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Exclusive: Love Stories On The Soaps Daytime Emmys Segment Package!



During this year’s 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Telecast, “love in the afternoon” was given its due and its own very special tribute when a 3 minute plus clip package featuring some of the greatest love stories and couples throughout the years from the remaining four network soap operas.

As the tribute to soaps love stories played on-stage, Tessanne Chin, winner of season five of the The Voice, wowed the audience by performing the iconic Marvin Hamlisch tune from the landmark Broadway musical A Chorus Line, “What I Did For Love”.   Chin sang alongside a montage of some of the most heart-tugging, memorable moments of super couples and duos.

However, since during the telecast the camera was often on Chin’s stirring performance, and not the clips that only those attending the Daytime Emmys could see, daytime fans had inquired how they could see the entire package.  And now, On-Air On-Soaps is posting the segment exclusively here.  Michael Fairman, who was the Daytime Emmy telecast consulting producer created the love stories clip package along with Daytime Emmy telecast editor Patrick Doody.


From General Hospital’s Luke and Laura, Sonny and Carly, Patrick and Robin, Sonny and Brenda, Maxie and Nathan, Julian and Alexis, to The Bold and the Beautiful’s Bill and Brooke, Liam and Hope, Ridge and Brooke, Rick and Maya, Liam and Steffy, to The Young and the Restless Nick and Sharon, Paul and Lauren, Victor and Nikki, Danny and Christine, Malcolm and Olivia, Phyllis and Jack, Katherine and Murphy, to Days of our Lives EJ and Sami, John and Isabella, Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, John and Marlena, Sonny and Will, and Abe and Lexie, were all a part of this emotional highlight of the Emmy ceremonies.

Watch the Daytime Emmy greatest love stories package below. Then let us know what was your favorite moment in it, and of course … who is your favorite soap couple of all-time?

[slidepress gallery=’what-i-did-for-love’]

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Favorite soap couple of all time would be Liz & Neil… still holding out hope for #Days50 🙂

I have several favorites and Dr. Neil Curtis and Liz Chandler Curtis are waaaaay up there! I hope your wish is granted!!!!!

Oh, my gosh…are you talking about Gloria Loring, 4ever? My grandmother talks about that romance as being one of her faves also.

Yes, CeeCee, If only Gloria can come back as Liz and sing us a song!

ie: from DAYS 50th Anniversary, issue: Gloria Loring

“what did you think about your new job”

I just reveled in it. i loved being there and from very early on, i got to work with Joe Gallison, who was such a great teacher. i had two young kids at home, and i was a little scattered. i’d come in and i always wanted to be the social person and he’d get annoyed with me and i would smarten right up. it was like having a teacher that’s holding the ruler. but he was great! I needed that! and he always totally comitted to the work of the moment and because of that, he helped me even more fully commit to the moment. he taught me all these great things and I was so blessed to have him for a part for those 6 1/2 years”

just wonderful stuff to read in this issue.

she went on to state… that when she was hired…

“…I remember for about the first six months, i was certain they were gonna fire me at any moment. but a year later, of the 11 characters they brought on all at the same time, i was only one of two that were left.”

I love Gloria’s voice….I googled her. She also sang the title song of THE FACTS OF LIFE. I know I was only 2 when it went off air, but I remember the tune in my head. My family makes fun of me , telling me I was too young. My mother says I think I remember through the power of suggestion since my older siblings still talk about that show….LOL.
I feel that I’ve missed so much not being around or being too young to have watched these soaps.
When you guys reminisce about the good old days, even within my family, I feel as if I’ve been cheated somehow. Weird, huh?????

