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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Wright Knocks It Out Of The Park As Carly Convinces Jake He's Really Jason!



If Friday’s episode of General Hospital did not contain an Emmy-worthy performance by Laura Wright (Carly), then we don’t know what is one!

In a tour de force, and an emotionally compelling performance, Wright’s Carly does her best to try to tell Jake (Billy Miller) that armed with DNA proof, the facial reconnection software rendered graphics, his actions, the connections between those he has built in Port Charles and more, that it all confirms that he is indeed her best friend, Jason!

At first, Jake refuses to believe that he could be Jason.  He does not feel anything or any connection to this person, who Carly grieved for and missed for so long.  As the episode played out, Carly continued to try to reach through to Jason.  She told him she can be just as stubborn as he is, and is going to make him realize who he is, but he is just scared to admit the truth that is right in front of him.

Moment after moment, the tears, happiness, angst and frustration were played brilliantly by Wright, of course opposite the ever-talented Billy Miller.  Carly tells Jason that he cannot marry Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).  He is already married to Sam (Kelly Monaco).

As everyone else is gathered at the church, no one knows where Carly and Jason are.  In the final moment, as Elizabeth is at the altar telling the attendees Jake is on his way, in walks a glum Jake accompanied by Carly!  Fade to black.  We have to wait till Monday for the fallout of this long-awaited bombshell.

In another great scene in the episode, Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) also shared a complex emotional moment as Liz and Nikolas rationalize how they went about ensuring that Liz finds happiness with Jason, the man she could never have all to herself, previously.  Even though the two have conspired to conceal Jason’s identity from ever coming out, there was a humanity to the scene, especially when they mentioned Nikolas’ late wife and Liz’s best friend, Emily Quartermaine!

Now, watch Laura Wright in action as she tries to convince Jake he is Jason below.  Then weigh-in:  what did you think of Laura Wright’s performance? Did you reach for the hankies?  What do you think will happen when Jake AKA Jason steps into the church?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Great performances by Wright and Miller! The reveal and coming events should vault GH out of 4rth place.

For sure, Days has been good and they are celebrating their 50th but as we had seen with GH, once that celebration is over its back to business. It took GH a long time to get a grip but this story is finally opening up the possibilities we have been waiting a long time for. I dont see them challenging the CBS shows but GH will be back in third. Its a start!

I really hope you are wrong…. I like GH and Days both, but Days deserves to be out of the ratings basement. I would lIke to see them both out of the basement!

Doubt it

I agree..looking forward to the increase in ratings. So looking forward to how this storyline plays out

I think it was great acting on both of their parts. Wright did an especially great job. She should at least be nominated. I hope she wins. I have always enjoyed her performances through the years. Good job’

Laura Wright is always amazing—I have loved her since I was watching her as Cassie on Guiding Light. She was my favorite thing about that show.

I agree, Laura’s performance was outstanding. Kelly Monaco was really good also. Nicolas’ reaction was boring, just a smirk and aloof as always. I’m really tired of his role, it doesn’t bring much to the show. Was used to the old Jason being unemotional. Find it a little hard to warm up to Billy Miller’s coolness to the news, but then again, he is playing Jason. I do look forward to his memory coming back and him taking a stand like he used to.

Wright was great. Carried Miller. Billy’s done better performances on Y&R in ordinary scenes. I wasn’t impressed in the least by him. Maybe for his GH acting standards he was good but I was so underwhelmed.

Laura though is a force.

Is it just me, or does Carly’s friendship with Jason have more chemistry than his romance with Liz? With the change in actors playing the roles, it really feels like they have the wrong people paired up in these iterations of Carly & Jason.

I was very impressed with Laura Wright’s performance. I think the writing for Billy Miller continues to be too passive. We need to see Jake/Jason be more emotional, more active, more something. I like his performances in general but I continue to find the writing for him to be lacking some juice. Hopefully next week will be a change for him and for the story finally.

Here’s one thing I felt about how everything played out, it didn’t feel dragged out , I’m sure if RC would’ve of written the episode, he would put every cliche in that one episode and just dragged on forever. As far as everybody else I felt the performances were great, I know in this episode since its Carly who has all the info and got to tell JASON his identity we got to see all the emotions of the character but still I hate that she’s center stage in all this, YES, I know Carly is Jason’s bff and some will argue she’s the show lead character I totally disagree on that one, to me she’s annoying all the time. But it is what it is so I’m just glad everything is finally coming out and so far I haven’t felt the cheesy factor I’m sure RC would added.

I wouldn’t say any one character is the “lead” in a soap. Soaps are ensembles with many core characters. I did read that the writers want to intertwine stories more, & make developments in one area impact another in unexpected ways. Carlivati did that when he was at his best. Carly is like 3 degrees away from every character on GH. So, having her get caught up in Jason’s story & impacting Avery’s custody is an interesting move.

I agree with you… ie: Laura Wright interpretation of “Carly”

1. I hate that she’s center stage in all this
2. some will argue she’s the show lead character
3. to me she’s annoying all the time


1. Laura Wright and Kelly Monaco are the leads

problem: we expect that this Carly is going to be mega watt in your face… strongwilled…. for her sons… and this forced BFF with Jason… which … Billy Miller doesn’t seem to want to act like she is

god… this is when I really miss Sarah Joy Brown… because she has a sensuality, spark, and is not so dominating with all the cast

so they trod her out… wham bam thank you mam… let’s wow the audience so she can amp up all the rest of the cast figured in to the uninteresting Corinthos’

I don’t know… this is when I really would have liked Josslyn … the younger one… with the return of Jax… ie: Ingo Rademacher….

to replace… Jason Thompson… heck… if the rumors are true… that Billy Miller mahy be leaving the show any way… after the reveal. as an actor? seriously? he’s enjoyed doing this stuff for over a year now?

and he’s going to be stuck and saddled with Kelly Monaco…. and Laura Wright?
will they kick Liz to the curb?


that way… she can troop and hang out with Nicholas and Hayden…. and these three can run ELQ and just start firing away at Carly and Sonny and his tribe

the story is moving … it’s just not with any interest or pique curiosity ???

I still say Carly needs to be with Ric Lansing
I can’t even think of Kelly Monaco leading this show….

they need to rehire Ingo Rademacher… to replace the absence of husband material… Jason Thompson

is Billy Miller here for the long run?

“…I don’t know… this is when I really would have liked Josslyn … the younger one… with the return of Jax… ie: Ingo Rademacher…. ”


this is when Laura Wright WAS FUN
when I welcomed her beaming heartfelt sincere aliveness

once Jax was fired… so went this Carly

Laura Wright , in my opinion, is daytime royalty. I fell in love with her back when she was on Guiding Light and she kills it all the time as Carly Jax Corinthos. Her eyes, her intonations and her physical presence always indicate that she is never phoning in a performance. I loved her scenes with King Miller. They were touching, realistic and tear inducing. She loves this guy. He is truly her friend who understands how she works. He never judges her but is ALWAYS honest with her. And vice versa. I am looking forward to Monday’s episode as well. Even though I felt the reveal took way too long I was rewarded well with the final result. I don’t get why GH is being smothered in the ratings. They produce quality drama on a daily basis and the cast is SPECTACULAR. I mean the heavy hitters they have on their cast is beyond the pale amazing. Thanks to GH for making an hour so fulfilling.


