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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Helena Spews The Cassadine Curse On Sam!



Rot-ro! Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is in big trouble now, thanks to her egging on the treachery of a “dying” Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) on Friday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital. 

You got to love the performances of Constance Towers, who makes Helena the most delicious, vile, evil, woman on the soaps! As the story continued: Sam, Liz (Rebecca Herbst), Jason (Billy Miller) and Nikolas  (Tyler Christopher) are all on Cassadine Island at Helena’s bedside, and Helena is propped up with oxygen tubes coming out of her nose, and the stage is set for some vintage and creepy Helena!

As Jason tries to get answers from what happened from the night he was shot and left to die in the waters of the pier, to Helena’s henchmen sifting him out of and saving his life, we ultimately don’t learn that much from the Cassadine matriach.  But what did you expect, a full confession?

But while Helena has a mild distaste for her visitor Elizabeth, she has major one for Sam, particularily after Sam mouthed off to Queen B. Cassadine.  Sam was so fed up with Helena’s games, she went on a tirade and blurted out to her:  “She has no idea what it’s like to have a family.  Everyone who was ever around you was desperate to get away from you.   Isn’t that right?  You delight in causing misery, because you’re jealous.  Nobody ever loved you.  That’s why Mikos went off with my grandmother, because he couldn’t wait to get away from you.  You think there is this happy reunion in this afterlife.  You are wrong.  You are going to burn in hell. and I will gladly dance on your grave.”

Helena though was ready for a rebuttal, and she slapped the Cassadine curse on Sam. In fact,  it’s the same one  she threw on to Luke (Tony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) decades ago!  The exchange started with Helena responding to Sam’s word by saying:  “Brava! Brava! That is so dramatic.  Allow me to return the favor, but you won’t be happy.”   Sam says: “Oh yeah, well try and stop me.”  Helena then lays the smackdown on Sam with:  “I curse you Samantha Morgan. You, those who begot you, and those you begat, and all those who touch you.  You and yours will never know happiness in this life, nor any other!”

Looks Like Elizabeth may come up out of this visit with Helena pretty much unscathed, and Sam’s life will be forever changed! Is Sam’s entire life about to  implode?  Will Helena reveal if she can reverse any mind control she had or has on Jason to help him get back his memory?  Did you enjoy Sam getting the curse, or were you upset by it?  Will Laura and Sam team up and break their life long Cassadine Curses?  Is Constance Towers as Helena, the all-time best recurring character on daytime? Were you disappointed that the episode did not move story along?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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It was ridiculous how much time was spent on Sam yesterday. Its tiresome that she’s front and center in all scenes.

It’s not tiresome at all. The silent majority love her character and can’t wait to see what happens.

She’s awesome, and she’s helped Elizabeth and the gorgeous Jason have more screen time. Win-win!

Yup love Helena. and Jason and Liz are everything. Miller/Herbst are beyond amazing. they sparkle. lol Team Liason

I agree. I love Sam. She’s a gorgeous, diminutive powerhouse…and genuine.

Too much Sam…thats our curse…lol

Thank you!

Lol. yup

jimh(“and Jerry Mathers as…the Beaver”): I kind of like Sam, but simultaneously find her kind of boring and monotonous in her never-ending angst. Even when she is happy, she is depressed and depressing. She and Jason will be our curse, and the whole show will be devoured by their “great, and humorless, love” (multiple-brain-injury, low IQ Jason, and his sad-eyed, perpetually depressed consort). Oddly enough, Kelly Monaco comes to life in her scenes with Becky Herbst. So…let’s “ship” Liz and Sam as a couple…of somethings! These two ladies sparkle together!!!!!

At least Sam brings some relevance and history to the canvas as a near-legacy character….much more preferable to all the time and energy that is unwisely devoted to the likes of such newbies as Nina, Jordan, Val-Chops, Sappy, Hayden, Ava, nuKiki, and God only knows how many more nonsensical creatures that have been—and are yet to be—introduced and imposed upon Port Charles!!!!

Yes, Shay, I do agree with you here. My only quibble about Sam is she is so obsessed with Jason that there were three people in Patrick’s bed,

I sometimes wonder at the people watching this show.

Sam was a dynamic character that brought life to GH. The writers killed her in 2012.

Elizabeth has always been a devious, hypocrite who has confessed to purposefully ruining relationships. Especially, JaSam and her own, multiple times.
***For those of you with amnesia, re-watch the tryst between her and Nicholas in 09. She confesses her true motives with Jason to alleviate Nicholas’s guilt after having slept with the so-called love of her life’s brother on the same night Lucky asks her to marry him for the umpteenth time and whilst her son, Jake, lies hospitalized (once again) due to her negligent parenting.

