartic for all who loved Bill Hayes.

Several returns have thus far been announced including; Melissa Reeves reprising her signature role of Jennifer Horton (a part she first played in 1985), and Matthew Ashford as Jack Deveraux. Reeves had last appeared on the show back in 2021, and she was replaced by Emmy-winner Cady McClain in her absence when Jennifer was in storylines. In real-life, Melissa had moved full-time to Tennessee along with her husband, Scott Reeves (ex-DAYS, GH, Y&R). Now, and as previously reported, Reeves will first appear back on DAYS for the Thanksgiving episodes with the Hortons.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Matt and Melissa during the 15,000th episode celebration to get their take on: being back for these special episodes, how it has been working with and watching Susan Seaforth Hayes portray Julie’s grief over losing Doug, and how they have supported each other through the years. Check out what they shared below.

Melissa, you are back on the set of Days of our Lives for this very emotional and special moment in the series history. How does it feel?

MELISSA: Oh, my goodness. I am honored. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but to be here for Bill. He was like my real-life dance partner. He taught me how to ballroom dance. And to be here for Susan, of course, who’s just been our sweet hero this whole week. We’re just following her lead. She’s just been this incredibly strong example for us in the midst of this trial and season of her life. She is like just lifting us all up with her. It’s been incredible.

I was at Bill Hayes memorial service which was truly incredible and I know at the time you were in Tennessee. It was moving and celebratory of his life, all at the same time.

MELISSA: That’s all I have heard. I have to watch it on You Tube. They said it was just a real celebration of his life and I love that.

Photo: JPI

This must be difficult for Susan Seaforth Hayes depicting the death of Doug, when she is still grieving the loss of her beloved husband. (Susan pictured above with the returning Stephen Schnetzer who plays her on-screen brother, Steve Olson).

MELISSA: I’m sure Susan has those moments at home by herself, but she’s so good at being a leader and leading all of us. We’re following her, you know, and she’s like, “This is how I want to feel today.” And we’re just going along with her, you know? It’s so sweet.

Photo: JPI

How is it to see Matt Ashford again live and in-person?

MELISSA: You know, Matt and I can go years without talking, or seeing each other, and then the minute we see each other we’re chatting away.

MATT: Melissa was out on set doing a scene yesterday on the phone talking to a stage manager; as she was telling some really tough news on the phone. I’m like crying in the background, literally, I’m off-stage crying.

MELISSA: And then we get like back into normal life, and we’re like, okay, “What’s happening? What’s happening with this … or what’s happening with that?”

I had read, Melissa, that you were in touch with Matt about if there night be a possibility for you to reprise your role as Jennifer for these special episodes?

MELISSA: Yes. Well, Matt was like, “Hey! Would you want to come back? “And I was like, “Matt, you know, I would always come back. ”

MATT:  Every time I come here to Days of our Lives, they ask, “Where’s Missy? How’s Missy?” Everybody backstage says, “I miss her.” All of the crew is asking about her and saying, “It would be nice to see Missy. Nothing wrong with you Matt, but …”  They said, “Where is she?” I said, “She wants to come!”

Photo: JPI

There are some beautiful photos of Missy and Bill and Susan thorough the years that I found. It just reminded me of just the deep and entrenched history we all have had with the show, personally and professionally.

MATT: Missy is roughly the age where Francis Reid (ex-Alice Horton) was when she started the show, which is just crazy.

Photo: JPI

I’ve always said Missy was going to be the next generation Alice. Do you feel that Jennifer is the heir apparent matriarch of the Horton family?

MELISSA: Yes. I mean, this has been greatest blessing of my life, and that would be great. I told Ken Corday (executive producer, Days of our Lives) when I was 17 that this show would be my life. Ken always told me, “This is your home,” and I’ve always felt like that.

How have gotten through the scenes watching Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie go through the loss of Doug?

MATT: Susan is bringing her best performance life for her and Bill. I mean, she’s a showbiz baby. She always has been one hundred percent, and she’s doing it for him, and this is who they’ve always been. So, you’re seeing this amazing performance colored by her life. She has her private life as Susan, but she has enough plugged into Julie that she’s done amazing work. The director, producers and writers are giving her room to live in these moments and it’s quite wonderful.

Photo: JPI

Have you already broken down in tears during the taping?

MELISSA: Yesterday, but today’s taping of the actual funeral I think they want us to try and be just more celebratory.

MATT: I mean, it is a beautiful long life for Bill Hayes and his character of Doug Williams, and so it will be about that. Then, you get a bunch of us together in the church pews, and there’s going to be hijinks.

MELISSA: We all have been through the waves of grief. You have that awful cry and then all of a sudden you feel okay.  There are those family situations we are portraying where you’re like, “What do we do? What do we do now? You know, no one knows what to do. But, it’s so sweet. I’m looking forward to seeing how the scenes all turn out.

