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GH’s Maura West on ‘Jolt’ Pairing: “There’s Something Irresistible About That Roger Howarth That Comes Through Into Austin”

Photo: ABC

Currently on ABC’s General Hospital, Ava Jerome (Maura West) finds herself drawn into a relationship with Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt (Roger Howarth).  What first started out as the two friends covering up the ‘disappearance’ of Ava’s ex-husband, Nikolas Cassadine has turned into the two hitting the sheets.

Now, Ava has landed in a very complicated situation, not only with Austin, but his cousin Mason (Nathanyael Grey) and company, who are threatening La Jerome, her daughter, Avery and more.  GH fans are calling the pairing ‘Jolt’, and it teams up two of daytime’s all-time best and all-time favorites, Maura West and Roger Howarth in scenes together. The two previously worked together on As the World Turns where West was Carly and Howarth was Paul.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, West shares her thoughts on the Ava and Austin relationship especially after they found themselves in an awkward moment when heated passion overcame them.  Maura expressed: “She’s not ready for that relationship; she’s not sure she wants that relationship! But. you know, there’s something irresistible about that Roger Howarth that comes through into Austin.”

Photo: ABC

West also weighed-in on how not only is Ava drawn to Austin, but she is kind of stuck with him, due to the circumstances they find themselves. “When somebody knows a dark secret, in her words, you either have to kill them or you’re sort of at their mercy,” Maura shared. “She’s sort of at his mercy. And at the cousin’s too; she’s at Mason’s mercy,”

So, are you rooting for ‘Jolt’ to survive all the backstabbing, blackmail, and deceit? Do you think Ava eventually will find herself ‘torn between two lovers’ … Austin and a revived Nikolas? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I LOVE these two together…Until Nikolas comes back in the form of Marcus Coloma. Then, let the games begin!

I just thought it was adorable and rare to see Ava with that teenage girl look when she slammed the door on him after their rendezvous and I haven’t seen her look like that before… and how he reacted as well and couldn’t believe she was making him leave, lol. You know they have to want more of that that they only got from each other. Even when Nicolas comes back, him and Ava are over but he’ll blackmail her to get his dark home back.

i am not sure he is ever coming back and unless a recast again.

Nikolas is needed but Marcus is a poor actor who cannot emote.

he was fired so won’t be returning.

i like them as friends bit is a bit of chemistry on and off. I love Ava.

Never going to happen, thankfully.

There’s definitely something irresistible about a Maura West/ Roger Howarth pairing. As you said, these are two of soaps all-time greatest actors. Jolt are complicated, messy, and HOT! I hope the GH writers will mine the gold at their hands.

OMG yes!!!! I have been waiting for them to pair up for a while now! Excited about how it’s going to unfold! Long live #jolt!!!

No Hate them together at all! I miss Marcus Columbe and he and Ava together! Get rid of Esme!

Ava and Austin are proving to be an interesting match. The certainly have something in common with their mobster families and needing to break free form that. On a shallow note, they look really good together.

As outstanding as these two performers are, the show has not given viewers a reason to care about Austin in the 2 years the character has been around. The Q storyline fizzled, the pairing with Maxie was a dud. So now, for AGH, will third time be a charm or the third strike?

Can’t stand him. Ava deserves a real man, not some offish clod.

That’s your opinion!

Yes. It is her opinion. Hence why she stated it. I am sure she is very grateful for you reiterating whose opinion it is that she typed.


Agree 100%

The show has taken so damn long in giving Roger scenes, of giving Austin a story, that I feel nothing for the character. First they had him as a hippy/dippy good doc, then they had him manipulating Chase, then they wasted him in barely-there scenes with Maxi that went nowhere. They finally had him in scenes with Britt which could have gone somewhere but then Kelly exited the show, and now this. Did they not have a plan for “Austin” when they created the character. I have zero interest at this point. It’s a shame because I’ll always love Roger’s “Todd” from OLTL but so far for me, his GH characters have been a dud. I thought “Franco” was rather boring too (not James Franco’s Franco). He seemed meek and under Liz’s thumb. And as Austin? Why make him a Quartermaine if he has zero scenes with them unless somehow there’s a twist and the “secret” lady boss is somehow connected…

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

Today we finally got to see a spark of Roger H! Let’s have more of thar, writers. And unless Tylo Christopher returns as Nick, may he rest in peace. Let Maura and Roger take center stage awhile!

Nikolas has already been shown to be alive (in a coma, like his sister). When the character returns it won’t be in the form of Tyler Christopher nor Marcus Coloma.