Yes! There used to be so much music on Days. I think I got my love of music from that show. Bill Hayes & Gloria singing at Doug’s Place! We didn’t have a VCR back then, so if I didn’t see it when it aired, I missed the show. Someone on YouTube has most of the last three years of the Liz & Neil story. Some of this stuff I’m seeing for the first time. I distinctly remember all the music though. I read someplace that Gloria has said she’d love to come back. Joe just turned 80 and doesn’t really do any acting anymore.
Liz really has no ties to Salem anymore… but I have story ideas, and I’m not even a writer! lol
Fingers are still crossed for a return! 🙂

@CeeCee….I would never discount the possibility that you do indeed remember that tune. I’ve had many recollections from my earliest childhood…reading newspaper headlines whilst in my highchair, recalling moments from television programs shared with my parents, recognizing popular songs played during my infancy—to the point of even knowing the all the words so I could sing along—and mentioning knowledge of people of whom I had only encountered as a baby, and my mother always confirmed these memories as fact. Hence, given that I had no siblings to “prompt” these notions, they most certainly had to have been authentic impressions. Additionally, I cannot tell you how many times I have read that after a child is born they can instantly recognize their mother’s voice and even music “heard” while in utero, so the idea that you have the “Facts of Life” theme imprinted upon your brain is really not so far-fetched!

I would vote for;
Julian and Alexis !!
They were not sappy campy..

All that unicorn and rainbow love stuff is so over the moon sappy campy lol ..
Julian and Alexis were/are very awesome!!

Well, look at their relationship now. He’s a thug/weasel & she’s a hypocrite who continue to breakup & make up. It’s old & tiresome, so give me a sappy campy couple over that repetitive mess anyday.

Leila, hi..
Julian and Alexis are a perfect soap couple..
they are love and lust and and two sides of the coin..
He is a mobster with a heart of love for her she is an attorney who is scared to love. And their chem is grabbing..
they never are dull and most of all they are not the typical stereotype sappy campy over the rainbow couple that become dreary quickly and a lot of campy love problems to torture us with their boring love gone wrong stuff..
Julian and Alexis are perfectly rounded!

and- every single soap character is a hypocrite in one way or another..

Hi, Su.
I do agree that Alexis and Julian were hot the first time I saw them together. I liked the idea that after so many years, decades, actually….they came together. Now, if they are together in the biblical sense, I FF.
This is personal, but for me, a great romance not only includes passion, tearing each other’s clothes off (as the overly-used Alexis does, anywhere and everywhere) , sexually-I-see-stars-bursting-and-volcanos-exploding and losing oneself in the ‘moment’;……but also, gossamer caresses, mushy, sappy preludes of the coming delights, with whispers of sweet-nothings in each other’s ears.
But, now? … has become tawdry….the writers have made this character cheap and ‘passed around’. However, I think it is something very personal, right? To each his/her own. None of us holds the key.
This from my grandmother, su…..her opinion, not mine…I wasn’t born yet. Well, she said that the sweetest and most everlasting romance for her was AMC’s Greg and Jenny. Why? ….because it had that tragic ROMEO AND JULIET flavor within its magic…..her words.

Also, as someone already mentioned, she was into Jesse and Angie….as one of the most iconic and romantic couples.

The best romance is young love because the first experience is the sweetest in our hearts. Everything is brand new….I am still at that exciting place, su…and, I hope I always will be.

Best romance isn’t limited to young love. There’s also something to be said about older, enduring love being the best romances. Maybe not as many fireworks and hormones at work any more (but that depends on who you talk to), but a lot of tenderness, loyalty, forgiveness and the having followed through on promises and “till death do us part” stuff. It’ incredible to see it when they can go the distance.

I’m sure you’re right, Rose. Sorry. However, I can only base my opinion on what I know. I suppose it is unrealistic to generalize. I am not there yet. If my parents are an example of everlasting love and romance, yes…romance can exist at any age….very rare ! It depends on the people involved and destiny. I hope I will maintain the same ideals that forty years from now.
As far as Soapland is concerned, I can’t think of one couple in the recent past (sorry about the oxymoron) that I would call a great romance. The relationship falls apart before it even starts.

