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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante's Mind-Bending Discovery In The Chair!



Straight out of a horror film and classic GH under the Cartini regime, the Friday cliffhanger of General Hospital left fans of the ABC daytime drama with more questions then answers!

Did viewers inch closer to finding out just who is the man known as Fluke?  Or, did the cliffhanger set us on the course to figuring out just what is going on with Luke? (Anthony Geary)  In the episode’s final moments, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) comes to after being clubbed in the head, and after falling down the flight of stairs to the basement courtesy of Fluke in the condemned house! Dante finally gets himself almost up on two feet to get to his father-in-law Luke, who he suspected was in grave danger and being held against his will, by the evil imposter Fluke! But, when Dante finally make it over to the chair … he doesn’t see Luke, but a skeleton with stringy white hair and a bomb sitting in its lap!

Prior to this, viewers had seen that Fluke left a bomb in the same chair in Luke’s lap! But there is no Luke, but still the bomb!  Meanwhile, Fluke is mingling with the guests at the Haunted Star as he hopes soon the bomb that Jake (Billy Miller) planted will blow everyone that Luke cares about to smithereens!

So, what is going on here?  Are Luke and Fluke the same person?  Does Luke have a split personality?  Was Luke drugged so bad at Miscavige he is hallucinating this entire thing?  Is Bill Eckert actually alive, and Luke was shuttled somewhere else for more of his master plan, and thus Dante’s life will hang in the balance all by himself?  Was that Bill Eckert’s decomposed body sitting up in the chair, so he is actually truly dead? Are you confused after the end of Friday’s episode …  or more clear?  Watch the final moments of the cliffhanger after the jump, and then share your updated theories in the comment section below!

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Holy crap! What a Friday cliffhanger. No one tops GENERAL HOSPITAL.

The best part of Friday’s episode for me was Sam’s suspicions about Jake being proved correct in an official capacity, at the police station. And, Carly apologizing! Holy crap, indeed! Has that EVER happened?

i’m not digging that Sam the ultimate gumshoe and Carly in all his business… are forefront… because the rest of the cast is in pentonville… or wherever

this isn’t doing anything for either character with regard to moving on and with… and creating happenstance with “nuJason”

OK : I don’t want either or with BM’ jake or jason

if all this meandering here and there is : there is no chemistry happening yet?

I see “jake doe” with Liz.

he’s so good with Helena…

it’s time for him to get familial

move on with mom Monica
aunt Tracy
and cousin Ned

and working at the hosp with Dr. Drake…. sessions with Kevin… and … “action” the intent of the underworld… for mystique and whet

Carly apologizing…

I’ve dissed her for so long now… plus all the writing

but… I will give due and prop

for Carly to be sidestepping… “backtracking” to the mob… and backwarding herself… is what’s intriguing…

no more… crying and fretting about her sons…. about Franco…

she’s layering… perhaps what Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun did with Carly

FINALLY ! At LONG last… Laura Wright… is ACTING herself !

I don’t like this twist that she outed and broke the mob creed.. you don’t turn your own IN

what ??? her conscience ??? give me an expletive break… this is nothing more than pandering to her character showcasing…

let’s see Carly go full throttle for the mob… her lover is gone… her kids don’t respect or want to be around her… she can’t keep a man… just find some avenues for reason to delve in to Carly…. she’s so flatline.. I want for LW’ CARLY to top shelve

and Carlos comes to her rescue as she’s so lost

as i’ve already posted… Let Carly become embittered.. and fast track her fast personality… let loose… without sonny and sons… and wreak havoc… at the metro court.. and any one else who’ll bear up

Dante finds his phone and doesn’t call for help? That is not good police work.

Awww, shucks, Michaelfan. Dante didn’t have the energy to make his finger…one digit….push a button….already programmed, as a cop, into the phone. LOL.

Yes I am totally confused, idk what to think, where is Luke?!

and not knowing, is awesome.. ((not knowing never happens this is rare!)
when is the last time a story, a soap story, has kept ALL wondering and detecting, who is it for 6 months..
this story has rocked! It kept us all on edge with questions we have tried to answer, and may failed, and it’s been great! exciting and fun !!

Your right su0000, in this day and age it is nice not to know. EVERYTHING is spoiled by Twitter. I love the story and enjoy all the twists.

“…not knowing never happens this is rare!”

i’d marquee this


I like the inference that Luke is dreaming this all up… and talking to himself…

what an AG show

This is awesome FUN!!! .. I’m luvin it !
Tony .. I bow to you! perfect performance in every way !
RC and team.. thanks for the bumpy ride !!!

I still do not believe that Bill is Fluke, nope..

I once read;
RC as a child and through his life was a huge mystery buff..
He has read every Agatha Christie and all mystery books in kind, he luvs that stuff and it shows in his writing.. Always the surprise as to the whodunit in the end ..

I can not wait for the surprises to come on Monday and following episodes of this story..
Rc and team gave it all to give Tony his last great hurrah !!
(and Tony giving a good part of his life to GH deserves it !!)

Fellow Agatha Christie fan here! BTW, being completely overlooked by the whole basement reveal in Friday’s episode is the hilarious Clown Car of Evil sequence, with Sonny, Julian, Ava & Franco. Sonny looked like he was seriously thinking about going back to prison to get away from Franco & Ava. The only sequence that could top that would be putting Helena, Faison, Dr. O & Jerry Jacks on the Orient Express with Luke, Robert, Anna & Holly in hot pursuit.

ha ha lmao, clown car, how hilarious. to me the whole situation reminded me of dad turning around and telling the kids to behave or he would stop the car and spank them! and Ava calling Franco b_tch was classic. he gets the best lines….

Maura West is fabulous, she deserves Lead Actress daytime emmy, already. She’s had quite the year…and she’s still at it! 🙂
I too, loved how she delivered the B*itch line, right back to Franco.

The car scene was not overlooked, KansaGuest. A few of us did discuss the hilarity of it…LOL

I think the show is rocking it! Every angle is perfect! Can’t wait till Monday 😉

Well, it certainly isn’t any clearer! I do know that Dante is not hallucinating or imagining things from the fall and the whack to his head…but I don’t know if there is Fluke AND Luke or if they are a manifestations of a split personality. If that’s the answer, there are a lot of holes in the storytelling, and that would a shame for viewers who have been invested in this story for over a year. I hope we get a worthy payoff!

hi nananes,
The story is not over, not yet..
….. all will be revealed….. Questions answered… wait for it .(soon)

It is involved and I believe all connected to the Cassadine lab of horrors, wherein peoples are transformed..
((some silly people think D.I.D.. ahaaaa .. it is soooo much more than that, this by the hands of the Cassadines.. hold tight! we’re in for some big bumps!!
— I love it! It is one helluva suspenseful mystery !!! — whodunnit !?

