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The Towering Inferno Comes To Y&R! But Who Started This Fireball Of Destruction?



In the tradition of Irwin Allen’s 1974 film classic comes The Young and the Restless’ version of the disaster film, The Towering Inferno! Even the “exterior” shot of Newman Enterprises with a floor of the building a blaze takes a nod from “Inferno”.

Now on Tuesday as November Sweeps kicks off into high gear on the number one soap opera, lives are in peril, duos will be stuck together fighting for their lives, and for some that just may change the course of their futures (Yeah, we are talking about you Ashley and Stitch). Meanwhile, someone with an axe to grind is on the loose,  and in disguise, who wants to harm the citizens of Genoa City gathered at this Halloween gala.

Twitter and message boards have seen fans  weighing-in on just who it could be that is behind this fireball of destruction. Top on the lists have been:  Marco (Peter Bergman), Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), the real Gabriel Bingham (Justin Hartley?) , or Ian Ward (Ray Wise).   Do any of these seem like the likely arsonist, or is it someone else?

Watch a moment from yesterday’s episode, then share your theories in the comment section below as “Danger in Disguise” continues!


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Silly, contrived, and so not Y&R. I’m not looking forward to watching it this week.

That being said, I say the arsonist in the red mask is the computer hack nerd who helped Ian Ward set the Paragon Project virus loose on Newman Enterprises.

It looks like it could be anyone. I want it to be Luca because I just can’t stand his arrogant, high and mighty arse.
I am not crying, Mr. X. The theme tune which is so melodically and sadly played, did not squeeze my heart.
And, WOW Ashley’s got it baaaad for Stitch. Ugh.

its ian ward

You could be right about Ian Ward being the arsonist. I thought I detected a smile through that mask when he clobbered Adam.

The floors below are on fire, well I’m going down there says character after character after character. Could the writing for this be any worse? And how convenient that Ian Ward escapes jail again, what a convenient plot twist Mr. Pratt, and not well thought out at all. You are proving to us why AMC dumped you.

I can’t believe the story line for Sharon and sage and the baby its just like the other time with Sharon whatever same old story lines different peopleDo the writers even know this do they ever go back and see what they’ve done before sometimes the lobby scenes are repetitive

Right, Molly? As we all agree….nothing new!!
I also knew, that Nick and Sage would never get to see Christian’s little body. Why? Because this baby did not die….the cuckoo psychiatrist took him and replaced him with a dead baby….or the nurse is in it with her. She will try to pass him off as Sharon’s somehow. Maybe, Sharon will go into fake, early labor. Well, Molly, it could have happened that way, LOL. Would it be so far fetched?. As Timmm suggested a few weeks ago, Sharon’s doctor is Nick’s boarding school, scorned girl-friend, who is now seeking revenge. There’s nothing worse than a psychiatrist who needs a psychiatrist herself. Lol.

Towering Inferno is exactly what I thought.

What about the tech guy who helped with Paragon?

I asked my husband during today show if he had ever seen The Towering Of course we laughed at most of the show while watching. They seemed to have forgotten that just yesterday Adam’s face was full of cuts and bruises. Today it was all clear, not a scratch on him.

Yes, it is ridiculous to have Adam, who just had major surgery, suddenly able to leave his hospital bed and do a lot of physical activity.

The Italian word for ‘hell’ is ‘inferno’… in DANTE’S INFERNO. I am sorry for sounding like a wet blanket , but there is no drama or hell here. Why? Because it is nothing new.

Is it Luca? I think the ‘figure’ is many people. At one point the shape was smaller, like a woman’s… it seems a little bigger…Luca?

Wow! Did you guys notice Ashley’s show of acrobatics? What stamina! Lol. That was definitely not Eileen running through the flames. I know, I know…the actors must not exert themselves. That stunt-woman was an Amazon….soooo tall. Then again, everyone who is a couple of inches taller than I, looks colossal to me.

Now, if Dylan would act like a normal citizen and not the superhero…I’d be so happy. Who died and made him dictator?
One thing is for sure. The good people of GC are a healthy, sturdy bunch. They have survived so many disasters.

I did call it The Towering Inferno…lol…im still waiting for The Poseidon Adventure…all the need to do is have Summer cry and thats what capsizes the ship…lol

That’s so funny, Jimmy. The flood will come, I’m sure of it. Wisconsin is flanked by both the Michigan and the Superior. Ha!

I think they should go full on Scifi for the next disaster and have Victor and Newman Enterprises create a Zombie virus…can’t you just see Victor claiming the presidency and terrorizing the world. .LOL

NOTHING NEW! Since when did Newman have the “Top of the Tower” installed? I wanted Marissa to steal Jack from Phyllis! Luca sucks! How about a haircut dude! Dylan will ALWAYS wear that “S” on his chest as long as his buddy Jill Farren Phelps is co-running the show! They should replace the “S” and put “JFP” on his chest! I personally like Steve. I just dont like his character. He goes from writing in a journal, pouring coffee and now he is solving crimes without even a Nerf gun! Amazing! At least “Piano Teeth” over at GH recently informed us she got accepted to the police academy.

Piano teeth. HaHa. That’s a new one. I feel a little sorry for Valerie. She is now the town pariah…..well, until Liz’s ungodly scheme is uncovered. I wonder why she never had braces? Lol.

Piano teeth? HA! Very funny but I have to admit that Valerie looked absolutely stunning on today’s episode. Her acting has gotten better too.
See? I can change my mind about certain actors and the characters they play.

Piano teeth, ha! that’s a new one. I couldn’t stand to look at Valerie but couldn’t put my finger on why. That’s it! Thank you!

I’m glad she’s the town pariah. Can’t stand her. But Dante is the married one in this disgusting display so he’s the cheater. Jerk.

im so with you on the dylan thing i get right into a show and all of a sudden dylans in charge of everything and playing the hero,,,wtf,,hero he didnt even bring coffee for everyone,,,they just ruined this character,,,he looks like a total ass..

Lol. I totally agree on the Dylan thing. It’s very distracting and unrealistic. I bet the coffee was cold by the time he got around to his barista duties.

Hey, randy,
I expect him to turn into Superman any minute and fly each and every person out of the suddenly-there tower.

Dylan was a coll rebel character in the nineties. this version sucks! The look is okay and the acting is ah, okay but he is written all wrong. He is a Q, give him a set of ballzz!

Sorry, COOL rebel!

CeeCee, as always, you are the voice of reason — and humor! You’re the best!