Any fan who bashes Sam’s morality and totes Liz needs their own head examined.

Liz’s intrigue on GH has been the annoying other woman who interferes in anyone and everyone else’s relationship. To that end, I liked her interactions with Jake, at first, but by god people it has been 4 years. 4 years, since this show has produced anything worth watching.

I mean Billy Miller is okay, but Steve Burton/ Jason Morgan, he is not. WAIT, strike that, come to think of it, he is just like Steve Burton/Jason Morgan. Boring as hell with LIZ. Stuck in these god awful storylines with no purpose. Dynamic and sexy with Sam. It is the story of Jason. Lets recall when Steve Burton/Jason undergoes brain surgery for the 1000th time. LOL. The last before exit, when the women in Jason’s life dream about him. Jason is happy and at his best with Sam, Liz made him a cripple, that’s why he chooses Sam. And it is that flare, that chemistry, existing between Jason and Sam, be it Billy Miller or Steve Burton that brings draw to JASON. That and his sexy HITMAN persona. Now, while I have seen glimpses of this JASON and know it is possible with Billy Miller, 3-5 enigmatic instances over the last 2 years; YES, that is, 3-5, 2-minute scenes (if that) over the last TWO years has left me going JASON who??? By GOD PEOPLE talk about drawn out.

Horrible writers have destroyed the show and beloved characters Bob Guza and those prior to him created with ridiculous storylines that are boring and literally, make no sense. To name a few…

1) Neurosurgeon and brilliant doctor wife diagnose child RUN OVER by car as brain dead (specifically-no brain function) somehow got it wrong and stand by with no plausible explanation as child is raised from dead like Jesus. Explanation: So Luke could have a clear conscious when exiting GH.
and they called it brilliant writing…..WHAT?????

2) Seemingly normal child exhibiting no bipolar tendencies versus adopted child who oddly did exhibit bipolar tendencies. Yet flip the script, GH has a new definition of Bipolar because years later these unrelated siblings exchange personalities. MANIA or MANIAC MORGAN.
….Way to label Bipolar people as Bat S**t crazy GH. If you don’t understand a disorder or can’t portray it correctly best not to broach the subject at all . Sonny over the years, demonstrated excellent bipolar tendencies. Even his portrayal now (crying all the time over everything) one could say exhibits complications with his meds, but MORGAN. Lets just call him a wanna-be Norman Bates and be done with it. PLEASE be done with it, because it is so wrong and not to mention, boring on every level. If your going to exploit an illness… FRANCO it, else you lose credibility and fans in poor taste.

3) BABIES BABIES BABIES use CONDEMS CONDEMS and yes more CONDEMS. And what did AVA do to get all that air time???? The most boring and ridiculous storyline in television history revolve around this GH BABY DRAMA.

4) There are those who love the GH SCRUBS/HOSPITAL and those who adore the GH MOB, myself included, but if we’re going to go there do it right. Sonny gets shot. (Spinal injury okay, I get that) No wait, the bullet is now moving, no wait its causing an aneurism, no a stroke, no he’s paralyzed, nope he’s up and married. Wait what??? The mob king pin, paralyzed, crying all the time, and obsessed with babies. We all know where this is going straight to the death of GH. I commend the writers for wanting to do something different and daring, but whilst Maurice Bernard could pull off a well-written storyline, ummmm, I’m sorry to say, writers, you can not.

5) (MY BIGGEST BEEF) I do not mean to be insulting but lets look at the facts. Even with all of the talented actors, the well-established backstory, and the leeway granted by fans so dedicated they’d waited 4 years. Most of whom, like myself, salivated at the mere prospect of Jason’s resurrection and yes, reunion with Danny and Sam. I mean, Danny’s backstory alone, the son Jason so desperately wanted and was denied. The prospect of finding out Danny was his. His wife with another man. Finally, his turn to chase and Pine after Sam. All the ups and downs, rescues, etc. on the journey to getting her back!!!

I imagined that revelation happening in so many fantastic ways…and what did we get….

Hey guess what boring ass Jake, your cool ass Jason, even though you don’t want to be and this dead kid along with the seemingly psychic one over there is yours. Here, spend 2 seconds with him. Great lets move on, since your biting at the bit to get back to Elizabeth who betrayed you in the worst way already right before you died, but before you go let’s squeeze in some convoluted romance for these JaSam fans. Funny how this epic love of yours sparks no passion until Sam asks “you don’t remember me at all?” and then suddenly, on cue, wait for it, wait for it, the big moment of passion…I remember being in your bed, again, I think, wait did I tell you I had that memory before or not. UMM, or was that hot mess just a wet dream about a chick I care nothing about. Wait, never mind just kiss me. Okay 1-2-3-4-5. Gotta go. Don’t wanna give those fans too much.


