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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alexis Gets Advice From Parker, Nikolas Has A Bad Day, JaSam Make Love!



Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital certainly had a lot going on.  First, let’s start with wonderfully acted scenes between Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)  and Ashley Jones (Parker), as two strong women who from the first looks of it, are about to take it each other down, but in the end find some resolution and understanding.  For Alexis, she gets clued in and learns how she can handle the situation with her daughter’s sexual identify better than she has.

At a cafe’ near the university in which Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) was suspended, Parker tells Alexis that she only wanted to be a friend to Kristina, and that Kristina’s version of the situation might be skewed.  She also tells Alexis that Kristina fears being gay will alienate Alexis and Sonny  (Marice Benard).  Alexis explains that her husband Julian (William deVry) has a gay son, Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and they came to an understanding and ultimately Julian’s acceptance.   Parker asks Alexis to just to make sure that matter what Kristina decides about herself and her sexuality, that Alexis will love her unconditially.   Alexis thanks Parker for enlighting her, and for putting up with her accusations.  Kristina calls Parker after Alexis leaves, and Parker informs her that her mother came to see her.  Kristina looks panicked.


Elsewhere, it’s a very bad day for Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher)!  He returns to Wyndemere where he finds Curtis (Donnell Turner) moving in! Hayden (Rebecca Budig) reminds Nikolas that she is calling all the shots now, and Curtis lets Nikolas know he has safeguarded the evidence that Shawn Butler (Sean Blakemore) is innocent, and that all roads lead to Nikolas having Hayden shot.  Curtis tells the dark prince has no problem having the investigation of the case re-opened if he doesn’t comply to what he and Hayden say.

And as that is going down, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) discuss the fact that she cannot believe that Nikolas would have Hayden shot to keep the secret from her that “Jake” was really Jason!  A livid Sam takes off and heads to Wydemere where she rips into Nikolas, and tells him she is going to call the cops on him! As Nikolas tries to take the phone out of Sam’s hands, Jason busts through the door and beats up Nikolas! Hayden and Curtis also come upon the intense confrontation.

Later alone, an emotional Sam tells Jason that since Nikolas already stole a year from them she doesn’t want to lose anymore time with him.   The du0 make love for the first time since Jason returned to Port Charles!  Meanwhile, Hayden and Nikolas get into bed together post-Nikolas beat down, and each grab a knife out of their nightstands and put it by their side of the bed.

And last but not least, Ava (Maura) gets a bloody surprise in her bed when she finds what appears to be bloodied blackbird under the sheets! Is Sonny responsible for this threat as it appears … or could it be Paul (Richard Burgi), Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), or someone else?

So, what did you think of the scenes between Nancy Lee Grahn and Ashley Jones?  Nikolas’ bad day ..  should he be put behind bars once and for all?  JaSam finally hitting the sheets?  Share your thought in the comment section below!

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WOW! This was my favorite episode of the year and was highly entertaining from start to finish with a little bit of everything you could ask for in an hour. I couldn’t find a single lackluster scene in this episode and the storylines that I consider to be lackluster were not featured. BRAVO!

Alexis/Parker scenes were well written and played out!

I know, Jake…..AND,
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!! This is the Alexis for whom I was waiting!!!! Today’s episode with Kristina brought me to my knees…..something which had never happened for me .
The emotions, the words, her mother’s urgency to see to her daughter’s happiness and mental well-being, just moved me. I hope Alexis keeps this up. Loved her sweater, too.

Cele Che almost had tears!What great acting looks like!Do you think they will keep Ashley Jones?Would be a shame to lift us up and then let us down!

@jackie meixer.
I agree…I enjoyed that, as well…very emotional.
As far as Ashley Jones staying on? I do believe she will soon have a baby. So, she may come back after she gives birth. I hope she does come back. I like her.

Glad to see Sam and Jason, albeit a little ‘cave-mannish’, LOL ( is that ok to say?) was refreshing after no excitement between them. Sam looked spectacular in her skivvies.
Nikolas deserved everything he got, and more. How dare he lay his hands on a woman so violently….boorish!!
But, what’s up with Jason? Does anyone else think something went awry during his brain surgery and is manifesting itself now?

CeeCee: I do think Jason’s dark side is more hair-trigger than before, but that may make him more fascinating (but also more like Sonny…which may not be a good thing). Isn’t it amazing what brain surgeries at GH can do? Between Franco, Jason, and Hayden/Rachel, they never know what they’re gonna get!

