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GH’s Adam J. Harrington Reveals the Behind the Scenes Story of Becoming John “Jagger” Cates

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When Adam J. Harrington showed up on all-new episodes of General Hospital, it shocked viewers of the long-running ABC soap opera, because he was the recast John “Jagger” Cates.

The character was previously played more than 30 years ago by Antonio Sabato Jr., and as fans of the soap have seen, Harrington’s version of Jagger and his circumstances are quite different. As it turns out, Adam was in the dark at what GH role he would be eventually cast in.

Speaking with GH co-stars, Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) on their Daily Drama podcast, Harrington shared the behind the scenes journey that led him to being the new version of John.

Photo: ABC

Adam shared, “I went into a chemistry read with Laura Wright (Carly) for a different character. I was told I wasn’t going to get the character, but hang tight, there’s something else. Then, that kind of took a couple of months and now we’re in December (2023), and then all of a sudden it was like, ‘here you go.'”

Once Adam was given a role on GH, he explained, “I still didn’t know who I was playing. I should have asked at that point. So the deal gets done, and I go, ‘By the way, who am I playing?'”

Photo: ABC

That’s the point where the GH powers-that-be let him in on just what he was about to take on. “They sent me a one sheet with John “Jagger” Kates in the description,” shared Adam. “It wasn’t until I went on YouTube and spent a good three or four days, watching all of Steve (Burton’s) storylines in the nineties (that I figured it out). By the way, they were fantastic. The production value … it was amazing the level of the acting, and the relationships you guys had. I really enjoyed it. So, that’s how I found out (about the character).”

Burton and Anderson asked Harrington about his thoughts on being a recast. “I thought it was important to go back to his circumstances and his upbringing, because that wouldn’t change no matter what he had become in the 20 or 30 or 70 years since we’ve seen him,” Adam shared. “I looked at what Antonio Sabato Jr. did and thought, ‘There was no way in hell I can even touch that or even come close, nor do I want to.’ The only thing I recognized was given his upbringing and what he’d gone through, it was a common sense of humor in there that’s either used defensively or as a way of getting through the world.”

Photo: JPI

As to how Adam should approach the part given it was a recast, he noted, “What I had been told from the brass is don’t worry about following that same emotional storyline. He’s gone away for a very, very, very long time, become successful and he’s come back. Basically, they were saying, you bring in you.”

Being part of the fabric of GH for awhile now, Harrington expressed, “I will say this about my experience so far. I am in absolute awe of the cast and the crew and watching how you do this on a train that refuses to stop. I said to a friend, ‘I’m on a train that’s going a hundred miles an hour, and they slow down to about 90 to kick you off after your scene is done.'”

So, what are your thoughts on Adam as John “Jagger” Cates after now seeing how the role has evolved and changed since its original version over 30 years ago? Comment below.

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Love him! I could see him with so many other characters. I wasn’t watching when the other guy was on, so I have no reference. But from what I’ve seen and read about the first Jagger, I’m glad Adam has taken over. He’s doing a great job and has chemistry with everyone. You really want to watch what this guy does. He’s mesmerizing. Good call GH! Let’s keep Adam around for a long time to come!

Antonio Sabato JR was a great guy and a decent actor. He was only blacklisted from Hollywood because he was an outspoken Christian and Conservative. You really shouldnt desparage someone over just what youve read. It’s not an intelligent look. Food for thought to an obviously starving mind. SMH

Totally agree
This is a soap opera let’s stick to that & not politics

I watched when Antonio Sabato, Jr. was on back in the day; he was gorgeous and anyone with a pulse had a crush on him. But he’s kinda off-the-wall now. He publicly stated that this role is “his” and they have nerve to recast the role. Not only has he said some really offensive and off-the-wall things on social media, he literally tweeted Ingo on “X”/Twitter (as you may know Ingo sued ABC) and said something like, “Frank what’s-his-name should be fired” (regarding Ingo’situation). But now he’s “aghast” that they didn’t ask him back, lol. I guess he hasn’t figured out that publicly spewing wishes for the producer of the show to be fired may not have bode well for him being asked back to reprise the role. Too funny…

I’m with you; I love Adam in the role; he’s not only gorgeous but he made the role his own. Granted, for those of us who remember “Jagger” this isn’t really the same character in any way, shape, or form, but I’m okay with it. I hope they keep him around. And instead of pairing him up with Carly and having him become lapdog number four, I’d rather they pair him with Lois.

I think he is the greatest and enjoy General Hospital so much more with him on there

I remember how I loved Antonio Sabato jr sooooooo much, he was it for me but I outgrew him and even though it would of been interesting to see him back, I’m not mad, Yes, Adam doesn’t look like the jagger we remember, but he’s such a good actor and not bad to look at either so I’m happy with his new interpretation on the character, and lets be honest, Antonio was great to look at back in the day, but even back then I knew he was no Marlo Brando.

LOL aria, “no Marlon Brando” indeed. Welcome Adam.