Well said Mateo!


Carly was AWESOME ! So was Billy Miller

I hope Jason dumps Liz do fast she had to move to Pine Valley!

Allison said the following,

“I hope Jason dumps Liz do fast she had to move to Pine Valley!”

My response, HUH?! *Scratching my head*

Yeah, I was wearing a critical mask UNTIL I watched the end of the reveal. Carly was great from beginning to end. Jake, I couldnt understand why he was in denial. He wanted to know who he was and she found out. Whats the deal Jake? Well, he felt frustrated, angry and scared. More so pizzed off because he didnt see what everyone else kind of saw. He still doesnt have the memories of Jason but towards the end it seeped in that Carly was right. Billy Miller shined. If you watch it again and you watch him and Laura its like a ballet of emotions. Great job by both actors. I cannot wait until Monday! [It feels good to say that again!]

I hope Jason dumps Liz do fast she moves to Pine Valley!

Laura Wright is so good that while I really don’t like Carly, I admire the hell out of Laura. Normally when I don’t like a character, I don’t like the actor portraying them (Sonny, Sam, original Jason SB). But LW is a dynamic powerhouse of an actor who never fails to deliver.

And what more could be said about Billy Miller–he continues to astound with his lightning fast mood changes.

All that said, that whole conversation was proof positive that Elizabeth’s instincts were right. Carly was overjoyed because Jason was alive, and happy. She was glad he was alive so he could take care of HER. “People need you” she told him. Yes, people like her & Sonny since he’s in a wheelchair and needs a henchman to fill in.

Fans rage about Elizabeth keeping Jake from those who love him (but who he feels nothing for). And yet the Corinthos’ clan (once again featuring Carly) are the most selfish of them all. They want Jason back to take care of them–and they don’t really care if he’s happy,

This, to me, is a test for the new writing regime. Do they have the guts to not be obvious, not waste BM’s talent and not send him back to the Mob? The better, more dramatic story is for him to be torn between his REAL feelings for Liz & the boys and the life he left behind–and obviously does not want to return to.

This is all going to be more complicated by JT’s leaving. They’re not going to recast–I don’t think they’d dare. So Patrick & Robin will leave town in their HEA moment. (No one better hurt Emma–worried about that coming attraction).

WIth Patrick gone (and Matt still in jail) they better get some more men in that age bracket to move to PC. One new doctor ain’t going to cut it.

@Lucy D Girl I think you nailed it! You are right on the money I guess I missed it just too much Sonny & Jason again for me so not recording the show oh yes Liz is going to catch hell it gave Becky a storyline but the fans of each couple are too much for me so I will pass this time.

you made me LOL

“…but the fans of each couple are too much for me so I will pass ”

there are far more fans of Sam and Jason

so here I am

running to the finish

My Liz and her heart

yes the fan wars are gross. Like you’re not allowed to have or express an opinion of a fave

Hi Lucy…it’s interesting the words you used (LW is so good that while I really don’t like Carly, I admire the hell out of Laura).

That’s exactly how I feel. The reason I believe I feel this way is that while I think LW is an exceptional actor, I do not believe she is playing Carly…or at least not the way Carly was originally and subsequently written for several years. Sure, characters evolve; however, there should be some similarities to the core of the character. I believe LW plays Carly too confidently (I’ve thought this for quite a while) and I miss some of the vulnerability that SB and TB both brought to the role.

“…I believe LW plays Carly too confidently ”

thank you… geez! I seriously, went to youtube to look at scenes to justify my posts… that Sarah Joy Brown and Tramara Brown ARE Carly

and LW’ is lauded for her , i mean really, backbone, in your face, so confident… you never see her feeling any thing other than…

not so much judging other characters in and around her.. but … FEELing
contrite, hurt, blameless… so loud… it doesnt matter… or I care

so now.. it’s this push and pull.. give and take… between Carly and Sonny

seriously? this is what’s served?

with her dull sons thrown in for good measure?

GH? ! ? !

Ric Lansing is your answer

let’s get in a no holds bar tug of war

sexually charged twosome

a re-energized re-emergence

if they are going to feature so much Laura Wright
if they are going to feature so much Kelly Monaco


*Tramara Brown
= Tamara Braun

@Patrick I just can’t handle anymore the nastiness I hated that they wrote Liz as lying all these months and really Jason and Sam are more suited but RH got a story now she will be the town pirraha but hey if she killed somebody she would be loved. Go Figure. I do hate that the character of Ric Lansing has been wasted he is so above most of these actors on this show he is just great and the Clark Kent look just is mesmerizing .

Laura Wright is playing Carly as a grown ass confident woman. Carly came to town as a selfish child, whining and wanting to exact revenge on. Bobbi for putting her up for adoption. She still schemes, and is a complete bitch. And I love it! The character’s — the legacy character’s evolution is expertly played by LW!!


I’m with you 100%…

when Rick Hearst… Ric Lansing… came out of the elevator and bumped in to LIz


woah… yikes

he’s staggering in those Clark kent glasses ( I was with you, totally agree! )

hot! afire aplenty aplomb

all the ladies plus were posting where are the hot men; just keeping up with the posts

and here ( LOL ) trots in Ric Lansing

it was hysterical!

To Wil…

One of the few times that I believe LW portrayed Carly to the core of the character was when she overheard Brenda and Robin talking about her while they were all in Jason’s penthouse. At that specific moment, LW’s Carly conveyed that vulnerability that was always core to the character (and I felt sorry for Carly at that point). If you want to check out the scene, you can tube it – the title is 2-4-11, Carly, Brenda, and Robin

I think Carly is written very inconsistently for the most part. Her marrying Sonny 6 times is proof of that. She was Liz’s best friend for a minute during the Hayden exposure–and now treats her terribly. I just hate the way she hasn’t grown at all.

I’ve watched GH on and off over the years so I can’t really attest to the old Carlys. BUT I think LW is great–but making her Sonny’s enabler grates on my last nerve. And I HATE the way Carly treats Jason.

Carly was best with Jax–he brought out the best in her–I’ve never understood why they destroyed that relationship and got rid of Ingo. He was damn sexy


However, I believe everything that Brenda and Robin said about Carly was absolutely correct. Carly was a huge thorn in Robin’s side, as well as Brenda’s eventually.

Because Carly always HAS to be right, even when she’s so obviously wrong

Correction–Carly WASN’T overjoyed.

I absolutely hate that they are not bringing it out that Liz knows I know they find out soon but I want her butt kicked now

I liked how all the drama came from the performances; not contrived external factors. No one separated Carly & Jason and the truth was there from the first minute of the episode. Interesting that the Jason “reveal” will absolutely not mean a resolution for anything. Yes, Jake is Jason. But, that is not a happily ever after if he can’t remember anything. Also, no one has blown the whistle on ALL the people who knew before & didn’t tell – Liz, Nik, Laura, Lucky, Hayden. That fallout might come later.