Why, thank you, James…later.

I remember the movie the Towering Inferno and guessing as to who is in the devil costume. Its keeping me in suspense. Well done Young and the Restless.

Wow, earthquakes, towering infernos, plane crashes….guess we will see it all this year.

Im still waiting for The Posiedon Adventure…lol

Well Pratt has turned the show upside down and its slowing sinking, but everyone is still acting like everything is okay– does that count?

Nikki could play the role Shelly Winters played.

Timmm, former pole dancer Nikki is Stella Stevens, the former street walker. Maybe the saintly Esther for Shirley

Right? The end of the world is coming. Who will die, Mika? When will this torture end?
Nothing makes sense. How can Adam, who is not well enough to be moved to prison, and/ or is in so much pain, find the strength to go to save his wife and son? I suppose, as parents, we do muster every ounce of strength, down to our fingertips.
It’s also time for Sage to fess up and tell the world that Gabe killed Delia, not Adam.

Cee Cee

I keep waiting for Adam to do something heroic so that he gets a lighter sentence because they sure aren’t sending him off for a decade! No matter how ridiculous his release from the hospital was, the writers are looking for a way to REDEEM him in the eyes of the law. Maybe he needed to save Christine… too bad she wasn’t in the inferno. Maybe he’ll find Cane.

Lol, Ron, that’s funny…..about Christine. Cane? No one seems to care about him…poor Cane!!
Well, Adam should have gotten no sentence at all, in my opinion. It just isn’t realistic, even for a soap.

Hey, Ron….you said that you were waiting for Adam to perform an act of heroism. Lol….Well, he did. But, good ole Cricket is still vehemently pursuing the gallows for Adam. Maybe she has a ‘thing’ for him.
Victor should give a call to that two-bit governor over at GH, who pardoned Sonny, a mobster and a killer….a million times over. Ha!

So we got Dylan as Superman! Adam as Batman! Summer as Super girl! Whoops I just vomited in my mouth! Where was are darling little whiner? She could have laid outside Newman Towers and had people jump out the windows and use her you know whats as air bags like stuntmen use to save the citizens of Genoa City!! Have a good weekend Cee Cee Girl!

Hi, Timmm; my guy. There you are!!!! Surprising isn’t it? Not a peep out of Summer!
You have a super duper week-end, yourself, Timmm. ‘Night.

Don’t forget the always reliable car crashes/accidents…Christina’s miscarriage and Dehlia on Y&R. And now Carly and Kiki on the same dark stretch of road in Port Charles that has been the cause of many other visits to GH emergency.

I think they need a flood!

Except a good story-line.

LOL yeah. Poor Jack. He’s been engulfed in fires twice in three months.

The firestarter is someone who was upset to discover the restaurant existed!

Now, that’s hilarious, 4ever. I just burst out cracking with laughter…caught me off guard, as I was scrolling and reading the comments.

Its Drucilla…lol

That would be awesome.

LMAO J(tothe)HEEZY..NAHHH..she’d head straight to Sony with that cross eyed crazy look and those two throwback pigtails she sported when she first started. #worsesoaphairdoever…LOL

That’s hilarious, too, Jimmy…you guys better stop…laughing so hard, I have a stitch on my side.

Dont let Ashley find out about that “STICTH”…lol

See what I mean? Lol

Where’s my like button!! More like Victoria R… Will I be used for saying that?

The pacing is a little slow BUT the story holds it’s own. It isn’t Luca because he was too busy being the voyeur as Marisa and Noah got it on. And unless Noah is a two pump chump, there is no way Luca could jump floors to start the fire, knock out Cain and manage his change of outfits in that amount of time. My feeling is either Ian or some unknown enemy of VIctor’s. God knows Victor Newman has more than his share of enemies. I wish it was Sheila. We need a truly demented villain. Patty Williams is too contrived of a villain. And that Dr. character with Sharon is so predictably evil. No one does evil like Kimberlin Brown (Sheila). But I think it will be a disposable character like perhaps Marco or Ian. I don’t like the manipulate the viewer during sweeps tactics but at least this is enjoyable to watch.

Well, I can say..
The plane crash, the building fire looked like an old dated video game fire, effects from the Mirro Brothers, perhaps.. lol
This time-
the building explosion/fire flames were much much better, Kudos to the effects guys.
The effects/graphics were good but the story ehh ..

I agree sooo much with you, Su. The storylines may be repetitive; but, the special effects person was over-the-top. Very realistic…the actors were no slouches either. Very credible….everyone overdid himself/herself. Kudos and BRAVI !!!!!

Well, I thought it was well done. The Devil with “an ax to grind” (nice word play, Mr Fairman) seems to have breasts….or man boobs.
What I didn’t like is that security in the lobby didn’t know there was a huge fire in the building and they continued to tell people like Patty to take the stairs as the elevators were out. At this time, the police, the fire department, Adam, Michael, Paul Williams and Christine all knew there was a huge fire raging in the Newman towers but Newman security didn’t?
I think Marissa and her husband are utterly disposable and am not sure why they spent so much time focusing on these two new characters whom no one cares about.
I also think Sage and Joe are disposable. I realize Stitch is probably not going to make it alive which will cause much drama and conflict between Abby and Ashely.
I do NOT want Cane to die. I want him to make it out of the inferno so he can give that shallow, idiotic, disloyal wife of his the what for before he dumps her ass.
I have no idea who that is in the Devil costume.

PS. I keep hoping Christine will march into the burning building and a whole floor will fall on her. Could she be any more obnoxious?

I don’t think Christine is being fair to Adam at all. To say he escaped once is laughable. The guy got shot by Billy in the car, left to die & was dragged out so burnt that he needed months of surgery. Christine has it out for Adam because she lost her child while Nikki was driving a car with Neil. And Phyllis being so mean to Adam as well, did she forget that it was her daughter driving the car that caused Adam & Chelsea to lose their baby? Then there’s Kevin did he forget that he raped Lily and locked Colleen in a freezer & started a fire in Gina’s restaurant. BTW Where did Chloe go? If she went back into treatment who’s with her new daughter? If she’s in jail where’s the trial?

Right, harrylime? I also intimated it could be a woman. Jensen B.

Exactly, my dear friend. Every one of those people did something despicable…but, miraculously each of them is now wearing a halo. Oh, yeah. Adam is the bad guy. I can’t wait until everybody eats crow when the real culprit, who ran over Delia, is made known. This is the only storyline which keeps me interested…..and, it will happen.

