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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nelle Tricks Sonny, Alexis Is Stunned By A Phone Call From Julian!



Whoa Nelly! General Hospital has got quite the little schemer on their hands with the character of Nelle (Chloe Lanier)!

And now viewers have witnessed her first big maneuver! She slipped a little something into Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) drink, which basically made him quite out of it.  She then looks to have recorded it on her phone. Then on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama, Sonny wakes up and is shocked to find himself in bed with none other than Nelle. A confused Sonny still reeling from Nelle’s “news” that Carly (Laura Wright) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher) were sleeping together, questioned her on how they got to this place.

A tearful and lying Nelle says they were both lonely and needed each other, and that one thing let to another.  Nelle then cries that it shouldn’t have happened, and pleads with Sonny not to say anything to Carly.  After all, Carly has been so good to her, she would never wanted to betray her!  Yeah, right!

Carly and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) have to say goodbye to Jax, who is called back to Australia, because he learns his mother, Lady Jane, is quite ill.   It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but then Carly finally picks up her phone and sees the message left by Sonny.  She is now beginning to realize she has been tough on Sonny and is leaning towards making amends so they can both grieve the loss of their son together.

Later, Carly pays Sonny a visit just when he is upstairs with Nelle! When Carly and Sonny talk downstairs, as per usual, Nelle is eavesdropping as CarSon talk’s about Jason’s (Billy Miller) investigation of who planted the bomb in Julian’s (William deVry) car that killed Morgan.  She then admits to Sonny she has been punishing him, and it’s not fair, and wants them to try to heal together.  Just then, Carly looks up and sees two liquor glasses and asks Sonny, who was there with him last night?

Elsewhere, an unraveling Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) after receiving a visit from Jax (where she confessed to running down Julian and promises him she will seek rehab for her drinking problem) is trying to cope.  Later, Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) stops by.  She lets Alexis know that Julian is in the hospital.  She warns Alexis to be careful.  And from their conversation, Alexis gleans Julian doesn’t remember who ran him over!   Next thing you know, Alexis gets a phone call from Julian.  He tells her to come visit him in the hospital now.   It’s the least she could do!  Alexis becomes further unglued.   Will she hit the bottle some more before visiting Julian?

So, what did you think of Nelle’s plot thus far?  What will Alexis do now that it appears that Julian may know she is the responsible party for running him down and landing him in the hospital? Share your thoughts on GH’s latest plot developments in these storyline in the comment section below!

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Let’s get one thing straight here… if there is a “I’m pregnant ” story here then Nelle raped Sonny. If the story was being told from the other way around we would be screaming SONNY DATE RAPE DRUGGED NELLE AND THE CROWDS WOULD BE IN AN UPROAR.

It’s foolish the way the soap is writing this even if they didn’t sleep. As a gay man who was date raped with a drug, when I see a show depict it JUST to add drama to the reveal that Carly gave up a child decades ago is stupid, lame and a bad use of ink to paper.

Paul…So sorry to hear about your date rape experience. Gay or straight, it’s awful. As is seeing a young woman like Nelle in bed with Sonny, even though I think she set him up. Maybe I’m a little naive, but I wish they could tell stories without crossing certain pg lines during daytime.

Oh, yes!!! I had not thought of that, Paul. But we are on the same wave length with a possible pregnancy. So, Nell could have well ‘had her way’ with Sonny. Makes sense. Good assumption, Paul.

Paul, I am so sorry about the ordeal you had to suffer through. I was a little wary to mention it, but since Rose did respond so kindly, I thought it was OK for me to offer my feelings/regrets as well.
I hope the scars are somewhat healed. I do appreciate your sensitivity to such a scene……especially when treated as a triviality. Hugs!!

Hi all… thanks for the support. It was something I didn’t consider as rape because as a gay man we don’t normally see things the same. It was through discusssiona with a therapist that i discovered that it was rape. I’ve dealt with it properly and now lend support to others. That helps.

But it’s what disgusts me the most about GH In how it tells moronic stories without consequence. It’s 2016 and it’s clear the the lead writer is about to deliver the same story as when Carly came onto GH AND slept with Bobbies husband as revenge. NELLE will be Carly’s. Its important to call it out that drugging someone to sleep with them is rape.Y&R did it with Phyllis and the powers that be are refusing to call it rape so Victor gets away with it – he paid a man to be phyllis’ husband, to share her bed and of course her body. Yet Victor is able to taunt real Jack with the fact that Phyllis couldn’t tell the difference.

Both GH and Y&R are disgusting for not dealing with what they write. If you make someone a killer HAVE THEM PAY. If they rapeHAVE THEM PAY. If a character kills a child THEY MUST SUFFER! We will watch but we won’t accept lame excuses for why it should be forgotten.

Paul, yes the double standard applied to men in daytime drama (and by extension, in real life) is astounding.
Over ten years ago, Jax was raped by a woman–it was a clear cut and dry case of rape. Jax showed inklings of being traumatized but they never used the word rape and it was never explored within the story’s framework. There was a lot of controversy at the time but clearly, the writers have yet to be enlightened on this subject. Also, men can be victims of spousal abuse and adding to their sense of helplessness, they cannot defend themselves because they feel cannot strike a woman. So they suffer in silence. This is another issue with which we have yet to catch up. The end result of this non enlightenment is men who are victims of rape or physical abuse are incredibly shame based and therefore, they’re reluctant to step forward .
You brought up an important point, and I will step off my soap box now.


Great analysis here! You stated, “If you make someone a killer HAVE THEM PAY.” This is the main reason I am a broken record when it comes to GH Sonny. He never pays for any of his crimes or misdeeds. I won’t go off on a rant here — this time — but Sonny murdered AJ and got away with it. That situation and others like it, as you’ve outlined, do a disservice to the viewers, to real crime victims, and, quite honestly, to morality itself…

Not to intrude, but I also pass along my empathy with regard to your experience, as you’ve discussed. I also extend much admiration for your ability to seek therapy and subsequently lend support to others. Take care, Friend!

Hi again James! I sent you a message further down with a question but I’m not sure if it will post TOTALLY with you about AJ’s murder; that is THE crime on GH that still angers me. I’ve mentioned it several well as my anger that the writers switched gears and brought Michael (with Avery) back to Sonny. Total disrespect for AJ (though I could understand how conflicted Michael was…his love for Sonny). In that sense, I would have liked Sonny to pay for years to come. The total rejection by Michael…Michael becoming a much-needed “new” Quartermaine. The writers could have done so much with that: begin to rebuild the Quartermaines (by also bringing Jason back to the fold), having Sonny “pay” by losing Michael’s love and respect, watching Michael return to his biological father’s home, family, business and taking his rightful place in the Quartermaine family, Sonny (with Carly), deprived him of. That, in my mind, would be incredible payback/punishment…and could have made for a more dynamic story, a more dynamic Michael.

But in terms of Sonny or Julian paying as in going to jail? I have no desire for that…unless they continue with stories inside the prison walls. I enjoy Sonny’s character (not moral; fictional). I wouldn’t want to lose him from the show. Same with William DeVry/Julian. I’m still a big Julian fan…the actor, his acting, the fictional character. Just as Tony Soprano and Nucky Thompson (“Boardwalk Empire”…fantastic show!) never really paid for their crimes by “doing time”…though, they too, suffered emotionally, psychologically at various times… Same thing with Johnny Zaccharia…if Brandon wanted to come back to the show I’d welcome his criminal element too. That’s not to say zi don’t want more vets, couples, love, banter aka Scooty, Lucy, Dr. O, etc. but there really is only two ways for our vet criminals to pay…either by going to jail thus leaving the show ( which I personally wouldn’t want) or emotionally, which would keep them ” in town” but paying nonetheless.