Right? We should all end up GH if one of us needs a personality change.
Unfortunately, I was not familiar with Jason Morgan before his disappearance; just for a couple of weeks……….only what I have read on these sites and a lttle Utube history.
I do wonder, though, Soaphound; was Carly in the habit of coming between Sam and Jason?….. Or is this just a feeling I am getting? Hmmmmm, I wonder if Carly will present a problem…..first Miss Lizzie, now, Carly……poor Sonny…LOL.

Best episode in quite some time, keep it up

I loved the scenes with Alexis and Parker. I hope they have more to do together down the road.

I LOVED Jason kicking azz! One of the FEW times Billy Miller seems awake is when he is being physical! Oh, and speaking of being physical, he and Sam were hot, hot, hot together ,devouring each other! Loved it!

People complain about Nick’s dark side BUT I wish that he would contact Starvos or Stephan and have Curtis killed. What a leech! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

I just LOVED Hayden and Nick going to bed each holding a knife! “Love is in the Air!”

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night!” Goodnight Ava!

Yeah, Aria. There was more touchy feely kind of communication….better than discourse. But, I agree, I did not see sparks. Now, Maxie and Nathan? That’s a horse of a different color.
Nikolas?…. well….we must remember to be kind. But, what you said! LOL.

Oh, my gosh and golly gee, my Timmmy. That is so funny. Each with a knife….going to bed… is in the air.

Nicholas Bobbit!

I agree with everything you said Timmm! Nick is really getting a beating; surprised he still has a face left.

it just so rankles me… that Nicholas is being “blackmailed” by Hayden and Curtis

I am officially OVER Hayden

just how long can they drag this out ?

I get that she was brought to Port Charles to “help” Ric blackmail “Jake”
now she’s blackmailing Nicholas… with Shawn confessing from prison… that their was another shooter … Nicholas needs to figure this out?

does Hayden really have the goods on Nicholas ?

now that the cats out of the bag… once again… all of Port Charles is against Nicholas …. AGAIN

he was so well written in all of 2015… thank you for being one of the few… PS: along with Laura Wright… just how much FUN it is to watch Nicholas… dark side

I wish they would even the playing field and give Nicholas some staying power… and enervate him … as we know he can…

once again.. he’s being “beaten” by Jason… and blackmailed by Hayden ???

where’s the fun for Nicholas

@Timmm….Given how many familiar and unfamiliar faces that have crashed at Wyndemere as of late, Nik should just be over and done with it already and open a B&B. Let Laura run the place… will give her something to do besides cracking Helena’s mysterious code.

Oh Shay, Genie Francis has to be pulling her hair out! [In a rocking chair with a brush!] What a waste of her talent. People get offended here but I love Genie but what can she do without Luke?

Nick should open one of those medieval dinner theater’s where there is a murder and dinner guests have to guess who did it. Funny thing or should I say the twist, the person is actually dead EVERY TIME! Where is DICKtective Falconeri when you need him!

It was one of GHs better episodes…hopefully it will keep up the momentum!!!

Jason and Sam I don’t know , I just don’t see their spark, or their connection, I was never a fan of jason but like the idea of what jake could’ve been but now that the character knows who he is its like he’s gone back to being selfriteous soon he’ll go back to hanging out with the same people, I. E Carly , sonny and Sam and how they will go around acting like they are always in the right no matter what . They’ll pump these 4 characters at the expense of others. Also not liking this dark nikolas, he’s become dark with no soul therefore he looks like a cartoonish villian . The episode I like more was the prior day episode especially when Tracy was going into surgery and her family was there beside her, Ned, Dillon, Michael and Monica , it was so great seeing so many Quatermaines in one scene together, wish their was miore scenes like that..

ie: the LOVE THEM THE BEST Quartermainia

they need to bring back… somehow… a strong vivacious with comedic timing… a new Emily… just to round out this Fantastic fam

I wonder what Amber Tamblyn is doing these days?

Natalia Livingston is also a keeper

ps: I’m not looking forward to seeing “Jason and Sam Forever” consummate their relationship…

I just don’t get it… I’m not going to grandstand and beg for Jason and Liz.. because i’m over that ; seriously ??? to watch Liz accept and lower her standards for being 2nd … leftovers ? I think not

Liz and Franco
Liz and Griffin
Liz and Nicholas
Liz and Ric
Liz and heck…. Scotty

she’s HOT


PS: at the very least… I hope they throw in dear sweet Alice… to check in on Tracy

I agree Patrick. Alice’s absence is glaringly obvious, especially when Tracy’s life was on the balance. Surely the budget could afford Alice a bedside visit? Hopefully she’ll be waiting at the door to welcome Ms. Tracy home.

