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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Carly Crash! Lulu and Dante Have It Out!



On Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, three actors delivered compelling performances: Laura Wright (Carly), Emme Rylan (Lulu) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante),  and two major stories moved forward during this key time of November Sweeps.

First, Carly armed with the DNA proof that “Jake” is really Jason (Billy Miller) is absolutely overcome! This is afterall her beloved best friend who she has missed dearly since his “death” several years ago.  Now with the computer facial recognition program showing that “Jake” is a reconstructed Jason, and the DNA proof, Carly places an urgent call to “Jake”.  When she can’t reach him and leaves a voice message, she heads out to find him.   Only a drunken Kiki (Hayley Erin), who is wrought over Morgan  (Bryan Craig) is driving in one car, while Carly is another.  What do ya know?  Car crash! This means Carly could it be waylaid in her attempt to get to “Jake” before he walks down the aisle with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).  And Elizabeth, by the way, just covered up an important memory for “Jake”  on the bridge they were at together – in fact it was a memory of Liz and Jason’s, he recalled!  It would appear there is nothing Liz won’t do to ensure her future with Jason.


Elsewhere, Dante and Lulu have the long awaited confrontation on the pier.  Lulu is devastated over Dante’s betrayal for having sex with Valerie (Brytni Sarpi).  As much as Dante tried to explain that her lies led him to it – and him stumbling upon the messed up bed and clothes in the hotel room he tracked his wife and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) down to – it did not matter.   Lulu is sucker-punched.  She is even moreso when she learns Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey) have known for awhile too!  Back at the Haunted Star,  Dillon admits to Valerie that he let the videotape play to the crowd in attendance at the Halloweeen party that landed a explosive bombshelll on the marriage of Lante.

Throughout the episode, Laura Wright, Emme Rylan, and Dominic Zamprogra continued to prove why they are three MVP’s on General Hospital!

So, what did you think of Carly’s crash?  Frustrated?  Did you enjoy the performance of Laura Wright? And, what did you thnk of the showdown scenes between Dante and Lulu, and the performances of Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan? Do you think Dillon is the bad guy in this, or are you glad the secret of the tryst of Dante and Valerie is out, no matter who let it slip?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Predictable lets-drag-out-Jason-reveal car accident…i know its a soap but when Kiki is at a bar how come no one asks to see id…her voice is horrible-i scratch my fingernails against a chalkboard to drawn it out…lol

drown…i meant

ohhh Jimh..
the way you see Kiki I see Laura . lol

Well, Jimmy. I kinda, sorta put my foot in my mouth….Kiki was not in the crash? The gods/fates are against me….oh, heck.
Did Kiki not realize she hit someone or something, or did Carly try to avoid her, who was going in the wrong direction, and ended up in the woods?

CeeCee…I think the writers threw a curve for a lot of us based on how they ended Tuesday’s episode. I was getting ready to have to look forward to seeing Carly and Kiki being wheeled into GH’s emergency. Soooo glad they didn’t fall back on that storyline like Y&R has done with the towering inferno disaster.

Kiki is so dumb drunk or sober…she wouldnt know if she hit herself…lol…most soap car accidents end up in the woods-funny how front and back of the car is usually surrounded by trees…she must have crashed sideways…lol…and notice no damage to the trees…lol…i was hoping Carly got lost in Salems woods and is confronted by Ben holding a necktie…now that would be worth delaying the reveal of Jason a day or two…lol

Oh, Rose, I was hoping they would get wheeled to the hospital too, just so Kiki would need Nina’s blood. Does my mind border on the macabre, or what? Lol.

So, Kiki sideswiped Carly’s car ( isn’t Carly rich? Where’s her Diablo?), and Carly ended up in the fake woods to avoid her. How did she get home? I think Morgan said he found her passed out? Where?. I missed that. But if she was driving in the wrong direction, how did she end up on the right road? So confused….I really wasn’t paying attention. I have to watch that part again in the morning. Hard to watch TV with my son. He just wants to see Maxie…..kept asking where she was. LOL.

