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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Monaco, Thompson, Miller & Herbst Play Out The Jason Reveal!



On Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, the beginning of the fallout of the Jason (Billy Miller) reveal began to play out as two couples lives and relationships will be forever shaken.  But who will end up with whom in the end?

Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Jason Thompson (Patrick) delivered top notch performances as the lovebirds struggled with what do now with the information, and the reality that Sam’s husband, Jason is indeed alive and has been in Port Charles for the paat year or more as  Jake Doe.

Patrick tries to tell Sam he experienced a very similar situation when Robin (Kimberly McCullough), who was believed-to-be-dead, returned during his wedding to Sabrina (Teresa Castillo).  Patrick related to Sam that sometimes it’s difficult to go back in time, people change.  That statement by Patrick also was noted on social media by fans of the series, who felt that his remark did not ring true for long time GH viewers, and Scrubs fans.

Meanwhile, Billy Miller and Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) delivered another complex and well-performed scene on the bridge, where Elizabeth wants Jason to still marry her.  She is also hiding the fact she has known for month’s his true identity! He tells her he has to figure out who Jason Morgan is since he has no recollection of his former life, and since he has heard some not so great things about his former self.  Because of that,  he doesn’t feel right marrying Liz at this time.  He still tells Liz he loves her, and does go home with her.

Sam and Patrick also go home from the church with each other, but when Patrick gets ready for bed, Sam is not there.  Instead, she delivered Jason’s motorcycle to him at Elizabeth’s, telling her husband that she has been keeping it for him all of this time.   But painfully for Sam, it doesn’t appear to jog any memory.

So, what have you thought of the performances thus far in the Jason reveal and fallout of : Kelly Monaco, Jason Thompson, Billy Miller and Rebecca Herbst?  Has the reveal been solid drama, or anti-climatic for you?  Do you think the journey of the story long term is that Sam and Jason will fall in love all over again?  Will this reveal begin to usher Patrick off the canvas, since Jason Thompson is soon exiting the series, and Kimberly McCullough is back for a return?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I loved all the performances by Becky, kelly, Billy and jason. What I didn’t like is what he said about robin, that going back to her was a huge mistake. I hope that when robin returns, and Patrick realizes that robin has been kidnapped this entire time, I hope he apologizes. Once again Patrick proved his hate towards Jason. Liz is completely out of her delusional min, kudos to Becky as she has given a brilliant performance these past few months. The scene where sam takes Jason’s bike made me cry, but at least sam has class, unlike liz.


I am very unimpressed with the whole so called “big reveal”. I expected a lot more and am a bit dissappointed!!!!

I’m with you!


Hey Jimh, I’m right with ya!

IT’S COMING…Monica’s tête-à-tête with Jason will require a box of Kleenex
or two….

Yep, itll be a tearjerker hallmark moment until we later learn he isnt Jason-thats if Billy Miller decides to leave the show!…lol

I have the same question.

Monica is coming I am sure…remember this all happened in one night, and it is fitting that Sam would find out Jason is alive in the former of Jake before Monica

she will return for their tearjerker hallmark moment then we blink and she is gone until a year later when we learn he isnt Jason!…lol

I am okay with not seeing aor of Monica…she is a vet I know, but overrated

I agree. The first to play this out should definitely be Sam, Jason, Patrick, and Elizabeth (hope she gets what’s coming to her soon), and then spread across the canvas with Monica and the family being next. I do hope they bring Monica into scenes with him before Sonny.

I hope Laura gets a story of her own instead of this “Dear Abby” stuff the writers have been given her!!!

Where she has been for a decade in moth balls clawing her way to get out and show these youngsters how it’s done!

What would truly be great is when Monica finds out Liz knew he was Jason she takes her side because no one was a bigger manipulator to get what she wanted then Monica. Monica lied about AJ’s parentage to keep Rick Webber cheated on Liz’s father with Rick Webber to not take advantage of the history is criminal. I mean it is sitting right there to be played out Monica has always hated Carly for what she did to both her boys why would she side with that loud mouth and have him be a hit man again.

Say what??

Monica and Jason will have their tearjerker-hallmark moment then she will disapear for an year only to return briefly when they reveal he isnt Jason after all(thisnif Billy Miller leaves)…lol

@CeeCee The first comment was sarcasm that they have not used a great actress in forever LC/Monica is a good actress she just needs the material. The writers need to research the history of her character and why would Monica want Jason to be around Sonny & Carly again? I am simply giving another side to the story that is Jason was going to be a Doctor the apple of their eye he gets brain damage and he becomes a thug. If you had a chance at getting your son back and not having him be a murdering thug would you not choose that ? Just throwing out what I would do if I was writing for the soap.

The reason I said ‘say what’, Kay, is because I always get confused when I see all these unfamiliar names, such as Rick Webber? I thought Monica was married to Alan. Are you saying she had an affair with this Rick guy? Then Jim said there is a Jeff Webber? Wow…. I am too lazy to read up on these people…lol
Is Liz Rick’s daughter? Wow!

Thanks, Kay. I see a little clearer now. So, Monica was a bad girl? Tsk, tsk. Typical soap…lol.

Yeah, where IS Monica???!!! Apparently she missed the memo.

