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General Hospital Begins Airing Episodes by Temporary Writing Team While WGA Strike Continues

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The WGA writer’s strike is still on-going with no end in sight, due to the breakdown in contract negotiations with the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producer). The strike began on May 2nd, and currently the writers from your favorite soaps and primetime television shows are on strike.

While the soaps benefit in having scripts written well-ahead of air, and especially Days of our Lives, there would come a point in time where new scripts would need to be generated and be written by Fi-Core or scab writers.

That is now the case. according to General Hospital breakdown writer, Shannon Peace.  Starting with this week’s Tuesday July 25th episode, every show you see on-air from the ABC daytime drama series, is not being written by the usual GH writing team, until the strike is resolved so members from the Writer’s Guild can return.

Taking to her Instagram, Peace explained: “My episode that aired Thursday, July 20 was my final until the strike is over. Starting Tuesday, the writing team of GH will be watching alongside fans to see what happens… for the sake of the fans, I hope the show is in capable writing hands. But I have to also acknowledge the pain of knowing that characters we’ve developed, relationships we built and stories we planned are being handled by others. Still, my hope is that if you love GH, you’ll continue to watch. You can morally support the writers AND keep the show the air!”

Photo: SPeaceIG

She added on her post: “Daytime writers face a unique conflict during strikes. We hate to see our characters and storylines handed over to ‘writers’ who cross the picket line. But we are also keenly aware that stopping production could spell the demise of the soap operas.  Hoping that the AMPTP does the right thing soon, not just for writers, but for the integrity of the storytelling.”

So, are you interested to see how the upcoming GH episodes hold up in comparison to those that were written before them? What do you think about the sentiments shared by Shannon? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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I’m hoping that the stories are better. They need to end some before they start new ones. I’m hoping that Roho has a decent story he deserves it afterc2 years of his talent wasted.


Roger Howarth (Franco/Austin)

It’s hard to imagine the scabs could do much worse than the “real” writers have done since the Tricky Dick Nixon Falls story ate the entire show.

Terrible!!! I haven’t watched in a month.


Bad idea. Show reruns instead.

No point in that. If they did show reruns, it would only be reruns from after November 2021, because they wouldn’t want to remind us how far this show has fallen since then.

Similar to the COVID shutdown, when they showed reruns when they ran out of new episodes, but wouldn’t go more than a few months back. Or the ridiculous practice of running reruns on certain holidays, even though it’s usually a recent episode and completely out of context with whatever storylines are currently playing out on the show.

AMEN and Hallelujah to that! See my post if you come back!

Actually, it’s a great idea. Watch reruns on You Tube if you want to live in the 80s along with Kin Shriner. The new non union writing team is banging out exponentially better episodes than Chris, Dan & their team. Careful what you say Shannon, not sure the show would be thrilled to welcome you back after bashing the very people who help pay your bills!

Gladys needs to go! Sonny needs to explain it to her.
Curtis needs to feel his legs. We don’t need him in a wheelchair.
Trina needs strength. She’s too needy.

Yes..Gladys needs to be revealed to the Evil batch that she is…

I completely agree!! Bad acting and horrible character!!

I am in agreement, tired of Gladys. It’s time for here to be exposed, dragging on too long.

Yes Gladys does need to go, Cody needs to Man the F up and Tell the truth, Maxie needs to go back to blonde, Maybe the bullet was meant for Curtis… He didn’t respond yet to the WSB??? Or Maybe His Father just don’t remember all of his unknown Skeleton. Nicholas need to come back, but he’s on Strike. Some type of way Carly and Drew need to be together. Sam needs to Be at Gladys ass and have to do Community Service at Kristen Rhab/Teen Center as a Mentor. Brooklynne needs to go to Jail, and chase needs to Arrest her,and Trice. Alexis need to Take a Drink, and Come across a Big Story “The Truth behind the Link”-Expose Nina/Ned… Ned needs to remember Nina… And why he was running up the stairs and Tell Willow by accident, because he was lost,and walked into there House. The Willow keeps it to herself but asked to meet with Carly/Sonny/Tracy/Chase.
Ohhh… This would be for the 1st Writers Strike… I love GH, I just Hate dem damn Commercials. It’s pose to be a hour,but it’s really 38mins#GHLovesssssfans

Can’t stand Carly with Drew. They are boring together. Love Cameron Mathison just not with Carly. Please expose Gladys for the witch she is

I agree, Drew and Carly just don’t work. Carly and Sonny forever. Can’t wait for Nina to be found out.
Gladys and the doctor should go to jail for a long time.