CeeCee…that’s what I like about you. You are open to other ideas, even if you haven’t experienced them yet. You’re fortunate to have the parents you have as an example of lasting “romance.” As far as “Soapland” I agree. Lasting romance is few and far between. Probably the last I’ve seen on GH is Edward and Lila, and maybe Bo and Nora on OLTL. Just a theory is there are more younger romances because all the soaps have a preferred demo of younger viewers. I understand this so I try to have fun with these romances, partly because they help keep my programs on air. And there can be a bit of dejavu for some of us outside the preferred demo. I won’t elaborate, my experience is that my kids don’t really want to know.

Very well put, CeeCee. You already know my view of the cheap, tacky antics of Alexis and her boytoy, Julian. I’ve never understood how their pairing can be construed as some sort of epic romance, when it’s truly never been more than a relationship of happenstance and convenience, one based solely upon the fact that they conceived an illegitimate child as the result of a single night of anonymous teenaged nooky. When these two first re-encountered each other, it was due to a colossally-contrived chance in a million, and yet, we were supposed to buy into the notion that their almost immediate shipping was built upon something real and profound? Sorry, but their pairing was too instantaneous to ever be believable, almost as rapid as the wanton Alexis strips for a quickie, and we know how fast that—and she—can be! Hence, the “coming together” of these characters has in no way been a meeting of minds and souls…just bodies, and certainly no great example of two people creating a lasting and meaningful love of a lifetime. Furthermore, I’ve always maintained that were Julian allowed to find a more appealing and appropriate partner for his personality and lifestyle, then he’d be gone from this pathetically shallow arrangement in a New York minute! (Just witness the speed with which Olivia and he caught fire….I still have hopes that they will end up together upon her return to Port Charles.)

Anna and Duke should have been on the list! And for old times sake, Edward and Lila.

And if you have to have Robin and Patrick, should also add Anna and Robert Scorpio.

Bring back AMC and OLTL!!!!

Even Robin Scorpio couldnt bring those two back from the dead!

Cute, Sharon!

Favorite soap couple of all time (TSJ) Todd- Victor /Tea. Hope and Liam (still waiting for a payoff and Hope’s return…please) but, my absolute favorite of the clip.

LoveloveLOVE Alexis and Julian so they’re my pick!!

But LnL are just simply undeniable as well!! :))))

Fun to watch in its entirety, but so many couples were overlooked. Would’ve been great to see them instead of seeing multiple clips of the same couples. Example, instead of two of Maxie and Nathan, what about Carly and Bo (DOOL) or Jason and Sam (GH). I felt there was something lacking.

Nathan and Maxie!!

Sonny and Will were my favorite. I am just so sad and disappointed that the writer’s destroyed them. Such an amazing thing they did doing their story line …now what it has become is tragic.

Victoria Wyndham /Rachel & Douglas Watson / Mac Another World! Respect & love on and off camera for sixteen years no one will or has ever made that kind of impact. True class wins out every time!

I’m with you 100% : was this montage only from the 4 serial on air… to feature and celebrate

almost any thing… from Another World, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light… and Santa Barbara would have surpassed

toast and soapbox what lives

I would also give special mention to Patch & Kayla also Eden & Cruz of Santa Barbara. Marcy has now retired from acting and is a youth minister at Life Church in Edmond ok.

Go watch the tribute VW did of Douglas Watson when he died in 1989 I think will make you cry like a baby. Sorry soaps are not what they use to be that is why I hit and miss and that is my choice other new viewers live them a different time

Danny and Michelle (Joie Lenz version) GL, but they don’t count because GL is no longer on the air!

Steve and Kayla are the epitome of daytime romance. The clip of them was too brief but I am glad they were included/remembered. So many classic couples were missing.

Steve and kayla… “truly” my all time favorite supercouple
so close.. and on even par… Shane and Kimberly

Patrick I think you and I think on the same scale I want old respect and love not rushed a slow burn that is soap opera I also like you loved Marlena with Roman played by Wayne Northup and yes John and the raised eyebrow!!!