I stopped watching this mess of a show last April when it became clear that Pratt was determined to turn it into a cartoon. I have not watched since and this spoiler does nothing to change my mind. Train wrecks! Airplane crashes! Roof collapses! Fires! Dopplegangers! Next he will bring in a witch or a satanic possesion. This is why people laugh at soaps.

I miss OLTL from the 60s/70s and again in the early 90s. They told character driven STORIES. nobody does that anymore. Days comes closest…for now.

Yes, I agree. Watched a little of the show today and Nikki’s dialogue when praying was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. I felt no connection whatsoever. Plot-driven for sure.

Oh, Liam. I know exactly what you mean. Yes, some of us keep complaining and many a viewer do not like it. But, we are asked to express what we feel. Nothing is grabbing me. I am not moved by any of the speeches….nothing is heartwrenching. Especially not any prayer directed to God concerning an evil-doer such as Victor. I don’t care how much he loves his family. So do I, but I do mot go around destroying people’s lives. I feel nothing.
I wish the family drama would be brought back. I am sick of company take-overs; foreigners coming in to create havoc for GC families.
What happened to those good old fashioned love stories? Friends sharing everyday, ordinary problems about their kids and/or life in general. There’s no peace or peace of mind, EVER. No one is HAPPY. Evil just lurks around every corner. Golly!!

Nikkei Newman doesn’t pray! Oh for Pete’s sake! Work a pole, sure. Join a cult, sure. But pray?! Not my Miss Nikki!

I actually like the disaster storylines under pratt. They are so better than your baby daddy of the week drama.

Me too. I love these Prattastrophies. Soapy goodness.

I like it too Lawrence and we’re not alone it’s the highest rating in a long time. Congratulations to Pratt. Keep up the great work. We’re loving it.

Oh, Nikki, I will agree how everyone is acting on cue. Kudos to the actors/actresses. My point is, this is a repetition of just a few months ago. It seems that the writers have no vision, not just Y&R, but the remaining ones also. Don’t you wish for them to switch it up a bit? Don’t get me wrong, I am completely in love with this soap…it has been my ‘passion’ since I was fourteen. But, it is getting a bit much with the disasters. Later, my friend.

Hi Cee Cee Your right in the way that there are a lot of disasters, but don’t you think that’s keeping us on our toes. I check just about every site just to find out if anyone wants to leave or gets fired so I can figure out who’s going to die. The acting is fantastic. Now there are things that drive me nuts like Dylan. Paul says he has cop instincts but I have a cousin that’s a cop and nobody gets to act with the cops without proper training. If there going to use Dylan as a cop they need to go a tad bit slower and have him see the coffee shop and take his proper courses then become a cop. Good Lord he’s doing more cop work right now than Paul and Paul has been a cop like forever. JMO

Lol, Nikki. The answer to the Dylan dilemma/idiocy is that ‘they’ don’t know what to do with him. Think about it. There is no good place for him. He embroils himself in everything. They made him Nikki’s and Paul’s child so to elevate his useless character/status. But, by doing so, ‘they’ accomplished nothing. I am still at odds with the reason of this character’s existence. Dylan/Steve has become the brunt of a joke among us, yes?
Then, he is attached to Sharon who is in an institution for the mentally unstable? And, no one is allowed to see her because Sharon, herself has asked not to be in contact with him or her family? That is so ‘effed’-up. Such a cock and bull story. To make it worse, the family accepts it. Her children should be storming the place. This is precisely what I mean.
I am so glad you are deriving excitement….I truly am. I just can’t get into the brouhaha. As I said, only Adam interests me, at this point. Oh, and yes, who the next Billy Abbott will be. Later, my friend.

Didnt Adam wear that same devil costume last year or two years ago? [Michael Muhney] Anyway, I’ve heard names like Marco, the computer geek and Joe. Poor Cane, Lilly will probably blame him for that to! Why the hell doesnt he leave that witch! Anyway, I see it being Ian. BTW, has anyone else noticed how Nikki miraculously beat alcohol and is handing out wisdom left and right now!

Yes, I have, a Jimmy. Also, not a feather misplaced on her hat!

Had to reply here…that was funny about Nikki playing the Shelly Winters part…lol

Yes, Nikki is the Matriarch, in a Mae West costume. Good Lord. If she HUGS Sage one more time, I’m going to throw up. Since when has she ever hugged one of Nick’s significant others?

Yeah, right? I think I heard Sage or Nikki or both, say, “I’ve missed you”, then they embraced like there was no tomorrow. HUH?!?!?!

This may not be the most original storyline but… it does gather nearly the entire cast into one major plot. And that is always refreshing to see. I miss events that brought everyone togehter and threatened exposure of all the secrets, lies, and tricks. now I am not sure there is great suspense here about who is responsible or that anyone will perish. The Y&R villians lately have been dispensible, created for storyline purposes only not really character driven, or doppelgangers, or just plain lame. A good villain simmers and builds tp a boil like that David Kimble years ago. Sheila was good but really, I think that character is done despite the loose threads left in her wake.

When you put it that way, Iakovos, yes, I agree. You know? You always have that special knack of putting things in perspective. Thank you.

Ok they said 4 people died. They didn’t say in the fire just 4 people died so I think Ward started the fire. He’s the guy in the devil suit and he dies. The second is Cane, the third is Stitch and Christian the baby dies. There’s the four death’s. Oh let us not forget Patty. Knowing that Billy Abbott was leaving I kinda thought that maybe he would die in the fire and they would find a new love interest for Victoria. There going to have such a hard time finding someone to take Billy’s place that I thought that maybe a good idea.

Rumors are swirling heavy it’s Jason Thompson to replace BJ. He also just officially announced his upcoming exit from General Hospital Friday.

Oh I hope not. Although I do like him on G.H., he is no more Billy Abbott than the one we’re unloading. They gave Burgess long enough to see if fans would start to relate to him as Billy Abbott and it never happened. The same story happened with Kyle. We had one Kyle everyone liked and they got rid of him and had nothing but two people trying to act like Kyle and not relating to the fans at all.

I feel bad for BJ, having to go through life with those initials. Oh, I know. I’m such a naughty girl. I should be banned….

Stitch, for sure. I would think the other three will be like waiters or security? No way Cane. I think Christian lives and is handed over to Sharon down the road.

