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Frank Valentini Has Exciting Casting News for GH! Could come early as Monday!



Alright soapers, put on your executive thinking caps!  There was a very intriguing tweet this afternoon from the new executive producer of General Hospital (and former exec of One Life to Live) Frank Valentini!

According to the tweet,  Valentini teased,  “Exciting GH casting news coming… stay tuned!”  Then, Soap Opera Digest announced that they are hearing that this major casting announcement is set for this Monday!

So who do you think is coming to GH?  Someone from One Life to Live? A Daytime favorite in a new role?  A big return? Or, could it be something completely unexpected?

Let us know your thoughts, and we will keep you abreast on the details as they become available!

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Please let it be Sky and Rae, Victoria Lord and Clint Buchanan, Victor Lord Jr. and his crazy captor, Joe Kelly or Laura Spencer and Scotty Baldwin…or Audrey Hardy…or…Heather Webber?

Heather Webber is already coming back. I think in April or May.

Heather sounds great!

Melissa Archer is not big enough or exciting enough for this announcement! It is probably a big return of a GH actor or actress. I would be surprised if it was someone else from OLTL.

I’m thinking more actors from OLTL…….but at this point there are so many out of work…it could be just about anyone…..I’m loving GH…so I’m happy with any casting news…!!

me to … it should be more actors and actress from oltl on GH …


My daughter is” friendly” with Kelly Missal, who plays Danni and she hasn’t said anything and as far as I know she’s still in New Jersey. But I do agree with you they would be a PERFECT fit in Port Charles.


Me too!

Amen to that!


That would be great!

Hum could Kim be back? If it’s a return of someone that left the show I hope it’s someone I like. Ingo or Tyler?


That’s a loaded question. I would LOVE for Natalie and Liam to come. Would love for Nat to get in Sam’s face and Alice:) Carly too for whatever reason, Carly eyeballing Johnny boy. That would be a cat fight.

I hope it is Natalie and Liam …can”t you picture the fireworks in a scene where Natalie is protecting her man by verbally or physically going after Sonny…he wouldn’t know what hit him. If she was working at the PCPD she would drive Dante crazy. Laura would be great but I have almost given up hope of that happening. it would bew awesome to have Laura and Scotty back married to drive Luke crazy!!!Bring back Robert….Dani, Tea, Victor…

Fingers crossed. I bet it’s several ppl coming over. I hope 1 is Nat.
THis waiting is nuts. Like pins and needles. Hope they announce in the morning.

Hope so….When 2:00 pm comes Mon.-Fri. I think OLTL……And then I think it’s not on anymore…..And i get sad…I look at the cast picture I have everyday!!!! I miss my favorite soap so much!!!!!!!!! I will be watching GH on Mon. to see what all the excitement is about.. Can’t guess who it might be?????????


Terri & Michele, do u have a fav John & Nat storyline? I really enjoyed their storyline after they got back tog and Nat got preggers.

One of my favs is John catching Nat at the airport b4 she went to London.

Jack Wagner would be a cool surprise although I wish Kirsten Storms was back to really make some magic. Whoever it is I’m sure it will be exciting.

jack wagner was asked to come back & he declined the offer…………

Thank God, ugh…~

he is to busy dancing.

Ethel replied March 24th, 2012 at 4:11 am

yeah robin is already taping scenes………..

Hi Ethel: What did U mean on Saturday when U said, ” Robin is already tapping” ? I was trying to read what U were replying to but I didn’t find anything consistent with your statement. I thought Robin was leaving the show, and U spoke in the present-tense, ” Robin is already tapping”. Then there was in (media print) stating, Robin had finished taping in early March.
Please give me a heads up. Thank you!

Always hoping for the incomparable Genie Francis!

genie is on y&r – i don’t think she is coming back to gh anytime soon……..

that would be nice .

I wish it had been Kassie DePaiva to complete the Manning family unit, but Kassie made it pretty clear on the social media this week that she hasn’t been asked back (which is complete BS by the way).

But my guess is probably Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo, since she met with FV while she was doing her GH set tour.

Totally agree. KDP not coming back to GH is BS of the highest order. Todd without Blair? So not watching that.




Maybe Sean Donnelly……………….Maybe he was cured.. He rushed to some foriegn country ..To hosiptal that could help him………..Or Fasion………I thought Kassie DePaiva was staying on GH????????Maybe Viki from OLTL……. Or Bo ………………….

I really hope it’s Kassie DePavia !! Cuz it’s not going to be the same if it’s just Roger and Kristen without her!!

blair (kassie) would be nice but then what about her sons jack & sam??????