The only thing Jason’s revealed identity may resolve is that he can get shares of ELQ

And, the reveal — I hope– will come from Jason and Carly, then Hayden can reveal that Nicholas, Laura and Liz knew it all along!

Hi, Wil.
I wish, but it’s too simple.
Loving the music at the end of this episode, yes? Choppy, stilted haunting and melancholy….so a’ propos.
Now, who is the mystery person with whom Hayden is in cahoots? Paul? Dillon? Helena? I really can’t think of a specific reason Helena has …..there are so many. But Paul and Dillon? Hmmmm. Does Jason stand between Paul or Dillon and ELQ?.
Is Dillon another demon in disguise? That really would be a plot twist.

Finally…i hope, and right when i had a medical emergency interupts the moment i waited so long to see-i didnt go to the hospital because i couldnt call 911…i was choking for 20 long minutes and i got so mad i said in my thoughts,”God, i waited so long for this reveal-dont take me now!”…i really thought i was on deaths door-it was that scary…doing fine now! True story believe it or not!!!

When I started commenting on MF a few years ago it was you and su0000 who were my intro to the consummate champions of GH. At this big reveal time we’ve all been waiting for, how could you not stick around. Of course I’m sure we all believe you.

i actually thought i was dieing,,,i was eating while watching the show…i started choking and had to crawl to the bathroom where i threw up nonstop for 20 minutes and nearly blacked out…this happpened when Carly was talking to Jake, and i believed i was at deaths door it was that bad …i considered going to hospital but i couldnt get to a phone to dial 911…laid on bathroom floor…manage to get to living room couch…i gradually recovered and feeling better after falling asleep…was able to rewatch that episode later that i really believed i would never see…i now have to see my doctor…had similiar choking spells before but not as frightening…as for GH…it has its moments but it just isnt as good as it used to me…im still giving the new writers a chance to see if they are able to improve things!

JimL…scary stuff. Glad you recovered and are going to have the doctor do a check-up on you. 🙂

Wow, Jimmy! That must have been frightful! My grandmother chokes often also….sometimes on her own saliva. My husband ( who is a doctor) told her to take small sips of water when eating, for lubrication. Sometimes when what we eat is too dry, the food does not go down the throat as smoothly. I am so glad you are better. Be careful, my friend.

I had a bottle of water with me and kept choking…i dont mean to sound gross but maybe you can ask your husband this…when i got to the bathroom i vomited and much of it came out in an endless string which never happened before when i had choking spells,,it was like i was being strangled and there seemed to be no end and i nearly blacked out… maybe he knows why it came out that way…i had to force myself to stop and break the string…thought i was on deaths door…very scary…i recovered and suppose to see my doc soon for that and other problems im having but it would be nice to get a second opinion! Thanks!

@jimh(leave it to beaver)
Hi, Jimmy. Glad you’re feeling better. It is not a good idea to drink while vomiting. But, while you’re eating, just take a sip every so often.
My husband cannot give a specific diagnosis, Jimmy….not without seeing you. It’s not ethical. However, your best bet would be to go to a Gastroentorologist (GI). I am sure that your primary doctor will recommend one. And, if he does not, ask to be referred to one.
You will be fine. Try to get some rest, my friend. Good night.

Thanks CeeCee…i kind of knew you would recommend a Gastroentorologist….seen one for my continued problem with acid reflux my PCP believes is the culprit…back to soaps…havent seen any posts lately from Shay and Jaybird…hope all is fine with them. Later!

Thanks…ill discuss that with my doc…i kind of thought of barrets but forgot the name…hope Shay announces her book here…hope its not about a nerdy nurse babysitter who has a Cinderella moment only to be run out of town and disappears forever!…lol

Sounds very scary. Glad you’re feeling better.

Thanks…it was my most scary moment!

You are very welcome, Jimmy. You may have Barrett’s esophagus, which is a more exaggerated form of GERD. That is exactly what my grandmother has. There are a variety of medications on the market. But, you really need to follow up, dear friend.

Shay posts off and on. She’s been busy. I hope she’s working on that novel she promised. Lol. I mentioned Jaybird a few days ago. I hope he’s okay. Later

Hope it never happens like that again…it was my most scariest moment since i found out that my relatives were really my relatives…lol

Oh, CeeCeeGirl! If you only knew how mightily I have tried to reply to your many excellent posts over these last few weeks! It’s pretty much been no dice since Halloween no matter how many times I repeat the process! I did have a few days offline for some troubleshooting, but even once I returned, there was simply no way that I could get a response to you to stick….it’s one thing to not allow them to be available for public consumption, but I always make a concerted point to directly post to you so that you should at least be able to personally receive my comments….I cannot understand the harm in that! (Is it TOO much asking for that small courtesy????…Rhetorical question—-apparently so!) Having said that, nope, no novel yet….it’s still swirling about in my imagination, but perhaps the time would be better spent working on that project than nearly being universally rejected here….it’s wearing quite thin, you know???? At any rate, so much to say and catch up on…soon I hope, mia amica! Just wanted to touch base with you this morning…..with some luck you’ll receive this message. Later, bella!

@jimh!!!!….I’m still here…and so are you, thank God!!!! Do be careful…we need you at MFSoaps! Apparently me, not so much….I’ve been practically moderated out of existence for most of my attempts at posting over these past week’s threads, save for an innocuous comment about prospective Australian actresses to cast over at B&B and a most mild swipe at Carly’s lack of physical grace. It’s difficult, you know? I love so many of the regulars here and do endeavor to stay in touch, but it’s becoming an increasingly tall order to get material posted….or even delivered! At this point, it would probably be easier to get that yet-to-be novel published…LOL! At any rate, do take care of yourself and I’ll keep trying to get my thoughts through….there is so much more to say than just smacking down our not-so-beloved Sappy every now and then! Later, my friend…..

You made my day…i love your posts and i missed them…makes me feel so much better…someone told me i should’ve had my diary-which talks about my growing up in the 60s and my school years-published in a magazine somewhere…so many good memories there but the bad ones are there too…some are shocking-i had some horrible things happen to me…the person who suggested having it published said it might be helpful to others who might have had the same experiences …but i don’t know..not sure what mag would want it or even if they would print…i am also not sure if i’d want my whole life in print for all the world to see but i would do it if i knew it could be helpful to others!…keep us posted on your progress with that book! …later friend!