OMG Timmm did you ever hit the nail on the head with Christian. I’ve been so busy trying to figure out who the 4 that die are I never thought of that crazy doctor taking Christian but your right all these drugs made her think she was showing and Christian is underweight to begin with and a preme so no problem with waiting to hand him over.I think I’ve changed my mind on the four that die. I think Patty is one, Stitch is two and the third is Ian Ward but who’s the fourth? Did anyone see Noah leave?

Oh, wow, Timmm. I just said that Sharon’s psychiatrist took the baby. Lol.

Exactly, Nikki. I said something similar about Jason Thompson to Timmm. They are as different as night and day. But, I guess we are asking for the moon. I keep harping about Colin Egglesfield. He would fit the role like a glove.
But, Nikki, if not Billy Abbott, then who would JT play? Burgess is the only one leaving. The only other person would be Gabe, who has survived , and his mother (Jensen B) has kept him hidden after having had plastic surgery. He is the one who hit and killed Delia. I know I probably am boring everyone since this is the third time I’ve said it. Ok, no more…lol.

Double Cee, wouldnt that be a twist, Gabe is alive, and has had plastic surgery, welcome Jason Thompson! I LOVE IT! Jason and Justin would be great in scenes together!

Yeah, it would be a twist, wouldn’t it? If only TPTB would listen. It’s so simple; and, makes the best sense. Later.

Pratt/Phelps have totally decimated this show that was once the hallmark of compelling character-based nuanced storytelling! Since darkening Genoa City with his mid-JAN arrival, Pratt has already been responsible for: 1) the grisly Scooby Doo murders of Austin and Courtney; 2) the penthouse fire that damaged Adam/Chelsea’s place; 3) the asinine Marco/Jack debacle that involved Kelly’s grisly murder and the explosion of the shipliner Jack/Marisa were on; 4) the Underground implosion of Nick’s bar; 5) the Winters Family plane-crash; 6) the nasty Neil/Nikki car crash that claimed Paul/Christine’s unborn child; 7) the brutal rape of Avery and now 8) the Towering Inferno of NE!

Pretty busy man for only 10 months of story … most shows pace-out their larger-than-life catastrophies, but not Pratt who prefers his ‘prime-time, movie blockbuster approach’ to love-in-the-afternoon! If it ain’t nailed down, let’s throw it out there…BIGGER, LOUDER, BOLDER, look-at-us, look-at-us!! That sort of arrogance is killing the daytime dramas that generations have devoted decades to; a little larger-than-life goes a LONG way and he just pushes his own selfish agenda on the viewers that are used to a more layered #YR…

Arrogance is the perfect noun, Geoffrey. And, Pratt is stretching this arrogance to its limit. What’s that saying? Less is more?
How can this be entertainment? Yes, of course we expect any soap to have its share of earth-shattering, life-threatening cataclysm. But, so many catastrophes happening within the span of ten months, as you have indicated, happen only in a Dr. Jekyll-kind of hallucinating brain. LOL….maybe Pratt is on LSD. Just a joke, people….no barbs, please. Lol.
Then there are the baby tragedies. For heaven’s sake!… many more babies are born to either just die, be kidnapped, or have some king of health problem, or be premies? Don’t TPTB realize that this concept has been so used and abused that it has become revolting? But, most importantly, it hurts to see this. I do not find this entertaining. I would like to see something happy, light and amusing, for once.

So it was Ian Ward after all. Not my first guess.

I knew it wouldn’t be long until Pratt dragged Y&R down to the gutter. Really? Towering Inferno plot line? How unoriginal Chuck. I don’t care who set the fire, it’s stupid and done before. Maybe they can get Susan Flannery to do a guest shot and have her jump through a window to her untimely death. Welcome to the Y&R 3 Ring Circus of Pain.

Since this story lacks imagination it will be Ian Ward, which means we will have to accept he escaped from prison for the third time and even if the devil was show as tall and lean to give the impression it was Joe, and Ward is short and stocky, it will be Ian.

This whole story bites the big one, the drama is contrived, the dialogue is horrible, which makes all the acting almost unbearable to watch. There are so many holes in the plot that it resembles Swiss cheese—– at least when I watched the Towering Inferno when it first came out I went to the movie stoned, no such luck with this mini version, but it’s November and Pratt had to go a whole summer without a disaster, so lets hope this one gets the bug out of his system so we can all have a Merry Christmas free of another building collapse, fire, crash or flood.

If Susan Flannery’s B&B character was still alive, Stephanie Forrester could’ve traveled to Genoa City and jumped out a window just like in The Towering Inferno.

Love that you went to see Towering Inferno stoned! So the SF in your name is San Francisco? LOL. I’m teasing.
I’m not watching the story because I stopped after Victor got away with torturing Jack. It does seem to have massive holes in it. I did guess right that Super-Dylan would don his cape & fly to the rescue. I think Pratt just has disasters so Super-Dyla can swoop in for the rescue. Throw Paul a bone won’t ya, Pratt?

It’s probably the real Gabriel Bingham; maybe he didn’t die as we were told. He did this to get even with Victor.

Manuel, I see dual Gabes down the road but I dont think it will happen this time. Its probably Ian Ward.

You’re probably correct.

Manuel…I have been saying this for weeks. Great minds think alike. We shall see.

We know Ian started the fire. But, that does not mean Gabe could not have still killed Delia. As I said, we shall see.

It wasn’t Adam that hit Delia, at least I don’t think so. It had to have been someone else. I originally suspected Kelly, but, now that she’s dead (we think) that means someone else hit her. It gets more confusing every day.

Gabe is alive and he killed Delia. Jason Thompson will play Gabe ( who has a new face). That is my prediction, as I have predicted Kiki being Nina’s daughter, Manuel. But, the TPTB are so obstinate; they refuse to listen to me. Lol.

Its Ian Ward

I think it’s Ian Ward too, but he’s shorter than whoever is running around in that devil costume. But, yeah, I agree that it’s Ian

GH Port Charles Hotel Fire ripoff

Right because GH was the very first soap to feature a fire.

Hey Mark…did I say that? No, didn’t think so. What I will say is that the common denominator between that story and this one is JFP and Chuck Pratt. I guess creativity is lacking.

Thanks for your input.

You said they ripped off GF with the fire.

Yes, GH was the first to go full-fledged inferno….and it’s about high time for another big-@$$ barbecue in Port Charles given there are so many unnecessary characters—mostly of the newbie variety—who are just begging for a roasting!!!!

To Mark Y…

Yes, I said they ripped off GH with this story. Did I say GH was the very first soap to feature a fire? No. Did JFP and Pratt reflect on the Port Charles Hotel Fire when coming up with this? Of course! How could they forget since they were at the helm when that storyline was created.

