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GENERAL HOSPITAL: An Attacker Is Loose at the Q’s and the Cassadines Play Cover-Up (Promo)


Monday’s highly-anticipated episode of General Hospital, will pick-up where Friday’s major cliffhanger left off with Ava Jerome (Maura West) being stabbed with a hook, but the question is, who is responsible?

Many fans are feeling it’s going to be revealed to be a very much alive, Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), since we never found evil Esme’s body after she went over the parapet in her fight with Ava. Still others are betting that the culprit is Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom)!


Now, in the latest promo for the ABC daytime drama series, whoever attacked Ava is on the loose, and PCPD are on the scene to investigate.

In the preview, all of the Cassadine men are looking guilty, and certainly that they know something about the crime, especially given that Spencer  (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) just found out his father, Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) had slept with Esme.

Then, there is the matter of the confrontation between Austin (Roger Howarth) and Mason (Nathanyael Grey) that Ava witnessed. Did Mason try to silence her?

Watch the promo below. Then weigh-in, who do you think is the one trying to end Ava’s life? Share your theories in the comment section.

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Suspects include Nicholas, Spenser, and Austin’s hometown buddy but we all know it was Esme that gave the hook to Ava!

I was very impressed with this week of GH. It reminded me somewhat of the Jill Farren Phelps Era.

Now say what you will about JFP, but her 11 year reign as EP of GH was remarkably successful. And some of the sweeps stories (call them stunts if you will) were epic in a time when soap budgets were more generous.

The bus crashes, the disease outbreaks, the Black and White Ball, the Carnival … etc

They were riveting displays of entertainment.

This week was obviously not as lushly produced, no big budgets or new sets. But, veterans were used in a meaningful way, many stories were propelled forward, and it had that “Can’t wait for Monday!” element that soaps rarely produce anymore!

And poor Ava! This chick has been shot, thrown off a bridge, battled cancer, thought she was taken off life support, was horrifically disfigured in a fire she caused, had her daughter murdered by the man she was sleeping with, and now she gets a hook to the gut!! Not to mention dealing with years of sanctimonious nattering from Snarly Carly!!!

I think she has done due penance for killing Connie!

I think it is Ryan. Iam sure he’s blaming Ava for Esme’s absence in his miserable life right now.

Violet…I tend to think Ryan right now, too. At least a guy. If Spencer can sneak out of jail for a few hours, I’m sure Ryan could find a way out of his facility for a while as well. Something about this attack seems really personal. While Nellie and Esme are devious, I think it takes a kind of ruthlessness they don’t have. Or the physical strength. So for now Ryan.

Spencer got out of jail on a “day pass” easily because he had Uncle Victor pulling some strings to make it happen. It would be more difficult for Ryan as he’s locked in a solitary cell, is supposed to be a catatonic vegetable, and has no allies working with him (at least that we know of) now that Esme is AWOL. Ryan’s a smart psycho, so I’m not saying it’s impossible that he could have broken out, but it would have been far more difficult than what Spencer did. And I suspect if Ryan had gone to that much trouble to get out of Spring Ridge, he probably would have stayed out, possibly to search for his missing daughter himself. Because it probably would have been just as difficult for him to sneak back IN to Spring Ridge & his solitary locked cell without being seen.

Satan…Yes Ryan was probably a stretch. Could be Victor orchestrated the whole ting because Ava was becoming a liability to the Cassadines.

If it was Victor, I think his motive might be slightly different. Since he believes in some twisted version of “Cassadine Family Unity” (with him in charge, of course) then he would consider hurting Ava as a means to that end. He’s already kidnapped his own granddaughter to keep his son in line, so it would be consistent with his previous behavior.

So by putting Ava in the hospital, he gets Nikolas by her side in the hospital (though Ava herself decided she didn’t want him hanging around) and because Trina was close to Ava, that brings Spencer into the mix, causing him to put his own bad feelings about Ava aside, temporarily.