Ah, but then the beginning of the story unravels. Julian has said he met “Luke’ i witness protection, meaning this has been happening for a long time. Has “Luke” been “transformed” this WHOLE time? 15-20 years? If so, why did Helena try to kill/poison him as late as 2 years ago?
I believe the story was one thing, then turned into another when TG went away for so long. Now, it’s all catch up an trying to tie things in together that don’t fit. Hence, the Tracy/Michael talk that totally rewrote ALL of the mobular history involving Luke.

Julian met the real Luke, back in time..
even Julian believed Luke was the real Luke, until he saw him as the fake Luke..
he did met Luke before the now Fluke ..

BUT! He said that Luke helped him with the new face and got him involved with the whole crime thing again. So, I’m thinking that Luke was DID or psychotic even then, that’s all. I get he met the real Luke!


Maybe it’ll be explained that when Luke was gone for months at a clip (for Tony Geary’s vacations) that he wasn’t in Turkish prisons or whatever each time, just for the end of it when it was time for someone to find him. Flimsy I’ll grant you but….

There is a lot of talk about this being another D.I.D. story from Carlivati. On the one hand, I can’t see that because I think even RC knows he would be a laughing stock to pull that out again and do the dual personality/mental illness thing.

On the other hand, Helena, regarding the basement, said “we both know there’s nothing down there.” Then when Luke asked for a translation, she told him she had the place condemned. Now that doesn’t explain the “Nothing being down there,” it would make sense for her to say don’t worry, Dante will never get down there, I had the place condemned. The condemnation would prevent access, not speak to whether “something” was or wasn’t down there. This is just more inconsistent, contradictory dialogue from bad writers, but if that statement was supposed to mean something, does it mean that it’s all in Luke’s head? Although Luke talking back to Fluke would be in his head, the skeleton would actually be “something” down there.

If that sounds all over the place, it is a reflection of an extremely convoluted and poorly told story. It is not a complex story that is intelligently written and has people guessing, it is just terribly written and a complete mess.

If Helena knows that Luke has split personalities, she may not want to upset him by disturbing his version of reality. Or, she may have even altered his reality herself, a la the mind control experiments, to make him think he’s a master criminal impersonating Luke. It’s too twisty for me to think about. So, I’m just going to see where the story goes.

The one thing that still doesn’t fit is Julian Jerome meeting Fluke nearly 15-20 years ago and knowing him for this long.

Another thing that does not fit. Fluke has doing his dirty work long before Helena was un-thawed and brought back to life, which was just recently. Luke shot her a few years ago and she was taken to Victors clinic. Victor was forcing Robin to come up with the antidote to bring them back to life safely after being frozen. She could not have brain washed him or had him locked up because she was frozen in Victors Clinic. She was not even back yet. But since Jason was there, she could very well have brain washed him because they were both frozen in the same place. Still, Jason was unthawed 1st so when did Helena get the chance to brain wash him? Probably when he was locked up and she was running free in the clinic.

No way in hades is it a D.I.D story..
you are hearing that crapola from the OLTL fans who can not let go..
Helena is involved, as a matter of fact she is the orchestrator..
How could it be D.I.D… sheesh..

the it is a ”mystery” story, a suspenseful mystery story, ..
it suppose to twist and turn and most of all make up think to figure it out..
The story is well written and as it should be, a challenge to minds full of controversy
RC isn’t about to lay it out clear and simple, that is not what it is about 🙂

GH is not a traditional soap…. nothing is as it seems at times..
GH is for special peoples who ”get it” not for everyone .. LOL 🙂

Su0000 you’ll notice that I said I didn’t think it was a D.I.D story. I then went on to talk about the writing and how convoluted and illogical it was.

The story is far from well written. Helena says “we both know there is nothing in the basement.” When asked to explain that specific thought, she says that she had the building condemned. One thought doesn’t follow the next. The dialogue is illogical, the entire story is being told incoherently. There is a difference between twist and turns and a totally incoherent narrative. That’s what this is and it is typical of the writing on this show. It’s not about special people who “get it,” it’s about whether or not people are willing to ignore nonsense.

And now we have Ron tweeting that “Fluke lied” when he told Julian he was in the witness protection program. So RC simply makes the story up as he goes along and when the holes get so big that the story falls through, the head writer simply says that one character lied? I wonder if he has any idea how much negative blowback is ocurring across the message board universe for this terrible, incoherent, unending story. Why does he treat his viewers as though he wants to ridicule them?

The blowback comes from the same group of people that complain and write negative things about GH in the comments section of any story having anything to do with GH. The same people that apparently like to waste their time watching a show that they obviously despise, so they can them go online and bitch about it.

The vast majority of the comments I read on various sites across the net, and people I know in my own life that watch GH have liked the story, and don’t analyze every minute detail, and every word of dialogue like it’s the Zapruder Film.

GH is for the majority of soap opera fans because thats what keeps them on the air. Not special people who “Get it.” The fact is, many people DO get it and are not liking it. But the writers are doing a pretty good job even if it does not come together or make sense because their ratings are through the roof and better than they have been in years. 😉 Other soaps have went off the air but GH is still there going strong.


I would have to suggest that perhaps this may not be the right platform for you as most of us here appreciate a GREAT story with characters we have loved for years. This is daytime drama that is second to none.

FYI…GH has recently been given quite the “nod” for their writing…. perhaps try watching B&B, as that show would give you a good indication of how poorly written and dreadfully BORING some other daytime soaps truly are… love triangle after love triangle…

Your comment ‘The dialogue is illogical, the entire story is being told incoherently’ is not only inaccurate but irresponsible as well. Any story will have its flaws… a few inconsistencies, but we as viewers are certainly smart enough to appreciate this, lighten up, and just enjoy the story!

hi Elite Advisors..
the Luke/Fluke story has been –
suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, and a very on the edge mystery..

The writing has kept us all guessing throughout the story, that is very rare, if ever that has happened with any soap story outside of this one..
The Luke/Fluke story stands by itself in soap history great..
Throughout the past 6 months we were all wondering and full of theories and guessing, not knowing up until the very end (and that still has not come, but very soon, so we still are not sure) …
It is indeed great writing that had the fans in on going detective controversy over the mystery.

It has been a really EXCITING and FUN ride !!!
A wonderful legacy for Anthony Geary..

You are right-
General hospital is not for everyone, it is more-so of a cult following imo..

Elite Advisors- If you are trying to shut down valid discussion and critical thought, perhaps this isn’t the proper platform for you.

