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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: GH Rebroadcasts ‘Sonny with 3 Carlys’ 51st Anniversary Episode

Photo: ABC

Dealing with the production shutdown due to the coroinavirus pandemic, GH is spreading out their remaining new and original episodes by airing past broadcasts every Friday.

On tap today, on May 1st, is a very special one that brought together Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) and three of the women the played the role of Carly Corinthos.

Appearing in the episode are: the original Carly played by three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Sarah Brown, who played the role from 1996-2001, Tamara Braun (also a Daytime Emmy winner for her role as Ava on DAYS, but also nominated for her work as Carly)  who took on the role from 2001-2005 and the current Carly, Daytime Emmy winner, Laura Wright who stepped into the role in 2005.  Jennifer Bransford, who played the role for a short run is not part of the episode.

The action in this episode centers around Sonny reflecting on his tumultuous past with Carly.  It first aired on April 1, 2014 as part of the series 51st anniversary episode.

The episode was written by former head writer Ron Carlivati, who is now over at DAYS.  Another of the most memorable moments from the episode happens at the very beginning; when it starts in black and white as GH doctors and nurses past and presents names are paged to honor the legacy of the series and their characters, and the fans of the enduring ABC daytime drama.

General Hospital to Air Encore Episodes On 'Flashback Fridays' To Help Stretch Out Originals During COVID-19 Shutdown

It’s not to be missed!  Make sure to tune-in and let us know if you enjoyed the episode via the comment section below.

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GH has become more than annoying!
every (recent) episode are bursting with flashbacks..

Near a third of the episodes are flashbacks..
After a scene, there is a flashback.
An episode is over a 1/3 flashbacks.
It’s insulting; like we are too stupid to
remember what happened during the past week.

We’re not the stupid ones the writers are too
brain dead to write a full episode to they have
been using filler folder of flashbacks.

Now we get 22 mins of an episode
with 13 mins of the week or day before flashbacks.
it seems.
what is up with all the flashbacks..
Tuesdays show is 15 minutes of Mondays show
Wednesdays show is 15 minutes of Tuesday’s show etc.

we can remember what happened a week ago.

((If you haven’t noticed I’m really peeeved over
the overkill of flashbacks from yesterday or a week back!)

And– the soaps will not be back until
September or October 🙁


appearantly you complain a lot but you don’t read, the flashbacks were inserted after GH had to close down production due to the corona virus (maybe you haven’t heard of that either) that way they could extend the episodes that are currently airing, I too was annoy till I realize its brilliant on GH/ABC part not only does it stretch the episodes but it helps new viewers tuning in follow better. now if you want tune in to DOOL and stop your GH whining. If you don’t like the current GH because RC no longer writes it (thank God) or because of the good old days or whatever then don’t watch it for crying aloud, watching GH is not mandatory people.


hi aria 🙂
Seems you are complaining and whining more about my complaining 😉 than I with flashbacks..
I’m well aware of the soaps being down and
do not believe writers and editors/staff, spent time and effort to insert flashbacks to extend it’s time lol
personally- they did the nasty flashback deed
just to peeeeve me off..
yes! watching GH is ”mandatory”!
we all need to feed our addiction 🙂
(( stay safe during this maddening covid19 time..

// thinking soaps won’t be back til Oct, or latter.:(


In a few weeks there will be no new episodes due to the pandemic we are all facing right now!I for one am extremely grateful the show opted to go back and stretch out episodes with flashbacks so we can enjoy GH longer!That is the reason we are seeing more flashbacks because they added in them so as to create 1 episode into 2 giving us longer to enjoy the original shows!Im sure you will be complaining when there is none left of the new shows also!!!!

Violet Lemm2
Violet Lemm2

I think it is very ingenious and thoughtful of them to do this for the fans. It won’t be long before we don’t have any new shows.


Carlypalooza was a good episode. Wish they would go for a TRUE classic episode (i.e. anything before February 2012) but since Valentini seems to be limiting this to only episodes he was involved in, this would be one of the better ones.

Though I wish they would have shown the episode where AJ actually got shot, because it reveals the truth that Ava was a lot more to blame for AJ’s death than Sonny was.

Yeah, Sonny was holding the gun. But it was Ava’s gun and she already pulled the trigger. The round got stuck in the chamber apparently.. Hell how do we know Sonny even actually pulled the trigger?

Let alone the actual circumstances that Sonny walked in on and found AJ trying to strangle Ava (she deserved it for killing ConKate and letting him take the blame for it, of course).

Or the fact that AJ actually was recovering from the not so lethal gun shot wound in the hospital, but then suddenly had a cardiac arrest and died. I still say Ava messed around with his IV drip (air bubbles…. some other drug in the mix… etc.)

Violet Lemm2
Violet Lemm2

Guess we’ll never know unless they re-write history as they do a lot.


duly noted : “nothing ‘general’ about it ” April 25, 2020 New York Times Best Seller #13 (new on the list)

the following week… May 2, 2020 NOWHERE to be seen !!!!!

he’s so dour… too amiable on the humble… just a boring pair

Sonny and Carly

Violet Lemm2
Violet Lemm2

Enjoyed seeing S.Kanan. and others again. Sonny was one good looking dude, those dimples are to die for. I was not watching at the time of Sarah Brown’s Carly, but just love her.