Hollywood is always complaining about “inclusivity”, “diversity” and “racism.” But yet in this case an enormously popular role originated by a Latin American is recast with a Caucasian and no one even considers the fact that this could look have the appearance of racism. The hypocrisy in the entertainment industry is just astounding. That being said Adam Harrington is a great actor who deserves a role on this show or any other. BUT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAST AS A NEW CHARACTER. SMH.

Antonio Sabato Jr. Is not Latin American… he is also Caucasian. His father is Italian and his mother is Czech with Jewish heritage.

It’s wise to get the facts straight before making accusations. Sabato is of Italian and Czech heritage – not Latino.

Antony Sabato Jr is Italian and part Jewish. And this has nothing to do with race, smh. Why don’t you complain that Trina was originally Asian and wound up black, or the lack of diversity in terms of any Jewish characters. Yeah; thought not.

The show is unwatchable, and there is absolutely no need for his character on the show.

I didn’t think he belonged there but I am loving him now!

The show under these new writers is a nightmare; worst its been in all the on/off decades I’ve been watching. With that said, I really like Adam; he’s gorgeous and the show needs new eligible guys. If they’re going to keep Lois, I’d love for them to bring these two together as a couple, instead of ruining him by becoming another lapdog for Carly.

Then don’t watch. It’s that easy.

Im sorry I loved Jagger..and I can’t believe they recasted him with someone that isn’t even close to really blond hair blue eyes..really smh

Jagger cates He looks better without the face hair doin well but no match when sabato jr did it

Sabato was on GH over thirty years ago! I think Adam is way better looking than Sabato looks today.

Disagree. Sabato is way better looking and wasn’t a complete jerk like this guy is playing him.

He’s playing him like the character is written; they don’t make up their own dialogue! lol. If Sabato was playing the role it would the same, unless he added his own full-of-himself attitude to the character. I think Adam is perfect in the role. Yes, I’ll always remember the good ol’d back in the day GH and all the actors, legacy characters, etc But I have a feeling they didn’t ask Sabato back because he’s trouble; they don’t need another Ingo. Better to go with someone who can do the job and stay professional, and seems emotionally mature, which Sabato doesn’t.

Why is Sabato trouble? Because he’s a Republican?

There’s a very real difference between “Republicans” and “MAGAtts”. Sabato is the latter, which essentially makes him unemployable. Just like Ingo.

He’s playing him the way he’s being written…smh

Why add the “smh”? Just because we have different opinions?
That’s just rude!

I really am enjoying the actor but this was a terrible recast. Antonio Sabato Jr was Italian and now we have a blond hair blue eyed Jagger. Why not recast at least with another one who looked like Sabato? Harrington would have been a better Jax recast (we all know GH will NEVER has Ingo back). Maybe they can send Harrington off for 6 months and bring him back as Jax? Or as a recast Steven Lars. He would be about right age for both.

The character of Jax was going nowhere for some time before Ingo left. Unless there’s some compelling long-term story, this character’s been kind of played out. Josslyn, like Molly and Maxie seem to be getting as long fine without their birth fathers.

Steven Lars Webber- despite being the offspring of Jeff & Heather – was a dull as dishwater character. A decade in prison (and a reformed? mother) might have made the character interesting. He’s moved up the scale on my characters that should return list (with Dillon and Serena also having prominent spaces on that list).

Now that Jason’s back maybe there’s a chance that Steven Lars could make a comeback, since those guys are close friends offscreen and have been since they both had minor roles on Days in the 80s. Paid off for both of them though… Scott Reeves met his wife there, and Steve had a fallback gig to return to 30 years later while on “leave” from GH.

A Steven Lars recast probably wouldn’t be out of the question should Scott not want to do it. As long as they don’t bring back the first guy who looked like he could have been the 4th member of the Bee Gees (or 5th if you count Andy)

The only way I’d see them bringing back SL is with a recast. Harrington might’ve been a bit young but it could’ve worked – but they chose him for Jagger.

Were they to bring the character back, they should avoid the temptation to pair him with Carly. A Steven Lars/Ava pairing would be quite interesting.

General Hospital

Giovanni Mazza On Contract at General Hospital: What Are Your First Impressions?

This week, General Hospital introduced newcomer Giovanni Mazza in the role of Giovanni Palmieri, who apparently is Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) second cousin, one removed or so the story goes.

The character of Gio showed up at Brook Lynn’s wedding to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and played the violin at the ceremony. As has been previously reported, Mazza in real-life is a professional violinist and actor.

Upon making his first appearance on the ABC daytime drama series back on May 15th, fans wondered if Gio will be sticking around and that was confirmed by the closing credits of the May 17th episode where Mazza’s name is included along with other contract players.