I think we’ve wasted enough air-time on the character of Kiki. I think that if the writers wrote a complete character rejuvenation-using her real name, Lauren, sent the character back to school, got her a job, and stopped being so incredibly desperate by still wanting to give the guy that did you wrong twice a chance-perhaps, she could be rectified. All I can say, is that if we have to suffer through the pitfalls of Kiki, at least we have a recast. I wouldn’t be able to suffer otherwise. Bryan Craig was really showing improvement a while back when Morgan wanted to care for Avery. Now, the actor and character have really regressed. These two characters have just got to go. Time to trim the cast.

i so agree!


I really believe that Bryan has the acting chops but the writers are doing nothing for him with substance…look what is happening to Patrick Drake… he is leaving the show for lack of storyline…. what a waste ..they secure GREAT talent and do ZERO with them….

How many obstacles can you put in Carly’s way before it starts to look like the Keystone Cops? First her seatbelt is stuck and the phone is out of reach. Then she falls out of the car and drops her phone in a puddle. Then she fishes out her phone, but she trips on a branch, hits her head against a rock and passes out. And I guess I missed a step but how in the world did Jake find her?

I didnt get to watch much today…i had a scary 20 minute choking incident…i couldnt reach my landline to call 911…my cell phone had no signal…i nearly passed out in the bathroom…this really happened…these obstacles made me miss part of the show i waited a year to see…luckily i recovered and im fine now-i hope…so i guess Carlys obstacles are possible…for Jake finding her…i guess its the only road in PC…lol

Well, let’s face it, Melissa, Carly is not the most graceful of females!!! She often reminds me of a bull in a china shop……

Well this is a soap so you knew Carly was going to hit a stumbling block. ITS WAS ONLY TUESDAY! She will eventually let the DNA out of the bag! I hope she just hugs Jake for five minutes and says nothing! Wouldnt that be something if you lost your best friend and found out he or she was alive?

Do you think Franco will get blamed for the crash?

I was disappointed on how Lulu reacted on Monday at the Haunted Star when she found out about Dante’s affair. HOWEVER, Emme knocked it out of the park on Tuesday on the pier. The actress was phenomenal! She said everything she should have said and went through every emotion perfectly.

Dom was okay. I guess Dante really couldn’t say much. SORRY? That doesnt cut it! He was caught with his winger in the nookie jar. Nothing he could have said will take the pain away.

Valerie’s scenes with Dylan were borderline horrific! She has to go! Sadly her mother died and when that happened she had no reason to stay in PC! She wanted to kill her uncle Luke and she slept with her cousin’s husband! What a loser! But anyway, her acting was on the level of a high school freshman! Trim the fat!

Hey, Timmm.
It is very probable that Franco will get blamed. It’s his car. But, he was home all night. Will he be believed? Will Nina? I am assuming they share the same bed? She would have been aware if Franco had left, yes. I guess it depends how heavy a sleeper one is.
Regardless, it’s just Franco’s luck to be the fall guy. Will Kiki fess up, if it comes to that? And, if so; will Franco take the blame to protect Kiki?

Franco will take the blame. He has this unusual relationship with her. If Kiki doesnt pan out and be Nina’s daughter I could see Kiki and Franco sleeping together. UNLESS he sees her as a daughter he never had. If he doesnt I’m sure alcohol will be involved. I hope not, I like their relationship. IF she is Nina’s daughter he could be the bridge to the two of them bonding.

Oh, no Timmm. I hope not. He loves Kiki as s daughter. Ewwww; that would really be perverted. I am glad they share this platonic relationship. Kiki needs a father figure and a strong shoulder to cry on. I feel sorry for Kiki…..she is so lost. She’s just lashing out; with good reason.
I think she’s coming into her own nicely. Later.

@CeeCee..Sweetheart….Absolutely perverted, his feelings for Kiki R
strictly platonic, he sees her as a daughter. I want Kiki to be Nina’s
daughter & for Franco too pave the way… Then I want Nina to go
after Ava with everything she’s got…

OOOOO, Fanny, sweet lady….Nina tear Ava to bits? I can taste it!!! Let it come, ye gods!!

Thank you, Fanny. I needed that. It’s like a broken record….on cue; constantly naysaying my opinion. And, that’s all it is, my opinion. Thank you again for your astuteness and smarts by seeing through the ‘concealed’ obvious. It is the never ending story, dear lady. Egads!!

Jimh predicted this a few days ago. Something would keep Carly from revealing the truth.

Sustaining narrative suspense is tricky. You gotta keep people very interested in what will happen but if you draw it out too long, you lose them. This has happened. Somebody, anybody, puleeeze, tell Jake the truth now!!