Jeff Webber who Monica was married to when she first came on I think is Liz’s dad and we never have really known who her Mom was. When Monica later married Alan I think she was still in love with Rick the brother who married Lesley/Laura’s Mom long story and that is how Laura got the Webber name just all I was saying was that it would be good if they delve into some history of the show. My understanding however is that Jake saw Sonny and was not thrilled that he was being gushed over. Billy Miller has too much personality that will be wasted if they make him Stone Cold again. I guess just once I would like to read or see Carly & Sonny get destroyed I dislike both characters immensely.

Haven’t tuned in to #GH for a while. Tuned in for the reveal. Saw nothing to make me stay. Just not dramatic, just not engaging. Not much has changed on GH. The same formula, big story/reveal, given limited time, scenes that aren’t long enough and held for the end of each segment and jumbled up with the other stories. After a year, it deserved more time and attention, the Anna/Paul scenes and Sonny/Ava stuff were a distraction.

You don’t have an entire episode, full hour, devoted to the reveal, but you make it more prominent and you build enough continuity and structure so that the other scenes away from the reveal are somehow related.

And why wasn’t Monica, Michael and Sonny there? The scene should have had all of Jason’s family and loved one’s there, Spinelli too. This fell completely flat and now how long will it take for these people to find out and will it really be dramatic? Carly is going to tell Sonny and bring him Jason. Those follow up scenes would have happened anyway. The reveal was the key. The initial reactions, everyone together, that would have been dramatic.

Frank always does this. He drags things out, thinking he has viewers on a string, keeping them engaged. Keep watching, you don’t want to miss when Monica finds out! Sonny finds out! Spinelli finds out! If they could write a proper and compelling story, people would be engaged, they would keep watching to see the story unfold after everyone knows.

So it is typical GH at the hands of Frank. Everything is same Bat time, same Bat channel. Keep tuning in because we’re dragging things out as an alternative to writing a dramatic and compelling story.

Someone please tell me why Monica would be at Jake & Liz’s wedding? Why do I keep seeing this? Am I missing something? It makes no sense to me. She has no connection to Jake Doe other than tea 1 time. Why would she be at Liz’s wedding? And they said where she was anyway. She was babysitting Danny. Monica is going to find out because it’s in the spoilers.

I don’t know why Sonny would be at Jake’s wedding. He hates Jake. Sonny is paralyzed. He’s been in the hospital for 2 months, because the writers are being way more thorough-no more insta-miracle cures. He can’t go to a wedding. He shouldn’t have went to court but it was a custody hearing. He was there which is more important than Liz’s wedding. He has no idea Jake is Jason.

Michael probably was going to be there before they moved Avery’s custody hearing up to the same day. He had to testify there. He was at Jake’s bachelor party the night before.

Unless I’m forgetting connections, it would’ve been completely RC plot-point ridiculous for Monica or Sonny to be there. Laura could’ve been there for Liz but she’s raging mad at her right now. Spinelli could’ve should’ve been there but he was in town & had to leave for an emergency. They could’ve kept him there. He is coming back though. Seems they intentionally just let the main players learn first & now they’re going person by person all over town revealing it to folks like Sonny & Michael-I like it because these writers are much more thorough w/longer scenes but for Friday & Monday’s shows. They were intentionally cutting the scenes a certain way though.

I agree they should’ve dedicated the whole show to the reveal like they did w/Fluke reveal.

Monica would be there because she knows Elizabeth for twenty years, she was close to her family, you know the Hardy’s, and they worked at the same hospital for over a decade, she was technically her boss. Oh and Monica’s daughter was her best friend. Ever been to a wedding that had like 200 people? Is every guest extremely close to the bride or groom? Are there colleagues? Bosses? Friends of the family? Parents of your friends?

Why would sonny be there? Hmm, let’s see, maybe since Carly is there and part of the wedding, her husband would be there too. That’s generally how it works, spouses are invited to weddings as well aren’t they?

There’s no good reason for them not to be there and putting them there would makes sense.

Well put, Laurie. Why, indeed. There was no reason for Monica to be there, albeit she should have been the first to receive a call from Carly. Not Michael, not Sonny, not anyone except Sam. But since Sam was at the wedding, Carly, as a mother should have had the wherewithal to call Monica.

Thanks Matilda. I should’ve added that there wasn’t but about 12 people there at the wedding. The pews were bare, and the 3 folks Lucas threw out were extras!! I can see in a large wedding where half the cast would be there, esp since big sweeps events & shockers happen during such events. Then the writers write lame excuses to fit characters that shouldn’t be there in, like they did at Liz & Jake’s wedding w/Hayden. I think it was the fact that only a few strays were there. I do agree that was so odd to me. It could have been for shooting reasons? R Carlivati would’ve thrown the whole town in.

I get Monica but Sonny hates Jake. Jake did just save his life, so I can see him going for Carly, but he is paralyzed, so that gave him a good reason not to go. I thought more folks would be there as well. I guess they wanted to spread the news all over town person by person.

Why would Michael and Monica be at Liz and (Jake’s) wedding? And Sonny was in the hospital.