Hi Grace. Yes, right after I wrote my comment we had a bit more Roger/Austin. We still don’t know what he’s about; one minute he’s a mellow doc, the next he’s showing some mobby-type behavior squeezing Mason’s head between his hands like a melon, lol, and now he’s back to the fumbling doc who’s not as criminal savvy as Ava. They have GOT to settle on a distinct personality for him; is he a tough guy or a doc who got involved over his head. They need to pick one.

As for Nikolas, I loved Tyler but but there’s no way (in my opinion) they’re bringing him back. He still, unfortunately, has too many personal struggles going on that would probably affect his work. It’s a shame for him on a personal level (which goes without saying) and also for viewers; he was THE Nikolas and was also great on DAYS. With that said, I thought Marcus Coloma did a great job and still wonder why they didn’t renew his contract…(unless you have the inside scoop and care to share Michael Fairman 😉 ). But I’m a believer that the show needs its legacy characters, so I want “Nikolas” to return even if it means with a different actor. I think Adam Huss (the actor who filled in for Marcus) is quite a good actor; he’s experienced and could probably grow into the part if they bring him back as the recast.

Guess I’m disagreeing with a lot of people because I love Roger in ANY role except a Franco type of course and he and Ava are outstanding in my book. Nicholas is boring and boorish next to him.

I would rather see the show morph Roger back into Todd Manning then pair him with Maura’s Ava.

Or just morph out of PC completely!

I don’t agree but that was LOL funny!

Hey James
Unless Disney/ABC changes their decision about characters associated with sexual assault, Todd (unfortunately) will not be returning to PC.

character is dead anyway but it is tv.

Hey James; yeah. I agree. But from what I read the reason they eliminated Franco was because of his past (which made no sense since they rewrote that history and it turned out Franco didn’t order Michael’s rape, but maybe his psycho past in general was something they no longer wanted redeemed). So having Todd back and his rape past wouldn’t fly…

I can see those two characters together though. Could’ve been great….

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

won’t happen though

I truly like both actors, but I don’t see the chemicals between them. Now Ava and Nick had heat!

Oh geez! I meant to write chemistry!

Yes, I was wondering why you said it that way. Lol

LOL; I did stop at the word “chemicals.” Too funny… But I got your point. I agree. At this point anyway. (On another note, I heard they worked on a different soap together.)

As for this one, maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised now that their story is FINALLY getting some traction. These temporary writers (who I think Valentini should keep on) seem to move stories along. Let’s hope they keep up the pace.

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

I agree

Yea, as in DOG!


I wish Maura would come back to y&r!!

Very glad to see Maura West paired with a great actor. She is a powerhouse, a thrill to watch every time she is on screen. When Howarth came on as Franco and thought he was Kiki’s father, these two sizzled when paired in scenes. I think Austin is a dud of a character so far, but if anyone can make him interesting, it is these two!

Last edited 1 month ago by GH fan

These are tow of daytime’s best, but this story line is awful. I certainly don’t care at this point.
They should have kept Franco and Elizabeth’s family love story going. Roger Howarth’s talent has been wasted for two years now. He and Maura West have zero chemistry.

I love Roger and Maura from way back to ATWT although they did not have scenes together. People put him down now on GH but he plays the lines he’s given and to me ,even despite that, he shines through and I especially loved his interaction with Liz, the boys, Scotty,etc. I did not like him with Maxie at all though he had great potential with Britt, but that was shut down when she left GH. I do not like this cousin crap or Nicholas and Sonny involvement and on another vein , why are Laura and Kevin being wasted in Russia, how boring is that? I could care less about Nicholas at this point and don’t care if he ever comes back.

Violet, how are you??
I like Austin and Ava too…
hey! perhaps we’ll get some great excitement and Austin and Ava
will bring some Bonnie and Clyde intriguing drama…
They certainly can bring it on..
GH has been overly boring and excitement is needed..

Laura & Kevin are currently in Russia (and rumored to be heading to Cassadine Island next) because it provides a convenient way for Genie Francis to take her usual “summer vacation”, but throwing in a few pre-taped scenes now and then makes it look like she’s not really absent for 3 or 4 months.

Valentin was part of this trip because he also was going to take the summer off to tape the other series he stars in on Disney +. Of course the dualing strikes would have shut that production down, which is why we got the scene the other day or Laura telling him he needs to go home & be with Anna.

As awkward as it would be for Kevin to remain in Port Charles for several months while Laura is absent, they sure could use a competent psychiatrist in town right about now. They should summon Spinelli in to set up Kevin with some “tele-medicine” equipment so he can supervize Sasha’s treatment while “on the road”

Hey Violet; I think it’s great that they have Laura back there. Anything that ties into the history of GH is great by me. There have been so many changes on GH, so many new characters with no ties to the show that I like when they delve into the past. I would love for some believed-dead Cassadine to be found there: Stavros or Stefan. Probably too much to hope for but I’d love that! As for Nikolas I care if he comes back. We can’t lose yet another Cassadine. They’re a legacy family and Spencer and Valentine alone doesn’t cut it (Alexis long ago was cut from Cassadine stories which is a shame). They need another Helena…which is why I think it’d be great if they brought back Stavros or some villainous Cassadine we haven’t yet met).