Luke and Dante’s scene was well-acted but too long and didn’t hit on a couple of points. Lulu did have a part in the infidelity. She’s being too self-righteous. She’s acting like cheating is totally unheard of in her world. Ha!

I liked what Valerie said to Dylan about knowing exactly what he was doing with the video, but not being big enough to tell Lulu the truth in person. While the big reveal coming in a crowd of people at a party is so soapy this added some dimension.

It was so easy to predict!

ahh yes, the predictable — stop the wedding reveal … snore lol

Laura Wright was phenomenal. You could just see how Carly was barely holding everything together. She didn’t even have to make major facial expressions to convey her shock & trepidation. It was all in her eyes and mouth.

As for the adultery reveal, all scenes were true IMO. Well-played by all. Dante doesn’t say anything because he knows he deserves all of Lulu’s rage. However, I think some of that should be directed at Dylan, the Tool. What a jerk. I hope Maxie & Lulu let him have it with both barrels when they find out he orchestrated Lulu’s public humiliation while completely sober & in full possession of his faculties.

The only wrong note for me was Maxie. OK, this chick is the LAST person who should be judging anyone on their foibles given how many mistakes she’s made in the past 3 years, and been extended forgiveness for. Her wardrobe is to die for. But she needs a lot more of Nathan’s common sense and maturity. Couples don’t ask each other to compromise their principles. She didn’t remember or learn anything from the baby debacle & losing custody of her kid, did she?

The scenes from both Monday and Tuesday on GH were all amazing. Lulu (Emme Marcy Rylan) is so amazing when she gets something to chew on. I loved her on Y&R and she is just slamming it on GH. Kudos and bravos and all that jazz. Dante didn’t stick up for himself enough. Yes he cheated but Lulu was keeping secrets and telling lies and her not owning up to those as problems in her marriage was one sided. Cheating is never really acceptable but when something gets to the point where one or more partners in a marriage want to consider it, there is a problem on both sides. Dylan and Valerie were just average in their scenes with this but the one thought I had was how much like Paul our Dylan is. Minus the crime. They are both delusional about their own greatness. Carly is someone I will root for every time. She gets a little annoying at times but dammit those eyes and her reactions are just phenomenal. I can’t wait till she arrives at the church to tell Jake EVERYTHING. Kiki needs a major slap. Morgan needs a chastity pair of underwear. I mean that dude is super HORNY every day of the week. He is gorgeous YES but damn that boy gets it all the time. I am loving GH lately. I watch 3 of the four remaining daytime shows on air and GH has been the most fun and consistent.

hi <Mateo..
All guys of Morgan's age, eat, sleep think sex..
Any guy that age are well aware of that fact lol
Sex and young men are synonymous .. (they even fantasise of Cougars .. lol

Lol, su. Cougars, as in cats? Young women think about sex almost as much, but may not admit it. Boys? Well, it is obvious, for ‘obvious’ reasons.
Morgan can only think about sex because he lacks white matter in the brain.

I’m sorry, Mateo, I respectfully disagree. Dante supposedly loves his wife, yes? Why did he cheat? He did it because he is weak and succumbed to his ‘crotch’. Valerie was after him from day one….like a bitch in heat. He knew this. He is not a teen whose hormones are uncontrollable. He felt it; sensed it….whatever. He had the same urges; therefore, a stronger, honorable man would have avoided being alone with her like the plague. If Lulu even thinks about going back to him, I will lose all respect for her. Look at how Dante reacted when he thought she was cheating on him! Would there be any way, had it been true, to mollify him? Surely not! Like father like son, I say.
You wrote, “Cheating is never really acceptable”???? Cheating is NEVER acceptable. Two wrongs do not make a right.
But, you are exculpating Dante and partially blaming Lulu? No way no how. She is blameless. So she lied to protect her brothers. Even if Dante thought she was cheating on him, he should not have hit the sheets with Valerie….in his and his wife’s bed, to boot.
Okay, so every time a couple has an argument or is telling a lie, we should seek comfort with someone else? I don’t know, Mateo. Perhaps it’s the fact that men and women are on different wave lengths. I know I am. I love my husband to death; I could never do that to him; nor could I have sex with someone I did not passionately love. I also know he has too much integrity to do that to me. I will never understand men or women who do that. How can we say we love someone and sleep with someone else? It’s cheap and besmirches the meaning of love….or respect for one’s body.
As far as Dylan….I agree. I already stated what a jerk he is and that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Peace.