Fellow FANS, whilst miracles do happen, I will not be holding my breath for the reunion. If these writers understood PASSION as they claim, they would take care to factor in the human aging process. I for one never envisioned JASON and SAM, 80 year-olds boogying in the sheets. But then again, I never thought I would witness SAM- A WIFE PASSIONATELY OBSESSED-searching for any remenant of her long lost husband- fails to make the JAKE/JASON connection even when he says at the place of their marriage on the eve of their anniversary, ‘Hey, I just had one of those memory flash things (I sometimes remember ). You on the back of my bike coming to this place, exactly as you just described you and Jason did the day you were married.’ Followed by dumb blank stare on Sam’s face and the conversation continues.

A 4 year old could do better and at this point I am so sick. I am really considering dropping this hot mess all together.

What a fabulous rant, Tia. I hope you feel better for having written it. I know I feel better for having read it.
I especially liked your take on Morgan’s bipolar story line. As I have said before, if you cannot approach it correctly and realistically, do not approach it at all.
I also think you’re right about Lizzy although I find myself forgiving her time and time again.

Helena Cassadine was spectacular in those scenes. I think Elizabeth will get some nastiness from the Queen Cassadine. She deserves all of the wrath of Helena considering all she has done to keep Jason in the dark about who he is. Nikolas will also not be spared completely. GH is swinging hard these last 2 weeks. So much to enjoy. Nina and Franco. Maxi and her attacks on Valerie and the magazine she will end up saving. Sonny and Epiphany kicking his sorry ass. Love her battling and putting Sonny in his place. Patrick, even though he is annoying at times, is really killing it by loving a woman who will never love him the same way. The pain he feels is shared with the viewers. Kudos to Jason Thompson for his spectacular portrayal. Rebeca Herbst and Kelly Monaco are divine to watch. The airplane scenes were SO FUN. Hayden is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I hope they continue to make her fun. Even though she is scheming she is fun to watch doing exactly that. Billy Miller has really had some meat to dig into and I am loving watching him go. The reveals have been fun. Even Kiki is getting better. I have to say that GH is really bringing it. Not fake or overtly manipulative like DAYS and no unrealistic campy drama like on Y&R. I think right now GH is a favorite.

“…I think Elizabeth will get some nastiness from the Queen Cassadine. ”

do you want to mean; Liz will take a cue and solidify her intent and fight that much more … for Jason

Helena wouldn’t want Liz helping Jason… but helping Nicholas

ie: on a different note; I want Hayden brought down a peg;

turn on her Nicholas… now that you told her she’s known all along… what’s her power? kick her out of the manse… and so what if she tells all of Port charles Nicholas and Liz have known…

cajones ! my Nicholas and Liz…. magnify your stance… power your position… take no prisoners!

I want that Nicholas and Liz find a way for Hayden to align with; along with Laura; and LOL…. rofl; Queen Cassadine

let’s move

Yes Patrick yes.

Preach, Brother Patrick!

Mateo…you really summed it up for me, too. Worlds of difference since the Fluke fiasco. Would have been fun to see the off-camera between Kelly and Rebecca after their airplane scenes. They were probably cracking up. Loved Epiphany kicking Sonny to the curb. Hope they keep writing for her. Even liked her part in Liz’s shower and wedding. Am looking forward to Maxi help Nina turn Crimson around and throw a wrench into Julian’s plan in the process.

I never thought of the Laura/Sam teaming up. I am hoping this leads to a great story for Sam if Laura is thrown in there all the better. I loved the exchange between Helena/Sam, the only Sam was missing was the letter opener.

I loooooved the curse…and how scared Liz, Jason, and Nik all looked as she said it.

I absolutely loved these scenes. There is no-one more deserving of the curse than Sam, she has been a vile con artist & burden to this show for far too long. Constance Towers was phenomenal as always, I love her as Helena. Billy Miller & Rebecca Herbst have the most amazing facial expressions & chemistry in daytime. These scenes showcased the great talents these actors have & made for soapy goodness. I’m truly hoping the new writers keep up the incredible momentum they have going. It’s been years since I’ve been this invested in the entire show.

totally agree.

Sam thinks she’s above it all–she deserves it all–Patrick & Jason. Like she dared announce when Jason asked why they were there that Spinelli said you needed backup from the woman you love. As if Jason hadn’t told her to move on, he remembered nothing and he loves Elizabeth. I cursed Sam then and am glad Helena did one as well :).

Constance Towers is the best villian in daytime. Because despite what Sam says she does have a soft spot for some–Nik for one–and she absolutely adores Spencer.

I don’t think Laura would ever turn her back on Elizabeth.

And it’s not about shipping a couple. It’s about seeing real & palpable chemistry between 2 really good actors. The other pair (Jason/Sam) cannot make that claim.