A surprisingly good episode. The Alexis and Parker scenes had some of the best acting I’ve seen in a while. While I hate the idea of wasting the brilliant Ashley Jones on whiny Kristina, I hope she sticks around. Would love to see her spar with Sonny. Jason’s pounding on Nikolas was downright thrilling (and this from someone who generally hates violence). Maybe it’s because Billy Miller would be sexy just reading a menu. One quibble…why do they keep chopping up his gorgeous hair?

Ah yes soaphound.Ashley Jones is brilliant and Sonny vs Parker would be epic!As much as I enjoyed Nik getting the crap beat out of him,Alexis vs Parker was the best of the day!

I dunno, I just dunno..
GH has become PSA ordinated..
Like leave it Beaver; a PSA show..
I do not like it, it’s lame..

(( PSA = public service announcements ..

I am really really wanting my loved GH back 🙁

I really liked Nancy and Ashley’s scenes. Love to see this side of Alexis again (as well as the mom nursing “tactic” in the courtroom). Am going to enjoy this brief win-win since Julian is going back on his no-more-crime-boss promise. And Ashley as Parker was a new pleasant surprise.

Seems comas related to brains can be tricky things. Looks like Jason still retains his hair-like instincts when it comes to physical confrontation. If remember right, didn’t Helena program retaining that part of a Jason that into her “soldier” boy at one time? Makes you wonder if all the bad stuff is really out of Franco.

I like Jason and Sam together. Sorta reminds me of Liam finally remembering Steffy as he is getting his memory back, no matter how many sparks he can have with a Quinn or Liz. Just don’t want selfish (and understandably so under the circumstances) Carly to bring him back into Sonny’s orbit with this obsession with Carlos.

Nik is a bit of a mystery to me. When did he turn the corner? Is it a little leftover trauma from what happened to Spencer in the fire? I can almost get him trying to get control of the Q’s company. But can’t figure why he put the hit on Hayden. Definitely not his style, nor a Cassadine way of ridding themselves of a nuisance.

Hi Rose…

I agree with you regarding this side of Alexis, yet I feel that it only completes her as a fully-fleshed out character. For me it was more realistic to see her in a relationship, complete with passion; we’ve always seen her maternal side, her practical side, fierce lawyer side, etc. It’s comparable to the different roles we all have in life. I meant to comment on something you said regarding her on another post, that you were glad they were getting back to this side of her, or something to that effect. I agreed with that too, but I felt like they emphasized her relationship with Julian in the throes of newness…when attraction and the physical side is very intense at the beginning. Then they rightly transitioned them into a couple which shares domesticity, family and a bond that still stands after the initial newness has worn off.

As for Nic, I think they’ve shown a side of him that might have been present but which he fought against. He and Alexis lived side by side with the darker side of the Cassadines and each strived to be better. Nicolas was always so controlled, so polite, yet conflicted about his family, fearing he could be like his father. I was even surprised when he betrayed Lucky. But I think losing Emily, Courtney, Liz, Britt…suffering one loss after another, being duped by Britt and also Rebecca (remember her? Emily’s twin who deceived him too), dealing with Stavros, Helena…I think the good in Nicolas gave into his dark side out of frustration, loss, despair, his happiness always cut short.

Lol, wuth ALL that said putting out a hit on Hayden seemed extreme. Either it’s all I said, or he really is under some kind of Helena’ witchy ways…

Rebecca 1…Seems the darker side can always be triggered no matter how deep it’s buried. Finally saw the new StarWars and it happened there, too. I’m also wondering about Helena’s “witchy” ways. Could the “spell” have something to do with the portrait she left Nik?

So true @Rebecca1… Regarding the whole Nikolas and his dark side debacle. I see some fans on message boards are not pleased to see Nikolas go into this dark of a direction. But, I think that it is easy to at the very least some of us to remember that, even in real-life… we all have our own reasons to show our darker shades. Everybody has a darker side to them, it is just whether or not we all ourselves as our own individuals, decides to actually show it to the real world or not. And we fear showing the “shades of gray” sometimes… So much that is because we fear of pure shame and judgement.

As for with Nikolas, lets face it… He has been through a lot, over the years. Especially with being a vital part of The Cassadine Family / The Cassadine Clan. Emily’s death… I truly believe was the hardest on him. I can remember seeing Tyler Christopher in those scenes, as I believe his alter ego “Connor Bishop”, at the time… In denial while finding and holding Emily’s dead body. Tyler did AMAZING in those scenes. I personally think and or believe that those have been his bestest of scenes to date.

Hi Ashland…

I barely remember Connor. Was he a lookalike Nic that raped Emily?