Last edited 1 month ago by Rebecca1

I agree. Roger is an interesting, gifted and talented actor who has been handed some pretty bad writing. I love it when he’s allowed to improvise and do his thing. The other day Austin started a long, rambling monologue about Sonny. He suddenly imitated Brando from The Godfather, and I could see Maura West was trying hard not to crack up. More please. I like their energy.

Harry, that was so funny. I don’t care what anyone says, Roger’s got talent and he should be given free rein to use it, especially how he and Maura can bounce back and forth off each other. With Nicholas it was just continuous angst. Was there ever any playful moments or humor between them, I don’t remember any.

I think Ava would be done with Nicholas even when she finds him alive… could you trust someone who threatened to take your child?

Considering Nikolas got hit pretty hard in the head, and since then has been a vegetable, I suspect he’s going to have some “memory issues” when he eventually wakes up.

Just ask Ned. Or Jason. Or Sonny. Or Esme… who couldn’t have even been injured all that much.

She’s a complete GiLF. They should hook her up with Cameron.

omg No

I think Austin has power and possibly could be the boss the big guy all are wondering who—-
If not Austin is not the underdog, nope..
I like Ava and Austin they play well together..;
I hope Austin will bring out the old Ava the gun moll..

Last edited 1 month ago by Su000

Maura is one of the masters at being able to make lemonade out of whatever lemons the writers give her. Whoever they pair her with, she makes it work. I’ve enjoyed the Ava/Austin scenes together so far. There is definitely potential there. If anyone can pull it off and make it work, it’s Maura and Roger.

I like Roger Howarth, but I agree with a lot of the previous comments about them doing a poor job establishing Austin on the show and giving us a reason to care about him. After more than 2 years, what do we really know about Austin Gatlin-Holt?

What it comes down to is they should have never killed off Franco. I still don’t understand that decision to this day. They had a good thing going. Franco and Elizabeth were turning into one of the best couples on the show, and the father/son type of relationship that Franco had with Cameron and Liz’s boys was touching. I remember hearing at the time that the reason they killed off Franco was because it was worth it for the story. Well in hindsight I can definitely say that it wasn’t worth it, and it was a bad decision, whether it was made by Frank V or someone above him at ABC.

I agree and have made comments of the same many times. I’m not a big fan of Elizabeth’s but he brought out the best of her in many ways. I miss them as a family. They were one of the brighter parts of the show, such a loss.

I have watched roger howarth since he started on one life to live. His character is to laid back. He can crush any roll but he needs to have a more aggressive story line

Roger always comes through with comedic behavior no matter what character he’s playing. Tired of the flitting eyes and foolish gestures. I no longer can even see him as a believable doctor on the show let alone a gangster.

I fail to see whats attractive in Holt

What a loss for you. You are missing one of the best talents on the show.

The character of Austin is such a fail. GH should bring back Franco. Roger and Maura don’t have romantic chemistry, just a friend vibe. Roger’s best chemistry on GH is still with Becky.

Isn’t it amazing how we all see these pairing of couples so differently?

Loved seeing Mason getting the crap beat out of him by Ned/Eddie and Carly stamping on his foot, especially with those big clod-hoppers she wears, at least they sound big. Can’t wait to see what this guy is all about, especially if Sonny gets a hold of him, but first he’s got to help Sasha and take care of that bitch Gladys and her Dr. cohort.0

I still can’t figure out how to edit so I’m just saying that I hope getting knocked around by Mason will bring Ned back. God forbid that mother of his gets him committed somehow, maybe even Sasha’s Dr. Evil. Wouldn’t that be something?

Best conclusion to that scene would be Ned getting his memory back, and Carly hitting that idiot Mason hard enough to kill him.

But I wouldn’t bet your soul on either of those actually happening, unfortunately.

Satan…Yes, Perfect time for Ned to get his memory back. But No to killing Mason or any other bad people. Let the courts deal with them. Just wish they didn’t take so long. Plus, while I’m not a Carly fan at all, she wouldn’t then be fighting a murder charge because she didn’t hit him in self defence.

You are reading my mind! Two birds with one stone.

I do not like that new christen she is horrible


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Kristen appeared on One Life to Live from 1998-2012 and next appeared on General Hospital from 2012-2015.

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Photo: ABC

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Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

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