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General Hospital Crew Members Sue ABC Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate


Two crew members from General Hospital are suing ABC for what they deem “unconstitutional” and “religious discrimination” after being let go because they did not follow the company’s regulations for employment with its Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

In a report from Deadline the father/son team of Jim Wahl and Tim Wahl, who ran the GH construction and special effects department for 14 and 10 years respectively, have filed suit through the same lawyers, Ingo Rademacher (Ex-Jax), is using for his wrongful determination case against ABC.  You can view the entire complaint here.

The Wahls suit also claims ‘wrongful determination’ and cites that back on November 9, 2021, ABC officially denied them requests for religious exemptions to the Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

The filing states that ABC, “gave no reason for its decision, except to say that the company was ‘unable to conclude that you are prevented from receiving the Covid-19 vaccine due to a sincerely-held religious belief, practice, or observance.”

The suit is asking for unspecified damages, claiming, “ABC does not have the authority to force a medical treatment on its employees against their will. Even if it did, it must offer religious exemptions to anybody who requests one.”

While all of this will go through the Los Angeles Superior Court system, Ingo Rademacher’s trial is set to begin in February of 2023.

Share your thoughts on the latest efforts to sue ABC over their Covid-19 vaccine mandate in the comment section.

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You’ll notice whose name is NOT mentioned in this article. I’m choosing to interpret that as a positive sign that Steve has worked something out with Valentini Regime and Jason will be back to pull GH out of its toilet whirlpool death spiral VERY soon.

would such a secret agreement be legal?

Who knows?? I have a lot of lawyers down here, so I’ll ask around.

Or Steve could be waiting to see how this plays out in court.

Jason is NOT the savior you all think he is.

I’m the Devil, so I’m the last one who would be looking for a “savior”. But it’s not a coincidence that GH went into a toilet spiral the minute Jason was “lost” in that tunnel. Not that it wasn’t already headed that direction with the Tricky Dick Nixon Falls storyline… but that horrible mess appeared to be over and done with… and then they regressed right back into it, once Jason was presumed “dead” again.

Phil…I agree.

I respectfully disagree, I think GH has been on fire in the past few months. Cast and writing top notch.

Seriously? Which “cast” would that be? It’s been 70% Nina, 20% temp-hires, and 10% pointless newbies.

And it’s hard to say the writing is “top notch” when they’re literally trying to undo the last 29 years of this show’s history all at once.

I thought the temps might be due to Covid. I like this Michael.

Satan, Carly dominates every storyline and is on far more often than Nina. Moreover, Sonny is more interesting with Nina than he is with Carly. I don’t miss Jason one bit. I thought the romantic pairing with Carly was rather creepy and it also sparked of history revisionism. I do agree that the writing has been abysmal which is most likely why the ratings have gone done.

I know, Harry, and now we have yet ANOTHER Carly-centric story: her budding romance with Drew. How many stories does she get to infect? There’s her divorce, Willow’s maternity, her hypocritical vendetta against Brad, her new investment in ELQ…it goes on and on! And I don’t miss Jason either. My big gripe is how loooonnngggg they let stories drag on, like the Esme/sex tape tale. Enough already!

Satan, it’s nowhere near 70% Nina. The newbies aren’t pointless, they are fleshing out storylines for established characters. Cody is giving Sam and Dante something to do beyond making googoo eyes at each other, for example. Rory is a new wrinkle in the Trina-Spence-Esme-Joss plot.

As for the temp hires, what would have GH do? Tell people with COVID to come to work? Force Nancy Lee Grahn to pull Carly from a trunk and go running in the woods when she was in excruciating back pain and had to schedule surgery? True, it was their choice to let Johnny Wactor go make a movie, but that sounds like something caring employers would do, and did anyone really mind that much we had a fill-in Brando for a few days?

The show is far from perfect, so your frustration is understandable, but I don’t think those aren’t the issues that are hurting the show. It’s the pacing that’s the main problem, in my opinion. And bringing Jason back won’t fix that. I don’t think at this point I even want a retread of Jason, the killer robot who can solve any problem. The show seems lighter without him, and I like that.

Well, Nancy shouldn’t have had to worry about straining her back pulling Carly out of the trunk, because the entire way they made Harmony go instant psycho was all about the extremely stupid & illogical rewrite of making the Parasite Nina into Willow’s mother. So none of that should have happened at all. And if Nancy still needed the surgery, just write Alexis out for a couple of weeks.

The fill in Brando has worked fairly well, because he hasn’t had to do very much. As opposed to the fake Michael who couldn’t have been used at a worse time, with Michael’s presence obviously being needed in several storylines, from the ELQ battles, to the custody thing with Wiley, to the current friction with Sonny… and of course two of those three situations only exist because of the endless propping of Parasite Nina.