Gotta say, I’m with you IA and Patrick, Steve&Kayla, fave soap couple of all time. They had a love that grew on us, slowly, at times MADDENINGLY so, lol .. it was torture, but it was sweet torture. Stephen Nichols conveyed so much emotion with just one eye, SUCH a good actor, and MaryBeth Evans matched him step-for-step. Their real-life friendship made their relationship so much more “real”, they really made it believable. Their theme songs, his little nickname for her, “Sweetness”, the way they looked at each other .. DAYS has had some great couples, but Patch&Kayla are my #1. They are the reason I started watching DAYS all those years ago, when Steve was pushing her away so she would marry Jack. I need to get on Youtube and watch their story from the beginning one of these days. Shane & Kimberly, too! Never saw their story.

Sami and EJ were the best by a mile other’s didn’t compare all these vets Days are bringing back will make up for the loss of Ali and James i rather see them both of them back back than all these actors that are coming back not interested in watching them.

Ejami will always be Days greatest super couple.

NICE montage

my top 5 un mementos

#1. laugh out loud : studmuffin Doug Davidson, walking in on : “wearing” only rose petals…. I’ve always like these two, “together!” (should be lauded Lauralee Bell)

#2. the greatest love story : John and izzi B… John Black and Isabella… sobbed with my damn breaking

#3. saddest death and break : Lexie and Abe, DAYS

#4. Patrick and Robin marrying

#5. OK : 3 way tie:

Melody Thomas Scott : i could watch her doing any thing : just not with Victor..anymore
Will and Sonny Wedding: DAYS
John Black and Marlena reunion : on the pier

Doug Davidson’s best chemistry was with Cassandra Rollins played by the gorgeous Nina Arvensen Bill Bell did a take off of the movie Body Heat it was such great soap.

First appearance March 03, 1988
Last appearance April 15, 1991

I recall her very well : steamY

another “blonde” that knocked my socks off : Carrington Garland, From 1989 to 1991, she played the role of Kelly Capwell on the daytime TV soap Santa Barbara.

from all the decades plus of watching daytime…. I think it’s OK to categorize…. some people… in a league of their own: Too Beautiful

for the brunnette : Crystal Chappell, ex-Carly, DAYS

my favorite woman… is Mary Beth Evans, Kayla, Days of OUR Lives

Ooooh….you are so right, “The Substitute!” Nina Arvesen was quite the soap siren! Cool, blonde and dangerous! I miss the days when the ladies of daytime were drop-dead gorgeous and oh so sophisticated!

Still wiping away the tears! This was beautiful and should have been shown in its entirety!

Greg & Jenny from AMC were the all-time best! It sucks that they didn’t feature classic couples from the soaps no longer on.

My favorite soap couple of all time is Caleb and Olivia Morley, Port Charles! They were mystical, magical. Played with perfection by Easton and Monaco. They stirred my heart and soul! They were brilliant! I still terribly miss that show and their realm!

So true, Ann! Caleb and Livvie were a “Gothically-delicious duo!” (No vampire pun intended!) I loved the moody, evocative vibe of “Port Charles,” too! “Twas a real treat when GH briefly acknowledged the show’s history with Easton and Monaco.

I found the package biased towards Luke and Laura as it started and finished and then some. Luke punching Scotty. Really! I don’t know Liam and Hope, but I agree that clip was nice. The four shows were represented based on who is still on the canvas. Two couples EJ and Sami/Abe and Lexi one half the each couple was dying. They could have pick better clips for some couples: Bo and Hope. there were duos missing: Duke and Anna

I would love to see packages of duos of the past too.

Sami and EJ hands downs my all time favorite couple. But the package was great. Good to see all the classic romance !

If I see Nathan and Maxie one more time I’m going to be sick.



it’s not so much that it’s forced….. they just do not work

i’m all for eye candy… but… he was dynamo with Ellie
bring her BACK !

this is one of those times… when they should rehire Brandon Barash for Maxie

Just FF, some of us like them 🙂

I will never tire of seeing Nathan and all his ‘trimming’. Sometimes Maxie gets on my nerves, but I like her…and her clothes..LOL. I want this couple to stay !!!!!!