Jack will probably end up in prison (ha, just kidding). Jack & Sam can stay in Llanview & be raised with Tea’s new baby & Addie, Dani & Tomas can help! I cannot believe we won’t find out about Tea’s baby. Nobody mentions Tea very much but I really love her!

sons can always go away to school – like Morgan and Lukas and Dylan

News about a Laura Spencer visit would make my year!

I’m hoping it’s Natalie, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Me too.

Me three! Port Charles won’t know what him them when Natty hits town!

I hope so also.. comment on 3/23 at 6:23pm

I hope it is either Megan Ward back as Kate Howard OR
Crystal Chappell in as a new GH character. Now if both were true it would really make my day.

I hope it’s someone from AMC… or Laura. Or Victor! Or Natalie… ._. Whoever it is, I’m excited!

I agree with you too………..

Richard Dean Anderson? It’s about time Steve and Elizabeth’s father showed up. The timing would be perfect with Robin Mattson’s Heather coming back!

Hey Robin…. you’re alive! 😀 RDA — that would be sweet. He was on my list of people to bring back but I’m not sure they could swing that.

My guess is Bobby Spencer or Scotty… Scotty could be on Heather’s trail or Bobby could come back to help get Barbara Jean’s heart out of jail! 😉

Yes, but that’s a future storyline!! 🙂 Wait a minute, maybe it’s Anders Hove!!

I hope Melissa Archer, Natalie could add so much to the show.

me to i want to see Melissa Archer

So Do I……

I HOPE IT IS NATALIE….LOVE HER AND JOHN TOGETHER . Would love any good news and hopefully it is a few more OLTL people…Love the crossover. Hoping that it helps saves GH and eventually bring back OLTL!!!!

Perhaps, they will finally cast Valentin Cassadine with a great underused and uber popular leading actor from another soap. Valentini had stated he wanted to beef up the Cassadines. This would be breaking news, for sure.

Would love to see them snatch up Peter Reckell from Days since they waste his talent over there.

I would love to see them put Kassie DePaiva on contract. Since Todd is going to be living in Port Charles now he needs Blair to be with him and Starr needs her Mom.

I am hoping it will be Blair. I know that KDP says she is not coming but things can only change. After all, Todd needs his Blair & Starr needs her mom & dad.

Could be wrong but I beleive it is TSJ and Sonny knows he is alive and uses that against Todd! That has been the gossip for a couple of weeks.

I heard that too Kay; that is why I think it’s TSJ

i am with you on this kay – i read that spoiler too………..

That would be amazing!


I would love to see the story of 2 todds continue.

Yes, that would be very interesting!!!!!!!!

I think the whole Robin killing LET ALONE her funeral, is a HOAKS!!!! Who would take Robins body and have a convient….. BURNED UP BODY to store in her replacement? How would they get this burned up body in the hospital? And wasn’t that a LAB? Looks to me it had ‘one entrance’ and that was the entrance at the door in which Robin was speaking to Patrick, saying Good-bye. What back entrance is there to a Lab on (whatever floor) of the hospital this took place? Also, when did the people leave with Robin, because Patrick never left from in front of that door, and there is obviously ‘no back’ entrance to any lab, and how did they get Robin pass Patrick out the hospital (no back entrance) just as, how did they get a CONVIENT burnt up body into the hospital? I know its a soap, but it’s TOOOOOO far fletched for my taste…. I guess at some point “they” will ‘ fase out ‘ showing her and she will lay ‘ limbo ‘ in the kidnapped stage.
I wrote you the best insight to your request and lost it somehow, while watching tv, and still have to redo it. Let me get off before I go to, ‘ Fade to Black ‘. lol Going to play the Mega Millions now. Should I win, I’m coming to Florida, and round you up, then Debi, Heather, Ethel, David, and another guy on here and we are going to start our own soap network. Debi and I will bump heads, but hey, a little fire is always healthy! lol

Could it be Robin Mattson reprising her role as Heather Webber?

they already announced she’s coming back…. must be someone else this time.

That’s already a done deal. It was announced a month ago she was coming back.

yeah robin is already taping scenes……………

Melody Thomas Scott. Just for the heck of it.

I was fine with the initial clan from OLTL, but anything more would be overkill for me as a GH fan! Hoping for VMG, Rick Hearst, Jack Wagner, or maybe a Quartermaine…

Bring them all back and more. Compromising a little on importing OLTL characters might mean higher ratings for GH and ensure its survival. Complaining about OLTL characters will be the least of our problems if GH is gone. At this point, there isn’t one whole couple from Llanview in Port Charles.