Precious GH,
I’m sorry but I can’t understand hardly anything you are trying to say, story wise. I’m not crazy about Brook Lynn but why should Chase arrest her? I agree about Maxie ,does look terrible with her hair like that. I don’t want Alexis to fall off the wagon, what purpose would that serve. My wishes are to see the two bitches, Gladys and Tracy get their comeuppence.

Tracy? I love Tracy. So glad she’s back! I’m hoping she doesn’t leave and if she does, comes back for another long “visit.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

Rebecca 1,
Sorry I’m in the minority here. Most people do like her. To me she is the most obnoxious woman there is, even Carly.

Violet – if you are so inclined, go and watch old Tracy clips on you tube.

While she may often come across as playing mean, Jane Elliott is a well regarded daytime legend. That doesn’t mean you have to like Tracy – but might help in understanding how she is beloved by the majority of longtime viewers.

I do recognize how good an actress she is, I’ve just never liked the woman even when she’s being civil to someone, which isn’t very often. Sorry, can’t help it, there’s got to be someone you can’t abide though everyone loves them.

Hey, you may get your wish about her staying, now that her heart seems to be thawing out. She and Chase’s dad are getting chummy . Who knew?

I’ hope the temporary writers do a great job I’m not a fan of gh writing team poor storylines the killing of too many core characters that have effect the ratings maybe something good will come out of this strike a new writing team with better creative ideas

I completely agree… it’s time Gladys is gone because the character was on the road to being redeemed then Dan/Chris ruined that.

All that is coming with the substitute writing staff

And Spencer needs his very own unique personality and not as a pitiful, self-centered reminder of dick-headed Nikolas!

I agree with u…storylines tooooooo long!!

I agree with Shannon. I hope the strike can be resolved soon and completely support the union.

Since one of the striking writers is encouraging us to continue watching, I will even though I will feel I am crossing their picket line virtually. My beliefs call for me to support strikers in nearly all cases. I am appalled by the efforts “management” are attempting to increase their already full bank accounts while working hard to screw the writers & actors who are generally among the lowest paid workers in America. Granted, they are doing what they love, but it takes awhile before they are in a position. to receive the living wage they are actually earning each day. I wish the strikers success in achieving what is due them.

Last edited 1 month ago by Deborah Lawrence Hale

I agree with you

You are so right. It’s all about the money. Most of the long time Soaps were dropped and replaced with insipid talk and game shows because of $$$. Guiding Light budget cuts really hurt the show before cancelation after 72 years on radio and television!

Don’t be ill-advised, go inform yourself! None of what WGA is fighting for helps daytime writers, those who are picketing from Gh are just doing it for solidarity, when the strike ends, none of the benefits will benefit GH writers, all they have to show for it is 6 months without pay and the realization the writing is far stronger with this new team!

Could not be worse than the regular writers they probably will be better !!

Sherry I agree

Absolutely right

I feel like I missed some episodes but I didn’t. What’s going on?

Sorry to say but I’m hoping this temporary writing team can improve the story lines because they have been pretty sorry.

I totally agree

Totally agree

Maybe now the stories will get better. The current storylines have been awful over the past few months.

Yes!!! I fast forward through most they are so bad.

I would like to see Nelle come back .I agree Gladys needs to go. GIVE Shasa a better story line. I love G H.