Was very disappointed in the entire reveal. Loved that Spinelli and Carly were the key people involved … but wanted the tramp Liz (and I use this term freely since every guy she goes to bed with .. she gets pregnant – and she will again or already is pregnant – and wants every guy she can’t have – all in typical soap opera style) to be at least ASKED if she was aware of this situation… and she wasn’t. UGH… frustrating. She lied by omission, again, but did not hesitate to remind Jason of THEIR son. She is not taking any responsibility for keeping him from his wife and OTHER son.. and this is entirely on her and Nikolas. I wanted her to fess up – and at the least, get a SLAP from either Carly or Sam – or both! I have been watching GH for nearly 45 years… they had good and bad storylines… but this one is deplorable, I have always disliked the Liz character but this time – I’m over the top annoyed. I want to see her pay for her deception – and writers… not wait until Billy (who is FABULOUS in this part – love his Jake/Jason and I hope he sticks around) comes back from vacation – Please do not let it drag on again. He’s got to be angry with her!! The entire GH fan watchers is ANGRY with her… come on – a little satisfaction. Love the chemistry between him and Sam.. even the other Jason… loved the chemistry. And where the heck is Robin??? She created this face. The Paul Hornsby storyline is garbage (again, poor Tracey – she can’t cut a break) – Valerie should go away – annoying – and lastly Ava – she needs to pay for her behavior too… but all in all … LOVE GH – it’s my soap of choice. haha.

Patrick looked heartbroken, deep down inside knowing this was the beginning
of the end for them…Sam’s head was reeling from what she’d just discovered….
Everyone needs to catch there breath and exhale …
The pressure is on Jason to remember his past….the Lions R at the gate &
they all want a piece of him.

I felt so bad for Patrick, BUT, he did leave poor Sabrina when Robin returned so I guess, payback is rearing its ugly face. Still — Jason Thompson and his expressions are top notch always. He will be missed! I actually quite enjoyed Sam & Patrick.

Ces…I agree. Jason Thompson is phenomenal. As I mentioned in another comment…though I hate that he’s leaving the show…and admittedly there’d be big shoes to fill…I’d rather a recast than have Patrick and Emma leave. I think the Drake family is important with or without Robin, I like their connection to Anna…and I think it’d be interesting to keep all the players in this now tangled web of love in town…

I would hate to see a recast of Dr. Drake; I’d rather he just go off into the sunset with Robin if that’s why Kim M. is coming back for. I do like their connection to Anna and she does need some connection there, I agree. Just can’t imagine anyone else playing Dr.Drake.

I agree, ces. I don’t know Robin and Patrick as a couple, but if they are both to leave, it is only right they leave together. ….especially if Patrick and Sam are over. Too bad it is the end of another era for these characters. I wish Emma would stay, though. Sweet kid. Later.

Im not a fan of Robin but they should goto together. Maybe they can age Emma to 20 like Ciera on Days and she can stay. Lol

I think that Sam came to life for me. She exhibited emotions I never would have known she had. She was actually crying, with tears. I actually saw emotion, pain and disbelief wash/cross over her face. I kind of did a double-take. I was shocked, as I certainly did not expect this from a character who had been colorless until now. I saw so much sadness, regret of what could have been. And, I felt compassion as she tried so hard to be in the present with Patrick. As I have already stated on the other site, Sam looked like a lost little bird sitting on that bed, seemingly alone…. But, her actions were robotic, done by rote….her mind, a million miles away.
I am experiencing these opposing forces within myself. Sam? The character without a personality showing palpable sorrow, as never before? Kelly gave an impressive rendition of the wounded wife whose life has turned into one gaping, cavernous abyss. I will not categorize Kelly’s performance as stellar or Emmy-worthy. But, she certainly stirred something inside me which I thought was impossible for her to do.
All I can say is…..I would love to see more of this hidden talent Kelly is able to deliver, when she gets in touch with her buried emotions.
I am sorry to say, I did not get the same ‘feel’ for Patrick. He was average. I must say though, he looked so hot….love him in longer hair. I wonder if his new role calls for long hair….love to see that…well, not too long.

hi CeeCee..
Sam is an excellent cryer..
She sniveled and emotionally cried through her relationship with Silas..
A mountain high of Kleenex … lol

Sam is empty of a personality outside of her crying and monotone existence lol
Sam has always been bland.. One good cry scene (her forte) will not change the yawn of her..

The best actress in that mess is Laura/Carly.. She is a constant/unremitting great performer, all her scenes are power, not just one crying outburst..
And as always, the Queen /Maura/Ava bringing it home!! She never fails.
And– Maurice/Sonny is phenomenal / BRAVO for Maurice..

CeeCee, good to see you really enjoying the last few days of GH! 🙂

Fantastic post, Su. Very informative. Yup, I am enjoying GH right now.
I was also brought to tears with Sonny and Jason coming together. Something is going on with me. Lol. Who would have thought I would be moved by this meeting? But, I was. This was also the first time that Sonny’s acting was half-way believable. He did ok. I still do not like him, though. Lol. That scraggly, dirty-looking beard has got to go! Makes him look even more scruffy, oily and swarthy. Bye, Su.

Laura Wright is always ON! She rocks everything she does!!

Kelly Monaco did some good work finally — she does expression well at least.