Nathan and Maxie are the closest thing this generation’s GH has to a traditional “supercouple.” At least we had a year-long build up full of yearning and missed opportunities before they finally got together….no tacky, instant hook-ups for these two. I liked that. And ditto for the wardrobe comment….it was such a great relief when the Maximista got her fashionista mojo back!

Steffy and Liam. Lope never worked. Please get over it.

Thanks for this!
All time favorite couple JOHN AND MARLENA!!!
But if you give ode to John and Isabella… a shoutout to Roman and Marlena is definitely necessary.

yeah, the original, Wayne Northrop

have to go their : I have the Days 50th Anniversary Issue

and i swear… I have it just for the pic of Wayne Northrop… made the 5.99 price all the more worth it !


Back in the day, I loved Frisco & Felicia. They were my supercouple in the 80’s. I’ve loved lots of GH couples (Sonny & Brenda, Ned & Lois, Duke & Anna, Nik & Emily, Jason & Elizabeth, Julian & Alexis, Ric & Elizabeth…there’s probably more) but there’s only one right now that I ship beyond reason and that’s Nathan & Maxie. I don’t know what it is about them, their chemistry perhaps, or the way the two characters balance each other out,or the way he looks at her like she’s the only person in the world, or it could even be the fact that there is a couple to root for that does not belong to the mob in any way. I don’t know what it is, for me, they have IT.

I love reading every one else’s favorites. 🙂 It reminds me why I love this genre so much.

As far as GH goes, Frisco&Felicia will always be my favorite. Like Patch&Kayla, the actors had a great rapport off-screen, and it shone through. They were totally believable as a real couple. And we never had to suffer through them cheating on each other. That’s what a super couple is, faithful and true to one another .. unless one of them is believed to be dead! lol .. I love Nathan&Maxie, I agree, Ryan Paevey does a great job of acting like he simply ADORES Maxie (must not be that hard, she is pretty adorable, lol). They are reminiscent of Frisco&Felicia, there’ve been a few call-backs, like when he taught her how to shoot .. and when he was kissing her in a “Gone With the Windian kiss worthy of Rhett&Scarlett” said Spinelli , that was a call-back to the Halloween episode where F&F were dressed as Rhett&Scarlett & shared a memorable kiss. I hope they are endgame, Maxie should be with a man who’s like her dad, the detective. Like you, I prefer the good guys to the mob guys.

My neighbor wants to be heard lol
she says.. greatest couple is
.. Jesse and Angie … AMC

(who? lol)

I vote;

Josette and Barnabas / Dark Shadows

How about Greg and Jenny? (AMC)

Oh, I loved Greg and Jenny-I still remember watching her jet-ski accident and being so upset that Jenny was leaving the show..

Preacher and Jody! (EON)

Annnddd…..Ryan and Rick! (RH)

Yes, they are legendary 🙂

My favorite soap couple was Jake and Vicky on Another World

On Days my favorite couples were Jack and Jennifer, Kayla and Patch and Hope and Bo. And I liked Eve with Nick

On Y&R- early Victor and Nikki, not so much now–was always rooting for Tracy and Danny, but that never took hold for long and loved that romance between John Abbott and Christine’s mother, who died from AIDS– and MM’s Adam and Sharon.

On B&B– never really had a favorite there

On GH– haven’t watched for that long about 3 years, but I really like Nickolas with Britt until they ruin it. And liked Tracy and Luke, before Fluke came along.

What a thoughtful exclusive, Michael. Thank you for sharing this. I can appreciate a good vocalist but the director missed the mark on finding a way to show off both the singer and the clips. We really did miss the latter. No more! Again, my appreciation.

Mr. Fairman, thank you for producing this beautiful video package and for presenting it here at your website. It is fantastic!