Yes, I agree with you. We all have si many different

Hey Rose…I haven’t seen the new Star Wars. Was it good? I’m catching up on so much great TV these days…binge watched Ray Donovan, The Borgias, The Walking Dead, The Originals…I’m now on to Outlanders and looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones. It’s interesting because one of the reasons we like daytime soaps is the continuity…the characters we come to know because they’re for the most part a constant…lol…people we can always count on “being there.” In that same vein, when you binge a show you can watch as many episodes as you want back to back, day after day, so the involvement in the characters is comparable. Downfall is primetime, no matter how good doesn’t have the shelf life of soaps. If you havent seen any or some of these shows I recommend them all! And talk about a dark side…zombies, werewolves, vampires, murderers for hire and warring Kings.

So yes, lil Nic seems to have fallen. As far as the portrait I still think, as some others have, that Helena is alive and she’s letting him know she wasn’t taken out by the poison tea she’s seen drinking in the picture. Only other thing I can think of is she’s telling him she knew he’d eventually succumb to his inner dark Cassadine side and knew the attempt he’d make on her. Revenge awaits whether she’s dead or alive….

Lol. Maybe Helena is walking around with a Hayden mask!. Ahem. Kidding. Ewww. :/

Rebecca1…When Hayden was giving the portrait a closer look didn’t she see something before Nik put it aside? I do think when it comes to Helena, something concerning Nik is still in play. I’ve seen most of the shows you mentioned. At least we know The Borgias came before the Cassidine’s. But Helena and family could have been inspired and learned a lot from them.

Your right about all,of these shows having a constant character base. We are just lucky our soaps go on year afte year (fingers crossed). Gotta go…New 2nd season of Outlander is just starting.

Hi Rose
Well I know that the tea in the pic represented the poisoned tea…I’m not sure what Rebecca saw. Was it a reflection of another person in the background? Or maybe someone posted that suggestion ezrlier…don’t recall.

I LOVED Borgias! Here’s another example of quality shows being canceled due to low ratings” while trashy shows ala some reality or lowbrow Jerry Springer type shows go on for years…

I’m not up to the second season of Outlander. Hope your second season premiere was good!

Was anybody else puzzled by the spark that led to Sam and Jason hitting the sheets?

“Seeing you nearly murder my cousin was so hot — make love to me in your luxury effiency apartment now, Jason!”

LOL @ Luxury efficiency. That set is awful! And while the recent outdoor scenes are a nice change of pace, is a chain link fence the best we can do

There’s no spark with Jason & Sam as much as they’ve been re- united , I’m sorry there’s just no really chemistry between them. I found myself looking forward to Jason and Liz scene in the past it’s sad its over. I don’t believe Jason can just turn off his feeling for her. Leading up to Sam and Jason re uniting seemed pushed.
I did love the show before they reunited.

ITA, Jason&Sam seem to be all about the physical, and Jake&Liz were more romantic. Sam even said today that Jason isn’t much for words. Maybe not with HER, but with Liz he was downright poetic! “I’ve memorized your entire face” “I may not have a ring, but I have my heart and I have my love for you” .. he was VERY forthcoming about his feelings for LIZ. Ah well, as Patrick says, forget it. GH wants their “ride or die” couple, Jasam, maybe that’s the pairing most of the audience wants, too. But just slapping them together isn’t the way to go. It seems like he’s forgotten all about how he felt for Liz, and his feelings were HUGE. But now we’re supposed to believe he really wasn’t that much in love with her he was just saying all those beautiful things? And we’re supposed to like him now? 😮

i’ll put out their… a never say never

if it’s the last we see of the forced pairing… it truly is about spark… and yes.. the moments that just cement and put a stamp on how stunning Jason and Liz …are in this current generation had all the components and requisite for supercouple… I don’t know if that sits well with Billy Miller.. if he wanted to be the superhero… ala Jason… so be it.. take ms. Nancy Drew with…

you posted.. the part … and I remember it well

when Jason is with Liz… “I may not have a ring,…” etc… etc..

that just did it for me

I read in a past SOD issue.. how… enamored it seemed… J and S , as head writers… were patting themselves on the back as it were.. as if giving the whole shebang… of how the JaSam fans were stood up.. and aghast that it took this long

hence.. I just do not want to think… that writing vs. character interpretation… really MUST go hand in hand… to REEL magic

and.. they don’t see it with Liz?