Can’t say anything about Elizabeth – I really despise this character! Hope Jason never talks to her again once this is all revealed. despicable.

Hello, ces, my friend.
Your take on Liz is perfect. Yes, if Jason cares about preserving his dignity, he would never want to see her again. To live in the shadow of so much deceit ……hurting so many people should be unforgivable. Miss Lizzie had no qualms; no guilt-pangs when she schemed, pursued and executed her plans all the way to the altar ( Catholic Church, at that….which, again, throws me for a loop).
There are, however a few obstacles. Firstly, TPTB may want yo leave sleeping dogs lie. Secondly, if Jason does find out, he may forgive her because he loves her that much. Thirdly, he may really ‘like’ her bed. Lol. ‘Nite, ces.

,To LET sleeping dogs lie’. Autocorrect has gotten from bad to worse to worst.

@CeeCee…Sweets… What may also come into play (besides Robin’s return
+ the back story she & only she can provide Jason with..) is that Elizabeth
has lied to Jason in the past. Seeing Nick & Elizabeth together yet AGAIN
may trigger a sense of deja’ vu.. If NOT…they still don’t look kosher, more like
two conniving schemers up to no good… Even HE has to see what’s right in
front of his eyes, Love can’t be blind forever. Wouldn’t be the first time she’s
banked on his emotions & slight confusion to get her out of a tight spot.
He will catch on…when he does, the pieces of his past will fall into place &
Elizabeth won’t have a chance to make up for all the wrongs she has done.

@CeeCee….And here I thought I was the only one who found Sonny’s “Weirdo Beardo” to be totally disgusting! Even though “Dimples” is certainly not my cup of tea, MB has an impeccably groomed style, and as such, should not be departing from his signature look. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Great performances by all.

Couple of things…here goes Carly again asking Jason to run to her side. I don’t care WHAT her problems are! The way she dismisses. Sam…his WIFE…and for all intents and purposes Elizabeth who at this point as far as anyone knows is as shocked as Sam… Carly thinks Jason should run to her because she needs him? Never mind that his wife just found out her husband is alive, or his fiance is heartbroken and confused (again, should appear that way because no one knows Liz knew). Anyway, pissing me off.

I didn’t mind Patrick’s statement. Though he left Sabrina I think he was torn…and I didn’t find Robin and Patrick’s bond as close when she came back. Too much time had passed, his love with Sabrina, his bond with Sabrina over their son…people, feelings change. I love Jason Thompson and wish he wasn’t leaving. But I’d rather a recast then have Patrick and Emma leave. Great stories ahead if all pArties involved remained in port Charles…

Thing is-
Jake is Jake, not yet Jason. Jake is empty of Jason’s life.
Jake loves Liz .. Jake does not love Sam ..
Jake has no past, he is now Jake..

No doubt at some point in time he will recall Jason but will he emotionally from his soul revert back to Jason after living his life as Jake?
That question will not be answered until spring 2016, I betcha .. lol

It sounds logical, su. I think it will take that long for Jake to find Jason. But, will his essence be overwhelmingly Jake ? And, as you say, he may be too emotionally bound to Jake, and will not want to remember. Mind over matter. I wonder; was Jason Q so different from Jake Doe? As long as he will not succumb to Sonny and revert back to Jason Morgan, then all will be well.

Hi Su…just so you know…I replied to you but it wound up out of sequence and is way down the page. Lol…there are worse things in life! Later…

I agree that they all gave wonderful performances, but IMO, no one played out the performance as well as Kelly Monaco and Laura Wright. Wright didn’t miss a beat when she discovered Jake was actually Jason. Then came the wedding interruptance! Much as I love Becky Herbst, it was Kelly Monaco who stole the show on this one. Who couldn’t feel her pain when Jason told he had no recollection of and no feelings about his past with Sam. I have long been a champion for Kelly Monaco, but I had forgotten just how amazing she could be until these scenes. I was never a fan of Steve Burton as I feel he lacked the depth that a character as complex as Jason needs. I am sure I will get slack for that, but it is my opinion nine the less. That aside I did always like the character of Jason and loved Jason and Sam as despite my distaste for Steve Burton the chemistry between Jason and Sam was simply undeniable. Then when Burton left and Jason “died” I was all for Sam moving on with Silas. Of course that didn’t last and then she entered Patrick’s orbit and wow they were amazing. Then Liz and Jake hooked up and I liked them. I was not looking forward to this reveal at all. Now that it has played out Kelly Monaco and her brilliant performance has totally changed my view on this storyline and once again I find myself hoping for a Jason and Sam reunion. Billy Miller has not only made this role his own, but redefined the role. I know I might get slack again, but Miller is much more believable and likable in this role. Ad for the chemistry between Jason and Sam all I can say is it is every bit as strong now if not more with Miller in the role. GH does a great job creating electrifying couples Sonny and Carly, Alexis and Julian, Dante and Lulu but Jason and Sam stand high above them all IMO. The defining moment in this episode for me was when Sam showed up at Liz’s doorstep to return the bike to Jason that “she didn’t have the heart to sell.” Like it or not theor pull back together has started. Monaco was amazing in these scenes… totally Emmy worthy!