Is Patti on yet? My guess is on her.


so o,k a fire,,,i could handle that,,what i cant handle is 1,,dylan walking around like the big cheese in genoa city,,,this writing is making him like a lil boy superman wannabe,,,,,
2,,,really ian ward i mean really just escaping from prison again…3rd…micheal baldwin letting adam loose cmon,,i still dont get why hes defending adam in the 1rst place,,4th,,patty walks out of a sanitarium like walking out of wal mart,,,i think the writing for patty is the most badly written,,,i had high hopes for a redeemed patty…stacy hadiuck is brilliant in this role,,,so many loop holes in this storyline,,,so many i cant look the other way even for entertainment…the writers really need to go back to writing school because this is just to rediculous to watch,,,they should be thankfull for having justin hartly as adam hes the only thing that has me tuned in again after the micheal muhney disaster….even stitch looks like a fool,,,proposing to abby then telling ashley he loves her,,,,and they destroyed mariah and kevin they had daytime gold with those 2,,,

how about Victor trying to win father of the year with his sudden deep concern for Adam– how OOC for a man who once claimed his son was psychopath
I nearly threw my shoe at the television over that total disregard of history of both characters.

And Phyllis and Patty’s cat fight was laughable

And it amazing how everyone, but the firefighters were able to go in and out smoke and flame to look for “loved ones”.

Like you I could go on– I don’t mind the occasionally disaster on as soap, as long as they don’t insult my intelligence in order to pull it off.

One thing is for certain: a counselor who specializes in PTSD would have no shortage of patients in GC. I expect one’s practice would get predictably busy around November and February.

I’m in the middle of it. But why are the cops so inept?! Adam has escaped twice and I’m still watching. The only soap cop worse than Paul Williams was Frank Cooper on Guiding Light.

Hey I really liked Frank Cooper on G.L. Poor Frank always had problems with the girl’s he was interested in and I think the last one was gay.

Stitch’s sister or il ritorna di Diane – the return of Diane!

I haven’t even thought of Kelly. That would be good.

Stitch’s sister was Kelly who kidnapped Jack and she’s dead.

But, my lovely Nikki. Are we sure Kelly is dead? Since You can’t hear me; imagine “Twilight Zone” music playing in the background….LOL.

Ritorno, with an ‘o’, in the masculine. I know Torqumada…autocorrect.

Cee Cee But if Kelly’s alive Victor is using Kelly’s death over Jack saying he will call the athority’s if Jack opens his mouth and he’ll say Jack killed Kelly. If Kelly is alive Jack can come clean about how Victor had him kidnapped. Not to mention I think Kelly is in another story right now.

As always, good point, Nikki.

Who cares?? So contrived.

Well, Richard. I, for one, care. Regardless how contrived it is, how repetitive, how boring it may get. I love Y&R. I will never stop watching.
We are discussing our thoughts and ideas. That is the point….and, it proves we care. Soooooo…….do you have a remote control?

It could be worse, much worse.
It could be like GH, everyone kissing, a lot of kissing..
Billy could be kissing Victoria, a lot of kissing! Everyone could be kissing.
I will take mysterious gloves and a fire before kiss kiss kissing, anyday.

Don’t you love the scene where Mariah gets hugged by Victoria and she responds “oh no more hugs everyone wants to hug”. That scene made me laugh. It was just typical Mariah. I know I probably got the wording wrong but it was along those lines.

That is exactly what Mariah said, Nikki. I thought it was touching, too….very familial-like.

Great storytelling is the hallmark of great soap. A great action, mystery or adventure story is appreciated by this soap fan. I actually like stories that involve virtually the entire cast. I’m loving it. Can’t wait for the fallout and reveal of the perpetrator.

Christine is the worst. Her priorities are ridiculous.

Christine is too angry…always. She is being blinded by her rage of miscarrying and is reversing roles with Delia.
I do agree that action, mystery and adventure is key to any story, soap, novel or otherwise, MBmomof3. We learned that in English class. We also learned not to write a repetitive/redundant story. So, I must, with all due respect, disagree here. The point is, there was no mystery. We already knew the drill, the steps…except for the culprit, whom many had already guessed anyway. Where was the suspense? What was the meaning of Patti being there? Where was/is the adventure? The only action, which caught my attention, was Ashley leaping through flames like an Olympian. It caught my attention because the display was impressive….great photography….but Ashley? Incredibly ridiculous.
The entire storyline was sloppy and not well-thought-out. Boring as heck and without anticipation….I wasn’t holding my breath. Were you? I am truly trying not to be facetious, MB….trying my hardest to be tactful. Another thing? I am so sick of another baby dying just to suit their story. It is just sick, sick and morbidly sick. I was hoping against hope that Christian had gone to surgery, suddenly.
Is there a chance the psycho psychiatrist took him? Poor baby.

I’m thinking you’re on to something about Christian and that shady shrink taking care of Sharon. I’m suspecting he’ll end up with Sharon some how.

I wish Luca and Marissa were victims in this. Can’t. Stand. Them. Why are they even on this show?

Oh no not another building fire disaster!! Who is being killed off now. What is Patty doing at the party? Ashley and Stitch?? Is Sharon’s corrupt MD the devil who set the fire. I’m back to taping and fast forwarding.

I don’t understand why Victor didn’t want the people to evacuate the building.

Why did Adam go into the fire without some oxygen?

I am interested in finding out what happens and who the devil is.

From the preview, it looks like Abby spies her mother kissing Stitch. UH OH!!!!

The Young and the Restless is no longer a daytime drama. It has turned into a cross between science fiction, an outlandish cartoon, with elements of a horror movie. The truth is that it’s been like this for nearly a full year now.

Predictions: There will be an ice storm disaster next Feb and a massive flood next May and next Nov the gremlins will invade the town after being brought out by the Paragon Project.

I really liked the scene where all the mamas were running to their kids in the hospital. I’m 8 months pregnant, so that could just be crazy psycho hormones, but I thought it was sweet. I liked that Kevin and Mariah were heros. I wish they would have made Dylan a cop before he decided to be superman. Instead it is making me wonder who gave him all the power in Genoa City?! They give him too much power ALL THE TIME. If the devil is anyone from the last year it’ll be a letdown for me. The only one I can think of that would be interesting would be the real Gabriel Bingham because that would drive a lot of stories! I also think Jack and Phyllis should have sat this one out. I know Delia was his niece, but couldn’t he have gone home early? He’s been through too much this year.