I am so sorry Paul.

Hi Paul…I replied to you as well but it landed under James’ post below…

We all realized Nell’s vulpine behavior. Personally I knew instinctively by her furtive looks and nectary sweet words.
Kudos to Chloe who has the finesse and skill to both impart and extract any feelings from her audience.
I was getting pretty bored….now, my interest is sort of piqued. I hope we are not met with too much waiting around. The interest will dissipate in a New York minute. We New Yorkers are used to a fast-pacelife; LOL.
Seriously, the last thing we need is another Fluke story with no beginning and no end.
Writers: make it worthwhile!!

Alexis is obviously in a pickle. I hope she fesses up to Jordan and tells the truth. It is the only way to extricate herself from Julian’s calamitous tentacles. Someone should just smack Alexis’ face a couple of times….cold turkey!!!! Wake up, woman!!

Is it possible for Nell to be pregnant, trying to pass off a child as Sonny’s? But how? By whom?
Artificial insemination? Is this her plan?

this is from the 11/29 ep – Sonny and Nelle wake up the next morning

1. Maurice Benard Sonny “acting” it’s just not worth the time… this story should draw to a close

2. Nelle ACTING completely took me… whatever her motivation…. she convinced me to not tell Carly

so here we go again… even Nelle is surpassing The Sonny and Carly Show.

JAX : I don’t know if he truly has left for Australia … after 11/29 episode.. BUT

ALL Leading Woman… need a good man… and Ingo Rademacher as Jax has qualities that light up and he lends credibility. that’s even outside of his good looks.

1. Carly… yeah, I’ve posted before… Jax is the reason she won her Emmy. Carly becomes a softer person… A WOMAN. period. meh? she at times looked a little out of practice… a little bit too enamored … she’s in her 50’s so we can forget the puppy love eps.

SMART MOVE on GH part… to beef up Jacklyn Zeman role… just yesterday… watching Liz and Bobbi at the nurses station… such lovelies. this is HOT.

if it wasn’t for mom Bobbi… Carly wouldn’t be relevant.

HEY: someone … what about … Julian AND Liz . as she’s checking on him… and well whatayaknow… there was heat and bedside manner firing and emanating. Julian very forward direct passion… vs… Franco scrambled mess upstairs… it’s getting hot. WOWSAH.

BACK to Jax… his scenes with Alexis. once again… and i’m not coming from Alexis needs a man… but a leading man STATUS that relates and or more than helps his leading ladies… emote… REEL for the camera. you could see her vulnerable … aghast at her predilections … drunk ?

What a Man

Its funny, the Jerome’s or the PCPD cannot take Sonny done but a little 20 year old 90 pound girl brings Sonny boy to his knees!

I have to wonder—does Nelle have an underlying reason as to why she is out for Sonny and Carly with her manipulations or is this all Jax?

Yeah…it’s a brain teaser, James. That’s a question we all ask and want answered. Driving me nuts, as to what could have happened for Nell to be on this vendetta.
Furthermore, I also agree that Jax is smack in the middle of this.

This is obviously the person who signed his letter “Dad, you owe me”, and the one forcing her to do all this. You can tell she isn’t doing it of her own volition. It’s killing her to be doing whatever it is she’s doing.

Violent, I disagree that it’s killing Nell .
Yes, she uttered,”I’m sorry” before climbing into bed with Sonny but the next day after she played back the incriminating tape, she smirked and said,”Got ya.”
In fact, she’s been smirking a whole heck of a lot about what she has been up to. Yes, probably her orders come from a higher authority but she is enjoying herself.
I cringed a bit when Sonny told Nell, “No offense, but I don’t find you to be attractive.” Ouch! What Sonny should have said is,”I always viewed you to be a child and I would never harm a child.”
Nell looks like a lanky teenage girl in the midst of growing pains. The very idea of Sonny hooking up with this girl gives me the shivers.
I realize nothing happened, but the age issue should be mentioned.

I thought the same thing, at first, Violet. Nell’s crying seemed so real, right? She seemed so sorrowful for her actions.
But, as she was listening to Sonny’s words on her phone, and, as she left, her gaze was hard and fixed. No remorse. The look in her eye had purpose.
However, it could still go both ways, and what you think could still be plausible.

Hi Psul…I, too, am sorry to hear of your experience. Too awful…

As for Nell, as usual, we know soaps go to very dramatic places…

I think it would be overkill if Nell actually did take advantage of Sonny only because we’re in the middle of Elizabeth and the man who raped her in her past. To have two stories with that would be pushing it…

Soaps always go to dark places whether horrible disease or crime. Some, unfortunately, too realistic and some, especially on GH, over-the-top.

I’m honestly not sure if they “did the deed” or not. I’m leaning toward she’s just making him think they did and then she’ll drop the bomb on Carly. She obviously is related to Carly…my first guess which I’ve been saying all along is this is karma…Carly slept with Tony,( her step father) out of spite/revenge to get back at Bobby for giving her up…Carly might have had a daughter she thought was aborted…or a daughter she gave up…I guess we’ll find out.

And, even though I don’t think Nell actually had sex with Sonny, if it turns out they did, on a societal level, I think it would be a reminder to people that men can be victims, too…

It’s hard to follow the bread crumbs, Rebecca 1, because they’re all spread apart leading to false bottoms and dead ends. This is the problem I have been having with the current writing team and this trait was certainly underscored with the whole GH serial killer debacle.
It just feels like the writers keep changing their minds as they go along.
I am wondering if Nell is talking to Jerry Jax on the phone and if she is his daughter, hence, the match,
Before this, I thought perhaps she was Carly’s long lost daughter thereby offering a repeat of the Carly/Bobby story. I honestly do not know and picking up cues and clues doesn’t seem to work with this writing regime.

Hi Addison…I guess it’s a good thing if we can’t figure it out…if the payoff is worth it. But I have the same two theories…first I thought daughter of Jerry…then/now Carly. Lol…maybe she and Michael were switched at birth, or maybe she and Michael are twins…and she’s Carly and AJ’s and she’s avenging his death! Or…maybe AJ’s alive…and… Sigh…Finally…someone, please….avenge AJ!

Hi James…my post to Paul fell under yours as you can see! But it also gives my theory on why Nell’s after Carly…

Rebecca 1, In addition to the AJ murder being just let go, I am starting to fume as I see Ava switching Morgan’s meds might also be let go and once again, she will get away with murder.

Hey Addison…lol…I know. Ava can be a tad frustrating. I HATED how she treated AJ. But, I’ve since warmed up to her. She’s not smug like Carly, she’s not a hypocrite like Sonny…she’s actually rather amusing with Scotty, is a good mom to Kiki and Avery and a loyal sister to Julian. What she did to Morgan was indefensible, but in her defense, ahem, she didn’t think it out. She wrongly and naively didn’t realize how dangerous it would be to him or think of consequences…she just wanted to save her daughter from what she thought would be a difficult life if Kiki stayed with him. If you recall…Kiki had already been shot trying to protect him in one of his manic moods… So, I kinda give Ava a pass. There was no mal intent…no intent to cause death…just dumb scheming gone awry. Besides…I don’t want to lose Ava and I want her to get her baby back! Why is that kid always with Sonny and smugalicious Carly!