Here’s one for you, Ron Carlivati, The Head Writer of General Hospital tweeted to a fan in the last day,

“You’re right. I meant to say that Fluke told Julian he was in witness protection as opposed to Julian knowing it to be true.” –Ron Carlivati

When a writer says, “I meant to say” you are in trouble. Seriously, the Head Writer on a network show saying, “what I meant to say”, regarding a point that is so important to the story. As has happened before, the narrative on this show is extremely incoherent, hole after hole appears and the dialogue contradicts so much. Whether or not Fluke is actually Bill masquerading as Luke, what has been on my screen for some time now has been masquerading as General Hospital.

Why watch?

We watch because we can…with only 4 soaps left we want to support the remaining 4 on the air…some of us complain because we want what is best for our soaps…we know they can and should be better…to get the ratings back up and to stay there in order to save them…its our fight to save the genre from total extinction and we will do what we can to get tptb to listen to what the fans want…to save what is left…besides, the last time i looked we our a free country and have the right to express our opinions whether negative or positive and if one likes it or not…please note im writing this in a civil matter and not in a hateful way…peace!!!

Why watch? I ask myself that every day, because this show really have become something for science fiction fans, which I am not. Half the cast is escaping from jail, and the other half is being tortured by one lunatic or another, or about to be blown up.

At this point, I don’t care who “Fluke” is, or what Helena’s magic tricks are. I just want it over.

At this point I agree with you. When this is all over, I think it will be terribly interesting for everyone to meet “back here” at Michael’s page and compare everyone’s knowledge of what has happened in the past on GH and how this story ends up and see if it is a mess, or they have made such a convoluted but true to past facts story. I can’t imagine who this will make sense in the end, but maybe i’m wrong.

Maybe Helene was just being evasive…but otherwise you are correct…the dialogue didnt make sense…i overlooked it the first time and rewatched…whoever wrote that script was carless…so i agree with you there!!!

Yes, I was thinking the same exact thing. The script dialogue is so deceptive, that no one really knows what anyone is talking about. As much as I love GH and have since 1970, I am finding it hard to follow a program that makes me feel its in a language I do not understand. So many of the twists and turns have not made any sense for over a year now. I hope it can come together and be explained eventually.

PS…Still, the writers are doing a pretty good job even if it does not come together or make sense because their ratings are through the roof and better than they have been in years. 😉 Other soaps have went off the air but GH is still there going strong.

You are so right about bad writing. It is obvious that the writers had absolutely no idea where this story would go. They prolonged it with the absurd Fasison/mawk plot point. Masks dont shrink people by 6 inches and change voices. Tony Geary’e unfortunate illness also resulted in the change of story direction.

thank you, Aden…I also said something to that effect.

Hey Aden, yeah that crazy mask crap was fine… as a one time thing, like in the beginning with Faison pretending to be Duke, but then it became the “go to” thing and they went overboard with it. And, with that, so did the writing. I love GH, but not as much as I did in the past. I almost love GH more right now… for the brilliant cast members, and the fine acting team. They keep me watching.

I think it’s clear that every single conversation Fluke has had w/”Luke” has been in his own mind. Even the ones @ Miscavige. He was never there. He was kidnapped by Heather’s people when he found Carly over a year ago and….something happened. But, as to the Fluke conspiring w/Helena really being Luke, I don’t have any opinions on that yet.

The identity of the corpse is still open to debate. Could be Bill Eckert, Patricia Spencer, Ruby or Luke’s father for all we know! Without definite DNA test results it will continue to be a mystery, as will Luke/Fluke’s real identity. I do want to say that poor Dante’s head suffered serious trauma, being hit while falling down the stairs *and* a brutal bash by Fluke. HE should be seen for a TBI just like Jake/Jason!

Didn’t Luke have visitors at Miscaviage?

Other than Fluke, he was shown pre-“rescue” with a couple of institute attendants. But, they could also be hallucinations or representations of how his real identity is being held down by his brainwashing.

Maybe Ron C. is a patient at Miscavige and we are seeing this unfold in his mind…the nightmare that never ends!!!…lol…kidding…in spite of everything like the flaws in the storyline and like it seems itll never end im still entertained most of the time…it is the only soap with the most twists and turns…it has its bad moments but its not too bad…sure it could be better but so can many shows…is fluke Luke and the body Bill…could the body be Luke’s or maybe Luke’s father…maybe there is no body at all…maybe Fluke is completely someone else and Luke is still missing…maybe Dante escapes, the house blows up, there is no body found and everyone thinks Dante has lost his mind! Maybe Bill was Patricia after a sex change and the body was Bill/Patricias…this story can go on endlessly…seem like it has already…maybe itll be the end of Luke forever…and TG will always play Fluke and we will never know who Fluke really is, and will make occasional visits to PC to cause trouble the same way Faison has done…just a thought…lol

Since TG has said the only reason he didn’t retire is due to the Fluke story line, it is possible that we never see Luke again. Or that Fluke dies as TG does not want to play Luke anymore, he’s tired of playing Luke. and they can say Fluke killed Luke and then Fluke dies in the explosion. Regardless, I can’t see how this is going to make sense in the end.

I agree this could be the end of Luke…guess we just gotta wait and see how it all turns out.

Well, TG may go out with Luke’s death in the big ending he was hoping for, but the story itself is so bad that it will go into the book of records for that alone. Can’t envision that was what TG was hoping for. But it IS karmic justice for keeping Genie Francis off the show if it is indeed his swan song.

I’m reading lots of comments about this Fluke/Luke story being Anthony Geary’s ‘swan song’. That is possible, but until I read that he’s officially leaving GH… I feel like it’s just a big assumption.

If, in fact, it is Anthony Geary’s swan song, and he does leave GH…I am all for… re-enter Genie Francis — on-contract!!!!

Trust me Genie Francis wants no part of TG leaving the show if his ego will allow it. She had her time and legacy and she should be proud of it she helped put the stamp on GH ! Please leave the woman alone she is and has always been gracious let TG do his ego thing it has and always will be all about him. Now he can go back to Amsterdam the old fool he is.

Hey, Lin.
Today’s episode hinted on the fact that Helena and Fluke are obviously lovers. At least, that’s what I got out of it. So, if AG is not returning to GH, the only thing left to do is for both Fluke and Helena take a boat from PC’s pier and cruise down to the Underworld via the River Styx….Hades is waiting.
But, as someone already mentioned, the perennial beings of GH, such as the Cassadines, dead and buried, always find their way back to PC……like a bad penny.

I loved it!!! There has been (to my knowledge) no other storyline to get this many people talking about it. In fact, they are fighting about it. The writers are doing their jobs perfectly to get so many people to not be able to talk about anything else besides Luke! Kudos to them! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!!

So right!
The Luke/Fluke story is indeed a soap opera sensation!!
It has set GH apart from all other soaps .. It is awesome..
The controversy, the theories and assumptions, the guesses the armchair detectives trying to figure it out/solve the mystery.. BRAVO! RC and team..
(and we still have not solved the mystery !!!!