I realize that this is November sweeps time. All the dramas are trying to outdo each other with huge plot devices and show off events. GH has managed to tell a great story with classy and well acted performances. Start with Billy Miller. Dear Lord that man’s acting genius knows no limits. Laura Wright has blown me away with her balance of joy/frustration/anger/happiness. She just excels every single time. Rebecca Herbst with her obsession for Jason. She has been manipulative. She has lied. She has cried. She has even tried to make others feel sorry for her and has done it SO well. I am so impatient waiting for her to “get” hers so to speak. She needs to be exposed for all she has done but it is still understandable in that her obsession has her completely blind to acceptable behaviors. Tyler Christopher and Rebecca Budig have me entranced by their sneaky, passionate and just plain wrong romance based on lies, deception and mistrust. It is one of the best couplings on the show. Jason Thompson has delivered over and over again as the love sick man pining for a woman he knows deep in his heart he will never have. And finally Kelly Monaco. Her reactions to the reveal made my heart HURT. She wasn’t overly dramatic. She wasn’t yelling and screaming. She wasn’t saying oh woe is me…She reacted and had real questions about what was happening right in front of her. Her husband is back. The father of her child. She is married still and yet her husband is not familiar to her and has no memories of their life together. How tragic. How painful. She has run with these scenes and stolen my heart in the process. There are so many more characters who will react when they find out Jason is back. Monica, of course, but Sonny, Michael, Jason’s children and so many others. Kudos to GH for not going “drama crazy” with this reveal but making it a slow burn and making me care about what is to come. Every one knows that pain that lasts a long time has more of an effect than a quick explosion. I love GH right now. I think I love it the most of all the other shows I watch. Mostly due to the great cast. I know people are not in love with the new writing regime at GH but let me say that they are miles ahead of other shows who are telling stories from the 80’s (DAYS) or stories from a cancelled night time show (Y&R). I am so excited by what GH is doing. Thank you to the amazing cast of GH. You all make my watching worth it.

I suppose Patrick represents all the brooding, forlorn lovers immortalized in prose…..Romeo, Hamlet, Heathcliff, Oliver Mellors; to name a few. Not many get a happy ending. Poor, poor Patrick. I hope he finds happiness wherever he’s headed next.

@CeeCee Sweets…You had me at Heathcliff….. As for Patrick he’ll reach
out to Robin she’ll return to help him through, once they resolve their issues
they’ll leave Port Charles together. Hopefully not before Robin has a chance
to explain & clarify things to Jason. She maybe the switch that turns the light

Mateo…you’ve really summed GH for me, too. Add today’s reveal between Billy and Maurice to Laura, Rebecca, Kelly and Patrick’s performances. OMGoodness. Their subtle/not-so-subtle, facial expressions and their searching eyes when they looked at each other was incredibly moving. We know Billy has range, but it was especially great to see Sonny shine and show he can do more than have temper tantrums. It’s been a while. And I love Nik and Hayden.

Hello, ma chere. It hadn’t even dawned on me that Robin could hold the key to Jason’s lost memories. Good one, Fanny.
And, yes, it is the only logical assumption that Robin and Patrick will leave together. Perhaps, they will be medical missionaries to third-world countries. And Emma? Let’s hope she stays behind with Anna. I would hate to lose this one-of-a-kind, sweet little girl.

@CeeCee..Sweet little Emma will remain in Port Charles with Anna
hence the NEW home… Obviously Robin won’t be able to answer all
unanswered questions regarding Jason…considering she doesn’t share
Helena’s penchant for CRAZY, however she can fill in some important blanks.

Monica should be here for this! I hope he remembers being Jason Q.

I did say Monica would show up at Liz’s doorstep… and, she did. Surprisingly., Liz summoned her. Ha!

It was odd for Sam and Patrick when they got ready for bed as it should be. Sam wants to run to Jason and she did! First, I didnt know she could drive a motorcycle, but more importantly, secondly, how the hell did she get home? I hope she didnt hitch a ride with Kiki!

Jake did go home with Liz because he doesnt remember Jason yet so it makes sense for him to do this because he feels closest to Liz UNTIL the beans spill.

I love the white hot energy that Nick and Hayden have. I think her faking her memory loss is only the beginning of surprise she has for the Prince!

Sonny and Ava in court was laughable with a capital L! Why would everyone leave them alone during the recess? Then you knew Ava would goad Sonny boy into blowing his top! HOWEVER, the judge sucks because yes Sonny threatened to kill Ava but he was provoked! Very weak moment there on thee writers part.

Morgan is a MORON! Kiki runs his mother down and he dismisses it since she didnt die! He is an empty shell!