It’s some Grade A manipulation, if that’s what’s going on. Machiavelli would be proud!

Been thinking about my theory and others that Ryan might be the attacker, but I’d forgotten that he only has one arm and I don’t know if he’d have the strength to slam that big hook into someone the way that person did with only one hand.

She didn’t have her daughter murdered, he did it thinking that’s what she wanted. Now who done it. Nicolas, Spencer, victor, Elizabeth, Esme, nelle,Ryan, Mason,and since their bringing back the dead, Morgan. I read an article about this and they talked about how shocked we’re going to be when it’s revealed who the person is that did it. So if we’re to be shocked I’d say Nicolas or Morgan the others wouldn’t shock me. By the way send Nina and wimpy Mike back to Nixon falls permanently, his acting has really went downhill. When you’re with a talented actress you give good acting. I think the lady playing Nina is ok but Laura has much more talent and it brings out his talent even more so


The success of the Jill Fred Phelps era wasn’t so much about Phelps as it was about Bob Guza, who was an excellent writer. All those storylines you referenced were his doing. There has been nothing since February 2012 which remotely compares with that quality of writing.

Did Guza have his favorite characters? Sure. What writer doesn’t? Hell, look at the current writers and their attempt to make Nina the center of EVERYTHING, for example.

Because I’m the Devil, and it’s in my unholy nature to think of bizarre coalitions working, I’d actually like to bring Guza back as head writer and see what happens when he works with Frank Valentini. And does that mean they would correct the huge mistake they made right around last Thanksgiving?? Yeah, you can bet your soul on that!!

I am so sick of the old bastard uncle and what he’s doing to and not for his family. I never thought I’d feel pity for Valentin but keeping his own son’s daughter away from him, just forcing him to do his bidding is unforgivable. I hope someday we’ll see his old grey head hanging off the parapet at Windemer.

And Uncle may have had something to do with almost killing Ava. Do really like Actor Charles Shaughnessy though. He was so nice on Franny show.

Initially I thought that Victor might have had Ava “hooked” as a bizzare means of getting to his idea of “Cassadine Family Unity” with everybody circling their wagons around the wounded Ava, rhetorically speaking.

But Victor would have no reason to go after Joss or Brando, so he’s not looking like a viable suspect anymore. I’m thinking it has to be the AWOL (and definitely not in Hell, yet) Esme. She has motive to attack both Ava & Joss, and – not being very mentally stable – would have attacked Brando in a panic, if she thought he saw her stalking Joss.

Satan…GH just had bad girl Nelle drift in and out during a dreamland hour, so it seems reasonable time to resurrect Esme. But something in me just doesn’t see her as the “hooker.” She has a small frame so it would be too big and unwieldy for her to use in a physical attack. And physical isn’t her m.o. especially if she might be pregnant. But I can’t think of any of the “other usual suspects.” Ohhhhh, the mystery continues.

I love Victor! Not because he’s a good guy, but the Cassadines have always had a dangerous element which has been sorely missing since the show lost Helena. And, I love Charles Shaughnessy. He brings an air of class and sophistication to a menacing character. I just wish they’d do more with the role. The old cat and mouse that Helena and Luke used to play comes to mind. I think he and Anna play well off each other…Either way, I hope they don’t kill him off. Too few Cassadines as it is.

By the way, Helena used Spencer as a way to control Nikolas. I think she once kidnapped him, too. Also not unlike Carly who disgustingly used Cyrus’s mother as leverage.

At Sonny’s bar today, who better to have a hook like that, than a one armed man?

Except this is a typical “hay bailing hook” with a handle, as we saw when it was hanging on the wall in the Q’s boathouse (should have been in the horse stables really)

So it’s not a “Captain Hook” prosthetic type of thing that an amputee like Ryan could slip over his stump arm.