Right back at ya, jimh!!!! (And thank you!) It’s truly amazing how attached we can become to all these faceless—yet treasured—friends here at MFSoaps, eh???? When one of us is missing, it just feels SO wrong…especially when it is due to less than happy circumstances! You really have been through much too much, and your latest tribulation was downright frightening! Having said that, I do so hope that you will be able to bounce back from it and derive some peace and comfort from a proper diagnosis from your doctor(s.) As I have stated before, we need you here….it’s simply not the same when you fail to offer your sparkling comments!!!! And speaking of your fertile imagination, you should simply do a roman a clef based upon your diary….change up the names and some of the facts to provide a more veiled, less personally-revealing product….it will still be based upon your own reality, and could prove to be very therapeutic not just for yourself, but others, as well. Start with a short story/article and perhaps focus on just a single aspect or event to get the ball rolling….I have no doubt you would come up with a very moving and compelling tale that would be an inspiration for all who read it. Easier said than done, I know, but you obviously have both the creativity and heart to accomplish the feat. Best of luck to you!!!!

Im going to do a rewrite with different names but first i need to take care of my health…more medical issues unrelated to the choking incident…thanks for the suggestions…Best wishes to you too!

Laura always delivers! But I felt the scene between Liz and Nik was ridiculous! Emily would never have condoned what they’re doing especially not to Jason whom she respected more than anyone! He’s her brother so what would make Liz and Nik think she would ever go along with such a thing??? I’ve been saying for a long time i wish Emily was one of the characters to return from the dead but after that scene I realized I am so glad she was not brought back because it seems the writers would’ve thought nothing about tainting yet another great character in order to sustain the Liz show. It pains me to say it but Thank god she’s not “alive”

Just because there is a scene of Liz & Nick rationalizing their actions to the nth degree doesn’t mean it’s not true to the characters. I think viewers know these two are so deep into the lies, they really can’t tell truth from fiction anymore. Every rationalization becomes truth to them because it’s convenient & leaves them feeling comfortable with their actions. What I hope to see is Monica confronting both of them when their complicity is revealed, & giving them both a hard slap if they dare to bring up Emily as part of their rationalization.

I couldn’t BELIEVE Nick said that Emily would have supported their decision
to lie about Jake/Jason…In what Universe is he living in……

Laura Wright (Carly) was fantastic on Friday she deserve a Emmy, good job love watching her when she in on screen.

Unfortunately this reveal is quickly going to become less about Jason torn between two women and all about Sonny getting his bestie back. Ugh.

yeah, this prop of … a truly good scene for Laura Wright… to now… waddling in dire suck the life out of me…

no chemistry with Carly or Sam
and now… it’s back to mob promiscuity… and Maurice Benard’ hotter

If the new head writers have any sense of history, they will make Jason’s newest bout with amnesia his *return* to being a Quartermaine. Wouldn’t that make for an interesting journey – one accident tears Jason away from his family for decades, while another one brings him back. I don’t know if Carly ever knew Jason Q before the accident. But, IMO it would just be interesting for everyone (and karmic justice) for the character to go the *other* way this time – completely reject his mob life and violence, and embrace the Quartermaine side of things. The Q’s need him badly now that Ned is gone.


I am so excited Jason is FINALLY coming back wish it was really old Jason but this will do. I was always an Elizabeth fan but boy she has become selfish and needy… Laura Wright is absolutely wonderful in this segment ( a huge fan) and yes tears flowing. Probably one of my most favorite episodes…

Laura Wright is a powerful actor, she never gets enough credit for her great performances.
Billy Miller is a powerful actor, he can bring any scene to life..
A big BRAVO for both ..

Laura Wright was indeed good. I loved the look of utter shock which washed over her face when she saw the computer composition of Jake morph into Jason. You could feel the wind being knocked out of her soul just by looking at her face.
Miller has also been good.
I think an assortment of flashbacks being interjected into the unraveling of memory might enhance it even more. Oh, and I do wish Carly would remind Jason of how he used to read a book on Africa to Michael when he was a baby.

Completely agree Harry, a little nudge in the right direction would
only help his situation.

Wright is the best actress on GH! I hope she stays on forever!

I am not sure about vaulting GH out of 4th unless it ties DAYS, because DAYS is awesome right now too…. I will say that Laura Wright has become my favorite daytime performer and so deserves an emmy.

She is the best actress by far! A lot come close but she is a constant!

I was completely taken aback by Laura’s Carly. Mesmerizing!! This was actually the first time I can truly say what an outstanding actress she is. Perhaps, my interest is not piqued when she interacts with Sonny. I am certain she shows the same skill in her craft when interacting with him. However, Sonny diminishes her performance for me. I realize I am being unreasonable ….tell it to my head!! lol.
Carly and Jake could not have played off each other any better than they did….absolutely extraordinary. I don’t know what I would have done any differently to make these two shine any brighter. Carly’s imploring voice and facial expressions simply cut through my heart….so effectively executed. And, Jake? WOW!!!!!! This is the Billy I have come to know and love. My admiration grew tenfold. Oh, my Lordy Lord; those eyes wrote a novel; said so much….scrutinizing, warm, cold, sad, pensive, loving, apprehensive, afraid and razor sharp…..exquisite acting. BRAVI, Laura and Billy.
Let us see how far you will both take this revelation. Do your thing!!

I hope Hayden isnt pregnant by Nik as the next story for her…we already have Olivia and Ava trying to keep babies from there fathers…hope Haydens secret is something else!

Well, Jimmy. I find it quite pathetic how having babies, on all soaps, is used as a crutch….if everything else fails? Hey, have a baby!!……even those characters who are well past their childbearing years have babies. Soon Jill and Colin will have a baby just to hear the putter-patter of little feet in the Chancellor Manor.LOL.


@CeeCee Sweeheart… I’ve yet to tell you that every word U write is lyrical,
I see them as letters in motion…brilliantly said as usual. Carly & Jason
were perfectly matched…his reluctance to accept fact as truth, her refusal in
allowing him to continue walking around as “Jake Doe” a minute longer than
necessary …truth be told, timing is everything.

Oh, Fanny; sweet lady! I am humbled by your praise.
Yes, I do believe that although Jake wanted to know who he was, the truth came fast and furious, fear hitting him in the face with a cold, invisible hand. As you say, it was difficult to accept the truth because the truth could prove worse than the unknown. Perhaps, subconsciously he didn’t want to know. He was satisfied with what he had with Liz and the boys, if not, necessarily happy.
You are so right about Carly. Her love and loyalty are a force with which to be reckoned. And, to parrot your words, having Jason live as Jake Doe past this point, sat heavily on her heart. There is more than meets the eye here, which I must confess , has been an eye-opener for me.
It is, thus, a very illuminating fact about Carly’s character which makes me rethink my opinion of her. I suppose she’s a better friend than she is a mother? ‘Nite, Fanny.

Hi CeeCee, I wasnt able to reply over at the post about ratings to you. I asked Sheila what others did for a living because some people tend to be critical of EVERYTHING! That was NOT directed at you! I would have said your name AND, it would never happen because #1 You are intelligent, #2 You are the first to tip your hat if something is good just as you would comment about something that is driving you NUTS and #3 you are a sweetheart! TCB baby!