The click that went off in my head was how Bobbie took and instant dislike to Nelle and that is out of character for Bobbie usually. When I saw that the first time, all I could tell meself is that somehow there is a relation there. I am very much in for the ride if this means we can see more of Jacklyn Zeman. any story can strike a note with m if it means I get to see my vets from yesteryear.

Hi james… Believe it or not I read she could be Bobbie’s daughter! Not sure how old Bobbie’s supposed to be but that doesn’t explain why she’d want revenge on Carly and Sonny. I’m still leaning toward her being Carly’s daughter…although at one point I thought Jerry’s, unbeknownst to Jax. And, yes, love seeing the vets! I hope Bobbie gets more air time…

No reflection on MB but the writers have creeped me out have not watched in forever this storyline is close to making Sonny look like a pedophile just creepy . Maurice is 53 could not find this girls age but she looks 18 at best. Sad!

Maurice looks good for his age but i agree Kay, Nelle sitting in bed look to be 13! Gross!

I agree Nelle is way to young for Sonny, looks like she could be his daughter literally. Like you stated Maurice is in great shape, obviously from boxing. Nelle should be with someone her own age. I know a lot of people want her and Michael together, but I was rooting for a Morgan and Nelle hookup before Bryan announced he was leaving GH. Morgan and Nelle seemed like they had more of an connection than Nelle and Michael. Anyway we will just have to see in what direction the story is headed.

Speaking of Maurice’s looks, Timmmy? I just watched the clip of Stone as he died……so sad. Kimberly looked sooo young….so cute. Everyone looked so amazing!
But, what mostly got my attention was “Sonny”. Wow!!!! He looks like a different person today.
I never thought I’d say this, but, he was hot!!!! He also looked taller. What a difference twenty years makes.

Hello, k/kay, and Merry Christmas! Just wanted to say that I did come across the actual age of this actress a few months back and it’s an understatement to say she looks much, MUCH younger than her years! I shan’t divulge the exact number, because I know that there is currently quite a legal brouhaha about the whole notion of whether to post the ages of actors online, but suffice to say that even if there were a real life situation such as the one we are discussing, it would not be a major thing. However, since Nelle’s youth and Sonny’s status as an ahem, “mature man,” is what we are addressing here, I totally agree that this is yet another disgusting storyline GH has notched on its bedpost….I feel as if we were back in the days of Ron’s repeatedly-penned distasteful fictional antics!

And with Sonny, no less. Yuck. This is not the same Sonny of twenty years ago, my Shaybelle.
Just the thought of Sonny in such scenes makes my tummy heave and lurch.
As far as I’m concerned, these ‘sexual’ situations are designed to bolster Sonny because he is slowly dissipating as a ladies’ man. Gross all the way around.
I find it disgusting with Carly, as well……she is still a sexy, vibrant woman, I think…..albeit, morally, they are cut from the same cloth.
Well, that expression is straight from my Dad’s mouth….( he would say that about all of my sisters’s boyfriends. Not for moi….he always liked my boyfriend/husband, LOL).

Nelle and Sonny look good together because she looks like Tamara Braun. The story is very predictable though. I would have prefered she cried rape. There might have been more shock value to that.

Nell and Sonny look good together?
In what universe? In the universe inhabited by Lolita and Humbert Humbert?
Nell seems like she’s Jossyln’s age and she is clearly a lot younger than Kristina, Morgan and Michael.
It’s a really creepy scenario.

She may look young but she’s well of age. I think Nell’s in her mid-twenties…same as Morgan when he was with Ava.

And lol, Addison…I think we all agree Nell looks very young…she looked particularly young when she was sitting on the a Nell Mini-me. But I do agree with Ghlover, she looks like Tamara Braun and WOULD have looked good with Sonny ten years ago! Even so, as much as she looks way young…and as much as many of us don’t think they actually had sex…if they had it wouldn’t be amoral or child porn. She’s probably in her mid 20s. I think that big an age gap is ridiculous…I cringe when I see it in real life…but I’m just saying it wouldn’t be criminal…. I was just as turned off when I saw Kristina and Parker. They were just sooooo off; felt like I was watching mother and daughter.

Yeah, Ghlover…that could have worked. But, if she cried rape, she would probably have to call the cops and do a rape kit ‘thingy’. I am almost sure they did not do IT. Nell would have nothing to prove for it.
However, Sonny did pick up the glass, examining it. Is he pondering as to why he was so out of it? Just my imagination??

Stories on Sonny/Benard 3 days in a row?! Is this really necessary?!

Hi, James…it’s been a while…
We are getting a bunch of Sonny-filled days, aren’t we? But, I guess there’s a method to the madness. We will soon find out what Nell from hell is all about. I hope.
Later, my friend.

Thanks for your reply, Celia! For some, perhaps there is an enjoyment of all things Sonny on GH. It’s very well known that the character of Sonny and subsequent dominance of the Sonny storyline on GH are polarizing among viewers…

Unless I am mistaken, there are currently 4 daytime soaps on the air, with each soap employing a cast of 20-30 actors. And yet, here at this site, we are deluged with articles in praise of this actor and his character at least once a week, and now it’s 3 times a week. I’m quite sick of it. Obviously, Mr. Fairman can do business as he pleases. And soap promotion is the name of the game. Mr. Fairman has interviewed Benard (and Wright) repeatedly. Would it not be prudent (or fair) to spread the wealth around? If you consider standard Nielsen ratings, both CBS soaps perform better than GH. So why this incessant focus on Sonny/Carly (Benard/Wright)? There are many talented actors on other soaps who seemingly never get featured. So, in part, I am arguing on behalf of them…

Take care, Friend! 🙂

Oh, I get you, my friend. I am glad your post went through. We must be politically correct….and even then, only the preferred few get through.
My posts, and Shay’s get sifted while others’ insults get to pass the grade.

Yes, I am sick of Sonny; I am sick of Carly, albeit I consider Laura one of the best in her trade.
But, where’s the balance? There is Genie Francis who just waits around in everyone else’s shadow….why not expand on her relationship with Kevin? This couple is a joy to watch. But, we are forced to endure a Virago by the name of Carly.
What other plan will TPTB devise to shove Sonny in our collective faces……he has eternal youth. For him to fool himself into thinking that one as young as Nell lost all sense of reality by ‘sleeping’ with him, is beyond the pale. Then, he engages in a ridiculous conversation with Nell as if he were talking about the weather. Yes, it’s a soap….but, a little decency is a must now and then.

I love GH; I only wish, as yourself, to concentrate on other storylines….and, for the younger crowd, I would love to see Kiki’s and Dillon’s relationship evolve into something deeper. She is so young, she should not be tied down to a memory, or feel guilty about anything.
Carly has no right to put that onus on Kiki…..especially because her maternal nurturing has been pretty questionable.
Stay well, dear friend.

I couldn’t help but reply to you again, Celia! You know how it is… First, I am sorry to hear that posts of yours (and Shay’s) haven’t always been posted. You are both so insightful and polite. Even if you’re saying something critical, it’s not out of line at all. I was actually surprised that my original post (and original reply to you) made it through because, in effect, I am being critical of Mr. Fairman.

Honestly, as you and I (and countless others) are “sick of Sonny” and disgusted that this character has driven storyline for more than 2 decades, I am just as annoyed every time I see a feature at this site about Sonny/Carly (Benard/Wright). It’s as though nothing else is going on in the soap world, let alone GH. BTW, your point is well taken regarding Wright’s acting abilities.