Photo: ABC

When the news of Mazza’s casting was announced, the talent young man took to his Instagram and shared the good news, expressing, “I am so honored, grateful, and ecstatic to announce the big news! The biggest thank you to General Hospital for bringing me.” He closed his sentiments with “So much love and joy to my new fam! YAY!!! ”

Commenting on his post included new castmates Evan Hofer (Dex) saying, “Happy to have you brother,” plus Tabyana Ali (Trina), Eden McCoy (Joss) and ABC executive Nathan Varni who said, “Congratulations! Welcome to GH!

Photo: ABC

During the May 17th episode, Gio had an exchange with Dex, where he mentioned that his father was in the military back in early 2000’s.  Previously, Gio revealed to Chase that his father died in the military when he was young. So this begs the question, who is Gio’s dad?

What were you first impressions of Giovanni Mazza in the role of Gio? Who do you think he might be romantically involved with and might be also related to other than the Cerullos? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Giovannni Mazza (@giovanniviolin)

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General Hospital

Michael Easton Shares on the Loss of Kamar de los Reyes, “I Was Holding His Hand When He Passed”

For the first time publicly, General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Finn) opened up about losing his best friend, the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, OLTL) to cancer.

The former One Life to Live and All American star lost his battle to cancer back on December 24, 2023 at the age of 56. De los Reyes leaves behind his wife, actress Sherri Saum (ex-Sunset Beach, OLTL) and their twin boys, Michael and John, and his eldest son, Caylen from a previous relationship.

Easton along with Y&R’s Trevor St. John (Tucker) were both castmates with Kamar during their time on One Life to Live. The two shared their remembrances this past Thursday night during’s live virtual event, Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

Photo: Robin Platzer

In tribute, Michael expressed, “It was a 30-year friendship with Kamar. We did our first movie together in 1990. I was scared and I was quiet and I was instantly drawn to his bravado and his sense of himself. Kamar was larger than life. He was the best man at my wedding, and I am the godfather to his son, Michael. His loss was profound on all of us.”

He added, “There hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought of him, and his family and what he brought to this world, and the contributions he made, not only to this acting community. He loved being an actor and he was a great actor. I always like to say Kamar was such a good actor that they cast him as a priest, not just once, not twice, like seven times. I mean, he was often shirtless. But, if you needed a shirtless priest, Kamar was your guy.”

Photo: Facebook

When discussion turned to the end of Kamar’s life, Michael shared, “I was holding his hand when he passed, and he was surrounded by family and, and friends. There was so much love around him. I mean, he touched so many lives. I mean, Trevor knows that at his memorial, it was the biggest, at Forrest Lawn. They couldn’t even fit everybody in. There was people stretched out all the way to outside. People showed that hadn’t seen him in 20 years. That was the effect. So many of the One Life cast members came and cast from All American.”

Michael also spoke to Kamar’s determination till the end and his incredible work ethic, “Extraordinarily enough, he went to work two weeks before he passed at All American.  He was fierce to the end. He never talked about being sick. Even though the odds were stacked from the very beginning, and it’s still really hard for me to talk about, but I was in awe of his strength and his resolve. I would’ve shut down long before he did.”

If you haven’t done so watch below 46:47 mark for Michael and Trevor’s emotional appearances on Daytime Stands Up as they share their memories on Kamar.

Then let us know, what you thought of Michael’s candid tribute to his best friend via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Reception Brings a Beatdown for Dex

On Friday’s, May 17th episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding reception was the focal point as the touching celebration for the newlyweds got underway.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was seething over seeing Dex mingle with the guests. With Dex becoming a cop, and ratting him out to Anna, previously Sonny feels betrayed by his former hit man. However, Sonny’s growing paranoia and mental stability is in question, in particular, because he has been off the proper dosage of meds for months now.

Later, when Sonny sees Dex talking with Gio (Giovanni Mazza) about serving in the military, and later chumming it up with Cerullos, he is about to go postal.

Photo: ABC

Outside the ballroom. Sonny confronts Dex about chatting it up with the Cerullos, who he says are his people. He warns Dex to stay away from his family. Dex says he was invited to the reception.

Next, Sonny calls Dex a snitch, a spy, and lets him know he is “lucky to be breathing.”  Sonny issues Dex a warning to stay away from his family, or he may not be breathing much longer.

As Sonny turns to walk away., Dex grabs him by the arm to try to reason with him and to and say he’s not his enemy. However, Sonny throws a punch. In the pickup, Sonny continues to bloody and beatdown Dex, until Jason (Steve Burton) arrives on the scene and restrains Sonny.

Photo: ABC

Kristina (Kate Mansi) walks in on the moment. She sees her father is yelling that both Jason and Dex are traitors. Sonny screams that they are both dead and he’s going to put a gun to their heads.

Photo: ABC

In happy news, Brook Lynn and Chase finally begin their wedding night when they jump onto of their bed in their honeymoon suite. Chase says now they have a great wedding night, which will be followed by a great honeymoon, and that will be followed by their entire life together. They share a kiss.

So, what did you think of Sonny’s explosive words and actions against Dex and Sonny? Will Kristina figure out what is going on with her dad, once and for all? Comment below.

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