I feel that really néed to end storyline with Sasha and Gladys and get rid of Gladys and the doctor. They need to make Sonny Sasha guardian. The way to get rid ofGladys is have bad luck at the club. All other storylines are going well.

Gladys need to be at the bottom of a lake——UGH

Or in the Lake of Fire.

I say ship her back to Bridgeport. I’ve lived there,God awful place, would be punishment enough.

I believe Bridgeport was the birthplace of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. No wonder Gladys is from there. She probably escaped from a cage!

Gosh, thought she looked s little familiar the first time I saw her on GH

Storylines are usually a bit slower during the summer months. This summer has ACTUALLY been very exciting and fast paced!
Thank you writers for an entertaining summer !
Kick back dear soapie fans, grab a cool drink and enjoy the show
Lets celebrate the ups and downs and all the goofy times our soapies bring us ❤️
It has been tough for the writers and the actors alike.
Let’s enjoy all their efforts
Thank You Writers and Actors for hangin in there for us
Much LOVE and Blessings to ALL

Last edited 1 month ago by Lillian Pinto

I agree. I don’t think it’s an easy job coming up with the story lines. You can’t please everyone. I’ve enjoyed the show since the 70s and still do. I don’t live all the characters, but they have their place, if only for a while.

I am enjoying the show just like I always do! I don’t understand all of the complaining!!

These aren’t the regular writers; these are the fill-in writers while the regular writers are out on strike.

I agree I have no love for Sonny, but he does genuinely care about Sasha

You and I agree on that!

I agree have sonny as Sasha guardian and get rid of Glady and the doctor gas lighting Sasha have Sonny to uncover it

Nina should have been Sasha’s guardian. She was her mom for a year and they love and trust each other as mother and daughter. It’s ridiculous that the show ignores that, just as they ignored that Charlotte loves Nina and NIna should’ve been in her life while Lulu’s been in a coma. If possessive, obnoxious, Carly who is way too involved in Avery and Willow’s life could be in theirs, the writers should have had Nina more involved in the two “daughters” who love her.

I personally think that GH has some of the best storylines and actors in daytime television along with the The Young and Restless. There are characters we are meant to dislike and the more we dislike them means the actors are doing their job. We would lose these shows forever if they were halted

I totally agree, Claire!

I believe if you want the younger generation involved in watching GH, post some of the older stuff like Luke and Laura. Show how the ice princess came about. The older stuff is always mentioned and I know as a fan for over 40 years, I’d love to see again. I don’t think any true GH fan would mind seeing that while this strike is still unresolved.

Have you forgotten what Luke did to Laura in that department store in 1979? The producers used that as a basis for a great romance. It was and still in unacceptable

The scene you mentioned took place in the Campus Disco (which Luke managed) and not Wyndham’s Department Store.

It’s actually cheaper for them to produce new material than pay residuals to the actors and music used in decades old shows.

I agree with the previous person.
I would love to see the old stuff I can not remember all of it

It’s all on you tube, cutie.

Since we have a new Trina, I do not see or feel that their is chemistry between her and Spencer. They need to depart from each ether. I am bored with them.

You’re so right! No chemistry.

Is Steve Burton going to come back and when???

It’s a matter of “when”, not “if”.

His character on Days really has nowhere to go. Meanwhile GH has gone into a complete toilet spiral which literally began the moment they threw him under the bus AGAIN (or under a caved in tunnel, more specifically).

It’s truly in the best interest of both shows for Steve to come back to Days. If they want to make it interesting they could swap him for Kate Mansi, who should be back on Days as Abigail…. and bring Lexi Ainsworth back as the real Kristina.

I agree with Sonee Trina is too needy the old one better maybe made to older

And Spencer’s too needy, too self-absorbed, too liberal, too impulsive and too childish.


Any writing would be better than what the writers have been doing up to this point. Perhaps it will be an improvement in the storylines.