But I admire you, Rebecca, and others here for being so loyal to this show despite its flaws. Celia, your points about improving GH are terrific, especially with regard to Genie Francis, as well as your points about the need to “concentrate on other storylines” and your promotion of “a little decency.” Now, THAT can go a long way! Take care, Friend!

James writes, “Sonny is on every day. Is this really necessary?”
For me, this says it all and is the post of the year.

Addison, thanks a million for your reply — and support! We are not alone… Take care, Friend!

Really, could you Maurice haters get a new line. Maurice Benard has been one of the top male actors on GH for over 20 years. I’m guessing it’s going to remain that way until HE decides to leave for good. I’m so tired of the disrespect for this man from some viewers. Why do the viewers who dislike Maurice continue to post on every article written about him. He was, is and will always be the backbone of GH, so get over it.

Ashley, thanks so much for your reply. I do respect your opinion and admire your loyalty. However, the real disrespect has been shown to the viewers by the producers and writers for unleashing and maintaining this despicable, irredeemable character ad nauseum and frontburner for so long…

But you’re right: I am a hater…
I hate to see my formerly favorite soap continue to traverse this dark path.
I hate to see an abusive, ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, murderous character continuously glorified as a “backbone of GH.”
I hate to see a villain made out to be some sort of hero.
I hate to see a character repeatedly get away with crimes, including murder, without any repercussions whatsoever.
I hate to see a TV serial with a wealth of talented actors, firing many and relegating all others to support or cameo status while focusing virtually all the attention and airtime on one or two actors.

Eventually, I might just “get a new line,” but it won’t be today…

I respect your opinion regarding the character of Sonny. My issue was the constant disrespect towards Maurice not the character he portrays. I am with you, Sonny can be cold hearted and vicious, and in my opinion he has definitely crossed the line with some of his actions. Let’s be real, he is a mobster not suppose to be warm and fuzzy. I do think that at times Sonny is redeemable because of his loyalty and unconditional love towards his family and friends. I credit that to Maurice’s acting abilities, he is actually able to make a mobster likeable (sometimes). I have said several times that I’m not always a Sonny fan, but instead a Maurice fan. By the way this isn’t anything new, he has been the leading male actor on GH for the part 20 years, so why continue to watch a show to complain about the actor(s) for two decades( makes no sense). If his presence bothers you that much, should of stop watching along time ago. If you have not noticed it’s not just the Sonny show anymore, currently there are at least three other storlines that don’t involve Sonny. Maurice is not on as much as he use to be. Sonny has payed for his crimes more so emotionally than physically being behind bars. He has lost children, the women he has loved. He is just able to overcome many of those obstacles. Let’s be honest if Sonny went away to prison forever, or died than Maurice would be out of a job. You want to talk about mobsters on GH who have never payed for there crimes look right at Julian and Ava. Ava has done countless terrible things and gotten away with them. Even though I’m not an Ava fan, I do think Maura is a great actress and would never leave a comment bashing her. If you would like Mr. Fairman to write more articles about other actors, that you can simply state that without bashing Maurice Benard or Laura Wright. The reasons I respect him go beyond just his acting, although I do enjoy his acting not just as Sonny but as other characrers he has portrayed. I personally respect the fact that he has always been a strong spokesperson for mental health issues. FOR YOU to try and discredit his accomplishments is extremely disrespectful. Bottom line Maurice Benard has proven to be an iconic daytime actor and deserves more respect.

Ashley, just a quick reply here. I sense you and I could go back and forth on this indefinitely… 🙂

Anyway, thanks for your further explanation. You make several great points. I do make a distinction between the character and the actor. Take care, Friend!

Thanks Ashley!

Hi James…I read your reply to Celia and was curious what type of decency you would like to see more of. I think there was great debate, and rightly so, about Luke’s rape of Laura back in the day. But in today’s GH, I haven’t found anything offensive. Exasperating, frustrating…but not offensive. As I always’s a soap. Every one of them…daytime, prime time…have sex, lust, betrayal, murder…

I hate gruesome. Can’t watch it. That’s where I cringe. But if it’s part of the story and it’s a compelling story, it’s fine by me. I just turn away if it’s too intense. As for GH, I see nothing offensive. Curious what you see.

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your interest and question! I share your contempt of the gruesome. I think what I am referring to is the overall dark tone of the show, and I think that position is best exemplified by my response to Ashley (above), wherein I discuss what I “hate.” To me, the lack of decency is evident by the entire Sonny character/storylines, which have permeated the show for far too long. Take care, Friend!

Hi again James. Thanks for your always respectful, friendly replies. Not sure if we’re just talking semantics…but I guess I wouldn’t describe Sonny’s mob stories as indecent…just for the fact he’s…the mob! (Or A GH version.) He’s been a central figure for so many years; I don’t think any of the several different writing teams have changed that or deviated from what he’s always been…although he’s less powerful, less interesting in my view. I think that’s because he’s always alone! Similar to the Quartermaine house Sonny!s used to be grand central. Jason, Max, Mike (his dad), Robin, Brenda…there were always people that made that world and their interaction/loyalty to each other more fun to watch…more to care about. It was a “family” of friends. But still, he was “the mob” fifteen years ago, twenty? More? He ran the clubs, he fought different enemies, Darkness? Luke raped Laura, Stone died of AIDS, Robin contracted HIV, Laura became catatonic, Liz was raped, Lucky was brainwashed and presumed dead, Zander was killed…lol…GH was never a “happy place.” It’s always been full of angst, violence, illness, death…I think we just idealize the past because perhaps it was more compelling…

Ah, well…you can never go back again as they say. There’s room for improvement but several of the current stories are keeping me interested enough to keep watching. Here’s hoping the momentum continues!
Peace and “light!” 🙂

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your cordial, respectful reply — as always! 🙂

And, typically, you are the voice of reason and measure. Semantics might be in play here. I am definitely in the camp that idealizes the past (for me, the 70s) — long before Sonny. But, for me, that also includes music as well as my youth!!

The whole Sonny situation is a visceral one for me. I’m sure I might have mentioned this specifically, but I feel such a connection with storylines involving the hospital — as the show first began — that when the seismic shift to Sonny and the mob occurred (in the 90s, I believe), I was resentful. Off an on, throughout the decades, the writers/producers sometimes throw a bone to hospital staff/storylines, but it’s largely been a secondary (tertiary?) focus, largely thanks to the overwhelming focus on Sonny and his world. So my resentment continues… I don’t think that therapy is warranted, but it is indeed cathartic for me to air my views here. And I’d like to think it’s the only time I venture into negative commentary. Take care, Friend!

PS: I just noticed your reply to me in the discussion started by Paul. (If I’m not sent an e-mail notification, I can easily miss such replies….) You make some terrific points there, also, especially with regard to AJ’s murder. The scenarios you outline in the aftermath (with regard to Michael returning to the Q’s) would have been far more palatable in my book. And I’m with you on bringing back Johnny!