Ahh, shucks, Timmm. You must have known I was joshing with you! Not for one minute would I ever think of you saying anything negative to me or about me.
But, as far as some other posters, you very well are aware, how sanctimonious some can be. There would be no point having these sites if we could not express our thoughts. So, it goes against the grain for me when someone says, ‘take a nap; change the channel or don’t watch’.
I get very bored when people come on enumerating ratings and statistics. Most of us do not care. But, at times, I get the sense that posters want to impress….but, I consider this so vapid and futile. I do not care. I watch for entertainment.
As you so well point out; we do agree and disagree…but, we do it politely, you and I; and, most of the posters. But, when someone tells another poster to switch channels because his/her opinion does not agree with hers/his, well, I say, this person has control issues. No one tells me what to do. That’s one of the reasons there is harmony in my home. We respect each other our freedoms. I was reared that way….everyone argues, Timmm, but never using name-calling or giving orders.
So, my love, do not think I meant you. You know better than that, Timmmbo.
If I did not love my soaps, I would not be on these sites. As such, I should have the freedom to express both the positives and the negatives of said soaps. Besides Shay, you and I are basically the only fans who love the banter….no holding back…well, within the realm of decency, that is. LOL.
Something else which really bothers me is the treatment su0000 is given by some. She is ridiculed, kicked and slammed. One starts, and a hundred follow, per se. These people act like schoolyard children at recess. And, Su, the lady that she is, always answers with respectful control. In her place, I would have given such a tongue-lashing……to the moon and back, Alice.HaHa. ……luv-ya, Timmm. Friends always.

Laura Wright was amazing. GH is so lucky to have her playing Carly. It really helps that there is tons of chemistry between LW and BM (more friendship than romantic).

It was a good episode and great acting. .finally the reveal!!! Monday should be awesome… now lets see where they go with creating some new stories from the new writers…. Sonny’s story and Ava is pretty boring right now.. just adopt the baby to Bo and Hope on Days and let them raise her….

I can’t wait until Monday, but we all know Elizabeth is not going to tell the truth. She should because the lie is going to cause her BIG trouble later, once Jason finds out she knew all along his real identity that will be it…..

Of course, Virginia. Miss Lizzie’s lie can only snowball. The only direction it can go is forward; catapulting into self-destruction. However, as I said a few days ago, there is the slight chance, no one will find out Liz knew. Again, as I said….unless Laura, Nik and Hayden(who is pretending not to know–sly one that she is) will spill. Would TPTB dare do that? I think the viewer wants retribution/satisfaction, n’est-ce pas? We want to see Liz get hers. Poor, poor Lizzie!!

@CeeCee Sweets… With Jason back in Carly’s ORBIT, she’s bound to
keep an eagle eye on him & those circling close by including and mainly
Elizabeth given their history. I’m sure you noticed Carly intently watching,
observing, Elizabeth’s reaction … At one point squinting almost suspecting
something was odd in her behavior she will be found OUT, Tick..Tock…
Very touching moment between Sam & Carly. Poor Patrick… Up until now
these three women have been relatively tame towards one another, given
two of them didn’t know who Jake really was….. But now think of them as
three little kitty cats, Jake being the big ball of yarn……….

Beautifully expressed comment, my lady. So, so true about the calm before the storm circling these women. The fury of La Niña will fall upon PC in one short but precise swoop.
OOOHHH, it is certainly getting exciting, making GH worth watching, right now.
Yes, I did see Carly studying Liz’s tiny, seemingly incongruous, facial motions; obscure to everyone else but Carly’s sharp, eagle eye.

weigh in: I’m not interested

so long; lax interest

stubborn as me ? hell yeah? shout from the mountain tops… he belongs with Liz!

Carly best friend
Sam MIA husband and father of Daniel Edward… will not hold

after BM’ emmy winning performances on Y&R did not transfer to Port Charles… after 1 year!

I’m more angry for Billy Miller!

I hope he is the same

excuse my transgression

i’m over the fans of Sam and Jason

I’m over all the heralding of the dull Corinthos’

GH “needs” to go the route of Quartermaine… and Jason… has to recall his childhood and relive and realign… the missing piece that is so missing in soapland

Quartermaine magic… : Aunt Tracy … Mom Monica… cousin Dylan… lord of the manor Alice… etc… with Liz and her sons

what is to realize?

I don’t get it

is Jason Thompson exit… with Kelly Monaco… looming … ugh! leading the show?


I’m certain this is how it’s faring…

how (in your face) dull

slap my face senses

ie: if the rumors are true

Jason Thompson to Y&R
Billy Miller is being cast to Urban Cowboy

geez! Justin Hartley being cast in the MacGyver remake

these are serious ommission

I will not relent how obvious the Corinthos equation GH spends on this

sorry writing


Have been wanting Jason back in the Quatermaine fold for years. Thought they were going that route the last time he had brain surgery. They missed a good opportunity then to reinvigorate the Qs. But since his main ties have been with non-Qs, and since they’ve gone out of their way to emphasize his “special skills”, it looks like he is going back to the mob.

And I agree they have wasted Billy Miller, a very likeable actor who has been given little to do but act confused about who he is. If they had done the big reveal months ago, he would have been given a lot more emotions to play sooner. If he is leaving I don’t blame him, just like I can;t blame Jason Thompson who has been given nothing to do because the writers can’t reimagine him without Robin.

It is not definite Miller will leave. I think Jill at YR did another revenge grab! She got fired from GH and loves to power grab a star!

Hi, Melissa.
I respectfully disagree. We must keep in mind that Billy Miller stepped on the GH stage as a newbie. Many a viewer did not know him; that includes some cast members. I am sure they knew the name, but had never worked with him.
Therefore, it is my opinion that everyone, from fan to thespian, needed to know Billy first and Jake bringing up the rear; ultimately, conjoining.
So, as much as I will admit I complained about the length it took for Jason to leave Jake behind, time itself needed time to ripen. I only wish that Jake will not be completely left behind. There are only a handful of fans who want Jason Morgan back….certainly not I !!
I agree that Billy’s talent has been disrespected and not revered. Even as Jake, he could have been given more keen, effective and committed storylines, instead of being volleyed hither and yon, looking for a resting place…..a landing. Well, he became Liz’s Lapdog. I pray, he does not go from one lap to another……the proverbial; from the frying pan into the fire.
Now that Jason has ‘joined’ the world of what makes PC go ’round, I do hope he stays put.

Oh, yeah, Patrick!! I’m with you all the way. Love your style. Except for one minor but, so important and monumental obstacle; (there’s an oxymoron for you, lol). Liz needs some psychoanalyzing, don’t you think? Well, if Jake forgives her, they certainly cannot start any kind of life together with this elephant in the room……later, my friend.

Agreed, Patrick and Melissa, that is how this story should play out. It would be perfect symmetry! Jason had amnesia and never remembered his Quartermaine past. How awesome would it be if Jake never remembers Jason Morgan?! But instead regains his memories of Jason Quartermaine. Now THAT would be a twist! Monica would have her son back! She and Jason might be able to lure Michael back into the Quartermaine fold! And Jake & Elizabeth have unbelievable chemistry, I don’t want to see him put back with Sam “just because”. Bring back Steve Burton for her. The Liason/Jasam wars will FINALLY be resolved. Win-win!