Open you’re eyes and give them a better storyline . Or because you jealous seeing a black woman getting the recognition that y’all don’t like. Racism still exist

It’s not racism to call out an actor or actress’ bad acting. We call out bad white actors. Despite her skin color, sadly the actress who now plays Trina is awful, it’s not racism when everyone complemented the girl who used to play Trina. Stop blaming racism when all we’re doing is calling out talent who can’t act.

Lord, you’re right! Nothing there and if she was purple it wouldn’t make a difference. She isn’t even complimentary to Spencer, nothing there, nada!

My thoughts too!


hope they get rid of alexis molly and kristina,that would be a great thing

I’m not feeling the Molly and Kristina storylines nor the new actresses.

I love the new Kristina she amazing

I like her , too. I I remember her from Days of Our Lives. If she wasn’t doing a good job , I would say that she needs to go!

I agree


I hope Kristina stay and Molly stay they make the show better

Nancy is one of GH’s strongest actors, why would they get rid of someone who can actually act?

You should let a team of long time
viewers write a few stories. I bet they would be better than the same old scenarios!

get rid of galdys and Portia all yeah I know Carly has told a lot lies but she only the people she loves even if it hurts them.

You can’t support your writing team and write the show with others. That’s disrespectful to the WGA. If you use previously handed in scripts ok no new material you can’t rationalize that act at all.

Who says we have to support their union? It’s an opinion someone can do better, or different. And you and I have different ones.

I love the character of Gladys. She is not a cardboard cutout, but a well defined character and the actress has a great handle on the character

Bonnie Burroughs takes a one more character and totally runs with it. Gladys has stuck around long past her expiration date because of BB’s quality performance.

I don’t mind Gladys. It’s Sasha who is getting on my nerves.

Don’t be ridiculous, she’s the damn victim here.

She’s also a beautiful woman, she started out trying to care for Sasha but all those.$ and her greed got the better of her.

Ouch. This is how we ended up with the sci-fi weather machine story back in the day.

Lock the doors. And keep the old writing staff out. Their overused storylines drag on forever. And I’m sick of Sasha’s downward spiral. A monkey with a crayon could do better.

I am hoping the writing will improve – it’s become unbearably terrible. Time for new writers anyway!

Honestly, could be a blessing in disguise. GH brought in “scab” writers during the last big writer’s strike which gave us Garin Wolf, who would go on to became the Head Writer after they finally let Bob Guza go. Back in those days (as much as I like Sonny, Carly, and Jason) the show was almost all about them. Garin Wolf wanted to bring balance to the show and feature more background characters. The writing lately has been really lacking. Our 3rd amnesia story in 2 years (Sonny, Esme, Ned). Ava, as if she’s ever been afraid of anything, making stupid decisions because of Mason. Please, she would’ve chewed him up and spit him out if she was being written true to character. Stories that have dragged on for far too long. Hopefully it’ll be a fresh breath of air.

Garin Wolf’s idea of “balance” was a complete character assassination of the entire Spencer family and the introduction of a mostly mute woman who ran around Wyndemere half naked in the late Autumn, and a guy who was obsessed with her, who looked and sounded like he should have been a member of the Jacks family, but oddly not related to them.

Not sure if that’s the model they would want to go with.

Wolf was made head writer after Guza was dismissed. Wolf liked writing for Leslie Charleson. He created her alcoholism storyline when he wrote during the strike and he gets credit for bringing Monica back from exile six months before Frank & Ron came on board. His biggest negative (and it was awful) was the ridiculous “woman in white” storyline.

Say what you wish about Ron, he effectively killed that storyline in one episode.

I think what he did to the Spencers was far worse. Lucky has never really been allowed to redeem himself from that…. being turned into a pill popping crybaby who abandoned his family on Xmas Eve. Lulu got somewhat of a comeback. And Luke…. he made some progress… only to be destroyed again by the “Fluke” mess, followed by the “worst exit storyline for a soap legend ever written”. Those being written by ReRon, of course.

But yeah, I’ll give him credit for ending the two useless Wolf creations quickly. Neither one is missed, and though I’m sure they’re down here somewhere, I couldn’t even tell you which of the nine circles they got stuck in.