So, are you glad that Matt and Melissa are back for the 15K episode and Doug’s funeral? From what we can tell, it’s going to be quite an emotional journey for Days of our Lives fans, and especially the performance of Susan Seaforth Hayes, 

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Days Of Our Lives

Ron Carlivati Talks on Decision to Make Days of our Lives 15000th Episode About Doug’s Funeral, and Previews Chances for WGA Award

This week, Days of our Lives celebrated the taping of their 15,000th episode. In of it itself, that is an incredible accomplishment for the long-running soap opera currently streaming on Peacock.

However, this on set gathering was a bit different. Though the show is celebrating their achievement, they are also in the middle of taping scenes surrounding the death and the funeral of Doug Williams, played by the late Bill Hayes, who passed away on January 12th of this year at the age of 98.

As previously revealed many longtime favorites are back to honor Bill and the character of Doug including: Gloria Loring (Liz), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Maree Cheatham (Marie), Victoria Konefal (Ciara) and Stephen Schnetzer (Steve) to name but a few.

Photo: JPI

Michael Fairman TV was in attendance and spoke with Days of our Lives head writer, Ron Carlivati to gain some insight into how the 15,000 episode was crafted and the decision to honor the character of Doug Williams and Bill Hayes as its epicenter. In addition, Ron weighed-in on this Sunday’s April 14th WGA (Writers Guild of America) Awards, where he and his writing team are facing off with General Hospital for the daytime drama prize. Here’s what Ron shared below.

Was this your idea to make the 15,000th episode centered around Doug’s funeral and passing?

RON: It was. When you’re looking at it, and laying out the calendar for the whole year and you see 15,000 is coming up, we’re like, “What are we going to do?” And then, we got the news that Bill had passed away and something kind of clicked. I was like, “We should honor Doug on that show.” So then, we started to kind of build around that … when does he pass away? How does he pass away? Who could come back? You know, it’s a lot.  I’m very pleased with the returns that we got as there’s so much that you could do. We wanted everybody we could get. So, we put together a wish list and Janet Drucker (co-executive producer, Days of our Lives) made it happen.

Photo: JPI

You have Melissa Reeves back as Jennifer, when the role was last played by Cady McClain. What has it meant to have Missy back for these shows?

RON: It was so nice to see Missy Reeves. I think Cady has done such a good job, but on the 15,000th episode to see Missy as Jennifer, it’s a big deal. So having her was great, and overall, the milestone was a big undertaking, because you want to live up to it. You want the 15,000th episode to be good. Now, it has a lot of real emotion that you’re playing. because for the cast and the crew they’re honoring Bill Hayes just as much as we’re honoring Doug Williams.

Photo: JPI

Was it hard for you and the team to write this episode?

RON: Yes. I’ll tell you why it was hard to write.  When I wrote, for example, Asa’s (Phillip Carey) death on One Life to Live or Victor’s (John Aniston) on DAYS, Asa is a different type of character. Like, you could have characters going, “Oh! I’m glad he is dead.” You could have different points of view, but with Doug, you’re not having that. Every person loves this man. No one had a bad relationship with him. So, you’re challenge as a writer is how do you make it that not everybody’s saying the same thing and doing the same thing. And so, we tried to find ways to make the episode about all the familial relationships and yet, how do you make it about Doug and yet broaden the scope.

Photo: JPI

I had spoken to Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), a week after Bill’s memorial, for an interview. She said that she felt very fortunate that you did include her on discussions of how you would tackle Doug’s passing. How did that conversation go?

RON: First, I attended Bill’s funeral, which was incredible. I said to so many people it was an emotional service, but it was hard to be sad at this. The guy had an incredible life and it was an incredible celebration. And so, you’re sitting there watching this knowing that you now have to write something similar. And how do you write something that lives up to what you just witnessed? I wanted to talk to Susan to get her thoughts about, you know, how much do you want this to be about keeping Bill separate from Doug. How comfortable are you sharing your grief. She was incredible to talk to. It was a great chat.

You’re in the middle of taping these major scenes for the 15,000 episode to air in December. How do you think it’s going? Have you seen any of the scenes?

RON:  I haven’t seeing anything. I mean, we were still making changes to the script up till this morning!

Photo: JPI

The Writers Guild Awards are this Sunday, April 14th and once again this year there are two daytime drama nominees, General Hospital and Days of our Lives. How are you feeling about your chances this year?

RON: It is often just GH and us in the category. I’ve won three years in a row, so I’m kind of feeling like it’s their turn.

Photo: JPI

What episodes did you submit for contention? If I recall, they had to do with Victor’s memorial.

RON: The episodes we submitted were centered around Victor’s funeral. I think one has story with Vivian (Louise Sorel). We had some fun stuff, we had some emotional stuff at Victor’s death, and I am pretty sure that our submission was three episodes right around that time.

Did you make the decision to go with those episodes because there was a mix of humor and drama?

RON: I like to have some humor, but it was also the funeral, then there’s Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) giving birth, and then Vivian’s crashing the reading of the will. So, we had a lot of fun and it’s hard sometimes to pick three that tell a story, as opposed to submitting for the Daytime Emmys, where the writing team only submits two shows. So, we shall see how it goes on Sunday.


So, are you looking forward to the emotional 15,000th episode of Days of our Lives? Do you think DAYS will take home the WGA writing award for daytime dramas for the 4th year in a row? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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