I agree. I follow the chemisty. UnJason BM and he should still be with Becky on screen. it’s not about ships. it’s about two actors playing well off one another and just seeming so natural. that’s Becky and Billy for me.

It is amazing just how boring BM and KM are as “Jasam.” And even if they had chemistry, the whole concept of this “great love” — brain-damaged amoral dum-dum killer and sad sack amoral gal — is unappetizing to me. Kelly M. has more chemistry with Becky Herbst. Make of that what you will! Re: BM and BH? BH has a spark and seems awake. KM, not so much, thus BH makes Mr. Miller seem more exciting than he actually is at this point. Although the character of Jason is just awful. I stopped watching for 10 years specifically because of Steve Burton’s Jason and Mo’s Sonny.

Amen! Sam is the worst! She should have been gone along time ago.

Yes Tristan, you are absolutely right. There’s nothing interesting about Sam & Jason & there never has been. She blindly follows him, she thinks she’s independent and she’s not. She called Liz a damsel in distress, but how often hid Jason have to save her?

No..Sam is,the best

Get ride of the nurse

I’m reeling from the demise of Bo and Hope… on Days

to read ; finally! what looks like a support system ; for ; Jason and Liz

this is good

have to marquee: “…Billy Miller & Rebecca Herbst have the most amazing facial expressions & chemistry in daytime. These scenes showcased the great talents these actors have ”


this is all we need

well… it’s a long list… but right the most glaring omission… Liz’ Love

Remember that wacked youtube video years ago with that guy telling us to “leave Brittany alone”? Anyone here up for doing a youtube “leave Elizabeth alone” vid, complete with crying and madness?? Would be sooo funny!!!!!

Good Lord, B.J. and others…everyone’s got a rap sheet on GH that makes them “deserving,” not just Sam. Including once sweet ? Liz…heroic killer? Jason… and as much as I “love to hate” Helena and can’t imagine GH without her, the dark queen herself has outdone them all.

I don’t diagree Rose. but Liz is the one that gets all the hate. when others, including hypocrites Sam and Carly have done far worse. I think that BJ’S point. Liz seems to be the one that “has to pay”. for what? for lying? ive me a break Sonny, Ava, Jerome all commited murder and are prancing around PC like they own the town.

And I’ll beleive Sam has learned from her mistakes when the while town knows that she did in the past instead Liz, Lucky and Jason kept it a secret.

How Liz is considered more nasty than any other character on GH is beyond me, but to each their own. II loved it, Hellz Bellz at her very best & the reactions from TC, BH & BM were spot on & hilarious. I personally think this will give Sam a much better storyline than she’s had in years cause we know what happens when one “aquires” the Cassidine curse. Even Liz had to endure it by just being with Lucky. Then again, Liz & Laura are the ONLY ones to ever foil the Evil Ones plans!

That being said, I’m loving the throw back to GHs glory days! Just happy she didn’t curse Jason too cause MillerHerbst has the most phenomenal, intense chemistry I’ve seen in my 40 yrs of watching. They read each other & are total equals. Things will get bumpy, but this is Liz & Jason. They always love & forgive each other. He’s never once even thought about threatening to kill her.

Yess im not happy because everyone was so busy challenging helena,jason never got any information from helena…i believe the curse….

0oohh geez!

As for the reveal of the Jason story = LACKLUSTER!
There is no high drama, no suspense, no surprises, no intrigue, no twist & turns, no on the edge, no wow moment; the big reveal it bottomed out. C’mon!
No plot to speak of, no conspiring mystery, nada ..
not even a flare-up of impassioned excitement.
J&S never have and never will accomplish writing on the edge suspense..

((the past years 2014-15 Y&R= comatose. I wanted better for GH 🙁

Well, I thought it was pretty good!
And Su00, did you hear Helena tell Sam that if she doubts the power of one of her curses, she ought to ask Luke and Laura about it.
See? This means Laura is indeed a legacy character.

hi Harry..

”’pretty good” <– lol yah nothing notable for this huge awaited reveal..

Laura having a curse as a legacy ehh..
A good many never seen the 1st curse play out so nothing there and it sounds like Sam never see the 1st curse play out, either lol (before her time too?
but– CT/Helena delivered the curse flawlessly awwwesome!

for the huge Jason reveal I felt no excitement and never an on the edge moment just everyday soap stuff..
Nobody is going ''ooooowww ahhhhhhhh!!'' over it……………lol

Harry thought it was good…su did not….now thats a twist that caught me off guard…lol

ohhh Harry..
what was the 1st curse??
Did their eyes bleed and their hair fall out and boils oozed on their face, or did frogs nest in their throats ??