For a daytime soap story this story is phenomenal ! It has an air of prime time.

))Tony is going to go out in glory !!! ..
it doesn’t get any better than that and what a legacy he will leave behind!!

Tony has done a fabulous job. Now let’s see if they can tie it together without trampling on what those who have been watching GH for years know for sure is true and past history.

I Think that …it is the corpse of Fluke…and Luke has a double personality….

Luke has never been anything close to a double personality in his decades with GH..
Luke is the hands of Helena and the Cassadine lab..
It has nothing to with a D.I.D it is all about -what happened- what was -done- to Luke while he was being held captive by the Cassisine..

I do not think Fluke is Bill or Luke ..

will soon find out .. 🙂

I agree, Fluke neither Bill nor Luke. Not Bill because that was a misdirect, and not Luke because you can’t “condition” him to kill his loved ones (q.v. Jake).
February sweeps is gonna be FUN!

I have hated this whole Fluke storyline from the beginning. It is boring, tedious and neverending. Geary’s acting is hammy and he looks like someone dug him up, literally. Wish the whole thing was over. It is polluting the show which has such great storylines going on. And the cast is so fantastic with Maura West, Michelle Stafford and Roger Howarth. Of course love seeing Robin Mattson again.

The acquisition of Maura West, Michelle Stafford, Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Billy Miller is a game changer for the future of GH.
Hopefully, Michael Easton will be utilized more, along with Rick Hearst. And, Robin Mattson is a true gem!

Yeeesssss, Jeremy !!!! These actors/actresses are all worthy….every single one.
Nonetheless, if I had to choose to who the award goes? The stellar performers are Maura West for female best; and, Anthony Geary for male.

Correction…to whom.

I feel that someday we will be talking about Fluke like we talked about Luke and Laura. This is a phenomenal story being told that HOPEFULLY will have a huge pay-off. I hope this is Tony Geary’s swan song. I love him but he will never be ever to top this at his age and in this day and age. He wanted to go out with a bang and this seems like the BANG he negotiated with Frank and Ron. What better way to leave the spotlight than holding and Emmy, his eighth. Amsterdam is calling. Thank you Mr. Geary.

I really hope this is not the case….I love this actor, and thank him profusely for all the years of drama he gave us…

I agree with you in that he did say he wanted to go out with a bang…something to the effect that ‘people do die’ … I would hate to think he will be gone for good, but he loves acting and perhaps this storyline was a way to keep him on the show for us and for Tony to re engage and re-invent himself…actors do get bored.

Amsterdam may be calling but hopefully he’s not picking up just yet !! 🙂

I love him and hope I am wrong. I think he will go missing and be gone for a while and reappear. I dont know, its tough for him because Tony wants Luke dead but the fans want him and Laura to walk into the sunset together.

I think the Fluke thing has become too convoluted and gone on too long. There is mystery, and there is good mystery. This has felt like a big stall. And while Tony may be acting his heart out, I personally don’t like what he and the writers have done with the “cast of characters” he may or may not be. I just hope they let him leave the show with at least a flash of the real Luke we all grew to love. But tradition is you just dump them in an asylum somewhere like they did Laura.
The most fun I’ve had with GH lately has been the unlikely five, if you include Madeline, breaking out of Pentonville. The ride in the van was hilarious, until the writers ruined it with yet another crash.

Im still so confused by it all. I want Luke to stay forever….meaning as long as GH is on.

i don’t think it’s D.I.D. but don’t understand why everyone is jumping down Ron’s throat over that. The story started in 1969 and he was only a few monta old at the time. He wasn’t working on the show until after her alters returned in 1995. He started in 1996 as a writers assistant so he really didn’t have much to do with Viki/Niki. That being said, it was brilliant how the writers brought Tess out and explained her “birth” and made it a full circle story.

I’m not sure how this is going to end up but I do believe that Helena is behind it. What would be more painful for Luke than to realize that he was responsible for the death of all his loved ones. That’s better revenge for Hels than just killing him, right? After all, he did shoot her dead.

People’s attention spans are very short and Ron always did like to tell the long story. It seems like there’s a lot more buzz over GH because of this Fluke story. That’s a good thing.

There once was a man called Fluke
Who could be Pat, Bill or Luke
He was ruthless in a creepy way
then he went a little cray cray
talking to a corpse
This story is a great big mess
and how it will end is anybody’s guess
all I know is I want to scream
Ron make this a dream
but not before you blow up the boat
of course.

Very good Mary…i think this story is driving me a little cray cray…lol

Quite the cliffhanger! This story has served its purpose. It has generated more discussion that anything GH has done in awhile. I’m sure we will get some answers soon. After all, February is a sweeps month.

And I think the search for the estranged Spencer sister will spin out of the outcome of this.

Exactly!!! This ride isn’t over yet!! No other storyline has caused this much discussion/guessing/arguing in a very long time.

I hope it does! And imagine who could play the part: Marj Dusay, Kim Zimmer, Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak… the possibilities are endless!

i’m liking the story as its playing out right now granted i’m not sure where its going Anthony Geary has been great. friday’s cliffhanger has me anxious for monday to come around, i do feel like now we will start getting answers and hopefully they will make sense. heres what i don’t want, i don’t want this fluke to be patricia, and down the road i hope if fluke is luke that this doesn’t turn into endless never ending story of luke going back and forth from being luke to fluke to bill eckert, ect like they did with jessica on oltl, if there was one thing among many that made oltl annoyoing was its constant personality disorder storyline with jessica or vicki and countless crazy characters they had running around.

RC is a twister turner shocker..
He has us now believing Fluke is Bill..
For RC to have us believing Bill is Fluke, then he isn’t..
Somehow someway RC is going to put a big shocker on us, ya betcha !

and for gawd sake, it won’t be Patrica.. that was said in jest jokingly, a funny, and some took it to mind, go figure what some will believe LOL)

(I’m still believing Bill is not Fluke and Fluke is not Luke )

I’m waiting for a RC WHAMMY! 😉

Help me understabd…..who was locked up in the mental insitution? Was the real Luke ever there? How did Fluke switch himself out in time to get rescued by Alexis and Julian?

Nothing is certain. All is in doubt. All we know for sure is that Fluke & Helena made sure he was at Miscavige to be “rescued” by Julian and Alexis. How did he get in? Well, security is rather lax at that place considering how often Heather Webber came and went, and that Helena seems to have the run of the institute without any doctors. Julian was told that the real Luke was being held at Miscavige. But, it was all offscreen how he got that information, from whom, at what point and why they even told him. Whoever told him knew Julian could be used to funnel false information. So, even the scenes where Luke was talking to Fluke in Miscavige a year ago are now in doubt. Real or figment of a broken (or brainwashed) mind? To be continued…

My jaw almost hit the floor when the camera panned up, and you saw the corpse sitting in the chair that we thought Luke was sitting in. I was relieved when Dante finally came to, cause I thought finally after all this time, someone else was gonna see Luke tied up in the chair. But what we got instead, oh my god, what an awesome shocker!!