Well said, CeeCee!!!!! Amen amen amen!!!!!!!!

Lulu is NOT blameless in this portrayal of marriage. Her focus was not on her marriage or her husband. She intentionally lied to her husband about what she was doing. If she was such a good devoted wife, she would have said, “Dante, my brothers and my family are in danger. I have to go and you have to keep this quiet until I return.” But she didn’t do that. She lied over and over again about what she was doing. And then she included Dylan in the lie. She abandoned her own child for the sake of “family”. If she was so concerned about her marriage she would have called and kept Dante in the loop. But she didn’t do that. She used her family as an excuse to lie to the one man she says she was so devoted to. Dante wasn’t weak. He was hurt. He was lied to. He was abandoned and he had emotional needs and yes probably some sexual needs as well. I am gay but if I thought my partner was messing around and was avoiding talking to me when I was left in the dark about everything there would be some feeling to experience attention to my needs. I am sick of hearing how people say “my mate wouldn’t do that to me, he loves me too much” because those who utter those words usually experience some disruption in the future. Never say never. Marriage means communicating even when it hurts. Dante is not innocent. He did wrong. He broke his marital vows for fidelity but he hardly deserves the wrath of Lulu when she has yet to admit she was wrong as well. Valerie is actually more the fool for giving in to her lusts without getting a ring out of it. She is not really a villain but she is more of a fool. She knew the risks and took them anyway. Her consequence is losing everything but she is merely guilty of stupidity more than anything else. Dante cheated. He was wrong to do so. I believe he should end up losing his marriage because of his actions BUT Lulu should not be given a free pass because he husband dipped the stick in another pool. She needs to suffer and learn from her actions. She does not get a free pass. You are right that cheating is wrong but cheating isn’t the issue, the main problem with any marriage is when both partners start taking for granted something that needs to be fed and nourished from both sides at all times. Not just sex but love and communication and dedication. Both Dante and Lulu are equally guilty. No one got the prize here. I won’t put a scarlet letter on Dante because Lulu deserves some blame as well. It takes two to cheat YES but you know what also takes two??? A MARRIAGE. Stop the blame game and focus on what a difficult task marriage really is.

I will not dispute or negate most of your words, Mateo. However, I believe you missed my point. What Dante did was act first and ask questions later.
My point? He saw this thing with Valerie happening way before Lulu left. Let’s just respect each other’s opinions, Mateo. I would have been more receptive to Dante if he had been a man and told Lulu what he had done. But, he chose the cowardly way out. Not to spare Lulu’s feelings, but to save his own arse.
We could argue this until the cows come home, and still be in square one, Mateo. LOL.
After what has been said and done, I do appreciate your writing style. Peace.

@CeeCee…That was supposed to be “gist!”

Hi Mateo…I so agree with you! I just wanted to shake Dante into defending himself. I also agree that cheating is unacceptable…however as in many things in life there are extenuating circumstances…

Dante is a great guy…great son, brother and husband. He’s adored Lulu from the day he met her, has supported her when she returned defiant and confused after being kidnapped, stood by her through her mom and dad issues, etc. We could see how a weave of lies that Lulu told…albeit her intentions were good in that she didn’t want to put her brother’s life at risk…led to Dante believing she had slept with Dylan. Obviously destroyed and hurting, believing his marriage was over, feeling lost and betrayed…he found comfort in Valerie’s arms.

Makes sense to me. The two had developed a friendship, she cared for him…natural human need for one another.

I actually respect how this story was handled. While most jumped to the conclusion that Valerie would go psycho or take advantage and pursue Dante, she backed off, despite her feelings for him when she realized the web that had led to their night together. Dante was wracked with guilt..consumed with his love for Lulu his desire to tell her the truth vs his fear of losing her.

I understand Lulu’s devastation but I truly hope in the end they find their way back to each other. Thus was not the case of a womanizing, untrustworthy husband but a series of events that led to heartbreak. Hope they heal…I like them together. As for Valerie; I like her, too. They should give get a shot at a romance of her own…

@CeeCee..Sweetie… You R absolutely RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

After a year it’s becoming extremely frustrating to see this s/l dragged out even further.