It was nasty for Helena to mention the Luke & Laura curse when many haven’t a clue what it was, not even Sam .. lol … what was it/happened ?

Come on su0000! Your buddy Ron would drop all these bombs with no freakin explanation! The new writers are writing a beginning, middle and end now OR at least explaining things better. No surprises? You knew that Hayden would visit Shawn in prison? You knew Helena would be shown the other day and hold court? Come on su0000!

hey Timmm..
If a bomb is dropped along with my jaw in surprise, that is a good thing, indeed!
I know Helena would show soon and deliver a good slap..

I need an intriguing plot, not all this blah stuff.. 🙂

Im actuallly enjoying su NOT enjoying GH for a change…thats a fun suprising twist,…lol

@Timmm…Harry… I agree I also think their doing a good job.

A more fun suprising twist is hearing you complain about GH…lol

hey Jimh..
I love GH but not the writers..
GH being so unique/outta the traditional soap box should never ever have to feminist female writers, never. (just mush it up)
Y&R more then proved they are lackluster writers and they near brought Y&R to its knees with their dull stories .. The lowest Y&R had been under the Queens of Snooze..

The Jason reveal which should have a whopper of suspense and on the edge has been nothing, it is just another story offering no excitement/intrigue no punch no fire, just blah .. lol

lmao.. they write a ”curse” but don’t clarify what the curse is..
ALL curses are called as to the curse..
I curse you and your first born will die at age 19, I curse your crops pestilence will devour….etc etc..
Can’t just say I curse you and yours for stupid have say what their curse will be / never to be love?, what?

And, there are no plots, just a ton of sugar on most everything, for lame! 🙁

yeah, LOL… i’d like to throw a few curses at the DAYS self-righteous

“…And, there are no plots, just a ton of sugar ”

awwhhh… the Corinthos’ faint of heart

Loved your “twist” comment. Really had me laughing.

Su…you don’t necessarily specify a curse. That’s the spooky thing, even if you don’t believe in such things…they just hang over you…forever.

You seem to have a vendetta of your own about the GH writers from the beginning, just like some do or don’t like Sam, or Liz, or Sabrina, etc. I really don’t understand why you even watch soaps. In most cases they just don’t seem to be as gory or violent as you would like.

Suggestion…just finished watching the first season of ‘TwinPeaks.’ Think you would really like it.

Thanks for cursing Sam, Helena. Now the viewers will be tortured with endless scenes of Sam delivering that patented “I’m just trying to process things” line that she serves up for everything from cold coffee to a dead husband.

As for all-time best recurring character in daytime, Helena is really good but I’d have to give the title to ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s sexy cult leader Mitch Laurence.

I couldn’t agree more, Alan. Sam is absolutely insufferable with her constant “processing” of everything. I hope she and Jason ride off into the sunset and out of Port Charles for good (and take Jean and Shelley with them).

Omg I’m in tears I’m laughing so much “from to her dead husband”. that’s he best comment ever

Mitch Lawrence! Wow…he was one of THE best “evil doers” in soap opera history!

Helena would have spilled all the truth tea, if Sam had shut her big mouth. I could not believe how Sam made that all about her. Jason is the one who lost 3 years of his life, Elizabeth is the one whose child was kidnapped for 4 years. Sam needed to take a seat and shut her mouth.

the “Jason had me. I went into the water. I would have saved him” made me laugh out loud. does Sam think Jason can hold his breath for hours. lmao.

I loved the curse. and what’s more I loved how nobody seemed to give a crap that Helena just cursed Sam. Jason was like “ya so back to me. u know the whole reason I’m here”.

Elizabeth was smart to keep her mouth shut, considering if Helena knows anything she could blow up her life. altho I don’t see Helena outing Liz cause it would mean outing her precious Prince Nikolas.

I’d like to see Elizabeth and Jason ask about Jake on Monday.

Exactly. Sam just kept blabbing like this was about her.

Here’s what we know though. Jason’s memory was intact when he left the clinic with Robin. He recoginized her and knew he was headed home. So it’s likely Helena cannot help him recover his memory at all–unless she subsequently wiped it out after the auto accident.

And for those who think once he remembers he goes back to being a murderous thug–I seriously doubt it. For one, he’s likely to remember being Jason Q as well. And he won’t forget being Jake–who is disgusted by the actions of Jason Morgan.

A lot of Liz/Jason fans on Twitter have been posting clips (which I either didn’t watch or don’t remember) of how long and how much Jason loved Elizabeth BEFORE all this. Though Jason isn’t going to be happy about her lying to him. As long as he stays away from Sam, I’m good.