Congratulations on your baby.

Thank you!!!!! He’s going to be an early Christmas present.

Actually children reuniting with their parents was the only realistic, sincere moment of this whole story line– it is definitely something every parent could relate to and the relief that is felt finding your child is safe was clearly seen on their faces. Also found Faith’s face upon seeing her grandmother come through the door a touching moment– just wish the whole story could have been based in some kind realism like that. And I agree Jack has been through so much of late he should have been able to have one disaster off.

The scene with the kids made me cry. Thank goodness the kids were ok. I probably would have quit watching for a while if the kids had gotten hurt. Now that Christian “didn’t make it,” just expect him to end up in Sharon’s arms.

Well, I didn’t get my wish. What a stinking letdown that it was Ian Friggin’ Ward. They should have skipped the whole Satan costume in my opinion. I actually thought that was too obvious!!!!!

So what’s left for “disaster fetishist” Pratt??? Earthquake? Flood? Plague of locusts??

“The Birds”

But the birds won’t peck and claw their victims. The birds will poop on them, just as the writers are crapping on Y&R, the characters and the audience!!!

Oh my gosh…When will someone shut that damn Christine Blair Williams down. I know she says she wants everything done by the book but she is trying to get even with every hit & run driver because she lost her baby. Someone needs to toss her off this case. Not to mention she’s obnoxious as hell to listen to.

Yes, she and Lily, who suddenly cares about where her husband is when she spent all night flashing her Cleopatra eyes at Joe. Sick and tired of her and her family. Cane needs to file for divorce YESTERDAY.

Exactly. I think Cane is going to die in the fire but down the road Lily will find out it was Joe who set Cane up and I can’t wait to see her suffer. I’m sick of her and her lack of loyalties as well.

The entire scene too is unrealistic, Nikki. No one does ten years in prison for this type of accident. Especially since Adam was shot and in recovery for months.
And yes, you are so right, Nikki. Christine lacks charm and people’s skills. She was never like this….why are “they” writing her this way? She puckers her lips, in distaste, like an old spinster who needs some ‘entertaining’. Well, she’s married to Paul , sooooo……

CeeCee I get so annoyed at this wonderful soap sometimes I could scream. In the hospital scene when Chelsea said her & Adam we’re thankful & Kevin said “your welcome but I don’t give a damn what Adam thinks” OMG I was ready to throw my slipper at the T.V. Why didn’t she go over & knock that computer out of his hands and in front of everyone state ” Who do you think you are? the guy who raped Lily, put Colleen in a deep freezer to die & set fire to Gina’s restaurant & none of that was an accident like Adam’s was” (if he even did it which I doubt), who else is a hater? Oh yes Phyllis” let remember you tried to run over Paul & Christine again that was no accident & let us not forget her darling spoiled Summer during one of her temper tantrums caused an accident that made Chelsea & Adam lose their baby. OMG I would have something to say to all these holier than thou idiots. You are so right even if Adam did hit this child 10 years for an accident. Her own father admitted it was an accident. What country is this? Then there’s Billy… a drunk..a gambler..a womanizer looking down on Adam? What really got me going was Adam pulled Billy out of a burning building and Billy just went off on his own. What a nice guy NOT.

Hey, dear friend; I hear you. I enumerated your exact words more than once. The real Billy Abbot would have never left even his worst enemy to fend for himself in that condition. He is a spiteful coward, for sure. Let’s hope, nuBilly will fulfill everything that is Billy Abbott.

WOW!! Yesterday’s episode was so awesome! I loved the action sequences! Especially the shot of Ashley and Stich running with the fireball advancing behind them!! AND, who didn’t LOVE the big Patty reveal (in cat costume, no less) at the door and shining a spooky light in her face!!!! I laughed out loud and cheered my favorite soap for giving me such deliciously campy goodness… all in one jam-packed episode!!! Thank GOD that Young and the Restless is still on the air and kicking ass; number one for a reason and we just got a huge reminder of why it is THE only soap worth watching!

I totally agree! I really enjoyed it. I’m juat mad it was Ian in the costume. I wasted good time thinking of who I’d love for it to be!!!!

Yea me too.

That Billy has to be cut down come on writers you need to prove Adam did not hit Delia

What do you guys think of Abby refusing to leave and Joe fighting to get on the helicopter??

I think Joe is a coward and he’s after Lily. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was the one who set up Cane who I imagine now is dead. I really like the way Abby has been acting lately not just with her Mom but she even went and got Adam a bottle of water. I’ll be so glad when Adam is cleared of this accident. I want to see Billy brought down a few pegs and that Christine is just plain mean.

I agree. Christine has been over the top and it’s actually making Paul look like a chump to just let her be psycho like that. My husband would at least ask “What the heck is really going on here? You’re not acting like the woman I know.” Paul is starting to remind me of Holden Snyder from ATWT. My mom and I would watch a scene where nobody listened to him or he’d fail at something and my mom and I would say in unison “Totally ineffective.” Paul tells everyone what or what not to do and nobody listens, while his wife is acting like a bloodthirsty vampire.

Ashleigh you are so right. You hit the nail on the head. Paul is suppose to be the chief of police but first of all Dylan (who has no experience) does more work than Paul and secondly Christine is running the show. I can’t believe that Paul doesn’t see the difference in her.

I thought for sure he’d try and find a woman’s costume and dress himself up to get on that chopper! You know, like the guy who did it in the old version of Titanic (A Night to Remember.)

Abby goes around calling Adam an idiot and she does an idiotic thing herself… or was it guts? I have mixed feelings.

Oh I hope Abby doesn’t end up with him. He is the worst coward I’ve ever seen. Hopefully Abby sees this. I was so proud of Abby for a couple of reasons. First the way she took care of her family trying to find them and save them but even though she was never a fan of Adam’s the loved the way she told him he needed water and went and got him a bottle. I cried at that it was so cute. I also liked the way Victoria (in her high & mighty ways) went over and hugged Mariah. I especially loved Mariah’s sarcasm saying something like “oh geez more hugs everyone wants to hug”.

It was love, Ron. She risked her life for love. She loves both her mother and Ben. The only idiocy is that she is blind to the fact that Ben is in love with her mother and is settling for her. I would have smelled where his heart lay, a mile away.

I think Joe and Abby may just end up together. I also think Abby is very heroic and loves her mother more than she loves Stitch. Abby tended to her mother first. This tells me that her love for her fiancé’ is lukewarm, at best..I am so proud of her for trying to rescue them.