Just be done with. Tired of waiting for Sam and Jason to reunite. Please have that lying Elizabeth get what she deserves can’t stand her. To lie about something important ty o so many people.

Just a few observations, why do big reveals usually happen at weddings, so predictable! What happened to Morgan’ s mood swings and you just know when cars are driving on a dark and lonely road there will be an accident. Lol! Enjoying the new writers but so over Kiki 🙂

I have been quite impressed with LW’s work with the facial recognition and DNA reveals of the (too dragged out), Jake is Jason story. Lots of subtle emotions flooding over her face with each moment running by as she goes from consternation to denial then moving on to realization that her earlier recognition of quirks that were solely Jason’s were signs that this is her friend followed the dawning hope that this really is Jason.

Sorry. I am in the minority here but for me the miscast recast L leaves me cold and unmoved. This version L has been written to be clueless and generic. I didn’t care for this actress as Lizzie on GL and found her tolerable as Abby on Y&R ( however she was much better than MO). DZ’s understated delivery was an interesting choice considering how passionate and sensitive an actor he is. It’s long past time for this current version of Lante to be put out of it’s misery.

I liked how BrSa’s Valerie was given some backbone and hope Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman will develop her as a character on her own away from the Lante orbit. Both she and RPW are promising but both need to be worked further into the canvas beyond the parameters they’ve been stuck in.

Over it… this story reveal better happen in the next week and a half…. If not……. No more GH for me…. .enough!!!!!!! Over this story big time!!

Just read that Liz will keep Jake after reveal that sucks. He has a wife and son which Danny has not mentioned, Sam and Jake needs to be reunited. But if all is true that Elizabeth keeps Jake I am done with watching and so is my friends and family.

Wow, you all are going to stop watching the show because of “that”, that’s deep.

LOL, Sly…touché !!

I can’t stand Elizabeth! I was hoping she’d get what’s due her when everyone found out she was lying all along!

I miss “nice” Dillan.

Me too, and the original actor.

The scenes with Dante and Lulu on the docks were the first scenes that I was not completely nauseated by Emme Rylan. For a couple of years now-all we’ve heard about is the repetitive dialogue about whether or not she should have a baby, then a second baby, and the ridiculous stolen embryo storyline. I thought that Emme really did a great job during her scenes, as did Dominic.
I really Jake the way that he is-as Jake Doe (although, I have to add, I laughed out loud at Sabrina’s wedding gift to Elizabeth-the champagne flutes. Elizabeth’s initials-E.D. I could only think of one thing with those initials). Anyway, I think that Jake is kind and sweet and nurturing. I just like him. I don’t find him boring in any way. I like that he has a slight edge to him-but there is no real malice. I think that Jake has a lot more chemistry with Liz than with Sam. I like Sam with Patrick. I think that they are cute together and I like that Patrick keeps Sam and Danny grounded and safe. I like the family that they have together along with Emma. I’m sad that this is all going to change. My only hope is that Jake does not become Jason Morgan. Let him be Jason Quartermaine and the new patriarch of the Quartermaine family.

From your mouth to the soap gods ears, dmr.
However, Liz is a persona non grata right now. Lord only knows what it will take to turn that around. Later.


First let me say that LW continues to bring her A game! She hits all of the emotional beats one would expect from this storyline! Unfortunately for me, this storyline has gone on too long and I am no longer emotionally invested. As for the Lante reveal-sad to say it left me cold! DZ looked like he was sleepwalking through most of his scenes (using the Sonny shooting/Lante breakup over Brenda as a yardstick) and although Emme did her best in the 2 years she’s been there, I couldn’t help but think how much more emotionally invested I would have been with a stronger actress! I’ve watched her as Lizzie, as Abby and now as LuLu. I’m sorry to say that this actress can’t do real depth of emotion no matter how hard she cries/yells! So between the sleepwalking & sub-par acting (don’t get me started on her vapid relationship with Maxie!) I no longer care what happens to Lante, or JaSam/Liason/Samtrick for that matter! And based on the recent ratings, looks like I’m not alone!

or else general hospital has to leave television for real

i am very very sorry for doing all of that i just really too hurt i didn’t want them to really be over from the show
and harassing the show very very sorry really did want too mental in but dante and lulu really hurt me the most

ididn’t want them too really sign the divorce papers

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