“Ash” you nailed it ; i order this post be followed


yeah, right? KM’ Sam… doesn’t shut up and… comes across as a dolt moreover


even an amnesiac; “Jason” must see the lame mystique she renders… not one iota took to her being cursed ; roflmao

the writers are steering her all wrong… LOL

and she still judges Nicholas for not being the dutiful comitted cousin?


LOL… oy! give her the keys back to that motorcycle and cut her loose

no one needs these tired lame scenes

ie: @Lucy; “…how much Jason loved Elizabeth BEFORE all this. ” and she bore his firstborn

even in his amnesiac state he is drawn to Liz


You are too much Patrick!!! Sam is sooooooooooooooo dull. Yes, cut her loose!!!

I couldn’t agree more Ash! Sam really tried to make it about her as per usual. She has become insufferable with her constant whining & me, me, me attitude. Jason & Elizabeth deserve answers about their son, and he should get answers pertaining to what happened to him.
It was very telling that Jason jumped to Liz’s defence when Helena merely spoke to her, yet said nothing when Sam was cursed. He has no feelings for Sam & is finally where his heart has always wanted to be with Elizabeth.

Thanks Patrick and BJ.

I hope TPTB see the gold they have in the Miller/Herbst combo. whether he’s Jason or not those two Spark.

Goodness…why all the Sam hate lol? I’m enjoying the story and both Kelly and Becky’s performances.

It’s not really hate for Sam with me. it’s hate for Sam when she’s around Jason. she seemed to have grown a little more mature in the Paddy relationship..but the second Jason returned she turned into a jealous child

Sam’s a jealous child? Seriously? He’s her husband! The man she lo@ved more than herself, the man she mourned, the husband she prayed would come back to her. And now she discovers he’s right there…oh wow…amazing how differently people see things! To my mind she’s exercised incredible restraint…her love for Patrick and Emma..the conflict and guilt…against her undeniable love for, I repeat, her husband.

Liz is the jealous insecure terror who kept Jason from his love, his wife, Sam. She’s been so afraid Jason would remember the love between him and Sam that she’s lied and deceived to keep him…and now is following Sam to prevent it still!

Who’s the jealous child???

Rebecca1…I’m with you on your comment.

I agree, Rebecca.
I kind of like Sam.
I have always loved Lizzy but think her actions are beyond the pale. She didn’t just lie by omission, she went out of her way to keep Jake’s true identity a secret.
She actually emotionally blackmailed sweet Laura who has always had Lizzy’s back. Moreover, she knows how it feels to lose a child so she should have run to Monica with the news that her only living child is in fact, alive.
Yes, sorry MIss Lizzy but I really want you to get your comeuppance.

Constance Towers’ Master Class! Side note, I really prefer the chemistry between this Jason and Elizabeth.

Yes Michele. this Jason is better with Liz. it’s about chemisty not who’s playing what character. if he wasn’t Jason he’d still belong on screen with Beck


Funny how people see things differently. Aside from the fact Jason should be with SM, his wife, who he loves deeply even if at this time he’s lost himself…I found the chemistry between Jason-Jake and Sam spot on from the start. They just fit.

“…Helena is propped…, and the stage is set for some vintage…”



no wonder Nicholas is so much “fun”


I’d like to grandstand… kneel in acknowledge; Sam is waning

Sam tug of heart for; and pulsating that Jason must feel something


exquisite Liz ; just keep on a hold pattern…

he’ll be back

fire up ; your stronghold with Nicholas… ally your connect… loving your eye to eye… and support of

OhI hope not. Really loving the chemistry between Jason and. Sam. Not to mention the little fact that Jason’s her HUSBAND…who loved her dearly. Liz garners no sympathy. Had she not known and kept the truth a heinous secret, maybe then. Fair fight. This scenario? Sam for the win.

I’ve always seen the chemistry between Jason and Sam. It’s just different than Liz. I like that the Sam character is more adventurous and confident. Liz is just to unsure and needy for my tastes. think it boils down to something you said earlier…”funny how people see things differently.” Some viewers love the Liz character, probably because of Rebecca. Others just don’t like Sam or Kelly’s acting style..I do, as well as Sabrina. Even Kiki and Valerie are starting to interest me…a little…because they are getting better writing.

I agree Rebecca1 and Rose. Really loving the chemistry between Jason and. Sam. Not to mention the little fact that Jason’s her HUSBAND…who loved her dearly. Love seeing BM and KM on my screen anytime!

I agree with you too Rose though I actually liked both Sabrina and Valerie from the start. Sabrina has always been sincere and a welcome departure from the many hardened, manipulative women on the show…and Valerie’s story was a nice way to shake up Lulu and Dante for a bit. I never saw Valerie as duplicitous or scheming…she was raised by and took care of the sweetest of moms…or so it was implied. I hope we’ll find out who her father is…that has been conspicuously left out. Sean perhaps???