Cody seems like a useless character so far, but I suspect he’s going to turn out to be Cyrus the Virus’s son. Because of course Cyrus needs kids. And Rory would be pointless if he only existed to be the “too good to be true” cop, so I’m just waiting for the revelation that he’s actually Lorenzo Alcazar’s son. Remember that we never actually saw Jason kill Alcazar, and there were some pretty major hints dropped at the time (and again later) that Jason actually spared his life for the benefit of his “sister” Skye & her then infant child, and that Alcazar escaped to somewhere in South America. Given the SORASing of the kids that were born around that time, it’s completely possible that Alcazar would have had a son born after he relocated to South America, and that son would make his way to Port Charles. I’m OK with that…. as long as Nina isn’t his mother!

Well, getting Carly getting an endorsement from
Satan is rather like Reagan receiving an endorsement from Nixon.

You’ll be happy to know that both Reagan & Nixon have endorsed Nina. Dick likes the fact that her storyline took place in a town named after him. And Ronnie loves the fact that she follows his example by constantly forgetting why she’s to blame for anything.

Guess the Emmy awards proved you right.

I sure hope you’reright!

I appreciate an employer who try’s to keep their employees safe and healthy due to covid spread. If you need a vax exemption because of religious beliefs, etc., and can show proof of this, it still does not entitle you to put others at risk. I for one wouldn’t want to work in proximity with someone who hasn’t protected themselves or others by not taking precautions like vaccinations. And would hope ABC would have paid them full salary for their time off until things improve…soon I hope.


Spot on, Rose. I don’t buy this religion defense.

Yes,look at all the millions of people that have been born over the years, using that as an excuse.

Yes I noticed that as well very interesting. Burton will be back once mandate lifted.

oooh good- hopefully Richard Burgi can return as Ashland–
He did the wait for the CDC’s 5 days but CBS wanted 10 days-
And fired him..
Richard Burgi is the best Ashland 100% and needs to reclaim the character..-
So– I do hope the lawsuit is won..
Too many of the best were fired over it-

so we are switching to Young & Restless?

thought we were discussing General Hospital

ooohK — I got the wrong soap–
I’m laughing at myself, join in if you like..
LOL 🙂 bUT-I do want Richard Burgi back, yes I do..
And–Jason can stay gone, he’s not worth the huge $$$ he is paid..
GH brought in new characters by being able to use his pay on others..
If Steve comes back his huge pay would mean others need to go to stay the budget..

I preferred R.Burgi in this part also, though I do like R. Newman BUT I don’t know if they would fire Robert to bring back Burgi, that would be kind of tacky and there may be contracts involved.

Hi Violet–
They fired Billy Miller to bring Jason back, am I right?
So do the same and bring Burgie back..

Miller wasn’t fired. He quit after they made him Drew and let Burton reclaim his role as Jason. And I disagree with you about Ashland. I love Thompson as Ashland. I didn’t care about Ashland when Burgi was playing him. But I do think Ashland is way too good for the dour Victoria, whom I cannot stand anymore.

As far as Burton goes, out of sight, out of mind. I don’t miss him at all. I am very torn about Ashland. I know all the bad stuff he’s done to so many people, especially Victoria, but I sympathize with him at times. He’s trying so hard to make ammends but no one except Diane will give an inch, there seems to be no Silver Bullet for him. I kind of think Victoria has something special in store for him, and it ain’t good!

Violet, I dont think Victoria has chemistry with either of the Ashlands. I would kill off the character.

Well, that’s exactly what I hear Victor plans to do.

Su000…On the other hand think of how many didn’t get sick because of the mandate. That’s what’s important.

Hi Rose, I do agree,,
But Richard Burgi did quarantine himself for the 5 days the CDC required.
And after the 5 days tested negative.
He didn’t know GH wanted 10 days..
I do miss him, he was perfect-

Hi Su000…like you I liked Richard way better as Ashland. But I’m really sensitive to following mandates, vaxs, and masking. Better safe than sorry. Plus I’m autoimmune. Even though I live in a place where the people and health departments have mostly handled covid responsibly since it’s initial hay-day, it’s still here. My son caught it a couple of months ago, and just had a relapse last week. Luckily it was more like a bad cold/flu. Enjoy your summer. Rose

Agree. Don’t get me wrong I loved Robert Newman as Josh Lewis but he is just not doing it at Ashland. Richard Burgi was Ashland.

Yes Michaela, Burgie was awesome and fit the part of Ashland to perfection..

Good for them!!! More people should be doing this! It is completely illegal and against Human Rights to force unwanted medical procedures onto people.

MY BODY, MY CHOICE. Can’t have it both ways! You either believe in bodily autonomy or you don’t!!

I bet you don’t apply “my body, my choice” to reproductive rights. You can’t have it both ways.

@harry 100% completely agree!

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‘Santa Barbara’ Episodes May See Light of Day Yet; Will the Beloved Soap Opera Come to Streaming?