Wolf should get credit for killing off Siobhan, one of Guza’s final (awful) creations.

Yeah, no argument there… though he did use her as part of his character assault on Lucky.

Was that the young woman who turned out to be Helena’s daughter whom she killed right there in cold blood?

Yeah… her name was “Irina” or something like that. But we didn’t know her name most of the time she was walking around Wyndemere half naked in November, because she never said a word.

The part of Helena being her mother was thrown in at the last second, as was Helena’s quick disposal of her. We never did find out who her father was, but from what I remember of the young woman’s age, she would have been too young for Mikkos to be her father, as he had already been gone 30 years by this time. Unless Helena had his “swimmers” frozen… which isn’t out of the question… not that it matters now.

I can tell you that down here, Mikkos wants nothing to do with her. And she wants nothing to do with Helena, which would be expected if your mother stabbed you to death.

Thanks again now who was the young man that was kind of obsessed with her, always hanging around trying to take her out of there, or am I mixed up which would not be unusual?

I can’t even remember his name, that’s how forgettable he was. All I remember is that he was a blonde Aussie (yet not related to Jax) and when he wasn’t obsessing over Irina, he was obsessing over Elizabeth. If I remember correctly, he actually died in Liz’s house.

From what I just read, seems like Helena had her daughter pretend to be in love with Etan Lovett and then dump him but Irina told her mother she really loved him.

If the scab writers do better I wouldn’t be surprise, l love GH and will never give up on the show, but the writers need a wake up call on a lot of the stories and how they play out. Take time to reflect and watch the show and see where they can improve on a lot of the stuff that is playing out.

I hope the new Kristina gets more air time and a storyline and see more mob storyline and Carly get a better storyline

I have not been watching much of late either.

You mean the AI will be writing the stories?
Hopefully they know something about the history of General Hospital and write stories that aren’t YAWNERS!

Need Cody to blast Gladys. So sasha and Cody can get together. Need Ned to remember his wife and family and blast Nina so Carly and sonny can get back together. Sonny needs to be his old self. Need Drew out of jail with sam.
Need to bring Lulu back with Dante.
Keep Ava and Austin together, but need to bring Nicholas back the kind and loving son he was before Ava. Trina has always been strong, but here lately she seems week. Esma needs to go to jail. I agree maxie needs to go back blond and get back with Spinelli and move into a house. Anna’s past has to go away and let her be proactive. Need Joslin back with Cameron. Dex seems to old for her. Keep Alexis sober but she need to go back to being the strong person she was. Sorry the new actress that plans Christina seem to strong to play her. I want the old actress back as Molly i understand she can’t right now. So the fist actress who sub in should have stayed until she can. At least she looked more like her. This new one doesn’t look or act like Molly. It need to turn out the doctor was wrong and that now that they aren’t trying to get pregnant she does.

Here’s hoping what Dan/Chris et al created is ended and ended soon with something better. This garbage with Ava being scared of Mason when she’s a mob princess! Like come on, Ava is a strong independent woman who wouldn’t allow a man let alone Mason or Austin manipulate her. This garbage with Spencer and Trina not getting the ILYs and quality time because for some reason the writers with Frank’s approval decided to redeem Esme who engaged in revenge porn against Cam and Joss. Sasha, poor Sasha who’s been used as a punching page for Dan/Chris et al who obviously love seeing a woman broken and down… I guess they didn’t get the memo that making a mockery about mental health is disgusting. Here’s hoping this garbage is cleaned up and cleaned up soon.

Yah … it’s a tv show, hon, this ain’t a documentary! Lol

I just want Nina to catch a break. Carly has done way worse than her to her own family. Willow needs a reality check. And Can Sasha and Cody finally team up to take Gladys down. Maybe with Sonny’s help. Would be a cool storyline if Sonny teamed up with Mac Scorpio long lost son. Hopefully the new writers won’t take the story line too outrageous.

I especially agree with you about Nina , Carly , Willow, and Sasha and Cody.