Rose, lol, this is the second time I’ve done this this week. I read Sabrina in your post instead of Kiki! Lack of sleep! Ahem…on the subject of Kiki…I think this actress is doing an incredible job and really fits the role as it’s currently written. She’s also got a very stunning cool vibe which I like as well._

Ahhhhhh! Rose…you DID mention Sabrina…AND Kiki! Nap time! Lol…

I even cringed a little when Helena cursed Sam. The left side of my brain might dismiss it, but the right side remembers being a little girl from a first generation Italian family that heeded such things. Shiiiiiver!!!

What would a curse on Sam mean exactly? That the local branch of Forever 21 would run out of size 2 jeggings? Or that Dr. Scholl discontinued inserts for 5 inch stilettos? Or that Kelly’s wouldn’t let her sit in a booster seat?

Now, now Harry. Someone might think you were catty. 🙂

Or being cheeky?
I thought some humor was needed.
I actually like Sam.

Agree with you on the curse Rose. Never a good thing….

I felt cursed when, as you pointed out, the episode did not move story along. Why don’t they understand that at this point every episode which does not deliver an actual payoff is a time wasting disappointment, despite some excellent performances. Long live GH!

Well, if Sam had shut up and not made it about her, the story might have been moved along some. But Fridays are cliffhanger days, right, so they “had” to leave us hanging.

We did learn how Jason got out of the water–and survived until Robin supposedly revived him. We also know that Thanksgiving happens next week–so they leave Greece. I don’t thin Helena wiped out Jason’s memory (as I said–he recognized Robin when she woke him). So she can’t bring that back.

I hope we do find out WHY she look little Jake.

And I am really looking forward to seeing how they show Sam that Jason is going home with Elizabeth.

There is no way in hell Jason will stay with Lizzy when he finds out what she did.
Unfortunately, I think that great reveal is far away. He’s with Lizzy for the short term.

I hope you’re right Harry. As it should be…unless lil “Jake” puts the mojo on his daddy and forces him to stay with Liz. The kid was raised by Helena…maybe she taught him some brainwashing techniques. Chucky…

Hi Ash…followup to our other comments. Don’t mix chemistry with what’s right. It’s not just Liz lying…it’s a HUGE, terrible lie when you withhold someone’s identity and past…not just to Jason, but his wife, mother, son and other’s who were close to him and have felt deep loss. And then go on as if things were normal and plan a wedding. This behaviour seems to have followed her since she’s been a teen, unfortunately…she’s told lies in the past, committed infidelities, and had her share of “comfort’, one-nighters.

As for Sam, she’s no angel, but this isn’t new to her larger GH family. Plus I think she’s come a long way to redeeming herself, even before Patrick. And I like she’s that her character is far more confident than the insecure, needy Liz.

She lied. who cares. it’s a soap. he have murders getting custody of kids and baby stealers living large.

So Liz lied. is it awful? absolutely. but she doesn’t deserve any more punishment than the rest of the PC liars, murderers aND baby stealers.

Honestly is this was SBu as Jason then I’d be fore Jasam. but BM and KeMo do not work for me. they have zero chemistry..

from the moment Jake Doe grabbed Liz’s are in that hospital room, I’ve been team #MillerHerbst
He could be playing Franco and I’d be shipping Lanco.
I don’t give a crap if he was married to Sam before he “died”. I don’t care about the history. including Jason and Lizs.

Billy Miller and Rebecca Herbst have the best chemistry in daytime IMO.

to say Liz shouldn’t be forgiven for this lie is beyond ridiculous to me. it’d a soap. the the grand scheme of things this is nothing.

also can we please remember that Monica helped fake AJS death and let a ten year old child think he was a murderer. I have a hard time with sympathy for Monica after that.

Hahaha—now THIS is what I call great television!!! That Helena is so bad she’s the best. How can anyone not love Helena? She makes sure she always has an ace tucked up her sleeve!!!

True James. I’m hoping she’s got another trick up her grand sleeve now…maybe Nicolas put her into some weird catatonic state mimicking death. Hate this to be the last we see of this great villainess.

I do not get all the Sam hate…I do think BM has chemistry with BH and do prefer Sam with Patrick now, but Elizabeth and Jason do not belong together.

Elizabeth could never handle Jason’s life. She always wanted to change him. She always wanted to keep them a secret, remember the hotel meetings and lying under oath about who Jake’s father is, she is afraid of him (or his mob life) she does not get who he is… and now she is lying to him and making decisions for him, something Jason NEVER liked when people did to him.

Once he finds out, Elizabeth is done, not to mention before Jason died in 2012, Elizabeth lied about Danny when Jason did the DNA test to prove Todd switched the babies… Jason was kind of done with Elizabeth at that point IMO.