I think Joe came off as extremely cowardly. I don’t know if the point was to make Joe look like a coward, or if it was to show that Dylan was going to let everyone on the helicopter but him. I guess it confuses me, because I thought Joe was more of a gentleman than that. Maybe he is only a hero when it comes to Lily. Speaking of Lily, POOR CANE! Nobody is even looking for him!

I know…poor Cane. I said the same thing…no one is looking for him. And, Lily’s lamenting his absence is so tepid; such a devil-may-care effort.
I can’t figure Joe out. We know he could be ruthless. I really liked him, at first….well, only because he looks like an older version of my husband, who has much more hair. Joe’s is receding a bit..LOL. ….similar stature and height.
However, I’m re-thinking my opinion of this character. I wonder what TPTB have in mind for him. He has such a classy presence, I just hope ‘they’ will not bury him. It really would be a shame.

Until the past week, I was not a fan of Abby; however, her great acting has won me over… besides, I love the roaring 20s look on her!

Same here, Ron. Until very recently, I was not a fan of Abby. The reason for that was the way she was written….as an airhead and only interested in superficiality, such as the latest trend in clothes and banal platitudes/conversation. The writers have made a complete reversal with this character. She certainly can strut her stuff. I am so glad for that.

Cee Cee

Your “it was love” comment is lovely, poetic and warmly welcomed! How nice a spin you put on things! Thank you.

Awww, how sweet you are, Ron. But, I must thank you. It is always heartwarming to receive such a compliment….especially from you and this bunch. Smile.

It’s all a cross over with that other Sony show… the Devil is KRISTEN DEMERA!!!!!

Perhaps this summer we’ll have a dinner cruise ship on Lake Michigan when a tsunami hits Wisconsin/Illinois borders. Enough with fires; let’s see some underwater film footage– Nikki (ala Shelly Winters). Who will be Roddy MacDowell? And who will sing (Lauren, maybe?) “There’s got to be a morning after?” Raise a cup to the writers.

I am very sick of hearing about “classic” Bill Bell Y and R! He did campy ridiculous outrageous things designed for shock value ALL the time!! The David Kimble thing…Shelia and her reign of terror…Katherine and Jill’s absurd cat fights….Brad being held in a cage…Phyllis the early years….the list goes on and on. The villains in these stories had no real character development, they were just bad because it served the story. I never found Bell’s show to be character driven, not the way everyone else seems to remember it. Characters changed to suit whatever plot du jour was being told. When I found a shift in that was when Kay Alden took over. She took the best of the Bell style and blended it with her own female sensibility and I enjoyed the show then. Say what you will about Pratt and Phelps…they know how to produce a disaster. And these kinds of stunts are just plain fun to watch. Non sensical….most times. Over the top? Absolutely. But the throw everything in the air and the fallout makes for good drama. Bell’s pacing was less frenetic, but when he went for a climax to a story, nothing was too grisly, or campy, or kinky, or disturbing, or whatever. He was a master at shock t.v. So I just dont get which rose coloured glasses these people are wearing helping them remember the show in their own way.

I might have just started watching towards the end of the Bill Bell days because I remember Lauren and Sheila and Brad in a cage. I actually love the disasters. I remember watching the parking garage collapse, and to me that was awesome. I enjoyed seeing the charcters individual phobias because I could relate! Lauren was claustrophobic if I remember right and Michael was flipping out because he knew she was struggling in there somewhere with claustrophobia. That’s the stuff that makes the charcters feel like family members to me. I wish they had done that a bit this time around , but I’m still enjoying it. I seriously think Jack or Phyllis need a PTSD storyline after everything they’ve been through this year! Ha ha. Psychological weaknesses aren’t just for villains. I disagree on one point though. I always love a good cat fight!!!! They don’t do it enough on y&r. I want to see somebody smash Lily’s face in a cake. I think if I were an actress it would be fun too!

I agree totally but what you have to see is this. Right down the names of the haters/complainers and check back often. You’ll be surprised that they are the same ones on here all the time just hating the show. In other words they watch the show constantly and pretend they don’t or their going to quit watching but their always on with their nasty comments. You really can’t take too much out of the complaints because they never have a nice compliment.

I was just wondering did Pratt and Phelps hire a few day players to play Firemen? My older sister is still hanging in there and watching and she said she did not see any just Super Dylan and his Dad running around.

If I were a firefighter or first responder I’d be insulted with this portrayal. Too much suspension of disbelief I don’t even know where to begin.

There are probably complainers who are not haters. On Valentine’s day, when the roof fell in, and then the whole town seemed to fall apart, that was the first time I looked for a place to write about The Young and the Restless. To me it felt the writers were laughing around the table wondering how much could the viewers tolerate until they know we are making fun of them.

Let me kindly say, the last weeks have shown some superb acting. I was just getting back into what I used to feel when watching and then the “Billy.” announcement was aired. Enough was happening. For one reason or another, some knew four were going to die!

As a quite long time viewer, not consistently until one could record, I don’t have the insights of others. Angry as I may have been recently regarding some story lines, when reading comments it becomes clear what different reasons people have in watching. I also have learned that the overseas audiences are very important for the ratings. There is good writing and bad. People are attracted to different things. If I don’t like it there is fast-forward. But please writers slow down. Allow some of the sweet things written by others on this site such as the hugs given, If Adam doesn’t die, his hands are very expressive, Billy seemed solid and mature. Do those things and rest doesn’t seem so arcane.

My current issue with Y&R, and I have many, is that Nick has yet another dead child. What do the writters have against children?! Now every year going forward he’s going to mourn christian the way they do cassie. This is just crazy!!!


Y&R’s Colleen Zenk on the Flipside of Aunt Jordan Tormenting Nikki: “My Relationship with Melody Thomas Scott Has Just been Incredible Since I Got Here”

Viewers of The Young and the Restless were left in disbelief with the arrival of Aunt Jordan, who schemed to have recovering alcoholic, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) kidnapped with an IV drip of booze flowing through her veins (and that’s just for starters).

When As the World Turns favorite Colleen Zenk was cast on Y&R, to portray the revenge-filled Aunt Jordan, the top-rated soap got a bit of a spring back into its step.  Zenk spoke this week with CBS San Francisco affiliate KPIX on her return to daytime and how she is getting along with the cast and crew at the CBS daytime drama.