Actually, maddie…many viewers have been singing this song (Jason remembering himself as Jason Q and not as J Morgan). Everyone has been rooting/hoping for that to happen. This is what I call suspenseful expectation. I am looking forward to see which direction Jason will go, depending how much and how far his memory will take him.

I can’t plug any more than most

is he going to be a quartermaine or a Morgan….

it is; suspenseful expectation

and one that i’m dreading… if it’s mob
and with Sam

adult drama….
adult LOL giddy treat… Quartermania

how can that be difficult

because; all posters, know: it’s easier to “writer” mob material than human element of quality drama with ; his aunt, his mother; his cousin, Liz and sons, with dear sweet Alice ?

anyway.. ’nuff said.

this is still far and away better material than Y&R

I agree with you, Patrick. I hope the writers have the foresight to leave Jake alone for a long while. I think the best recipe for him would me to take a break from ‘life’ right now. What he needs is his mother and no outside interference. It would be wonderful for him to live at the Q mansion until he assumes a modicum/sense of what’s next. The downside/fallacy would be living with Tracy. Shake does not strike me as being very tolerant of Monica’s children. Was there strife between them? Also, are Paul and Dillon still living there…..cowards!

It just befuddles the ‘bejeebies’ out of me, how autocorrect can take a simple word as ‘She’ and turn it into ‘Shake’….Alack, it should read: she does not strike me…..

CeeCee, Patrick, I hope you are both right and the writers will give this story the many layers it deserves. If Jason goes back to being Sonny’s hitman, I would be disgusted. Jason is a “Q” and I hope somebody remembers that Monica needs to be told her son is alive. Michael has been told, Carly can’t wait to tell Sonny .. I hope they don’t forget Jason’s mother. And would it be too much to ask for Alan to be another of Helena’s “experiments’ and have him return? Or maybe Alan faked his death so he could become a WSB Spy. I’d take Alan any way I could get him, lol.

Hi, maddie,
I never met Alan, but I always hear good things about this character. I suppose it would be great for the diehard fans to have him back. But, remember when AJ climbed the ‘stairway to heaven’ (lol)? Wasn’t Alan one of the souls come to take him?
Nonetheless, I do like your premise. Monica needs him right now, and so does Jason.
I anticipate the mother and son reunion. It’s shameful how Carly did not think of calling her first….what’s/who’s better than one’s mother?? Let me tell you, maddie…I called out for ‘Mommy’ during labor. Lol.

I loved Jason’s exchange with Monica. Monica basically said, when you changed I learned how to love the new Jason. When you decide who you are now, I’ll love that man too. And then in a later scene she told Liz to give Jake time and space to decide who he is. Not only was it great to see Monica interacting with Jason in such a maternal and loving way, but it also highlighted Liz’s absolute obsession with hanging on to Jason at all costs. That her love is possessive love and not selfless love. I would love it if the writers are using this as a way for Billy Miller to really make the character his own.

Amazing amazing amazing. Some of the best GH I have ever seen!

I still think all the trips and falls Carly took as she was getting out of the car and trying to reach Jake by phone, culminating with her tripping and hitting her head on a rock, seemed more comical than dramatic. Perhaps it was intended to be so. But I agree that Wright’s delivery and Miller’s reaction were terrific.

I was thinking the same thing. She gets in the car accident, she can’t get out of the car, she finally gets out of the car, then she drops her phone in a puddle, then she trips and hits her head on a rock. It was like, what are they gonna do next, drop a piano on Carly right before she tells Jake, lol?

But that said, I thought the performances by Laura Wright and Billy Miller both were very good. I’m looking forward to the fall out on Monday and beyond, especially the look on Elizabeth’s face when she realizes that her big scheme for the past year has just blown up in her face.

LOL. Agreed the piano drop was all that was missing from that sequence.

Melissa beat me to the punch

LOL moment

i’ll bite for the millionth billionth time

how is it ? that Liz is truly the bad guy in this ? because she wanted her needs met first?

that she asked Nikolas to help her in this respect?

that these two allied … aligned themselves together and wanted her happiness… ? and this made it easier for Nikolas to keep the secret of “Jason”

how do you tell someone who doesn’t know who he is ?

by Carly telling him… he will totally diss and make sure fire enemies of both Nikolas and Liz ?

hey… Laura knew

let’s lay all the cards on the table

LOL.. according to most posts… all of port charles had to have known at some time…

Billy Miller isn’t that passionate about.. or will he reel ?

Thank you @Aria for … ROFLMAO you’d think Laura Wright was Meryl Streep

YES! “thank you”

ie: look at Timmmmm… posts… after all the reveal… the ebb and flow of suspence will waft and standstill… if the writers go the mob route and a try at drama with BM and KM is at the forefront….

dont’ think so… these two can’t cut it…

ie: remember when she found “his” ring at Patrick house… and “Jason” .. as these two just stood their… ??? and Sam ( LOL ) had to muster up acting and bereaved …

looked to me… neither one of them were in the least bit interested in her

it’s all in the writings hands at this point… the big reveal.. is just that… one ep that LW handled

??? where does this take her?
more forced scenes with her bff?
a notch in her … no one cares?

any semblence of what should be… Quartermaine…

to reel what should have been
Billy Miller, Jane Elliott, Leslie Charlson, Rebecca Herbst, ( with Dylan and her sons)

It was comical. I think it was a final poke at the fans for dragging this reveal on for so LONG!

Laura and Billy were perfect! GH as the BEST actors on TV day OR night! These actors do not get the credit they deserve! I hope Bradford Anderson will be back on SO talented!

GH HAS the best on TV! typo

I have been watching GH for the whole run since 1963 SORRY but this show is still great! Last writer DID drag stories out BUT Guza was horrible! GH is getting better stay tuned…..YEP every day!

I loved Carly telling him he was Jason & that he couldn’t marry Liz because he was Sam’s husband. I don’t like that Liz & others are getting off free for all of their lying & manipulating of this situation. I sure hope these writers tell the truth soon. I expect great acting from all involved, just hope the story telling does not let fans down. I want to see a very emotional Sam, Monica, Michael when they discover that Liz has known the truth for months & has taken advantage of Jason. I don’t want the same old Jason back, I want to see the building of Jason & Sam relationship along with his relationship with his family members. I’d like to see Jason & Michael running ELQ with Tracy’s help. Give us those Q’s family moments…pizza for Thankgiving, & Christmas at the hospital with the kids. Give us family time with Jason, Sam & Danny.

Not loving the show overall right now, and it pains me to say that because I have watched all of my life…BUT, Laura Wright never phones it in. She is beautiful, talented and captivating to watch. She never disappoints!