You’re back, Timmmbo. ” I hope she didn’t hitch a ride with Kiki!” Ha! That’s the Timmm I know. The one-two punchline.
I feel so sorry for Jason. He feels lower than low….the lowest of human form. Where else was he going to go? The only place which is familiar to him…the only place he knows as home. ENTER Monica. This should be the perfect time for Monica to show up at Liz’s doorstep. I think TPTB completely forgot Monica exists. They need a kick in the arse and the head to shake them up a bit. SOMEONE TELL MONICA, PLEEEEASE!!
OOOOO, yeah, Timmm. Hayden and Nik. I can’t say what I want to, but I can think it! Hot, hot, hot. But, they will get what’s coming to them sooner or later. Who is Hayden’s mystery ‘partner’? Paul?
You are right about the phony courtroom drama. It is soooo unlikely for proceedings to take this clownish twist, Timmm. “Here come the jesters, 123…” (BAD COMPANY). Both attorneys are baffonish…pitting two murderers against each other. ( As an aside, Timmm. I hope Jason is Jason Quartermaine, so that when he ‘comes to’ he will forever hate Sonny for killing his brother AJ).

However, Timmm, the judge considers Sonny violent, regardless the provocation. He should be able to control those instincts. Sonny fell for it….more fool he for underestimating a scorned woman. Yes?
Morgan? He’s a moron, you say? Even morons can discern right from wrong, as feeble-minded as they are. Morgan has a much more serious impediment….his brain lacks white matter ( I said this on another site). It boggles the mind why he is portrayed this way. Is it his fake bipolar disorder? Lol
Bye, luv-ya.

Baffoonish….I try, Timmm. Unfortunately, autocorrect thinks it’s smarter than we are.

I will wait patiently for Momica! If they fail to bring her and Jason to the forefront I will be pissed off! Right now he is struggling. Initially, I expected more from Billy Miller BUT he is playing this right. He still doesnt feel or know Jason. Like on Wednesday, I know you dont like Sonnybucks but I cried to see the emotions pour out of Sonny when he realized Jason was standing before him. Jason didnt show much emotion. I get it because he doesnt remember how close he was to Sonny. Eventually he will and he will get emotional and display his feelings. However sweetheart, I am with you, I hope Jason remembers he is a Q and not an M! I dont think it will go that way but the hospital needs doctors or future doctors! And speaking of Corinthos’, Morgan, he is a moron but what about the Bipolar? They havent mentioned it in weeks! Is he cured? He never had it? Has the story been dropped? See ya CeeCee, back at ya!

We all were waiting for Monica to make an appearance, Timmm. And, TPTB did not disappoint. Read my response, from today, I made to Shay. Later, my friend. Hugs.

sam probably did walk home because jason & elizabeth live around the corner from each other…………………

You are SO right, Timmm! Morgan is a moron, and one with an absolutely heinous haircut at that! By the way, love your “Momica” moniker for MamaQ.!

This entire story would have played better if Liz had been kept in the dark. Where’s the suspense when it’s a foregone conclusion that Jasam will reunite ? If Liz had not known you’d wonder who Jason would pick. Plus, throwing Liz under a bus is so played out. I do hope Jason continues to be appalled by the life he lived as a murderer. Jason Q was lost after the car accident & he became Jason Morgan. Jason Morgan needs to be lost after this accident and he becomes Jason #3. GH has way too many criminals. They aren’t heroic or good no matter how GH tries to paint them

Not so sure who I want Jason to be with. And why tie him down at this point…it’s way too early. I really like your idea of a Jason #3 rising from the ashes and becoming his own man. Which will probably incorporate parts of Jason # 1&2.

Jason 3.0, not a bad idea.

DNA compared from criminal database. Jake has been arrested in the last year. Why then was no comparison made then. No one knew to compare him with Jason. The performances were fine. However, I am tired of the drag out of this story. I agree where is Monica. I hope Jake will think to go see his mother. Memories or not.

At some point the Cassidines ?? removed his DNA from the database. I can’t recall when in this long saga this occurred.

Interesting, Anne. What if Jake is not Jason at all? Did someone already say that? What if someone, such as Helena or Tracy even, did a DNA switcheroo? …..for whatever reason? Again, I have that uncomfortably sneaking suspicion the writers don’t know where to take this concept. Tracy, suddenly being en league with Hayden sounds extremely last minute, and contrived.
Enter, Robin in captivity? Again? I had no idea. I must have missed that part. THE PERILS OF ROBIN…..all over again. Too many people involved with Jason’s tapestry of a travesty. WOW!!!!
I would like for Jason to be well-ensconced in his mother’s house until such time as he remembers more and more. However, I can understand his misery and restlessness to find himself. Especially if he has an intrepid soul. Later, Anne.

Susan Moore was Jason’s biological mother.

Oh…did not know that. Then, again, Jeffrey…I don’t know much about most of the characters’ family history.

The actors are great and the performances are solid. The story has been dragged out too long, making it all somewhat anticlimactic. HOWEVER…this could all be worth it if the writers are savvy enough to have Jake remember his identity as Jason Quartermaine and NOT Jason Morgan. This would make for EPIC soap opera as all of Jason Morgan’s sycophants would have to be kept at arm’s length by a Jason who seeks to embrace his past as an upstanding member of the community; one who cannot fathom his transformation into a cold blooded killer and mob enforcer. The drama and emotional conflicts for all involved would be gripping. Please writers – don’t mess this up! Long live GH!

ALL couples BORE me..
The only (not exactly a couple) that is intriguing is—
(drum roll)
Nikolas and Hayden … 🙂

The (actual couple) that is intriguing is–
(drum roll)
Franco and Nina..
//waiting for them to get it on, kinky sex!!….. hopefully.., 🙂

All other couples are too feminine ..
and I could give a crapola about their love gone wrong problems.. yawn .