Because of his son Jake, I do not think he will cut Elizabeth out of his life completely, but if the writers are true to who “Jason” truly is, Elizabeth and Jason will be over.

He does belong with Sam, she was the only woman who ever truly understood him and never tried to change him… Yes she is a bit whiny at the moment, but IMO that is the writers fault.

umm, everyone’s actions are the writer’s fault.

And no one knows what or who “true” Jason is. Jason Q morphed into Jason M. But Jason M is no longer who he was. He now has Jake’s (or Jason Q’s) sensibilities. So we have to wait to see what the writers create. Which Jason emerges. But at the moment Sam doesn’t understand a thing about Jason.

What I meant to say was “the NEW writers”… I get that this is a show.

Not getting the Sam hate either, Victoria.
Lucy D, your answer to Victoria strikes an incongruity with her response.
“Umm, everyone’s actions are the writer’s fault”?
Say, what?

hey Harry .
the writers are the characters,,
The writer for Sam is Sam..
Makes one wonder how writers shake off the characters, they are them..

she said she blamed the writers (she left out the “new”) for Jason’s behavior and I said all the actions of all the characters are from the writers.

And in answer to your remark above–I think Jason will forgive Liz anything. It might take a while–but I don’t think he could stay mad at her. I’ve seen some pretty remarkable footage Liaison fans are posting on Twitter (I didn’t watch then–and forgot some of the stuff I’d seen) but it’s pretty clear that Jason and Liz will always be tied together is some significant way.

Now, now, Harry. Someone might think you were catty. 🙂

Get better writers..

Liz is a fraud

Jasamfan since 2005


I personally can’t stand Sam. I don’t want he back with Jason, she’s mouthy and repulsive. I hope they play out the Cassadine curse on her, because frankly GH is becoming quite boring. I want Liz and Jason together, always have. They actually need to write Sam out of the show. She’s been with every man on the show and the only reason why she hasn’t slept with Nikolas is because he is her cousin! I want to see the curse play out on Sam.

General Hospital

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Opens Up on Concerns that Dante Was A-Goner: “There’s Any Number of Ways Comas Can Go”

When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

“There’s any number of ways comas can go,” said the popular GH star. “People joke, ‘Oh, you’ve got easy work.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s an on-screen coma! I don’t want to be in an off-screen coma, because then I’m not on the show!” But honestly, that means the world because we all care what people think about us, you know? And if people are happy to have me around, it feels good, obviously. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

So, are you glad that Dante is still alive and kicking? Did you think the show might write-off Dante after he was shot a few months back? Is it time, as Dominic head towards his 20th anniversary with the soap opera, for the powers-that-be to bring Lulu out of her coma? Should Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually tie the knot? Comment below.

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General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Jophielle Love Talks On Violet’s Emotional Scenes with Finn, the Loss of Gregory, and Taylor Swift

During General Hospital’s recent episodes surrounding the death of Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), who succumbed to complications from ALS, many in the cast delivered touching performances; including Jophielle Love (Violet).

In story, Violet learns of her grandfather’s passing when she comes home from school and her father, Finn (Michael Easton) sits her down to explain that Gregory passed away in the middle of the night. Violet’s reaction was one of devastation and tears.

Michael Fairman TV caught with Jophielle on the red carpet at the recent 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy Award ceremonies, where she was a nominee for Best Original Song for the song she co-wrote, “Shine.” The track was first heard back on a December 2023 episode of the ABC daytime drama series and is currently available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Photo: ABC

When talking about the departure of Gregory Harrison, and Violet’s reaction to her grandpa’s passing, Love shared, “Well, I was very tired from the taping of the three-day wedding, so I already had the tears in me. I knew that I was always going to see him (Gregory Harrison) in real life, but I was also very, very sad he was leaving the show. He was such a delight to work with.”

When Violet saw how difficult it was for her on-screen dad, Finn, to cope with with the death of Gregory, Love shared, “It’s hard for Violet, but Michael and I, we still see each other and he’s always happy (in real life). But, those scenes were hard. I was comforting him.”

Photo: ABC

Receiving her first Daytime Emmy nomination as songwriter was a thrill for Jophielle: “Well first of all, I was jumping up and down and Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) came and told me while I was on set. I was just so excited.”

Photo: JPI

Since pop superstar, Taylor Swift, started at a very young age as a singer and a songwriter, does Love see herself as a mini-Taylor? Jophielle emphatically stated, “I’m a mini Me“.  As to what she thinks of the record-setting Swift’s music, and if she likes her work. Love shared, “Yeah, yeah … so, so…”

What did you think of Jophielle’s performance during the passing of Gregory? And her comments here on Gregory Harrison, Michael Easton and Taylor Swift? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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