What a freaky look, with the hair, the eyes, the teeth, the skin looking like it melted away, exactly like you might expect someone that has been dead for 20 years to look. Not that I would know, or ever wanna find out, lol. The makeup/special effects people deserve all the kudos in the world for putting that together. I’m gonna have nightmares about that corpse sitting in the chair, lol.

Bravo to GH for yet another tremendous twist in this storyline that I would have never seen coming in a million years. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat every week, wondering what’s gonna happen next. That’s what I want from my soap. Not a show where I know what’s gonna happen before it happens, cause it’s so boring and predictable. That’s not this show.

The people that complain and are down on this storyline and the show in general, I respect their right to express their opinions. But sometimes I read some of these comments, and I truly wonder what show they’re watching. It’s not the same GH that I watch and thoroughly enjoy every week, that’s for sure!

Here, here!

Excellent POST Dan!


especially para 1

1. Fluke
2. “Jake Doe”
3. Johnny Z
4. Pentonville
5. I hope they keep up with Nikolas new mindset…. dastardly
6. Carlos… I’ll keep pressing for him

there’s a lot going on in Port Charles that’s a keeper

Luke, as a living and breathing being, was all in Fluke’s head. Honestly? I have no clue what the heck will happen.
But, Dan, speaking of nightmares? The scariest thing that has ever horrified me, and still haunts me, is the original movie, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. ….gives me scary chills just thinking about it !

CeeCee, someone mentioned this on another board where I post, so I can’t take credit for it, someone may have mentioned it here too….but it’s kind of like something from the movie “Psycho” with Norman Bates and his mom, where we thought he was talking to his mother for the whole movie, and then come to find out at the end that she was dead the whole time. I think that could be what they’re going for here.

It will be interesting to see where it goes next. After this, I have no idea, cause just when you think you have things figured out, they take you in a totally different direction.

Night of the Living Dead! Love it, one of the all-time classic horror movies. My mom always told me the story of how she was so freaked out by it, she got up and walked out of the movie theater, lol.

Hey, Dan.
I think it is interesting how the writers seem to have taken a page from Bloch’s book, PSYCHO, which was later adapted into a Hitchcock movie. I read the book before I saw the movie, for my Psych class.
My husband and I happened to catch the movie on TV. I had my eyes shut with my head turned away most of the time…..while my husband laughed throughout the entire gruesome scenes.

As far as this storyline and the path it has taken, I feel the same as you. Where wre we being taken now? Is Dante really focusing on the corpse slumped in the chair? ….or, is he also hallucinating? Reality versus fiction? We shall see…later.

Fluke is the love child of Anna and Casey the alien in a parallell universe (Casey is about the only heritage character that has not been pulled into GH yet). He also has DID and before this is over we will be treated to scenes of a two headed creature in the orange jumpsuit and it will be Lucy and Richard Simmons arguing then going into labor to produce their love child who will turn out to be Brian Frons whom they will promptly eat. GH will then be cancelled for going over budget due to special effects.

This (casey, lucy, richard, brian frons) wlll take place in an all musical episode set in a prison hospital ward where it will also be revealed that Helena is Steve Hardy after his transgender transition. And that we are viewing all of this through a snow globe of the actual hospital.

And in GH “real/reel” life, they better not kill off Brad at the haunted star. I actually find him kind of annoying and would rather see a less whiney gay romantic lead but it would be too cliched to have the only next step for a gay couple after on screen sex to be one of them dying heroically. This is still not the best message to send our LGBTQ youth.

Mind blown. I have no idea what’s going on anymore!

Fluke is Frank Smith!!!

There’s a better chance that the corpse is Frank Smith considering the character would be almost a hundred years old at this point.

True, but nowadays in GH, if you are dead or chopped up to pieces or 100 years old, anyone can come back!!

It’s becoming clear: this storyline is coming even worse as the days goes on. End it already.

Totally, this storyline has been running on empty for to many…extra months.

I’d take Fluke everyday instead of listening to Maxie and Nathan chit chat!

yeah, I’m not a fan of Maxie and Nathan, in bed chit chat either.

No; this storyline is beyond stupid and insulting to anyone with a functioning brain and IQ over ten. It’s been dragged on for far too long, and the writing along is something someone should be fired over.

The most inane conversations those two have, in bed or otherwise. The only good thing I get out of their bedroom scenes, is Ryan’s exposed flesh…LOL. but, even that gets too much in my face, after a while. Maxie should bounce off Johnny….her real-life husband. Wow! I feel the love; how in sync they are. I really enjoy their interaction on screen.

Loved it, hated it, ready for it to be over! Kudos to all the actors, writers, and staff for a job well done! I was interested enough if I missed an episode I watched General Hospital at night on Charter On Demand. It is included on (ABC) prime time, so grateful for that. I was PO when they took soapnet off the air. Anyway, wrap this up!

I have to say I was shocked. I also have to say that normally when a plot is in the story line it does not effect the entire show. I for one-need this story line to be over. In a city only natural disasters or illness effects the entire city, so I am over this. But, I think FLUKE is LUKE and has gone completely mad.

I agree it’s time to wrap this up–but what a great ride it’s been. We STILL don’t know what the deal is. Who’s in the chair and why? That is the mark of a good soap.

Is Sabrina that naive she’s hanging with Carlos as her date to the party? Does Johnny know Fluke has planted a bomb? Does Johnny know who Fluke is–or that Helena’s involved?

So many questions I can’t wait to find the answers to.

I’m disappointed in how they made Carlos jump right back into the mob life after he got a second chance outside of jail. What a boneheaded decision if he’s trying to rebuild his life with Sabrina. Even worse, he chose to work with Fluke!

I know. It was disappointing on both fronts. That he chose to do that and that Sabrina is so blind she doesn’t know what he does for a living

At this point, Car-LOS! is the only game in town for Sappy….nobody else is exactly knocking down her door. Having said that, I think he could do far better. Despite his “occupation,” there are a number of successful women in Port Charles who would not let his blood-thirsty past get in the way of romance….although for me personally, his “mad dog” act is totally off-putting! At any rate, I am fervently hoping that some sort of explosion will rip through the Haunted Star simply to thin the top-heavy herd of GH cast members currently on the canvas….and at the top of my fatality wish list is none other than the Sapster!

“….will rip through the Haunted Star simply to thin the top-heavy herd of GH cast members……”
Oh, Shay!….. Great use of double entendre. The pun did not go unnoticed, Shay. I absolutely LOVE the play-on-words. And, I know exactly to whom you are referring. Keep ’em coming. LOL. later.