General Hospital

GH’s Steve Burton and Maurice Benard Deliver “The Power Performance of the Week”

Last week, as General Hospital aired the final episodes they had in the can, prior to the coronavirus TV production shutdown, viewers of the series were left with a one-two punch of gut-wrenching performances from Daytime Emmy winners, Steve Burton (Jason) and Maurice Benard (Sonny)

Burton, also received great news last week, when he found out he was again Emmy-nominated in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series category, while Benard, told fans he did not submit himself in the competition this year, when they were wondering where his name was in the list of the finalists in the category.  However, Maurice won last year for the second time in his career, for Outstanding Lead Actor.


Now on last Tuesday and Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama series, Jason was trying his best to break it to Sonny that Sonny’s dad, Mike (Max Gail) is not going to get any better as he continues to decline from Alzheimer’s disease, and that Mike is waiting for Sonny to let him go.  Sonny is devastated sitting with Mike watching him being completely unresponsive.  He tell Mike he will be back to see him tomorrow, as he leaves Mike reaches out his hand slowly.

GH's Eden McCoy Chats on Tackling the Role of Young Carly, Josslyn's love life, and Her Co-Stars

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) has just told Jason that she believes the signs are all there that Mike is on his final decline and battle with Alzheimers. Mike is unresponsive, not eating. and slipping away quickly. She believes he wants to let go, but is holding on for Sonny’s sake, something that tears through Jason.  Knowing Jason was told something by Elizabeth, Sonny asks what it is.  That is when Jason tells Sonny he thinks Mike is waiting for Sonny to let him go.

An overcome Sonny tells Jason that he worries that Mike might still want to fight, but for what? He is a shell of himself and has no memories.  It is then that Burton as Jason, in a touching performance, tells Sonny what he’d want if he were in Mike’s place. Jason reflect that he wouldn’t want machines keeping him alive or his kids having to go through what Sonny is having to deal with right now   Jason goes on to say that even when Sonny put walls up between himself and Mike through the years, that Mike never stopped trying to break them down.


Once Jason leaves, with tears running down his cheeks, Sonny sits with Mike trying to come to terms with what he must do now.  Will Sonny let Mike die and spare his father any further misery … or will he try to prolong whatever time Mike has left?

Happy 57th Anniversary Today to General Hospital

These scenes for anyone who has endured or lived through losing a loved one battling through Alzheimer’s and having to make a life and death decision, and the emotional turmoil and sadness it causes a family, could feel the pain and heartbreak played  by Burton and Benard. That is why Michael Fairman TV gives Steve and Maurice the honors of The Power Performance of the Week.

Watch a few scenes from part of Steve and Maurice’s ‘Power Performance’ below

Then let us know, what did you think of Steve and Maurice’s performances in the Alzheimer’s storyline? Comment below.

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Breaking News

‘Studio City’s’ Sean Kanan to Host Indie Series Awards Virtual Ceremony

Coming up, another award show will transition during the coronavirus pandemic to a virtual presentation when the 11th Annual Indie Series Awards reveals its winners in a ceremony w=on Thursday, June 18, starting at 9:00 p. m. EST.

This year, the host with the most will be Sean Kanan, known for his roles on General Hospital (Ex-AJ) and The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless (Ex-Deacon), and this year for his Daytime Emmy-nominated work from his digital series, Studio City,

“I am honored and excited to be a part of the digital community and ISA family,” added Kanan. “This is the future of entertainment.”

Since 2oo9, the ISAs have honored some of the best of independent web series.

Tickets are said to be going on sale, so you can watch the virtual ceremony beginning at home starting on June 1st.

For more on the Indie Series Awards visit their site here.

So, will you be checking out Sean and the Indie Series Awards next month? Comment below.

Special 'Guiding Light' Reunion with Maeve Kinkead, Gina Tognoni, Kurt McKinney & Bryan Buffington
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General Hospital

TODAY: General Hospital Rebroadcasts Masterful 52nd Anniversary Episode

Fans are in for a treat today (Friday, May 22nd) when ABC’s General Hospital airs an encore presentation of one of the finest hours of soap opera in the history of the genre, with its 52nd anniversary episode from April 1, 2015.

In the episode, viewers finally learned what turned Luke (Tony Geary) into Fluke, which has been the on-going story for months; but it all lead up to the shocking reveal, when Luke revisited his past in his broken down childhood home and the demons that haunted him.

Photo: ABC

The episode goes from black and white to color, as Geary plays two roles: Luke and his abusive father, Tim, in one of the greatest performances of his career.

It is there we finally see Luke’s mother, Lena, played to perfection by Laura Wright (Carly).  And, it is in these scenes we meet for the first time Chloe Lanier as a young Patricia Spencer, who was so good, she was later cast as Nelle.  Playing the young Luke in another powerful performance was Joey Luthman,

Throughout the twists and turns, viewers learn that Luke not only killed his father, but accidentally killed his own mother who he loved.  It was a harrowing moment of deeply repressed memories.  The ending in the present time also features the Spencer family rallying around a distraught Luke in the hankie-inducing final scenes.

Y&R's Elizabeth Hendrickson Gives Birth To Baby Girl

From the performances, to the script, to the direction, to the writing his one had it all.

So, will  you be watching today’s 52nd anniversary episode of GH?  Do you agree it was one of the finest episodes of the series? Comment below

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It’s “Villains Week” on Y&R an that means some Sheila Carter, David Kimball, and Isabella Brana, Check out the promo from CBS Daytime here.  Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Steve Burton as Jason & Maurice Benard as Sonny

General Hospital

Airdate: 5-19/20-2020