For decades, soap opera fans around the world have wanted a chance to see Santa Barbara episodes again. The soap, which first aired on NBC back on July 30, 1984 aired for only 9 seasons until the network pulled the plug after diminishing ratings and multiple changes in writing and producing regimes. The show last aired on January 15th, 1993.

Santa Barbara was co-created and initially produced and co-written by the legendary team of Bridget and Jerome Dobson. At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmys, Jerome was honored with the Gold Circle medal for his over 50 years of work and accomplishments within the medium. Sadly his wife, Bridget passed away earlier this year in January at the age of 85.

The show featured an all-star soap cast throughout its run which included, at times: Marcy Walker, A Martinez, Dame Judith Anderson, Robin Wright, Justin Deas, Eileen Davidson, Lane Davies, Nancy Lee Grahn, Kim Zimmer, Jack Wagner, Jed Allan, Louise Sorel. Judith McConnell, Roscoe Born, Sydney Penny, Todd McKee, Terry Lester, Justin Gocke, Nicolas Coster and many more.

Photo: NBC

During a livestream conversation on Friday, June 21st, Jerome Dobson and A Martinez visited the Michael Fairman Channel to reminisce about the success and ups and downs of Santa Barbara and much more.

Many people in the live chat and many around the world (Santa Barbara was very popular internationally) have wanted to know with the legal issues it appears had plagued the show for years, if there would be a chance that fans could ever see Santa Barbara episodes again, and if they could become available or streamed?

Photo: JPI

Dobson shared exclusively, “Well, there’s some legal footwork being done right now about that kind of possibility. There’s been so much demand to see Santa Barbara, and so it’s not totally out of the question.” Martinez (ex-Cruz Castillo) reaction to that possibility was that of “Wow!” That was also the same reaction by several viewers watching the live conversation in the chat, because that would be a soap dream come true for many.

Photo: NBC

So, do you hope that the legalities can finally be worked out and you could relive the seasons of ‘Santa Barbara’ all over again? Let us know in the comment section below. You can check out the live chat with A and Jerome below, the moment happens around the 56:18 mark.

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Trevor St. John Announces His Departure from The Young and the Restless

In a shocker, Trevor St. John revealed on Tuesday that he is leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless and his role as Tucker McCall.

The popular actor took to his account on X and in a series of posts said his “thank you’s” and bid farewell to the top-rated soap opera.

St. John shared, “As you well know, Tuckers come and Tuckers go, and so the cycle continues… this Tucker is in his go phase… I thank each and every member of the wonderful cast, the crew, the directors, the producers and production staff, and CBS/Sony for the great experience from day one to the last. I feel so fortunate to have played such a terrific role.”

Photo: JPI


Trevor continued: “Most importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you the (Y&R) fans. THANK YOU!” Tucker might be gone for the time being, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got projects in the works, and if you haven’t seen my film, A Good Enough Day, it’s now available to stream for free on Tubi!”

The news of his exit comes just two years shy of his time on The Young and the Restless.  St. John made his Genoa City debut in September of 2022 as the new Tucker, last played by Days of our Lives, Stephen Nichols (Steve). The role was first played by actor William Russ.

No word from St. John or Y&R as to when his last episode will air on the top-rated soap opera.  In story, Tucker is losing his company to a takeover by Audra and Victor, while Ashley is finally getting help she needs after her personality split.

So, what do you think about Trevor’s departure from Y&R? Comment below.

Photo: TStJohnX

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The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Joshua Morrow’s Son, Crew, as the New Will Spencer

In casting news, Crew Morrow, the son of  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman, The Young and the Restless) and his wife, Tobe, is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as a a recast in the contract role of Will Spencer.

That means that Crew will be the biological son of Katie (Heather Tom), who formerly played Joshua Morrow’s on-screen sister, Victoria Newman over at Y&R) and Bill (Don Diamont).

According to Deadline, Crew has already begun taping episodes of B&B starting last Friday on June 14th. Look for the new Will to debut on the July 1st episode of the CBS daytime drama series. Clearly, B&B is ramping up their summer teen storylines and now Will supposedly has a half-sister in Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Photo: IMDb

The role of Will Spencer will mark Crew’s third acting credit according to his IMDb, where previously he appeared in Continental Split and Healing Towers. The previous Will’s included Heather Tom’s real-life son Zane Anchor, who played the role on occasions from 2013-2018, and Finnegan George who took over the part and was last seen in 2020.

Photo: JBelushiIG

In addition, more casting was revealed. Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian and actor, Jim Belushi, is making a one-day guest appearance in the role of April, a lab technician on today’s Monday, June 17th episode. The outlet also mentioned that Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Finn (Tanner Novlan), with whom April works for, are about to embark on a summer mystery story that kicks off on July 1.

So, what do you think about Crew Morrow becoming the new Will Spencer on B&B? What do you think will be the new summer mystery story? Share your thoughts via the comment below.

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