That’s because Nick and Hayden are hot together. They sizzle. I can see a million and one sparks whenever they’re all over each other, suzie Q.

I think the performances were great all around. And supposedly Liz is going to tell Monica that Jason is alive. And I’m sorry but I hope Jason stays with Liz. Of course he will remember the bad old days, but I think this is more Jason Q than M, and he will be ashamed and horrified of the life he led.

A life enabled by Sam & Carly. Why should Jason go back to Sam? Cause they were married? He essentially rejected her when he wasn’t 100% certain the kid was his. (The fact they’ve had Danny running up to him is a silly, outdated dramatic device).

Elizabeth is the one who trusted him & fell in love with him when he was Jake. Before she knew he was Jason. I think he’ll be angry when he finds out, but he’ll understand. And I agree that Monica will support anything that keeps him away from Sonny & Carly.

Sam has no more claim on him than Elizabeth. I always saw Liz with Nikolas. But there’s so much natural chemistry with Becky & Billy that it would be a shame to waste it. And let’s stop badmouthing Liz for having 3 kids by different fathers since Carly & Alexis are in the SAME position and Sam was pregnant by Sonny.

I am tired of Liz getting thrown under the bus–not sure why they ever wrote it showing that she knew. They still haven’t explained why Nik become an attempted murderer. I think they intended to throw Liz under that bus–before they show the chemistry between her and Billy.

We’ll see what happens. But so far the new headwriters have added a lot of emotional layers (still too much Sonny on my screen).

I think the new Jason is going to be excellent. I think he will back away from both liz and sam but draw closer to his son.

Which son? He has two, Susan. I would hope he gets to know both equally, as a father. Later.

I really, really liked the reveal, although my heart wasn’t pounding like it did during RC’s sweeps or reveals. I do like the more in-depth dialogue w/JP & SA.

But 1st before I go on-someone please tell me why I keep seeing comments on social media about how Monica & Sonny should’ve been at Jake Doe & Liz’s wedding. Monica has only had tea w/Jake Doe 1 time. He’s a stranger to her. She’s not that close to Liz is she? Sonny’s paralyzed, in a wheelchair & has been in the hospital for 2 months. He shouldn’t even have been in court yesterday. He hates Jake Doe. He’s not that close to Liz. I don’t get it. Neither knew he was Jason. What am I missing?

I think some viewers just wanted to see a big group reaction all at once, but I personally like the reveal is taking place slowly so I can savor the moments instead of being force to choose whose face to focus on if the news came out with everyone there at the same time. Your logic is sound it would have been totally OOC for Monica or Sonny to be there, the only thing missing is patience on some fans to wait for everything to come out at the proper time.

I hope Jake will not become the old Jason. I wasn’t watching when SB played Jason so I am not familiar with the history but I thought it ultra creepy of Carly dragging the poor guy and presenting him to Sonny like some kind prize possession. I didn’t care for it, nor do I wish to see Jake become a thug for the mob.

Ahh, Mary, you are so wise….and, right.


i was happy how everything is playing out and was happy with all the actors performances. i was thinking how all this would of played out under RC and the first thing that came to mind is that the jason reveal would of dragged out on screen till the last minute of the show, so i was so happy that it came out during the beginning of the show. what a relief. I can’t wait for Robin to come home, i think she will really help Jason and a lot of people should be thanking her for bringing him back to life and sacrificing her family for him..

I enjoyed the reveal but it’s clearly a mess. I’m so glad that’s NOT my life.
Liz revealed she knew cleverly, it was well written for her to speak.
I think it’s too late for Sam & Jason and I don’t think they click well at all.
Touching scene with Sonny & Jason today.

I have been watching GH for twenty years. I have seen the best and worst of storylines. Fantastic and horrendous acting. I’m always disappointed by the lack of appreciation for Beckys abilities as an actress. I am truly neither a Jasam or Liason fan. I loved LL2 back in the day. Sam has never been a favorite character of mine I find her extremely dull to watch, but she was fantastic in the reveal episode. But after twenty years whether a Liz fan or a Liz hater can we all just say kudos to Becky for sticking with the character of Liz and always giving it her best effort in every scene. She has taken so much hate over the years and been dragged through so much character shame. Someone needs to give that girl a medal and say thank you for giving day time depth.

You are 100% right on. Becky is amazing and she’s matched in abilities so well with Billy Miller. They are so expressive without having to say a word.

I have never understood why she didn’t get the accolades she so richly deserves, but it’s about time.

Elizabeth & Jason are magic–and I hope the people in charge are smart enough to see that and take advantage of it

Never did like Liarson…she is,a habitual liar..
Jasam is one of the best couples

It’s too much Liarson on this board

I am aware Susan Moore is Jason’s birth mother. However, Monica considers him to her son. I am not a fan of the mob stories on GH. Thus I would love it if Jason exhibits more Jason Q qualities and Jason Morgan. I agree it would be interesting if Monica takes Liz’s side.