Well, if anyone were to have caught on to the subliminal undercurrent, it would have been YOU, CeeCee! LOL….. (Smart girl….) Yet while there are a few “onboard” who particularly fit my description, alas, our perennial favorites Alexis and Carly are nowhere near the dock at the moment…..however, Bobbie Boop definitely needs to go in the drink….in addition to looking as though she were about to tip over at any moment, she also sounded quite tipsy!!!

Well Done, RC, Well done!!!! I am tired of the Fluke story, but now this is getting interesting.

Hi Mary..
Nobody has mentioned how RC took us back to Lukes beginning..
His childhood house and gave us an insight to Luke’s world as a kid and his family life through Bobby while she was there looking around and her emotions of their house, their early unseen years…
I liked that ..
In a way if we watch closely and pay attention to what is being said we had a small journey of Lukes beginning and Tracy told of his start in the mob and now possibly his ending..
This story has has been a journey for Luke …
(Anthony geary deserves to go out in glory!)
Absolutely great writing !!

Tracy told of his start in the mob? She basically said SONNY got him in the mob. When Sonny didn’t even come to Port Charles until 1993 – 15 years after Luke was in the mob. If this ends up being Tony Geary’s swan song he will be embarrassed after he has the time to wind down from it. Seriously, many, many fans are outraged at how ridiculously poor this story telling is.

Your right su0000, Ron did what GH fans wanted and that is to go back and pay homage to GH’s history. I love the backstory on Luke, Bobbi hanging out with Lucas at Kellys, and paying homage to Aunt Ruby. I for one am enjoying Anthony Geary’s work and realize he may not be on the show much longer and am grateful for the Fluke story.

SU – I sure hope that Anthony Geary is NOT leaving????

So I am assuming that the remains are Bill Eckhart’s! And the real Luke is being controlled by Helena! Why blow up the “Haunted Star” because the Cassadines and Spencer’s have hated each other for centuries – Helena kills all of Luke’s loved ones as revenge! Bet Jake stops it!

Ooooo. I like that idea, Beth. Jake will finally remember everything and at the eleventh hour, he will stop the fireworks. Wow! This would kill multiple birds with one stone. I truly hope it’ll go down this way.

yeah, according to today’s episode, it appears that’s the direction it’s headed with Jake making confessions to Sam.

Yeah- I bet it turns out to be Jake/Jason that ‘wakes up’ & is able to stop the boat explosion. Maybe it will be Sam’s Phoenix that helps him get in control of his mind. I have NO clue as to whose corpse is in that chair in the basement @ Elm Street, but I think that corpse wouldn’t be 20 yrs old (probably would be closer to a pile of dust now, right?) Not like I’m an expert on decomposed corpses, but I would tend to think that corpse is just a few years old..right? Aiiight…on that note….lol..!

I agree, Pat. But, I’m not an expert on decomposing bodies either. I did say on an earlier post, though, that whatever was in that chair, would have been a bag of bones after twenty years…..LOL. Later.

With Ron and Frank steering the Fluke ship, it wouldn’t surprise me if the journey becomes TIME BENDING…

With Ron and Frank steering the journey of Fluke, don’t be surprised if the saga becomes TIME BENDING…

Wow! What a shocker! Truly, I would have never expected that twist, but it was so brilliant! A lot of people are complaining about the Fluke/Luke story dragging on for too long, and while it has, the writers have definitely kept enough suspense and intrigue in this story to keep me interested. Bringing back the house on Elm Street, talking about Luke’s family, it’s all been really interesting. And now it’s February Sweeps, and with two bombs and previews saying things are gonna explode and someone is going to get shot, these next few weeks are gonna be intense!

As for who Fluke really is, I honestly couldn’t even make an educated guess anymore. I originally thought it was Bill Eckert but after they dug up his grave and found it empty, I’m thinking the corpse in the basement is Bill. And Fluke, I’m thinking he is really Luke who is under mind control from Helena, just like Jake. What better way for Helena to hurt Luke than to control his mind, turn him into a monster, and have him plan to kill everyone he loves?

The only thing with that theory that doesn’t work is, Julian said he’s known Fluke since his days in the Witness Protection Program. So, if that’s true, then how could Fluke be Luke under mind control? That makes me think that Fluke is someone who hasn’t been on canvas for a while, like Frank or Damian Smith or maybe even Bill Eckert, and that corpse is his sister, Patty. Honestly, I don’t even know anymore, but I’m really looking forward to the reveal coming soon!

Yes, remember the other day when he was in the basement and he “Fluke” said “Bill Eckert, Bill Eckert, why is everyone talking about Bill Eckert” I was thinking to myself that was a clue, and maybe he is talking to himself. I don’t know how real Luke could have been tied up for so long and not eating or drinking. It sure was believable though! i really thought he was there for a long time, but when he kept talking and talking about things in the past, I knew he had to be mind controlled. I think Helena does have him controlled. Anyway, it is late and i am sleepy, hope this didn’t sound stupid, cause I am very tired right now. Anyway, I hope we soap fans are all happy with the outcome of this LONG story! PS Anthony Geary Rocks!

On soaps it seems like everyone rushes to have everything wrapped up in a neat bow real quick or everyone on a soap has to have a love interest. I hope Fluke wraps up sooner than later but they might just add a twist where AG could come back on the show down the road and do something more Luke like with Laura or reignite Fluke in a year or two? Either way, it is a pleasure to watch Anthony act, and be so brilliant!

I believe Fluke is Bill Eckert and Julian met him in Witness protection. Also, it was the real Luke that was locked in the basement. I don’t know how the skeleton got there. All we can do is watch the show. Kudos to Ron

Norman Bates!!!!!

My theory–the corpse in the chair belongs to (former GH Exec Producer) Gloria Monty. They had to strap her in the chair to keep her from rolling over in her grave.


LOL! Great reply, Andy. I wish I had posted something like that, :rather than my garbled mess with a typo in it. I kept changing it so much and left have … where it should have said “has”. aargh

LOL! Good one!

Luke was Rendered unconscious by Heather Webber’s coconspirators and drugged while held captive at Miscavige Psychiatric Care Facility [Jan 20, 2014)and then:

Scott Baldwin visited Miscavige and found Luke wearing a wig and heavily sedated inside of Heather’s room. Heather’s coconspirators, orderlies at Miscavige, drugged Scott and held him captive as well.

After Scott and Luke? were rescued, Scott returned to normal behavior but Luke? remained disoriented.

How did Luke? end up back in Miscavige for Alexis & Julian to rescue him? Helena greeted Alexis & Julian in front of Luke?’s door and Julian did not know her.