Besides Jason and Sam (who seems depressed) or Dante and Lulu (when was the last time they were together?), what functioning couples are there in Port Charles (made worse by the loss of Robin)? Victor and Tea (Trevor St John and Florencia Lozano) ripping their clothes off each other would be an improvement. Almost everyone in Port Charles is either depressed, miserable, or a mental case.

Your naughty david ,but I have to agree with you.

A good 1 David and so true. Had a good laugh too.

Would’ve great if Alan was still alive and at Robin’s funeral. Not a dry eye in the house. Jason and Alan could’ve bonded over that too.

Agree. One of the best things about OLTL was the couples. GH is sleeping on the job in that department.


David, Dante and Lulu are now married. However, you wouldn’t really know that because they have been on the backburner mostly in the last few months and that makes me mad. They had the hottest love story going on only to take a backseat all the gloom and depression and mob stuff. GH seriously need to bring some romance back!!

Melanie, who would have thought marriage would have killed Dante and Lulu’s romance? They got married and disappeared like some old, boring married couple. Hopefully, brighter days are ahead for them and GH.

yeah, that would be nice ,bringing allen ,a j and emily back from the dead ,where they never should have gone ,big mistakes from the old writers .

How have U dealt with the long wait of the weekend of who is returning…? Did U forget about it over the weekend?

So NOT wanting any more OLTL imports! I want my GH back… Laura Spencer, Barbra Jean Spencer, Lesley Webber, Scotty Baldwin, Lucky Spencer, Robert Scorpio…. needed!! (Oh and I too would take Joe Kelly!! )

I hope its Jackie Zeman, too! Bobbie needs to come back home!

REALLY!!!! Bobbie should have never LEFT! So many things have happened over recent years that were just screaming for her presence.

I would love to see Bobbie too, but hope she hasn’t had any more facial work done. Do you realize how old Joe Kelly would be? Doubt we’ll see him. I don’t want Brnda back unless they do a much better job of writing for her this time. They didn’t do her justice last time. Don’t want them to bring back any more of those dead characters, just Robin. It would be ridiculous. But clearing the mystery of Victor’s ‘murder’ would be great, so Todd will be cleared & he will be free to stay in PC.

I would like to see Victor Jr come back so it would clear Todd of his murder. They worked good together the few scenes they had they clicked! Would love to see them work together to take Sonny down. However getting rid of the Revolution and bringing back OLTL to another network would also be awesome! I would like to see all of the cancelled soaps come back on one network so that we can all enjoy our favorite soaps on one channel! I would like to see the whole cast of OLTL and AMC back in production some day soon. GH has gotten so much better under the new direction of Frank and the writers from OLTL have taken over. Thank you!

I’m with you Terri–bring the entire OLTL back to television, somewhere, i dont care where. If it has to be at GH get Dorian, David, VIki, Clint, Natalie, Blair for starters. But truly, truly Victor Jr along with Todd would be off the charts and boost their needed ratings. That Victor Todd story is a goldmine they need to mine.

Are you kidding me. Many GH fans have defected because of the OLTL characters. Bringing more OLTL characters will only hurt the ratings of GH even further.

GH should instead focus on bringing back its veterans such as Alan, Nurse Audrey, Robert, Laura, etc.

Heather, if GH fans are defecting because of OLTL actors, they are putting the final nail in the coffin of GH. If it gets cancelled, don’t blame the talent that they brought over from OLTL.



I aggree with you… Comment on 3/24 at 7:56am.

I hope it’s Melissa Archer! I love John and Natalie together, and Natalie grew up in AC… she’d be a good fit to Port Charles.

I hope it’s Trevor St. John to tie up his “murder” storyline. And bring Kassie DePaiva back with contract. She belongs with Todd. Loving GH!

i’m actually thinking erika slezak!! tracey mentioned on the show today that she had heard of Llanview before,, mcbain automatically said something about the accident, but my brain went to Vickie and Tracey as Debs around the same time, with vickie winning. WOW the LORDS and QUARTERMAINS, NICE!!

I would love for Erika Slezak to join the GH cast. I would definitely start watching that show again. She could look after Starr, when Todd finds his way back to Port Charles, he’s going to need Viki in the picture to help keep him centered. The role of Viki opens up many different directions for new storylines. I love her role on OLTL, she played a strong woman with morales, she had power and used it smartly. She’s a great actress. This casting news would be a dream come true!