Your idea of the hay bailing hook which ordinarily would be found in a horse stable equals our boy Cody Bell , but what motives would he have for him to becoming a Serial Killer? Also the idea of Esme wielding that big hook with the strength we saw it took, as Rose says, I still can’t accept her being an attempted murderers, yet. Any more ideas?

Psychopaths like Esme can be stronger than they might appear, especially when the insanity overrides the normal mental impulse to not attack somebody bigger & stronger than yourself, that most mortals have.

As far as these attacks go… the killer got Ava from behind, so she didn’t have time to react. Brando on the other horn, is ex military and obviously capable of responding to a physical attacker…. so why did he not do so here? I’m guessing the sudden rainstorm was made up as a convenient plot point, so they can say Brando slipped on wet pavement in the alley and couldn’t keep his footing to fight off the killer.

I didn’t know where else to put this comment, but what is happening at GH? One story after another unfinished and then another started…Trina/Rory…Esme…the “hook” killer…Lucy…Ava/ Nickolas…Spencer…Victor/Anna…Holly back…Joss/Cameron/Dex…Sasha…Willow/Michael…Brittany/Cody/Peter…Elizabeth…and now Heather Webber.
Everything seems all over the place. Not very satisfying to me.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante is Shot as Jason Reveals Himself

Just how was General Hospital going to reintroduce the character of Jason Morgan to the canvas with the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton in the pivotal role? Well, why we don’t have all the answers, the show wasted no time, and Burton first appeared at the beginning of the Monday, March 4th episode.

In story, while Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selena (Lydia Look) and Ava (Maura West) are at the warehouse, they are facing off with the FBI and the PCPD when John (Adam J. Harrington), Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Chase (Josh Swickard) et al show up.  Meanwhile on the roof, a man kneels over a skylight window who pipes up with, “it appears they are late to the party.” It’s then revealed just who the man is talking to, and it turns out it’s JASON!

Meanwhile, John and Anna are questioning Sonny and Selina on what they are doing in the warehouse. Selina says they are planning a poker game. Next, the man with Jason aims his gun at Sonny. However, Jason messes up his shot, but the shot rings out. Inside the warehouse everyone scatters about. They realize the show came from the skylight.

Photo: ABC

Jason tells the other man they’ve been compromised and need to leave the location. Below, in the warehouse, Dante thinks that he and Chase can get onto the roof since the shooter didn’t see them. So, Dante takes off with Chase to find the culprit. In the meantime, John orders a CSI unit. Next, Chase returns and says the building is all clear and Dante is pursuing the suspects.

Now on the pier, Dante catches up with Jason (who’s back is to him) and the other man. Dante orders them to freeze. While the other man gets away, Jason stays put and Dante orders him to turn around slowly with his hands up. Dante is shocked to see its Jason. Confused, Dante says, “What the hell?” Next, the other man returns and fires two shots into Dante’s chest.

Photo: ABC

As Dante goes down, Jason runs over to him. The other man calls Jason “Jacobs” and tell him to leave the cop to die. Jason tells the other man to go to the planned site and he will find another way out. Next, the man attempts to fire at Jason who is hovering over Dante, but Jason shoots at him first and takes him out.

Back at the warehouse, Ava sees a bullet hole in Sonny sleeve, as John says that it confirms that Sonny is the intended target. John and Sonny stare each other down due to their dark past.  It’s clear that Sonny doesn’t trust John and vice-versa.  Anna tells Sonny she is not out to get him and doesn’t want him to die. She adds that Sonny, “Must have had an angel on his shoulder because she doesn’t see how that sniper missed from this range.”

Chase returns to the warehouse having dropped everyone off at the PCPD, but says Dante hasn’t checked in with him. Sonny looks very concerned, as Jason is looking very concerned over Dante’s body.

So, what did you think of the first episode back for Steve Burton as Jason Morgan? Will it be revealed that he has been infiltrating this organization to save Sonny? Does Jason not know his true identify? What do you think is going on?  As for Dante, will he pass out from his injuries and not identify Jason was even there on the roof with him? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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