Lol James. There comes a point where I don’t know where to place my reply! I hope this finds you…

I get where you’re coming from regarding the hospital stories; fact is when these writers took over they said they were going to get back to that. I think they tried by having the murders take place in the hospital, have the hospital close down, now it’s in jeopardy, Franco, Liz, Dr. O, Monica, Bobby, Dr. Finn, Griifin, Kevin, Hayden…if you think about it there’s a lot of characters centered around there now. I wish Lucas, Brad and Ephiphany were around, too. What they need to recreate the “hub” around the hospital…the closeness and interconnectedness between characters…

I say again…nostalgia and the present are two different animals. It’ll never be the GH you remember, but WE’RE different too! And…I think you can wait a while on therapy. 😉

Hi again, Rebecca! Yes, I received e-mail notification of your reply! Great points, as always! I agree with you on missing the characters you’ve mentioned as well as the the “need to recreate the “hub” around the hospital.” And, yes, your analysis of nostalgia versus the present is starkly accurate. We do indeed change as well, even if we do so kicking and screaming along the way. My own “kicking and screaming” at the GH TV screen should simmer down some… Best to you and your loved ones, Rebecca!

Thanks Rebecca!

James…A-M-E-N to what you’re saying (as always), Brother!!!!! Not only do I find it to be UNNECESSARY, I find it to be irritating, overkill and EVEN MORE TIRESOME!!!!! BEYOND Y-U-C-K!!!!!!!!!!

Later, Brother.

Thanks, jaybird369! Obviously, as witnessed here, the actor/character in question does have his fans, some of whom have their feathers ruffled when someone points out that the emperor has no clothes…

But thanks for adding the descriptors, “irritating, overkill and EVEN MORE TIRESOME.” I like that! Take care, Brother!

Hey James…’the emperor has no clothes’…VERY CLEVER…AND EVEN MORE ACCURATE, Brother!!!!!

Have a good one, Brother.

Greetings, “Gentleman James!” I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your very kind words on my behalf and to wish you a “Merry Christmas!” (Or “Happy Holidays,” if you should prefer….) As always, I read your all-too-rare comments with great interest….you are so spot-on regarding the subject of “Sonny and Carly”….they are hideously overused and the great emphasis on their characters as the core of GH society has driven away many a longtime fan, myself included. Of course, I am also turned off by the endless influx of newbies and the lack of meaty storylines for our favorite legacy players, but I’m particularly vexed by the entire “Sonny as hero” meme….it was quite one thing to have Luke designated as the eternal “anti-hero,” since he was for many years just as much of a good guy as a bad one—save for his infuriating “Fluke” metamorphosis—yet once he was done and dusted, it seemed to beggar belief that such an irredeemable, repulsive thug as Sonny should fill his shoes as Port Charles’ “moral/occasionally (?) immoral center.” Oh, spare me! Having said that, I concur with your blanket condemnation of the show’s “lack of decency.” There is so little “triumph over evil” these days….most of the characters have been painted over with a broad brush of very bland gray areas instead of those stark blacks and whites of yesteryear….lest we be judgmental! Just look at the very wanting collection of merry miscreants we have inhabiting the forefront of the current canvas….not an admirable sort to be had: the aforementioned “Corinthi” and their court of cronies, ever-avaricious, scheming Hayden, still nuttier-than-a-fruitcake/baby-obsessed Nina, criminally-ambiguous Franco, always-appalling Ava and her worthless, craven brother, Julian, plus his estranged spouse, the deplorably drunken Alexis, a so-called mature woman who never learns anything from her past mistakes, romantic or otherwise….she’s totally disgusting, despite her ardent apologists here at MFSoaps who will defend anything and everything about her! And on and on….honestly, just reciting the multiple shortcomings of GH present makes me gratified that I devote such little attention to it these days! We could continue to debate its merits, or more precisely, the dearth of such, until the cows come home, and still not get anywhere….I’ve been at it on-and-off over the past few years here, and whilst I’ve not totally thrown in the towel, it has become an increasingly tall order to make one’s case and get posted in the bargain, hence although I refuse to completely give up on the website and its mostly charming “cast” of my favorite regulars, I have sharply curtailed my attempts at commenting, since it too often is for naught. As my dear friend, CeeCee so correctly called it, there are those who have directed the most breathtakingly rude and personal insults at us, and gotten away with it time and time again, and yet, too often we are the ones relegated to the cyber trash heap, whether it be for our general observations or in defense of ourselves and/or others. Just saying. At any rate, James, thanks again for your deeply gracious sentiments and have a wonderful holiday season and new year!

Shay, you have no idea how much you have made my day! Thanks so much for your detailed response and your kind words therein!

First, let me say that I think it’s unfair that any of your posts (or those of Celia) would not be posted to this site, as you are both incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and gracious. And this site is clearly enhanced by your observations and insights. I, too, am amused by the cast of characters here, and I really should check in more frequently…

Also, regrettably, I haven’t checked in at this site as much as I might like, so I apologize for not reading all your posts. Truth be told, my soap viewing is next to nil, so I often don’t have much to contribute anyway. However, if I notice a plethora of features here on Sonny (Benard), or the frankly insulting feature here, touting the Corinthi as “royalty,” I feel compelled to throw in my 2 cents, beating the drums of discontent, because I feel so strongly that this character and his all-encompassing storylines have singlehandedly ruined what was, for decades, my favorite show. As you point out, the “Sonny as hero meme” is ludicrous. It is affirming and refreshing to read that you feel the same way I do. And there are many such fans.

As an aside, my younger sister feels the same way. However, she posted negative things about the Sonny character on FaceBook and faced such a backlash, she almost needed to join the Witness Protection Program… At least at this site, there are plenty of sympathetic fans, or “Sonny haters,” as Ashley calls us… 🙂

Further, I couldn’t agree more with you on your assessment of Luke and the other characters (“not an admirable sort to be had”), particularly Alexis. Some ploys on the part of the writers/producers are obvious: (1) putting the character of Sonny in a wheelchair in the feeble attempt to elicit sympathy for this despicable character — and, in the process, perhaps garner an Emmy nod for Benard; and (2) writing the character of Alexis as a “sexpot” to make her more appealing (?) in her storyline with the “studly” Julian and giving her an alcohol addiction storyline to perhaps garner an Emmy nod for Lee Grahn.

Shay, what you have posted here was completely enjoyable for me to read! All your points are valid and astute. The powers that be would be wise to read them and learn from them. I think that those same executives would be wise to listen to long-term fans. Of course, all fans are important, including the valued demographic, but I suggest that the observations of fans who have invested years (decades) to these soaps are invaluable.

And I am a “Merry Christmas” kind of guy, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Shay, and your loved ones! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Right back at you, James, my friend! Consider my day made, as well! And thank you for your most complimentary—and also very detailed—reply!…Given your thoughts on both Sonny and Alexis, it would be quite obviously safe to say we are on the same page when it comes to our views regarding them…..neither one could ever elicit an ounce of sympathy from me due to their deeply flawed personas, no matter the emotional machinations provided by the writers to tug on the old heartstrings (or nab them some Emmy nominations)….whatever misery those two suffer is fine by me: bring it on!!!! (I strongly suspect we are in good company on that notion…LOL.) As for your questionable assertion that you have precious little to contribute to this site because you are not currently an active soap viewer, I heartily disagree! With your long history of GH fandom and knowledge of the show’s previous greatness, I think you provide a valuable and unique perspective upon why today’s episodes are so lacking….I certainly compare contemporary characters and storylines to those I enjoyed in the glory days of the (mercifully “pre-Sonny”) ’80’s, and as such, find your observations as a ’70’s generation viewer just as interesting and substantive. I’ve many a time appreciated how those who watched the show years before me have “filled in the blanks” when a legacy player re-emerges or a vintage plot is revisited….it’s particularly beneficial to have recollections from those who were actually “there” to enlighten us, since as has oft-been discussed, even the writers don’t necessarily remain faithful to the original scripts, which frequently leads to mass confusion and ongoing questions long after the tales were first told. Hence your unfailingly charming and polite presence is far more welcome and helpful than even you might fathom, James…(Rabid Sonny lovers’ opinions notwithstanding, of course!!!!) Having said that, you needn’t take yourself to task for not “visiting” here more often….I have been rather lax in that department in recent months, too. I do try to read remarks as often as possible, but to come here and comment is another matter altogether, as it gets a bit discouraging when you cannot regularly get posted or keep up an ongoing dialogue with your favorite people, which in itself can be as addictive and rewarding as watching a daily soap opera…..perhaps even more so in light of the less than pleasing products that daytime dramas are now producing! At any rate, it is always a joy and privilege to correspond with you, kind and gracious sir, so please don’t be a stranger, and last, but not least, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!!!!