I have to dispense.. that the GH writers… duh goes to FV… for “how dare he” hedge and drag out Rebecca Herbst much deserved multi year contract

she … thank you posters… who know… how she generates with each and every cast member on that canvas… what a tour de force… force of nature

i’ll patiently wait… Liz return… ie: she will be off screen for a bit.. and it’s all systems ON FIRE

there’s still much to love about GH

ie: Ned is back… for Olivia
ie: Julian is full steam ahead… with Nina

I so hope much more is on the horizon… with Sabrina return… even with Michael

let’s hope Kiki is on the mend… every one is gaga over John Deluca as a potential love interest

WE WANT MORE !!!! Mac and Felicia !!!!

last but certainly the best… Quartermania… I openly weep for Ms. Tracy… dang … Wally Kurth and Jane Elliott… superb

so true, Patrick. Never really liked Jason&Sam, although I rooted for them during the McBam nonsense (being a John&Natalie, OLTL fan, lol. I hated what RC did to them, never really giving them any happiness until Steve Burton decided to leave, then RC showed, in a dream sequence, how their story SHOULD have gone down. It made me sad and mad. Jasam have fans, LOTS of them, and GH just spat on them.) I’m not a huge Liason fan, but I do love Elizabeth. And I liked her pairing with Jake. He was so demonstrative and affectionate, lightyears away from Jason! Now he’s back with Sam, and he’s reverted to being “The Borg”. So I suppose he’s just gonna go back to being Jason Morgan, the enforcer, and all our hopes that he might reconnect with the Quartermaines are out the window. But as you said, Ned is back – yay! – and I too wish for more Mac & Felicia. I simply cannot root for anyone mob-related. Except Diane and Spinelli.

that’s because Becky is so good at making the man opposite her shine. I really give her all the credit for the amazing scenes she and Billy shared. And I still say, had the story truly been about keeping Jake and Elizabeth as a couple, it would have been one of the strongest couples to hit GH in a long time. But they were never meant to be.

Is this the end of Parker? Hope GH continues to tell Kristina’s story.

I’m so disappointed in how, Nicholas, is being written

I’ve grown weary of Hayden… ??? all the drama lent to Hayden, for????

Is Nicholas going to – Live – with the threats ???

won’t the reveal of who Rachel IS free Nicholas from his marriage vows ???

argh! it seems Nicholas doesn’t stand a chance

as GH is continuing to prop Jason and even Hayden… over Nicholas character

as intriguing as I think Hayden and Curtis to be….

it’s just not boding and sitting well with me… how argh! emasculated Nicholas is being written

HE IS AN EMMY Nominee for a reason! his character pulled out all the stops… and Manned up his character with so much intrigue

OK I know majority of fans… want the dear sweet Nicholas.. and sweet Liz…

isn’t it just time…. to layer and just KNOW… how… complex Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Herbst REEL

they are a magnetic BFF and that whole production should be heralding these two

Patrick…re your other comment about the Jason/Liz/Sam triangle and who would be the couple. I was glad the signing of Rebecca was finally resolved because I like Liz as part of GH. But because of the lies about his true identity, I was not on team Liz for Jason. Since GH is part of ABC Disney, you have to hope “someday her prince will come.” Plus I like Sam. Can’t help but notice how the soaps copy each other. B&B is doing a variation of the same thing with the Liam/ Quinn story.

Best show I’ve seen in a verry long time!
Jason & Sam = duds! boring! How can he just so easily forget how Liz helped and supported him initially in the hospital. He’s just put her out of his mind? Really?!?!
Hayden & Nikolas = great scene and buildup to a layered relationship. Nikolas has depth now, like most people. No more white horses to ride in on. Yaaaaay!
Kristina & Parker & Alexis = totally realistic. All of it. I hope Ashley returns and her wife gets a job at GH. Wouldn’t that be great?! Wait, besides Monica are there other women doctors? Albrecht doesn’t count.
Carly & Jason = here we go again. So sick of the mob stuff but clearly complaining about it does no good so I just fast forward through those scenes.
Ava = my ninja!!!!
Nina = my ride/die chick!!! These two ladies bring the heat whenever they are on the screen from way back to the the “As the world turn” and “Y & R” days, respectively.
Franco & Liz = not a physically attractive couple. Wouldn’t enjoy the pairing.
Finn = keep his sense of humor!!!
Quartermaines = of all the head injuries Jason has had his memory of his life as a Q never returns??? But he remembers life with Sonny as a henchman, silly. Please return their fun as a family back to them. Not sure which set of writers set out to destroy them and break them down and break the Q’s up but it was a sad day.
Molly = has grown into a beautiful young lady with quite the acting chops.
Other storilines, I guess i don’t care about enough to mention.

For those who thought that no sparks flew between Sam and Jason must have been watching a different show. Kudos to Kelly.. I thought that Billy Miller looked great.. I also liked the darker edge to Jason. Billy Miller has been a big improvement for the character of Jason. I only hope that this means more involvement with Sonny.