Hi Gert,
I love love love a good mystery!!
and for a daytime soap story this one had me on the edge for 6 months and always working my mind trying to figure out ”who”
and when I thought I knew, I was wrong..
and I still am not sure.. the next 2 weeks will answer all questions and I will finally know.. who is Luke..
((sorta like; who shot JR))
I am excited and having good time a fun time with this story!!

The Luke/Fluke story is indeed soap genius !!

Hi, Patrick,

Firstly, I agree with your amusing, and not -so-charitable description of the two most “sought-after” sub-demoiselles of Port Charles…LOL.
Secondly, when you mention Carlos as Carly’s savior; are you being sarcastic? You are not suggesting that they hook up, are you? I hope not….icky notion, that ! It’ll be Sonny all over again…from one mini-mobster to another. The picture looks distorted. She needs a guy who is, at least, just as impressively towering as she.

Can’t wait for this Fluke story line to finish. Worst story writing I’ve ever seen. Too many characters. Too much with Lucas and Brad. Hate seeing their scenes together.

Are we sure Fluke/Luke hasn’t been ‘activated’ by Helena?

You rarely post, but when you do, I eagerly read your comment. There are a handful on this site who give no-nonsense comments.
I sooo agree with you. All the storylines are so fragmented that my head spins trying to join the ‘links’ to this nonsensical and Bloch-inspired piece of fantastical writing. But, will there be a satisfactory and logical conclusion? I did say there is no format ….that ideas are ‘stuck’ in minute by minute; ( not literally)…..but, alack (lol) , I was shut down !! The reply was that storylines are written six ,or so, months ahead of time. Maybe so, but,
I have the right, though, to maintain my opinion. LOL.
I will also say that Geary is pulling this story off as the pro that he is. Ridiculous or not, he is great. He really should get his millionth Emmy.

In my mind it’s entirely possible that Luke is already dead. Tony has been wanting to retire for awhile now and this would be a heck of a story to go out on!

Forget the Helena brain washed Luke scenario. Helena could not have brain washed Luke. She was shot by Luke a few years ago, laying frozen in that clinic and was only recently revived! Fluke/Luke has doing his dirty work and criminal activities while Helena was frozen. This started long before Helena was un-thawed and brought back to life, which was just recently. When Luke shot her a few years ago and she was taken to Victors clinic. Victor was forcing Robin to come up with the antidote to bring them back to life safely after being frozen. She could not have brain washed him or had him locked up because she was not there. She was frozen in Victors Clinic. She was not even back yet. Robin was doing this work in hopes to bring Jason back. Its the only reason she agreed. So once both Jason and Helena were revived, that is when Helena used her mind control conditioning on Jason. So, I do not believe Fluke is actually Luke. If he had a split personality it would have surface long before he was in his 60’s. Where ever Luke is, he is still hidden away alive or he id dead. Fluke is a person who got a face/body/voice change from surgery exactly like Julian said.

Hmmm. That’s true. You make much sense, Renee. But, to be honest, I am done speculating about who Fluke is…..seriously !! I will just allow myself to let it happen. It has to come to an end sooner or later. I just wonder if Robin is privy to any of the deviltry invading PC. Needless to say. She’s MIA, so what can she do about it?

You look so familiar, Renee. You look so much like one of the ladies at “Alice+Olivia” boutique, in Southampton, NY. Are you she?…..Lol.

who is the dead geezer in the chair? All of this split personality stuff and Luke/Fluke is the only one talking to the guy in the chair. Well then what is up with Dante? He sure as H can see someone in the chair and it’s holding a bomb. Well maybe it is Bill E. and Luke / Fluke does have a split personality that would help ease him out of the show for awhile or permanently in case he is thinking of retirement. Well, I just hope it is over soon.

Hi CeeCee. I do not blame you and I have come to that conclusion too, just yesterday. I wracked my brain enough. LOL! I wonder if Robin is privy to it too. But probably not the plan for the bombing. Just like Johnny has no clue the haunted star is about to explode. I think he would intervene to save at least Lulu and Maxie.
Jake (Jason) will remember what he did just in time to get most of the people saved.

CeeCee, I have never been to the east coast but have wanted to visit there. I live in Oregon. My profession is watercolor. Particularly infant baby portraits.

I am looking forward to Robins return. 😉

Wow!!! Today’s suspenseful scene between Sonny and Ava just before falling through that cavernous abyss was so real, I could taste it. Also, a drum roll for Sonny for showing his human side. That’s a lot coming from me. I must give credit where credit is due.
I will also concede that Sam is sailing through her discourse with Jake. Great job, for once.

At the end of GH on Friday, I was thinking there is going to be something wrong with his head, thinking like it was regular night shows, not on daytime… but WOW! They showed that burned head and my mouth just dropped open… right past the credit! Way to go GH!

I figure that the body is the one that was probably tucked away for a while in Bill’s grave for a while, but don’t think it’s Bill Ekert, otherwise there would be three people with that face!

in a twist that only Helena could come up with, I think she would be delighted if she could brainwash everyone and have them take out their own families, like she tried to on Jake/Jason, but then even she said she thought she was tempting fate when she told Jake to kill Sam… and that failed. So I don’t think that the evil Luke is our Luke… and the one tied up seemed to be our Luke anyways.

And the car wreck/prison break/gunfight/LSD needle… while it was great to see Franco/Heather again,and see Heather can still get her hands on liquid LSD and a large syringe, ha, the gunfight at the wreck… well, who knew mobsters were such lousy shots! bwahahahahaha

If Carlos or Johnny survive the gun fight, I could see either of them killing Fluke – and quickly – if Sabrina, Lulu or Maxie gets blown up or injured. I don’t think either of them had any idea about a bomb on the boat… so since all the mob guys can’t seem to shoot a nickel, they all survive, and team up and take Fluke down, for good. 🙂

And then when Jason remember who he is, he can give shooting lessons to the rest of them! bwahahahahahaha

Lol, Christy. I must admit, the gunfire blast was a bust. I am still trying to figure out what happened today . Were they shooting to wound or kill?
When Ava hung there, suspended at the pier, feet dangling; I really admired the realism and creativity. But, in retrospect, albeit it was a great scene, I wonder how she could possibly have held on for so long with a bullet in her upper right chest. Regardless, it was great acting on both their part.
I did appreciate Sonny coming to her rescue considering his death wish on Ava by his own hand. I liked the fact that his innate feeling of human decency won over his hatred for her.

Well Ava slipped out of Sonny’s grip… But considering her great gymnastic feats (doing a back flip off the railing and then miraculously coming up under the bridge to grab the under side… Give her a gold medal!) then I’m sure she’ll survive. She’ll probably get back to port chuck before that second bomb goes off.

Tee he he

Yeah, you are right. This storyline has been somewhat off-the-wall. Yet, we watch and talk about it…over and over.
We must all be stupid, then . Oh, well !!!! LOL.