Hopefully the new writers are completely different, and end some of these long dragging storylines and start some new ones.


I’ m a long time fan and real sick of Nina. I hope the next drama is someone putting together the person who ratted out Carly & Drew. She’s horrible w/ Sonny.


I’m a long time fan and I fast-forward when I see Nina. She has been a poor actress from the beginning. She has NO chemistry with Sonny. She is too tall for him. I would not miss this character.

I like Nina . I feel the opposite about Carly and Drew. I believe that the writers write more in favor of the Carly group! I don’t think that Nina’s horrible with Sonny ; however , I always wanted Sonny and Carly to remain married . They’re great together!

Yes Gladys needs to be caught and I think Sonny might catch her

Yes, she should be afraid, very afraid. Does she really think that she and the sleeze Dr. actually have a chance in Hell, once Sonny finds out?

So the new writers are crossing the picket lines? Shame on them.

They’re not WGA so there’s no line to cross but thanks for playing.

While I love the few remaining SOAPS, I fully support the Unions. This is an excellent opportunity to go back with reruns of significant episodes, perhaps giving newer viewers a better understanding of characters and history. So why are the insipid talk and game shows not affected?

I don’t watch reruns if I have already them!

It’s called you tube, enjoy!

Don’t understand why so many people don’t know about Utube.

Seriously this could only be an improvement. I hope they can actually write some engrossing scenes that play out longer than a minute airtime like the current show does. I also hope a new writing regime takes over Y&R also. That show has been in a long ago need for fresh storytelling. Lets see what a new crop of writers can do. I’m all for a daytime shake up. At this point there is literally nothing to lose.

The CASSIDINE family is the best of GH for me. This would be a great opportunity to do arcs of reruns showing the history of the various families and story lines! Recent tease with HELENA demonstrated how much the CASSIDINE family is integral to GH. Would so love to see Elizabeth Taylor’s original HELENA as well as Constance Towers as the delightfully treacherous diva develope! .

These writers can only do better. The original writers do not know how to end storylines. Im tired of these storylines lasting years. Then they leave us in the air as to what really happened to Morgan, Luke and Jason. We have Drew back. Too bad. So
Many stories to be ended.

I’m just glad we have somebody writing. I’m 58 years old and have watched GH forever. It is nice to see how others think. Regardless of all the backlash GH, keep doing what you’re doing and we will watch . Love you all and let’s get this strike over.

I don’t quite understand how the show can be using temporary writers if the writers went on strike. Are these writers not part of the Writers Guild? Who exactly are they?

They are non union employees who have decades of experience of working on gh so they know the stories and voices,

I really hope some horrible story lines end. Willow and Sasha are to pitiful to watch, i literally turn the show of when they are sick it’s too depressing and go no where. It’s like watching someone being flogged.

General Hospital had writers?

I’d love to see you write 250 scripts a year! Please send your best samples to ABC.

I think this is a huge opportunity to improve the storylines & scripts. Someone please give Sasha a break from all the horrible things the regular writers have inflicted on her and it would be really great if Nina would get what’s coming to her & the new writers write her out before the strike is over!!

If you only have happy characters, you have no show. Soaps are about drama, conflict, longing and obstacles.

Well Carly and her girls moved in with Bobby in the house that Carly once owned and gave to Bobby

Maybe GH will get better with different writers, I have been watching it for over thirty years but I don’t know how much longer I can take it the way it’s been going, but I have only one opinion. Something needs to change I think ?

Maybe after 30 yrs you’re just bored, it happens with me all the time on shows that have been on far many less years as gh. Anything you watch for that long eventually becomes unappealing. We’ll miss you but thank you for your 30 yrs of bring a viewer!