I for one would love it to be Blair. If Todd and Starr are now part of GH Todd whould have his one true babe at his side. The three against the clan Corinthos would be a sight to watch. So I hope they’re going to announce KDP.

PLEASEEE let it be Trevor St. John ( Victor Jr.) and let Florenica Lozano follow!



I hope it’s Kassie :))

OOOOOOHHHH, maybe the news is that ALL OF THE “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” CAST MEMBERS will be joining “General Hospital” and that both story lines will be intertwined. PLEASE. That would be the next best thing to actually bringing OLTL back (which is preferred, of course).

now, that is what i would call AWESOME!! I miss OLTL

Great idea. I wish! I miss OLTL so bad.

I was going to say the same thing about jack going to jail,leopards dont change there spots .And I also would like to know whether tia will have a boy or girl ,I thought of that to.And I agree with you about bobbie she never should have left and never to be seen again.Isnt what david said funny?About tia and victor tearing there clothes off and the couples in port charles are boring,I agreed with him to.I think I covered all your posts.Hope we hear some news today about the cast on g h.I keep going all over the net looking for something but nothing yet.

I’m thinking it is Kassie, as Blair, returning to stay with Starr and Todd on GH. If not Kassie, maybe it is Lucky coming back to spend some time with Elizabeth and the children. Or it could be Vicki Lord from OLTL coming to make a visit to Port Charles and visit some of her friends. Or how about Melissa Archer as Natalie coming to give her boyfriend, John, a big hug and bringing their son to Port Charles so he can see his Dad. I gotta be right on one of the above – LOL!!!!! Can’t wait to find out – hope we hear on Monday!!!!!

Viki and Clint would be the perfect buyers of the Port Charles Herald and then thy could be Diane’s bosses! Although a Kassie DePaiva long term contract would be phenomenal! I kinda like Carly having a girlfriend who gets what her life is! The same goes for Blair!

Yes, Terri, I forgot all about that OLTL ending. Like I said, ALL of the OLTL cast members, including Trevor St. John, joining GH. If/when Victor is found to be alive (and that would mean that the woman holding him hostage (he sure doesn’t have luck in that department, does he), Allison Perkins, either lets him go, is captured, or he escapes.

you could bring robest woods from oltl he great or heather webber back but not natalie from oltl see not good for john and bobby specer dauther carly is not good for john eather it was a sad day when abc cancelled oltl was a great soap

Sorry, Natelie is perfect for John. I respectfully disagree with you.

I agree…….commemt on 3/24 at 6:08am…….. Some guys like to watch the soaps.. My husband doen’t.. not his cup of tea…

I’d love to see Bree Williamson come to GH, but as an entirely new character. Really loved her on OLTL

Susan Lucci, Rebecca Budig, and Vincent Irrenzery. Erica, Greenley, and Dr. David Hayward would be great on General Hospital.

Please let it be more veteran GH characters! Genie Francis’ talent has been wasted over at Y & R so bring her home to GH. Other possible candidates…Kin Shriner, Vanessa Marcil, Rick Hearst, Lynn Herring, Richard Dean Anderson, Jon Lindstrom or perhaps Jack Wagner. Maybe even Natalia Livingston or Tyler Christopher. Can’t wait for the announcement!

As much as I am devastated about my One Life to Live, I’m afraid my fellow GH fans will go beserk if someone else from OLTL joins the cast and we lose another GH actor. So torn. Damn you, Disney!!!!!

You got a point. They are already 4 OLTL actors. THAT’S MORE THAN ENOUGH.

The more OLTL actors they are bringing to Port Charles, the more GH fans will defect. General Hospital needs to bring back veterans actors such as Alan, Frisco, Laura, Robert, AJ, Nurse Audrey, Felicia, Benda and Holly.

GH doesn’t need OLTL actors. They are driving viewers away.

if GH fans stop watching the show, simply because of former OLTL cast joining, then they are not real fans

Petra,I agree with you,I am a gh fan and a oltl fan and when you say they are not real fans ,you have a point for many years I stuck with the boring every day mob stories and I stayed with the general hospital bored or not I may have fell asleep a few times but gh was always on ,Soaps put on new characters all the time,If the mannings dont work out they will be written out .All the mannings are is another family that is moving to port charles,And john mcbain is a cop He is in landview to arrest todd,so what.They didnt take up any extra time and the fans who are saying that if general hospital gets canceled It will be because of the 4 oltl stars there wrong ,It wont be because of starr, blair, todd and john ,the real reason will be the way the writing that has been done over the many years with mob story after another mob story and the continuing story of sonny and jason there always is a mob connection and the franco story,I am not even going to go there,hopefully thats over with.So if the fans are leaving ,because of 4 people from One life to live ,that makes no sense ,Because they are not taking over the comings and goings of port charles These fans are leaving because they are choosing to do so,General hospital is interesting again and I like it .Everyone should stop complaining and support the 4 soaps that we have left in the daytime once there gone ,there gone .