I completely agree Marie!

The Kristina being gay story is sorta stupid..
Nobody cares if some is gay, no big deal..
Only time gay anything is a matter of subject is when it comes to church and state.

Sam and Jason doing the nasty was more than nasty LOL … I fely need to vomit!
I had to FF through every scene to please my stomach/ horrible YUCK..

It has nice to get a break from Morgan’s therapy stuff.
All the other stuff going on like Nathan and Maxie or the magazine is FF …
I like Ava and Julian and better yet with Sonny and Anna working together..
Nikolas and Haden looks promising.
Anything Tracy is never FF , looking forward to more Tracy.

yah`know.. I have been FFing through 70%, everyday.. That is sad 🙁

Krissy gay gives the actress something to do and Alexis and Parker scenes. Not a shocking issue to be gay anymore.

Sammy looked hot baby!

I wish Morgan would go away like Walkmans!

Sana baby! [Sonny and Anna!]

Tracy is pure gold!

hi Timmm..
hey, Krissy could be a serial killer, an ax murder or even a Nun..
But, for some dumb reason they believe a ”she is gay” story would be intriguing/ so old fashioned!

Anyways, ok then who will they pair her with? Parker is married and too old for her, so who?
Now, where does the dumb story go from here?

They could level the playing field out a little bit, and (eventually) have Kristina figure and or find out that she is “bisexual”. I personally don’t like a world full of seemingly un-ended labels. I mean, we all are who we are. And if really any of us as our own individuals ever has had or does have a problem with the way anybody else is… That is usually us as our own individual’s problem, and not theirs. We all live in a twisted world, more than not. And I am really and truly not trying to become a Negative Nancy in any sense when I say that. Just speaking the truth, no matter how harsh it may be sometimes.

Now, back to what they could do with the Kristina Corinthos-Davis character… They could have her figuring out that it is okay to settle with the best of both worlds. Not one, or the other. But its hard because if you want to be with somebody and just only one person for the rest of your life… more likely than not, you cannot have the best of BOTH worlds. That would have to involve some sort and or kind of a twisted and convoluted three-way relationship. Or Kristina setlles to have a part in being a part of an open relationship.

Maybe they bring Professor Parker and her wife (and any other of their family members) onto the Port Charles and / or General Hospital canvas. In some way. Maybe Parker’s wife can become a physical therapist doctor / nurse at General Hospital, itself. And then overtime, show how really strained Professor Parker’s relationship is and or may be with her wife. Tensions flare, they consider immediate divorce at first. But, they both come to the conclusion that they both still love one another. So, they both think that the best route at the particular star is to maybe still be in a relationship with one another… But, an open relationship. They both know and feel that they know who they are going to both come home to when it comes to the night times, at the very least. Professor Parker and her wife being in an open relationship, can allow both of them to explore some “fun times” with others outside of their very own respective relationship. Parker can pursue some things with Kristina, while maybe Professor Parker’s (current) wife decides to pine after… dare I say it, maybe Sonny? Because I imagine that eventually, the bottom has to drop out somewhere (yet again, like really with any and or all relationships in Life) with (both) Sonny and Carly. Carly will really not like how Sonny’s violence that still surrounds him, is affecting not only their own relationship with one ankther
.. But, also, how it is and or could still be affecting their own respective son, Morgan. Morgan will always want to try and prove to his father, that he can be the Morgan that Sonny wants him to be. Lets face, it. Like father, like son. Sonny has issues with bipolar disorder, and so does Morgan. We all know that that is a pretty huge reason as to why Morgan is in the mental facility that he is in now.

By the way, I really like how they had and or are having both Kiki and Morgan being within each others orbits. We have to remember, even with and after everything that went down at the docs where Kiki got shot… A lot of important and poignant stuff continued to happen even thereafter. No matter if Morgan potentially being the harbinger in and or with putting Kiki in danger at the docs that night, by informing her through cell phone voicemail or what have you… that something was going to go on down at the docs that night… Kiki was the one wth whom made the decision and choice of her own, to go and walk with her very own two feet and see what was going on at the docks with Morgan and what have you. Kiki, just like Carly with Sonny in their own situations that are similar to the ones with Kiki and Morgan… has to know and does know what danger she could be putting herself in, by even making the choice of “walking into the line of fire”, so-to-say. But also, in any defense for Kiki herself, she really does love Morgan (at the very least in her very own way, anyways)… And sometimes when you love somebody, that very thin line does end up coming into play… Where you will just maybe instinctively put yourself at risk for the one that you truly do feel that you Love, if you know that there is any sort of and or kind of danger headed their way. So, regardless of whether choices that were made were bad or not… It becomes a whole lot more in the way of situational.