In speaking with KPIX anchor, Gianna Franco, Colleen expressed: “Tthe fact that they welcomed me with such open arms and love, it really freed me up, because of how they received me and made me feel incredibly welcome, and not just the cast. I mean, the entire production, the crew, the staff, the directors, the writers … everybody from the top down.”

Photo: JPI

Hard to believe, but as Colleen shared, throughout her years in daytime she had never spoken with Y&R’s iconic star, Melody Thomas Scott, who she now has a budding on-screen rivalry with. Things have certainly changed.

Colleen added, “My relationship with Melody Thomas Scott has just been incredible since I got here.  She and I had never had a conversation before until the day I walked on the set. It’s just been fabulous. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying that.”

Photo: CBS

And walk in she did! Zenk shared that her casting had been kept top-secret at the show. No one really knew she was on the call sheet or the cast list at the time. To keep it mum, Colleen revealed, “My name was not anywhere. They did not have “Colleen Zenk” in print. So, when I finally did show up on November 17th (on-air) it was shock.”

Check out the segment where Colleen speaks on her Y&R adventure thus far below.

Are you looking forward to seeing … Nikki get her revenge on Aunt Jordan for all she put her through? More scenes between Colleen and Melody?  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Guiding Light

Matt Bomer Reveals More On Why He Turned Down ‘Barbie’ Role as a Ken

Guiding Light alum Matt Bomer (ex-Ben Reade) is currently receiving rave reviews for his performance in Showtime’s Fellow Travelers and the motion picture Maestro.

However, on the December 6th episode of The Tonight Show, Bomer revealed more intel on why he decided to pass on an opportunity to appear in the summer blockbuster Barbie. Matt was in heavy consideration to play a Ken in Greta Gerwig’s smash hit starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

The in-demand star told Jimmy Fallon,”I had some projects in development, and I wasn’t sure if they were gonna happen or when they were gonna happen. So, I auditioned. I mean, I dressed up like Malibu Ken. I dressed up like Business Suit Ken. I had like four different looks going on. I have pictures of this.” Bomer shared that, “he really got into it.”

Photo: Warner Bros/Mattel

In the end, the timing just wasn’t right for Bomer who shares three sons with his husband, Simon Halls.  Matt expressed, “I was talking with Greta, I was looking forward to doing it and then the things in development came to fruition, and I would have been away from my family for a year, which was just too much time away.”

As for how the cast shook out for Barbie, Bomer gave a thumbs up, “I think they made a perfect movie, and it was cast perfectly.”

Photo: AP

Bomer does not regret his decision because in the end he “got to do Fellow Travelers and Maestro and spend time with my family.” In Fellow Travelers, Matt stars in what he deemed on The Tonight Show as ‘the gay The Way We Were.”  Bomer plays opposite Jonathan Bailey in the series.  In Maestro, Bomer plays clarinettist David Oppenheim, who was one of Leonard Bernstein’s lovers.

Photo: CBS

On Guiding Light, daytime soap fans remember that Bomer played Ben Reade for two years from 2001-2003. The character was revealed to be a male prostitute and a serial killer before his death. Matt had told the producers before he exited, “Just throw the kitchen sink at me, and they did.”

Watch Matt’s segment on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below.  Now let us know, do you wish he would have played a Ken in the Barbie movie? Have you caught his performances in ‘Fellow Travelers’ and soon Maestro?  What do you recall about his work as GL’s troubled Ben Reade? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Breaking News

Ellen Holly, Groundbreaking Actress of ‘One Life to Live’, Passes Away at 92

Ellen Holly, who portrayed Carla Gray on ABC’s One Life to Live, had died at the age of 92.  Her death was confirmed by her cousin Grant Shipp via his Facebook page. The groundbreaking actress passed away on December 5th.

Holly appeared on One Life from October 1968 through December 1980, and from May 1983 through December 1985.  In his post, Shipp related of Holly, “She was a pioneer in daytime television. Starring on One Life to live for 20 years. Playing Lawrence Fishburns mother on the show. She appeared in several movies, and performed on stage with the greatest black actors of her generation. Sidney Poitier, Harry Beafonte, Cicely Tyson, Robert Hooks, James Earl Jones to name a few. You had One Life to Live and it was amazing Life. You were simply one of the best. Now you know the secret. God rest your soul.”

Following several theatre roles, Holly came to One Life to Live and took on the role of Carla Benari. Secretly, she was born Clara Gray, and eventually went by the name of Carla Gray. Agnes Nixon, iconic creator of the soap opera, wanted to tell an important social issue of the times, when in story, Carla was passing herself as white, in order to get a job. This was also an issue Holly faced in real-life and shared publicly in an essay she wrote for the New York Times, “How Black Do You Have To Be?”

Photo: ABC

In story for the first five months, the audience thought Carla was white. However, in a landmark moment, Carla came face-to-face with her mother, Sadie (Lillian Hayman) who was a housekeeper. Her mother felt she betrayed her race. Carla was embroiled in an interracial relationship with a white doctor, Jim Craig (Nat Polen), who was her boss at the hospital. Caral also was involved with another resident Prince who was Black. After breaking it off with Jim, Carla came clean about her race.

Eventually, Holly would star opposite Daytime Emmy-winner, Al Freeman Jr., and the love story of Carla and Ed Hall, became a fan favorite in the soaps earlier years.  The couple adopted a teenaged son, Joshua played by now motion picture star, Laurence Fishburne. When Ed and Carla’s relationship fell apart, she eventually remarried Dr. Jack Scott played by Arthur Burghardt.

Photo: ABC

Holly said in a 1979 interview with Ebony magazine, “There are enormous stretches in this country where they don’t know anything about Black people…Our viewers tend to regard us as neighbors. People at the supermarket, total strangers, will throw their arms around you and treat you as a neighbor…My mother on the show has been a domestic and is now head of the housekeeping staff at the hospital; my ex-husband on the show is a policeman, and Arthur [Burghardt] plays a brilliant heart surgeon…I think we’ve opened up our viewers’ heads a little bit more to the variety that exists in the Black race. And the more that happens, the slower somebody will be — when they’re confronted with any given Black person — to jump to conclusions about who and what that person is.”

After Holly departed the show in 1980, she later returned to Llanview in 1983, at that time, Carla was now an assistant district attorney. She also was reunited with Ed Hall. Ellen last played the role in 1985.

Share your remembrances for One Life to Live’s Ellen Holly via the comment section and make sure to check out Holly speaking on the importance of her early storyline with the Television Academy below.


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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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