I disagree with comment on 3/25 at 7:43pm.. I watched GH since Dr. Hardy, Luiclle, Audry,Luke& Laura…..I see nothing wrong with OLTL crossing over on to GH…At least some of them…………….Makes me happy to see them……….

If GH gets canceled, it won’t be because of the fans or the OLTL actors or the storylines or anything like that. It’ll be because of the pieces of garbage at ABC/Disney further decimating our soaps and their daytime lineup. They still don’t get it………….. But. I digress. I am soooooo happy to see Michael Easton. My heart is breaking for “Starr”. I’m wondering how they’re gonna bring Roger Howarth on if they think that he murdered Victor. Unless Bo and his people are going to find Victor they’ll mention it when “Todd” comes to Port Charles. That will break my heart because I want to see it all play out. I will always watch and have always watched GH, no matter how trying the storylines got, because I always want to support the actors and my beloved daytime genre. We should all do the same!

Beautifully said.

gossip on says: by Carol Banks Weber

Lois Cerullo’s L&B Records will make a comeback—just for Starr.

Mr. Q could use Lois right now! Be nice if Ned could come too… wherever he’s been.

on this same site: Carol Banks Weber says

It’s with much sadness that I must report on soap columnist RavenBeauty’s recently diagnosed terminal cancer, which has presumably spread too far in her body to control much less fix. Please send her good thoughts and prayers.

Lois would recognize Connie too

the first part of that didn’t go thru… I read that Lois Cerullo’s L&B Records will make a comeback—just for Starr.

Its got to be Melissa Archer! John can’t be without Natalie and Liam for too long. It would look ridiculous!

If it’s major and that Frank is the one announcing it I would imagine it would be Natalie, Victor Jr, Erika, or a GH player from the past. Brenda? Robin? Jonathan Jackson?

Lucy Coe (sp)…or maybe Bobbie? Just bring them back and be careful of bringing on the OLTL characters…do it slowly and make it make sense. I love some of them, but it has to make sense in the writing, otherwise you lose audience and the show will go the way of others in the past few years. Slow and easy and good creative writing is the key. If it ain’t on the page…it ain’t on the stage! Take it easy and don’t kill this one. Now we only have 4 SOAPS TO LIVE… I MEAN LOVE!!

I agree with Justin about bring OLTL characters on slowly. Especially if Agnes iff able to get the rights back to her shows and find another venue for them,

I Agree.

i am hoping against hope that it is Kassie DePaiva. She is a awesome actress!

David Haywood. Robin’s gone, Alan’s gone, we need another superb doctor.
Let’s pay homage to AMC. No one BETTER from that show (and I mean it) than David Haywood. Whoever it is, just get on with the show…. It’s not making me any money either way.

I love that guy,wouldnt that be nice?we do need a doctor a good heart surgeon,for general hospital.What do you mean by making me any money either way?

Don’t forget, David was married to Anna as well, so he does have a built in connection.

Sue, thanks for the reminder. I forgot completely about that, so YES…………….bring DAVID HAYWOOD on……..

Calling David Haywood……………………………………………!

David and anna also had a daughter leora she died having surgery that david didnt want and dr martin went ahead and had the surgery done,I wrote that somewhere here ,I said ,when anna asked elizabeth how do you go on after you loose a child and I thought my god,she was married to david and they had a daughter,hello.I also wrote that every one in port charles thought anna to be dead ,I think that robin came to visit anna,THIs all happened a long time ago in pine valley,good story.

Port Charles is incinerated by a terrorist’s nuclear weapon (remember Fox’s series 24?), the mob wars are ended, the survivors relocate to Llanview, and we all live happily thereafter (apologies to GH fans; it’s only a fantasy).

I know I would live happily ever after In Landview with all my favorite people.that would be the first place that I would go if I had a choice.

You got that right Barbara T. I miss Llanview every single day.

ME TOO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Landview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m hoping it’s Natalie and liem whi comes to pc

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According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

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She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

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