Lol Su…I hope not. We’ve waited long enough..but I do think they can get some great dramatic leverage as Jakeson searches his soul for his identity…and the fallout for everyone involved. Which includes Patrick. Recast!

Perhaps now Liz will finally be developed as a character again. Thanks GH writers for making her the most detested character on the show. For years she has been written as a prop for Robin/ Patrick – Jason / Sam – But now there is hope! Hope that maybe the character of Elizabeth will be recharged. If not, this fan will be disappointed…yet again. Kudos to the reveal.

I hope Elizabeth loses Jason in the next few weeks. The sooner it happens – the sooner the rehabilitation of the character should begin.

Yes you got it right!!!

Monica will find out very soon. MY WAY of her finding out is for Derek Wells to publish a story in his paper with the headline “JASON IS ALIVE, BUT WHICH JASON?” Monica would see that and go into a tailspin! I dont want her to hurt but it give the actress an amazing scene to act out on TV.

I wasn’t at all surprised by Sam’s reaction to the Jake/Jason reveal. It quickly became all about her and her eye-leaking feelings. She certainly didn’t waste much breath on what Jason must have gone through.

Carly’s reaction was totally in character: Jason is her crutch, the one she feels she has deserved and therefore must have regardless.

The first time one of two female dogs mention “having the truth out here” I will throw a brick through the tv screen. Neither character has even a nodding acquaintance with the truth.

If Jason Morgan, Sonny’s bestest mob killer and Carly’s bestest friend, is resurrected and reinserted into the show, I will stop watching after 50+ years of being a faithful viewer. The show went off the rails/jumped the shark when Maurice Bernard’s dimples became the star.

Cant,wait to,see Julian Jerome…interact,with,Jason Morgan

Remember Julian,said,he liked Patrick

This,is,gonna,be good!

I agree , loved the acting. However I do want Jason to be half Jason and half Jake.Also would like to see Sam fight for Jason,seems like a great 3 way plot. Sam, Liz and Robin…Hmmm

Breaking News

WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

Photo: JPI

As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Richard Simmons ‘Not Interested’ In Biopic with Pauly Shore Portraying Him

Former General Hospital guest star and fitness guru, the reclusive Richard Simmons, has come forward and addressed actor and comedian, Pauly Shore’s wish to play the 70’s and 80’s pop culture icon in a biopic about his life.

Shore previously took to social media and on X shared a side-by-side of him and Simmons. Accompanying the post, Pauly expressed: I’ve noticed the reactions to me playing #RichardSimmons in a biopic. I heard he’s living in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen, you guys. In the meantime, hit up all the big producers. I’ll see you at @TheAcademy 2025!”

However, TMZ’s sources are reporting on Saturday that Simmons is not in favor of Shore playing him in a film or anyone else, or any biopic on his life.

The outlet shared that Richard’s reaction was that he was aware of the effort behind a biopic, mostly spear-headed by Pauly. but that he just doesn’t want to be involved. Simmons also added that he likes Pauly a lot, but he’s not biting, despite the public’s urging on social media about the idea of a movie on his life.

Photo: ABC

Born Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons, he became part of the public conscious back in the 70’s and 80’s with exercise studios and the ability to help his clients lose weight; many of them were celebrities. Simmons himself, admitted to at one time to being overweight, and getting into fitness helped him maintain a healthy living style and he wanted to help others.

Later, he began a four-year recurring run on General Hospital playing himself from 1979-1983.  Simmons returned to the show in 2013 for the Nurses’ Ball to taunt Lucy (Lynn Herring). He also was host of the Emmy-award winning, The Richard Simmons Show, which focused on personal health, fitness, exercise, and healthy cooking.  Over the last several years, Simmons has withdrawn from public life.

What would you think of a Richard Simmons biopic and if it included some moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes of what went down when he appeared on GH? Do you think it will ever happen given Simmons current position on the matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s John J. York Reveals Potential Transplant Donor: “I Believe They Found a Match”

Promising news for General Hospital’s John J. York (Mac Scorpio). The actor who went public with his health battle shared Friday on Good Morning America that a life-saving blood stem cell transplant donor may have been located.

An emotional York told GMA, “I believe they found a match, perfect match, which will make me cry.  So we’re going to start our testing and do all that kind of stuff coming up here in about a week, and then I believe the transplant will happen, fingers crossed, in November.”

Through his association with the Be The Match organization, York located the now potential donor to help in his fight against myelodysplastic syndrome and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. “

Photo: JPI

York went on to explain the difficulties he faced in trying to find a match: “Many of my family members were tested and most of them were 6 out of 12; apparently there’s markers that have to be reached. So they were on standby.”

When asked just what the GH fan favorite would want to say if given the opportunity to speak to the donor that appears to be a match, in tears, John expressed: “Thank you for saving my life. For letting me spend more time with my wife and my daughter and my son-in-law and my grandchildren and seeing this beautiful blue sky.”

John has played Mac Scorpio for 32 years and until recently had kept his battle with these two blood cancers private, but came forward to clarify why he is taking time away from GH, and how he is been trying to find a life-saving donor match.

Watch York’s segment from GMA below.

Now, share your thoughts and well-wishes as John awaits the test results from his potential donor, to hopefully undergo this life-saving transplant in November via the comment section.

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