What a fabulous episode!! I love that Nikolas’s crimes have finally been exposed. I’m hoping he’ll end up in prison for corporate espionage, fraud, blackmail and attempted murder, but I realize that probably won’t happen so I hope he’s at least forced to give ELQ back to the Quartermaines!!! The beating Jason gave Nikolas, returning ELQ to the Quartermaines and being saddled with Hayden as his wife, is barely the punishment he deserves!!

I also wish Elizabeth would be punished for covering for Nikolas in both the attempted murder of Hayden and stealing ELQ!! I think she got off too easy for what she did to Jason, Sam, Danny and all his family and friends!!! And I LOVED that Jason came to Sam’s defense and called her his wife, again!!!

The scenes with Alexis and Parker where wonderfully performed by two fabulous actresses. A sensitive topic that was beautifully written and beautifully handled by both Nancy Lee Grahn and Ashley Jones.

I thought the Ava and dead bird scene was great. Maura West certainly convinced me of Ava’s fear. But I did feel sorry for the little birdy.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Jasam making love scenes!!!!! Sam and Jason’s (and Kelly and Billy’s) chemistry is off the charts and sizzling HOT!!! My television was practically smoking. And I loved hearing their song being played!! Being a real life couple, it really shows in how comfortable they are with each other, clothed or unclothed. Its so beautiful to see the smoldering looks he constantly gives her and how he can’t stop touching her. If those scenes had been any hotter they would probably have been rated R. WOW!!!!!

GH has been really outstanding lately. I’m once again taping the episodes to rewatch a second time on the weekend. I had stopped doing that for a period of time and love that GH is once again producing shows that are really interesting, romantic, dramatic, current, powerful and very exciting. I look forward to each new show. I’ve been watching for 43 years and General Hospital is definitely the best soap on the air!!!

Hi maddiehayes,
I could have missed an episode but from what I recall wasn’t this the first time Jason and Sam made love? Seems like Sam’s been holding back from rushing into anything with him, physical or otherwise, even going so far as to divorce him so they could start anew. I agree though that Jason seems to have easily gotten over his love for Liz. I guess we’re supposed to assume her betrayal was too much and Sam by comparison offered honesty and a way back to his identity. That dors make sense although I’m sure that just as in the past he’ll always care for Liz in some way.

I think the writers spent too much time developing “Jake.” Given the fact it’s not Steve Burton, it was too easy to see him and still see him as Jake rather than Jason. I think Billy Miller is great and I like his character, lol, but that character just doesn’t come across as Jason for me.

Whether he comes across as Jason or Jake and putting team Liz vs team Sam aside, I think their in-bed scene had a lot of chemistry… til of course enter Carly. THAT hasn’t changed! 😉

Hi Rebecca! Yes, this was Jason&Sam’s first time having sex. I still have GH on my TV during the day, but I don’t pay much attention lately. I heard “just you and me” playing from another room and that’s how I knew there was a sex scene, lol. It seems sudden, compared to Jake and Liz, whom we saw getting closer and closer and PINING for each other before they finally had sex after several months of wanting one another but being kept apart. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Jason ever have to “pine” for Sam? I always like a lot of pining, lol. I do not understand how finding out Liz lied to him made Jake fall out of love with her. Being angry with her, that I can understand. But they were already in love BEFORE she started lying to him. But now he’s totally over her and falling in love with Sam. But you know what? He doesn’t even act like “Jake” any more. He doesn’t say flowery, poetic things to Sam. He’s turning back into Stone Cold. And this disappoints me, because I had hoped the new Jason would be a hybrid of Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan. And be torn between the two. But he’s far more JM than JQ already and he doesn’t even have his memories back. Oh yes, I’m not denying Jason&Sam have great physical chemistry, and I did find Sam’s conversation with Carly to be very telling. Sam accepts Jason as he really is. Jason Morgan. But that’s not who he REALLY is though! Is he gonna be Jason Morgan forever? How sad for the Qs, especially Monica!

Hey again maddiehayes…

I don’t think Jason is consciously reverting back to his Jason Morgan ways. He’s no longer “stone cold” literally speaking. I dont know if his latest head trauma was supposed to have retriggered his emotions but he’s much lighter, jokes, teases and more open to the Quartermaines. I don’t know how much you’ve seen of him because as you said you’re not watching that much these days… but it’s good you have the TV turned to it for the ratings! Lol, the show needs every viewer and more if it’s going to survive! But this new incarnation of Jason has a desire to reach out to the Q’s…he’s determined to get ELQ back in their hands. He even went so far as to sit with Tracy in the hospital.