Billy was GREAT, we’ve seen Laura at work may times over, I thought she good but NOT a scene stealer. First she drops phone, can’t get at phone, then she trips and gets up not sturdy and as skinny as she is she shouldn’t have gotten up but we needed Jake to get there to stop his OWN wedding. Crazy Liz will probably blame Nikolas as it really is his fault allowing Liz and himself to continue the farce.
Over all I enjoyed the show and will watch tomorrow.

Just waiting for,Sam Mcall to be,her HUSBAND!!!
Don’t put Carl with,Jason…Please dont!!

Bring Carly husband back!!…Jax

i can’t help but lol, Laura Wright is a good actor, but everyone in this post is acting like she gave some Meryl Streep performance, goodness grieve it wasn’t even close, no different then when she was standing by sonny when he got shot , i think we are just happy the story is finally playing out, but to make it look like only one person stood out well, ok, go ahead, give her the “emmy” already. Cause she was the only one giving a tour de force performance.

Laura Wright/carly never fails to give great performances.
She is not recognized for work as others are.
It is a good thing to see her being praised, she usually is not, it’s like her great performances are simply expected of her.

She’s an Emmy winner! What do u mean her work isn’t recognized?

should our paths ever cross… i would high 5 you

Why, Patrick? Read what Su wrote with an analytic eye. She is right. Laura may get recognition from the ‘ Emmy giving committee’ or whatever it’s called, but not from us, the viewers….at least, not as much as she deserves. That’s what Su means. Do you remember when we all basically wanted Maura to win, this last time? Some of us even felt Laura should not have been nominated at all. But, it seems to me everyone nitpicks every word Su writes. Golly Gee, Patrick; not you too!! Lol.

You think what you will, Aria. Laura’s performance did stand out, by far, from everyone else’s. Coming from me? Well, that’s saying a lot since she is not one of my favorite characters. Perhaps our perception of what we saw is as different as night and day. No one is equating Laura to Meryl Streep.
With all due respect, Aria. Your paragraph is a bit confounding. On one hand you say her performance was commonplace, ordinarily soooo Laura; no different from her one-on-one encounters with Sonny…..on the other hand you say she gave a stellar performance with Billy. Which is it? Personally….and we are all entitled to our opinion, whether you agree with this or not, Laura was Carly in the flesh. Forget Laura the actress, think Laura the character. I have never, in the time I have been watching, seen Laura outdo herself as she did. If the revelation had happened any earlier, I doubt the effect would have been the same. Carly/Laura needed to know Billy, the man and the character in order to give this performance its due.
And, I agree with su. As fans we do not give Laura many accolades….few and far between……not talking about Emmy acknowlegement. My original antipathy for the character ‘sorta kinda’ blinded me to her talent. I was not very magnanimous towards her. I will admit that. At the same time, I cannot deny her professionalism and brilliant delivery. I realize that her performances are full force, in your face; never perfunctory….she means every word, every expression, every movement she makes.

ie: for all those ready to pelt me…. with regard… to Laura Wright performance

THIS… 1 show… was better than GH ??? last show with her playing Luke Spencer, mom

she has a brilliance… with material and character play; with… Ingo Rademacher

whe won an emmy ! deserved win 2011 !

alicia menshew
susan flannery
laura wright
michelle stafford
debbie morgan
colleen zenk pinter

just the hugest category… toughest.. bar none

I would have given it to… my fave… Collen Zenk

so… I do know her career

without Ingo Rademacher… there’s no Carly

As the new team begins a special journey with GH, bravo & Kudos to them, they didnt leave us waiting much more they decided with quite a few storylines to get the ball rolling.I understand we have to wait, thats what the soap drama is all about , but as a 50 year fan, I recall waiting way too long for them stories to finally come to a close or a begin for that matter , Jason Reveal is just a beginning, I see a lot of stories bouncing around, and as I see this it occurs to me that this new team isnt going to make us wait too long , They must have a lot of new & wonderful ideas for GH I think is why all of these stories are gonna start moving around quite quickly, I am very excited you go team writers So proud and happy …. Im dying to find out what i have been predicting all along with Brad & rosalie, this is going to be very very interesting , Do you think so too???

Well, Irene. I trust you, since you are the expert. Wow! You are a very loyal fan. Fifty years, you say?
I do believe you might be right. I love fast-paced storylines. Yes, Irene, all these sleeping stories, such as Brad and Rosalie, need to come to life. Either give them a story or get rid of them altogether. Later.

I am so loving this reveal… much as I love Liz I want to see Sam and Jason reunite. I really enjoyed Patrick and Sam, but the chemistry between Sam and Jason is just as strong if not stronger with a new actor in the role. I was never a fan of Steve Burton. He is too one note and unanimated for me.

If Jason goes back to the mob – I am done with GH.

me too

Sometimes I wonder if Carly and Jason shouldn’t be together. There was a time when they first met on GH they had a bit of a fling. It was followed by soap mis-understandings, one after another, that made them “best Friends” instead. We’ll never know…or will we?

Good one, Rose. It does tease the brain, does it not? Hmmmmm, I wonder. All hell will break loose, yes? Spicy thought to entertain…..I like it!!! Lol.

Hey, again, Rose.
You know what? After today’s episode, methinks there is trouble in paradise where Carly and Sonny are concerned. So, Jason and Carly reconnecting romantically is not so far-fetched, right?
I am in such a quandary about who should have had custody of Avery. Perhaps, neither should. Both parents are en par with each other. Poor kid.

Poor Jason doesn’t even know who is, he is just a name.
Jason needs to be alone and figure out who is is.. he needs time to explore himself.
Last thing Jason needs is a woman, he needs to find himself, get an identity, a life, before hooking up with anyone..
FREE Jason!!

Hi, susu.
There you are! I agree, my friend. I wrote the same thing. No play-play for Jason…..he needs solitude; a retreat where his brain can rest for a time. However, I would think that’s easier said than done. How could he not be tortured and tormented about his life or lack thereof? He needs his mommy. We all need our mommy now and again. And, Jason has not had the warm, welcoming bosom of his mommy in a long time.
Imagine when he finds out what Liz did. As much as I detest the idea, he will be destroyed. Bye, Su.

Hey CeeCee,
I think Billy Miller looks too young for Laura Wright for them to be a couple.
For me, the real drama of this story would be for Jason to really reflect (he seems to be doing this) on the life he lead–the life of crime & murder and be disgusted by it.

This is all a little new to me. I disliked SB as an actor so never wanted a Liz/Jason match up. I hated the holy quadrangle, the 4 characters who were thugs and thug enablers. I never understood the Liz/Jason fans.

But Billy Miller’s Jason changed my view. I was a big Liz/Nic fan and now I really hope Jason ends up with Liz (of course being a soap no one ends up with anyone until they’re old like Edward & Lila).

Mostly I love Liz and want her to be happy. So however that happens, that will make me happy.