Thanks a million, Shay! I’ll just add a few brief comments here, given that, as you say, keeping “up an ongoing dialogue with your favorite people” can be “addictive and rewarding.” And I certainly enjoy that, too! 🙂

As much as I like to refer to the 70s as the “halcyon days” of GH, I am fully aware that most consider the 80s to be the “glory days.” And I must agree: the whole Luke and Laura phenomenon, the unprecedented (and never seen again) record Nielsen ratings, the buzz, the sci-fi plots, etc. And it is highly rewarding that Laura has been on canvas once again. Genie Francis still continues to mesmerize…

But even in the 80s, the hospital itself was given major prominence. And that’s always been my mantra; that’s what hooked me in initially. The lives of the doctors and nurses working on the 7th floor were truly magical in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. That is, until the Sonny “halcyonic interruptus!”… Or, put another way, “the day the music died….” I won’t belabor that point, although that is the role being played by Jamesj75 here at the Fairman site…

Again, Shay, best wishes to you and your family! I look forward to seeing you here again! 🙂

Agreed, James!!!….To put it succinctly, the “hospital” was always the heart, soul and “star” of GH!!! No matter where those far-flung storylines of the past transpired, all roads eventually brought us right back “home” to the 7th floor…until “The Untouchables” took over Port Charles, that is! Of course, those incomparable casts of iconic characters and unforgettable talents from the show’s best days of yore also provide for the overwhelming nostalgia we continue to harbor for our favorite eras of GH history. Quite sadly, we shall never see the likes of them again! Ahhh….such is life, both real and fictional! Until next time, my friend…..

Terrible storyline. And yes, it is sexual assault just like it was with wacky Hayden and the guy she was trying to get money from. Come on writers…

Thanks, Stacey. I am glad I am not the only one ( besides Paul and Rose), whose morals and ethics get bruised , albeit it’s a soap. Terrible message.
My sisters and I always monitor the older kids. They do watch soaps when there’s no school. And, they ASK questions….awkward!!

Hi…back briefly…thought Nelle would get pregnant by Morgan then blame Sonny…hardly watch anymore…very depressed with family situations, illnesses and all…i might even end up homeless…try watching soaps and come here only to read comments but stress and depression continues to make me loose interest in everything…got meds and help which work sometimes then something happens and i feel rotten again!…hoping i can change things around…then maybe ill be my old self again!!…later

Hello, my friend,
I wish I could help you somehow. My heart bleeds for you. Do you live in the NYC area?
Is there no one to lend you a hand? Your Church? Shelters? I would not want to think of you as homeless.
I am so glad to hear from you, albeit in these dire circumstances. I know there’s help out there, Jimmy. I feel so helpless. Please try to seek shelter. Do you have food?
I miss you, Jimmy. I can only hope that next time you post, you will have better news to share.
Wish you the best….sending you love, Jimmy.

I’m not a fan of this story line either. I think Ava switching Morgan’s meds is a better story. I look forward to whenever Sonny and Carly find out what Ava did. I haven’t been a fan of the Nell character from the beginning. I’m happy they addressed the kidney donor saga though. And I’m happy the Nell story line has caused a reason for Bobbie to be on the show more.

I really believe there was no sex involved. It was just meant to make Sonny believe there was.

I agree, Violet.

I agree, Violent.
I just wish Nell had some fun with Sonny. Like put lipstick on him and dress him up in Carly’s lingerie.

Stacey…I had forgotten about Hayden’s version of drunk, date rape. While I think the writers tried to make it “cute” it wasn’t funny and beyond a low, low, low in showing an example of filling your bank account. And now we have to suffer through Liz and her ex-rapist. Is rape in any of it’s forms the new “flavor of the month?” Great….just after finishing a wave of serial killing, substituting Morgan’s pills, killing Nicholas, and Julian trying to slit Alexis throat.

Hey Rose…Hayden’s story wasn’t quite that. The guy was a rich, arrogant jerk who wouldn’t help Dr. Finn’s research with a donation…even though Hayden implored him and explained her friend’s life was at stake. He agreed to write a check IF she had sex with him. So, I’m thinking if the only was this guy can do a charitable deed is getting paid in sex…good for Hayden! All she did was make him think she went along with the deal…which he wanted. He was HAPPY because he thought he had sex with her…he didn’t feel violated. And Dr. Finn wAs about to be at death’s door. I was impressed how Hayden managed to out-con a cad. (Lol…never used that word but it went well with the sentence!)

I am not sure about this, but is Liz rapist ( or anyone’s) allowed to breathe her air? Isn’t there a law against that? She is the victim. It is her place of work……it just sounds sooo out there to me.
And, Franco’s tumor is a seedling right now. Soon, it will be full-blown/grown.
Only a nut would act this way. Not normal. I can understand a browbeating, a punch, a menacing look; but the extreme violence tells a story all its own.

Hi Rebecca…I remember the story surrounding Hayden and her con-cad ( good one ). In fact I like Hayden, with Nik or Finn, but more so Finn. And I don’t mind good sex. But I’m just not happy with the rape term, or drunk/ sex set-ups on GH. Or serial killers. And now they have the creep following Kiki. -:)

Hey again Rose. Yep…lol..thanks! I quite liked my con/cad alliteration! I love Hayden and Finn; pairing her with him has been a great math. I agree with you on the rape themes but I don’t consider the hotel room scene with Hayden and the jerk to be one. He went there EXPECTING sex from her…wanting sex with her. All she did was get him so drunk he thought they had it…and her reason was a commendable one. Finn was running out of time and money which he needed for his research. He didn’t seem to have long if he couldn’t resume. So, Hayden just outplayed a player. No blackmail. Win/win. I’m hoping no harm comes to KiKi. I think Franco will probably come to the rescue…but it’s the catalyst that sends him spiraling even more out of control.

Check out Poldark yet???

Don’t like Nelle – suspected she was up to good and in cahoots with Jax. He should have taken Nelle with him. Good riddance. The commissioner needs to leave town also and take TJ with her. Kiki would be more believable as the commissioner. Franco is such a psychopath- he needs to be locked up wth his mother. The writing is pretty bad – the storylines are recycled over and over!

Well, I guess we are psycho too, because we still watch it over and over!

I don’t think Franco is being any more “over-protective” than Jason, Sonny or Curtis would be if a rapist was following around their wife/girlfriend. Franco is particularly nervous because he knows what he himself was capable of in the past…so his concern and guilt seems justified to me.