It doesn’t seem like he wants to gst back to Sonny’s business. Their friendship at this point is cordial but he doesn’t have any burning desire to temember it or even instinctively want to get involved witb mob business. I think Carly is trying to pull him back into their fold…wanting her best friend and Sonny’s savior back. As witnessed Friday she came barging in once again to ask him to talk Sonny out of going after Carlos. The old Jason wouldn’t have hesitated. This time you could see he wanted to stay put with Sam. Carly won. Again. While his killer insticts, his strength, his ability to take down anyone is still there and seemingly uncontrollable if he feels someone he cares for is in danger the mob mentality and interest is gone. I too truly hope they dont draw him back down that path. I’d love to see him finally become a Q… have that family built up again especially with the return of Ned whom I love, Dylan who I also like a lot and Monica who I hope they keep on this time! Still, not sure they can recapture the quirky humor and bickering since they killed off so many of rhem. Killing off AJ was one of their biggest mistakes. So wrong on every level.

As for Sam, pining, etc,,,different situation than with Liz,

He “met” Liz when he was lost and vulnerable. No sense of self. No one, not even her at the beginning knew whi he was. So yes, as two strangers bonding, new atteaction building it was more the building of a romance. And he might have been able to keep his feelings for her if as soon as she found out the truth she told him and they dealt with it together. But to be lied to every day, kept frim his wife, child and mother…that can wipe out any love. Although in rwality she was always Liz, in essence she wasn’t the person he was falling in love with, Gone was the selfless nurse who helped him, in was the selfish woman who held on to him at all costs, even keeping a child from his fathef.

By the time he and Sam became romantic it was rhe opposite, Trust and friendship was already there as well as a sense if familiarity ansmd the occasional memory of her. Couple that with a shared son, aphysical attraction and a knowledge that he loved her deeply before, I can see where it all led him back to her. They’re building a romance based on friendship and building “heat”, but still, to Sam’s credit, she’s hesitantly optimistic. They have a solid foundation but she knows he’s not completely the same, so I think they’re looking to fall in live all over again, it’s yet to be seen but I think they’re good together. But I still don’t feel him S Jason. His personality and look is way too different. Like him though…

I do like Billy Miller, and I hope you’re right, that he doesn’t go back to being a hitman for Sonny. Time will tell ..

Asland! Lol…so sorry! I wrote you a second response and then technical difficulties once again and aftar allllll that, my phone jumped off the page. Just wanted you to know I did get back to you again and screwed it up twice! Pesky smart phone! It must be more used to replying to Rose! Lol…see you on the next post. 😉

I loved the scene with Parker and Alexsis. Such reality. Hit home! Ashley, Lexi and Nancy have nailed this storyline. Such talented actresses.

I really hope Ashley Jones comes back. Great addition to GH. Very talented actress. Love Parker. Hope they continue storyline.

General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Issues Statement Condemning Racist Attacks Directed at Tabyana Ali

After continued online racist comments directed at General Hospital cast member, Tabyana Ali (Trina), the series has issued its own statement on the situation across all of its social media platforms on Tuesday.

Ali, who back on June 9th took to X to stand up to the racist remarks sent her way, has been facing the same situation since joining the soap opera back in 2022 as a recast in the role of Trina Robinson.

Throughout her time on the ABC soap opera, Tabyana had been one-half of the popular young love story of “Sprina” along with Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer).

Photo: ABC

Now General Hospital is standing up and alongside Ali, with its statement which read: “General Hospital does not tolerate hatred or bigotry of any kind. Racism has no place in Port Charles. GH is for everyone.”  Since its posting, the ability to comment has been turned off on the GH Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While the statement does not specifically name Ali, according to Soap Opera Digest, ABC has been communicating with Ali and her representatives about how best to navigate the situation. Once the statement was issued, Ali took to X and said, “I appreciate you so much ABC/GH.”

Photo: ABC

Back on June 9th, Ali opened up about the “hate” directed at her and then added, “To anyone that hates me, that’s absolutely fine. I don’t know you and you don’t me, but regardless I’m sending you peace, safety and prosperity.”

Several of Ali’s GH co-stars have posted the statement on their Instagram accounts including: Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Jacqueline Grace Lopez (Blaze) and Kate Mansi (Kristina).

What do you think of General Hospital’s statement that racism has no place in Port Charles? Are you glad they stood up for Tabyana, and moving forward for any form of racism related to the show and its cast? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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