@Lucy D.
Hi, Lucy.
Yes, I can see that Billy is a bit too young for Carly; but, aside from that, they are just not a good match. I guess my sarcasm was lost. LOL.
I do agree, and I have said so along with Su, that Jason should just lay low for the time-being.
I am glad Billy changed your view. I have adored him since his AMC days, as the character Richie. I was still in College, and I remember rushing to the dorm after class, so not to miss episodes.
I don’t know what will happen with Liz, Lucy. But, as I have said, viewers want retribution. There are many of us who are very disappointed in Liz. She was my favorite character; she needs to face her demons, though. I really think something went awry in her head. She needs help. That is her only redemption, in order to gain the respect and love from the audience. Later.

It just occurred to me that Carly treats Jason like he’s a butler – there only to tend to her and Sonny’s needs. I would love some originality from the writers at this point. What if he remembers being a Quartermaine, those memories are locked in there too. Why does he only have to remember the mob stuff. Let him go the corporate route this time and chose to divorce Sam’s non-acting self. Chose to marry Elizabeth (Team Liz here), and they all move into the Q mansion and he and Michael team up and get in a corporate war with Nikolas. I am dying for something different! And now the other gangster Johnny is coming back. Why? Why does a little no name town attract so many “big time” hard hitting gangsters who never get caught?!?! The dock is the length of my apartment and yet shipments of everything evil gets through. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again if Jason goes back to the mob, than GH has lost me as a viewer. I can’t go through that silliness again.

General Hospital

General Hospital Preemptions This Week for MLB Wild Card Playoff Games

This week, General Hospital will be preempted on Tuesday, October 4 and Wednesday, October 5, and potentially again on Thursday October 6, due to Major League Baseball’s wild card playoff games airing on ABC.

In the best of 3 games, the Texas Rangers face the Tampa Bay Rays in an American League wild card series, starting on Tuesday with a 3:08PM EST start time. If the series goes a full three games, then Thursday’s GH will also be preempted.

Encore episodes of GH will be seen on the east coast on Tuesday and Wednesday, while all other time zones will be preempted for the game.

Photo: MLB

In addition, GH will not be streaming the episodes on Hulu or as is it a nationwide preemption.  That way, everyone will begin to see the all-new episodes on the same day when they resume.

Photo: ABC

Hopefully, Thursday, GH will resume with an episode that teases: Spencer and Trina affirm their feelings, Tracy has a slip of the tongue, Valentin surprises Anna, and Sasha is in danger.

So, going to miss GH for the next few days? Comment below.

Continue Reading

General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Talks His General Hospital ALS Storyline, Battling Addiction, ‘Falcon Crest’ on Maurice Benard’s ‘State of Mind’

Film and TV star,  Gregory Harrison is currently appearing on ABC’s General Hospital in the role of Gregory Chase.  In story, Gregory is trying to come to the terms with the fact he has ALS and is now displaying symptoms of the disease that will ultimately claim his life.

On the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s (Sonny, General Hospital) You Tube series State of Mind, the actor opens up about the challenges of playing a character with ALS, how he has battled addiction, his prime role on Trapper John M.D and Falcon Crest and much more.

In fact, it’s actually the the 40th anniversary of Harrison’s solo TV Guide cover as Dr. George Alonzo “Gonzo” Gates on Trapper John, M.D.

Photo: ABC

Speaking on his General Hospital storyline, and Gregory Chase’s battle with ALS, Harrison detailed: “He’s a complicated character any way, but we’ve added now ALS into the equation and that’s a really fun technical calibration for me. It’s a relatively quick demise – three to five years, generally for ALS, and it moves along pretty quickly. The body deteriorates pretty quickly and things happen, and there is an emotional kind of reaction to those that my character has. My character reacts to the loss of things and that’s what I am starting to be able to play.”

Harrison added, on how he is playing the nuances of ALS in the scripts he is given, “Where am I going to put in that slip and fall? Where am I going to put in that tremor in my hand? Where I am going to put in  the stumble, or the slur of this word or that word? That’s real technical stuff, but I have to layer that on top of emotional honesty of what’s going on. So, for me, it’s a buffet and I love that.”

Benard and Harrison also delved into the fact that Gregory he has been sober for 36 years. Harrison opened about how addiction changed his personality at a time when his career was riding high: “If I was the kind of person who would be regretful, then I would say that during my prime, I was busy using all my acting skills to disguise my addiction instead of building my career. ”

Photo: ABC

As his fame rose, Harrison also started his own production company. He admitted to Benard, that at the time, he was barely getting through jobs and projects: “I could act, but I wasn’t doing as good as I should have been doing. I was just persevering … pouring massive amounts of energy into enduring my addiction … not into the creative artist that I was inspired to be. And then I found my way back.” At one point, Harrison sought help at the renowned Betty Ford Center. Gregory shared that he had to hit rock bottom, in order to build himself back up again.

At the conclusion of the episode, Maurice asked Gregory how he enjoyed being part of the cast of the defunct CBS primetime soap, Falcon Crest, to which Harrison said he loved playing the role of Michael Sharp back in 1990. He compared that character to the likes of Port Charles’ Sonny Corinthos.

Check out Maurice and Gregory’s conversation below.

Let us know, are you emotional invested and enjoying Gregory Harrison’s portrayal of the ALS storyline on General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Kelly Monaco Celebrates 20 Years on GH and Sam’s Evolution: “All the Pieces Don’t Fit Perfectly Yet, But It’s Certainly Not Broken Anymore!”

Sunday, October 1st will mark the 20th anniversary of Kelly Monaco’s debut on General Hospital as Sam McCall.  And as the story goes, when Kelly finished her run on Port Charles as Livvie Locke (2000-2003), and the show had been canceled, the three major networks were all interested in her to join their soaps.

In the end, GH won out and fans of the ABC daytime drama series have been the lucky ones to have Monaco join the A-list cast of the iconic soap. Throughout Sam’s journey in Port Charles, viewers have seen quite the character growth. Sam started on the show as a con and hustler, and bloomed into a bonafide heroine and a private investigator.

Kelly shared with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue, how she viewed the Sam of old, to the Sam of today: “Sam came on to the canvas only having herself and her brother, always taking care of someone, and never being taken care of.  I think the biggest evolution for her is starting from being a really lonely, scared woman and becoming a woman who is still really independent, but is protected by family and friends and love and relationships and loyalty, and she never had that before.”

Photo: JPI

In a very poetic way, Monaco added on her character’s development: “She came in bent and broken, and I feel like there’s a lot of her that’s still broken, but she’s constantly sort of putting the Rubik’s Cube together. All the pieces don’t fit perfectly, yet, but it’s certainly not broken anymore.”

Throughout Sam’s two decades in Port Charles she has been in love, suffered terrible lost, found family members, had children, and has been involved in some of the most dangerous and criminal cases involving many a villain as she tried to help bring them to justice.

Photo: ABC

Currently, Sam is involved in a romance with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).  Viewers wonder if Lulu ever wakes up out of her coma, would that spell trouble for their relationship, and in turn, give Kelly some great meaty story to work with?

Now, in the comment section below, share your congrats to Kelly for her 20-year-run on GH. Then let us know, what has been your favorite Sam story over the years?

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