Wait! I may have spoken too soon regarding Franco! It seems he is losing it…and Heather might just coax him over the edge. That, coupled with what appears might be a threat to KiKi that he witnesses. All roads seem to lead to Liz and Griffin….

Rebecca…your two comments on Franco shows how GH writers can make you think twice within a few hours about him. I agree Jason, Sonny, would also be “overprotective” so I don’t fault Franco on that. It’s just that his overprotective is a little creepy compared to mob guys. Now throw in Heather’s influence…I think things are going to get strange. And I have to admit, I am really anti-violence, but I wouldn’t mind the ex-rapist/possible born again rapist having an “accident” like “falling” into the pier without a life jacket. I’ve never bought into Liz and Franco. Griffin sounds okay. In their own ways, they are two lost souls who need healing and forgiveness.
I’m finding it really busy now so will try Poldark in the new year.

Hi Rose…guess you!re busy with holiday shopping, etc. “Poldark” is worth the wait…especially with Aidan Turnet at the helm…

Yes, agree. GH can make one think twice in a short time…sometimes. At others, it’s predictable. I still feel that Franco is justified on every level and is acting no differently than many of the GH criminal “anti heroes” but I fear he’s a bit, lol, just a tad, out of control. I don’t BLAME or fault him..I just see that they!re probably going to have him powerless to reign himself in. It seems like each time Elizabrth is wary of him, Griffin is there as the calming, reasonable alternative. Sigh…poor Franco. He means well….

Rebecca…When I said the Liz/Franco story was going to get strange with Mom Heather trying to give advice, I’m hoping it’s good strange and Franco gets to be a hero for a change,in his own eccentric way. If for no other reason than I think they owe it to Roger.

I am busy but it’s because of my post career job of being lucky to work in a bookstore. And “Yea,” people are still buying books for themselves and as presents. Tricky when buying as a present when all you know is they like to read. Maybe I’m recommend Poldark for historical fiction fans. I figure bookstores and libraries are the places to find some of the best of humans. Hope they always a survive.

Hey, Rose. I worked in an independent book store as an event coordinator. I love the smell of a good old fashioned book store, preferably with hard wood floors and comfy couches complete with Persian rugs. I did have some mischievous fun when I shelved books ( for instance, I put Anne Coulter’s books in the abnormal psychology section, put Pamela Anderson’s books in the literary merit circle section while declaring Dante’s Inferno, “A Great Beach Read!”
Yes, I think books will never go out of fashion.
Take Rebecca I’s advice and catch Poldark when you have time. The grand finale of the last season served up just desserts for all us fans who suffered for the love of Ross and Demelza.

After the scene when Nelle replays the recording with Sonny’ s admission, I had a memory of some letter Nelle was reading back a week or two ago from her father (?) Saying something about “owing” him…so maybe she’s doing this to extort money for her father? Anyone else remember the letter?

I do. I hope its another one of Anthony Zacarro’s kids and he is alive!

Yes, Tivette, I remember. Great assumption, that.

Sonny did NOT have sex with Nel..
He Was drunk and drugged..
Even if Sonny took a handful of Viagra he couldn’t have been up ..
So– if J&S write Nel is pregnant then some needs to have a talk with them about when it works and doesn’t work !

He did NOT have sex with that woman and he didn’t inhale!

I think Alexis needs to stop driving. She is a lawyer, no taking the law into your hands. She needs to know What goes around, comes around.
If I watched I would love seeing Julian stick it to her. She was so rightous when he tried to kill her, now the shoes on the other foot.
Alexis is the female Sonny. Always getting even and playing the victim.
nelle giving som payback to Carly and Sonny,would be fun to watch ,but I can’t be bothered.The Sonny show show makes me want to vomit.

Um, Janet? Alexis was self righteous when Julian tried to kill her?

Addison…LOL! Janet…huh?

Hi, Janet.
I would think the difference here is: Alexis car ‘incident’ was a complete accident—–Julian ran in front of the car and she hit him. Sure, she was under the influence, but, it was still an accident.
No such excuse for Julian….he intentionally tried to kill her.
Furthermore, a man’s strength, by nature, is much more powerful. She would have had no chance without Sonny’s intervention.
And, no way is Alexis the female version of Sonny. Everything Sonny does has nefarious motives. Alexis just gets caught up in the wrong situations.

Drunks are guilty when they make the decision to drink. Alexis chose to drink. She chose to get behind the wheel.
If you drink, do drugs and then drive, you choose to put others in danger.
The thing with show now is, no one is responsible for what they CHOOSE to do. I know its a soap, and suppose to be entertainment, mobs always winning , the evil win, At the rate these so called writers are going there are no hero’s. Poor Sonny he decided to go after Jax, AJ Julian etc etc etc.

I find no one to root for anymore, so I just stopped watching. Seems like that is exactly what TIIC want so they can cancel it. Anna and Laura with Kevin might have kept me watching but no.To little of them.

Hi, again, Janet.
You are absolutely right……can’t argue with that. And, I agree. You speak the truth.
I see the light. Alexis is responsible for her actions, not the alcohol.
Abuse, of any kind, is irresponsible, but a reality.
I suppose TPTB are denoting the fact of how low any of us can go. But, this is a story that has been told and retold.
So, I agree, nothing new here….except to join Alexis and Julian again. That is pathetic, indeed.
Later, Janet.

Janet: Your reply to Celua us not what you said in your initial comnent where you accused Alexus of taking the law into her own hands, (unlessvyou were referring to Kristina’s attacker), you then said “what comes around goes around” and accused Alexis of being just like Sonny. There isn’t an iota of comparison. We all know driving while inebriated is dangerous and irresponsible. Had Alexis hit an “innocent bystander” this would have been another public service message that GH has sporadically done. But in this case we are shown a woman who is not out drinking while partying and in a happy stupor decides to throw caution to the wind…screw everybody and drive. She’s in the throes of a mental health crisis. And yes, it’s wrong for her to get behind the wheel. But she’s not a criminal, she’s temporarily lost her judgment. So I hold no anger toward her as you do…just find her story emotionally compelling. As for Julian? Still love him and am still sticking to my belief he would never have killed her. His attack? Indefensible in real life; that shouldn’t even need to be said. In a fictional world, especially GH….I can work around it….if the Julian I and many others fell for “comes back.”

Alexis is to blame for killing *can’t think of his name Krissys boyfriend. Isn’t that taking the law into his own hands. Sonny was going to blow Ethans brains out when he was told by kristina he beat her. Alexis drove the car right at him and julian..That was first degree murder. With Julian she tried to kill him. A car is a letal weapon same as a gun or knife.I don’t care about Julian, but is Alexis so braindead she can’t be strong ? This show is a joke. Only the evil win. Maybe I am just over it. Oh yes there was no temporary about it. this was the second time she did this.

Amen, janet! I pointed out this exact thing some time back, and yet, there are a rare few here for whom Alexis can do no wrong….according to them, she is the absolute bomb….the superwoman of all women….the brilliant legal eagle….the post-menopausal sex goddess extraordinaire….the best single mother ever….and the all-knowing sage and moral maven of Port Charles. Really???? I think NOT!

First Sonny was at his worst but don’t buy he’s hit rock bottom for Nell to get away with this. Now Carly has two more bitches to punch.

Including herself, Jane. Carly is no shrinking violet. She deserves evrything she gets….

Go nelle, take them all down. We know it won’t last. Watching Bobbie now, after what Carly did to her, She should be rooting nelle on. Who cares we all know Sonnty will always come out the winner YUCK.