I think Luke Spencer was still alive but Helena Cassadine and two henchmen hid him and Nikolas In Spoon Island. Bill Eckert took him away. Then he put the bomb. Sonny saved the day. I think Sonny was still alive when he swam in the water and he used secret in the water.

Hi, Randal.
Sadly,I did say that Sonny would end up the hero. He does not deserve it. Yet, I suppose it is the only way for the character to be out of jail, with time served. I do not like the idea.
This entire storyline would have been better served with Jake as the hero.JMO.

ok here goes. . . Bill Eckert’s body was in the chair – Luke is still missing /stashed somewhere and Helena had her son Stavros brought back from the dead and had his face changed and he is Fluke
There How’s that.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finn Tells Violet That Gregory Passed, While Elizabeth Sees He Has Been Drinking

The raw emotions continued on the Wednesday, May 22nd episode of General Hospital as Finn (Michael Easton) and Chase (Josh Swickard) try to come to grips with the death of their father, Gregory (Gregory Harrison).

In story, Gregory passed away in his sleep and his battle with ALS came to its conclusion. In the pick-up, Finn now has to tell his daughter, Violet (Jophielle Love) that her grandfather had passed when she returned home from school.

Gingerly, Finn does his best to explain to Violet what happened. Finn tells her that her grandfather’s heart stopped beating, and he wasn’t in pain. Violet bursts into tears saying that she wants Grandpa to still be here and runs into his room calling out for him. Then, in very touching scenes, Finn follows Violet. She asks her dad where her Grandpa is. Finn explains the paramedics took him away. She cries that she didn’t get the chance to even say goodbye.


Next, Finn hugs Violet and tells his little girl that life is so beautiful, but sometimes it’s unfair. He carries Violet back to the living room, but passes by the bottle of booze. He sits her down on the couch and tells her there will be a funeral in a few days so they will get to say goodbye to Grandpa together. When Violet asks where her Grandpa is now, Finn says he is in heaven.

Later, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) shows up and hugs Violet and Finn. She can see right away that Finn has been drinking, especially after eyeing the glass, and the bottle on the counter. Getting Violet out of the room for a moment, Liz tells Finn she can’t even imagine the pain he must be in right now. So, he should go to a meeting and Violet will come home with her for the night.


Finn puts his foot down that Violet will stay with him. He just watched two total stranger, the paramedics, take his dad away. He says he took one drink to ease his pain. Finn stands up to Liz and says he thinks given the circumstances he has a right to do whatever it takes to get through the day. Next, Liz says she can’t stop him, but she will not have him get drunk with his daughter in the apartment, and so, she is taking Violet with her.

Elsewhere, Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) decide at the airport to head back to the Quartermaines, and not take off for their honeymoon, since Gregory died. When they show up at the Q’s, Chase says he wants to be with his brother, but he is giving him time to tell Violet. Next, the newlyweds are greeted by Ned (Wally Kurth) and Lois (Rena Sofer). They tell the two the truth, leaving everyone stunned or in tears. Chase heads out to find Tracy.

Meanwhile, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is holding on to her good luck charm from Gregory as her reinstatement hearing begins. Little does she know, he has passed away. Alexis finds out she is in a court battle with Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies), the brother of the late Neil Byrne.

So, what did you think of the performances of Jophielle Love and Michael Easton in the touching scenes between Violet and Finn? Will Finn end up on a complete bender? Will his brother Chase show up in time to help him? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Daytime Stands Up/Stand Up to Cancer Live Auction Continues Through May 26; Bid Now on DAYS Set Visit and Video Call with GH Leading Ladies

As announced on last Thursday night’s livestream event Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have A Story, the live auction where you can bid on several soap opera related items is continuing now through this Sunday, May 26th.

Now is the time to get in your online bid in for a good cause to help fund vital cancer research.  Items up for grabs to the highest bidder include: a set visit to Peacock’s Days of our Lives where you can go behind the scenes and meet the cast at Burbank Studios, in Burbank California where the soap opera is taped.

Another main item is a 15-minute call one-one-one video call with three of the leading ladies of General Hospital and all Daytime Emmy winners: Laura Wright (Carly), Cynthia Watros (Nina) and Maura West (Ava).

Photo: JPI

In addition, Y&R and ATWT favorite, Colleen Zenk (Jordan, ex-Barbara, respectively) is also offering up a video call to the highest bidder, and so too are Robert Newman (ex-Josh, GL) and Vincent Irizarry (ex-AMC, GL, DAYS, B&B et al).

Want an autographic script from The Young and the Restless, Guiding Light or As the World Turns? They are also three of the items up for bids for a good cause and more.

Photo: JPI

Check out the entire auction and place your bids here.

Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer featured live interviews and conversations, musical performances and on-location segments featuring daytimes biggest star who shared their personal journeys with cancer and more.

In case you missed it, you can watch the entire show below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Michael Easton Pens Touching Farewell to Gregory Harrison

Following the on-screen death of his on-screen father, Gregory Chase played by Gregory Harrison, longtime soap vet, Michael Easton (Finn, GH) shared his feelings on a touching Instagram post.

Easton summed up getting to know Gregory Harrison, and to play emotional scenes with him for the last three years. In story, Gregory succumbed to ALS, a disease in which there is no cure.

Sharing several photos of himself with Harrison. Easton expressed, “Gregory Harrison. One of the finest actors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and an even better human being. I learned so much from you, my friend, and it was an absolute honor to get to share a stage with you these past three years. Your talent, grace and powerful presence will be greatly missed around the studio. @gnhsurf @generalhospitalabc #gh #fathersandsons”

Photo: ABC

In addition, Josh Swickard (Chase), Harrison’s other on-screen son told Soap Opera Digest on Gregory’s exit, “Sometimes when you’re working on a show like this and someone plays your dad, it spills over. He really felt like a father figure to me in so many ways. Still does. He’s such a good human being. He’s been around the block in life, in Hollywood, and then some, and he’s just a wealth of knowledge. And he’s a humble human being.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) also took to X and shared her sentiments on her time working with Harrison. Grahn said, “Was hard to say good bye to working with my friend, Gregory Harrison. What a treat to share the stage with this guy, and getting to know him was a gift. I truly love & respect everything about him. And I know he’s seeing this. He doesn’t post, but likes to read mine.”


Fans of GH caught on the Monday, May 20th episode some very heart-tugging scenes between Gregory and Finn, where they each tell the other how proud they are to have been each others father and son.

Watch below the heartbreaking moment and the touching portrayal by Michael Easton when Finn finds his father has passed away.

So, what do you think about the words written by Michael Easton and he says farewell to the exited Gregory Harrison? What did you think of his performance on today’s GH? Comment below.


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A post shared by Michael Easton (@iammichaeleaston)

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Eileen Davidson as Ashley

The Young and the Restless

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