Thank you so much for putting this up, Michael! I loved Ms. Chin’s singing, but really wanted to see the whole segment. Thank you for making that happen. Beautiful clips!

Sonny and Brenda were my “Luke and Laura” of the 90’s-I remember rushing home from high school, sitting in front of the television-doing my Algebra homework, and watching/recording General Hospital. I used to watch the “cliff-hanger” episodes with Sonny and Brenda over and over again. Loved them; still do!

I still want to hear Dr. O. sing this song…..Kathleen Gati could definitely do it justice!

What a fun idea! This is so hard, um..

1.Jason Morgan and Sam McCall-GH
2.Luke Spencer and Laura Webber-GH
3.Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady-DOOL
4.Mason Capwell and Julia Wainwright-SB
5.Josh Lewis and Reva Shane-GL
6.Jack Snyder and Carly Teeney-ATWT
7.Bo Buchanan and Nora Hannon-OLTL
8.Tad Martin and Dixie Clooney-AMC
9.John Black and Marlena Evans-DOOL
10.Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame-AW

Honorable Mentions:
Alan Michael and Lucy(GL)
Sonny and Brenda(GH)
Bo and Hope(DOOL)

Days Of Our Lives

Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor Cast as Mike Manning’s Conservative Parents on ‘The Bay’

The ever-expanding cast of the streaming soap opera, The Bay, has announced two new additions for its upcoming 9th season, including Days of our Lives favorite Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin Reed). TV fans also know Patrick Muldoon from his role as Richard Hart on Melrose Place.

In story, The Bay will bring Caleb McKinnon’s parents into the mix. Caleb is played by Daytime Emmy-winner and Outstanding Supporting Actor nominee this year, Mike Manning.

According to Deadline, Muldoon, along with Jennifer Taylor (Two and a Half Men), will play Caleb’s ultra-conservative parents. When Caleb married Daniel Garrett (Eric Nelsen), they all but abandoned him.  The season looks to bring a major story for Manning and hopefully and eventually love and acceptance from Caleb’s parents.

Photo: JPI

The casting news doesn’t stop there. Rhonda Ross has been tapped to play Colleen Givens, the biological mother of Pete Garrett’s (Kristos Andrews) wife Vivian (Karrueche Tran) in the new season.

Coleen is brought into the mix when Pete searches for Colleen after Vivian becomes ill. In the backstory, Colleen is a jazz singer who gave Vivian up for adoption at birth. Now she may be Vivian’s only hope to stay alive.

Photo: LANY Entertainment

The series is up for 5 Daytime Emmy nomination at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th including: Outstanding Drama Series, Writing,  Directing, A Martinez (Nard0) for Supporting Actor and the aforementioned Manning.

What do you think of the casting of Patrick Muldoon and Jennifer Taylor as the on-screen parents to Mike Manning on The Bay? Comment below.

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Kennedy Garcia on Joining the Cast of Days of our Lives: “For a Role to Come up for a Teenager with Down Syndrome was Just Amazing!”

Days of our Lives has made a groundbreaking move for the soaps, by casting Kennedy Garcia in the new role of Felicity. Viewers of the Peacock streaming soap opera will first see the character beginning the week of May 20th,

Garcia has previously appeared on primetime including on 9-1-1, This Is Us and more. Speaking to TV Insider, Kennedy shared: “I have wanted to be on a soap opera for a long time, so for a role to come up for a teenager with Down syndrome was just amazing!”

In real life, Kennedy who has Down syndrome is also a cancer survivor, and becomes he first teen with Down syndrome to land an ongoing role on the soaps. “It’s really such a special thing. I am so proud of Days of our Lives for taking this step and taking a chance on me. Inclusion in this industry is so important and I am proud to help move it forward.”

Photo: JPI

As to a little insight on her new role of Felicity in Salem, Garcia shared. “She is sweet, funny and kind. She is also very smart and she never misses anything. Most of all, she loves her family more than anything else. I think that viewers will love her and see the beauty she brings to everyone in her life.”