That’s another thing the commercials are to long,I think the writers just don’t know what else to write or the actors are either wanting more money or they’re too lazy or to tired to act so how about doing something about this instead of making a hourlong show in 37 minutes wow how long do you think people will keep watching. Not long ( u want to bet )

If you think that’s the shows idea, you need to get some tv education. The ads pay for the show to continue making episodes. If you think it’s too much, start a go fund me page to help pay for the budget. And please educate yourself on how tv works. Even Primetime shows are down to 42 mins

Here I thought the cast has been working without scripts for a while now.

I challenge you to write your best script and send to ABC for feedback.

Writing could not be worse. I would love to be one of the scab writers! We could bring GH back to glory days!

Please send your best sample to ABC and we’ll make sure to give you feedback! I’m guessing it’s harder than you think it is to come up with 250 episodes a year.

I wish Gladys would go suck an egg. Portia is too flip floppy.. I’d like to see a paternity test done on Ace.Hmm if wrote the stories…. Lol.

Write a sample script & send it to ABC, we’ll see how good of a writer you truly are! Lol

General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Jacqueline Grace Lopez Returns to General Hospital

Never count out Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton)! After her termination at Deception, and following her grandmother Tracy Quartermaine’s (Jane Elliot) blackmailing scheme, BLQ is set to bounce back.

How will she do it? Now comes word from Soap Opera Digest that Brook Lynn will once again go back into the music business when Blaze hires her to be her manager.  This will bring actress and singer, Jacqueline Grace Lopez back to General Hospital to reprise her role as Blaze.

The last time viewers saw Blaze was back on the April 17th episode of GH, when Blaze surprised Chase (Josh Swickard) by turning up to speak on his behalf in front of the PCPD review committee.  Throughout her initial run as the character, Blaze was tormented by that creep of a manager, Linc.  She also became good friends with Chase when they sang together on multiple occasions, and revealed her real name was actually, Allison.

Photo: ABC

This will mark Lopez’s third time on GH, the first in a brief role as a babysitter in 2015/2016, her last run as Blaze, and now her return.

Lopez shared her excitement on her return with SOD, and that her first scenes back are with Kate Mansi (Kristina) and Amanda Setton Lopez expressed, “I’m really looking forward to working with them more and getting to learn more about Blaze.”

Photo: ABC

Just how long Jacqueline’s stay on GH will be this time remains to be seen, but the show is looking at exploring more about the character of Blaze.

Looking forward to having Jacqueline back on the canvas and on your screens as Blaze? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Vinessa Antoine to Lead CBC Series ‘Plan B’

Former General Hospital star, Vinessa Antoine (ex-Jordan Ashford) has been making a name for herself in her native Canada starring now in not one, but two CBC dramas. Previously, Vinessa starred in the legal drama, Diggstown from 2019-2022.

Now comes word that Antoine will lead the second season of the CBC series, Plan B and a whole new story. The second season of the time-bending original drama series is an adaptation of the popular French-language drama series of the same name (now in its fourth season for Radio-Canada).

On her Instagram account, Vinessa expressed on her casting news, “Plan B- second season! Giving my all leading another show. This one. Wow. Great writing. Talented cast. Special story. What a treat ❤️”

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In story, Plan B will follow the life of Mia Coleman (Antoine), a Montreal police officer. In story, Mia is approaching her fortieth birthday and grieving the end of her relationship with her ex, and her ex’s son, whom she embraced as her own. At work, the constant injustice she faces gnaws at her own sense of purpose. Mia’s already tumultuous life is turned upside-down when a seemingly routine intervention in a family crisis involving Paul (Vincent Leclerc) and Keri Whitman (Sarah Booth) results in the worst imaginable outcome.

The show asks the question, “What if Mia and her partner Tyler had the evidence that would have prevented this life-altering event?” Through Plan B, a strange agency that can take her back in time, Mia will stop at nothing to prevent a family tragedy, and will embark on a journey during which she’ll delve deep into her own psyche, confronting buried emotions and an unresolved past.

Vinessa originated the role of GH’s Jordan Ashford in 2014 and played the part till 2018.

So, excited for Vinessa as she leads another primetime drama? Was she one of your favorite Jordan Ashford’s on GH? Comment below,

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