Janet…I would suggest going back and watching the two instances you just cited in the first, Alexis was driving very fast, through her own tears, as she was rushing Kristina to the hospital who was beaten to a bloody pulp by Keifer, Kristina’s abusive boyfriend. Through her tears and rushing to get to the hospital, fearing for Krissie’s life…she hit him as he stepped into the road. There was no mob hit or intent to kill, just a frantic mother rushing to the hospital. She wasn’t “trying” to kill him…but once again circumstances played into her actions. As for the more recent Julian hit, she dudn,’t try to kill him. She didn’t purposely drive at him. She was trying to put the car in reverse, which was obvious, but because she was drunk went forward by mistake. That’s why she jumped out of the car in shock and called 911…and was extremely upset. She has no desire to see him dead. If we’re going to look at non-criminal characters who intended to kill, it would be Anna who shot Carlos point blank and Nicolas who ordered a hit on Hayden.

If you choose to drink and drive you are responsible. SHE WAS OUT OF CONTROL BECAUSE SHE WAS drunk,if she ran him over while he was chasing her with the knife different story. As for Julian she again chose to marry into the mob, so .Alexis is the female Sonny. She does exactly what she pleases. I have now decided to not watch this show so who cares.
When tiic decided to make all the characters despicable, I decided to not bother. Just when I think they can’t go any lower ,here comes Franco and his tricks. from what I read he has Liz’s rapist in a cage. Shouldn’t he be sitting beside him for all the things he did. Oh ya he had a tumor ??? Sonny puts hits on people and he never loses. hey AJ was unarmed as was Dante, both got shot Sonny did plot to kill Johnny and Julian with a bomb, almost took out two of his own kids, didn’t learn his lesson. Jelly is backtracking at full speed. This show is a joke and not a funny one. I cannot believe people make excuses for these characters.

You are on a roll, Janet! I could not agree with you more! It’s quite one thing for a soap to have its resident “baddie” who eventually gets their “just desserts,” as an example of what happens when one takes the wrong path in life, but “Geez, Louise, ” the way GH has virtually made heroes and heroines out of truly despicable characters who never seem to pay for any of their disgusting, and often criminal, behavior is beyond the pale. Does every single person on this show have to be a reprobate and/or miscreant? Apparently, the answer is….. YES!

Janet…I loved AJ and still think killing him off the show was beyond a huge mistake. And I would have liked to see Michael reject Sonny and become a full-time Quartermaine because of it. However, we’ ‘ll have to agree to disagree regarding Alexis. She is not comparable to Sonny on any level…to Anna, Olivia, Sam, Laura, Tracy, Lily, Connie, Diane, Brenda, Liz, Sabrina, yes…lol…each one of these GH good GH women married or dated a criminal. And some committed crimes…Anna DELIBERATELY tried to kill Carlos. So, in my book, Alexis is in great company. Her drinking is a result of emotional trauma. The accident was just that…an accident.

Rebecca every one on this show have no scruples. even Nicks child tried to dump bags on Cam . TIIC of this show don’t care if we watch.
Anna was one of my favorites but when she starts spewing about justice for Duke, I gag. He was Sonnys lacky and had put a hit out on a cop. Jordan ,same as Sonny trying to kill Dante.

when you are drunk, its no accident its called DUI, and if you kill somreone its called Motor Vehicle Homicide.. No excuses. You made the choice, you should have to do the time.
I liked Carlos, but he was a mob lacky. Live bye the sword die bye the sword. I dodn’t like Julian, but judging by the way Jelly writes this garbage. HE IS NO WORSE THAN ANYONE ELSE. No better either.. I have decided to come here and read if anything changes ,but I do not watch. JMO. HAve a great holiday everyone.

General Hospital

GH’s Mark Teschner Tells Casting Stories of Johnny Wactor, Giovanni Mazza, Rebecca Herbst & Nicholas Chavez

This week during a very informative and insightful conversation, General Hospital’s 11-time Emmy-winning casting director and now a Daytime Emmy Silver Circle honoree, Mark Teschner spoke on finding the talent for specific roles on the ABC daytime drama series throughout his near three and half decades with the show.

During a livestream chat on the Michael Fairman Channel, Teschner recalled some of the behind the scenes casting stories that brought many beloved favorites to the GH family including the late Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), the newly-arrived, Giovanni Mazza (Gio), longtime fan favorite, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and rising star, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer) to name but a few.

When speaking with sadness over the loss of Wactor, who was shot and killed back on May 25th, and what he brought to the character of Brando, Teschner recalled, “With Johnny, what you see is what you get. You see the most kind decent, standup guy, and that’s innately who he is. So, that quality comes through in his work and with the character.”

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Mark explained, “Brando was a raw kind of hothead, troubled kind of character, and Johnny was able to go there. He had a real intensity that he was able to bring to the role, but at the same time, the character of Brando had to have this depth and this giant heart that he doesn’t necessarily reveal when you first see him. Well, Johnny had the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. So that essence was already there, and then his acting and his skill played the character. Johnny brought so much of who he was to the character, and there was something so authentic about him.”

Photo: ABC

Giovanni Mazza recently debuted on GH as “Gio”, so what was his road to landing in Port Charles? Teschner shared, “I was casting a recurring role for a 15-year-old on the show, but when I’m doing the audition, sometimes I’ll open it up because we try to cast true to age, really within a year or so.  If you think about it, all the kids in our show are the exact age of the characters that they’re playing. Because if you have somebody that’s older playing younger, it sticks out because they’re not going to blend age-wise. But I did read a number of actors that were older just because they looked interesting. Gio’s audition came in. I was viewing this through self tapes, and there was just something about him. It wasn’t just that he was a great-looking kid, it was just there’s something very soulful about him and something very compelling, and he draws you in. ”

Photo: ABC

Mark continued, “So with the group of the 15-year-olds that I sent to Frank Valeintini (EP, GH), I said, ‘Hey, I’m including this kid, Giovanni Mazza. I’m well aware he’s too old, but I just want you to see him.’

After having him come into audition, two weeks later, Frank called Mark and told him they were putting Gio under contract. Teschner added, “So, that was an example where it was his first week in LA, it was his first and ever audition. So we got  before anybody else.  I think he’s really gonna develop into, you know, quite a young actor.”

Becky Herbst has been beloved as Elizabeth for decades, and Teschner recounted her audition process and how she came to the role of Elizabeth. “She (originally) auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. But the role of Elizabeth was created for Becky. While the character of Sarah did not last long, here we are with Becky 30 years later.”

Teschner cited Becky’s casting as a great example. “I always tell actors when they come into audition, you lay it out, you put it all out there, you bring everything you have to that role. You may not get the role, but if you do good work, you get remembered. And it’s so true.”

Photo: ABC

Nicholas Chavez popped in the role of Spencer Cassadine before exiting the series. Teschner tells how Chavez came onto the GH casting radar. “Nicholas sent his self tape in from Florida and the rest is history. He had a meteoric impact on the show.” Mark added, “You always have an expectation and the hope that they’re (the actor) going to nail it and run with it. But sure, there are actors, you think, ‘They’re gonna be awesome,’ and then all of a sudden it goes to another level. With Nicholas Chavez, we knew he’d be amazing, but you know, who knew? Well, we did.”

Watch the full conversation with Mark Teschner below where he talks about even more of the casting stories behind some of your GH favorites, then and now.

What you think of the Teschner’s eye for talent casting the characters of General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

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