The actress added, “I hope that everyone will love Felicity and see that even though she has Down syndrome, she is cherished by her family and friends, she is capable of great things, and she’s a hard worker. I’m pretty sure she bakes better than I do. She is also a typical teenager who has real feelings and fears that people will see as her story goes on. I hope no one underestimates Felicity as a character, or actors with disabilities like me. Representation is so important and I’m so thankful for this opportunity to become Felicity and let you all get to know her, and me!”

What do you think of Days of our Lives casting of Kennedy Garcia and the importance of inclusion and representation on streaming and daytime dramas? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

TONIGHT: ‘Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer’

On Thursday night May 16th, the daytime community comes together for Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer, streaming live at 8 pm ET/5pm PT.

Stand Up To Cancer, in collaboration with leading daytime community voices Michael Fairman and Alan Locher, are coming together for a first-of-its-kind livestream event, Daytime Stands Up: A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

The three-hour benefit will feature stars from the world of daytime drama television past and present, musical performances, and stories of emotional on- and off-screen experiences with cancer. Special celebrity guests will also join the effort to encourage viewers to support urgently needed research and new cancer treatments.  You can watch live on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel, The Locher Room or the Stand Up To Cancer website.

In support of the event, SU2C will simultaneously launch a 10-day eBay silent auction, from May 16 through 26, for soap opera fans to bid on a wide range of items, including a meet-and-greet experience with the cast of NBC’s Days of Our Lives; an autographed script from the cast of CBS’s The Young and the Restless and signed merchandsise from CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful cast; a 1:1 video call with General Hospital’s Cynthia Watros, Maura West and Laura Wright, and with daytime legends Robert Newman, Vincent Irizarry, Colleen Zenk, and more. Full details will be shared the evening of May 16, at

As part of the event, you will hear, cancer survivorship stories from General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison and The Young and the Restless’ Colleen Zenk, who will reflect on the impact of publicly sharing their diagnoses; and 2024 Daytime Emmy nominee Eric Braeden, who shares his battle with bladder cancer

Daytime icon Jackie Zeman, who played nurse Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital for 45 years, shared by daughters Cassidy MacLeod and Lacey Gorden.

Elizabeth Hubbard who played the iconic Lucinda Walsh on As the World Turns and Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, shared by her on-screen daughter Martha Byrne and real-life son Jeremy Bennett.

Two-time Emmy Award-winner Jerry verDorn (Guiding Light / One Life to Live), shared by widow Beth verDorn and his on-screen wife on Guiding Light, friend and co-star Liz Keifer.

Andrea Evans, who played Tina Lord Roberts on One Life to Live, shared by her husband Stephen G. Rodriguez and daughter Kylie Rodriguez.

Kamar de los Reyes shared by his One Life to Live co-stars Michael Easton (General Hospital) Trevor St. John (The Young and the Restless).

Poignant reflections from actors who have portrayed breast cancer survivors, including Sharon Case and Eileen Davidson from The Young and the RestlessErika Slezak from One Life to LiveTina Sloan and Kim Zimmer from Guiding Light and more.

Additional talent slated to participate in the virtual benefit include (subject to change): Eddie and Kristen Alderson (One Life to Live)Elia Cantu (Days of Our Lives)The Day Players,  featuring Days of Our Lives castmates Carson BoatmanBrandon BarashWally Kurth (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee), Eric Martsolf (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee)Kassie DePaiva (One Life to Live)Don Diamont (The Bold and the Beautiful)Linsey Godfrey (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, Days of Our Lives)Leo Howard (Days of Our Lives)Lesli Kay (The Bold and the Beautiful)Eden McCoy (General Hospital)Kin Shriner (General Hospital)and Michelle Stafford (2024 Daytime Emmy nominee, The Young and the Restless).

You can watch the Daytime Stands Up livestream below. Now let us know if you have a cancer story that has affected your life via the comment section below, or how a daytime TV character who went through a cancer battle, gave you strength and courage in your own journey.


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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

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